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Breath out so I can breath you in, hold you in…

didn’t I say I wanted to use OW as an excuse to do more comic style stuff? then why do I still do semi realism?? :’‘‘‘‘DDD curse this!

Anyway, yes! my first MercyReaper76! so happy I actually came around to do this :’)  Give Jack all the love! he already grew so much on me since I started about a week ago. I main him n DVa n I love them both already so much! especially the lore around Jack, Gabe n Mercy appeals heavily to my dark, angst loving heart ~  n somehow “Everlong”, one of my all time favourite FF songs, seemed so fitting for this trio. so, there you have it- A Soldier76 sandwich :’)

You can see this as an early V-day piece. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

And if you wanna give yourself or your friend/significant other some sweet MercyReaper76 love too, go on n snatch yourself a print of this piece from my Etsy shop :)

Dirty Talk, Superbat Style:

Bruce: Look Clark, you have to trust me when I say I don’t want some bad girl. I’ve been down that road, they’re awful and sometimes they steal your car. A lot of times actually…

Clark: Really?

Bruce: Yeah, this one night Selina somehow managed to nab my Lamborghini and the Rolls… Oh you meant… Yes Clark, I’ve recently discovered that nice boys are very hot.

Clark: Yeah, well this morning I brought up my neighbor’s trash cans because they have Alzheimer’s.

Bruce: Keep talking.

Clark: I put change in other people’s meters, and sometimes I make Lois and Jimmy healthy lunches and put encouraging notes in them.

Bruce: I want you so bad right now…

Clark: My upstairs neighbor lost the use of her legs in a car accident so I walk her dog and get her groceries.

Bruce: How long will it take you to get us to the manor?

Clark: Every week I send two dozen bottles of water to Flint, next week me and some friends are gonna help some Syrian refugees move into their new homes.

Bruce: Damnit just clear my desk! I paid to soundproof my office might as well put it to good use! (x)

Guys, when I told you all to not be afraid to message Stefan, I didn’t mean, ‘You should start debating a man who is going through cancer treatment on his own Instagram account as if he is somehow taking away your ability to have headcanons.’ You can ask him for FACTS about the show. But at this point, because people are acting like they were somehow insulted or attacked or that Stefan is somehow ‘stopping’ them from having headcanons, it’s probably better to just stop asking him questions about the show for a while. Do not fucking go Tumblr Gang Up on this man. You don’t need to alert him that people are allowed to have headcanons. You don’t need to ask him theories about abuse or relationships. Robbie Rotten was inspired by Wile E Coyote and that’s why he’s so animated and acts weird. As fans, we can have as many headcanons as we want for our stories and art, nobody is stopping us. To try to claim these are in any way canon is ridiculous, because it’s a kids show, and please, please stop flooding Stefan’s Instagram with this. He was enjoying the memes and liking videos and liking memes. That wasn’t a green light to go ahead and try to force answers out of him. 

bad feelings of the moon signs
  • *use your Moon Sign (duh)
  • Aries: the feeling of having too much energy for your own good, needing to let it out somehow, feeling actual rage
  • Taurus: the feeling of wanting to let go but you just can't, when you want to be spontaneous without commitment but there's a big part of you that won't let that happen, feeling as if all the problems in the world are your fault
  • Gemini: the feeling of being okay with talking about emotions but struggling to actually feel them, the feeling of having literal chaos running through your head
  • Cancer: the feeling of needing people too much, trying to protect them too much, being too selfless for your own good
  • Leo: the negative feeling of self awareness, when something that's wrong with you literally becoming a nightmare
  • Virgo: feeling desperate because chaos is driving you insane, the anxiety of not knowing how to make peace last, feeling worthless
  • Libra: the feeling of loneliness, not being able to cope when you're alone, hating yourself for depending too much on people's opinions
  • Scorpio: the feeling of when emotions get out of control because of the smallest things, feeling as they take over, starting to cry because they're so overwhelming
  • Sagittarius: the constant need for freedom, the feeling of extreme fear of attachment, feeling caged
  • Capricorn: the terrifying feeling of not being in control of a situation, when things get out of hand and you can't seem to find a solution because you're human and you forget about that too often
  • Aquarius: not feeling emotions, being trapped by detachment, the feeling of not wanting to do something because it's trendy
  • Pisces: feeling as if the whole universe is inside of you, therefore it becomes too overwhelming on a daily basis, crying because you're confused, feeling your emotions smother you slowly

A lot of us talk about Klance on Ice (or Voltron Crossover with Yuri on Ice)

But Let me bring to you Yuri: Legendary Defender (YoI crossover with Voltron)

You may repost as you want, just give me credit somehow (can be in the tags as #Oya if you want. IDC just some way that people know it’s my art).

