you can thank those tumblrs who steal and repost for them

So you’re Spider-Boy? || Peter Parker x (f)Reader! [Part 1]

Request:hi are you guys still taking request? I loved your father Tony x daughter reader. Can you make another one where she’s his daughter and she’s like this awesome computer hacker and she was the one who found out about Spiderman? Then her and peter meet for the first time? Does that even make sense lol Thank you love you guys“ -Tumblr Anon

Title: So you’re Spider-Boy? [PART 1]
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Dad! Tony Stark
Word Count:
Warning: Fluff, shy-stammering Peter Parker, civil war era
Creator: Alta
Reposting/Plagiarizing is not appreciated, reblog is fine. Hope I did the request justice… I added in my own ideas e,e Also! I kinda would like to dedicated this to Shan, she legit cried because she couldn’t go to the premiere for Spider-Man :—)) so this goes out to everyone alike.

War finally came down to Tony and Steve, and honestly you weren’t surprised. But it worried you that Steve really was abandoning the Avengers for a killer that was once his old friend. And you saw how it hurt your dad, how it was affecting everyone.

Eventually, Tony had thought it through and came down to the conclusion he needed help, so formed a team. But he needed a good number to recruit, which brought you into the picture. Now, being the only child of the billionaire himself, heavens forbid you fight… Not physically anyways.

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could yall please do me a favor?

So my girl Tiffany @earthtogot7 told me that there was this instagram account (yutaslines) that posted my content without my permission and she kindly sent me a screenshot since I don’t have an insta:

Now I find it highly unlikely that he didn’t see the url of my blog when he decided to be this rude and not even credit me when reposting it, and I got the instagram app just to check out this account and……..I found that he was reposting other people’s videos and tumblr content as well:

I find it incredibly rude for these instagram accounts (or any account on any website ffs) to be reposting people’s original content without their permission or without crediting them. This has happened to me several times on several occasions when I get messages of someone letting me know that an instagram account or a wattpad account has reposted my writings or my memes, but tbh I chose to do nothing about it bc I didn’t have an instagram.

But now I’m honestly sick of it and really need your guys’ help.

If you could please just leave a comment on their posts, or message them, or even have them reported…..I’d really appreciate that. I don’t want myself or any of these content creators to have their content stolen and reposted like this, it’s the highest form of disrespect to us.

I’m only asking yall bc YOU guys are literally the reason why I have this blog and why I post this content, so it’s not only disrespectful to me and all those other blogs, but YOU as well!!! My followers!!!! Nothing makes me more angry.

I strongly encourage all of you to report any accounts that are similar to this if you happen to stumble upon them, esp if they’re not crediting anyone or claiming the posts were their own. I’m sure all of us tumblr creators would appreciate nothing more bc it happens to us more than anyone else <3333

It’s completely fine if you don’t have an instagram account, I just wanted to post this so you could maybe help me out by reblogging instead and spreading the word if you possibly can!!

Thank you so much my loves, I really didn’t know where else to turn and who else to ask 💛💓💝❤💘💙💖💕💖💚💞💝💜💛❣💖💕💗💚

tioretrog  asked:

Hello tsumire, I am from the page of fb Comic Cartoon Latino, I just came to ask you to accept these apologies and I hope you have not offended or angry, because for me you are a good artist and I only did it because I love your art, That I did not ask permission to do it, anyway I ask you to accept these sincere apologies, I hope and you understand me :) greetings

Thanks for sending me this message.

But tbh I feel no sincere apologies in this message.

I said multiple times on my tumblr and twitter, even you do like my art, doesn’t mean you have the right to repost them without my permission, no matter you want to share my art because you love them, or want to do advertising for me, you didn’t ask me first, so you are wrong from the beginning.

Also you didn’t credit most of the artists’ art, how can your followers know who’s the artist if they like that art ??

