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Hey do you have any really funny fic you could suggest? I just read 'A week is only seven days' and I was crying it was so funny. I want more!

Hi Nonny!! OH GOD this has been in my drafts for MONTHS and I’m sorry for the delay. I’m guessing you found that fic on my “Go-To Johnlock Fic Rec List”, and it’s totally worth a read since it’s like, one of my all-time fave fics!! I don’t have many fics with the same type of humour, but I hope that a few of these will appease you! They’re more fluffy than anything else, but if I had a chuckle in them, then they will be here :)

  • High and Tight, Soft and Loose by cwb (E, Ao3) (7,429 w.) - John is stupidly obsessed with Sherlock, Sherlock is adorably clueless, and they’re both dumb idiots. Jealous John and silly misunderstandings.
  • Well Begun Is Half Done by Avice (E, Ao3) (3,897 w.) - Sherlock conveniently finds reasons to try to touch John’s junk. John’s tired of waiting.
  • The Case of the Vanishing Pants by SwissMiss (E, Ao3) (44,025 w.) - Five times John and Sherlock lost their pants for a case. There are some angsty bits in this, but I did giggle at a few scenes.
  • Life and Death by patemalah21 (K+, ff) (6K+) - Sherlock and John get mugged and injured. The first chapter is angsty, but the second and third chapters, Sherlock has to deal with his worst nemesis yet – a nurse intent on him getting better. *SLIGHT* Sher1011ie in the third chapter, but it feels more BFF’s.
  • You’re a Doctor, Fix me by edken (G, Ao3) (8,342 w.) - Sherlock gets sick and stroppy, John grins and bears it to fix him, and a fluffy happy ending.
  • How to Court Your Blogger by PipMer (K+, ff) (3,124 w.) - Sherlock Tries to court John on significant days in their life. Too bad John is a little bit slow on the draw.
  • Sibling Rivalry Or Fighting Over John Watson by Jessa7 (K+, ffnet) (8,085w.) - Mycroft is suddenly taking an interest in John and Sherlock is not happy. John just goes with it – he’s getting a lot of nice things out of this deal. (*NOT JOHNCROFT, just Mycroft being a meddler).
  • The Devil You Know by PipMer (T, ff) (9K+ w.) - Mycroft flirts with John. Sherlock gets jealous. John’s just along for the ride. Yeah, I also REALLY like Mycroft purposely riling up Sherlock to force him to confess his feelings for John. Another “meddling Mycroft” fic… I seriously love this trope.
  • Cigarettes and Shampoo by laura0506 (K+, ff) (783 w) - John and Sherlock get kicked out of a grocery store. Sherlock has a big mouth.
  • Cabbies by OldBesinaStuff (K, ff) (572 w) - Sherlock expounds and illuminates upon the subject of their current cabbies.
  • The Care and Keeping of Your Mad Genius by Janieshi (T, ff) (4K+ w.) - Lestrade and John tease Sherlock after the pool incident.
  • Just Admit It by LoyalNerdWP (K+, ff) (2K+) - Sherlock goes home for Christmas and is missing John. One of my faves, it’s more sweet than funny.
  • The Newlywed Game: Johnlock Edition by patternofdefiance (E, Ao3) (9,020 w.) - Sherlock and John pretend they’re a couple “for a case”. They’re shocked to discover how much they know about each other. One of my faves.
  • Happy Birthday John by Starlight05 (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock goes shopping for a present for John. 
  • Not Rocket Science by Nitrospira (K+, ff) (2K+ w.) - The boys are handcuffed to a bed while investigating a double homicide on the International Space Station. It’s been awhile since I read this but I remember liking it :D
  • Out on da pull by I-O-U-a-picture (T, ff) (1K+w.) - John can never pull a date, especially with a flatmate like Sherlock.
  • I’m Pretty Sure This Changes Shit by cwb (E, Ao3) (7,672 w.) - This one is really ridiculously silly. Sherlock keeps injuring himself so John will fix him up. John catches on, and it changes shit.
  • Because Blah Blah Blah Happy by cwb  (E, Ao3) (4,578 w.) - Sherlock sets out to make John happy. Happy happy happy.
  • Carry On by Mazarin221b (M, Ao3) (4,647 w.) - Five times John didn’t want to be carried, and one time he did.
  • Equine Arse Anonymity by Kayjaykayme (E, Ao3) (3,834 w.) - Sherlock needs to speak with suspects at a fancy dress ball. He chooses a couple’s costume for himself and John. It is logical, practical and well thought out. John doesn’t agree and exacts sweet revenge.
  • An Acquired Taste by kinklock (E, Ao3) (31,059 w.) - Sherlock is a bat. No other explanation needed.
  • and yes I said yes I will Yes by Mithen (T, Ao3) (1,662 w.) - Sherlock has deduced that John is going to propose to him, and he’s ready to accept. If only John would actually get around to it…
  • The Trouble With Being Subtle. by VictoryCandescence  (NR, Ao3) (5,429 w.) - In which Sherlock experiments, John misinterprets, and everyone else stands back and waits for the light to turn on.
  • The Detective and the Pin-Up by XistentialAngst (T, Ao3) (15,683 w.) - Sally Donovan discovers an old secret John Watson considered long buried - a ten-year old “Men of the Armed Forces” calendar, which has John as a very enticing pin-up for August. The image of John might just change the way everyone sees the unassuming sidekick, even Sherlock Holmes.
  • John’s Drawers by JezebelGoldstone (T, Ao3) (2,646 w.) - Sherlock snoops through John’s drawers and finds something… unexpected.
  • In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG! by Kantayra (T, Ao3) (1,835 w.) - John’s BAMFness and Sherlock’s damsel-in-distress act are caught forever on camera. So Scotland Yard can mock. A lot.
  • Corpus Hominis by mycapeisplaid (E, Ao3) (47,709 w.) - John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results. {{NOTE: Because I always forget: ‘The One With the Shampoo, Steph.’}}
  • Goodness Gives Extras by mydwynter (E, Ao3) (39,629 w.) - Christmas time. ‘Tis the season to settle down with a drink, some food and a present or two, and to enjoy the quiet relaxation of the holiday. Instead, there’s a case that drags them all over, missing presents, disappointed kids, angry parents, and a freak snowfall. On top of that John has to deal with Sherlock, who is being even more of a prat than usual. He really shouldn’t have expected anything different.
  • You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners by ardenteurophile (T, Ao3) (23,584 w.) - Sherlock takes John along for Christmas dinner with Mycroft and Mummy (And “Anthea”, too). Over the course of the evening, John realises that everyone in the room - apart from him - seems to think that he and Sherlock are a couple.
  • You Can Imagine The Christmas Dinners by johnsarmylady (T, ff)(1K+ w.) - Set the morning after a Study in Pink, John sits and contemplates Mycroft’s words. John’s imagination sometimes goes a little wild.
  • Abhorring the Dull Routine of Existence by ardenteurophile (T, ff) (7K+ w.) - Or, a Week Spent on Artificial Stimulants. Sherlock overdoses on Red Bull, much to John’s dismay. Spin-off fic set before the events of “You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners”.
  • The Real Meaning of Idioms by feverishsea (T, Ao3) (21,691 w.) - After two weeks away, John finally texts Sherlock. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to respond. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to keep texting him. And he really doesn’t expect things to spiral out of control so rapidly.
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G, Ao3) (5,308 w.) - Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. Part 1 of Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please (this whole series is amazing, and I love it so much).
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics by entanglednow (T, Ao3) (3,614) - In which there’s no heating and there’s a dead owl in Sherlock’s bed. Part 1 of Thermodynamics (this whole series is really great, I love it!)
  • Vaporized by Catslynw (K, ff) (1K+ w.) - This little number is set soon after A Study in Pink. John has just moved into 221b and is getting to know his flatmate, and his flatmate’s amazing abilities, a little better.
  • Denial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt by satanatemycat (T, ff) (2K+ w.) - In which John makes a bet with a co-worker. If he wins, she shuts up about him and Sherlock being a couple. If he loses… well, that doesn’t matter, because he won’t lose. Because he and Sherlock ARE NOT a couple. Right?
  • The Video Footage by bitchinblackframedglasses (K, ff) (1K+ w.) - What exactly DID Lestrade film Sherlock doing in A Scandal in Belgravia? Sherlock wants to know, and John tells him. Fluff.
  • At Least Make It Interesting by amythedork (K, ff) (2K+ w.) - "You’ve reached Sherlock Holmes. For the love of God, if you’re going to leave a message, at least make it an interesting one. If this is Mycroft, then piss off.“ / A series of voicemails John left Sherlock throughout their time together. 
  • Manipulation by sixbynine (K, ff) (2+K w.) - John Watson is not as unobservant as Sherlock thinks, nor is he above using what he knows. Even if it is just to make sure Sherlock eats and sleeps.
  • Bored Games by SparksMayFly (K, ff) (3K+ w.) - Sherlock asks if he can take Reverend Green in for interrogation. John explains that’s not how the game works. 
  • Bored Games by patster223 (K+, ff) (2k+ w.) - Sherlock is bored and John decides that they should play Cluedo. In retrospect, it was a truly awful decision.
  • Three Ways Sherlock Conformed to His Stereotype by Jennistar1 (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - "It’s a hat.” / Urge to roll eyes, quashed. “Yes. I can see that.” / “It’s called a deerstalker.”
  • Tipsy by katkin (K+, ff) (2K+ w.)  “I love everyone in this room,” he announced proudly.“I know you do, buddy,” John replied “Which is why you’re going to clean this carpet in the morning. Because you’re a good friend.” “I am a good friend!” Sherlock agreed.
  • Cards by Caighlee (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock has been without a case for a few days and Molly’s suggested experiment - something with a pig head (ew) - is losing it’s appeal. Can John come up with something that’ll distract Sherlock for a bit longer? And how did John pull off that card trick? Sherlock’ll never know because a magician never tells a secret. Except maybe when faced with a smiling Consulting Detective.
  • Never Have I Ever by Hannelore-Grace (T, ff) (2K+) - In which the Yarders, Sherlock, and John play the time-honored drinking game.
  • Surety by hudders (G, Ao3) (2,477 w.) - Sherlock is pissed because it seems that four pints of larger, two shots of tequila and a glass of wine has resulted in Lestrade becoming a little bit too friendly with everyone. And by everyone, Sherlock really means John.
  • Never Have I Ever by hudders-and-hiddles (E, Ao3) (10,655 w.) - John and Sherlock tag along for the Met’s weekly night out, where the evening’s chosen drinking game is Never Have I Ever. Sherlock is reluctant to join in until he realizes he can learn all kinds of new things about John, but he forgets that John might learn a thing or two about him as well.
  • Cabin Fever by A Wandering Minstrel (K+, ff) (6K+ w.) - A massive storm keeps John trapped in Baker Street with a half-blind (for science!), very bored Sherlock Holmes.
  • Spilt Milk by Erin Giles (K+, ff) (2K+ w.) - John comes back from a trip to the supermarket only to take a trip up the stairs. Both shopping and blood are spilled leaving Sherlock to play the role of Doctor.
  • God Save The Queen by Alice Day (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock has a new case. John is petrified. The Queen is amused.
  • Tidying Up by mattsloved1 (K+, ff) (951w.) – John comes home to a thoroughly cleaned flat. Or so it seems.

Feel free to add your own ficlets and self promos!! I love all the funny fics!

Ready to Rock

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

Ready to Rock

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Can you do a Warren X Reader where your this shy, quiet person and the teacher makes you and Warren partners for everything in class for the rest of the year. As you two work together you start to open up and he finds out how much badass and heavy metal lover you are.

Note: Aww yisss! I had a gr8 idea for this a long time ago, and I’m so glad it fits into the prompt omg. I made up a fictional rocker for this, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about when we get there, that’s why.

Warnings: None?

