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No one is following this blog to listen to you rant about communism. Making a few posts about it is fine but you're being excessive at this point.

this might be shocking but this is my blog and I can rant about whatever I want and post whatever I want. You can always unfollow me buddy

today’s a perfect day to bring up that jack and katherine’s entire romance arc is centered around their love being unexpected/surprising/forbidden and ummm not to be that guy but it’d literally be 3 million times more profound if it were gay. my point is let kath and sarah sing something to believe in together. thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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The Mummy was released decades ago, it's 2017, its still there on dvd and vhs when you need it, just like the original black and white Mummy films are when you need those too. Hollywood will keep making new iterations of these films because theyre iconic. Sit down and shut up about the Brenden Fraiser version, they had their time. Move the fuck on.

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this is all i’ll say on the subject: 

  • i previously pictured shiro as 25 and allura as 23
  • if allura actually is a teen, than she’s 19 going on 20
  • and shiro is 23 i guess. if he and allura are both adults/authority figures but around the paladins’ ages than they must be close in age
  • i still ship shallura
  • and nothing is going to stop me
  • you can block or unfollow me if you need to, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable
  • please don’t add/reply things about the age discourse to any of my posts
  • any hate in my inbox, anon or not, will be deleted
  • have a lovely day
Stingue | Hold onto your Treasure

I asked the lovely kkumri for a commission (her commissions and requests are closed) and she did an amazing job that I had to write a fic based off it it and so here it is. It’s a bit late to write the fic after she finished the drawing but I had school and what not. Enjoy~

Treasure hunting is the goal of any living pirate. Search for that treasure, get fame and fortune and live luxuriously. The journey is always a long one, but the end product is worth it. Treasure can have many different meanings but it’s the happiness when finding the treasure that counts, right?

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the shallura blogging continues

as previously stated, I am going to continue posting and reblogging shallura content. this is on the understanding that they are both mature consenting adults with a healthy, equal relationship

  • i made a very, very long post about the entire issue {here}, please read that if you want my thoughts
  • tl;dr version: i view shiro and allura as being similar in age and maturity and their relationship dynamic has always been equal
  • if you no longer wish to see shallura content, you can block the tag, unfollow me, or block me
  • do whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable
  • i am not here for the Disk Horse, i literally just want to enjoy a cartoon about magical robot lions, i have stated my view in great detail so please don’t @ me trying to start nonsense

have a great day and let the shallura blogging continue!

(this is okay to reblog btw)

Hey guys,
quick announcement:

1) This is my new blog name, my old name was MCHANZZO
2) Don’t think that I won’t post McHanzo stuff anymore, I’ll post/reblogg McHanzo stuff

I just wanted to let y'all know what this is my new blog name and I changed the whole layout
you can [still] follow/unfollow me or whatever you wanna do!


1: I’m fine with smut, I actually quite enjoy it but I will only smut with 18+ muns, especially being over twenty myself.

2: I’m a very fly by the seat roleplayer, I don’t require super strict plotting ahead of time and actually enjoy going with the flow of things. Feel free to always send me a meme or like my starter calls or tag me in a thread, even if we’ve never spoken.

3: I don’t wanna hear about how my au makes no sense or is dissproven by this or that, I don’t care. I’m here to have fun with a character I love. :/ 

4: Unless you’re not an rp blog I will follow you back immediately from my main @vibingu so i’d appreciate if you tell me if you unfollow me for whatever reason so I can unfollow you as well, you don’t even have to tell me why you’re unfollowing 

5: Please send me a meme if you reblog it from me, rp karma and what not. You don’t have to but I would appreciate it. 

6: I’m very critical of the characters mon-el, HR, Felicity and Caitlin. I don’t out and out hate on them, and i’ll happily interact if they are your muses i’m just letting you know in case that bothers you. 

7: I multi ship, I enjoy many many ships and Eddie is gonna be a flirt, however yall should know this is a westallen af blog, I love Iris and Barry just as much as I love Iris and Eddie and Eddie Barry and Iris 

8: I’ll add more as I think of it I guess *shrug emoji* please like this post to let me know you read it, it means you will take president and I’ll usually reply to you first ahead of those who haven’t like it 

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your accusation that kiwi is about underage sex is completely unfounded? there's not a single thing in that song that alludes to that so would you care to explain why you're throwing around shit like that?