Some reposters saw my post about repost, they came to apologize saying they will take down my art. I’m happy when people say they love my art, but even if you love my works it doesn’t mean you can repost them. What you did it’s not helping me, only hurts me.

Beside repost, you even edited, translated and add your own watermark on our art, you did too much, this isn’t okay. Those artists spent hours on their hardworks, it’s wrong to think how we reacted was bad and you even support those fans who thought what you did was okay and you were just advertizing us. That was not okay to us. There were people trying to help us, but you only pointed out who sent them or their identity, even ignoring them .

I don’t want my art to be reposted, so i haven’t authorized any other page besides my own ones to post my work. I don’t have time to look for every page, if you know some pages repost others art you can tell the artists about that to help them.

I’m still mad and I hope you can understand why, so I wrote all these things for you.

I suggest you take down the art you reposted without permission, some artists like @treker402, @jearwork, @kaiken23, @dement09, and @beautysnake, don’t like their art being reposted, you should ask them first.

If you don’t know who drew the art, take them down aswell, you don’t know the artists doesn’t mean it is free to use.

I sleep only 4 hrs a day because I want to draw for my friends and my own followers, ofc I’ll be mad when I see ppl use my hardwork without permission.

Asking for permission is not that hard, I hope you will do that for me if you really want to apologize.


To my followers who dont know what happened, there was a FB fanpage called Comic Cartoon Latino reposted, edited and translated our art without permission.

They didn’t take down my art and other reposts, and deleted one of their post which we left some messages under it.

And the comments under this post really makes me sick,

Sick comments

No matter how you love the art or for other reasons, you cant reposted it without the artist’s permission, dont use it “sharing” as an excuse to repost ppl’s hardwork on your own page, you are not sharing if you do that, that’s stealing.

I should be asking kinder when someone steals my stuff ?? Whats wrong with these ppl ??

If you like ppl take your stuff away and show to others without asking then go ahead, I dont want to be like you.

At least I respect myself and other ppl.

anonymous asked:

Does it really hurt artists when people repost their art, even if credit is given? It's a dumb question to ask..I'm sorry but I just wanna learn and stuff..

it’s not a dumb question! thank you for caring&wanting to learn. YES here are some of the common points:

1) some artists don’t want their art shared by strangers to the unknown, they want to be in control of where their art is distributed & what kind of audience will see it. ex: rude/hateful comments are often a result of the unintended audience seeing my art & it sucks because the reposters don’t care about me as the artist at all, only what my art can get them (comments/likes). 

2) w/o permission, you are stealing. crediting does not make it justified unless you asked the artist first or they have explicitly stated with being okay with it. most artists will have it stated on their social media but please ask if you are unsure! you can usually find the original artist by a watermark/signature on the art itself,, it’s not difficult to google the name. if all else fails, try reverse google image search. if you really love the art, you will be doing yourself a favor by finding the artist & supporting more of their work in a positive way.

3) respect the artist! some artists have stopped sharing their art altogether because of this. it really hurts when you share your work to get it misused repeatedly. it’s okay to love an art piece but please think about the artist too! someone with feelings created that, artists aren’t machines that produce art for you to take.

just because you see resposts happening does not make it okay for you to do the same. i had to learn as well, no one is free from flaws or mistakes. i was young(not an excuse but common) & there are many others like that now but we can always learn from our mistakes. it is a big deal to artists but it’s not detrimental for you if you did make the mistake, you are/were a part of the problem but not the whole problem itself! as long as you don’t do it anymore it’s okay

note: please do not ignore/block the artist when they ask you to delete the repost, i promise it will be better for both parties if you simply do so.

