you can try sears

Since becoming vegan, I have come to realize this: the wider you open your eyes, the darker the world becomes. No matter how hard you try, you can never close them tight enough. The truth sears an everlasting image of the suffering into your retina. From then on, you’ll eternally understand that ignoring the pain of others is truly the cruelest action we can do as conscious beings. Inaction is the plague of the world.
—  Bianca Nicole Valle
signs as mean girls quotes
  • aries: everyone in africa can read swedish
  • taurus: you can try sears
  • gemini: god karen, you're so stupid
  • cancer: it's like i have espn or something
  • leo: this is the fertility vase of the Ndebele tribe. does that mean anything to you?
  • virgo: she doesn't even go here
  • libra: the limit does not exist
  • scorpio: she's a life ruiner. she ruins people's lives
  • sagittarius: that is so not fetch
  • capricorn: four for you, glen coco
  • aquarius: he's almost too gay to function
  • pisces: that's the ugliest effing skirt i've ever seen