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okay so this got out of hand but anyway

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Panic! at the Disco almost went by the name Pet Salamander. Those emos almost chose to go by Pet Salamander. Can you imagine how different things would sounds? “This is ‘I Write Sins not Tragedies,’ sung by Pet Salamander.” Ryan Ross why? Where did you get the idea for the name? What stood out about this name? All of the jokes about the exclamation point would just cease to exist. The emo trinity would have been Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Pet Salamander. The jokes about panicking at discos would stop and would turn into jokes about salamanders i just wann

After Kings Cage happened
  • Me: *sitting on the throne of angst, wearing the crown of angst*
  • Victoria Aveyeard: get the fuck off my throne.
  • Me: make me.
  • Victoria Aveyard: The epilogue of Kings Cage happened.
  • Me: *sobbing as I crawl off the throne and hand her the crown again* you're right, my mistake, I was just keeping it warm for you, it won't happen again.
Describe to me when you first realized you were in love with Mads...

I realized I was in love with Mads when he and Laurence Fishburne (Jack Crawford) acted out their first fight scene at the end of the second season of Hannibal.

I was like: “Hot damn, Mads. You’re one sexy human being.”


You’ve believed in me and fought for me and stood by my side when all the rest of the world is against me. And we’ve been through so much together. Wasn’t I your first sweetheart? Weren’t you mine?
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I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.

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hey sarah! i hope you're doing well. i just wanted to tell someone abt this...i have a friend who'd been an army ever since bts debuted, but she's not very involved anymore. i don't mind that part at all, but i was just upset when she shamed me for being an army in front of our other friends and denied the fact that she was ever a fan :// she obv doesnt have to be an army for us to be friends, but i feel like ive lost a connection w her bc of what she did...i dont have other army friends (1/2)

(2/2) so im kinda seeking some comfort from you haha. anyway thanks for reading my ramble (if you find this in your mountain of asks) and have a great day :))

Tbh i think there’s a really fucked up trend right now. The “hate army” trend. 

Some people hate us because a large group hate us, without even making their own opinion on the subject. There’s bad people in the Army, like in every other fandom, kpop related or not. People are bashing us, sometimes even for no reason, taking the worst comments and stating that THIS is Army. When in fact, if you want to be fair, you have to randomly take a large number of comments. So some people want to be in that trend, which is really stupid.

If she shamed you for being an Army, tell her “do you really think that I have to be ashamed of enjoying music?”. You’re an Army when you enjoy and support BTS. Is there something to be ashamed of? Nop