you can't ever be on tumblr for that long

do you ever just look back at the time where you didn’t have any fandoms? And then you’re like wtf did I do all day long without bingewatching,fanfiction and tumblr?

Someone will come along. Someone who understands that you get jealous and anxious. Someone who knows the fears you have rooted deep in your past and holds you when you’re feeling scared. Someone who can’t dance, but dances with you anyway. They can’t sing, but they’ll sing to you anyway. They’ll love any gift you give, even when it’s the wrong size and they’ll love anything you cook for them, even when it’s burnt. They’ll make you laugh until you cry, and know exactly what to say to make you smile. They’ll leave you feeling helplessly, unapologetically happy as you fall asleep at night. You’ll wonder how you ever got so lucky. Just be patient. Someone will come along.

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As a queer girl, how do i get men to Leave Me Alone. like, you're flawless and can probably rebuff them with a Look but i'm just a small town gay and also can't really tell men flirting with me at work to fuck off. basically how did you gain your patented 'how dare you talk to me' aura.

so you know how there are tumblr posts where it’s just like 

person 1: “long explanation of a thing no one cares about”

person 2: “……….anyway”

you need to always inhabit the mindset of person 2. you don’t have to tell anyone to fuck off when you just treat their flirting as though it could not possibly inconvenience you more. keep your head high and sometimes raise your eyebrows ever so slightly, like you’re barely humoring a bad magician. broadcasting disinterest is incredibly easy, you just have to keep yourself from worrying about making things awkward. you can get a lot of mileage out of not smiling. 

make it a habit, and one day you too can be a lesbian who dismisses men at bars from her presence like a gay cleopatra 

I can’t believe it’s already time for this post to be honest. I’ve been here for a relatively short amount of time, roughly about four months I guess, and got so many kind and lovely followers already; it’s truly amazing. People welcomed me right from the start - god knows how they discovered my introduction post - and helped me get accustomed to Tumblr.
From then on I’ve met so many lovely individuals, be it through asks, chats, or blogs and just seeing their daily posts or small interactions is a thing that always manages to put a smile on my face - you know who you are, don’t you?

Thank you to everyone who supported me by just taking a moment of your time to leave a like or follow, thank you for showing me that you like the content I create. 

Every reply under one of my blogs, every repost means a lot to me. I have to admit, I always check the tags under my reposted blogs and being able to see all of your hilarious comments is one of the best features Tumblr has ever invented! 
There’ve been bad times, a thing that’s unavoidable on the internet, but the fun times make it all the more worth it. 

I could write a whole book about this it seems to me, however, I don’t want to make this post too long and bore you with my blabbering, especially since I know that most of you have already stopped reading at this point, so I’m going to end it here: Thank you for giving me a great time and thank you for more than 1000 followers!

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I can't fucking handle this. I found you years ago when your LoZ comic wasn't even finished yet and fell in love, but lost track of you for a while. I find you randomly again on Tumblr and you're not only still making AMAZING art, but your making a comic about INUYASHA! MY FIRST SHIP EVER!!! My little shipper heart can't handle it!!! Your art is amazingly and I can't wait to see more! You're so awesome! 😍😭💕

Wow! Thank you so much!!!
I’ve loved InuYasha since the manga started to be published. On past summer I re watched the whole anime after long time and I catched the fan bug again. I adore the series so much and it brings me so much joy, it’ll be always a brightful piece in my heart.

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Quotes From my School’s Drama Group

1. “Can I call you daddy long legs?”

2. “You can call me daddy anything.”

3. “Ha. Ha. HahAHAHAHHAHA”

4. “I will pay you to stop playing We Are Number One.”

5. *Naruto runs across stage*

6. “Salvation and greetings to you all.”

7. “Have you ever had toothpaste problems?”

8. “Okay but hear me out: babadok, the musical.”

9. “Crisp” *dabs*

10. “Did he just eat a cigarette? yOOO.”

11. “Why are you holding a guitar it IS THE NEXT SCENE.”

12. *plays out of tune guitar* “that was a c.”

13. “i aM TRON” *throws plate*

14. “Removing your boobs? Okay.”

15. *plays musical number on kazoo*

16. “The first scene I’m in and I’m already stealing food.”

17. “Don’t have a horn? Just… KaCHOW.”

18. “I do it to show dominance. Duh.”

19. “Jesus was a biscuit.”