You were pink pastels and flower crowns, pretty skirts and frilly lace. Warren was spikes and leather jackets, heavy boots and motorcycles, and most importantly rock music. You always heard Warren blasting the music in his dorm, so loud the walls shook. Anytime you forgot where his room was, you just followed the music like a trail of breadcrumbs.

“Warren!” you shouted over the music. Your fist banged against the door as loud as you could. The music flicked off and the door swung open. You pushed your large round glasses up your nose and hugged your books tighter to your chest. “Um, are you still up for a study session, or…?”

There was a long pause, in which you realized Warren was standing there wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. Not even a shirt. He was ready for bed.

“Oh yeah, yeah. Sorry. Forgot.”

“I-it’s fine.” you took a faltering step back, the sight of this literal angel shirtless in front of you was almost too much for your heart, causing it to race in your chest. His strong feathered wings stretched behind him in a way similar to flexing muscles, showing off. Not that he needed to. “Um, I can leave if it’s too late. Sorry for-”

“No!” he almost shouted when you turned to leave, his cheeks betraying him by flushing pink. “I mean…it’s not too late if you want to come in. Curfew isn’t for another hour, and I’ll definitely fail if you don’t help me, so…”

“Okay,” you nodded. He stepped out of the doorway so you could walk inside. You took a seat on his bed. He hastily began to tidy up, pushing discarded clothes out of the way and stacking scattered records and books. You took notice of the large ‘Cupid and the Fallen Angels’ poster hanging on Warren’s wall. Her long hot pink hair blew in the wind, and large feathery wings were mounted on her back. She was dressed as many rockers were, in a black leather jacket, ripped jeans, high-heeled boots. She had a quiver full of arrows that she sometimes fired into the crowds at her concerts, and her lips were painted in the shape of a heart. A small smile tugged at your lips. “You like Cupid, huh?”

“What? Oh, yeah. She’s great.” Warren answered. “Got one of her records around here somewhere.”

“Cool.” you nodded, cracking open your Algebra book. Warren sat beside you. Subconsciously, one of his wings came to rest on your shoulder, wrapping around you like a warm blanket. You smiled under the weight.

“Is that okay? Sorry. I didn’t ask. It just happens sometimes.” Warren’s wing twitched. You had never seen him so vulnerable before.

“It’s fine.” you assured him, scooting a bit closer. “It’s really warm.”

“I know.” he smirked, reading the book over your shoulder. “So, I hope you can help me understand this, or I’m going to fail.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”


A few days later, you sat with Warren at lunch, joining him in the courtyard, which was surprising to say the least.

“How’d you do on the test?”

“Didn’t get it back yet.”

“How do you think you did?”

“Better than I’m used to.” he admitted. He was fully clothed this time, but you couldn’t help but let your mind wander to the thick muscles that lined his chest. God, Warren was something else. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” you smiled, your eyes meeting his. “Anytime you need help, just give me a call.”

“Will do.”


“(Y/N)!” Warren called a few days later, swooping through the courtyard in search of you. You waved him over, both hands high above your head. He landed in front of you, a somewhat bent paper in his hand. It was the test.

“So? What’s the verdict?”

“I got a B!” he stated.

“I’m so sorry-”

“Sorry? That’s the best I’ve done all year!” Warren scooped you up in his arms, engulfing you in a tight bear hug. Your feet dangled above the ground as he practically swung you around. You had almost never seen him smile, not like this. “I’m so happy I could kiss you.”

“Yeah?” you somewhat challenged, still dangling above the ground in his strong arms.

“Yeah.” he set you down and leaned in, but just before your lips met…


“(Y/N), do you vant to practice teleporting vizh me?” Kurt asked, appearing out of thin air.

“Um, sure,” you brushed a lock of hair behind your ear. You pressed a long, meaningful kiss to Warren’s cheek, causing his wings to falter and his eyelids to flutter. “I’ll see you later, okay Warren?”

“Um, y-yeah. See you later.” he was in a daze. He didn’t even care that you had left with Kurt. You had kissed him. God, he was whipped.


“Woah dude,” Peter raised his goggles. “Do you need to see the nurse? You look like you’re gonna pass out.”

“I’m fine. I was just…kissed by an angel.”

Peter took a bite of his Twinkie. “You’re screwed, buddy.”

“Tell me about it.”


“Hey Warren,” you approached Warren at lunch about a month later, very obviously hiding something behind your back.

“Oh hey,” he smiled that charming smile of his that had been making more and more appearances since you found your way into his life.

“I um…Cupid and the Fallen Angels are coming to town, and my uncle owns the stadium they’re performing in, so…he hooked me up with these.” you handed him a ticket and a backstage pass hanging on a lanyard. Warren’s eyes widened and his jaw just about hit the floor.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. I mean, I can’t go. I’m gonna be out of town, but uh, Uncle Howard gave me some for the whole crew, so you won’t be alone.”

“Thank you so much,” he took your hand in his, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You let go of his hand and wrapped your arms around his torso, hugging him tightly.

“Don’t mention it.” you mumbled into his muscled chest. He chuckled.

“Maybe next weekend I could…take you out for dinner to make up for it?”

“Sure.” you nodded. “I’d like that.”


“Warren!” you knocked on his door minutes before the crew was leaving for the concert.

“Yes?” he opened the door, already dressed in his Cupid shirt. His fluffy Mohawk was arranged into neat curls, and his ensemble was enhanced by his signature leather jacket.

“I…this is gonna sound weird. Can I borrow one of your jackets? It’s an emergency.”

“Yeah, sure,” he let you into his room and opened his closet, revealing at least ten leather jackets. He handed you one, wrapping it around your shoulders. It was such a contrast to your usual pastel and flowers wardrobe, but he would admit: you looked hot.

“Thank you so, so much, oh my God.” you stood on your toes and kissed his cheek. “I owe you.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but what is it for, exactly?”

“Um…I’ll tell you when it’s over.”

“O…kay…?” Warren’s eyebrows crinkled. “Oh, and uh, thank you so much for the tickets.”

“No prob. See you later?”

“Yeah, see you later.” he stated. You winked before walking off. He smiled, leaning against the doorway. He liked the sight of you in his clothes. He might have to loan you his jackets more often.


“Are you ready to rock?!” you walked onto the stage, demanding attention and channeling confidence with every step. The heavy eyeliner and the bright pink wig you wore in all of your concerts were more enough to throw anyone who knew you off of your scent. Yes. You were Cupid.

Being a teleporter certainly helped you make it to shows on time no matter where they were. You didn’t work quite like Kurt. You used portals, and therefore you could transport further than he could.

You strutted down the stage, performing all of your songs. You spotted Warren and the others from the Mansion not too far from the front. You had gotten them the best seats in the house. Warren was close enough to see your face, really, truly see it. His eyebrows scrunched up, and when you got closer, he could have sworn that was his jacket you were wearing…

But he brushed it off. You were out of town, not a rock princess known all over the world. And besides, the (Y/N) he knew was a shy, sweet, innocent nerd. Not a heavy metal rocker with big feathery wings. No. Couldn’t be.


After the concert, you met up with the X-Kids backstage.

“Zhat vas incredible!” Kurt appeared in front of you in a puff of smoke, shaking your hand. “I’ve never been to a concert before! My name is Kurt Vagner.”

“I know, Kurt.” you smiled. Warren squinted, taking a timid step forward. You shed the giant wings mounted on your back and dropped your fake quiver. Lastly, you took off your pink wig and handed Warren his jacket. All of their jaws dropped. “Thanks for loaning me the jacket, Warren. You’re a life saver.”

“But you’re…how?!” Peter shouted.

“Teleporter, remember?” you smirked. Warren was speechless. “I told you guys I was in a band.”

“I thought it was some hippie ukulele group.” Warren chuckled. “But this…I could get used to this.”

“You like it?” you bit your lip and took a step closer to him. One of his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Mmhmm.” he nodded. The other X-Kids subtly snuck away, not wanting to interrupt your little moment.

“You know…” your voice was low. You stepped closer so your bodies were touching. “That last song was about you. The new one.”

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow, smirking. “Was everything in it true?”

“Yes,” you nodded, cheeks flushing red.

“Everything?” he asked. You nodded. “Even that you wished your curly-haired angel would kiss you until your lips went numb?”

“Especially that.”

“Well…” Warren’s hands cupped your face, pulling you closer. “I’d say we have our work cut out for us then.”

ten awesome fics 🙌

tagged by @reineyday​ to list 10 awesome fics!!! not a ranked all-time-favorites thing, but just fics form any fandom that i love, which is a lovely idea ^_^ tbh a lot of these will be my all-time favorites tho cuz i’m terrible at actually remembering fic names and tracking them down again…..

also i would like to take a moment to acknowledge that the shortest fic on this list is 86k like….i think i have a problem.

The Jester by Footloose (Merlin, Merthur)

i’m pretty sure everyone and their mother knows how much i love Loaded March by now, but it’s worth stating again. this series is fucking amazing and any time i really need a boost, i go back and start reading from the beginning. ^this one is the 4th in the series and there is so much intense UST my eyes melt out of my skull. it’s got pining underneath roleplay, consensual D/s dynamics in the guise of abuse, exhibitionism and possessiveness, all with serious military and political intrigue going on. it’s just. IT’S SO GOOD.

The Boy In Red by KouriArashi (Teen Wolf, Sterek)

another one that i’ve already screamed about a million times. The Sum Of Its Parts is another enormously long series where every installment is better than the last and it’s just crazy good. ^this is also the 4th in the series (cuz apparently i just have a Thing for part 4s) and it’s just a really interesting one cuz at least half the turmoil comes from there not being turmoil, lol. there’s danger and intrigue and fighting like nobody’s business ofc, but it’s the waiting that makes Stiles have a mental breakdown and forces him into actual therapy. honestly the therapy is one of my favorite things about the entire series and it starts here^^^.

Croatoan by TheDamnRiddler (Teen Wolf, gen)

this fic scared the everloving shit out of me in the best way possible. it’s absolutely a horror fic with a frighteningly cliffhanger ending that left me looking over my shoulder for a solid three days, lol. but it’s so goddamn good. it’s Stiles, Derek, and Peter with no romance anywhere in its 86k words, which i greatly appreciate. all the relationships are still so interesting and everything feels so tangible and real even as it’s completely surreal by necessity. this fic will fuck you up but you should read it anyway. i’m due for a reread actually…..

Shadowlord and Pirate King also by Footloose (Merlin, Merthur)

this sounds like it should be a crackfic but it’s the most epic fucking space-fantasy adventure, it’s so goddamn good i can’t even say. i love bamf!Merlin and this is the absolute bamfiest, like magical assassin with a tragic past falls in love with a wayward pirate who has to claim his throne as king of the pirates, i mean !!!!!! it doesn’t get any better than this.

Eleazar by emmbrancsxxo (Merlin, Merthur)

a really cool sci-fi-ish resurrection fic. it showcases how truly fucked up Merlin is by his immortality, which is a wonderful rarity in fic lol, and it’s got twists that i almost did not see coming and then was immensely proud of myself for predicting right before the reveal, lol.

Only A Boy by RiddellLee (Merlin/Harry Potter xover, gen)

honestly i don’t think i have ever laughed so hard. i mean this fic is badass and epic and has all the good stuff in it, but it’s also fucking hysterical because a grownass medieval Merlin gets de-aged and pulled into the future to replace Harry in the prophecy, and he gets sorted into Slytherin and he keeps getting left in Snape’s care, and the two of them snarking at each other is literally one of the funniest things i have ever encountered in my life. read the fic just for that, if nothing else, but also Merlin and Draco and Hermione all end up bffs and that gives me life. technically it’s an ongoing series but the second one’s not finished so i haven’t read any further.

The Black Games by Mrs Pettyfer (A:TLA, Zutara)

this one is from way back when i was still reading on and i don’t think it’s crossposted T_T so it’s been a really long time since i read it but i remember it being really fucking good. it’s a Hunger Games AU so there’s definitely MCD in there, but that doesn’t make it not great and i think it’s the start of a trilogy that i never finished…?

