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Any basic kayaking and general outdooring advice (hiking, tent camping, etc)? I love outdoor activities and once I'm out of high school I'd love to do more outdoor activities since I'll have more free time. Also you're pretty much my #1 internet role model (tied with TheBiblioSphere lol).

Oh my god I tied with Joy????? 

Allow me a minute to hyperventilate a bit

(Muffled yelling)

Okay I’m good. 

Invest in good shoes. Seriously. Comfy shoes. Trust me. For kayaking, I use a pair of velcro sandals because they’re gonna get wet and wet socks suck. For hiking, just find the most comfortable hiking boots you can. And while tennis shoes will suffice for a leisurely stroll down a nice trail, if you’re scrambling up rocks at 12,000 feet you want boots with a good tread so that you do not slip and die. That would suck. 

For tent camping, make sure you sleeping bag is rated properly. If you take a summer bag on a fall trip, you’re gonna freeze your ass off. And invest in a pad to go under your sleeping bag. They’re inexpensive and make a WORLD of difference in warmth and comfort. 

ALWAYS carry the means to make a fire. ALWAYS. I keep waterproof matches and flint and steel with me whenever I go rambling. Always carry a first aid kit too. 

However much water you think you need, take an extra bottle. 

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I genuinely don't have a single 'friend'. It's been months and I've been convincing myself I'm fine with it but I'm not. I tried telling someone I used to trust a while ago but everyone thinks I'm fine cause I have people I sit with, but I Barely talk and just sit there to avoid being alone. There are plenty of people who don't mind me but I can't stand being with people who are so fake/ have nothing in common with, I have no one to talk to. Are my standards too high? Am I overreacting?

I think its more damaging to you to force urself to be around people who ignore u than to just be alone. I dont really have any friends who I can hang out with anymore, just internet people and people in class who i can chat with then we part ways. Im alone basically all the time and sometimes i get sad about it when i see other people hanging out with friends but I’ve found that u can learn to be comfortable by urself and I’d rather be alone than force myself to be around people who dont care about me u kno? Its up to u what u think is best for u 

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Hey, I've been wondering since you and Alex are like my internet dads can i trust you guys love and support me still even though I'm trans?

Absolutely you can!

In all seriousness, be proud of who you are and what you are about!

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You were immediately on the defense, darling, and no, I wouldn't trust you or your murderous friends with my identity, nor would your closed off mind be able to comprehend the nuances of my writing. Not that you'd appreciate it; you're not my target audience, but thank you for the offer, sweetheart, I'm sure you'll get your dream of being an editor someday.

“i wouldn’t trust you or your murderous friends with my identity” read: i’m scared a few teenagers on the internet will read my shitty writing and make fun of me for it

I'm trying to prove a point to my dad here.

Please like or reblog if you aren’t a pedo/rapist and believe internet friends are just as real as irl friends.

  • mom: *sits down next to me while i'm on tumblr*
  • me: *angles laptop screen away from her*
  • mom: why are you doing that are you hiding something what don't you want me to know are you watching porn we can search your history we know how to do that what are you doing show me right now why are you hiding your life from us we're concerned for your overall safety do you have latent trust issues are you talking to strangers you're always on that computer you never even go outside anymore i think you need to cut back on your internet usage are you okay do you feel safe are you depressed you can trust me your father and i think you're out of control it's my fault isn't it i can never trust you it's like you don't trust us you never respect us you think we don't respect your privacy i know how dangerous all this social media is i read this article one time show me your fucking screen right now
  • me: i just didn't want you to see me laughing at a gif of a duck going huehuehuehue

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Mr. Gaiman, I'm a huge fan of your work and I'd like some advice. I'm one of those internet "writers" who has one thing published in an internet zine. People seem to expect me to do poetry and shit, but I wanna get into genre fiction writing, but it doesn't seem like there's much of a market for it. I love writing with all my heart and like many many other people I'd love to partially make a living off of it. As someone who's done both genre and non-genre, is there any advice you can give me?

Yes. Write what you want. Ignore other people. 

Also, trust me, there is a bigger market for genre fiction than there is for poetry.

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hi so I'm a young bean and im a lesbian but I'm scared for the day I have sex bc I know I can't trust the internet/porn with teaching me how it works and school/parents don't know either pls help

do you want sexual education tips? i can talk to you off anon (because i’d rather not go into detail on here) but also i would recommend dr doe from sexplanations. i don’t know any other sex educators i trust other than her but from what i remember she’s very respectful and knowledgeable. -mod willow

fandom drama basically the worst. When tumblr is suffering from the drama, it’s becoming a very toxic place. Remember the amount of hatred thrown at Amanda for basically stating her being uncomfortable with Johnlock fanfics and fanarts? some of the fans are outraged, and it’s going for three days straight (I cant even browsing through tumblr in peace)

Or the one with B slamming the Johnlock pairing in one of the articles? So an actor isnt really comfortable with your shipping his character with his friend. Big deal. Them disliking it doesnt mean you have to stop shipping it.

and now, the drama is that benedict is changed because he’s Hollywood hot commodity now.

