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  • *introducing yourself to a new group of people*
  • Person: Hey
  • Me: Hi, I am Erica! How are you? :) I am a game developer and I and my team are currently working on a impressive game. We would like to ask you a favor. Can you test it out and see how it works? Will take ONLY few seconds! Would appreciate your opinion and feedback. Try it on MY TUMBLR. Thank you very much darling, tell my how it was we can chat later!! Erica :)

Commissions are OPEN!!!!

Hi guys, I know you’ve been asking for a while and now that I am a soon to be graduate from UNI, I’m broke as hell!! and i am in desperate need to save up for a new computer. Also due to my home circumstances me and my mother will be moving soon as well. so A LOT is happening right now for me, and any commissions I make will be a great help in funding that stressful process.

I can also draw furry/anthro characters and NSFW (although it will be extra) i usually don’t have too big a problem but of course just send me a email or PM on what you want and we can discuss it from there.

background and extra characters are available for all tiers so if you want a rough sketchy background that’s fine! I’m not too sure on what else to cover, i probably missed some stuff worth addressing but again if you have any questions just Email me or direct message me etc.

Payment can only be done through PayPal (sorry) and my email is

but yeah, anything else you wanna know just ask! :)

thanks for reading and even if you cant buy from me right now or at all I really really appreciate it just being reblogged and spread around thank you guys so much. <3


Hello there!

First of all I hope everyone has a nice new year! Hopefully a better one then mine. In these days life is trying me really hard. I still didn’t had a luck with the job hunting, didn’t called me back from nowhere and I need to pay the rent in the next week, so they won’t kick me out, and for food. And to add to my luck, in the days I figured (mostly my body did), that I am allergic to something, and it’s affecting my body reallly badly (for 3 days I couldn’t stand up).

So I will make COMMISSIONS again, hopefully this will be enough to pay the rent and paying the doctors, so COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!

Reblogs are most needed and appreciated! :3

Linearts -  13$ (any additional character +5$)

Full colored pics - 20$ (any additional character +5)

If you want a drawing, send me a private message with the following:

Character reference: visual reference would be the best, but I can work with a written reference too; also a few words of the character’s personality
Additional Info: anything you would like in the commission, like specific poses or expressions

Payment trough Paypal:

  • In USD or Euro, whichever works best for you
  • If it’s easier, there’s a “Buy me a Coffee” button on my Tumblr page. You can use this too. One coffee costs 3$. How much coffee you buy, dependes on the price of the commission.

    What will I draw:

    • Hardly every or most things I can (OCs, Fan characters, Fanart etc.)

    What I won’t draw:

    • Explicit, sexual content

    Please help if you can! If you don’t want or can’t pay this much for a commission, please click on the “Buy me a Coffee” button and buy me one coffee if you can!

    Thank you for any generous donations! Love you all!


    I was traveling in tumblr and I’ve found suddendly a au about both of the brothers taking the paper of villain and ‘ve found it curious~ so I’ve wanted to make some pics side to side. This is the first one, I’ll make one with Diceguy and Mugman later~

    Devilad design by @rougebebending

    AU by @obsessive-artist


    If you can reblog my work I will be really grateful❣ Thanks in advance❣ You can donate me if you like to❣

    You know? Do you realize how weird it would be to explain FANDOMS to an Alien? For example “Human? Why are you staring at a statue of what you call an angel?” “Not taking any chances Greg.” or “Why did you paint smiley faces on the wall in yellow paint?” “I have my reasons Greg.” and even “Human! Why is there salt on the floor everywhere?!” “You’ll thank me later Greg.” So yeah, us fangirls and fanboys can do some pretty weird stuff. And I haven’t even gotten into cosplay, collections, ship wars, and Tumblr.

    The BOSS

    Hey, @therealjacksepticeye

    My name is Katie and I’m the lead developer of a fan game called The BOSS that came out last month. I call it a Jacksepticeye fan game but, to me, it’s a lot more than that. To me, The BOSS is about the community.

    The BOSS is about @celestialsushi, who originally wanted to only do facesets for one character but who ended up composing music, doing multiple facesets, designing sprites, mapping entire areas, and performing as a voice actress for the game. All because she experienced how amazing your community was and wanted to participate in something just for them.

    The BOSS is about our lead artist, formerly known as absolutely-not-a-murderer here, who wanted to work on a fan game so much that she volunteered her time to this one and created probably over a hundred assets that were used in the game.

    The BOSS is about our composer, @mercurytuba, who did an incredible job emulating game music from games we parodied and for coming up with themes for the characters that appear in it. He created a full soundtrack that, at times, moved people in the community to tears.

    The BOSS is about the many artists who responded to my calls for help throughout the game’s creation and devoted so much time working together to create assets for the game, even last minute ones just because you expressed that you liked a certain character and we had some funny ideas for writing them.

    The BOSS is about my best friend since 2001, Amy, who watched your entire charity livestream last year, all 8 hours, so she could be sure to help me write for you as accurately as possible. For the hours she spent paying attention to your sayings and mannerisms so that we could make it feel like playing as you.