Tributes by TheAvalonian (Merlin, Merthur)

speaking of HG AUs, here’s a Merthur one that is equally really fucking good, lol. another one with plenty of MCD but i think more people make it out alive in this one? if i remember correctly? anyway it’s got some really fantastic scenes (the confrontation between Arthur and Morgana will destroy you) and Gwen especially is the absolutely fucking best in this fic.

A Question of Motives by Alaia Skyhawk (Merlin, gen)

this is another one on and it’s a series. like another MASSIVE SERIES cuz i really love those (it’s my 3rd listed here lol). this one is canon AU from the start of s3 but it follows the show’s episode pattern to the letter while also making it completely different and it’s fucking miraculous, and it adds in sub-episodes between each canon episode template that are all just as fantastic and feel like legit episodes of their own, it’s just. it’s amazing. the series was started in 2010 and the newest story is still being updating (i haven’t kept up since like 2014 but i read all of the first 4 stories i think?? so worth it). ((also i think it has like a companion series for the OCs cuz they’re that compelling and there’s that much backstory.))

Candle, Cup, and Casket by Desiderii (Merlin, Merthur)

a “phantasmagorical space opera” like what is not to love about that?? this entire setting and the worldbuilding is honestly just so amazing and fascinating. like that’s all i can even think about looking back lol. Morgana is badass in this too and she and Arthur are like cyborgs with cool mods to make them better fighters, and Merlin’s got the magic thing going on, and the space ships are alive and have ghosts that Merlin can communicate with but no one else realizes are there, like it’s some seriously cool shit. go read the fuck out of this.

i’m tagging: @thedaughterofkings, @demisexualhale, @elveatas, @ialoja, @foxfireflamequeen

Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 44 - Part 2!

I know, I know, this part’s late, and it’s definitely not because of what happens at the end of it ooohhhhhh god.

  • The twins walk right into the weird Mud Circle, and immediately start sinking lmao
    • Grog just stands and watches. “Grog, you dickfuck!” “We’re slowly dying over here!”
  • Every time Zahra and Vex refer to each other as “dear” or “darling”, my heart grows three sizes ❤️
  • The moment Vax almost gets cut in half by two giant blades on pendulums ohhhhh dear.
    • Percy: “We get two tries each to disarm it, it’ll be great!” perCIVAL!!
  • Zahra reveals she has a cloak that lets her fly, Vex: You can fly?!? 😍😍😍
  • Vox Machina vs. Their Worst Enemy: Doors
    • “We should just leave.”
  • Literally all Grog needed to do was roll a 2 to hop across the hole lol
    • Grog and Trinket have a Mufasa and Scar moment, as Trinket keeps Grog from falling into the hole!
  • “Kima’s been very quiet about everything!” “You have nine people travelling with you, and a bear. You mass-travelling assholes!”
  • The Battle
    • The truly epic description of Kash’s flame strike: his eyes go pitch black, and as a single feather falls amidst the three fish people, it becomes almost made of shadow, and then - fire.
    • Everyone’s faces and reactions when the Beholder appears lmao
      • “Happy anniversary, you fucks!”
    • The added stress of having to try and figure out the Beholder’s no-magic space so casters aren’t in it when they attack :/
    • RIP Kima’s BAMF-ness, Beholder Fight #2 and taken out of action once again!
    • Sam: “Remember Laura, you can move a little bit faster now because you’re 30 Gold lighter!”
    • Beholder slime starts generating its own eyes and rays oh sweet lord. And then they start grabbing at people!
      • Kash gets fucking restrained by the stalks, and then hit by a petrification ray 😧
    • Kiki goes Earth Elemental, vanishes into a gap in the stone and starts wreaking havoc from behind the walls ❤️
    • “~~If you shoot him ri-i-ight! You’ll end his li-i-ife!~~”
    • Bigby’s Hand Fastball Special!!!
    • Matt’s rolls don’t bring up the interesting Beholder rays, and the party keeps rolling high saving throws - “I’m not bitter,” he says bitterly, with a bitter expression.
    • Zahra: “Nat 20!” Kash: “That’s my Zee! That’s my Zee right there!”
    • HDYWTDT for Zahra yay!!!!
  • Kash immediately walking over to heal Kima is a nice moment :)
  • JFC, I still cannot believe how ridiculously close The Moment was?!? If Vex’s check for traps had happened a second earlier, if Percy had waited to touch the armour a second later - it was just, fuck.
    • I rewatched it and the moment Percy says “I’m going to reach in a grab the armour” I shrieked NO!
    • The second Matt realises Vex rolled a Nat 1, his face just…drops. His eyes just flick back and forth between Laura and his notes.
    • The fact that Vax doesn’t even know for a moment? That he’s still climbing up the rope, cheerful and relieved - only to see his sister’s body, lifeless, lying on the ground. Fuck
    • Kash chooses the revive Vex, even though it could attract Vesh.
    • Percy using a symbol of his home to help bring Vex back :(
    • Zahra uses a symbol of her Old One, a symbol of the power that changed her life!
    • Vax - just. His vicious, fierce impassioned cry to the Raven Queen. “Take me instead, you Raven bitch!”
  • Vax tries to convince Vex that she only fell unconscious, Grog: “You fucking died!”
    • Honestly, Vax, did you really think that was going to work?
  • Keyleth to Vex: “You know, he loves you very very much.” 😭😭😭
  • Zahra to Vex: “I’m not sure what just happened, but I need you to know you’re very dear to me, though I’ve only known you a short period of time.” And then she gives Vex a fucking dragon-slaying arrow
    • Which, after that ep of Talks Machina revealing Percy’s arrows were flirting? Just further confirms my thoughts that Zahra has feeeelingggsss for Vex!
  • Kash: “I believe in life. That’s all I was raised to believe in. And when you’re married to death, that’s all you really have, life. And I didn’t believe in any person until I met Zahra…she started to teach me what it meant to have family.” OH GOD I’M CRYINGGG
  • “Between us we’ve had three kisses, I think we’ve done pretty well!” “Yeah, high five!” Kashleth are kind of unbearably cute in this moment?
  • Kima finds out Allura’s in Whitestone, immediately decides she’s going to go there lol.
  • “Helping out in Whitestone would be better than killing things here for cash! I don’t know, to each their own, it’s just a noble cause, helping your friends, whatever.” KIMA I LOVE YOU
Under-appreciated Fic rec

I was tagged by the lovely @crossroadswrite​ to rec some of my favorite fics with under 1k kudos.

This features a wide range of stories with some fluff, some smut, and more than some angsty/dark fic because I adore things that hurt my heart. So be sure to check my comments and the tags for potential triggers.

All Sterek, because that’s what I read.

Numbers [T] [11150] standinginanicedress

“I’m magic,” Stiles raises his hands in the air and puts on a serious facial expression. “I have the sixth sense.”

“The sixth sense, huh? Is that what they’re calling bullshit these days?”

Stiles’ lips purse down hard, but he still smirks. Derek wonders if there’s any single facial expression that Stiles can make that isn’t in some way at least slightly amused, whether at himself or the expense of others. “Non-believers aren’t welcome at my table, Derek.”

Fun and so cute. This is one of my new favorites and definitely deserves more attention.

Post Tenebras Lux [E] [47755] seraphina_snape

After finally (finally) having his first date with Derek, Stiles goes to sleep with butterflies in his stomach. He doesn’t have to wait long for the rude awakening though: after being plagued by nightmares, he shows up at Derek’s place early only to find a stranger in Derek’s kitchen.

Who is the stranger? Why is he at Derek’s place at eight in the morning making breakfast? And why is Derek suddenly behaving so strangely, giving the minor supernatural problem Stiles is trying to solve the brush off and generally acting like he did when he came back to Beacon Hills the first time?

Stiles’ spidey sense is tingling, but all of his attempts to make the pack see the truth fail. They accept Morgan into the pack like a long lost brother and it doesn’t take more than a few days for Stiles to be excluded from the pack.

On his own for the first time in years and plagued by self-doubts, Stiles has to figure out what it is that Morgan is doing to his pack and how to get them back.

How does this fic not have more kudos?? A rich and fully developed story with an intriguing plot, angst, BAMF Stiles, Stydia brotp, and of course Sterek. Check it out!

Staring shadows in the eye [E] [24810] queerly_it_is

Derek has spent six years travelling the country as a hunter, searching for the demon that used him and murdered his family, relying on the unwanted power he holds as Alpha to keep himself going. When he’s captured by another demon who calls himself Stiles, Derek strikes a devil’s bargain to ensure the revenge that’s become his obsession.

But Stiles has an agenda of his own, and when you make deals with demons, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Demon!Stiles. Dark (dubcon & painplay warnings), angsty, sexy, and surprisingly touching in places. Featuring Supernatural-style blood addiction.

Gotta love the classics [E] [3979] aprettysmalldose

“Or you could just blow me,” He says, casual as all fuck.

Yup. That’s pretty much the fic.

Biker!Derek, mechanic!Stiles, and blowjobs. This fic is hot and I don’t know why you haven’t all read it yet.

A Mask of Skin and Bone [M] [2628] entanglednow

Stiles had christened him ‘The Puppeteer.’ Which had struck him as kind of amusing at the time.

This is dark and painful, and utterly gorgeous just like every one of entanglenow’s works. Elements of non-con due to a villain’s mind control influence, with the fic mainly focused on dealing with the aftermath.

Tchaikovsky’s Nightmare [M] [30089] fshep

After a week of rehearsal, Stiles is convinced that there’s no way this production is going to end in anything other than misery.

Beacon Hills Classical Ballet Academy performs a variation of Swan Lake where all of the swans are males, forcing Stiles to partner up with Derek Hale. Things go about as well as one would expect.

I honestly didn’t expect to love a story about ballet, but I ended up reading this one twice. Really lovely slow build romance.

In Some Way, I’m There With You [M] [11494] TroubleIWant

Scott slows to a jog as he sees Derek upright and moving, but Stiles keeps running hard. He slides to his knees on the dirt and moss next to Derek and grabs at his shirt.

“Der?” he asks, over-loud and panicky. He’s oblivious to the gore around them, even though he’s kneeling in it. His hands flutter over Derek’s shoulder where the bite is already healing, patting his chest and face like touch is the only thing that will assure him Derek’s truly in one piece. “Derek, are you okay? Talk to me, say something, please.”

Derek’s not sure what to do with all this unexpected attention, and fights the urge to brush the probing hands away. He’s taken worse in fights before, which Stiles must know. Though, he supposes, they’re something different to each other now.


After years of assuming Stiles would never want more than his friendship, Derek is pleasantly surprised to be drawn into an intense relationship with him. Being with Stiles is good, great even. But then why, exactly, does it feel like they’re more distant than ever?

I’m not sure what to say about this without giving things away, but this incorporates some of my absolute favorite tropes, got me teary-eyed at one point, and had me grinning excitedly at another. This author always knows how to create an engaging story, with clever twists and plays on tropes that have me coming back and reading her works over again.

We are the greatest pretenders [T] [6437] heyshalina, marshmallowfluff

(How am I gonna get myself back home?)

Derek wishes Scott wasn’t such a failure of an alpha, that he had noticed the aura of darkness around Stiles before Derek had. Maybe then, it would be Scott now, staring into Stiles’ empty eyes, at his twisted smile, faced with the prospect of killing him.

“You know, I never wanted to be anything other than human.”

Beautiful, painful void!Stiles angst. Derek realizes that Stiles isn’t himself, and Void taunts and torments him.

Collide [M] [28543] allyasavedtheday

“There’s a legend among the druids,” Deaton begins, “it tells of two souls, Silvanus and Antheia, bound inextricably across universes. Two souls that are constantly colliding, not completing each other but-“

“Balancing,” Stiles says faintly, thinking back to all those times Morell talked to them about druids maintaining the balance.

“Mhm. Balance is imperative in our world, Stiles. The supernatural is a turbulent and unpredictable thing, without balance it would implode on itself.”

