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Umm… I desperately needed to do something fluffy and cute but I’m really exhausted today so I don’t have the energy to colour this ><”

if anyone’s interested in colouring this, feel free to do so!! All I ask is that you don’t take my signature off the original lineart, and I’d love to see them ^^ please come show me if you do <33

Separation of Children

Written by: Sai Cannopy Cé

Series: Gravity Falls

AU: Segregation AU, written (or drawn?) by @phaisty

Characters: Stanley Pines, Stanford Pines, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines

      Later - Bill Cipher

Relationships: None - simple, basic family bonding time

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Note -

Thank you so much for allowing me to actually post this! I hope I really do the AU you’ve created justice.

I will say this: I’m most likely going to continue writing for this, as I’ve really, REALLY fallen in love with this AU. I don’t know if any of my chapters will have any information valid to the AU, but I guess time will tell. (Maybe the big reason why I love this AU and can write it much more freely is because I saw the gap caused by Stanford so much that it just saddened me to no end. Goddamnit Gravity Falls.)

Anyways, enjoy!

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