you can unfollow me and i dont blame you

Wow. Another block. This time someone I thought was truly a friend who I’ve been supportive of and shown nothing but positivity.

99% sure I know why and it wasn’t me. It was against me because I am a man. Which is a crime today and I did nothing wrong.

Try talking to me, just unfollow, do something less hateful and less assumption based and please dont put me in with the bad people. I worked hard to be a good man as I was taught and a good human being.

I deserve to be treated as such just as you do.

I forgive you though, I understand why and I know you are struggling, and I can’t fault or blame you. But I do feel like I was your friend and suddenly I’m not. Kind odd takes the ———— out of this place.

So if I dont post much, its because I dont feel welcome here anymore. 10 people blocking me for being a man is my limit.

It’s a shame too, Id do anything for any of my friends here. ANYTHING.


My stuff got deleted for a second time on redbubble and I still dont understand why. I didnt even name or tag it as anything related to hamilton. I got several mails just right now giving me several warnings and its shit.

Im gonna try to see what I can do, but dont hope for anything. It seems most likely that I will have to give up on selling my art on redbubble. Im try to find some other place to try do the giveaway. Or offering full illustrations instead of shirts.

I feel like shit telling you all this right after I tell you about the giveaway

You all who followed me for the giveaway. Im sorry. I really am. I don’t blame you if you unfollow

anonymous asked:

ive got anxiety about stuff too but i dont blame other people for "triggering" me, its my problem to deal with and i dont expect other people to know or work around it. thats real life. the difference between real life and tumblr is you dont have to follow someone who posts something you dont like, you can just unfollow them and move on, instead of calling people names that may be offensive to other people, and maybe even arguments are triggering, thats just rude.