you can't forget that man

Sometimes i just wanna go away and stop listening people … I just wanna listen to my head and understand what she really want… running for running …
Don’t think … Don’t talk … Just run and forget the past …

These R The Thoughts - Son Hak Edition

Due to recent events in Akayona, @xxmissdreamer and I were wondering just what exactly goes through Hak’s head when he’s on guard duty and there’s no life and death situation going on. Based on these small exchanges

…here’s our personal compilation of Hak’s Lazy Thoughts When On Guard Duty:

  • Doesn’t Shin-ah get hot with all that fur? I’m gonna ask him someday.
  • What’s in Ao’s cheek pouches?
  • Does Droopy Eyes actually sleep in those boots? Isn’t it uncomfortable?
  • Is White Snake afraid of butterflies too?
  • How do I tell Mom we need more arrows?
  • Where does Droopy Eyes keep all those kunais?
  • Ohhhh, maybe that’s what’s in Ao’s cheek pouches…
  • Ao’s such a masculine name… does Shin-ah know Ao’s a female?
  • What if Ao gets pregnant someday? Will we take the babies with us? Where? In Shin-ah’s fur? in Ao’s cheek pouches?
  • Does White Snake have to file his claws down?
  • If so, shouldn’t Droopy Eyes do the same with his dragon leg? He just never takes those boots off…
  • Yona said I couldn’t cook… Maybe I should ask Mom one day…
  • Have they ever gotten hurt with their own dragon fangs? Like, bitten their own tongue or something?
  • I kinda wanna see Shin-ah’s eyes too.
  • What’s a good reason for Droopy Eyes to fly me somewhere? It would need to be legit…
  • What color would their hair be if they didn’t have dragon blood? I’m gonna ask Zeno if he was always blond.
  • Has Joon-gi ever opened his eyes?…

Handmaiden Identification Guide; 9/?

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

(left to right) Rabé, Padmé, and Sabé (disguised as Amidala)

  • quit shaming regina for having sex
  • quit shaming regina for crying over robin
  • quit shaming regina for wanting a romantic relationship w a man
  • just q u i t

where do you even get workout clothes for a baby