20. “I’ve successfully broken into my own home.”


22. “Spoiler alert! You’re a nerd!”

23. “Spoiler alert! You read comics too.”

24. “Make ballet masculine.”

25. “Hanitize your sands.”

26. “I’m just feeling really petty today.”

27. “He literally just sPUN OFF THE STAGE OH MY GOD.”

28. *Sprints on stage* “LoOK aT THESE LEAVES”

29. “Can I have some whiskey in this scene?”

30. “You are the wORST UUGH”

31. “This is super gay and I love it.”

32. “Your homework is to watch the Mickey Mouse Club.”

33. “You may be wondering: where is my water bottle?”

34. “Come check your boyfriend’s pants.”

35. I’m not crying because I’m hurt I am just emBARRASSED"

36. “I’m the lowest of the low right now.”

37. “If you pronounce the ‘j’ in Spanish words leave me alone.”

38. “yOURE SUCH A B- wait I can’t say that here.”

39. “You’re looking pretty shady with that harmonica.”

40. “Girl, why were you in the boys locker room- ooOOOH OKAY THEN.”

41. “WoW. I could almost tell you can act.”

42. *sniffs violently* “I smell American Chinese food.”

43. “She kissed him after bible study? What a floozy.”

44. “We all can collectively agree that he’s an idiot.”

45. “I’ll fite you, kid.” *bro snaps angrily*

46. “Since I’m up here I will now begin with a list of my childhood celebrity crushes, starting with Jonny Depp.”

47. *Repediatly backstage* “pANTs him!”

48. “It is a granola sandwich you doof.”

49. “He just smelled like bubblegum.”

50. “I have a theory that everybody in the musical is gay.”

51. “You look like a small, shady drug dealer.”

52. “We can remake the… the uH JESUS PHOTO!”

53. “The last supper?”

54. “I’m not religious.”

55. “I’m drawing a penis on my Toaster Strudel”

56. “Walking through the hall without your glasses on is like projecting through the astral plane while vapor wave plays subtly in the background.”

57. “Ah yes, the three main food groups; sugar, carbs, and dick.”

58. “What’s sex? Is it some sort of communism?”

59. “If I took a shot every time you said "zoo-wee-mama” I’d have alcohol poisoning.“

60. "I’m what the kids call a flexible boy.”

61. “I’m subtly asking you to add me to the group chat.”

62. “We’re in theatre, of course everyone is gay.”

63. “You look like Crocs.”

64. *Mmm check pleasee.“

65. *Luke sneezes* "Mmmm Luke Sneezeee.”

66. “Nah, that’s too Hentai for me.”

67. *explosions in the background* thERE IS NO DANGER-

68. “Dost’ thou even liftest?”

69. “Stop being so extra.”

70. “Sing my anGEL OF MUSIC!” *starts screaming*

71. *skeletor voice* “The price is my viRGiNiTy.”

72. “The main character is so kinky this is ridiculous.”

73. “A FULL goose.”


75. “I’m so done kink shaming this whole family.”

76. “Oh, I was just telling him the story of how I killed his mother.”

77. “I haven’t sucked dick in 10 years.”

78. “Wow, I get to roast you THREE times today!”

79. “Everything is the same except you replace father with daddy.”

80. “Gettin laid on a Wednesday night.”

81. “You know it’s gonna be a lonely Wednesday when you’re already slapping your own ass.”

82. “Thanks for making fun of my sex life.”

83. “Yeah, she’s so leaving you after this.”

84. “No, because you’re a horrible husband.”

85. “How could you, mah wiiFE?!”

86. “I want to hurt.”

87. “What does 'he shrugs in Russian’ mean??”

88. “Who would win, the whole FBI, or a single Russian man?”

89. “Potatoes? Vodka.”

90. “I think that’s the most effective way to go about hating yourself.”

91. “Hand slapping is NOT like fencing.”

92. “I’m getting plastic surgery on my thumb so I can press all the Chinese food options at once.”

93. “My body is like a computer. It’s slow.”

94. “We’ve only done the do twice and he was talking about Wall Street the second time.”

95. “He’s nutting while counting stocks.”

96. “Are we practicing spiritualism?”

