you can't be in a bad mood listening to this song

angsty starters ( + sad qoutes / song lyrics. )
  • "I love you enough to let you go,"
  • "I heard you moved on,"
  • "I didn't come here to hurt you,"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "I'm sorry we fell in love."
  • "We'll do everything on our own."
  • "I'm so sorry,"
  • "You'll never understand."
  • "Please don't go,"
  • "I still love you,"
  • "I don't love you anymore."
  • "I never loved you,"
  • "I can't do this."
  • "We can't be together!"
  • "Will I ever see you again?"
  • "May we meet again,"
  • "I promise I'll do better,"
  • "I just want to see you, one more time."
  • "I'd give anything to see you one more time."
  • "One last time?"
  • "I don't deserve you,"
  • "You don't deserve me,"
  • "People like us don't get happy endings,"
  • "You still love me?"
  • "I never meant to hurt you,"
  • "I understand..."
  • "If you want to go, it's okay."
  • "I gave up everything for you!"
  • "I really need you to trust me,"
  • "Can you listen to me for once!"
  • "I cheated on you,"
  • "You cheated on me?"
  • "Don't expect me to come crawling back,"
  • "Shame on me, you fooled me twice."
  • "You said I wasn't just like anyone."
  • "Did I even ever cross your mind?"
  • "Can we pretend that we're in love?"
  • "I can't lose you,"
  • "Please go,"
  • "Don't you dare die on me!"
  • "I'm not losing you again!"
  • "I'm incomplete without you,"
  • "I will love you for the rest of my life,"
  • "So this is goodbye?"
  • "Kiss me goodbye."
  • "I loved them and they died."
  • "I was a bet?"
  • "You were nothing but a bet."
  • "Can you hold me?"
  • "I loved and I lost you."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "The worst day of loving someone is when you lose them."
  • "It hurts like hell,"
  • "I'm not coming back."
  • "You're never coming back?"
  • "What do you mean you're dying!"
  • "Come back to me,"
  • "What happened?!"
  • "They're dead!"
  • "Where's my love,"
  • "Don't do this,"
  • "I'll see you again."
  • "There's nothing we can do to bring them back."
  • "I don't want to be alone anymore,"
  • "You promised you'd never leave me."
  • "First love, you remember what that's like?"
  • "If I don't have you I have nothing at all,"
  • "I'm not going to fight you,"
  • "You're my friend."
  • "It's too late to apologize."
  • "You left me!"
  • "You left us!"
  • "You chose them over me,"
  • "I need you,"
  • "I was hoping that you'd stay."
  • "I never lied to you,"
  • "You said you might die so what the hell?"
  • "It's a bad joke,"
  • "We can never be the same again,"
  • "You don't need you,"
  • "You're not alone."
  • "You broke my heart."
  • "It made me think of you."
  • "You're my world."
  • "Do I wanna know?"
  • "So sad to see you go,"
  • "This is it, isn't it."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Are you hurt?"
  • "I'll go with you."
  • "How bad is it?"
  • "My feelings for you are real, they always have been."
  • "Someday you'll understand."
  • "Because I love you,"
  • "There was just something about them,"
  • "I'm sorry for breaking your heart."
  • "It wasn't an act."
  • "Time doesn't heal everything."
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "Tell me what to do!"
  • "I didn't mean for this to happen."
  • "Everythings a mess."
  • "You ruined my life,"
  • "Do you still love me?"
  • "You gotta get up, we have to go."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "It was nothing,"
  • "I'll do something."
  • "You're safe here,"
  • "Don't forget me."
  • "I ruined this,"
  • "You ruined this."
  • "Quiet is violent."
  • "You promised me!"
  • "Stop lying with those words."
  • "If this is some kind of sick joke, you better tell me!"
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm not ready to say goodbye."
  • "I don't want to go,"
  • "I loved you,"
  • "You don't have to do this,"
  • "I'm afraid it's never going to be okay again."
  • "I'm terrified,"
  • "You're a monster."
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm a monster."
  • "Only fools fall for you,"
  • "Everything comes to an end,"
  • "I thought I loved you."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "It's unbearable."
  • "You're my first love."
  • "I never wanted to hurt you,"
  • "I was here,"
  • "Help me,"
  • "They won..."
  • "You don't love them."
  • "You're breaking my heart,"
  • "I hate you!"
  • "It's a waste of time,"
  • "You're all I want."
  • "I've always loved you!"
  • "I can pretend anymore."
  • "i didn't have a choice!"
  • "What if it's agony now and it's hell later on?"
  • "Love I will let you go,"
  • "I left behind something great."
  • "I want you back,"
  • "I don't regret any of it, not if it kept you safe."
  • "Get over yourself,"
  • "You'll be the death of me."
  • "Everything just fell apart."
  • "What the hell am I doing here?"
  • "I want you so much but I hate your guts."
  • "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be."
  • "You still like them, don't you?"
  • "What are you doing?!"
  • "I did this to protect you!"
  • "Don't cry,"
  • "I'm not crying,"
  • "I'm dying,"
  • "A-Are you alright?"
  • "I'll come back for you."
  • "I've never felt so alone."
  • "You don't love me! You don't even know me!"
  • "I don't even know who you are anymore."
  • "I don't even know who I am anymore,"
  • "Please let me do this for you."
  • "You're one of the lucky ones."
  • "It's never going to be okay."

oiltipped  asked:

Najia, have you ever made a post about your favourite song lyrics? i've been trying to find one from you but i can't seem to. if not, consider this me asking - i love how thoughtful your posts on music are, and i've always wondered about lyrics. x

thank you for asking!! I could talk about music all day & this is a wonderful question to get, especially from you <3

lyrics in music are hugely important to me, both as a listener & as a poet and lyricist myself. a song can have a very appealing sonic texture, but if the lyrics are bad enough 2 make me wince a bit then it’s really unlistenable to me. lyrics are the point of music (that has lyrics) 2 me personally, both in how I listen to music and in how I write / perform it–I’ll often consider how the instrumentation plays off of the lyrics, rather than the other way around. lyrics are a significant portion of what pulls me into a song, lyrics are a significant portion of what I fall in love with. (though I do also have a lot of opinions about music & sonic texture on its own accord, & don’t even get me started on the vocals.) to a large extent my favourite music artists = my favourite lyricists, without too many exceptions (though Emilie Autumn is my favourite music artist for quite a few reasons even though I don’t think she’s a particularly gifted writer in any medium). anyways here’s a list!

  • Sarah Slean–probably my favourite lyricist & certainly the first one that I think of when I think about excellent lyrics. the fact that she’s also a poet is very apparent in her song writing. you can tell that she’s consciously exulting in what she can do with language, the moods and the textures that she can create (alongside and in concert with the texture of the instrumentation). I think that in general, something about the music means that lyrics have to be a lot less “good” than poetry in order to be considered acceptable–stock expressions & wasted words aren’t objected to as much–but her writing doesn’t sound as though her attitude is “well this only has to be good enough for lyrics.” the imagery is conscious & dense & lovely without often falling into the trap of being tortured or oversaturated. sentimentalism is well-balanced with humour–it takes itself seriously, but not to the point of mawkishness.
    • When Another Midnight (You can’t stop the moaning of the Earth / And the midnight crackling of my nerves!)
    • Drastic Measures (I’m like the trees in the midnight parks / Oozing danger, igniting sparks)
    • New Pair of Eyes (everything’s tender again / the veil fell apart in my hands)
  • Shannon Wright–a lot of her her lyrics read like surrealist poetry, but there are moments of simplicity, clarity, and deep emotion. she flouts grammatical conventions & logical relations on purpose, hitting on something that’s often highly ambiguous and yet very specific in its imagery, & always surprising & original.
    • Less Than A Moment (Is this the vigor / A vast decay? / This ugly state / I shall not answer / This nausea / I delve to slay)
    • The Helm Around Us (This wire, this mane, this coronet / You hold me against my will)
    • Floor Pile (You let go of my hand and acted like we never touched / Like some harbour a ship never brushed)
  • Amanda Palmer–Amanda does a lot that’s consciously clever with her lyrics, including puns, wordplay, double- and triple-entendres, turning the last word in one line into the first word of the next. emotion is balanced with humour, with camp, with sarcasm. she’s an artist & a lyricist who is incredibly well-rounded imo, & her lyrics strike me for their depth & emotion as much as for their playfulness & artfulness. also please don’t tell me everything that Amanda Palmer has done wrong in her life because chances are I already know
    • Want It Back (BANG ringy ring and you think you’re gonna get some / -thing you can bring to a party at your wake / not thinking of the thing that you give back when you take it) [warning for nudity in the music video]
    • Ampersand (i have wasted years of my life / agonizing about the fires / i started when i thought that to be strong you must be flame-retardant)
    • The Mouse and the Model (nothing is certain at this time of day / you could reverberate, you could decay)
  • Charlotte Martin–there is something decidedly playful about much of Charlotte’s songwriting & instrumentation, and also something decidedly underlyingly strong. her lyrics are powerful, vulnerable, and imaginative, and they flow beautifully. 
    • Volcano (Who said this was logical? Probably me / Thought I was methodical with my gripped gloves)
    • Drip (Jawbone clenched / A little drip drip drench / Some more attention, honey / Put your hand on my hand)
    • Veins (The catacombs / And revolving doors inside of my brain)
  • Fiona Apple–what can I even say. Fiona’s lyrics are gorgeous. they’re ecstatic. they’re defiant. they’re maudlin. they’re wild. they’re absurd. they’re sweet. they’re heavily relatable. emotion is always primary in her songwriting, and her phrasing and imagery all flows back to that in simple but often very clever ways. her writing contends with fragility and comes out stronger for it. her rhyming is frequently inventive & original, which is always an absolute delight to me as there are only so many times that I can hear “fly” rhymed with “sky.”
  • PJ Harvey–PJ Harvey is adept at delivering lines that are very syntactically and lexically simple and yet have huge emotional impact due to the implications that they have within the logic that she’s crafted for each song. the imagery is generally sparing but always cutting.
    • Happy and Bleeding (So fruit flower myself inside out / I’m happy and bleeding for you)
    • Water (Now the water to my ankles / Now the water to my knees / Think of him, all waxy wings / Melted down into the sea)
    • Sheela Na Gig (He said wash your breasts / I don’t want to be unclean)
B.A.P as Tumblr users
  • Yongguk: Minimalist monochrome vintage blog. No tags. Simple url (that he managed to somehow get? without extra letters or underscores?), all gifs slowed down, every time something bad happens he goes looking for the most up-to-date and well-sourced post about it and reblogs it as well as any crowdfunding. reblogs people's gofundme's/paypals etc and throws whatever he can afford their way. answers asks privately unless its an anon in which case he's very vague, really hilarious in the PM's though. simple theme. Links to his soundcloud.
  • Himchan: High-quality aesthetic photography of cities, old buildings, fashion, cars, watches, jewellery, etc. Really relatable adult humour posts. Daily selfie. Reblogs some music or sheet music then a week later has a guitar/piano cover. Always reblogs other people's selfies. Gifsets from sitcoms and emotional movies. cool url but had to use numbers or - to get it. hilarious responses to asks or @'s, always posts never private (unless requested), hilarious in PM's. fancy theme. has a cool cursor he keeps changing because he can't decide on a good enough sparkly one. Organised tagging system.
  • Daehyun: Mash of food, dogs, good-vibes pics etc. Lots of funny videos and gifsets. basic url that probably has his name in it. Has really ott tags like AHAHAH OMFG SHFHSFKJSJK IM CRYING THIS IS SO FUNNY, MEEEEEEE, SAAME!!!!!!!!, LMAOOO LOOK AT THIS!!!!!. @'s everyone in funny posts, as well has has a tag for each friend on his blog for them to check and get the Good Content. Lots of text posts of him talking about stuff that happened or thoughts he's had. Always answering asks or getting in long chain-post conversations, has a nickname for his anons, blows up friends PM's with funny things they need to see RIGHT NOW. Colourful theme he keeps changing with each season or depending on his mood at the time. Has had a few urls depending on his current obsession or in-joke. has a positivity side-blog for inspirational and motivational posts and fun songs.
  • Youngjae: Big pictures theme with small text. Mostly his photography as well as other photography that inspires him, but he can't help going on spams of tv shows or a band hes listening to at the time. reblogs the good memes. has a "WE DONT TALK ABOUT THAT" phase on his blog in like 2011 when he had a bad url and a bad theme and was into some bad content (probably shitty anime). still has a bad url now. Can't help reblogging pretty naruto fanart. tags his friends in posts but usually to make fun of them. often dealing with angry anons and snarks at them with accompanying memes, PM's only to ask "what the fuck did you just reblog?". has made a few viral textposts that were probably anime shitposts. some pastel wholesome goodness. has a secret side-blog for his anime and gaming spams. messy tagging system.
  • Jongup: Shitpost hell. Ugly theme, uglier url. next level mass memeage. spams anime, games, comics, cartoons, movies etc in no apparent order or consistency. bird posts. up to date on every fresh meme. has a few viral posts he hates more than anything because theyre pre-2014. gets really weird anons and replies weirdly. never PM's. tagging system is long forgotten, now entirely ????? !!!!! or ......., alternatively just tags 'me' or a friends name. refers to tumblr as tumblr dot hell. literally hates this hell site. wants to quit but cant. has a bunch of forgotten, abandoned side-blogs because he's given up on keeping his main intact and just made it a mesh of whatever he felt like. remembers every layout tumblr has ever had.
  • Junhong: A nice theme he keeps tweaking because he can't decide exactly what he wants. url is probably byzelo. tries to balance anime, games, movies, tv and music in a visually appealing way. doesn't care much about textposts and will reblog memes and shitposts and whatever else he can find. reblogs loads of posts about any disaster or event thats happened even if theyre uninformed or even wrong, just so he's read everything. went through a phase of bad sjw-ing and now is calmer and reblogs more informed stuff. Tagging system just for his own reference and to cover anything that might distress people. really playful ask responses but really shy in PM's. aggressively optimistic about the state the entire site is in.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I am an aspiring/somewhat good fanfic writer who wanted to ask you if you had any tips for writing? I can write well but a lot of times It's more that I can't physically write. I'll have the entire story written up in my head but I just can't put the words on paper. Do you have any tips for this kind of writers block? It's my biggest problem right now.

