you can't do this to me tabi

You Can't have my Senpais

So, I have no problem being Non-anon here. This honestly made me mad. So I thought I’d share it. This has to do with a lot of different anime guys. But Mainly…Hetalia…

So, I’ve always been the nicer person that usually takes a younger one under my wing. I’m just nice. I have a freshman friend, (Let’s call her Em.) She’s 14 and thankfully she’s in the middle of exciting her weeb phase (Thank goodness) Well Em has A girlfriend (Tabi) And This girl is weeb to the extreme. She’s 15 (This happened literally not too long ago) and I was on the phone with Em. We generally like the same animes. So she called me when Tabi was over and we decided to talk about a few anime. Tabi was disrespectful from the get go. I had said that I wasn’t much into Fairy Tale and she’d respond “Good, then You can’t have my man.” And I’d sit there like “Really?” But then we got to Hetalia. My favorite Character had always been Germany (Since it is my homeland) and as soon as I showed interest she started calling me names like “Asshole and bitch and slut and Nazi whore.” She found my kik and was telling me to die.that she’d run me through with a knife and I can’t have her “Yummy blonde senpai.” I hung up, later mentioning to Em that I was offended. But I didn’t let that Bother me.

This is why people leave the fandom in the first place.

listen in the background there’s someone laughing so happily (high pitch laugh ok) while others are like ‘wowowow’ that’s /jiyong/ while his hyung does the silly dancing king move thing