you can travel in time and it's still there

Just Like That

Chapter One


Pairing: Natan

Rating: Mature (for later chapters)

A/N: @leafno​ wrote a pretty hefty chunk of this chapter and it fit so perfectly I couldn’t bring myself to change it, so with her permission I left it in! Everything she wrote will be hyperlinked to her blog.

And I’ve been travelling through the dirt and the grime, from the past to the future, through the space and the time.

—Grateful Dead, “Any Road”

6 Years Later, March

“The day is almost over, yaa shabab, but it’s not done yet. Get your asses in gear and get that last beam up and you all can go home.”

There was a collective groan from the men stationed in a staggered circle, ready to depart for the day, and Lucifer glanced over his shoulder at the setting sun, still scorching its path across the sand with no absence of spite about its descent beneath the horizon. He turned to follow his co-workers further into the site to finish the day’s job and lifted the rim of his hard hat to wipe the sweat and dirt from his brow.

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Requested: hi, this is long request but its been on my mind for a while. could you do one where your on tour with shawn. where shawns at rehearsal so you’re on the tour bus waiting. you try to stay awake to see him once he finishes but you cant so you fall asleep on the little couch thing in there curled up in his sweater listening to his album on your phone. he finishes his rehearsal comes back to see you sleeping (he smiles) moves you to his bunk and falls asleep with his arms around you. Please 💓


You’re on tour with your boyfriend. Its really great that you get to see tons of cool places and you get to travel with him, but sometimes it can get really boring. You spend a lot of time waiting for him when he’s doing press or rehearsing. Tonight is no different. It’s already midnight, but Shawn is still in rehearsal. You’re waiting for him on the bus because you want to stay up to see him when he gets out. You’re watching videos on your macbook, when you realize you’re cold. After looking everywhere for your sweatshirt, you can’t find it. However, you find Shawn’s laying on the counter where he left it. You pull it on and breathe in his scent still on it. You close your computer and curl up cozily on the couch. While you wait for Shawn, you decide to play his album on your phone. You don’t realize you’ve fallen asleep until you hear the bus door open and voices come onto the bus. You open your eyes to see Shawn smiling down at you.

“What are you doing out here, babe?” He asks you since you’re on the couch and not in your bunk.

“I wanted to wait for you to come back before I went to bed,” You answer sleepily.

“You’re sweet.” He replies, leaning down and picking you up into his arms. He carries you to his bunk and kisses your forehead. “I’ll be right back.” He says before disappearing. You’re about to drift back to sleep when Shawn returns. He had changed and brushed his teeth, now he crawls in next to you, both of you barely fitting on the skinny bunk. He takes the outside so you won’t be the one to fall of the bunk.

He wraps his arms around you, and holds you close to his warm body. “Goodnight (Y/n), I love you.”

“Love you,” You manage to mumble back before drifting off to sleep.

Possessive - M

Min Yoongi 민윤기 feat. Kim Namjoon 김남준 - Mafia!AU

Warnings - this is legit smut, pwp basically (also! i used the c word but im not sorry)

Word Count - 1.9k+

Glossary - 0102. 03. 04. 05.

Playlist - here!


Each step feels like dead weight and it’s hard to not drag your feet. Dark air looms over you in the dimmed hallway. Though you’ve been down this passageway many times before, fear still strikes your heart when the door finally comes into view. Behind it, you can hear shuffling and cursing, rustling papers and men arguing. You know you shouldn’t, but you knock on the door anyways. Everything ceases and dead silence rings in your ears. Then there’s the loud sound of clipped steps traveling closer and closer to the other side of the door.

Before you stands Min Yoongi, pursed lips, eyebrows drawn, and freshly dyed hair tousled out of its normal perfection. “Now is not the time.” He says.

You know this. Know it very well. It’s never a good time with Yoongi. He’s always busy organizing crime and making sure his crew stays in check. But you’re fed up with waiting. Fed up with staying up till sunshine rolls around for him to come home; because at that point you’ve lost your lust and sleep has almost completely consumed you.

Boldly, you wrap your arms around his neck and dance on your toes in hopes of at least a peck on the lips. But Yoongi remains rigid, only moving to grab your waist and place you onto the floor. “Now is not a good time.” He repeats himself, accentuating each syllable with a short pause.

You want to scream, slam your hands against his chest and tell him about how much he’s neglected you in the past months. But your eyes catch an awkward shuffling on the other side of the room.

Namjoon is sitting in one of the leather chairs placed before Yoongi’s grand desk. The man is trying not to look at you, but his eyes dart towards the scene. When Namjoon finally tries to sneak a glance at you again, you smile and trot over to the other chair.