The term hard candy means sexual relations with an underage girl and has links to Lolita which makes me want to vomit even thinking about it and when played on a major radio station they bleeped it out. In addition a lot of evidence about Carolina being about an underage girl is coming out. Whether it’s true or not I prefer to rather be safe than sorry and stay far away from it. That’s enough for me. My blog, my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me. You can unfollow me or block me or whatever but that’s what I think. Have a great day

i apologize if i was rude in answering the asks, but when you’re on anon, i’m not a psychic and i literally know nothing about you. so you can’t just tell me shit and expected me to know that. Though I fully account for being ignorant on representation in north african countries, but my position is I don’t see fareeha as being black or mixed harmful. And if you disagree, then that’s just our differences in canon/headcanon whatever, then you can simply unfollow me. Thank you.

I have an important announcement

Sorry guys, but I will stop drawing and probably will delete this account soon, thank you for everything so far and your support. My reasons for this are under read more since it’s kinda long, again I’m sorry.


Sorry for those who thought I was talking seriously :3c so today is Dec 28 and in Latin America is like our April fools (but in december, duh~) if you didn’t knew UwU This is my joke for this year, of course I ain’t gonna stop drawing!! and I’m not gonna delete this account. I can’t believe I’m procrastinating my projects just to draw that troll Peri with Gin-chan’s face xD (you can see how I suffer in snapchat)

So, happy December 28! Try to not fall in other jokes today and again, I’m sorry if you believed this for a second, you can breathe now and punch me if you want ^^

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Men are pigs. They're literally the biggest disappointment in life. Men don't need positivity they already have enough. Most guys are disgusting to look at anyway they don't need to feel attractive especially since they're ugly

First of all, everything about what you just said is just plain wrong.

Not all men are pigs. I’m not going to try to minimize whatever experience you’ve had with men that have made you feel that way, but you can’t go around saying all men are pigs.

Honestly, this personally offends me because most of my closest friends are guys, the most supportive people in my life have pretty much all been guys, and when you say shit like that about the people I love I do not take it well.

My guy friends are there for me when I cry, take away my drinks when I’ve had enough (or when I shouldn’t have anything at all), walk on the outside of the sidewalk closest to the street, listen to me vent when I’m stressed out, give me advice, support me, compliment me, lay around watching movies and doing nothing with me, stand up for me to ANYONE who would ever try to mess with me,and just generally make me happy.

If you’re not physically attracted to men, if you don’t find them aesthetically pleasing, whatever. Personally, I find men EXTREMELY attractive (as do many other people in the world). I have found men with all different body types and variety of appearances attractive. They’re beautiful. Seriously. I can’t even express how pleasing I feel the male body is. We have different opinions, cool, great, whatever. But how would you like it if people said that shit about you? You wouldn’t. 

I don’t know where you get off saying guys have enough positivity because they don’t. That’s why I try to post guy specific stuff. Most things say “to all the girls”, “all girls are”, ect… There are not nearly as many posts like that geared toward men and the one’s that are get like no notes compared to the one’s geared toward women. I like the neutral posts to be honest but sometimes it’s nice to have something more specific.

I know guys who get really offended by this shit. It hurts them when people are afraid of them simply because they’re guys or when they get stereotyped as an asshole or a pig. I know guys that are insecure and NEED that positivity. Guys that are insecure and afraid to tell anyone because of how society tells guys they should act. Guys are allowed to be insecure and guys deserve support and positivity.

Normally I wouldn’t post this because of how negative and rude and fucking insulting it is but you fucking pissed me off and you picked the WRONG time to piss me off. By insulting men as a whole, you are insulting the most important people in my LIFE and therefore offending me. If you don’t like me posting male positivity, if that bothers you, then you can unfollow me and block me and do whatever the fuck you want.

Really, I am sorry for posting this and I want any guys that read this to know that whoever sent me this message is a complete asshole and don’t believe a single word they said. You are amazing. Every single one of you is attractive in your own way. You are all handsome in your own way. You deserve to feel like the handsome man you are. You are all deserving of positivity and love and support. I made the guysrecover tag just for you, even if you’re not in recovery, I post general male positivity there too.