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I, um, hardly ever go to my tumblr dash because I can't be bothered to download xkit so my dash is always full of garbage and spoilers? So I just go to tumblrs I like and see if they've posted anything new? *tumblrs wrong*

You do you, Anon! On the one hand it seems like doing that would take ten times as long daily as installing xkit would once, and I’m not sure why you don’t just…follow the people you like so that your dash would be filled with stuff you like. But on the other hand, people access and process information differently, and with Tumblr Being the Way It Is Right Now who knows. And anyway efficiency is not always the be-all of online interaction. Whatever works for you! 


Belxari, my tiefling BardLock. 

Dog gone. Officially the best piece of art I’ve ever created oh my word it took so long. (Please full view this dang thing I’m so proud of it and Tumblr kills images.)

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I read through your posts everyday and can't help remembering when we used to dance awkward tangos in my kitchen, devising culinary futures of vaguely Duff Goldman related love pastries. Who knew after all that you would become such a role model to the fervent tumblr youths. May I say, you handle your newfound responsibilities with admirable grace, and I offer many blessings upon you and your seemingly ever-growing brood. A+ efforts, keep up the good work, etc. etc.

Jackie you’re going to fucKING KILL ME. Oh myg OD. The tangos and the baking,,, I’m haven’t hit such a HUGE wave of nostalgia in a long time. Thank you for introducing me to the world of musicals all way back when, lord have mercy!! I’m forever grateful to have your support man, seriously! Thanks for dropping this message, seriously made my night!!

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Part of me sometimes wishes I shipped kataang bc zutara is constantly bashed by so many people, including the fucking creators themselves. And people always find ways to boast about kataang being canon and find ways to shit on zutara. I'm so sick of it at this point tbh. I can't even go on the tag without finding ppl being complete asses towards the ship. But honestly I'm so far up zutara's ass that there's no way I'll ever get into kataang

I’ll let you in on my secret— Block. Block. Block. Block. And block. My list of antis is probably 100 long. Anyone with their head up their ass who’s also sticking their unwanted opinions in the ship’s tag gets blocked. It makes for a very nice Tumblr experience! (And that’s my advice to anyone who dislikes my blog… just block. There’s no need for the death threats, y'all 👀👀)

As for the creators… well, they are just petty, entitled tweens stuck inside the bodies of adult men. Shame on them.

This morning.....
  • So I had a video chat date with my boyfriend cause at the moment we can't have a "real date"(it's cause his mom doesn't like me) so this date is at 8: 45am cause we both got stuff to do (aka he got stuff to do,it's got tumblr) so I'm on videochat in bad lighting,one of his large shirts,and my pink bonnet. Pretty much I look like a bum. Then this guy smiles and says "you look so beautiful in the morning" I laugh and recount what I'm wearing and says it again. How and the hell did I ever get this guy????
  • Long story,short: my boyfriend thinks I look beautiful in a pink bonnet and bad lighting
I think we are right for each other for not being right for each other. We are going against the current, against the hand of fate. There is not a truer passion, than that ignited by the vagueness of a feeling. A feeling that clamps you by the guts and makes you squirm out of happiness when you’re locked inside your bathroom just smiling like a fool. A cheap led like smile penciled on your mouth sharped and polished brand new. I’m telling you we are meant for each other. For fuck’s sake, I’ve got carnations growing in my ribcage and roses painting my tongue. The sun is brighter and the moon is finally nude. I haven’t slept and my dreams develop with my eyes open. I saw lilies bloom at 2am once when I was drunk, or at least I think I did and it was beautiful. Your perfume lingers on my shirt and it penetrates past my last cigarette smoke and my lungs are filled with uncontrollable laughter, I can’t breathe just thinking about you. I quit drinking coffee ever since I got a taste of you and im drinking chamomile tea now more than ever to keep my ass from jumping off the walls. I’m crazy about you and even if we aren’t meant for each other… Oh what the hell am I saying? We are meant for each other. We have to be.
—  J F. P.

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I would LOVE to hear your opinions on Hybern if you ever feel interested in writing it all out

Why, thank you for asking anonym^^

I think that Maas put zero thoughts into Hybern. Literally. She needed an enemy, she made them former slavers who want slaves again and to destroy any doubts about them, she has them boast about (sexual) violence at any chance. The king doesn’t even have a name which is hilarious, and calling the pro-slavery faction in the old war “loyalists” without ever explaining what the term means or who they were “loyal” to is extremely lazy.