“So these two souls…”

“Were the bonding of the natural world and the supernatural one,” Deaton finishes for him.

Stiles and Derek are soulmates. It would be just Stiles’ luck that his universe is the only one where they don’t end up together.

One of my favorite soulmate fics. This gorgeous story allows us to explore flashes of Stiles and Derek falling in love in alternate lives, while the (semi) canon protagonists angst over the idea that this seems to be the only universe where the answers don’t come easily.

whatever you want (but you’re gonna have to ask me) [M] [1271] clavicular, vociferocity

Stiles takes another step backwards, and now he’s backed up against the wall, and Derek is still moving towards him. There’s purple dust on his jacket, and Stiles is absolutely freaking out right now.

“Wait,” he says. “Derek, wait. Is that the wolfsbane the hunters were using?”

Derek growls.

Don’t take the tags on this one too seriously. This one’s actually surprisingly cute, so give it a chance, guys!

I’m not drowning fast enough [T] [3676] adjourn

Because Derek has always known, on some level. And he doesn’t care at all.

DO take the tags seriously. Psychopath/killer!Stiles, canon divergent in 3A. Dark and angsty, Derek POV fic as he comes to understand what Stiles really is. Painful and wonderfully handled.

You Got My Mind To Follow [M] [3009] plume_bob

The Nogitsune heads to the loft to seek out its next victim, using Stiles’ desires to deliver its intentions with a more personal touch. Afterwards, Stiles and Derek deal with the fallout.

Void!Stiles fics do not get enough love. This one goes slightly divergent from the loft scene in De-Void, with Void planting the rage-bug in Derek in a more hands on (mouth on?) way, and then shows a bit of Stereky healing in the aftermath of the season.

Burn It Out [T] [6390] Omni

Everything that he was got burned out of him, turned to ash and shadow just like everyone he loved. He was hollowed out and empty, and it hurt like claws across exposed nerves.

Then, it was done.


Or: Derek gets magical amnesia as part of a pact with a dark creature, and Stiles can save him by way of Once Upon a Time rules.

This fic is such an interesting mixture of funny and heartbreakingly angsty. Told mostly from the perspective of an amnesiac Derek who thinks he’s a carefree Floridian working in a surf shop, whose life turns on his head when a stranger named Stiles shows up looking for a missing person.


I’m going to tag: @paintedlandscape @mad-madam-m @matildajones @dontgobrienmyheart @petals42 @literaryoblivion @rocketshipposey to contribute if you like, along with everyone else who can think of fics that deserve some more love and attention.

The problem with Mary, and now John - Post TLD Thoughts

This is a meta about my thoughts on the show post TLD. I had super high hopes going into the episode, mostly resting on “John’s alibi theory” (that the portrayal of Mary’s death in T6T was a lie invented as an alibi for John, who killed Mary) and also hoping we’d get something real on the johnlock front, at least a confession or an admittance that Sherlock is gay or John is bisexual. 

I came out of TLD feeling rather gutted. While it’s a brilliant episode in its own right, and Ben and Martin were phenomenal, I was still deeply disturbed. I think 8 hours later I can start to understand why.

Let me preface this by saying that in Buddhism pain comes from failed expectation. If you expect something to be a certain way, and it fails to live up to that, then you are hurt. But the problem is not that the thing is what it is, but rather that you had unreasonable expectations. So I readily admit that, yes, I had unreasonable expectations, apparently. But some this runs quite deep to the core of the show and the core of me, and the main issue comes down to abuse.

The problem with Mary

In HLV, Mary shoots Sherlock, point blank range, for no other reason than to prevent John finding out about her double life. Sherlock literally dies (doctors give up on him in hospital) and only superhuman effort brings him back.

To me this is an unforgiveable character moment. Full stop. Any bullshit about it being “surgery” or Mary calling the ambulance is irrelevant. She shot him. He died. 

Since that point, we’ve been forced to accept this murderer’s presence in the rest of HLV (John forgives her at Christmas, she’s at the tarmac), in TAB, and, worst yet, her bubbly, manipulative yet chirpy and loving persona in T6T. I HATED that.

I tried to keep the faith by relying on various alternative theories. After TAB, many thought it was EMP (a mind palace projection of Sherlock’s) or that John had a secret plan to take Mary down. Then in T6T it appeared John really was still married, and Sherlock constantly treated Mary like a valued friend. I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, for Mary’s “real” face to be revealed, for a plan to be revealed. Instead, we get Mary leaping unrealistically in front of a bullet and making a half-assed “sorry I shot you that one time” dying statement. So then after T6T we all said “but that was all so fake! no way was it real!’  

Now we have TLD. I’m afraid there’s no way for me to come out of TLD without drawing the following conclusions:

* John really had gone back to Mary, tried to forgive her and make it work, and had loved her enough to be extremely devastated at her death. Probably he’d still had issues with their marriage (hence the girl on the bus), but he was trying to make it work.

* John did not have a secret plan to take Mary out or watch her. By now we would have seen that. That would be, in fact, inconsistent with everything we saw in TLD. John shows intense real emotion and opens up about what was going on with him and Mary. His worst secret was that he’d texted the girl on the bus, not that he was secretly working against his wife. To me, this episode puts the idea of “John’s plan” to bed for good. He had no plan.

* Mary really died the way they portrayed in T6T. This blows my mind, because it was just so unrealistic and sloppy, even contradicting the realism of Sherlock’s shooting in HLV. But apparently, we are supposed to buy it. If Sherlock or John had been in cahoots on some other version of her death (such as John shooting Mary), it would have been clear in TLD. We had John sobbing because he’d cheated on Mary, talking constantly to her ghost. If he’d KILLED Mary, yeah, pretty sure that would have come up. So she really did die that way. I suppose it’s always possible Mycroft had a plan that Sherlock and John were ignorant of, but at this point I’m done reaching for excuses.

* Sherlock also had no other plan regarding Mary either, and really had taken her back to his breast as a dear friend. Talk about self-loathing! 

I have so many problems with this. I honestly want to… quit the show in disgust?  As a writer, I can’t understand the logic behind the forgiveness of Mary. As a viewer, I was really excited to see chortlingly evil villain!Mary. Now I’m just…. honestly bewildered.

And they still keep Mary in there, constantly on screen, this goodie goodie fucking fairy godmother presence.  Ugh.

No, I don’t believe at this point in EMP. They’ve gone down way too far along character arcs and the whole Eurus path to just take all that back. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Everything we’ve seen is, unfortunately, real. Yep. This is the actual story.

The problem with John.

So coming back to John. I’ve been the biggest John Watson fan girl forever. I love BAMF!John. And I loved how focal he was to TLD, how bad ass, and how brilliant Martin was. And, also?, John looked hot af.

BUT. … ? Like… John really forgave Mary for shooting Sherlock? John’s a doctor. He was there when Sherlock was shot. He saw the wound. And he’s OK with that? Here’s a clue writers: if you really expect us to buy John forgiving Mary, how about not making Sherlock literally die? Or how about a scene where Mary is actually sorry and actually repentant before John takes her back? No? That will ruin the suspense of the “is she isn’t she?” connundrum? I see. Well, fuck you. Because you just made everyone on the show irrational and abusive (self or otherwise).

OK. I could see that the Watson marriage wasn’t the happiest. John had reservations. He thought about cheating. I guess that’s something. I guess John wasn’t totally whitewashing Mary. And yet, he stayed with her. He loved her enough to be devastated at her death, to keep conjuring her presence all through TLD as some sainted ghost.

But wait, there’s more! No only do we have John still with Mary, but he’s emotionally cheating with the first woman who flirts with him. I can accept this as a sign that John wasn’t entirely happy with Mary.  But it also emphasized his “no homo” ness. Also, I have a hard time squaring that cheating with any kind of John Watson who is secretly in love with his best friend. No, not seeing it at this point. If there had been any of that going on in John’s head, we should have seen it in TLD, when he’s at his most open and vulnerable. For example, if he’d said to Mary’s ghost “I never loved you the way I should. I couldn’t let go of….” but we never saw that. Nothing like that. I don’t think it’s there. The writers don’t see John that way. It’s time to accept it.

And then we have exhibit #3: John beating the shit out of Sherlock in TLD. I’m not one who insists on every show being PC, but… I do have a real problem with physical abuse. I understand the John Watson character (like Martin himself) has a lot of pent up rage. I understand he’s hurting because of Mary’s death and maybe there’s still (?) anger over the Fall. BUT. To repeatedly punch and kick Sherlock until he only stops because a SERIAL KILLER thinks it’s too much… When Sherlock is sick and off his head and putting up no resistance. No. Nope, nope, nope. I’m not okay with that. I could forgive John eventually, I suppose, but I’m extremely disappointed in his character. 


I’ve lost a lot of faith in johnlock becoming canon. The ending of TLD was so “no homo”. We have John truly in love with Mary and then cheating with another woman. We have him urging Sherlock (seemingly honestly) to take Irene up on her offer. We have the perfect chance for Sherlock to say “for God’s sake, I’m gay”. Instead he admits that he’s only human and he texts Irene back sometimes. (to me, this implies he sometimes gives in to urges of a het variety). And we have Mycroft and Lady Smallwood on top of that.

I’m not going to make any predictions because we’ll know for sure in 1 week, but right now, I’m feeling like they’re not going there.  At this point, we have John and Sherlock (and Rosie) back together again at a new depth of emotional honesty and friendship, and that’s great. But its not the ground breaking show I thought it was.

Everyone on tumblr is posting the hug over and over like that’s something amazing. And yeah, it was nice. Honestly it was! But? To me, it’s an extremely dull consolation prize given the other problems (see above) and all the “no homo” on top of it. <shrug> That’s the way I feel right now. 

I think I’m in mourning for the show I wanted this to be.

The Final Problem

Granted, there’s one more show this season and it may turn some of this stuff around. Will they have evil!Mary reappear, having been a Moriarty agent all along? Well, if they do, they will have made a mockery of TLD and John and Sherlock’s feelings for her. So I doubt it at this point.

So. Apparently they intend to delve into Sherlock’s family history and bring Moriarty back, <shrug> Okay. But… I don’t really care? I was watching teh show for the characters and the relationships, and a lot of that has been spoiled. I’m sure it will be thrilling to casuals. As for me, I’ll wait and see.  

Not Much of a Looker (Part 3)

Originally posted by claracivry

Kurt Wagner x Reader

Not Much of a Looker (Part 3)

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Can you do a part 3 for “Not Much of a Looker” where maybe the team (+ reader because she still has powers that can help) goes on a mission and during the fight, the reader gets hit on the back of the head and somehow gets her sight back? I need the happy ending.

Note: Awwwwwwww yaaaaaaaaas

Warnings: None?

Part 1:

Part 2:

“All right, this isn’t going as planned.” Raven shook her head. “Nightcrawler! Echo! Get in there!”

“Me?” You asked, sitting up in your seat in the jet. You didn’t get much action, mostly because you couldn’t see, and without someone there to guide you, you couldn’t really use your sonic screams without risking the safety of your other teammates.

“Like we practiced,” Raven nodded. “Kurt, stay with her. Aim her.”

“Got it.” Kurt nodded. He *bamf*ed beside you and then out of the jet, onto the battlefield.

“Tell me when,” you told him.

“Okay,” Kurt scanned the battlefield, turning your shoulders. “Now,”

You screamed. Sonic waves tore through the air, leaving your mouth in rings. It took out the robot that was attacking Scott, and seemed to faze the rest of them.

“Good,” Kurt told you. You stopped, nodding. He turned you again, this time at the attacker that was focused on Jubilee. “Again,” You screamed another earsplitting scream, easily taking out the attacker. “Stop.” You closed your mouth. “Zhat vas zhe best you’ve ever done!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you,” you smiled.