You lean back and sigh, reminiscing the earlier stages of your relationship with the mafia boss where he would have sat you down in this chair to eat you out then spin around and fuck you over his desk. The thought makes you giggle and draw your thighs together. “Oh, Namjoon. My, Mr. Kim Namjoon. You wouldn’t treat your–or any–woman like this, would you?” You question, placing your elbow on the edge of the seat to look at him through thick lashes.

Yoongi’s glare is evident without you having to look at him. His awkward shuffling from the door where you left him catches Namjoon’s attention. Namjoon shifts his gaze between the two of you, as if weighing out his loyalty and choices of answers. Namjoon stutters, “I mean, I guess it depends on the situation.”

At the last word, Namjoon’s eyes return to Yoongi. But the mafia boss is not on your mind and you smile to the man in front of you. “Oh, how sweet. Yoongi?” You turn to face your lover, “Maybe you should be taking notes?”

The playful glint in your eyes makes him twitch. Yoongi has always been the one in control–you had only ridden him once in your entire three-year relationship if that says anything. The shift in power has clearly ruined his already annoyed mood. You don’t care for a response before you’re grinning back at Namjoon.

Poor Namjoon, looking like he’s stuck between a world war. You reach out to stroke his arm, “I know someone like you would treat me right. Don’t you agree?”

You barely get out the last word before you’re being pulled back by your hair. “Listen, brat,” Yoongi seethes, face just centimeters away from yours. “I’ve been trying my hardest to keep you satisfied while pulling off all this other shit.” Yoongi always vaguely refers to his work, never wanting to scare you though you know exactly what he does.

“Forty days.” You simply say. Yoongi still grips your hair to keep you just where he wants you but a look of confusion crosses his face. Instead of answering Yoongi grunts, as if wanting to know what you mean.

“Let go and I’ll tell you.” You offer.

The man’s hand drops from your hair and you ruffle it back into something presentable. You stand. “It has been forty fucking days since I have had anyone else’s hands on my body. Do you know how disappointing it is to get off when you have a perfectly capable partner?” As you talk, you push Yoongi backward, digging your index finger into the chest of his tailored suit.

“Baby-” Yoongi tries, but you cut him off when you spin on your heel.

You’re now staring directly into Namjoon’s eyes. He looks terrified and his fingers are digging into the expensive leather seat. “I think we should have some fun, then. Shall we, Namjoonie?”

You drop to your knees between Namjoon’s leg and you can feel the roaring rage of Min Yoongi as you place your hands on the thighs of his friend. You massage the tight muscles in Namjoon’s thighs. “Calm down for me, and don’t ruin the leather.” You smirk and unzip Namjoon’s suit pants swiftly.

Unsurprisingly, his thick member is already pressing against the tight boxers. You allow yourself a moment to run the palm of your hand over Namjoon, admiring the look of absolute bliss that crosses the man’s face.

Finally, you loop your hands around the band of Namjoon’s boxers and pull the fabric away. Namjoon’s throbbing cock dampens the expensive white shirt Namjoon is wearing but he doesn’t seem to care.

You take your hands and wrap them around the base of his member. When you tighten your fingers around him and run your thumb over his tip at the same time, Namjoon ruts up into your hands. It’s a little trick you’d found with Yoongi and it always had him rearing to the edge quicker than he had liked. Always the control freak.

But you quickly lean down the take the tip of his cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue to collect any precum that hadn’t been soaked up by Namjoon’s shirt. You move your hands slightly on Namjoon’s dick, twisting and running them up and down as you tease him with your tongue.

You release Namjoon with a pop, the feeling a slick saliva covering your lips. Namjoon reaches out to wipe it away for you but instead you move closer and take the digit in your mouth. Namjoon looks surprised and almost pulls away. But he doesn’t because you begin to suckle on his finger and swirl your tongue around it. You bat your eyelashes innocently and flutter your gaze across the room.

Yoongi holds a pained expression on his face, but it doesn’t look like it’s from you telling him off earlier. You once again let go of Namjoon with a vulgar pop of your lips. “Are you going to join or should I fuck Namjoon while you watch?”

The sentence leaves your mouth before you can even think it over. You would have scolded yourself for being so bold had Yoongi not shamefully shuffled over to your position on the floor.

You snap your fingers in a demand, “Condom.”

Namjoon lifts his hips and digs into his pocket for one while you begin to undress Yoongi as well. You can already see the straining of Yoongi’s cock against the expensive material of his slacks. Each slow movement of yours irritates Yoongi to no end and he pushes you off to rid himself of all clothing.