+ i’m no expert but you can apply this to any content creator as well. i’ve also used gifs made by gifmakers on tumblr & the creator kindly let me know it wasn’t okay. as fans who enjoy fandom content (fics/gifs/fansite/art/etc) we should be more mindful of those who are giving us free content & making it a more fulfilling experience. if you find this difficult, remember that all of us are fans & aren’t unreachable. let’s be more mature in our way of enjoying content

Long Ass Post Regarding The Bastille Fandom and how it's really Not As Great as it's made out to be


so ive seen a Lot of posts lately praising the bastille fandom for being so “nice and sweet and chill and tolerant” etc etc.
and they bother me a lot.

I have nothing against the people making these posts. they’re happy with the corner of the group that they associate with, and that’s fine.

what I do have a problem with is the posts themselves.

they make out like this fandom is so nice and peachy and perfect when if you look even a tiny little bit further away from your own friend group within it, if you scrape a tiny bit under the surface, it’s obvious this is certainly not the case, and nobody acknowledges this.
no fandom is perfect, especially not this one.

we have our fair share of sketchy disgusting shit going on.
it may not be to the level of certain others but it is there and it’s bad, and the mentality of glossing over that completely is worrying me.

I have a few points I’m gonna go over, mostly relating to this fandoms treatment of Dan, and their treatment of each other.

•1 Treatment of Dan

this is probably mostly in reference to the twitter group of the fandom but it’s bad on tumblr too hoo boy.

to put it bluntly

y'all are fucking THIRSTY
and it’s disgusting.
because Dan doesn’t have a partner that we know of publicly everyone seems to take that as him being free range and make some pretty Ugly and Disgusting comments towards him- and even worse y'all do it on twitter too, on his tweets, which he can see?
the way you talk about him really rubs me up the wrong way.

he’s a human being for god’s sake and i don’t wanna sound like your mum but ACT LIKE YOUD WANT TO BE TREATED YOURSELF.

he is not free for you to treat like you do- and a good mirror for my point of the fact he doesn’t have a partner we know of is: you don’t make those kinds of advances toward woody, do you? y'all know he’s married and you respect that, which is great. but you can’t show the same courtesy towards Dan? (and don’t try to say that woody isn’t as attractive as Dan that has nothing to do with this.).

Even worse is your harassment of anyone involved with Dan’s life like his friends especially his female friends -
the AMOUNT OF TIMES i have SEEN speculation about one of his friends or a crew member or anything being his girlfriend- and then you go and harass the poor girls?? what the fuck??? it shouldn’t matter to you if he has a partner and if he does you DONT HARASS THEM LIKE THIS.
i find it really hypocritical especially after the whole glory thing.

•1a Treatment of the boys on twitter

I’ve said something about this before but the twitter fandom is SO bad. I’m not very involved with it so i won’t make claims but they’re some of the worst i think mainly because due to the nature of twitter they have direct contact with the band.
anyway, twitter fandom is awful, not going further bc y'all know

•2 Treatment of others within the fandom

oh boy!
y'all are not all nice
as someone who floated around Heaps before i settled within the space I had within the fandom when I was a somewhat active participant in it, I can tell you that a Good Percentage of you in the tumblr section of the fandom are demons.
I’ve seen people bully and harass others, send anon hate, more and more and more and i think maybe it’s gotten worse since the second album?
the main problem is I think you’re all too overprotective of the band as a whole.

•2a Treatment of the creative side of the fandom

this place is the WORST when it comes to art theft of various incarnations Holy SHIT
you steal and repost other people’s edits, their art, their gifs, with no credit and that is Bad. You know it’s bad but do you stop? no. do you check sources? no.
you follow and reblog from accounts that repost gifs and you dont give a shit- even when the original watermarks are Right There

And let’s get back into how y'all treat Greg shall we?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it as many times as possible-
how have you not learned? why do i still see leaked photos going around? why do you not check the source before you reblog? why do i, to this day, see photos from the photobook online when you’ve been specifically told not to post them?

it’s ugly and disgusting how you treat creators in this place, especially Greg.