Writer’s block is the bane of our existence. It comes at different times and for different reasons. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find the reason and snuff it out at the source. Sometimes we want a fic to be well-received and unintentionally pile on the pressure. Sometimes we get a bad review and it knocks our confidence. For me, personally, I get “writer’s block” because I study writing. When it comes to writing for fun I’m burnt out. 

My preferred method of tackling writer’s block is freewriting. There are multiple ways you can do this, many of which will serve to better your writing in time. 

What is Freewriting?: give yourself a time slot. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Thirty seconds. Write without stopping – without thinking about what you’re doing. Just. Write. Sometimes you’ll write something amazing. Sometimes it’ll be terrible. Either way, congratulations, you’ve written something. 

Now we’ll decide what kind of freewriting you might benefit from.

Location Freewriting: having trouble describing settings? Go outside. Write about the first thing you see. Write about the place you’re in. Focus on your sense. What can you smell? What you can you see? What can you hear? Write it. Go nuts. This is the one place you can overwrite, if necessary, to try and shake off the burden of writer’s block.

Character Freewriting: facebook is useful for this. Look at somebody’s profile picture. Write about them based on their appearance. Describe how they look. Describe what you think their personality might be like. 

POV Freewriting: a lot of people struggle with perspective. They’ll describe an entire room to their reader without considering its importance to the character. The best way to conquer this is to walk into a room. Any room. And make a list of what you see. Then it’s time to freewrite a description mentioning the things you listed and only those things. Afterwards, go back into the room and look around. Did you notice the crack in the wallpaper? Did you notice the stain on the table? If not, they weren’t relevant to you. Would they be relevant to your character?

Dialogue Conversation: listen to the way someone speaks and imagine them having a conversation. If this doesn’t work – get a clip up on youtube or watch a tv show. Snag a line and create your own conversation. It’s especially useful to look up the punctuation of dialogue. I found this site particularly helpful for that.