The country of Hybern doesn’t get much of a description at all, not even when the inner circle goes there in acomaf. Literally “nothingness”, bleakness, cliffs, a barren land, an off-white castle, that’s it. I wonder how Hybern could have gathered the forces, goods and money to raise an army to attack Prythian. Hybern doesn’t trade, out of spite because of the treatry against slavery, so how did they recover from the loss of forced work? How do they nurture their population? How did they, without trade, prosper as a nation? Have they advanced technically? Have they found more productive ways to live since they had to change their way of life profoundly? Why are they still bothered by something that happened 500 years ago? How do they have enough workers to conscript a considerable number of them for the army?

Is it all magic? And if it is, why has Hybern such greater magic than Prythian faes? They’ve only had the cauldron for a short time, so is it like the king magicked food and weaponry from the cauldron and conscripted his soldiers last minute?  IDK, Maas never explains this and I think I already thought more about Hybern than her. But this would explain a lot. There might have been propaganda as well. “Fight now, and you’ll never have to work again!” Or something. “Hybern deserve better!” I suppose mostly lesser fairies have to do most of the work since the end of slavery, as it happened in Prythian. This would give a chance for an interesting development, but I’ll come to that later.

The Hybern army consists of carousing, violent drinkers. They do not prepare themselves for battle but party instead and this “fun” includes torturing humans. As I said above, this is obviously for showing how evil they are, which again transmits the image they aren’t people but monsters who should be killed. But this also means they are bad soldiers. This colludes with my assumption above, that the Hybern soldiers were recruited last minute and aren’t disciplined and are only in to finally abuse some humans again. But you can’t win if you party the night before the fight, even less so if your soldiers are hardly trained. And the king is supposed to be insane. All in all, this portrays them as a force that is, if not easy, but still certainly to be defeated. After this information was stated in the book, I could no longer take the war any seriously.

The time Tarquin kills the surrending Hybern soldiers is just the peak of the iceberg. The Hyberns aren’t people, they are evil and must be killed, don’t ever feel bad for killing any of them, war crimes don’t exists and ransoming prisoners isn’t a possiblity. Sigh. This states how little Maas knows about medieval warfare. War prisoners are a thing, they’re useful bargaining chips and are often incarcerated for years. But even the end of the book, all of the Hybern army die, no matter how they came to be in that army or if they are ready to surrender once the king is defeated. Which is kinda the point of killing the leader, right? So you might negotiate with someone more open to peace?? But Feyre has magical knowing powers and insists they would all continue to fight to the death because they “felt wronged”, wtf is wrong with you, Feyre? Give them a chance to surrender, and many will say yes. Unless their officers force them to go on which doesn’t change how wrong it is to not even offer them the change when their commander is gone, their super weapon is stolen and their allies have deserted while another aerial army has arrived to wreak havok. But no, let Amren kill them all …

You know, I see Hybern kind of like Nazi Germany, however Maas has intended them. We learn so much of our past in school, so the connection came automatically. Germany lost in WW 1 and had to bear hard consequences due to the contract of Versailles which wore very hard on the population. But the country still managed to install a democracy for the first time, even though it was barely able to funtion. The frustration over the contract of Versailles, the political chaos, the Great Depression of 1929 and the growing fascist movements paved the way for Hitler’s Machtergreifung (rise to power, but Machtergreifung is the idiomatic term) 1933 and with a lot of propaganda, instigation and justifying of national superiority, WW 2 and the Holocaust happened. You should know about this. But all in all, the similarity should be clear: frustrated war losers rise up again to take what they think should be theirs. And I think, given that such stories are actual histories of actual people, you can’t write a story that dehumanizes a fantasy people written as nazis into monsters, even if they did evil things. That’s a toxic way to think because it isn’t a solution for real life conflicts. Enemies are people. Soldiers are people. Nazis are people. They should face justice and punishment but writing them as monsters you can kill with no remorse erases the complexicity of warfare and politics.

If you destroy Hybern as it happened after the first war, they’ll still feel wronged. It is necessary to negotiate and to help those who are left behind, to really start to have diplomatic relations and fucking PEACE. But the book doesn’t give an answer again, all that is talked about in the meeting after the battle is Prythian, their treaty with the humans, and gossip. No one gives a shit about Hybern when now is exactly the time to talk with those governing the island to sign a peace treaty, ask for reparations, set up a new government, exchange ambassadors and all that stuff I only think off the top of my head right now. It’s gross how Maas ignores this necessity and has her characters only talk about themselves. It’s the final nail in the coffin to confirm that Hybern is only there to be an enemy, not a country.

