you can't cook with us


In episode 10 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food, chef Tonio serves up an awesome course of food, that is started with the Antipasto. What is Antipasto? It’s translates to “before the meal,” and is the first course of a traditional Italian meal. It can include all kinds of things such as cured meats, various cheeses, and or vegetables served with either some kind of oil or vinaigrette.

In Jojo, the one served is quite simple (and quite delicious). The course is slices of mozzarella cheese layered between slices of fresh tomato with a vinaigrette splashed over them. This is actually a really simple dish to make because well nothing is cooked and it all comes down to just preparing the food and plating it. The vinaigrette is made of olive oil, white wine vinegar, a splash of balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, nori, and anchovy. I didn’t have any anchovy or nori on me so I just made a basic vinaigrette to drizzle over the food. 

Mine didn’t end up quite as picturesque, but there you go! It’s a very simple to make delicious salad. But why is it so delicious? In the show the chef says you have to eat the tomato with the mozzarella, and this is quite true. By themselves the tomato and mozzarella are quite tasty, but when eaten together they are a perfect match. This dish has a lot of umami in it (especially when you use the anchovy for the dressing), which makes it taste very savory and makes you want to just shovel more of it into your mouth. Tomatoes are loaded with glutamic acid, which is what’s responsible for the umami flavor. Anchovies also have a bunch, which adds up for a lot of potent flavoring in a simple dish. The tomato and cheese sort of melt into your mouth and the oil coats the mixture giving it a beautiful texture and mouthfeel. It’s a great starter for a multi course meal because it makes you want to eat more. 

So I hope you enjoyed this edition of cooking with Anime-Scarves. I’ve got a few more things that I want to cook in the near future, so expect more of these to come. This is a wonderfully simple dish that anyone should be able to make and appreciate. It’s got a delightfully light, and bright flavor that is just perfect for a hot summer day.