Internal Freewriting: write about what you’re feeling. Don’t think – just write. Write as though you’re filling out your journal for the night without recalling the day. This is a great way to learn how to write first person perspective. It’s also a good way of discovering why you’re struggling with writer’s block and what you want out of yourself. It’s also a nice way to learn how to convey emotion. 

Music Freewriting: listen to a song. Think about the mood it presents. Write. Just keep writing. Don’t think about anything. Write a description of a person, of a place or even convey a scene.

If freewriting doesn’t work: READ. Being immersed in writing you enjoy and admire will prompt you into wanting to write. It might not be an immediate sensation. It might come to you at 3am when you’re thinking back on a scene you like. It might come to you in the middle of the day as you recall a quote from your favourite book.

I have a blog ( @xensorcell ) where I compile writing advice. You can find it all arranged by lists of topic here.

jughead living with betty would include... pt. 2

- them opening up betty’s window on warm summer days enjoying the soft breeze while listening to some songs blasting out from the radio/speakers/etc.
- jughead would be writing his novel at betty’s desk
- betty’s on her bed writing in her diary or smth
- them struggling with their insecurities and helping each other with those insecurities
- ugh the aNGST
- betty feeling like she’s not pretty enough (or even being stressed about her school grades)
- she’d be standing in front her mirror frowning and jughead comes up to give her a back hug
- “i think you look amazing. and you should think that way too. because it’s true; you’re beautiful, betty. ”
- or jughead holding betty in his arms stroking her hair
- “they’re just numbers. they don’t define you, betty.”
- same for jughead btw
- him feeling bad about his family’s situation and betty would be there to comfort him
- she’d caress his cheek and whisper encouraging words to him
- betty being in a really good mood after a day at school
- she’s so happy to the point she feels like dancing
- so she does
- and she keeps bugging jughead to get up and dance with her
- he’s just like “lol no let me be woman”
- she turns up the volume real high and just starts dancing around the room
- and jughead tries to distract himself but he keeps looking back at her
- he smiles like a dork while watching her be all happy-go-lucky
- then he realizes how much he loves this crazy girl
- when the song finishes she turns to him and he just pulls her to him
- he kisses her passionately like woah i rlly love you betty cooper
- and at first she’s just like “????”
- but then she smiles and kisses back
- betty putting on her makeup and jughead stares at her like “lol what is all this”
- one thing leads to another and betty leans in
- and she draws a line across jughead’s face with her red lipstick
- he tries to look real pissed but gives up and just grins
- bughead brushing their teeth together in the bathroom
- they keep making funny faces at each other in front of the mirror with their toothbrushes in their mouths
- they invite archie over to study and stuff
- but then archie gets ignored bc bughead be in their own bubble
- he just watches them act like cute like jughead bopping betty’s nose
- and betty playing with jughead’s fingers or hair
- like ugh guys archie’s still here
- “aHEM”
- “oh hi archie when did you get here”
- lol #justiceforarchie
- k i’m done
- or am i
- sooo part 3???? :D


Hope Less Romantics Chapter One

“And that was Make Out Monday with their song, Twixter! Check in next week to win tickets to see the band live at their concert on the 15!” the voice of the man on the radio drifts through the speakers of Shiro’s car. He reaches his prosthetic hand out to turn the volume knob down. The man’s eye drift over the younger male in the passenger seat, who in turn gives him a glare.
Shiro chuckles, “What? The song was over.”
“Yeah, well maybe I wanted to listen to that,” Keith huffs, crossing his arms over his chest.
“They’re talking about the weather, Keith, you never care about that.”
“You know what I meant.” Grey eyes gaze out of the car’s window. “Besides, I’m not that lucky.”
“You never know,” Shiro pulls the car to a stop at a red light. “They’re, like, your favorite band right?”
“Well yeah, but-”
“Then you should go see them.”
Keith turns his head to look directly at his brother, “We both know that’s never going to happen, Shiro.”
“Keith Akira Kogane-Shirogane, we talked about this.”
Keith shrugs his shoulders, going back to watching the world outside the window.
“Don’t you shrug your shoulder at-”
“Light’s green, Shiro.”
Shiro starts driving back to their shared home, giving Keith a side glance. “We’re not done with this conversation, Keith.”
Keith hums in acknowledgement.
“I’m serious, Keith. You never know, there might come a chance for you to meet that crush of yours.”
Wide, grey eyes frantically dart over to the, now smirking, older male. “Shiro, no. We Don’t speak of that.” Scarlet forms over the younger male’s pale cheeks. “I don’t…no there’s no crush. Besides,” he tosses his hands up in the air, whacking his knuckles on the car’s roof, “everyone knows that the lead singer is straight.”
“Don’t beat up my car.”
His words fall on deaf ears.
“I mean, sure, he’s really, really cute, and has a nice voice. And his hair is really nice. Plus his eyes! Have you ever seen anything so-” Keith’s words stop as chuckling reaches his ears. “What are you laughing at?”
Shiro shakes his head, “You’re rambling about someone you claim not to have a crush on.”
“I don’t!”
“Man, you’ve got it bad. Did I sound half as bad as you when I first met Allura?”
Keith gives Shiro a deadpan look, “I’m ranting, not insufferable.”
Shiro pulls into their driveway, and goes to make a retort, when his phone rings. He reads the text with a smile on his face while typing a reply. Keith already has his things and is making his way into the house. Shiro dials the number on his phone, waiting for a response.
“He went on another rant?” Allura’s laugh emits from the speaker.
“Yeah, Allura he’s gonna love this surprise.”
“I would hope so, from the way he talks.”
“Shiro, come on!” Keith yells from the front door.
“I gotta go, sweetie, the child is impatient,” he chuckles again. “I’ll talk to you later, Allura.” He lowers his voice so that Keith can’t hear, “I love you.”
“Love you too, Shiro.”
The two hang up and Shiro heads into the house.