But there would be great potential and if Maas has any inspiration, she should write about Hybern in the sequels. The biggest chance is to give power to the lesser fairies, which I have suggested are the working class in Hybern. Tarquin hints at justice and equality for them in acomaf but this is never mentioned again while it should be considered. The inequality of lesser fairies is just another fantasy version of racism and white supremacy: Maas says lesser fairies exist, but they don’t matter in the story, as if no marginalized people matter to her.

The lesser fairies should take over Hybern. A huge part of the Hybern population has been killed in the war and that has to change the nation massively. New people have to be put in ruling and administrative positions, possibly a lot of the intellectuals are gone, probably many male citizens as well, and all in all the country is to be shaped anew - at best into an ally. But this requires communication and I need to see it.


If I even read the sequels, that is.

TBH, anonymous asks make me a bit uncomfortable because I never know if you will ever read this post, buried by new ones, or if you’re even on tumblr. I hope you find the chance anyway.

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Have you met someone on tumblr you are thankful for? (:

OH, OF COURSE! Tbh I met here the best people ever, that I hope will stay in my life forever, like everyone is so nice to me and I feel so happy that there are people I can always talk to and we can always support each other!

so first of all @zerodramarama I don’t wanna get sappy and just cry rn but Ashley is someone that I am so happy to have in my life! She means so much to me and I hope she knows that I love her so much! #CASH forever T^T 💕

@gloomybow1 is someone I met on here and it turned out that we live in the same country, so now we are irl friends, I love her so much and she is a wonderful human that I wanna keep in my life! 💕 💕

Same goes to @r3dhawk we met on here through Gloomy and now we’re irl friends and I couldn’t be more thankful for having her in my life!  💕 💕

@jeonsberry Asya is an angel on earth! Istg, she is a blessing and she’s the nicest person there is. She will always make sure that everyone around her is happy and she cares about everyone, a gold hearted angel!

@jungkookio Alicia is such an amazing person that I’m very thankful for! She makes my dash more beautiful, especially with her selfies, she is also so talented and makes me happy!

@saltyghostsuga a great person with great content that simply makes me happy! She’s funny and relatable and she’s so nice and cares about her mutuals a lot! 

@wortmalerei even tho we haven’t been talking for a long time, I am very happy we do now. I’m happy I can have someone like that in my life ^^ I love talkig with her, it always makes me happy!

@papa-seokjin it turned out today we’ve been mutuals for 9 months and started talking today hahah But I always felt like we were good mutuals that communicated through our content and I am thankful for that as well

@namjobava I love Ava so much T^T She made me realise so many things and changed my way of thinking on so many topics as well! I miss her so much, but I know she’s making her dreams come true rn and she’s working her butt off!

@softssound Courtney is another person I miss so much but I know she’s working so hard now! She is someone who I can talk to about anything and is just such a wonderful person overall!!


SFW Omega!Verse Starters
  • "We're going to have cubs."
  • "You're an omega, and I'm an alpha/beta. I'm going to protect you until you decide who you want for your alpha."
  • "What's it like being an alpha/beta/omega?"
  • "It's scary being an omega. No one seems to think you even have a brain--all the alphas think you're theirs for the taking."
  • "Why should I have to get an alpha/omega? I'm fine on my own."
  • "Have you ever wanted to settle down? Get yourself a mate, have some cubs?"
  • "We/they can't work out. We're/they're both alphas/omegas. It's just not meant to work that way."
  • "Do you have any extra suppressants?"
  • "I need to go to the pharmacy to buy more suppressants. Will you come with me?"
  • "It's not healthy to stay on suppressants for as long as you have."

I think it all might finally be falling into place. It’s taken almost seventeen years, but I’ve never felt safer or happier in my entire life. I never want to let this go because I’ve never felt greater. It’s not exhilarating or crazy or wild; it’s safe and warm and quiet. It’s like I’ve been flying against my will for my entire life, and now I’m finally down on the ground, seeing it all for the first time up close. I’m standing on solid ground for what feels like the first time in forever.

And with you here with me, it’s more beautiful and more perfect than I ever would have imagined.

—  an excerpt from a book that i’ll never write #48