• in conclusion

there’s more to this but this is long enough already.
what bothers me the most is how nobody seems to see this? how you praise each other for being so Great and Cool?
there’s some great circles of people in here, i agree, a lot of you are really great but there’s still the other side to it there.
no fandom is purely nontoxic!! you know that!!
it’s worse here than you think it is and that’s what i want you to take away if you got through this long ass terrible post.

sorry for being the one to crash your party but it’s the hard truth and I wish more people were aware of it because this ignorance worries me.

(thanks to joyce for talking with me and helping me think out this post a bit)

About people stealing GIFs on Tumblr

I’m writing this post to address a pattern that’s trending on Tumblr lately. No, it’s not the latest episode of TWD (#whereinthehellisnegan), it’s people stealing GIFs. They save a single GIF or more from a GIF set and post it as their own instead of reblogging it or without giving any credit to the source. Now I think we can all agree on it that this is not okay, not even close.

But to some people it is.

GIF makers spend hours and hours making these images with a single aim: to make other people who share their passion and love for a particular actor, band, movie, TV show, etc. happy. They don’t expect kudos, rainbows and unicorns or anything else in return. But the very least that you can do is to give credit to them.

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what’s a studyblr?

  • study + tumblr = studyblr! it’s for anyone wanting to do better, looking for motivation, studying and learning. 
  • we’re like the ravenclaw common room huhu
  • some variants are appblrs (blogs focusing on college applications), medblrs (medical studyblrs), etc etc.


  • you could try making a post saying that you’re new! it’s a good way of introducing yourself
  • don’t be afraid of sending messages to other studyblrs and just starting up a conversation (pls we all love getting messages).
  • be nice to your followers and to other bloggers! (no hate/rudeness ;;)
  • tag your posts with #studyblr or #studyspo !! 
  • you can also look through those tags and reblog some stuff

making friends

  • send nice messages! with the new im system, it’s a lot easier to have conversations with people now! (don’t worry we won’t bite pls pls we love getting messages talk to me if u want to)
  • if someone that you’re following reblogs an ask game or something like that, send them a message! you could find out a mutual interest or something!
  • join a community page! you can meet lots of other people and find blogs that are studying the same classes as you :)
  • join a study group. there are many study groups set up by studyblrs. for example, you could join one focusing on biology if you’re taking that class this year. you could meet lots of new people that way!

helpful things

  • having a blog theme that’s clean and easy to navigate is really nice. 
  • you can make a tag list for people who want to look through your blog for resources!
  • making an about is helpful bc people can get to know you!!
  • natural lighting usually makes pictures 100x nicer
  • many people use vscocam to edit things like brightness
  • some studyblrs track tags. for example, i track the tag #tbhstudying and reblog stuff that people have tagged it with
  • don’t worry; you don’t have to be perfect :’)


  • pls pls pls don’t feel like you have to have all of the expensive stationery that you see in posts with a lot notes.
  • don’t let age restrict you!! i started my studyblr when i was a smol 8th grader ; u ;
  • don’t force yourself to do all of the mind maps and illustrated notes that you see a lot in the studyblr community. if you find out that it doesn’t work for you. use the method that fits you.
  • don’t focus on followers. it’s about the wish to get better through your own efforts; not the amount of followers you have
  • don’t repost pictures. always try to reblog from the original. this goes for the pictures that you find on places like weheartit or stealing credit for other people’s posts and articles and masterposts. nobody likes it ;;

welcome to the community !!
hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

How to Tumblr

or, things I wish I’d known when I joined:

I know there are a lot of other how-to posts out there, but with new folks joining all the time (hello, new friends!), here is my short list of “how to tumblr” – things that took me a while to learn and that I wish I’d known when I started two and a half years ago.  Here we go…

1. Download x-kit.  X-kit is a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox that will save your life. It makes this ridiculous website useable and allows you to do all sorts of things.  A few of the big ones are:

  • Wrap tags for easier reading.  People often ramble in their tags, either about fandom or about personal things, and having all tags appear in a block of text with a post is much easier than trying to scroll across.
  • Add tracked tags to your sidebar so you can see as soon as a new post with that tag is posted. This is helpful for communicating with people and for keeping up with fandom; for example, I have fleurdeneuf and nine x rose tracked so I know when someone has tagged me in a post or if a new Nine x Rose fic has appeared.
  • Blacklist tags for things you don’t want to see on your dash.  If you follow people who have different interests than you, you can block posts about things that you don’t care about to keep your dash cleaner and more manageable.  Blacklisting a tag is also useful if a certain topic might trigger you.
  • Save sent posts to an outbox!  (This only works on the computer you’re using, so if you send messages at the library or at work, you won’t see them in your outbox on your personal computer, and vice versa.)

2. Open your ask box.  Tumblr doesn’t do this automatically, so if you want people to be able to send you messages (“asks”), you need to go into your settings and open your ask box.  You can also choose whether you want people to be able to send you messages anonymously. I’ve always had anon turned off, but it can be useful if you have shy followers or if people want to message you when they aren’t logged in.

3. Tag your posts.  Tag your posts.  Tag your posts.  Tagging is good etiquette for a few reasons:

  • If you create original posts (fic, art, gifs, even just publishing an ask), tumblr tracks the first five tags.  This is how people (whether they follow you or not) will find your posts.  With that in mind, the first five tags should include important info, like ship (ficandchips), pairing (nine x rose, ten x rose, etc.), and any groups or people you might want to notify of the post (the person you’re answering in an ask or tagging in a meme, the group you want to see your new fic, etc.).  Tags six through twenty will appear in the new catch-all search feature, but not in the tag tracking system that most people use.  So in general, tags six and above are good for rambling, your own blog’s organization, and your followers’ dashes.
  • Tagging is also important when reblogging posts.  Reblogged posts’ tags don’t track in the search engine, but they’re still useful because they allow you to keep your blog organized for your own purposes, and they also help the people you follow (the same rules as for original posts’ tags six and above).  Your followers can find your posts on a topic (for a doozy of an example, see my Christopher Eccleston tag), and also block posts that they don’t care about or that would bother them (see the note on x-kit Blacklist above).
  • Tag your hate.  It’s generally accepted practice on tumblr for a specific character or ship tag to be for posts that are positive.  For example, ninth doctor is the Ninth Doctor tag, and that’s where you post Nine things, and where you go if you want to find Nine things.  Nothing negative about Nine should be in that tag.  On the other hand, if you don’t like a character or a ship (or a showrunner…), tag it with “anti” first (for example, anti moffat).  

4. Start a queue.  This isn’t mandatory, of course, but if you post a lot, it’s nice to spread your posts out over the course of a day rather than spamming your followers with a bunch of posts all at once.  My queue is typically set to 15 posts per day, but you can set yours anywhere from 1 to 50.  This is also why people use special queue tags, to distinguish between posts queued in advance from those posted in real time.

5. Keep your commentary in the tags.  If you really like someone’s post, your opinions usually belong in your tags.  You can ramble and flail as much as you want there.  If you add a comment to someone’s post, that comment is going to appear on the post of anyone who reblogs it from you, and anyone who reblogs it from them, and so on, which clutters a post and the OP’s notes.  If your comment isn’t vital to the post, it belongs in the tags.  There are exceptions to this rule, of course; if you’re having a conversation with someone, for example, or if you want to @ mention a friend to make sure they see a post. But by and large, feedback such as “This is awesome!” or “LOL” does not need to be attached to a post forever and should be kept to the tags.

6. Don’t repost.  Reposting is when you copy someone’s original post and paste it into a new post of your own.  It is stealing from the OP and it is generally a ploy to get lots of notes. Don’t do it.

7. If you reblog an ask meme from someone, it’s polite to participate in their meme.  This isn’t an official rule, but it is a personal preference and a friendly rule of thumb.