A week goes by and Keith’s mood seems to drop with each passing second. A few customers at the pet store he works at seemed to have noticed, but don’t ask. It’s when he’s elbow deep in cleaning the chinchilla cage, that Shiro asks.
Keith raises a brow. “I’m fine.”
“You’re in one of your moods,” Shiro kneels down beside him. “Is it because of the concert?”
Keith’s bottom lip sticks out slightly in a pout. “…no.” He stands up, brushing his hands off quickly. “I already knew I wasn’t going out. Besides, the odds of me actually meeting the band aren’t very high.”
Shiro stands as well, and sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Look, we didn’t wanna tell you this yet, but since you really need a pick me up. You know Allura, right?”
“You mean your ‘Sweetie’?” a sly smirk graces the black haired male’s face.
Shiro groans. “Yes, her. Well, I never told you exactly what she does.”
“Something that involves a lot of fancy parties, right?”
“She’s the current owner of Altea Records.” Keith’s jaw nearly hits the floor. Shiro rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “Yeah…so that concert? Well, we got tickets for it. She knows how much you love the band, and we agreed that it’d be a nice gift for you since you’ve been working really hard.”
Keith’s grey eyes light up, “You…you’re serious?!”
“Yes, I’m serious. Plus, do you remember Matt?”
“The kid you hung around with and had a relationship with for a while in college?”
“Yeah. Matt’s the guitar player for the band,” Shiro shakes his head, an airy laugh, “I’m surprised you didn’t notice sooner!”
Keith crosses his arms over his chest, and turns his head away. “Well, maybe he looks different than he did when you two hung out more.”
“Or, you’re just too busy giving googly eyes to your crush to notice.” Now Shiro had a smirk on his face. Keith’s cheeks turned rosy from embarrassment, the pink color spanning to the tips of his ears. Shiro’s hand clamped down onto the younger male’s shoulder, “This might be your chance to meet the ‘love of your life’ that you dream so animatedly about.”
Keith threw a half hearted swing at his brother’s shoulder, blush still very evident, if not darker, on his face. “Dude, shut up!” A small laugh bubbled up from Keith’s throat. He was going to see the band he’s been a fan of for quite a while, and maybe, just maybe, he might get the chance to talk to Lance.

anonymous asked:

Hi ^.^ 1st your blog is awesome! Always i can't wait for reading your opinions, theories ^^ And I have questions. Idk did you answered this or not. Sorry if you answered for this, if yes just ignore me :D Does your family accept your hmm otaku "character" hobby? Are you buying manga SnK, merch etc? 2nd question did you listen preview of new SnK OST? Do you have fav songs from this OST? Thank you for your hard work here and keep going! Have a nice day ^_^

Thank you for your kind words :* I don’t mind answering

1. re: my otaku “character”  hobby
My family is extremely tolerant. We all have nerd hobbies and writing about manga is mine So they get it. In fact, my husband surprised me with the Brave-Act Erwin figurine last year. He knows nothing about ordering online but somehow managed to place an order on AmiAmi. I think that says a lot. As for the kids, smoltaku said, and I quote, “it’s a little embarrassing when friends come over and they see my mom’s action figures and weeb posters. but honestly i wouldn’t have it any other way”. My oldest mostly likes it too. “More good than bad” was her comment. 

2. Merch and manga
I do buy merch and art. I own all the manga and dvds, plus spins off. My office is an Erwin shrine :)

2. OST
Since I’m friends with @guyinlovewitheremika , @leapingtitan and @erensjaegerbombs I can’t avoid the S2 OST previews. They’ve been flipping out for days and their enthusiasm is a magnet. I haven’t listened to it for hours on end like they have, but I played it my share of times. And I can’t choose a favorite song. I think it’s going to be a mood thing. “ApeTitan” and “YouSeeBigGirl” are stunning. I’m sure “Call of Silence” is going to make me cry.  Maybe “ErenTheCoordinate” is my fave? The choirs and powerful orchestral are just wow! “Attacked” is very listenable. I love the optimistic tone and I can’t wait to see how it’s used. All the AOTs2M tracks are beautiful. I like the first one the best, but I can see all of them on my mellow playlist. So… ErenTheCoordinate. Final Answer. lol :) Subject to change depending on mood!

Thanks for the ask!