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I'm sorry, I hate to be one of "those" tumblr users. I really like you and your videos. I think you're hilarious. But please!!! Stop with those instagram captions. It made me chuckle the first two times, but now its seriously cringe worthy. You're way tooo clever to be posting that kind of shit. And I know, you're probably gonna respond with "unfollow me on instagram then." i get it, you can post whatever you want, but its getting old dude. just my opinion.

i just thought about what kind of person someone would have to be to make the decision to anonymously criticize someone’s instagram captions and i got really sad 

please dont make fun of me. im a fifteen year old who is just trying to help other girls feel secure in their sexualities for liking girls. if you disagree with me, unless im clearly being hurtful, you can go away. unfollow me, block me, whatever. just dont get in the way of me trying to help other sapphic girls.


ok i’m tempted to turn off anon bc this is getting ridiculous

keep your hate to yourselves. if you don’t like me or my opinions or my posts or my ethnicity / race or whatever else, then you can unfollow and block me. if you don’t like another blog, please don’t come into my inbox to complain about it. please refrain from sending me racial slurs or nsfw insults or other forms of hateful speech.

i’m not going to turn off anon yet because the anon feature helps out people who have genuine questions to ask, but if it escalates even further, i will turn it off.

i apologize for clogging up your dashboard lately with all of these negative messages and other things like that, so please block the tag #anon hate. 

also, it was brought to my attention that the messages + my replies to things were also clogging up dashboards. again, i’m truly sorry about that as well, and i will do my best to not spam as many replies at once.

thank you so much for putting up with all of this. i really appreciate all the support that you guys have given me, and i’m sorry for taking up all of your time. i hope you have a fantastic day!


There appear to be quite a number of you arriving today. I hear a rumour that I’m making a circuit on Reddit at the moment. I’ve not done that in a Steven Universe capacity before, and as I feel I’ve barely taken a step in that direction, it feels a little weird. The show’s on what, like episode ninety or something, and I just finished #23 last night. BUT WELCOME ALL THE SAME

Because there are rather a lot of you streaming in and my FAQ has yet to be restored after The Nuke (don’t ask), I figured I’d take the opportunity to throw together a quick post to let you know what you’re getting into.

  • Greetings, I am Jet Wolf. This is my fandom space, and sometimes personal space. I’m an unapologetic nerd and I talk a lot. A LOT. Particularly when I’m liveblogging, I can get pretty spammy. I love loving things, and while I’m not shy when I don’t like something (and have it on good authority that my rage quality is excellent), I much prefer to love it. I hate drama and have no time for it. I have strong opinions about, like, EVERYTHING, and I will talk about them excessively. But they’re just mine. If you don’t agree or you have a different interpretation of something, that’s cool. My opinion is only ever my opinion.

  • I love Rei Hino. This will be a recurring theme.

  • Sailor Moon is my main focus. (Well really *I* am my main focus, but.) I’m approaching the end of my rewatch project that I started in October 2012, though by “the end” I really just mean “I will have watched them all oo let’s go watch them again now.” I doubt I’ll ever really be DONE with the anime, but then I have the manga, PGSM, the musicals, and gods know what else. I HAVE A LOT MORE SAILOR MOON TO GO IS WHAT I’M SAYING. Sailor Moon is where my heart lives. You don’t have to like Sailor Moon to be here! Though it’ll probably help.

  • And Steven! Sailor Moon is my main focus, but I have a big heart. Steven Universe crawled its way in and said “Hi I’m here love me” and I said “Yeah, okay.” I’d consider my AND STEVEN liveblogs to be my secondary project, in that I plan to keep them to a semi-regular schedule. “Plan” is the operative word (we’ll get to that), but what I’m currently looking to do is alternate one or two AND STEVEN liveblogs between whatever Sailor Moon stuff I’m doing at the time. The train is rolling and I don’t plan on stopping it.

  • I go slow. If you’re looking for someone to zoom through stuff and be caught up by next week, this is not the blog for you. I am slow. I am SLOOOOOW. When I watch something on the scale that I’m watching Sailor Moon and Steven Universe, the details are everything. I can and have, many many times, taken hours to liveblog seconds. This is not an exaggeration. Character and details is MY THING, and given the opportunity, I will pour over literal frames and spew thousands of words about them. That quality and potential is exactly what drew me to liveblogging Steven Universe in the first place. BUT DID I MENTION SLOW. Patience is a necessity, because while I love you guys, I’m here for me, and I’m not moving one tiny bit faster than I want to.

  • I Go Slow, Part Two. I do my best to stick to plans and schedules and keep you guys up to date on when to expect stuff, but sometimes shit happens (shit has happened in the MULTITUDES this year) and I have to be flexible. I love what I do here and it’s important to me, but at the end of the day it’s a hobby and sometimes those don’t always get to take top priority. I can’t promise to always keep to a plan, but I DO promise to give it my all when we get there.

