you can touch this

Hunk Garrett does yoga and you can pry this headcanon out of my cold dead hands

Learning to Love

Life is a simple game called learning to love
are you ready to begin, the best time is now
though relax, you can take this nice and slow 
first be kind, be generous and understanding
give all that you can, take only what’s needed
breathe, touch life’s river, then follow its flow 
there now see you’ve nearly made it my friend
only the final stage is tricky, but you’ll be ready
as grace will be revealed in the act of letting go

Imagine your OTP

Person 1 : I bet 20$ that I can kiss you without touching your lips

Person 2 : That’s not possible

Person 1 : Maybe for YOU

Person 2 : Well then, go ahead

Person 1 : *kisses Person 2 on the lips*

Person 2 : Wha…

Person 1 :*smirks, gives Person 2 20$*

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A few months ago, i broke up with a guy, cause he manipulated me constantly. But now i feel like, im becoming him, is it normal?

It’s normal but it’s not good. A lot of abuse victims mimic the personality of their abusers, especially younger victims, or if this was your first relationship of the kind. This is why so many abusers are also abuse victims. What you need to do is go through a lot of therapy to process that abuse, inform future partners of your history of abuse and make sure that they get the chance to tell you if you’re mimicking this behavior and make sure they let you tell them if they’re reminding you of him. Try to find someone who can just help you by cuddling with you (unless touch is triggering for you) so you get used to proper affection again. Ask maybe a friend for that or something.
Another thing that’s very helpful is creating a mood diary and reading it over every night before going to sleep. Keep track of spots where your behavior is resembling your ex abusers behavior. If you notice these things, you’ll know before it happens how you’re about to act like him, you might be able to prevent it. I really hope this helps.

you know chanyeol’s hand is so big and it crawls to your skin. you hold it, chanyeol’s almond eyes look stright into yours, “do you want me to stop ?” he hopes that he can continue because he loves to touch it. “you know i can make you feel good, right ?” he asks you, with low voice. he doesn’t care about your answer and keep touching to this and that. he leans closer, kissing your neck, giving some marks on your skins, you moan softly. he likes it, he smiles, “be good to me and i’ll be good to you”, he says. you laugh, “i’d rather be bad, rather than good”, you kiss his cheeks, giggling. he smirks, “so i guess you like it rough, huh ? honey, i promise you that you can’t walk for a week.”

so the hubs has like 0% interest in any of my fish or my tarantula (or any other future inverts/fish)…and we were talking about pets the other day and he basically said he wouldn’t really want to have a pet that he couldn’t physically hold/touch/interact with (he absolutely ADORES our cat and our dog) – then he asked why i dont have a lizard cuz lizards are ‘cool’ (aka you can touch them and hold them) and i just didn’t expect to really ever hear him say something like that :O i’m not really into lizards or reptiles (aside from wanting one or two species of snakes) but maybe in the future it’s something we could do together, since we don’t really have many hobbies in common :)

What’s it like dating Merlin

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  • him always coming home in time before dinner, even though he is always working late nights 
  • small little gifts from time to time since he is always scared you will get bored of him and leave him
  • him blushing every time you tease him
  • you being the first person to try out the new weapons 
  • him purposefully giving rigged weapons to agents who show interest in you 
  • him always getting looks from harry, since harry was like a father figure to you 
  • him doing little things like holding your hand under the table or kissing you on the cheek from behind at random moments of the day 
  • when he is away, he always make sure to call you every night before you go to sleep
  • whenever you are away he will make sure to keep talking to you through the glasses
  • him always giving a verbal beat down to anyone who will dare to make you upset 
  • him purposely giving harder courses to the trainees who have any interest in you 
  • you being the only person who can touch his tablet without getting in trouble with him 
  • pillow talking until both of you fall asleep every night he is home
  • you two talking about your future together 
  • you having videos of him being very different from the merlin people know
  • cuddles in blanket forts while listening to old records, since both of you are always up to date with trends even though he was the IT man 
  • him reluctantly getting you a puppy since you want to get a ‘little merlin who will follow me around for protection’
  • merlin hating the puppy because you give more attention to the puppy then you give attention to him 
  • you ended up giving him a special ‘surprise’ when he comes home from work to ‘cheer him up’

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Maybe draw some dear evan hansen comfort hugs,,,, like between evan and connor or evan and connors sister (i cant remember her name helo)or like,,,,,,,,, any one i just need som comfort hugs

connor isnt used to hugs so he gives people his hoodie as A Hug™

(<- that hoodie hug idea is from @askconvan / @nellos12 follow them :O)