8. Tumblr is buggy.  Seriously.  TUMBLR IS BUGGY.  There will be times when you @ mention someone in a post, and it won’t work. There will be times when someone tags you and it won’t show up in your tracked tag.  There will be times when you send someone an ask and will never get a response because tumblr ate the ask instead of sending it to them.  These things happen to everyone.  Roll with it and try again.

9. Tumblr is weird.  Seriously.  TUMBLR IS WEIRD.  It is hard to create an account and jump in.  It is hard to meet people when it seems like everyone already knows each other. It is hard to follow people and reach out and not get a response or someone following you back.  It is hard to reblog a meme and get no feedback.  It takes time and perseverance and luck. Tagging your posts so people see them helps.  Saying hi to people whose blogs you like helps.  Reblogging posts and flailing in the tags helps.  Participating in other people’s memes (and eventually doing some of your own) helps.  Talk to people, be polite, and give it time.

A Good Question: ML Blackout

So, I received an excellent question from @goingoffonanadventure  that I know I have seen other people ask too about the blackout and reposting art:

“So I’ve been seeing the content black out stuff and how so many people have been stealing the art work of others, really sorry about that and I hope I haven’t done that, I just have a few questions. Do artists prefer that we only like the art on tumblr? Or is it stealing if we press that “reblog” button but don’t change anything? I really hope I haven’t stolen anything and if so how can I fix/apologize for my mistakes? Thank you so much for being amazing and for your time.”

Okay, first off, big shout-out to them for how polite and genuinely sincere they were in this message! This is how you broach questions and concerns to content creators about reposting, and is an excellent example of online etiquette! 

Now, to the question— is it reposting when you reblog. Short answer: N O.
Hit those reblog buttons with all your heart!

This was my response to her query: 

“Oh goodness, no, you are fine :D So reposting is when you take a picture of or download a piece that isn’t yours, and then do an original post of it yourself. Reblogging just spreads the artists post and we SUPER ENCOURAGE REBLOGGING XD SO no worries precious one, you are beyond good :D I’d say, lawful-good all the way ;)”

(Yeah, I have terrible grammar, sue me) She agreed to let me post her question and my response, in case anyone else wasn’t sure and was nervous. 

If you have questions, ASK. < : ) Content creators want to help you understand why this is important, why this is a big deal, and why reposting is W R O N G. 

Now if you are a follower, a reblogger, a CONSUMER of content and want to know what you can do to support this protest for the next 7 days– 

  • Ask questions to learn more about the issue
  • Go to this webpage, to learn more and maybe change your header or reblog one of the graphics related to the blackout to show your support
  • S H A R E the Official ML Blackout Webpage so that more people can be aware of the strike and what it is about.
  • Don’t reblog ML content from anyone participating in the blackout, unless it is ABOUT the blackout.

    But most importantly: 
  • Send asks to content creators letting them know you support them, appreciate them, and their hard work.

This strike isn’t going to stop EVERYONE from reposting art, and that was never the goal of it. It is to raise awareness about a problem, to educate those who may genuinely being doing it on accident or those who didn’t know why it is a problem, and to persuade those who do it intentionally, but with no ill-intention that they should stop, because what they are doing is hurting people.

Thank you to everyone for your support so far! and thank you @goingoffonanadventure for the question!


Gravity Falls Secret Santa 2016 ❄

Hey guys, it’s getting close to that time of year again, and I haven’t really seen anything over there being a secret santa in the Gravity Falls fandom this year, so it’s time to get that up and running to spread some love and happiness in the fandom this Christmas! <3

What is it?

  • Basically it’s a Gravity Falls themed gift exchange between other Gravity Falls fans on tumblr!

How does it work, and who can join?