“Kurt! (Y/N)! Watch out!” shouted Jean from across the battlefield. Before you could react, you were both brought to the ground, tackled by something. You felt a stinging pain in the back of your head. Hot fresh tears of pain streamed from your eyes. Scott took out the machine with his laser vision. It was the last of the robot attackers.

“Are you all right? Vhat’s wrong?” Kurt asked with concern, kneeling in front of you. You were sitting on your knees, your eyes squeezed shut and hiding behind your hands. They stung worse than anything you had ever felt.

“I don’t think so. Something is seriously wrong with my eyes.” You shook your head, trying to blink and roll them and do anything to make them feel better.

“Well yeah there’s something wrong with your eyes,” Peter sped over, stopping in beside you and Kurt where the rest of the group was gathering. “You’re blind.”

“I know, but…It stings so, so bad,” You rubbed them, more tears forming.

“Are you going to be okay?” Kurt asked, his hands on your shoulders. You nodded, the pain finally starting to subside.

“Oh…Ouch…” You blinked, and you swore for even a second, it felt bright. You opened your eyes and were bombarded with color and bright lights. It took a while, but slowly, everything dimmed. “Kurt,” You stated, looking at his face.

“Vhat?” He asked, looking at you. Your eyes were fixed on his face, taking in the sight of him for the first time in months. He stared at you, confused. He hadn’t quite realized you could see him. You took off your sunglasses and looked at him.

“Kurt.” You stated again, your eyes meeting his. He paused, eyes flicking from one of yours to the other.

“You can see me?” he asked, finally understanding what had happened. You nodded, cupping your hands on his cheeks. He was amazed, confused, but amazed nonetheless. “How?”

“I-I don’t know,” you had shaky hands. “I don’t know what happened, but-”

“Zhis is amazing!” Kurt helped you to your feet. He engulfed you in his arms, his tail snaking around your waist. “Do you zhink it’s permanent?”

“I’m not sure,” you looked at him, memorizing all of the intricate designs of his face. You traced them gently. “I never noticed these.” You whispered gently. He blushed, his cheeks tinting a deeper purple color.

“I…Zhey’re…” Kurt started to explain.

“Guys, this is great and all, but we kind of have to get back.” Scott pointed back to the jet. You nodded, clinging to Kurt. He *bamf*ed you back into the jet, sitting in the seat beside you.

“What happened?” asked Hank, looking back at you and the others.

“Something amazing.” You replied, a smile finding its way onto your face.


You sat on the grass hill during the sunset, Kurt’s arms around your waist and his head resting on your shoulder. You rested against him, leaning back against his chest.

“I had almost forgotten what sunsets looked like,” you whispered, watching the amazing colors in awe. It’s easy to take things for granted when you see them every day, but once you go a while without being able to see something, that’s when you can truly appreciate it.

“Did you almost forget me, Liebling?” Kurt asked, his voice very soft.

“I could never forget you, Kurt,” you told him, smiling when you felt his soft lips on your cheek.

“Ich liebe dich.”

“Ich liebe dich auch,” you replied. He laughed.

“In all of my days in zhe circus, I never imagined someone could love me, looking zhe vay I do. And yet here you are, mein liebe.”

“You are the cutest thing on earth, I swear.” You laughed, leaning back to kiss his cheek. “Even if I hadn’t been blind when we met, we would still be together now. I have no doubt.”


“Really.” You nodded. He hugged you tighter. His eyes watched the sun as it sank below the horizon. While the world might judge Kurt for his odd appearance, he knew you wouldn’t, and that was all that really mattered.

anonymous asked:

Hello there, just wondering if there are any theories about why in HLV Sherlock put John in his place instead of a real dummy? What if Mary DID shot him? Since he already realized that he didn't know her as well as he think than why put John in danger?

OOOO! Nonny good question! I think I MAY have read something in the past but I cannot recall for the life of me where I read it. So instead I’m going to expand upon my own theories.

I believe there is actually a narrative reason that Leinster Gardens happens, and it has to do with John’s story arc in Sherlock. Yes, Sherlock could have just confronted Mary and kept John out of it. There’s no real reason John needed to be present. 

But Sherlock has seen what happens to John when a lie destroys him, and I really do think Sherlock has learned from this. As we have learned from past seasons, Sherlock is very protective of John and his wellbeing, and he perceives Mary as a genuine threat to John. But where Sherlock didn’t tell John about The Fall, I think he’s more concerned about THIS big lie because there, on the surface, appears to be a lot more at stake: a child and John’s entire rest of his life. Revealing Mary, Sherlock in a way is admitting to and owning up to his own mistake of not being able to see Mary for who she is, and risks admitting to John that he is not the pedestal god that he thinks John sees him as.

Sherlock needs John to witness Mary’s deceit first hand, otherwise he chances John not believing him. Sherlock knew that Mary would not shoot or kill “dummy Sherlock”, which he quickly points out upon her entering the corridor and aiming her gun: 

SHERLOCK (over phone): If I die here, my body will be found in a building with your face projected on the front of it. Even Scotland Yard could get somewhere with that.

Now, I had the same question too, why not just put John elsewhere? Thinking about it, though, I theorize that this was more the writers’ deliberate attempt at some sort of parallel or metaphor.

SHERLOCK: May I see?
(Mary peers towards the shadowy figure sitting at the end of the corridor, then lowers her head and turns to Sherlock, laughing quietly.)
MARY: It’s a dummy.
(She takes the headset from her ear.)

John becomes a literal dummy in this moment, both in the “puppet” and “idiot” definitions of the word. 

“Puppet” John is always controlled by an outside force (and not necessarily the Author God). Everything that happens to him is controlled by another’s actions: John’s kidnappings, injuries to his person, both Sherlock and Mary manipulating him to meet their goals, though Sherlock’s are usually to benefit both John and himself, whilst Mary’s are to obtain what she wants. “Nothing ever happens to me,” John says in the very first episode… Because he becomes a puppet of sorts once he becomes entwined into Sherlock’s life. As well, John is Sherlock’s partner, much like a ventriloquist has their “dummy partner”, their actions controlled by their puppetmaster (or you know, “commander”. Which Sherlock thinks himself as John’s which he lets slip in TSo3).

“Idiot” John, I suppose, could parallel Sherlock’s “practically everyone [’s an idiot]” from ASiP (meaning John has failed to observe so much that he has now become just like everyone else, and therefore not good enough for Sherlock, in his mind), but I think it’s more related to how how John is feeling at this precise moment, but more-so is a mini foreshadowing of Mary’s rather callous remark to John later on in the episode:

JOHN (lifting his left hand and gently punching the arm of the chair): Perfect(!) So that’s what you were? An assassin?
(He looks towards Sherlock.)
JOHN: How could I not see that?
(He turns back towards Mary.)
MARY: You did see that.
(John’s humourless and slightly murderous smile is back on his face.)
MARY (pausing for a moment): … and you married me.

The tone of voice Mary uses is rather condescending and I can only honestly interpret it as “you did see it and you married me, you fool, clearly Sherlock hasn’t taught you anything”. If anything it is representative to how Mary truly views John. John has always been a trophy husband for her, and she takes pride in being cleverer than both Sherlock and John in HLV.

Which is another reason why I think John may have his own agenda going on in the background that neither Mary nor Sherlock know about, something I’m currently expanding upon in a future meta. I think it’s foreshadowing not only a seriously BAMF!John in a future episode, but one that will surprise Mary and become her downfall. 

Hope I somewhat helped a bit. I’m a bit tired, so I may have rambled nonsense, for which I apologise. If anyone has any other interesting theories / knows where to find some, by all means please reply / reblog this with them! I’m always looking to expand my masterpost :D


Transcripts from Ariane DeVere’s Sherlock Transcripts (HLV)
More from inevitably-johnlocked:  MY META || BEST OF MY BLOG

PODFIC RECS PART 8-- parentlock and kidlock

(by the way these are almost all really really long! Yay! more to love…)


Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68 read by axemeaboutaxinomancy

Mycroft appears at Baker St one day with a Sherlock clone baby, the boys adopt him. Really what can I say? EGT is in the top 5 fic writers in this fandom, this parentlock story is nonstop joy, and anyone who follows my recs knows I never shut up about how much I love AMAA’s readings so, yeah. I already knew I was going to do this rec post, and then when this came out and I was like, well now my theme rec post is truly complete. Favorite moment so far– dramatic reading of Oliver’s blog entries.

This story is amazing in that there’s almost no conflict of any kind, yet it’s impossible to tear away from. They’re happy by a few chapters in and spend thousands of words talking about how content they are and how everything’s fine– yet somehow the suspense of finding out what they’re going to do for dinner, or what present someone got someone, is completely edge of the seat rivieting. Science side of tumblr, please explain how this is possible! I’m ¾ of the way through this 20+ hour podfic and still totally into it.

Learning Curve by allfinehere read by sevenpercent

OMG how do I explain how adorable this story is without resorting to keysmashing? It shouldn’t work, it should just be cloying and overwhelming, but the author really reels you in. Sherlock is a loving single father to a child who refuses to speak, John a soldier turned kindergarten teacher. Sevenpercent is a prolific reader of sweet fluff, follow the link for more.

The Blog of Eugenia Watson by madlori read by lunchee

This recording is perfection, absolutely everything one wants from a podfic. I avoided this story for ages (main character an OC? Parentlock? ugh no no no) and then when I started the podfic I had even more doubts. The reader is from New Zealand which hey, awesome, but I was afraid I would find the accent distracting, confusing. I AM SUCH AN IDIOT SOMETIMES.

The story is fabulous and provides a masterclass level lesson in writing by proving that it is possible to have a story where we only ever see John and Sherlock from the perspective of John’s teenage daughter that still has more slashy romance and feels than 90% of the fics on AO3. SO MANY FEELS.

And lunchee is a genius reader! I fell in love with her voice and style in no time at all. She reads Eugenia like an actress nailing a role, the editing is great; everything about this is great. I literally both laughed and cried (not smiled and got misty LAUGHED and CRIED) in public during the week it took me to listen to this.


Family Affairs by s0mmerspr0ssen read by kholly

This is a super cute kidfic with some angst around issues of privilege, ableism, and class, but all the fluff and payoff you could desire for our precious babies. John is orphaned and sent to a children’s home; he is adopted on a trial basis by the Holmes family. Kholly is a great reader, very clear on the material and expressive but unobtrusive. She has another Sherlock podfic that’s very angsty but also really good. Family Affairs is recent so I’m hoping for many more to come!

The Frost is all Over by chryse read by aranel-parmadil

OK so full disclosure I haven’t actually listened to this one yet, but I bet it’s good! It’s one of the absolute best fics of last year read by an experienced podder. It’s an historical AU in which John and Sherlock meet when very young and have swashbuckling adventures galore…a tender, beautiful, and very exciting story.

A Study in Bwankets by lavvyan read by ideduceyou

The title really tells you what you’re getting; short, kidfic, super duper cutesy. Ideduceyou is a great reader with other podfics at the link, click the link for even more super duper fluffy fluff…

personal rambling disclaimer;

Once upon a time I thought I didn’t like either of these kinds of fics! To be clear, I think parentlock is the number one most OOC thing in a fandom that includes fawnlock and tunalock, and I prefer our boys to be the men they are, not children…and yet… I have at some point fallen right down that rabbit hole and I find myself reluctantly allowing that one after another fic involving kids is, in fact, quite charming.

In my actual life I do not seek out kid related stuff, but how many times must we remember that what we like in fandom is rarely anything like what we want in real life? For me, many. Do I think John Watson is the sexiest BAMF ever? Hell yeah! Do I actually want to get with a philandering military man with anger issues? Um, NOOO. So fuck it, bring on the kidfic….


anonymous asked:

Drowley baffled me because I couldn't understand Dean's continued softness toward Crowley after the s8 slaughter. I could totally see how Crowley could be attracted to Dean, but I thought Dean would lash out and give cold shoulders (like he did to Cas in 8x22) after the Demon!Dean period, but Dean was surprisingly chill about Crowley? Was it because he never trusted Crowley and couldn't feel personally betrayed by anything Crowley does? I'm still not sure about their dynamics.