How They Would Handle Being Married
  • Italy: Marriage would be really exciting for him. The thought of finally being able to wed the person he loves most will get him fired up, so during the ceremony he'll be all laughs and smiles. He'll be sure to talk to all of his friends and family, have a few drinks here and there, and will smother you in kisses all night. He'd be jovial as your husband and would tend to your every need.
  • Germany: Germany would want everything to be perfect and follow according to plan, so he would stress about it a lot and would definitely need comforting from his lover. He would be very nervous yet excited on the inside during the actual wedding day, but on the outside he would be composed and collected. Once the marriage is sealed with a kiss, he'll feel relieved that the hard part is done and over with and will be glad to have that off of his chest. He'd be very hardworking as your husband and will beat himself up if he feels he has done something wrong.
  • Japan: Japan would suppress his true ecstasy, but there would be a soft, assuring smile on his face when he spots his lover walking down the isle. He'd want to take a lot of pictures of the two of you together so he could cherish the moments easier, so put on your best smile and prepare for a camera flash. Actions speak louder than words in Japan's case, so expect him to get a bit touchy with you, like cuddling on the couch or kissing you goodnight.
  • America: America wouldn't be able to accept the fact that he's actually getting married- it would be one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He would be really serious about it and wouldn't goof off, as he views marriage to be a really important event in life and something you can't be immature about. He would hire a great band with good music, fine food, and would be out on the dance floor to dance the night away with you. Alfred would be a riot as a husband, always trying to please you and make you happy.
  • England: England would just want a traditional and simple wedding, nothing too big or fancy. A blush would dust his cheeks just thinking about it, and when it becomes a reality, his face would be a deep red all the way through the entire event. Being a husband will give him all sorts of new responsibilities, but he'll be prepared for it. He'll do little things for you as your husband and will try to cook for you, but you would stop him before he sets the kitchen ablaze.
  • France: Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it? France would love the idea of marriage and he'd be really passionate about it- especially the kiss. He would put all of his affection and true emotion into it. Marriage would mean he would be all tied down, but he wouldn't mind it at all. If he's so ardent about marriage, just wait until you two go on a honeymoon. He will be a hopelessly romantic husband, so expect a lot of sweet surprises from him.
  • Russia: Russia would be very lighthearted about marriage, knowing that it's a turning point in his life and would treat it as such. He would be immensely grateful that someone is now 'Becoming One' with him (who isn't his sister) and would feel a new kind of protectiveness over you as your husband. You two would move somewhere warm, and he couldn't be happier. He would shower you in presents, like bouquets of pretty flowers and chocolates.
  • China: China would be calm about marriage, after all, it's simply a time where two souls will join together as 'one'. But once you two are officially deemed as newlywed, expect him to bounce off the walls shortly after he realizes what a big deal this is and why he hadn't done all of this sooner. He'll undoubtedly be a bit eccentric and superstitious as a husband, maybe even manipulative, but he would make sure that you know he loves you with unexpected kisses and hugs.
  • Canada: Canada wouldn't mind marriage, because he'd be marrying someone who understands him, notices him and is willing to listen to what he has to say. He would go through a series of different emotions, though in the end he'd be content with it. He'll be very gentle with you, as if you were a fragile flower that needs delicate care. This Canadian will give you all of his attention as your husband, as if he sees nobody else in the world but you.
  • Prussia: Marriage would be a big thing for Prussia. He had never imagined that he would actually get married someday, but you need to expect the unexpected sometimes. He wouldn't really know how to handle it exactly, so he'd need some guidance on it. Once he gets the gist of it, he'd think it's totally awesome and he wouldn't feel as lonely as he did before. He'd brag about how lucky he is to have you as a lover and would show you off a bit to his friends.
  • Romano: Romano would be flustered when it comes to marriage and maybe even a bit awkward about it, but there is no doubt when it comes to his real emotions. The Italian would be extremely exuberant about getting married, but this time, it'll show on his face. As your husband, Romano would be the type who can grow jealous and has a hair-trigger temper, but you know that he loves you all the same.
  • Spain: This cheerful Spaniard would handle marriage quite well. He thinks it's a beautiful event in life and he would be lucky if it ever happens to him, so he'd be quick to agree to it. He'd be very optimistic and would try to avoid the dark points in marriage, and would help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when life isn't looking too good. He'd be a go-with-the-flow kind of husband, spontaneous and the kind to slow down and smell the roses.
  • Austria: Austria has gone through marriage before; he knows what it's like and would be determined not to let anything bad happen that would spoil this new marriage. He would look back at his past self and try to figure out what went wrong that led to the divorce, and would try his very best to prevent it from happening again. He wouldn't let it get to him when the day arrives, however, and he would just live in the moment and feel the happiness surge through his veins all day long. He would be thoughtful and would write songs for you as your husband and will think about you often.
  • Hungary: Like Austria, she knows what happens during marriage. Unlike him, Hungary would be quite laid back about it and wouldn't fret about it all too much, but she would enjoy being able to experience it once again. There are two sides to this girl- the headstrong and defensive side, or the calmer and affectionate side. She would fluctuate between these two sides depending on her mood and what's going on around her.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland would try not to worry about how much the wedding would cost- after all, no amount of cash could replace love. The relationship between his lover and himself are closer than ever before, and plus, you get free and helpful gifts from friends and family, so why not get married? He would have you move in with him and would be a pretty territorial husband, but yet loving at the same time.
  • Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein finds marriage as cute and joyful, so of course she would be delighted to get married to her lover. It would certainly be a big step for her, but as long as you're there to hold her hand all the way through it, then she's 100% game. Liechtenstein will need protection and someone she can rely on, but otherwise she is willing to go great lengths to see you happy.
  • Ukraine: She would be so happy to the point where she may cry tears of happiness, but will attempt to keep them from spilling. Ukraine would be an extremely devoted and helpful wife, while all she asks for is love and the same loyalty in return. Ukraine would cook, clean, cuddle- you name it and she'll do it for you to the best of her ability, as long as it's nothing to drastic. She would grow emotional whenever she feels as if you don't love her anymore or loosing interest in her, so she would need reassurance.
  • Belarus: Marriage is something Belarus has always wanted, so she would have no problem with it. But once you two agree to get married, there is no backing out of it. She would be exceedingly loyal as a wife and perhaps a bit clingy, but she will know when she is pushing her limits and will back off. She might jump to conclusions when she thinks something is up, but she'll quickly learn to trust you fully.
Hold Me Down

Prompt: Use the lyrics of your favorite song as the basis for a short story. 

