you can't expect me to choose

This is not an exaggeration:
  • White Feminists: Listen, you don't get to pick and choose who you defend! As feminists we have to defend ALL women. That's right. Even the racist ones who call you racial slurs and hope you suffer for your entire lives. Even the ones that chant "feminism is cancer" and hope all feminists die. You have to defend them as a feminist.
  • Me, a person with a brain: Um, I think the fuck not.
  • White Feminist: Then you're not a real feminist!
  • *something terrible happens to women of color*
  • White Feminists: *long silence* you can't expect me to constantly care about everyone 24/7 365.

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To be honest I've always preferred Harry to stay off social media and I think it's smart of him. He's closeted clearly and he can't tweet things he might want to tweet. That being said if he was on more they might make him tweet bullshit the fans wouldn't want to hear. He also can't manipulate the fan base to promote things we know he doesn't care about. I think it's a conscious choice for him to be careful about his social media and I respect that.

Whatever his reasoning is for staying off of SM, and I think you point out some good reasons why he may choose not to use it, it’s not up to me as a fan to tell him what to do. If I dislike his choices, I can choose to take my fan dollars elsewhere. And also maybe get over myself and the expectation that everyone is always going to give me what I want just because I want it.

I think the reason why I’m so in love with Bull is because I find him a fascinating study of dichotomy. He’s a spy for the qunari and he’s a loud, brash, unforgiving sort of gent. He’s strong and bold but also loves nugs and pink. He’s confident and secure in his sexuality and person, but his sexuality revolves around giving others pleasure - which gives him pleasure in return. He prefers the simple, direct approach but he’s also very smart and good at strategy (he holds his own against Solas in mental chess.

He’s so complex but it masquerades as simplicity, and my writer’s fingers just want to jump into his character and find his motivations because his entire nature is so full of chaos and contradictions - but it still works. There’s only one fault I’ve ever found with Bull and that was that one bit of dialogue between him and Cole but the rest of him is accepting, comfortable in his skin and his sexuality and genuinely fun, if a little crude. Underneath it all, though, is this other layer, this deeper layer where he is a spy and is spying on the Inq and also using the Chargers as a cover to make people in Thedas more willing to work with him so he can study their political workings. 

And it’s that last bit that fascinates me, and it’s part that you only find out if you actually side with the qunari in Bull’s mission, because afterwards he tells the Inq that his relationship with the Chargers was effectively a lie. Now, I don’t think that’s as true as Bull wants it to be, but I think he definitely wants it to be the truth. 

(More rambling under cut)

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  • cis: i mean i get what ur saying but like you can't CHOOSE 2 have a penis or a vagina
  • cis: i support you but i've known you for like 2 and a half months do you really expect me to change pronouns and stuff
  • cis: but i mean everyone gets judged on their gender it's not just you
  • cis: are you sure it's not a phase
  • cis: maybe youll grow out of it
  • cis: yeah but what's ur real name
  • cis: but you have such a feminine/masculine body! why would you change that!
  • cis: idk if you'd be cute as a guy/girl
  • cis: i feel like
  • cis: but in my opinion
  • cis: but im not sure
  • cis: me opinion
  • cis: idk trans people are so complicated
  • trans/nonbinary person: cis people can be frusterating as hell

as aerys targaryen learned to his sorrow.

make me choose // anon asked: house stark or house lannister

  • Pip: You are part of my existence, part of myself. You have been in every line I have ever read, since I first came here, the rough common boy whose poor heart you wounded even then. You have been in every prospect I have ever seen since - on the river, on the sails of the ships, on the marshes, in the clouds, in the light, in the darkness, in the wind, in the woods, in the sea, in the streets. You have been the embodiment of every graceful fancy that my mind has ever become acquainted with. Estella, to the last hour of my life, you can't choose but remain part of my character, part of the little good in me-
  • Estella: new phone who dis?
  • Steve: I'm sorry, Tony...but he's my friend.
  • Tony: So was I.
  • Guy sitting next to me: *Sympathetic look*

The last weekend was just AMAZING! I’m still completely overwhelmed with just…everything!!
A big shout-out to the amazing organizers of @coinelot​! Thank you for making this fangirl heaven possible! <3<3<3

Naya and I did arrive at the hotel late on Friday and didn’t join in before Saturday, so I can’t say anything about Friday. (I’m sure it was just as great as the next days though <3)
Saturday had a lot of great and fascinating panels! The discussions were super interesting and just everything was so well organized! I know I didn’t say much/didn’t participate (because I’m just waaaay too shy I’m so sorry >//< ) but even just listening to everyone else was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed my time there a lot! <3
The fanfic-editing workshop by @momotastic27​ was my favourite panel of the day!!! You are so frigging organized! Just Wow! I learned a lot, thank you! <3
The Quest was super cute too and thanks again for the quick thinking to shorten it a bit because of the bad weather!
After dinner was the Melee of the Wise aka the super awesome Merthur Quiz! We had so much fun trying to answer all the questions! (and the sheer luck destiny to be an a team with Naya xD) And our team even got second place! So proud of you guys! <3 (not thanks to me, that’s for sure XDD) And of course Congratulations to the actual winners! The sheer amount of point your team made! Wow!
And last - but definitely not least - the cards against humanity game: Merlin edition. I’m still giggling about that! XD

Sunday was just as much fun. There were more amazing panels, Discussions and not to forget: the Kink Bingo. ;)
And of course, all the side activities over the 3 days (like the title & summary from short prompts, guessing episodes by screenshots and screen-caps you had to write new dialogues for) were evaluated and winners were voted for per category. All the entries were so good!!! Not to forget the amazing prizes you guys prepared for all of that, seriously! I don’t have word for how overwhelmed I am by all of what happened the last few days!