    The BOSS is about our biggest fan and cheerleader, @whatsthepointofthisbloganyway, who playtested the demo and, throughout the game’s development, encouraged us as we made it, even though we wouldn’t tell her anything. It’s about the fact that we became good friends just because of this game and, by extension, because of your channel. About the fact that she’s now joined our team as a result and we couldn’t be happier to have her.

    The BOSS is about the 694 followers on our tumblr page, many of whom sent us messages about how much the game meant to them and how much they loved it and wanted to see you play it. It’s about how they’re all waiting to see their names in the Special Thanks section of the credits, so they can have even the smallest shoutout in one of your videos.

    And I guess The BOSS is about me, in a lot of ways, and how I was inspired by your Fear of Failing One Year Later video because it reminded me of my own failures in life. It’s about all the times you talked about all the messages you got from people who were depressed and how I wanted to reach them through making a game for you. About the six to eight hour days I’d pour into making this game and how it helped me realize that game making is my passion and got me back into college after not having been in six years, finally knowing what I want to do with my life after having no idea for years.

    The BOSS is more than just a fan game. It’s a love letter to your community. It’s an example of 48 people at their best and most creative. It’s a game that meant a lot to your community because we did our best to make it for them more than we made it for you.

    And it’s currently got just under a thousand downloads. Which means so many people we had wanted to reach still haven’t seen the game, don’t even know it exists. And it also doesn’t run on Macs, which means a lot of people who do know about it can’t play it.

    It’s not just about one fan who sat down and made a little game. It’s about the high standards we applied to it and how much we worked to make sure it would be the best game possible. How much it means to us to be able to reach so many people and how much we hope that our company, Sarcastic Pasta Games, can create more games in the future.

    This game truly was a community project and it would mean so much to us if you would play it on the channel. I know we’re a small group but we think the messages in it will reach a lot of people and help us all think about our circumstances a little bit differently.

    It’s unlikely that you’ll see this, since you’re tagged in so many things, but I felt like writing it anyway because this game doesn’t just mean a lot to me, it means a lot to many people who have already played it. This isn’t about giving a small group of fans a shoutout, it’s about giving your community something that our small group made so that they can feel as special and valued as they make us feel, as you make us feel.

    It would mean so much to so many people to see this game on your channel, Jack. :)

    ♡ Yeshi's 1st Mutual Appreciation Post !! ♡

    Hello friends !! I’ve been on tumglr.hell for a little over a year now and I just hit 200+ followers !!! I’ve met so many new friends and wonderful people during my time on this website, and I’d like to thank all of you for being so so kind and making me laugh and smile (and sometimes a little disturbed) even though hard times :’)

    Listed below are some of my beloved mutuals, friends, and favorite blogs. I can’t put into words how much I love all of you, some of you I’ve know for a long time and others I haven’t interacted with that much but I still love you lots and would not hesitate to take a bullet for you if the opportunity arose 👀👀

    @kindates @naeqi @xandrs @romantical @oceaned @horncannon @godsigh @sugartreats @pilotmcclain @sort @monokoh @glowybf @yurlin @peachsugar @nectarwings @cocoacake @chaingrudge @cystars @kakashisbf @blossombriar @lesbianheart @starwing @deletedfootage @omegazone23 @partyt4lk @7eokjin @weiss-privilege @seurelia @cloudlimb @tatertotskie @ledyba @levanpolka @pdaful @teabud @shslgamer @starqate @abnormalize @starbeach

    Thank you all again !! Ya girl Yeshi here sending you all good vibes ilysm 💕♥️💕💖💕

    About SquigglyDigg

    My name’s Hailey, but you can call me Squiggly: animator, illustrator, skeleton enthusiast, grown-ass woman with a kid’s interests.  In my spare time I like to eat, draw, sing, cosplay, and voice act!

    (If you’re looking for info on my Toon Henry AU for Bendy and the Ink Machine, please refer to this post on my personal blog.)



    “Why the name ‘SquigglyDigg?’”

    I’ve told the story before, but basically the username “SquigglyDigg” comes from several years ago, when I went on a flight to visit some family and had a little mameshiba keychain on my backpack carry-on.  The flight attendant was charmed by it, and kept giving it silly little nicknames each time he passed by, batting at it, saying “hello” to it, and stuff like that.  When I got off the flight, he patted it affectionately and went “buh-bye, squigglydigg!”And the nonsense word just stuck out in my memory, so I adopted it. :V

    “Where do you work?”

    I’m currently working for Copernicus Studios as a 2D FX animator on Season 2 of Pickle & Peanut.

    “What program do you use to draw/animate?”

    I use Clip Studio Paint EX for both!

    “Where did you attend college?”

    I attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and graduated with a BFA in Traditional Animation in December 2016.

    “Do you have an online store?“

    Yes indeedy!  My RedBubble store can be found over here:

    “What about commissions?”

    I do occasionally offer commissions, but unfortunately they are closed at the moment!  I’ll be making a page listing my prices as soon as I get the chance to re-open them.

    “PLEASE DRAW  _____!”

    The more you ask me to draw something, the less likely I am to do it.  Please – I don’t take requests.