  • SPOILERS ARE THE WORST FUCKING THINGS. I am AGGRESSIVELY anti-spoiler. I’ve written I don’t know how many posts on this, but will suggest here, here, and here for more reading. PLEASE READ THEM. The short version is that I don’t want to know ANY information at all. No confirmation, no denial, don’t correct me if I’m wrong, don’t give me behind the scenes info. I don’t like rules and I think I’m generally a pretty laid back person, but this is my hard line. It’s VITAL to me that I get to have my experience the way I want it, and  can only assume that my experience is important to you too else why are you here. That’s my boundary, and I’ll just block if it can’t be respected. I DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH ALL THAT THOUGH SEE PREVIOUS RE: HATING DRAMA SO LET’S JUST NOT HAVE THE SITUATION. Think before you reblog or comment or send an Ask. Err on the side of caution. Check with @watchjetwolf if you want more eyes on it first. Please.

  • I get a lot of stuff. I love this community we’ve built up. It’s so important to me, and I love adding more people to it. We’re Sailor Moon focused, as I said, but there’s a TON of overlap between SM and SU and absolutely everyone is welcome here whatever their love. There are a lot of you though, and that means there’s a lot of traffic coming at me. I try to give everything the care and attention that it deserves, but that means a time investment. I have a tremendous amount of Ask Box traffic, which is definitely not a complaint. I love hearing from you guys, and ADORE complicated and thoughtful questions, but the volume of what I get doesn’t always allow me to answer it in a timely manner. YOU MAY BE WAITING A WHILE BASICALLY. When I get to it, I will try my best to make it worth the wait. I promise I’m not ignoring you though, just that until we perfect cloning, there’s only one of me.

    And finally:

  • Your experience is most important for you. I’ve got pretty thick skin, and a frankly unreasonable sense of my own self-worth. If you’ve followed me and you find that you’re not having fun for any reason – I talk too much, there’s not enough of the content you want, you just straight don’t like ME – that’s okay. I tag thoroughly and consistently, and you are welcome to filter out whatever you want. You can unfollow me at your discretion and I won’t be offended. You can straight up block me and that’s okay too. You aren’t going to hurt my feelings, I’m not going to chase you down and demand answers. Please take control of your own enjoyment, and if I can’t be part of it, that’s okay.

I think that’s pretty much the highlights. We’ve been doing this for a while now, and I think we’re pretty great, if I do say so myself (and I did). If you’ve got questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to get to them in something resembling a timely manner. I don’t expect that all of you pouring right now will stick around (which again is totally fine), but those of you who do, I hope you enjoy the fuck out of yourselves. I look forward to screaming at you a whole lot about absolutely everything.

This Blog Is To Remain Inactive Until Further Notice

Alright, guys. I’ll get straight to the point. I’m disgusted with “fans” lately. You know I was upset back when Pop 101 was released and everyone was bitching about the band changing their sound. I’m not getting into that again. What I’m currently upset about is the continuation of comments about Josh’s weight popping up in his replies. I get it if you missed his message, but to be quite honest, I actually don’t understand it. Regardless of his message, who are you to tell Josh he’s too skinny? He’s lost too much weight? That’s really none of your fucking business. He has his family and friends to talk to and help him. He doesn’t need strangers talking shit straight to him. He has clarified that he was ill with pancreatitis and gallstones and had to go on a no fat diet which caused the weight loss. Wow, big surprise right? No fat in your diet causes weight loss. Who would have guessed it?

Now moving on to the reason behind why I say “fans”… WHY ARE YOU CONSTANTLY TELLING JOSH TO CUT HIS HAIR??? I’m so fucking glad he called you out on it! Honestly, I hope he leaves the man-bun just to piss you guys off! You are being highly disrespectful to his art. The band is sharing updates with us about how the album is coming along and all you fucking care about is his fucking hair? Are you fucking kidding me??? Why don’t you guys ever think before replying? Do you not realize how crappy you can make a person feel? Especially given their history?

I’m so fucking done with this bullshit right now. I was heavily considering completely shutting down WSTFT but I can’t bring myself to do it. This project is my baby. I birthed the idea and I intend to see it through to adulthood. So I’m taking a leave of absence. The WSTFT twitter account will also be inactive. I don’t know when I’ll be back. If you wanna get into contact with me, feel free to message me on my main account or my personal. Hell, even @ me on twitter if you want. I’m not replying to messages on here for the entire time I’m gone, but I can’t guarantee you a response on any of my other accounts either. You can unfollow or whatever. It really doesn’t bother me. Have fun collecting new trench info without me!

Admin’s note: Yes, I purposely let my sass and love for cursing shine through in this message. I usually avoid it so as to not make you feel attacked, but I’m so fucking sick of this shit, I chose not to censor myself.