“He no longer the boy that doesnt know how to dress himself..” well, if he dresses better, doesnt mean he’s changed. The circumstance is changed, and yes, he’s a movie star now. Of course he has to properly dressed a bit more now.

“He no longer the cute, bumbly guy who’s having fun by himself.. he looks tired..” Have u seen the new Palm Springs film awards? He basically slowmo through the award speech. Still a huge dork. and remember THE DUDE IS FREAKING BUSY, OF COURSE HE’S TIRED.



See, The negativity is created by the fandom and is WAY worse than the reality itself. I suggest never trust anything you find on internet, stop clicking on anonymous articles and news, and start judging by yourself. Lots of drama-queens polluting tumblr. and I dont think they’re the ones you should trust with their snap judgements.

say it with me:


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vic you told me to keep praticing and i'm doing it but i'm stressed for not getting the results that i want and being mad at myself for not achieve that ):

Welcome to life as an artist!!

Seriously - this is probably the most heavily relatable feeling an artist can have - no matter what skill level you’re at, there will be times when you don’t feel like you’re improving quickly enough. But in contrast there will ALSO be times where you’ll see your improvement and it’ll make all those revisions and frustrations worth it, trust me. Just keep at it!! 

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I was wondering, what is Crypto? What can cause it and how can you tell if a leo has it? Is it easily preventable? (I saw that little baby Brook(?) post and it's got me thinking about my babies and I just like to make sure my knowledge is up to date, I forget things easily and I don't trust random websites on the internet, rather come to someone I'm sure they know what they're talking about, aka you XD)

Hello! c:

Crypto is short for ‘Cryptosporidiosis’.  It’s caused by a single-celled organism, a parasite called ‘Cryptosporidium varanii’ (although some older literature refers to it as ‘saurophilum‘). 

It’s VERY easily transferred between reptiles because the oocyst (sort of an egg) of this parasite can last for years and very little can kill it.  When the oocyst is eaten by another reptile, it comes out of hibernation and wrecks havoc.  Very little can kill the oocyst.  For hobbyists, we only have a few choices: ammonia, steam, or just throwing out everything that’s infected.  Crypto can wipe out entire collections.  This is why quarantine is essential for new animals.

Crypto lives in the small intestine of infected animals and starts to damage the walls.  The small intestine is where most of nutrition absorption actually takes place.  As the cells are damaged, the animal stops being able to absorb food, which leads to diarrhea.  This chronic malnutrition leads to very rapid weight loss and a condition called ‘stick tail’ (which is just a very skinny tail).

There’s no cure for crypto.  It will eventually kill any reptile it infects.  Most infections come from pet store populations since most of their animals come from large-scale breeders (like puppy mills for geckos) and aren’t quarantined. 

So here’s a run-down of the symptoms again:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Chronic stomach/intestine infections
  • Extremely smelly stools that have a cottage cheese consistency and a lot of mucus
  • Lethargy and weakness (an animal who is lying down flat all the time)
  • Anorexia
  • Large dark blue or black spots in the gecko’s belly
  • Regurgitation of shed skin
  • Loss of muscle tone in the legs, especially the hind legs

Prevention is best achieved with a good quarantine.  When you get a new animal, ideally it will be kept in an entirely different room for 3 months.  Take care of this animal LAST to make sure you’re not transferring anything nasty from it to your current animals.  Wash your hands after handling/feeding the new animal. Basically, just keep it as far away from your other reptiles as possible.

It’s diagnosed by a fecal test, but you have to request it specifically because it can be hard to detect.  It often hides behind other infections as well, since the immune system is lowered. Avian Biotech does mail tests if a vet can’t perform them.

So I'm typing up a Dan and Phil preference to put into my drafts...
  • ...and my dad walks in through the door. He walks over to my computer and starts reading out loud "Dan; You looked at yourself in the mirror--" before I can take the screen away.
  • Dad: Who's Dan? is he a friend of yours?
  • Me: No. (If only.)
  • Dad: Oh. is he your penpal?
  • Me: No. (I wish.) He's a youtuber.
  • Dad: where does he live?
  • Me: England.
  • Dad: Oh.
  • Me: in London.
  • Dad: so what are you writing?
  • Me: it's not a letter dad. (It's self-insert fanfiction.)
  • Dad: then what is it?
  • Me: a story.
  • Dad: are you going to post it on his wall?
  • Me: no Dad, I'm going to post it on my blog.
  • Dad: can I see your blog?
  • Me: No.
  • Dad: ...will anything on your blog make me upset?
  • Me: oh my god dad, no, it won't. (It's not a sex blog dad please stop.)
  • Dad: *walks over to me and tries hugs me*
  • Me: what are you doing?
  • Dad: it's a hug of trust.
  • Me *proceeds to hug him*
  • My dad, at least for a little bit, thought Dan was a pervert I was talking to over the internet. Thanks Dad.