Storyline: Feyre is in the Spring Court after the disastrous meeting with Hybern. The High Lady knows she has to play the game the right way if she will make it out alive.

This is the first time I have ever written anything. I hope I did alright but here is my debut fanfiction. Please be kind.

It was dark.

Much darker than the last time I was here. It felt like what I remembered, the life in this placed, had died along with the old me. Marks covered the walls, deep gouges, from Tamlin’s rage when I had left. I knew Lucien had said it was bad but I would have never guessed that with me it would have died the way it did.

 There was a hush that remained over the manor constantly, as if any ill made noise or action may set off a beast. The darkness that infest the Spring Court was a corrupt darkness and gave me no comfort like the darkness from back home.

 All this made me angry. It also made me sad. All the fae I had met here were gone. I didn’t know what Tamlin had done to them but that didn’t matter now. What matter was appeasing Tamlin. Making him think I was the docile puppet I had been before. He would have no idea that I was dangerous until I choose to show him. I was going to take what I wanted from his court and make it mine. He may be the devil but I was a goddess.


I had been here nearly two weeks and my patience was waning. I felt Rhys at the end of the bond but our connection wasn’t as strong as it was before Hybern and this was putting me in a bad mood.

 I felt the love vibrating down the bond. But also, rage and frustration. There was nothing Rhys could do for me in the Night Court but he trusted me to handle this

 Around me sat my paintings from before everything changed. They were the lone thing in the house that seemed untouched by Tamlins fits. Sitting here felt more unnatural than anything else I did here but Tamlin needed to see me the way he wanted and this was part of the mask I had to wear.

 While sitting and idly painting Tamlin came in. He looked at me in the way he had since I returned. A mix between relief and uncertainty.  Like he could sense things were different but he didn’t want to acknowledge it.

 "I just came in to see what you were working on. We haven’t had a chance to be around each other much since you came home,

 His voice trailed off at the look that I couldn’t help from flashing across my face. It was anger, the demons in me fighting to tell him, to show, who I really was and have him fear me.

 Instead I put on my doe-eyed mask and smiled at him.

 "I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this being here,“ I soothed "Why don’t you sit and I’ll paint you?”  

 Tamlin just watched me for a moment, then he relaxed into a smile that once would have charmed me and eased across a chair in front of me. He was wearing a three-piece suit. Looking very out of place. I think he had been in a meeting with someone but he had never said who.

 "I’ve been gone so long Tam,“ I started.

 Never looking up from the painting in front of me I began with his outline. "What happened since I left, everything’s so…different,”

 He shifted in front of me looking uncomfortable with the way I steered the conversation.

 After thinking for a moment “Listen Feyre, I know it’s going to be hard coming here after everything you’ve gone through. I don’t know it it’s the best idea talking about all that’s happened since you left.

 I stopped painting. "Don’t you trust me? When I got back you promised Tam that it wouldn’t be like last time. No secrets, no lies. I’m not fragile anymore,” I bristled, struggling to keep my composure.

 "You were just so close with him. Ianthe hasn’t had a chance to make sure you are protected from him,“

 At that I stopped painting all together to look at him.

 A snarl came out "Don’t mention her Tamlin, she destroyed my sister’s lives,”

 Tamlin flinched, uncertainty in his eyes again.

 "She’s apologized Feyre, she didn’t know that’s what Hybern wanted to do with your sisters,“

 Here was someone I had thought I loved, who I thought loved me in return defending a woman who has torn my sisters lives apart. A man I went to hell and back for who didn’t deserve it. Trying to hold me down again. Trying to keep me from my true potential. How did I not see this man for who he truly was before? He took away my voice and my worth and now he is taking me from what I lived for. My sisters. My family. My mate.

 I was walking a fragile line though and I had to play it safe. I couldn’t push Tamlin. Not today.

I inhaled.


Wore my mask.

 "Of course. I understand. Soon, though? Maybe we can meet with Ianthe soon and settle all this. Then maybe you could fill me in?”

 Tamlin visibly relaxed at that. “Yes, soon. She’ll be over tonight for dinner. Maybe we can start discussing it then.”

 "Anything you say Tam,“ I conceded.

 "Feyre,” he started

 "Yes Tam?“

 "You are holy to me. I have no other way to describe it. You are Prythians savior and irreplaceable to me. I can't… I won’t lose you again!”

 I smiled. A snake hidden behind beautiful flowers. I was just waiting to strike.

 "You won’t lose me Tamlin,“ because I was never yours to begin with.  

 The silence that filled the room after that was heavy. Secrets laced every breath between us. Tamlin had broken me before but now I would break him. The roles had reversed and I was now the devil in the Spring court. Patiently waiting for the right moment to show my true colors.

 Setting down the paint brushes I looked up at Tamlin ” I think I’m done for the day. I want to take a nap before tonight,“

 My magic needed stretching, tonight I was going to need it, and I couldn’t very well do that in here with him.

 "Can I see it?” Tamlin asked.