You move and settle yourself in Namjoon’s lap where he’d already graciously taken the pleasure of putting the condom. When he notices you lifting your dress and getting ready to take his length he stops you. “Don’t you need to…?”

The little message is received and you giggle. “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been preparing for hours now.”

With that, you turn your back to Namjoon and sink down on him. It’s a new feeling, as the only man you’ve been with for over three years is Yoongi. Namjoon isn’t the same as him, though, doesn’t give you the same feeling of pure fulfillment. But he still hurts, and you take a second to let Namjoon and yourself adjust. The poor boy under you is panting as if he’ll pass out any second.

“Yeah, I know.” Yoongi sighs, stroking his length languidly.

He and Namjoon make eye contact and end up laughing at each other. They both look so whipped, each man wrapped around your finger like naive little children. As soon as you lift your hips and slam back down onto Namjoon’s thighs, they let out a groan in unison. Namjoon’s large hands wrap around your waist, digging into the fabric of your dress.

The sound of your thighs smacking against Namjoon’s ring through the room and Yoongi moves closer to get his attention. “Suck.” He says, moving so his rigid hard-on is right in your face.

Yoongi looks down at you, riding against Namjoon and then looks to his neglected cock. He watches as you move forward and take the tip into your mouth. You’re met with a salty taste but ignore it to take in even more of the man standing above you.

Namjoon starts to thrust up into you when he sees you’re slowing down, occupied in keeping Yoongi’s attention captured. Both men let out deep groans, pulling on your hair, waist, chin, legs. It’s a scramble for their own release, both men snapping their hips to the meet the warmth of your cunt and mouth.

Saliva drips down your chin and Yoongi swipes it away. “Open.” He says, looking down at you with hooded eyelids. Namjoon’s thick voice lets out a string of swear words and his grip on your feels like it’s beginning to bruise.

You slacken your jaw and swallow around Yoongi, coaxing him of his climax. Yoongi’s grip on your hair tightens and his thick cock throbs against your tongue. You try to tighten around Namjoon, but he’s so fucked that when you barely close around him, his climax comes rolling over the edge.

You rock back onto Namjoon and swallow around Yoongi as he climaxes too, with a roar of your name and a jerking of his hips. Both men end with a deep sigh, running their hands up your body. You still haven’t come, but seeing these two men so wound up in your spell has you in your own trance.

The silence is broken when your eyes meet Yoongi and he realizes that he and Namjoon neglected to help you get your own release. His arms come under yours and he easily lifts you. Instinctively, your legs wrap around his torso and your head finds home in the junction of his neck. “Yoongi,” You mumble, pressing your swollen lips to the column of his neck.

“Out, ‘fore I kick your ass.” Yoongi kicks Namjoon’s shin, forcing the younger to scramble to pull on his pants and scurry out of the room.

You nibble on the tan skin of Yoongi’s neck, kitten licking it when you know that there will be a mark of your territory. Your bottom hits the cool oak surface of Yoongi’s desk and you whimper when he pulls your limbs off of him.

“God, I’m going to eat you out so good you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, baby girl. Now lay down for daddy.”


anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could write a modern au with a John Laurensxreader based off the song called Traveling Soldier by the Dixie chicks where John goes off to the middle eats and the reader doesn't know if he's coming home and misses him? You can decide if it ends in angst or fluff. Thank you! I really love you writing and blog by the way. Your amazing!!!

YOU’RE AMAZING ANON! TANK FOR LIKING MY DRABBLES!! and i decided to listen to the song. I cried, i really did. there’s tears still on my cheeks as i write this. why is this so sad omg. im extra excited to write this one next :D 

its that time of the month guys ignore me pls

strikingneil  asked:

PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. ♥


  1. SHEITH (lol predictable i know i only talk/blog about them all the time)
  2. i have it now only like 20minutes to work by walking so when i go home its still daylight (finally it starts feel like spring) and i love this time of year, its not too cold or not that warm yet, and i just love that i dont have to travel via bus or tram and can enjoy bit of sun
  3. weekends!! i really love weekends now, more than ever before
  4. books and movies and tv shows !!
  5. my blog/mutuals ♥♥ i can be on here only at evenings now bc of work, and i miss having more free time, but i still try to have my queue full and blog running, and i made recently some pretty awesome mutuals and i just love you all guys <333

do you remember that time when jemma simmons was supposed to have a huge ptsd-recovery arc and instead got some love triangle story we can live without? (will was a hottie & a nice man but PTSD-RECOVERY ARC MAN).

do you remember when grant ward was seeking revenge for kara (i am really surprised that writers still remember poor girl’s name) and end up with “what i always wanted is just to team up with another old crazy hydra dude, to travel space and to be eaten by inhuman worm”? beautiful.

do you remember we were supposed to get a sneak peek of secret warriors team and got quake and her adorable ducklings? joey gutierrez is a gummy bear. 

do you remember when coulson was trying to restore s.h.i.e.l.d. for a year and mack was a better director for a day? kudos to mack for an amazing career.

do you remember when grant ward was going to be some marvel comic book character? i tried so hard to find mike munroe in marvel wiki, but super failed.

do you remember when leopold fitz was a crying angel? yes, i remember that.

