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HOSEOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍💕😍💕😍💕

Holmes Family Christmas

Mrs. Holmes: Oh I just wish Eurus could be here to see this

Mr. Holmes: It’s alright darling, she’s in a better place

Mycroft: *looking down guiltily, thinking of his sister in a jail cell*

Sherlock: Who in the bloody heck is Eurus 


if you want to go, just make believe you’re me. when you’re popular, all unpopular people look alike anyway. 

“hi, i’m daria. go to hell.” nah, it won’t work. my face is too expressive.

Reblog if you’d like to see Portal Stories Mel turned into an unauthorized musical like portal 2.

The stupidest thing I’ve probably ever heard during class was “YOU CANNOT BE BISEXUAL!!!! YOU CAN ONLY BE GAY OR STRAIGHT!!!!” Like??? How uneducated do you have to be?? Bisexuals exist? I’m pansexual? You’re telling me I don’t exist?? You’re telling me the millions of bisexuals don’t exist??? The millions of LGBT+ members that aren’t just “gay” don’t exist?? Their reasoning? “You can only like boys or only like girls. If a girl dates a girl, she’s gay. If she dates a guy, she’s straight.” No?? I have a boyfriend and I still think girls are hella fine creatures?? Just because someone is with the same or opposite gender DOES NOT mean they can only be straight or only be gay. No. Big no. There are so many sexualities that are considered “fake” because of this reasoning.
We exist. We will always exist. And we will never be “just gay” or “just straight.” Be proud of your sexuality, regardless of if people think it’s “fake” or not.
You exist babydoll, and you always will.

Next Generation HP Things
  • Teddy is “the cool cousin.” 
  • James is “that little bastard who keeps messing up his potions on purpose to see the ‘pretty fireworks’”. 
  • Albus is “oh god, not another one. He’s going to be just like his brother!” (except he’s not just like his brother. He actually tries.)
  • Lily is a sweetheart. Need I say more? She’s obviously a sweetheart. Except… she’s got a bit of her oldest brother’s mischievous streak, so she likes to explode potions, too. 
  • Scorpius and Albus are friends and both in Slytherin, because I like the idea of a Potter being in Slytherin, but I’m not too fond of the “Scorpius HAS to be not Slytherin thing.”
  • Everyone thinks they’re dating. They’re THAT pair of friends that always sits really close together and steals each other’s pumpkin juice and shares books. 
  • They aren’t? They are? Who knows?
  • Lysander and Lorcan are really popular in their houses. One is Ravenclaw and one is Hufflepuff and they’ve got a whole tutoring system set up with Rose.
  • Rose is, in the teachers’ books, “most likely to get out of here alive, just like her mom.”
  • Teddy gets a job at Hogwarts doing Merlin-knows-what because Harry has a life crisis and is like, “I NEED SOMEONE KEEPING AN EYE ON MY CHILDREN SO THEY DON’T DIE LIKE I NEARLY DID!!!!!”
  • Neville offers but Harry’s like, “Neville, you had enough dealing with me.” and Neville’s like, “You’re right. Good plan.”
  • Victoire is a healer. She’s really damn good at it. 
  • George’s kids are banned from having any of their dad’s merchandise on campus. The teachers just aren’t taking the chance. 
  • Draco and Harry are Quidditch Dads who have angry face-offs in the bleachers even though their kids are on the SAME DAMN TEAM. It’s ridiculous. 
  • Headmistress McGonagall gives the two of them detention before remembering they graduated and have jobs and lives. 
  • They’re nice guys (are they?) so they sit through two hours of detention with Aunt Minerva (but don’t call her that if you want to live). 
  • Rose and Hugo are inseparable Hugo’s first year because he’s nervous as hell, but then he makes friends and starts a club devoted to continuing  his uncles’ (Fred and George’s) legacy as pranksters. 
  • Everyone thinks it’s Roxanne and Fred II until Hugo feels guilty and turns himself in. 
  • The teachers are SHOCKED. 
  • He gives them the Sad Weasley Eyes and gets his detention time cut in half. 
  • Scorpius and Albus get too close to each other during Quidditch and Albus knocks Scorpius off his broom. It looks like he could do one of two things: Catch the goddamn snitch or rescue his friend. 
  • He doesn’t think twice before rescuing his friend.
  • Later everyone asks Scorpius if he was scared and he says, “For a second, but then I remembered Al was right there and I wasn’t scared anymore. I knew he’d help me, ‘cause I’d do the same for him.”
  • Cue the chorus of “aaaaaaaawwwwwwww!”
  • I’m done here. It’s midnight and I’m rambling and my sister would be so ashamed. 

So Gulati has an issue with Pinoe kneeling because it’s a “political statement”…meanwhile the MNT skipped their traditional pregame photo and did a joint photo with Mexico 3 days after we elected Trump and that’s totally chill…

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I have never came across to a group that’s as relatable as BTS. I mean it in every aspect. All their songs hit right in the feels. All their music videos tell a story of today’s youth, our problems, our fears, our weaknesses, our happiness, our sorrow. BTS makes me realize that there are other people out there just like me, struggling everyday, feeling sad for no reason sometimes, feeling happy because of little things, feeling angry at themselves for not being good enough, fearing to not waste their youth and just simply living their life. They make me realize that i’m not the only one and i’m not alone… They do make me feel like I never walk alone...


I very much love Garcia Flynn. Definitely too much. We don’t deserve a character so complex and tragic. But also yes I do. Give me more. I earned this. I’ve sat through so many black and white characters. Give me all those shades of gray.

As for the group picture near the end, you know I’m on the Lucy is Flynn’s wife train. All aboard. I will hold out for this until they blatantly tell me no. Probably not even then really. And if it isn’t true, boy, do I have enough observations and theories to make a kickin AU.