Ohhh, listen to them! They don’t actually want to destroy the Earth, and they’re reacting negatively to the idea.

So that tells me that none of them really know whats’ going on. They’re just… stuck here.

Yeah you can use this buddy. If somehow you can convince them to pair up and talk to each other you MIGHT save the planet.

Of course it’s not a permanent solution but still.

Is that light… the souls of the gems?

I really want to know more about how this works.

Huh… it’s working.

I… don’t know how to feel about that.


Nathanny: “So here we can find The First?”
Primrose: “Um, well… Yeah, not
literally in this house but here… somehow…”
Vivilly: “
Somehow? Can you plese use words that can tell us anything? How the hell she can be here somehow?!”
Primrose: “It’s a little complicated…”
Nathanny: “A little? What a little means to you then, huh?”
Primrose: “Weeeeell…. Look! Fishes!”

Nathanny and Vivilly felt the urge to say something… mean - very mean - to her but they only sighed. Primrose didn’t want to let them know something important now so probably it wasn’t something for them. Maybe they used to get all the necessary informations in the past but in this moment nobody wanted to allow them to access most of the data. They weren’t important anymore.

Nathanny: “And what’s this? He or she is a fisherman or what?”
Krystyn: “He’s not. He just likes to scare people with rotting fishes… He’s kinda
Vivilly: “So The First is
Krystyn: “Um, no. This house belongs to some Sixamian who can lead us to The First. He knows how to do find them.”
Nathanny: “Nice. Another
someone.”, she sighed. “At least he’s Sixamian so maybe he’ll understand my jokes.”

Everyone gasped at the thought of Sixamians’ jokes. Maybe they were the wisest race of all but their jokes weren’t funny at all. They were ridiculously stupid.

Anon: Have you seen the video from their recent fanmeeting in Japan where Jimin rested his head on Yoongi’s shoulder and a wild Jeonlous suddenly popped out of nowhere? Because I was like, damn Jungkook, relax! LOL

I have not. Somebody please send me this video, I want to see it! I’ll return the favor somehow (compilation, short drabble/head canon of your choice..).

Anon: Hello :) In another answer you commented about how kook/min got to the point they make others uncomfortable, can you show us some examples? And also what do you think other members think about the way Jungkook speaks to Jimin? Do you believe they would allowed Jungkook to speak to them the same way?

By them, I meant mostly me/other Kook/min fans since they really do act like they’re in what we call the “ssome” phase of a relationship. (Ssome is short for “there is something between us/them.” It’s that weird tension filled situation between two people who are on the verge of dating.)

As for examples within BTS, the closest thing that I can recall off the top of my head is Tae quietly commenting that Jimin may have a thing for men in this radio segment (around the 15 second mark) when the host asked why Jimin liked Jungkook so much. The best part? Jimin’s savage “I don’t like you though.” (Oh Taehyung..what did you expect..)

I think the rest of the members are absolutely fine with Jungkook’s behavior toward Jimin. So, just to explain.. In a relationship like theirs, it’s ultimately up to Jimin to either allow or reject JK’s behavior, even if it is Jungkook who’s always pushing the social barriers between them. After seeing them talk in private, the way Jimin just naturally allows Jungkook to do it, I can see that he’s totally fine with it. And this is important because if he’s fine with it, then the rest of the hyungs will allow it.

In real life, if I see one of my hubaes talking informally to my peer or dongsaeng, I might be a little uncomfortable but will generally let it be if my friend is okay with it. I, or another person, will only interfere and try to “fix” the situation if the hubae goes over the top with it in public. That’s just tacky, rude, and rarely happens. And I’ve never seen JK push it too far on camera, at least nothing that would make the other hyungs irritated. He’s bold but not stupid.