“Not now,” I purred “I’m not done with you yet,”

anonymous asked:

I remember that eunhae (how romantic this is?) listen this song " How long will I love you?" for more than 3 hours... (I don't think they just listen like that, I mean, this song is fuckin romantic and you just can't lay with your lover while listen to this, you know what I mean?) But I can't remember if they say they saw the movie...? they did it? (I miss them so much that I just can remember this kind of facts TT TT what they did to my life? I want my life back!!)

How long will I love you?
As long as stars are above you
And longer, if I can.

How long will I need you?
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan.

How long will I be with you?
As long as the sea is bound to
Wash upon the sand..

The lyrics describe perfectly their endless love ㅠㅠ

Nylon Korea Magazine:

Hae: “…We have a similar music taste, and spend a lot of time together so we effect each other with music we listen to. We also have a similar habbit of listening to a particular song we like over and over again. A few weeks ago I watched <Begin again> with Eunhyuk and got addicted to this song.This OST is a beutiful and an emotional song. Eunhyuk once played this song on for 3 hours so we both got to like the song. (The song is How long will I love you by Ellie Goulding)..”  

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I don't know if you have already answered this before but can I ask why do you adore mino so much? I'm too a trash for him but I can't seem to put my adoration for him into words!?!

wow this ask is packed i’m actually speechless. um, i think we all have different reasons why we ‘adore’ people and i don’t think i’m any different from you because i’m literally blanking right now i don’t know what to write and how to answer this question but

i think my ‘adoration’ for him grew into what it is now when i started seeing him as more than just an idol, a rapper. more than just the amazing artist that he is, and i started seeing him as a real human person who can very well be one of my friends. that it’s so easy to be fazed by the mistakes that you make or to give up but he doesn’t. and that’s only the tip of the iceberg if we’re talking about stuff that you should appreciate song minho for.

mino is hardworking, passionate (even non-fans admire this about him) and very inspiring. his story literally breaks my heart everytime i think about it. he trained to be part of block b but, because of personal reasons, had to leave before he could debut with them (which is one of the only two times that zico ever cried ever ever). he debuts with b.o.m soon after but the group had to eventually disband because of ‘lack of popularity’, then he had to be part of a survival show before he gets into yg to be part of (you guessed it) ANOTHER SURVIVAL SHOW. he was the last member to join winner but was made to be the leader of the group (as if it’s not hard enough to try to fit in an already established group of people, yg just has to put him in charge of these four kids as well) just for that position be taken away from him because of an injury. ultimately, team a wins the competition and all his hard work finally pays off, proven by the group’s successful debut.

HE IS SO TALENTED. and this is evident in all the tracks that he had put out before and after debuting with winner. he was part of an underground hiphop crew called royal class and has been writing his own lyrics ever since he was young. his dad used to be a dj which is why he was inspired to do music. with winner’s debut album, mino puts out his solo song ‘i’m him’ which literally has way too many references and punchlines for a normal human to understand in just one listen. it’s great though, and even better with the mv.

then enters smtm4 which literally gave him the good, the bad, and the ugly all in one. but more than all the amazing tracks that he’s released (bless u zico), the witty lyrics he wrote, the collaborations he did in the course of his participation on the show, i think what smtm4 really showed us is how headstrong and brave mino was. that amidst all the controversies, the issues, and the criticisms thrown at him, he remained standing and continued fighting until the end. there were times when i worried about his well-being and all i wanted was to protect him from everything but every time he would come out with a smile on his face and he would give nothing less than his best in everything that he does.

mino loves his family. like, it literally makes me sob thinking of his love for his family and the fact that he’s not afraid to show that to them and to everyone. he’s used to showing affection to his mom and is not ashamed to do that even if ‘he’s already 22’ lmao. he dedicated his smtm4 semi finals song to his dad and even sent a heart to his mom during his stage. he’s loves his younger sister danah so much and took care of her ever since they were young. mino has a close relationship with his family which i really admire because those are the values that you would want in guy.

he’s a great friend and i say this in a sense that he literally can make friends in a newly discovered territory even if he’s just been there for two seconds because he has that glow about him and that charm that just sucks people in. his bestfriends (who are also great guys, btw) are legit his ride or dies he calls them ‘his shoulders’ because they’ve always been there for each other from the very start and i can only hope i had the same ability to maintain friendships like he does tbh he needs to do a seminar on this or smth bc i’m here for all that

and have i talked about his sense of humour? this guy literally couldn’t give two fucks about how he looks like as long as he could make people laugh. everytime, on interviews, when the members are asked about mino’s role in the group, they never fail to mention how funny he is and how he’s the mood-maker of winner. seungyoon once said that when the members are tired, mino will be there to cheer them up and recharge them. he also says the most random shit that will just have you ?????? and make you question if you’re the stupid one for not getting what he means. to top it all off, he’s there to laugh at himself with you. with his most beautiful smile that’s brighter than a thousand suns @minhosducks​ will back me up on this

lastly, though i think this is already pretty obvious, mino is so damn handsome he literally could model for banana republic and he’d fit right in with them other gorgeous males. AND THAT MELANIN THO god bless his dad for giving him such beautiful sun-kissed tanned skin <3 #StopWhiteWashingSongMinho2k15 and can we talk about his shoulders though like i’m pretty sure that’s got its own zip code or smth it’s so damn wide a plane could land on it tbh AND HE’S TALL TOO GOOD GOD IM A GONER

now to wrap this up (i have to stop at some point but tbh i can go on forever talking about this) song minho is an amazing artist, a good son and brother, a great friend, and just an overall amazing person. there’s so many things to love about him and i hope more people see that.