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NieR:Automata on Twitter
“We've been nominated for 3 @GoldenJoysticks awards! Vote for us & for the glory of mankind ⬇️”

Nier: Automata has been nominated for 3 GoldenJoysticks awards:

  • Best Storytelling
  • Studio of the Year (Platinum)
  • Playstation Game of the Year

If you wish to support our lord and saviour Yoko Taro and the Nier: A team, please go vote! 

*coughs* you can skip voting for the other awards so go straight to 1, 7 and 15 for Nier *cough*

Okay I need help. I don’t know who to draw for day 21. I’ve been stuck between Rin or Natsuya from Free! for so long LOL

Here’s the link to the poll I made on Twitter

Aaaand here are the pictures I would base my drawings off of for reference



So yeah, it’d be cool if you guys can somehow make my decision easier xD I’ve always wanted to draw Rin since he was my favorite amongst the guys (and ever since his birthday photo got released, it increased ten fold), but I saw Natsuya from the Starting Days movie aND THEN HIM WHEN HE’S 20 IN THE NEW PV.. I lost it.. my panties.

Lmao I’m sure I’ll draw the person who isn’t decided the one for my day 21 Inktober piece in the near future, just don’t know when lol _(:3」∠)_ If you can’t use twitter to vote, you can just reply to my post (if you can lol)

A tip on voting for BTS on Mama

You can vote once a day but you can use multiple accounts for that

For example if you have 3 accounts

You can vote 3 times within a day

If you have 5 you can give 5 votes

So use your accounts to help our boys

And reblog this to help in case anyone doesnt know And dont sleep on it if you want to see them happy again Remember

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✨ We need your votes! ✨

Guys! We made it to the top 4 of a Twitter competition with our Bottle of Boos Design, and are so excited!

If you have a Twitter, please consider voting for us and spreading the word! You can vote [here]!

If we do happen to win, all winnings would go towards making more awesome stuff to share with you guys. Thanks so much to everyone on advance for voting! 💚

Pretty Cure of the Month Nominations

It’s that time of month again! From now to October 30th you can vote for The Pretty Cure of the Month for November! The cure with the most votes will be the face of Pretty Cure Thoughts for the month of November! Remember you can only vote once so once you vote you’re done! The nominations are:

Cure Princess

Cure Mint

Cure Pine

Cure Rosetta

Cure Parfait

Message, comment or tell me in the Give Me your Thoughts section of the blog. Have Fun!

just a reminder that you can vote for whichever group you want to lmao people need to stop with the guilt trips and the “oh but this group deserves it more so vote for them” because that’s an entirely subjective opinion, so whether you stan one group or five, it’s your vote and it can go to whoever you think deserves it. 

September 26th is National Voter Registration Day.

For many states, it’s the last day you can register to vote on the upcoming November local ballots.

Voting local is voting for issues that impact you directly—quality of roads and public transportation, education for the next generation of voters, parks, public safety, minimum wage laws, local healthcare access, and so very much more.

Don’t let this deadline slip by. Millions of Americans were unregistered for last year’s presidential election. Millions of voices went unheard. We can’t let that happen again.

Missed it last year? Register. Changed your name or moved in the past year? Update your registration. Completely prepared and feeling good? Great. Now tell a friend to register.

This is how we take care of each other, Tumblr. This is how we start to change what needs to be changed. Get ready to vote.


the war : the power of music tracklist  °☆ :*


Hey guys!
I made some rough sketches for a new collection of my MysMe ∼Baby Sheep∼ Charms! ☆
Please let me know if you’re interested as it will take me some time to make these.

I also have a poll up on my Twitter (@cerithe) where you can vote for a third design!
If you can’t vote through Twitter, feel free to comment your choice here as well (*´∀`)


Don’t touch my man men, boy


Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 are here!


When you gain an army of new followers overnight.

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When you realize you have nothing new to post because you’ve been on hiatus…