There are some members who I could see tolerating JK speaking to them like he does with Jimin (Taehyung, probably. Seokjin, sometimes if he wants to be like the cool mom today. Yoongi, hell no). But I don’t know for sure since I’ve never seen video evidence of them doing it in private.

Anon: i’ve been going through EVERYTHING om your blog and your dedication to kook/min is so awesome. i’m pretty sure you’ve answered this before but how big is kook/min in korea as compared to the other ships? i feel as if internationally v/////kook and yoon//////min is more popular but how does kookmin fare in their home country? also you said that jungkook excitedly said his fave number was 13 when jimin said his was 3 when was this??? thats so cute TT

Thanks, Anon! I don’t know how this blog became the way it did.. just kidding, I totally do: my obsession grew out of control.

Anyway, yes! I answered your first question here and here.

And I remember seeing it in another place, but I could only find this video:


JM: I like the number three a lot.

JK: I-I like 13!

what would happen if you tried to fight each type

INFJ: Because the INFJ is often found in periods of reflection and analysis, they can seem like an easy target. However, cross them and they will psychologically destroy you bit by bit. Do not fight this type. You will end up a shallow husk of a person with emotional scars for eternity.

INFP: The INFP can come across as sweet cinnamon rolls, making them seem like an easy target. However, they will use this to their advantage, and you will find yourself unable to hit such an innocent creature. Then they’ll snap your neck for trying to hurt them.

ENFJ: The ENFJ will actually stop you before you can land a blow and somehow talk you into admitting your tragic backstory. You will end up with an unofficial therapist…so it might be worth it.

ENFP: Before you could get a blow in, the ENFP would want to become your new best friend, and you would be so confused as they go in for a hug that you would drop your weapon and reluctantly become their friend. Three months later, you’re still texting each other.

INTJ: The INTJ will have suspected your malicious intentions. As you sneak up to their house, a horde of robots will be released upon you.

INTP: INTPs can seem like easy targets because of their constant inner analysis disconnecting them from the outside world. However, before you can hurt them, they will use their superior intellect to point out how poor your plan to hurt them is. Two weeks later, the INTP demonstrates how much better your plan could have been with you as the subject.

ENTJ: If you try to hurt them, they will send an army after you. Resistance is futile.

ENTP: The ENTP will be very eager for their newest defense mechanism to undergo testing. As you approach them, a robotic arm will come out of their backpack and slap you.

ISFJ: ISFJs can seem like very easy targets. However, if you attempt to harm an ISFJ, you will be overtaken by guilt before you can even approach them. You will then agree to try their newest batch of cookies.

ESFJ: ESFJs can seem very loving, making them appear easily harmed. However, upon attempting to hurt them, their massive circle of friends will step up to defend them (as the ESFJ has done to them) and you will be at the mercy of an angry mob. 

ISFP: ISFPs are known as highly creative yet fun-loving artists, and they, like many types, can seem like an easy kill. However, all ISFPs are secret ninjas and will kick you where it hurts. 

ESFP: Before you can hurt the ESFP, they will find a way to charm you, get you to give them your number, and then vanish. You never hear from them again. 

ESTJ: As you attempt to inflict damage, the ESTJ will berate you for bothering them during work hours. You will then be demoted (from a job you didn’t have) immediately and be put to work on something dull and monotonous.

ISTJ: Before you can harm the ISTJ, they will make it their personal duty to fix your collar and correct your misspelled shirt. You walk away feeling slightly confused, but a lot more put-together than before.

ISTP: After the ISTP effortlessly flips and pins you to the ground, they will inform you how poor your technique was. (Seriously, unless you live close to a hospital, do not fight this type.)

ESTP: No one fights the ESTP.

revolution pup

i saw the gwash pup thing and i was thinking about what kind of dog they would get and there’s this nice gap in dogs in warfare from about 100 BCE to the 20th century (save for 16th century spain against native americans) so there weren’t any wardogs at that time
however, the roman’s gaurd dogs were/are believed to ancestors of the mastiff (which is what spain used for that very reason) so i could see gwash wanting a mastiff bc of his huge boner for rome and bc it was the most recent breed used in warfare
like somehow dogs come up in conversation and gwash throws some antiquity knowledge down then quietly says something about really wanting a molosser and like how can you not get anything gwash quietly says he wants
have a virgil about them
“never, with them on guard, need you fear for your stalls a midnight thief, or onslaught of wolves, or iberian brigands at your back”
they could name him cincinnatus or mangus (masc. latin for great) or something


Submitted by @miyakohosake:

Hey, I really like that you have a positivity blog and I wanted to contribute somehow. Sorry they look bad. I made them on my ipad on youdoodle. You can use them if you’d like.