Mh, that’s actually a very interesting question.

Let me get a second into the whole ‘I could totally see how Crowley could be attracted to Dean’ - because, really? Can you? Let’s play Devil’s advocate for a second here, because, sure, to us Dean’s this little bundle of cute and dork and occasionally killer of bad things, but in reality, Dean’s a huge mess. First of all, he’s a grown man who’s never been in a proper relationship before, and that usually spells Very High Maintenance, all capitals. Next, he’s got a relatively short lifespan and something that’s practically an addiction to a job that could not only kill him, but also drag you and your family to hell for good measure. It’s also a job that drags him away from home quite often (although, admittedly, that’s not a huge problem to someone who can teleport). Then, you’ve got the family issues - as Dean’s partner, you’ll have to accept the fact Dean is always going to put Sam first, and that could quickly become a problem for anyone trying to form a romantic attachment, or even start a family, with Dean - not to mention the still partly unresolved daddy issues and mommy issues. And finally (not to say this is the last point, but let’s be nice to the guy) you’ve got the inner mess - the self-loathing, the guilt, the addictive personality (alcohol, most definitely, and quite possibly drugs), the anger problems…the list goes on and on. Yes, Dean’s worked through some of this stuff since season 1, but he’s also suffered from huge setbacks - most notably because he was tortured and forced to torture in Hell, and let’s not mention what happened to him under the influence of the Mark. So it’s not like he’s this huge catch.

Okay, you’re still reading? Good. Sorry for this - remember that I love Dean, I’m just fooling around, and I’m almost done. Last point, then: Crowley could have anyone. And by that I don’t only mean any person - from famous actors to beautiful top models to amazing writers and artists and whatever - he also has access to creatures like Naomi and Billie and God knows what else. And Dean’s interesting, sure, but he’s human, which is why this whole story - him and Cas, him and Crowley - is so damn fascinating: because these all-powerful creatures could pick anyone, and they want a messy human. They want us, they think we’re worth a damn. That’s the stuff of dreams, right there, and the reason even a truly awful book like Twilight was such a huge success.

That said, back to your actual question - why would Dean like, or even forgive, Crowley? 

To be honest, I think what Dean craves most of all is a sense of belonging; someone who’s been where he’s been, because he’s not all that good with words and feelings and he can’t explain that black mess and goo in his head and he needs someone to get it anyway - which means his best bet is someone who’s just as messed up as he is, and if at all possible, for the same reasons.

I feel this is part of why his relationship with Sam unraveled in the first place (before they patiently pieced it back together, I mean): because Sam has a hard time acknowledging a common history between them, and in a way, he’s right. For instance, Sammy didn’t know about the monsters as a kid, and when he did learn about them, he apparently had little trouble (at first) adjusting to this new lifestyle. His experience of coming to terms with the whole thing was much different than Dean’s - Dean who almost watched his mother die and thought God knows what every time their dad left them alone to go hunting. Then again, Dean was trained for this kind of life in a way Sam wasn’t, and as a result Sam felt much more of a freak than Dean. We also learned he sees his childhood as a lonely one, and it was heartbreaking to see how Dean reacted to that. And not only that - Sam actively chose to make his own life, divorcing their shared experiences even more. Sam’s the kid who went to college and had proper friends and a normal girlfriend and almost made it out. Meanwhile, Dean had more hunting with his abusive father, and also the terrifying situation of hunting alone - not to mention the rest of it - the lack of friends and girlfriends and anything resembling a normal life. 

(I’m not saying Sam’s at fault for getting out, mind - he had a right to do whatever he wanted.)

I think this mass of uncommon and scarring experiences - add to that his time in Hell, of course - is what pushes Dean towards people who’ve gone through the same things, like Benny - and Crowley. And also, Dean’s got no self-esteem, so he probably thinks he’s not much better than either of them. After all, we know he likes killing things (and he’s afraid of this part of himself), and it’s likely he was made to enjoy his time in Hell as well - and that’s what unforgivable, for him, and also what Sam can’t begin to understand. 

Now, Crowley - Crowley doesn’t judge Dean. Never has. He understands darkness, feels at home inside it, has seen and done literally everything, probably knows more about Dean than was strictly healthy for him to learn (I’m sure he knows everything about John, for instance, and also what Alastair did to Dean) and he takes it all. Dean’s tortured souls? So what? Dean wants to drink himself into oblivion or disappear in the bathroom with a hunky bartender? Bring it on. I think Dean feels - kind of free around Crowley, to be honest. And I’m not saying this is a good thing - the reason Sam and Cas nag Dean about his drinking, to mention just one thing, is that it’s legit bad for him - but I understand the appeal a Crowley-like could have (and does have).

And also: in a world of monsters and people pretending to be what they are not, Crowley is sort of honest.

Which is a paradox, but there you go. Dean knows Crowley’s a demon, so he’s not surprised when Crowley kills people. On some level, he probably remembers what that was like. On the other hand, he is suprised when Crowley goes out of his way to do something good for them - that’s weird behaviour, and the beginning of loyalty.

So, well. I’m sure Dean hasn’t exactly forgiven Crowley for all the shit he’s done, but a) he understands that’s what Crowley is (would you put down a cat because he kills mice?) and b) he likes to have someone around who doesn’t expect anything from him and c) he pities Crowley, I think, because he can see that the guy’s not a happy-go-lucky demon but someone who’s almost as conflicted and unhappy as Dean himself is.

(And now I’m thinking about another similar, fucked-up relationship - Frodo and Gollum. You see? Same boxes. They both knew what the ring was like, so they formed a kind of kinship even if they remained ready to betray each other or hurt each other at a moment’s notice.

And Sam, of course, like our Sam, never understood any of it.)

Finally, Crowley’s sort of Dean’s type - dark-haired, smart, bamf, a little (or a lot) unpredictable. Someone who can hold him down in bed and doesn’t need saving in a fight. And that voice.

As a last point, I feel I have to say this - I’m kind of with Dean on this one - how can we judge Crowley? Have you met Team Free Will? Honestly, the shit they’ve done - not to mention the dark entities they keep summoning up just to save each other’s lives - uh. No, I think all of these characters are really messed up, and I love it - the way this shows blurs the lines between good and evil is one of the main reasons I keep watching. 

Thanks for putting Crowley inside my head and have a good day, man!

anonymous asked:

do you have any fic recs for an aro/ace person who really just wants some good, close relationships without the whole gross kissing thing? implied pairings are ok, too !! (just reread c'est la vie by you and it was perfect, thank you for being so brilliant and creative)

You didn’t specify a fandom so these are basically all the fics I know with asexual characters or just little to no romance. Some still have a bit of kissing but not overly much I don’t think.

Tales From the Avengers’ Mansion by Coneycat (Avengers)

When Loki arrives at the Avengers’ Mansion with a puppy for Thor, and an elaborate tale about how he acquired it, Tony can’t help but wonder what he’s really up to.

Second Chances by glacis (Bleach)

Ichigo trains in his soul and keeps his secrets, because the Hōgyoku is just a baby, Muramasa is the most loyal being he has ever met, Shiro is a troublemaker, Zangetsu’s a truth-teller, Ichigo isn’t as trusting as he used to be, and they all deserved a second chance.

Scales by Straight-Outta-Hobbiton (Bleach)

In which Ichigo is a dragon and his hoard consists of people.

Ranking by Straight-Outta-Hobbiton (Bleach)

Ichigo gets diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. He doesn’t tell anyone.

Lost Boys by glacis (BleachxHP)

After the Triwizard fiasco, Harry leaves Britain behind for a new life. Uryuu befriends Ichigo at a much younger age. Sirius escapes. Points converge and lost boys find a family. Isshin fails. So does Ryuuken. Kisuke finds a friend. Ukitake covers and cleans up. Fate changes.

Mad geniuses and fluffy tigers by amlago (Calvin and HobbesxMarvel)

This is the story about how Calvin drops out of MIT and got a job at Stark Industries. A job, and one and a half cubicle for him and Hobbes. And a yearly supply of high grade tuna for as long as he works there.

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #143

BTVS 5x20 Spiral

Stray thoughts

1) This is a very action-packed episode that raises the stakes as we approach the season finale. And it simpy doesn’t let you catch your breath. Just when things seem to settle down a bit, it all gets even worse. Until it’s the worsest. 

2) The episode picks up right where Tough Love left things off, and it’s all very nail-biting. Glory has finally found Dawn/the Key, and Buffy is trying to get her to safety. But there’s this sense of impending doom, you can feel Buffy is not going to be able to protect Dawn and that Glory might be after all the one Big Bad who gets away with bringing about the apocalypse. That “I don’t think they’re gonna make it” feeling stays with you for the rest of the episode, even if in the back of your mind you’re still thinking “but she’s the hero, she’ll make it, she can’t lose, it’s her fucking show”. And then… well, I’ll get to that later. Anyway, the teaser works very well in setting the mood for the rest of the episode. And it gives us the original Regina George moment.

3) See? Buffy’s depression was already there, it’s not a season 6 thing (although that’s when it was explored in depth.) And probably my last words on my deathbed will be: “BUFFY’S DEPRESSION WAS ONE OF THE BEST WRITTEN ARCS IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION.”

Anyway, you can see how she’s beginning to crack (there are other conversations throughout the episode that hint at her giving up.) so it’s really no surprise she reaches her breaking-point when Dawn is taken away.

BUFFY: We can’t fight her.
GILES: W-well not yet, no, but-
BUFFY: No, not ever. She’s too strong, Giles. We’re not gonna win this with, with stakes, or spells, or pulling out some uranium power core. She’s a god and she’s coming for us. So let’s just not be here when she starts knocking.
ANYA: Run away? Finally, a sensible plan.

XANDER: That’s not what she meant.  Is it?
BUFFY: Well, we can’t stay here! She’ll just kill us off one by one until there’s no one left standing between her and Dawn.
GILES: Buffy, we all understand the severity of the situation, but there must be another way.
BUFFY: No. We stay, we die. Show of hands for that option.

Giles is particularly shocked at Buffy’s stance. It’s the first time running away from a Big Bad has been not only an option but the only option in her eyes. It’s the first time she hasn’t delivered the classic “We’ll figure it out, we’ll win” Buffy speech. And it’s not just that. So far, she’d been really careful to discuss the kind of danger they were truly in in front of Dawn. But she’s fucking scared, and she just can’t keep up the “everything will be okay” facade anymore. She’s brutally honest. And yeah, if Buffy is scared, there’s a good reason to be scared. 

4) Anya’s piano plan reminds me of Cordy’s ebola plan in Graduation Day. Also, I’m always here for sassy!Giles.

ANYA: Piano! We should drop a piano on her. Well, it always works for that creepy cartoon rabbit when he’s running from that nice man with the speech impediment.

GILES: Yes, or perhaps we could paint a convincing tunnel on the side of a mountain. Let’s just keep thinking, everyone.

5) Crack ship: Ben and this minion…

6) Same, Anya. SAME.

ANYA: Anybody else feel that?
ANYA: Cold draft of paralyzing fear.

7) FAVE.

8) I always find it really sweet how Spike goes out of his way to reassure both Willow and Tara in this scene.

WILLOW: Tara, no! What did I tell you? Shh. I’m sorry. She, she didn’t mean to. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. 

DAWN: We know.
SPIKE: No biggie. Look, the skin’s already stopped smoking. You go ahead and play … peek-a-boo with Mister Sunshine all you like. It keeps the ride from getting boring.

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sparks fly

It’s Sterekweek!! And I really shouldn’t be writing fic right now but STEREK! Today’s prompt was “Scene Stealer” and I had no idea what to do with that until I stumbled across this post in my prompts tag, which spawned this slightly cracky, Indiana Jones inpired, 1.7k madness - fair warning, the only parallel to Indiana Jones is the fact that Stiles is a professor of archaeology and I sort of forgot evene that half way through sorry I hope you enjoy this anyways!