  • By participating in this event, your name will be given to someone (who has also entered) else who will make a gift for you, and you will also be given a name who you’ll make a gift for in return. This includes a variety of different things like art, graphics, fanfics, and more! 
  • Optional: Also, everyone can have anon turned on to receive nice and encouraging messages from your secret santa, unless you’re not comfortable with that and that’s okay! Just putting this out there that you’re free to send your assigned person nice anonymous messages and labeling yourself as ‘Secret Santa’ to brighten up their day until you give them their gift and reveal yourself to them! 
  • Starting today you can enter until November 27th, 2016! 
  • After the deadline has passed to enter, I will be sending messages to people who are participating and assign them their person to make a gift for (depending on my schedule with school since it’ll be near exam time). 
  • Once everyone is assigned on the 27th, you have until December 20th to make your gift! On December 21st, you are then free to post/submit your gift! And once it’s time to post/submit it, please tag your gift as #gfss2016 so that people will be able to see everyone’s fantastic work!
  • Anyone can enter, but if you can’t make anything or don’t have the time I’d recommend you not entering because you have to give to get something in return.

What can I give?

  • You can give anything that can be posted online for people to see like: graphics, moodboards, photo sets/picspams, gifsets, icons, fanart, fanmixes, videos, and fanfics. (And please: make actual gifts. Reposting and using other people’s gifs, art and so forth is stealing and wrong, so please put effort into your gift! Other people will be working hard, too!) 
  • P.S: Don’t worry about not being 'good’ enough to enter. As long as you put your heart and effort into your work and have fun, that’s all that matters!

What can I ask for?

  • Anything from GF! Whether it be a character you love, an episode, and things like that! (EDIT: For the comfort of everyone participating, please don’t request any ships. This secret santa is gen-only.)
  • However if you are uncomfortable with a request you get from your assigned person, please contact me so I can ask that person to possibly change that. I want this to be fun, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, so please respect that.

Instructions to enter and some other details are under the ‘Read More!’

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Adding a function to delete the source---Really

Dear Tumblr

Really, with all the highjacked photos, art, gifs and memes you thought it was a great idea to make it easier to steal?  As an artist and photographer, it is already a struggle at times to make sure that my tag, handle, watermark or source is not deleted from the original.  Now, you go ahead and add a simple delete box.  This was not thought through at all.  The origin of the piece should ALWAYS stay.  You have simply gone in the wrong direction.  Please correct this.

Thank you

Tumblr Support Reply:
Hey, thanks for posting about the new way of handling reblog captions. We actually hate to see anything throw a wrench in how you use Tumblr, but in this case we felt we needed to take a stand for correct attribution. Though we (the Support team, who read all your posts and messages!) don’t have any say over updates and the decisions made around them, we do make sure our engineers ( see the feedback we get. I know they do care about what the community thinks.

For some background, we’ve had a lot of complaints over the years about people reblogging, and changing the text of the OP’s caption to say whatever they wanted to say. And obviously we don’t want to encourage that, as it can foster drama / harassment / copyright issues throughout the community.

Here’s the post from our blog about the update:

And here’s a recent post that’s a reminder about how to add a content source, which can never be removed (rather than putting that info in the caption):

Kind regards,
Chris Support

Bristllee1 reply:

First let me say thank you for getting back to me.
Next let’s look at your first link.  Here you say that you don’t want to cause drama but you allow and now encourage the deletion of the OP comments by making it easier.  Again WTF.  Many times those comments are “Do not repost, reblog or edit without the artist approval”.  Thanks for letting that get deleted.  The one comment that should NOT be editable is the OP, whether anyone thinks it’s funny or not.
Next.  Adding the link, yes someone finally found that.  Here is what I don’t understand. Why is that not populated automatically when the OP posts? This is a coding fail.
Last and this one is new.  If I have to update one of my posts, why does it not update all the posts?  Why are the posts not linked in that fashion?  I know they are linked otherwise I would not see a “notes” update.
Thank you again for your time in writing back.  It is much appreciated.