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

((They’re both absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the detail you put into them, and the little extras you added to the hearts! The space theme is super cute too! Thank you so much <3))

Flamingo Miu has a few extra photo cards for Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to receive one, let us know something that made you happy lately (whether it’s a new hobby, an act of kindness, or anything in between) and an address we can send it to. Commenting on this post or messaging me are both fine :)

I don’t know how many people will want one, but if we somehow get more comments than cards, I’ll probably use a random number generator to pick a few. No guarantees on when they’ll arrive, but I’ll be mailing them out on Friday (2/10)! I know it says Valentine’s Day and all, but we just really want to send out a lot of love. I hope you’re all doing well :)


For a million years we’ve watched the sky
and huddled in fear.
But somehow you still find yourself
quietly rooting for the storm.

As if a part of you is tired of waiting,
wondering when the world will fall apart
—by lot, by fate, by the will of the gods—
almost daring them to grant your wish.

But really you can wish all you want,
because life is a game of chance.
And each passing day
is another flip of the coin.

Who could blame us for wanting to be there when it lands?

happy valentine’s day, bud. i have a few things i want to throw out into this void because i can’t tell you myself. i know you’ll find them somehow. you always seem to know me better than i do.

my god, do i love you. how deep is my love? no words can express it. no super cliche charles dickens-via-sidney-carton-to-lucie-manette type of essay could cover it. i love you in the way that makes my heart ache with desire and my stomach turn with nerves; the spark we used to share is still ignited inside of me. my heart is an inferno and i’m trying so, so hard to be just friends again but so much of me wishes that you’d just love me, or say you love me, or anything.

i miss the kisses while giggling and the hand holding while we went on adventures and the terrible jokes about relationships. i miss us being a collective together. 

i’ve finally got you back as a friend and i’m trying to not be so forward. maybe it’ll all fade. they do say that the first love is always the most painful to let go of.

sending infinite rays of sunshine your way. you can do anything, even if i can’t do it alongside you as a significant other, i always will as a friend.


your dearest friend

So, usually, when a passenger walks through the metal detector, as airport security, you generally want to signal to them somehow that yes, they’re cleared, they can pass. You might do it with a nod, or a gesture of some sort.

My default is an at times perhaps a bit too sweeping “you may continue” gesture, seeing as I’ve almost slapped coworkers in the face several times with it, if I didn’t know they were standing in the right spot behind me.

I happened to just miss backhanding a coworker at the end of my shift today, and the topic turned to a guy who used to work at our airport, who’d do the “you may pass” gesture at, like, waist height. Or maybe slightly lower. He’d, uh, also do it a bit fast sometimes, apparently.

He nailed at least three coworkers in the balls while working there. One of them had to go home sick from work after the incident, he got hit so hard.

They called him: The Nutcracker.

  • im sick of the fact that we keep fighting when you're the last person i want to be fighting with. im sick of saying sorry and taking the blame when the person to blame is miscommunication. im sick of being second in line to jealousy and how she makes it seem as if things arent really the way they are. im sick of being cheated on by her and how many words get twisted by the thought of her. im sick of somehow always doing the wrong thing when all i want to do is make this work. im sick of hurting so much from the one person who can heal all my wounds. i just want us to be okay. im sorry my past isnt a clean roadway you can track back to the origins of me. im sorry im sloppy and have footprints trailing back to my mistakes i thought i covered them up fully. im sorry that you cant believe in me but i understand because i cant even believe in myself. im sorry you have to be the one to love me, when i cant even love myself. im sorry that i make you upset but you have to understand that was never my intention. im sorry im so aggravating and that nothing ever happens the way i planned.

anonymous asked:

Referring to your "is it okay to worship" post are there any cases where it isnt okay to worship that you would know of for sure?

Referring to the Hellenic pantheon, I can’t think of any off the top of my head. My understanding is that the gods want our worship and are wholly deserving of our worship. You don’t have to have a reason to worship them, and unless you’ve somehow gravely insulted them there’s no reason not to worship them (you would know if you gravely insulted a god; from what I’ve heard it’s fairly unambiguous).