Stiles has grown up to be a total bamf, okay?

He’s a professor, and he’s a cool professor at that! Okay, all the other professors of archaeology are over seventy and more than half dead, but still. Stiles is the cool one. And apparently even the hot one, if the comments on “Rate my Professor” are to be believed.

So anyways, Stiles is a bamf. Not just because he’s the coolest professor of archaeology ever, but because he’s the coolest professor of archaeology ever who actually does things, finds things! Cool things, magical things!

Oh yes, Stiles is also a little bit magic. Unfortunately you’ve got to take that literally, because Stiles is just a spark. He can do a little magic, is totally awesome at mountain ash - he can even do the cool circle thingie now! - and can be used as a conduit for spells or other people with more magic at their fingertips. The latter is not so great admittedly; people keep kidnapping Stiles to use him for their usually nefarious purposes - like he wouldn’t mind getting regularly kidnapped so much if it was to save the bees or feed all the puppies of the world or something nice like that. But no, instead it’s always world domination, world domination, world domination, with the occasional reach for the stars to mix things up a little.

Case in point: Peter Hale.

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My reaction to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Already, it is worth noting the high reaction to the script/play. It is the most sold book since DH came out. Within the HP fandom itself, the Harry Potter Reddit, has a thread dedicated to the release which has already garnered 2455 comments as of now. It is worth remembering that even though there are issues, our favourite characters are back with us, after nine years. Canon or non-canon, there are still things to enjoy about it. 

But anyways, here are some points that stood out to me:

The Time-Turner issue: Obviously, no reaction to CC could come without talking about the decision to include the Time-Turner issue. 

I really feel that this was tinkering with canon too much for me to enjoy it. I think that this was one of the biggest inconsistencies with regard to canon. This simply isn’t how Time Turners are meant to work. Even if there is an explanation that is consistent with the canon - as some here have pointed out - however, how could JKR approve of this? She herself admitted that the reason why she got rid of them in OotP at the battle was because it made everything more inconvenient to the plot.

Voldemort/Bellatrix = DELPHI ZOMG: I’m quite disappointed with this. Both with the fact of Voldemort having sex in the first place - to me, he always gave vibes of being asexual, given his utter reluctance to human emotion and feeling, but also with regard to Delphi herself. Honestly, is this “My Immortal” or what? 

Trolley Lady: Just… WTF. Why would anyone, even excluding JKR, think that would be a good idea?

Who is truly the “Cursed Child”?: Is it Delphi, Scorpius or Albus? I always assumed it would be Albus, but I honestly feel that in some ways all three are the “Cursed Child”, meaning that the book should rather have been called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Children”. 

On the relationship between Harry/Ginny: I simply loved it. There is so much between them here. Just like in the seven books, Ginny is able to stand up to him but also be his source of greatest comfort showing that like in the books, they are true soul-mates, just like JKR has repeated several times in the years. That obviously was one of the few things that came from JKR.

Her and Harry share several bonding moments in this play, such as after he has had a bad dream, or even the church scene, where Ginny and Harry talk about her experiences after CoS. Their relationship is so well portrayed, to the point where I’ve seen some people against Harry/Ginny express praise for their relationship, on various forums and fansites, examples being the HP Reddit and FictionAlley.

As I’ve said before here: the proportion of H/G shippers in the fandom is set to dramatically increase. And that’s a good thing. For way too long the H/G ship has been bashed in the fandom, and this is a great opportunity for H/G writers to make a stand. 

On Ginny Weasley herself: Still a BAMF. Ginny was definitely much more present in CC than in any of the other books. Also, I do believe her personality came through, especially at the point where she confronts Draco and tries to make him understand that her and Harry are feeling the same way about Albus as he does about Scorpius, which is definitely bringing flashbacks of when she first confronted him in CoS.

However, there are parts which do highlight Ginny’s issues in getting herself included in the Trio, and as said above to her loneliness after CoS, which is obviously helping with her character development. There is even a moment where in one of the alternate timelines Harry splits up Albus and Scorpius where Draco and Ginny feel this kinship over their envy of such a close bond between the “golden trio”.   

I think it’s quite possible to argue that in this installment, Ginny is more important than either Ron or Hermione, which is a first. 

On Ron/Hermione: I liked how they were portrayed, but showing Hermione becoming like Snape just because she didn’t end up with Ron was… a bit too extreme. I see it as directly coming from this quote from JKR back from when DH was released:

“Hermione’s got the sensitivity and maturity that’s been left out of Ron, and Ron loosens up Hermione a bit, gets her to have some fun.”

This is part of the reason why Ron and Hermione do work well together (even if I would argue less so than Ginny/Harry). I really think JKR was desperate to make the HP fandom - and others outside - understand that her words from the Wonderland interview were taken out of context by the mass media, when they reported that “JK said Harry should have married Hermione”, and that no, she doesn’t “regret” them. In any case, however, I felt this was kinda forced, despite me liking quite a few moments between them as someone who ships the R/Hr couple.

The relationship between Scorpius and Albus: They are soulmates, I love them. They reach out for each other at a time when each one of them is facing expectation and rumours and social anxiety, and it’s great. Whether it’s platonic or romantic, doesn’t matter, they are still soulmates. I’m not particularly interested in shipping this, but I can definitely understand why people do.

I think it is quite comparable to the friendship between Snape and Lily, as Snape himself compares the two of them to what he had with Lily before SWM. 

Scorpius/Albus vs Scorpius/Rose: OK, I get it, you next-gen shippers want to have a shipping war like the big ships have done, but in all honesty, neither ship was actually dissed. People who are complaining about Scorpius/Albus not being canon due to “lack of LGBT representation” are forgetting that there’s something for everybody here. In your fanfics you can write Scorpius/Albus just as easily as Scorpius/Rose, especially considering the fact that Rose did say “no” to going out with Scorpius. So you can stop fighting now, please. 

There are enough shipping wars between the main ships of the series without you adding on to it and making the fandom even more based on drama. Because to me, hinting at both pairings was just trying to pander to the fandom. So it is all for nothing - especially since JKR has said that HP is over now.

Is it canon?: Thematically, I do view as being consistent with the rest of the series. I think that the play is quite consistent with the other books - you know, battling your inner demons, facing pressures from yourself and from society, the threat of the past, etc. But there are plot issues with CC, that is undeniable. 

On Reddit, for example, there have been quite a few vicious battles over the canonicity of CC. Endless fandom drama… it goes on.

So my ultimate verdict is that the series should have been left at the end of DH, and that the CC isn’t officially canon, but that some parts of it are definitely canon - does that make sense? I mean technically speaking, it isn’t canon because it is Jack Thorne who wrote it, not JKR. Canon can only come from JKR. Meaning that even if she approves it, it isn’t canon. Besides, this rule already is valid for the movies. JKR approved them, was involved with them, but it doesn’t mean they are canon. However, there are points where you can feel JKR’s influence, especially in the hill scene between Harry and Albus, as well as the church scene between Harry and Ginny. 

I also feel that the books were aimed at the “hardcore” fans, but that in the end it will primarily be the casual fans who will end up enjoying this the most, since they won’t care about any canon inconsistencies, all they want is “more HP”. I’ve seen this quite often on sites like Facebook over the years. It’s the hardcore fans who will spend endless amounts of time picking this apart. 

Conclusion: These are just a few of my thoughts after having read CC a few days ago. I may have got something wrong, but in any case I will be re-reading CC soon enough in more detail. 

It’s definitely my least favourite book out of all of them overall, but some of the moments within do measure to the moments in the other seven. So I do think that quite a bit of the hate thrown at JKR is unfair.

Verdict: 6/10 - but if JKR had had more of an influence it would have been an 8/10. Definitely in the upper range - I thought it was going to be at best a 3 or a 4 - but not by much.

Either way, I’m still glad with the increase in activity in the HP fandom, and that our beloved characters have come back to us. 

And anyway, as JKR once said: 

anonymous asked:

Convince me to watch black sails! The trailer looked very action-danger heavy as opposed to romance, which I'm not as fond of, but I'd still love to watch it if it was really that good! And are eleanor and vane a trash ship or real? Thanks!

True story: I tried watching this show last summer and closed out within the first five minutes because I didn’t see a single female on screen in that time. OH how the tables have turned re: my feelings for this show. Second time I attempted watching was last month and I basically breezed through for Vane x Eleanor. I’m actually doing a rewatch now to focus on other characters I have come to adore through watching season 3. 

So…I can confidently say this show is so worth the watch. The premise is based around the life and times of the inhabitants of Nassau, the famed pirate port of the early 1700s. Civilization is encroaching, threatening the pirates’ way of life and the show explores how various characters react to this upheaval in their world.

(Note: This show contains a lot of problematic, violent, and triggering scenes. In my personal opinion, they are dealt with in a fair way aka the repercussions of those scenes are always explored with the respect and criticism–at least by some characters–that they should be. Other people may have different opinions on that, but that’s just my two cents. Be warned, however, the show can get intense!)

True, it’s main focus isn’t romance per say but relationships (platonic, antagonistic, sexual, romantic) are a huge part of the story. First and foremost, this means the show has a character driven plot which is really a requirement for any show to be considered good in my book. And what a cast of characters we have…

Eleanor Guthrie…aka BAMF Slytherin Pirate Queen

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Takes no shit from anyone as she reigns over the pirate port of Nassau with an iron fist and steel soul. Has dreams of making her kingdom stable and lets nothing get in the way of that (mostly because it’s the only place in the world she belongs and damn if anyone is going to take away that agency from her). Will betray you for the bigger picture but does it with a smile so sweet you don’t even mind that you’re getting fucked over. 

Capt. James Flint…aka Captain Cynical Idealist

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Ostensibly wants to stabilize Nassau for the big picture as well, but as we find out in season 2, he has a dark and personal past with Nassau and his fight to walk the edge between lawlessness as a pirate and legitimacy through negotiating with civilization is much more of a personal vendetta then he would like you to believe. Wounded soul and unbreakable spirit - he is the man who cannot, or rather will not, be killed.

Capt. Charles Vane…aka The Biggest Asshole Who Might Have A Heart

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THIS ASSHOLE THO. Literally does whatever he wants, when he wants, because he feels like it. No impulse control and rarely little regard for doing things for others (except one certain Blonde Pirate Queen who is his weakness every damn time). Slowly but surely though, we see this motherf*cker has a heart and oh what a lovely heart it is (still is an asshole tho lmao) - season 3 is doing great things for his character growth regarding coming to believe in and fight for a cause aka Nassau.

Max…aka The Mistress of Brains, Sass, and Kindness

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This lovely lady started in a very vulnerable, precarious (and dangerous) position on the island but has come to be one of the savviest and most important and powerful players. YOU GO GIRL. It’s been a hard journey for her with heartbreak but some love too. She knows Nassau and its inhabitants like nobody else (due to her big heart and her sly skill for coaxing secrets from even the most tight-lipped individual). 

Jack Rackham & Anne Bonny…aka The Eighteenth Century Bonny & Clyde

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But actually the definition of ‘in a fight they’re lethal but around each other they melt’. Partners in every way you could imagine, both smart and violent in equal terms. Jack has a delightfully shallow but complex personality and is focused on his legacy, and Anne is one of the strongest characters on the show despite experiencing tremendous hardship. They fuck and fight and swear and kill together, caring for different things at times but always coming back to each other.

John Silver…aka The Guy You Love To Hate (And Hate To Love)

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This slippery little bastard–he is splendidly self-centered for a long time but seems to drive the plot in all the ways that matter. Tbh I did not care about him until season 3 and then I went back and watched his scenes from earlier and WOW did he become a new fave of mine. It’s rare you see a shift in characterization so drastic that is as believable as his, but it is very well done and I actually care about him quite a lot now, especially the challenges he’s facing in this season. 

