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 fancy date :D


Final fantasy xv week, Day 1: Fashion styles

Lunafreya –> Girly
Crowe –> Tomboy
Shiva –> Sexy
Iris –> Gothic
Cindy –> Cowgirl
Gentiana –> Elegant
Aranea –> Sport
Leviathan –> Exotic

The week is already UPON US!!

I was SHOCKED when I suddenly realized the existence of time and found out that today is already the first day in ffxv week XD…. (help)
And then again I realized I was never on good terms with deadlines my entire life, so I thought; you know what Tika, just do whatever, whatever always gets things done!!

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Five things you’ll find in my bag
1. Chapstick
2. Lipstick
3. Spare ear buds
4. Spare charger
5. Wallet

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom
1. Clothes
2. Makeup
3. Books
4. Nail Polish
5. Drawings

Five things I’ve always wanted to do
1. Make a comic
2. Have a crush
3. Go to south korea
4. Speak Korean with confidence
5. Have more then one guy friend

Five things that make me feel happy
1. Making ppl laugh
2. Drawing
3. Comfortable silence
4. Ice cream
5. Cuddles c:

Five things I’m currently into
1. EDM music
2. Beef jerky lmao
3. Natural makeup
4. Ankle bracelets
5. fried eggs

Five things on my to-do list
1. Study piano
2. Pass driver’s test
3. Pack for Atlanta
4. Buy friend B-Day present
5. Make time for meeting friend + piano lessons + Korean lessons + volunteer work (save me I’m going to die)

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Mikuo and luki?

And Luki? Never met him. I know that he was Luka-san’s older brother. But that’s it. I think he may have either died or ran away. Luka-san never talks about him.

don’t judge people by their appearances judge them by their pokemon team


I pushed the date for chapter 15 back to March (although there’s a good chance I’ll be ready February) because I decided to attach a very special companion piece at the end of 15, which should be read before 16.

As of now it might be called “Walnuts and Caviar Sandwiches” which makes zero sense to anyone who hasn’t read it, but there is no word to describe how beautifully it will tie into Home. I can’t say what the subject is (because I want it to be a surprise), and I don’t think anyone will be able to guess because the details are only first mentioned in chapter 15. Which is sitting in Notes for only me to see *clasps fingers evilly like Mr. Burns*

I also really want to include artwork for this extra piece (estimated to reach 30k), which again calls for more time. Thanks for waiting! (◕‿-)

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Whats with girls new obsession with fitness and lifting and things? Like 3 or 4 years ago & before Tumblr, fitness wasn't even that relevant. Girls and guys thought that muscles on girls was unattractive or the flexing mirror pic was a douche bag. Now I see girls on your tumblr who are muscular. Trends are so stupid. YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE! You can't tell me at least 40% of "fitness" do it for followers. 15% actually need it, and the others are following the tumblr wave.

What is this message..

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I can't believe you do coke at 15

i don’t do coke

i “did” coke, once

the opportunity was presented to me and i’m an open minded person who likes to branch out and live