But like. Being married and worshiping Artemis? Totally. Being asexual and worshipping Aphrodite? Absolutely. Abstaining from alcohol and worshipping Dionysos? Of course. We don’t have to share all of the characteristics of our gods to love and worship our gods. 

anonymous asked:

Hello!! I'd like to submit a quote, but I don't know what the guidelines or proper format should be... I'm only on mobile Tumblr so none of the links work.. If it isnt too much could you perhaps give me a short summary of the rules somehow? I'm very sorry to trouble you!!!

Sure no prob. For future reference, if you open our blog in a mobile web browser like chrome or safari, the links should work. I just tested it on my Samsung using Chrome so it works on that model.

To sum up the submission guidelines:

  • Cite the source, quote must be from another source.
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Dating Kai Parker would include:

• lots of sex

• him being really confused by his feelings for you

• “why does my stomach feel weird each time i see Y/N”

• make up sex would be indescribable

• sex in general with him would be amazing

• a lot of teasing

• “you look beautiful, Y/N”

• him always wanting to cook for you

• random presents all the time

• “kai, be nice”

• cuddles from behind

• “tell me again why i can’t kill them, babe?”

• him always wanting to cook for you

• puppy dog eyed kai when you’re angry at him

• him complaining about delena 24/7

• him somehow using his magic to please you in more ways than one

• flirting all the goddamn time

• him tweeting about you and then damon making fun of him

• him calling you babe ashdkdjdnx

• “goodmorning, beautiful” with a sleepy voice 

• you having to teach him about technology and stuff

• hickies everywhere

• Kai making sure the gang knows how good he pleased you the night before

• his cologne would be that cologne that every single hot guy wears. yoU KNOW WHICH ONE IM TALKING ABOUT

• stealing his t-shirts

• you buying him plaid shirts bC WHO WOULDNT WANT TO SEE KAI GODDAMN PARKER IN ONE

• did i already say great sex?

• hand holding whenever he can

• long tight hugs

• cuddling up on the couch watching tv

• “let’s go out and do something”

• jealous kai would be asjxjdjsnxkc

• the gang questioning why you’re dating him and you getting angry at them bc they can’t see that he’s a precious little buttercup that can turn into a sex god in 0.3 seconds

• “they’re just so gross, i want to puke.”

• “if he looks at you like that again, i will literally lit him on fire”

• him making you listen to the 90′s music

• kai asking damon for dating advice


//I was watching AFV and something like this came up and I had to do a Rock-afire version of it-//

Feeding a picky baby bear can be proved troublesome, but somehow EVENTUALLY Billy Bob manages. Little Choo Choo squirmed in his high chair, his light blue bib around his neck all snug.

“You want a banana, Choo Choo?” Billy Bob spoke softly to the baby, presenting the yellow fruit to him.

Choo Choo shook his head. “No!” He used his tiny paws to push the banana away.

“How about peaches? You like them.”




Billy Bob hummed softly in thought. There were only so few things the grizzly could cut smaller or mash up. Choo Choo began to fuss after a bit, Billy Bob’s attention going back to the cub.

He lifted the baby from his seat, cradling him and speaking softly to maybe sooth his squirms and fusses. The country bear lifted his head to watch Rolfe who went into the kitchen to grab a cookie from the batch that Mitzi had made earlier in the day. His blue eyes wandering back to the infant, Choo Choo seemed to be quite interested in what Rolfe was holding.

“Rolfe, hold on a sec-” Billy Bob quickly got the wolf’s attention, who looked over with a blink. When the comedian walked over, Choo Choo made grabby paws toward the cookie in his paw.

Rolfe raised a brow at Choo Choo, but he looked back up at Billy Bob. “What?”

“I think Choo Choo wants your cookie there.” Billy Bob laughed a little, watching the infant try to reach for the cookie. “Why don’t’cha share it with him?”

Rolfe shrugged as to say ‘why not’ and broke off a piece of cookie to present to little Choo Choo, who happily took it with both paws and stuffed it in his mouth. Rolfe seemed to smile rather joyfully while Billy Bob laughed a little in amusement at the adorable sight of a happy bear cub.