Billy Bones…aka Mr. Sinnamon Roll

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Okay this guy this the closest you’ll get to a ray of sunshine on this show. Billy is probably the most morally sound character and I love him for it. He’s always looking out for the good of his crew and has a solid, smart head on his shoulders when it comes to choosing sides and causes to fight for. His importance to the plot is continually growing and I’m really excited to see where he ends up this season. 

So what about the ships?

As far as the ‘ships on this show (and no I don’t mean the boat type), there are plenty to keep you occupied. Vane x Eleanor is canon but it’s definitely not a *stable* relationship per say (or a healthy one - but not many on this show are) and they have more angst than anything else so that’s a heads up (#suffering always). There are a variety of lgbtqa+ relationships displayed which was a great surprise for me when I started watching. Tbh the only pairing I truly ship is Vane x Eleanor (although I still enjoy the rest too but am not particularly invested in them) but mostly I think that’s because I went into the show for them specifically. Maybe on this new re-watch I’ll get invested in other ships too now :)

I love your fics so so much. They are amazing I started reading them quite late so I am not sure if you have done this prompt before but if you haven’t, I would love to read a 00q fic where Q was a skilled freelance assassin prior to MI6 and he was actually recruited to MI6 because of said skills but never made into the double o program because M felt Q is more valuable at TSS. Cue the surprise all around when Bond and the rest of MI6 finds out that their fuzzy Q isn’t that fuzzy at all. TQ! – elenyar

Really, really fun. Jen.


“Dealing with it,” he replied, voice curt in the earpiece. “I have a clean shot.”

Bond looked over from his angle, and gave a small snort. “Q, I couldn’t make that shot, you don’t stand a hope in hell.”

Q narrowly restrained himself from shooting Bond himself, and elected instead to take the shot without further delay: the mark crumpled from an impeccable head shot, beautifully sunk through the temple and out the other side in an arc of blood and brain matter.

Bond blinked. “How the fuck…”

“Bond, I would suggest moving,” Q commented drily, as the door downstairs slammed open. “I’m on my way to you now.”

To get to Bond, Q would either have to enter via the currently knocked-in door, or scale two rooftops to swing through the open window. Bond didn’t exactly fancy Q’s chances – it would take an immense amount of physical dexterity – and so kept his attention firmly on eliminating the hostiles.

“I’m behind you.”

Bond twisted, just in time to see Q all but vault through the window, immediately retrieving his gun to cover Bond. “We don’t have long,” Q told him briskly. “We’re going for a full dispatch, no point in leaving witnesses.”

Q was a cold handler, in any missions. He had very few compunctions about ordering a full decimation, even if there were collateral risks. Bond hated that in him; nobody should order killings if they do not understand what it is to take a life.

Only, it appeared that Q was comfortable doing precisely that. “Q, have you ever killed anybody before?”

Q wheeled around, shooting Bond a truly extraordinary expression of sheer murder. “Bond, would you kindly stop patronising me?” he asked sharply. “I was a freelance assassin for six years before MI6 got hold of me, of course I’m acclimatised to violence – how can you possible employ a section chief who doesn’t understand the industry?!”

Bond was honestly, genuinely lost for words.

Not to mention that the entire concept was making his cock jump in his trousers; Q looked delicious handling a gun in itself, the fact of him knowing what to do with it, and demonstrating a high level of physical dexterity, well.

This was a touch inconvenient.

Q glanced him up and down briefly, and smirked. “We’ll deal with that later,” he said, with a nod to Bond’s groin, expression utterly wicked. “If you like?”

Bond was still finding words difficult, but nodded all the same. “I’d be delighted,” he managed, and returned attention to the stairwell, which was rapidly filling up with armed and dangerous men who wanted them both dead. “Shall we?”

“Lets,” Q agreed, and disappeared into the hallway.

12x01 - Keep Calm and... How do I keep calm when that episode was SO GOOD?

Top Moments

Dean and Mary Obviously. Some thoughts on their reunion and interactions in the episode:

  • The way she took him down at the start - Mary’s very first scene and she is proving to the audience that she can handle herself, she is no longer the original fridged woman. She is every bit the skilled Hunter and fighter she was when she was younger.
  • Dean talking about John and Mary’s meet-cute. Slaughterhouse 5 and Zeppelin. So now we know that it isn’t all John that Dean gets it from. His favourite things also come from his mother. That is certainly a positive point to know going forward.
  • Dean’s face when Mary hugs him - it was beautiful. I have nothing else to say.
  • Mary and the Impala! Dean’s realisation that his mother had sex in the back of the car and that he was probably conceived there… hilarious! Oh Dean. You and the Impala truly are bonded aren’t you? I see the Impala as a symbol of Dean’s soul (as I believe many others do too) and this moment was brilliant in tying up that theory that his whole life right from conception has been connected to his car.
  • Mary saving Dean from Knuckleduster Lady. She saved the day this episode. I doubt it will be the last time she saves her boys. 
  • Blood on her hands - That moment sitting in the car where Mary was looking at her hands reminded me of Lady Macbeth “Out! Damn Spot!” Anyone else think that or is that weird? I dunno.. but I think Mary is going to be very much haunted by her choices and what is ultimately her fault. She didn’t get her memory wiped of her deal with Azazel. We know she knew him when he was standing over Sam’s crib. Mary will recognise this and understand that it was her deal with Azazel that started this series of events that leads her here now, facing her grown son and his kidnapped brother, both doing exactly what she has been running from her whole life. Then, one of the first things she has to do as soon as she is brought back to life, is take another life. I can very well believe that she sees that damn spot… the blood on her hands. How she will deal with this will be an interesting thing to watch throughout the season ahead.
  • Are you okay?” “No.” GUYS. GUYS. You know when we were talking about what good things Mary would bring to Dean and Sam’s lives and how her presence should encourage good character development and a change for the better? THIS IS THE START. What was it that Cas said in 10x03?“It’s what the humans do. They say they’re fine. And even if I—I don’t look it, you say I look well, and that way, we avoid talking about something we can do nothing about.” Castiel learned this from the Winchesters, because they do this all the time. They repress any issues they have, they lie about feeling okay because its easier than dealing with the huge amount of emotional baggage that they are carrying. Mary however comes along and when Dean asks if she’s okay she tells the truth. and it leads to them having an honest conversation, with Dean helping her a little bit and her helping him to understand a bit more. It was such a good conversation for Dean to have. 

Dean and Castiel

continued under the cut…

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Oh wise Mittens. I've just had an absolutely terrifying thought, after reading that Misha said Cas is back at being a badass warrior, and now that he confirmed Cas' sex-hair is back too, I found myself wondering; what if he's "re-set" to S4 Cas? BAMF angel of the Lord, having no recollection of the past 8 years? If the angel banishing that Lady Toni Bevell is different to the other sigils, or they "hand-wave" reason as "God did something to Heaven before he left again"? How else is old-Cas back?

Ooh, hello! This is a complicated one, and I haven’t had much coffee yet *pauses to gulp coffee* but I wanted to get this answered soonest and not hang on to it, because it’s sort of timely, what with Misha saying these things at Pittcon, on the FB answer, etc., and with little snippets coming in from set now that they’re back to filming.

As far as Castiel’s plot arc, and why it’s so important for him to finally be “reset” to Original Flavor BAMF Cas (and I’ll explain how I’m using the word “reset” in a second, I promise it’s not scary), this really goes back to what happened to him in 8.23. I need to start with a little backstory in order to explain why I’m not worried about this at all.

The only other first-hand report we have of what it’s like for an angel to tear out their grace is from Anna way back in s4. She described it as a horrible experience, but she’d chosen it. Cas never had that choice. Nor was he allowed to then experience a full human life in his own vessel from birth to death like Anna was expecting to, and to forget that he’d ever been an angel. He was returned to earth as-is to suffer what Metatron had done to him. He’d experienced the sickness of having stolen grace burning him out. And when he finally got his own grace back, it was just a small fragment of the original and he’s never been as powerful as he was before. As far as we know, the only angel that could still fly post-8.23 was Lucifer. I guess the cage was good for something anyway, and protected him from his wings burning off.

Imagine, on top of all his guilt, depression, and pdsd, that he’s also lost the essential thing that had always been at the core of his identity and purpose. I’ve been trying to think of a good analogy, but maybe this will work for you. It’s like a concert pianist is in a car accident and it takes a long time for them to recover physically, but even when their body works perfectly again they can never really play the piano again. Whatever part of their brain or whatever that made them great, that interpreted the music, is just… gone. Can you even imagine that? I think that’s a very small and human comparison of what Cas has had stolen from him.

He never had the choice.

Now that he’s physically recovered and whole again (thanks to whatever Chuck did to him, and having Lucifer ejected from him), I’m actually GLAD he seems to have been restored to his full power. And I’ll explain why, but let me get these important bullet points out of the way first. Here’s the screengrab I made of it for reference purposes first, because there is NOTHING special or different about it (which is detailed in that very long linked post above):

  • Lady Toni’s spell was nothing more than an ordinary angel banishing spell. I made a post about this (okay, I added a snip to @messier51′s already excellent and thorough post about angel banishing sigils, which is also worth a read) shortly after the episode aired when people were worried it was some special, altered sigil that might have killed Cas, or done something extra to him. Nope. Standard Angel Banishing.
  • It’s possible that the Heaven Problems (i.e. angels getting their wings back) were handwaved by Chuck when he swooshed out with Amara, but that remains to be seen. I don’t think that would negatively affect Cas, nor reprogram him or restore him to angel default. I don’t think Chuck would undo near-on a decade of personal growth in his favorite little angel (how many times did Chuck resurrect him now without undoing all the work Cas did personally? Why would he start now? Chuck’s kind of fond of free will, don’t you know.)
  • Right now, as of the last seconds of 11.23, Cas believed that Dean was dead and gone. His ONLY mission was Dean’s final instruction, to take care of Sam. Well, Sam had really needed the HUMAN kind of taking care of. Comfort, companionship, friendship, support. Cas was trying to be that for him, because Dean had asked him to. Toni banishing him like that, threatening Cas’s ability to help Sam, was likely the equivalent of pushing the HULK SMASH button on Bruce Banner, you know? Cas now has a reason to draw on his entire range of angelic abilities and powers, to get back to Sam and stand at his side against this threat.
  • After being human, and then a damaged and broken version of an angel, for so long (more than 3 years!) I’m thrilled to see him be able to stretch his metaphorical wings again. He absolutely NEEDS to, in order to recover and feel whole and useful and himself again after so long being manipulated, controlled, and tortured by others. Because now he has something to compare with being that all-powerful angel he always steadfastly thought he was. He has his own sense of humanity.

He’s been asked almost since his first appearance on this show where his loyalties lie. Even back in s4, other angels were questioning him on it. That was the entire point of 4.17, after all. For the first time ever, he’s going to be able to really ask these questions of himself, not having to battle mind control, not having outside limits placed on his power, not having his grace forcibly stolen. Everything he does from here on out will be HIS OWN FREE CHOICE. AND THAT IS HUUUUUUGE. *did I put enough U’s in there?*

The big bad this season isn’t a supreme deity. It’s not a monster, or a force of nature. It’s just people.

How much use are Cas’s spectacular angel powers going to be against people who know a little more about angels than the average person? People like Toni who don’t even give him a chance to use all that power and just boop him off to Australia instead? I think for the first time ever, angel powers might work against him…

Except for the fact that now, in addition to the BAMF Angel of the Lord, Cas is also Cas. He’s learned a thing or two about people. His people skills aren’t quite so rusty as they were back in s6, you know?

This is a season of discovery and understanding for ALL THREE members of TFW. I think it was Jared that said something about it at Pittcon over the weekend? Maybe? That they’re really going to be exploring what they all want out of life… and this is where Cas’s arc has brought him. This isn’t a choice based on “doing what he had to do,” or out of duty, or because he had no other choice. This is going to be a real uninfluenced choice about who and what and where he really wants to be, and he can finally, truly make that choice.

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about all of this, and not just for Cas, but for Sam and Dean as well! :)