I also want to say: I didn’t expect the lovely feedback for my Merlin-Cosplay. I’m still not happy with the wig in particular (and I’ll probably try to cut it…again xD) but you guys were so nice and just  lkdskhgfjkhdfgb ;////; Thank you everyone!
And a HUGE thank you from both, Naya and me, for voting for us on the group/pair Cosplay Contest! We didn’t expect that at all and are flattered to no end! I don’t know how much we showed it because we were too shocked, but we’re really really happy! <3<3<3

In addition to that, I’m still not over the fact my title&summary entry won. Like. What? ALL those summaries sounded so amazing and I want to read all of those as actual stories!! So if anyone else of you liked their story and will actually write them: Tell me!! Link it to me!!! Yes please!!
I am going to actually write my story too - it will take some time though. I haven’t been writing in over 2 years and need to practice first and have to think a bit more about the plot. 

Finally as a conclusion to this con report: I asked Naya if she wanted me to say something in her name (since she doesn’t have a tumblr-account) but all she said was “Don’t say Arthur is stupid” and pouted. XD (I would neeever say something like that~ °3° ) And then she added “Greet @romies-merthurian-pornation​ from me!” - because you were so cute and super kind! So greetings to you from both of us! Hopefully we can meet again. :D
And of course greeting to everyone else too! We didn’t get to talk to everyone (again, the being shy problem) but it was amazing to meet you all nonetheless! <3 And of course, if anyone wants to talk to me (to fangirl about Merthur <3): Just message me. I’m a little less shy online. (or I try to, at least xD)

(and as a little side note: I rarely post something on my blog because I try to keep it “stuff made by me”. I like a lot of stuff but rarely reblog. So please don’t expect too much if you choose to follow me (and I still have to change the design for my blog ahh it’s so ugly atm x//x))

tl;dr Naya and I had an awesome weekend at Coinelot! Thank you everyone! <3

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It's not only gay PDA that can make an asexual uncomfortable in a LGBTQAI+ safe space, way to make it all about you like usual. If you can't respect that maybe you shouldn't be there at all. It's a safe space, not a "pick and choose who gets to be here because I can't refrain from extensive PDA for an hour and I don't care about asexuals".

you’re right i’m so sorry i should refrain from holding a girl’s hand in an alleged gay safe space because honestly, why won’t someone think of the aces here? this is so selfish of me to expect that i can live freely in a space specifically made for that very reason. i’ve seen the error of my ways and will try not to be noticeably gay in a lgbt safe space. this makes total sense. i will try very hard to hold my allosexual tendencies inside but as you know, it’s not easy trying to not fuck every girl i see.

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So the answer is really "because we can't battle the fact that humans are not herbivorous we are trying to get a psychological comfort at least". Well that's to be expected. Do not try to sing a "poor animals" song. It's eat or be eaten: no pig would ever doubt if it should eat me. It seems every hardcore vegan turns into aggressive creature eventually. That's sad, but shows an obvious con of this "diet" - you are really what you eat. And I choose to eat sentient ones to remain one. Goodbye.

If we weren’t more herbivorous i’m sure there would be a lot of stories on the news about vegans and vegetarians dropping dead all over the world. Eat or be eaten lol, I bet you believe humans are at the top of the food chain. Humans are cowards, We need tools and slaughterhouses. Go take down a cow with just your claws, jaw and pitiful excuse for canine teeth and then *try* to digest it raw because it’ll be tough with our herbivorous intestines!! When you do this, come back to my ask box, and i’ll take you out for some steak.  

Detention (Part 2)

Rating: R

Word Count: 1,982

A/N: After everyone’s feedback, I’ve decided to make this into a series and it will have several parts to it. I really hope that you continue to like it and please send me feedback if you have enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading! Here is part 2 of the Detention series. Enjoy! x

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I don't know if you really answer things like this, but I'm trying to find reasons not to kill myself and so far, I've only got one. I'm in musical theatre and I'm a lead in the musical I'm currently in... But I can't think of anything else. I don't really know what's keeping me alive, but I've just got this little feeling that the time isn't now.

The time is never “now” if you choose it. Suicide should never be your first option, ever.

Think about it. Why would you do it? How do you know that three years from now, you won’t have something that will turn your life upside down into the best life you ever expected?

You /don’t/. So why waste the chance? Why risk leaving this world at your worst moments when you can live to see the better ones?

That’s /life/. No one said life will be easy. No one said it will always be superb, fun, exciting. We’re humans. We’re prone to problems, diseases, depression, anxiety, etc.

And I find that the beauty of humanity, and beauty of life, is how we can overcome this. Is how one day we can look back and say: I survived that.

Think about it. Imagine if Misha Collins had killed himself when he was depressed and was having a REALLY bad life. He’s inspired so many people, he’s started so many great projects.

He’s changed so many peoples’ lives.

Same with RDJ, he went through horrible life points, but look at him now.

My point is: the answer is never to give up. Just do your best and hope for the best. Expect the worst, but hope for the best.

Don’t expect everything to go how you want, but understand that if it doesn’t, then it’s not the end of the world.

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Dear any of you, I'm 26 this year and I'm also in my final semester. I've plan a lot of things I wanted to do after graduating. But one thing I'm always worried about is that things won't go according to my plan. I'm scared that my path will lead me to somewehre else from what i'm expecting. Financially, I can't survive in my own country with the career I choose to live as. So I wanted to strive outside my country, at least I get paid more. If I do get astray from my path, will I survive?

Guest Columnist: Crystal Diamond

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If you could save one character from SNK, no matter their current status, and have them live with you as well as live a normal life expectancy who would you save? They also know you took them away from a show, can't kill or seriously maim you, and no one would question their sudden existence. Remember only one!


wat if i took the ape titan away would that work then less people would die