you can't be me

i hate when i’m trying to do something and my brain keeps reminding me “someone else could do this better” like stfu i’m doing this now why do i have to care about it being the best in the world, not everything is a fucking competition sometimes i just wanna draw a fucking tree because i feel like it, i don’t need this shit 


Jungkook is an international famous idol, based in South Korea.
Jimin is an up and coming famous dancer, who has a long list of bad break-up’s.
Jimin is offered to choreograph for Jungkook and people start to talk. (1/?)

*SAW and not SO* 

This is an idea from @phanadox who has been blessing all our Jikook souls.

anonymous asked:

what are you currently reading? Can you link me a short-ish malec fic i can read during my break? i need a break

Freud is a Dick by sanctuary_for_all 

I just finished reading that and I still can’t stop laughing. Its based on THIS POST:

Another fic that follows the same concept:

Blame The Tequila by The_Forgotten_Nobody


Punta: Day 2 of Seoul fan meeting🇰🇷✨

We all went sighseeing together at noon 😘

Nibansenji: sighseeing guys