Hey you! You are awesome

I am not a writer but a vidder-fanartist. I can understand how a writer must feel when anons start sending hate through tumblr or those reviews on ff or AO3.

I can understand when a writer, vidder or fanartist want to give up because of the fandom.

I have seen a lot of envy and people who think are popular and start thinking they deserve everything. They sometimes are rude with other swen.

I also have seen how little groups are formed and you feel you are not allowed to get in.

I have seen how people would do everything so that Lana or Jennifer RT or FAv their tweets, including hurting other people in the process.

You, “populars” you are there because the rest of the fandom put you there. But it doesn’t mean you are a star, doesn’t mean you are on the top of the world and you can look down at the rest.

It’s unfair this is happening to writers, vidders, fanartist in this fandom.

They are the Swen who are giving you stories, moments and those anons are making this to them? Really? Enough is enough.

Good artists (and this implies EVERYONE, included the ones who don’t get so much reviews)(writers, vidders and fanartist) give up because they are tired.

They are tired because of anons, because of reposts, because of people undermine them, because people don’t respect them.

And it’s unfair.

The artists give hope, joy and smile to the fandom with their art, with their words, with their visuals.

I have seen how guests write rude reviews. If you want to criticize the fanfic is okay but don’t insult or undermine the author.

I have seen how people create accounts and steal fanart to get that recognition thanks to fanartists. (If you don’t credit fanartist, what does it mean? Means you want those RT or Favs or likes, with not a good purpose, just recognition)

Those anons, guests and disrespectful people should put in artist shoes for once.

When you leave a rude review, insulting them or steal some work to be popular, you really don’t know how much effort the writer has put to write their story. You don’t know if writing or making fanart is the only way they are happy because their lives suck! You don’t know the situation they are living and you only add more shit to their lives.

Just be kind and respectful and this is a free advice I give you in life.

Dear artist,

Don’t give up. I know perfectly is easy to say, difficult to do but this happened to me too.

But if you leave the fandom but you can’t stop writing and making fanart that means that you don’t have to give up because of those people. That means you feel that passion for all what you do and you must go on!

Never give up!

Don’t surrender to those people

and fight. 

If you think what you are doing is good, then it will be for the rest.

Don’t doubt about yourself just because others tell you that you are not good enough.

This fandom can be a beautiful place. It was few months ago.

I don’t know what happened but this must stop. Start respecting artists, respecting people. Because everyone has a place in this fandom: a writer, a reader, the newbies, fanartists, vidders, cheerleaders… everyone.

Every Swen is in the same level than others. Here there are not “populars”, we don’t have a status, we are all the same fans, enjoying our ladies, our ship, SwanQueen. 

What some people are doing is the same that haters are doing to us.

Remember artist, you are awesome!

Back from hiatus.

First of all, thank you so, so, so, SO much for all the sweet messages + replies you guys have left me during my break from tumblr, they honestly meant the world to me, I will get back to them as soon as I can, promised! (you are the sweetest people in the world, I mean it)

I’m doing relatively okay, you don’t have to worry about me, I promise I won’t do anything I’ll regret later, including deleting my blog or anything like that.

Explanation as to why exactly I went on a hiatus under the read more cut.

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Let’s talk about art stealing one more time

I thank @emeralddrop​ for the tag and I want to talk about this post, and this ask.
I reply it like this just because maybe I have some young people in my followers and I don’t want to impress them without leave them a choice to open or not a post, so I agree with the anon for this.

But because I want this to be clean, I’m about to explain my point of view.
I don’t like reposters. I totally agree with Emeralddrop, for this.
I can leave you repost in some other websites, but with some conditions: I would you, please, to ask me before. I really would it.
I can make you repost if you don’t know that I already done myself, I can make you repost with credits, I can make you repost stuff in groups blog, anthologies, wikies, I can make you use my works as forum signatures, avatars or s**t, but please, ask me before.

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