Don’t compare your life with others. Maybe you can’t travel as much at the moment as you’d like to, because of circumstances. Maybe you can’t be as creative at the moment as you wish to be. These are times of preparation and you can take trips to your soul. Such times can still be very useful and even happy. Every time-period in our life has its own source of happiness, we just need to look for it. And that in itself is like climbing incredible mountains and crossing challenging seas.
—  Sereno Sky, author of “Lonely Traveller”
US$ 150 for a limited edition Voltage Inc. poster!? Total BS

I saw what “Voltage Visual Romance Novel” posted on Facebook. 15 limited edition posters for $150 each. Are you serious Voltage!? This is yet the most ridiculous thing you have ever produced so far.

The reason why I am pissed at this is because you have showed no appreciation for your fans. You make buying Voltage merchandise the most painful experience ever. You don’t offer affordable, easy to obtain merchandise and then throw this ad on Facebook like its the coolest thing on earth.

To me it’s the most ridiculous and shameless marketing of all.

Not everybody can travel miles to your booth in Anime Expo on a July 4th weekend (which is the most expensive and busiest time to travel in the US), not to mention how hard it is for your overseas fans! Because you know,not everyone lives in the United States.

And after years in the market, you still make no effort to open an online store to sell your original merchandise, and make them affordable to the mass. And believe me there are lots of us. Have you seen how “Notice me Senpai” have made their merchandise affordable and easy to obtain? Shame on you Voltage. It’s really not that hard.

The only thing you’ve done was to make our fangirling about your characters, a shameful act. The only thing you have done is to prohibit your fans from selling fanart. Some of us cannot draw and would rather pay a good artist to feed our need rather than sulk in a corner. But we cannot and yet you won’t make your good accessible!!! So we are back at sulking at the corner, getting saltier every year.

I would be glad to follow your rules but you make it really hard Voltage.

I would love to celebrate this amazing limited edition art but I am already despising it. It just shows you have no respect for your fans.

What we see as modern AUs or modern times are basically like the past in the Mass Effect universe, right? What if the Normandy and its crew end up back in time, in our yearl? The Charon Relay hasn’t been activated yet but they could still ask to land on the Citadel if they’re near the station. Can you imagine? They’ve never seen humans when suddenly a human asks to see the Council.
In this scenario they could need help to get back to their time or they’re there on purpose and are sent by the actual Council. It would be like an alien showing up to tell us everyone in the galaxy will die in the future but they’re here to fix this.

I know the science of it is wrong and I think it might create more timelines than really change a unique timeline, but please please let me dream. Time travel is cool. Plus I really want to see them explore this old Citadel and see what has changed and what hasn’t. What if they go to Omega? Aria has only been in charge for thirty years. Liara isn’t born yet but Saren isn’t either, so Matriarch Benezia is definitely alive and possibly with Aethyta. There could be two Wrex omg


So I’ve been thinking a bit about merrilee lately ( when am I not?)

I imagine they often travel through space visiting different worlds. However the journey between different planets can be a long and lonely one so by the time they find a place to stay they’re pretty desperate for friends.

Most of the time this proves difficult as many civilizations frown upon dragons. Thus its not uncommon for Merrilee to take up residence with more ‘deviant’ groups. Theyre still a big lovable dragon but sometimes they end up as a henchman in some dictator’s army and well you know how it goes?

Despite being very nonviolent I imagine Merrilee still manages to do well even among rougher company. They sometimes even manage to work their way up into high command positions. This is some parts due to their loyalty and some parts due to their ability to appear as a large ( slightly intimidating) monster.

Nonetheless, they’re happy to serve and happier still to please their current master/friends. Theyre presence sometimes even would affect how a ‘bad guy’ goes about their business? Id think it’d be hilarious if Merrilee is an effective body guard but due to their low tolerance for violence the villain would end up easing up on the conflict to make things more comfortable for their second in command.

Plus merrilee makes a mean cup of tea that no super baddy can resist.