    “I drew/wrote something for you!  How can I show it to you?”

    Any number of methods (thank you for thinking of me :D)!  If I’m online, a simple @squigglydigg or @squigglydigglydoo in a post might work, but since I’m not always online, that method of getting my attention is unreliable.  A better way of making sure I can see a post you make is to simply make sure that #squigglydigg or #squigglydigglydoo is in the first five tags of the post!  I track both of those tags, and unfortunately, the way Tumblr works, any given post will only appear in the first five tags applied to it.  If #squigglydigg is the sixth tag or later on your post, it won’t show up in the tag.

    Unfortunately, I cannot see my tracked tags until I’m at home.  If you’d like to submit to me a link to the post (or simply the content you made, if you don’t want to make your own post) so that I see it sooner, please feel free to do so!

    “Can I use your art for insert-thing-here?”

    You must ask me for permission if you would like to use my art for anything at all, period.  No exceptions (this includes you, RP blogs–I do NOT like finding my work cropped and edited for somebody’s icons without my permission).  If I give you permission to use my work, you MUST source it back to me with a link to where it was originally posted, and you DO NOT have permission to edit it beyond cropping it unless I explicitly say so.

    Trust me–you don’t want to test me here.  I know how to use the copyright complaint function on most websites.

    “Is it okay to tag your art as ‘kin’ or anything related to otherkin or fictionkin?”

    Please do not.  I’ve explained my stance before, and am a bit uninclined to get into it again, but long story short, it’s more than a little unsettling for me as an artist to have people I don’t even know claiming my art as, in any way, shape, or form, a representation of them.

    Anybody who disrespects my wishes on this matter and decides to associate my work with anything related to “kin” will be blocked on sight.

    This is not a bluff.  I am tired of asking every single person individually to respect my wishes.

    “What computer do you have?”

    I actually have a custom PC, specifically designed to run games and process-heavy software!  The specs can be found in this post right here.

    “How tall are you?”

    As baffled as I am that this is, in fact, a frequently-asked question, I stand at 5'2”.

    “Sweet or savory food??”

    I actually don’t like sweet food that much, so savory!

    …and have been wanting to say it for awhile now.

    It was rather obvious, but this blog is honestly… pretty dead. I always had the intention of coming back, but with friends leaving this place behind, there seldom were people that I interacted with on a regular basis– and thus a lack of motivation to keep up with the influx of asks (of similar and repetitive nature– there’s really only so many things to do before things being to repeat themselves, especially if you’ve been at it for a really long time, not taking into account interactions and events.) I tried multiple times to get back into the flow of things, but it simply never worked out due to the aforementioned issue as well as things such as school schedule, the workload it presented, and now a job with the potential to grow into sometime promising– especially when it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, which is work on games.

    This place has been a positive impact on my life and general existence. Tremendously so. I’ve been here since the very beginning as the second blog back in April 2015 (forgive me being a little prideful in saying so, it just means a lot to me) following in badlydrawnjotarokujo/kakyoyoin’s footsteps, and then being followed by badlydrawnpolnareff– both who became lifelong friends of mine, whom I cherish to the very end. This place has done a lot, even if only by setting certain things in motion. I had a lot of fun, and had a lot of opportunities– I improved drastically in my art, met a lot of great people who I still talk to, got a lot of attention for a blog filled with dumb doodles, and even met up with people at conventions– namely Katsucon– making good friends there, as well. I built a lot of confidence, learned a lot, went through some hardships, and was able to feel accomplishment whenever I got an ask saying I made someone laugh, brightened their day, or even helped them be happy despite how much life sucked, even if by just a little. I’m sorry for never answering them, but I do get those asks, I see them, and I want to thank you all for them. I might be a little dramatic, I suppose, but there’s just a lot I’m thankful for. 

    I just really wanted to say a genuine thank you for all the support and love that  me and this blog has gotten over the past two years. To make people happy, give ‘em a laugh, or even inspire someone with my art; that’s really all I wanted from this. There was a huge timeframe where I got busy with school and wasn’t able to do much and I’m sorry for that, and I’m ever so grateful to everyone who insisted I take my time and take priority in my other work, and even followed me outside of this blog, which means so, so much to me. Thank you to everyone who showed me love and support in your asks and comments despite my inability to keep active. And for putting up with the feeble attempts to make stuff again.

    To say I’ve been pretty absent from Tumblr as a whole is an understatement, although I’ve been AT LEAST trying to keep my artblog up to date w/ somewhat nicer pieces I do. I’m much more active on my Twitter, where I’m at least a couple hundred times less serious sounding than this, I swear. I also have been making use of Instagram as of late. Snapchat too, if anyone’s into that? I’ve been doing a lot of art and have been practicing on getting better and better, and have a lot of plans for the future, such as convention tabling and making art for games, and further down the line, a webcomic (hopefully with music and animations!) that I’ve been planning and developing for the past year, as well as run a coffee shop alongside bdpolnareff, my QPP. So, things have been looking up, even if I’ve been struggling with depression and the like. I have things I really look forward to. I’ve also recently graduated and have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts & Design! School ain’t over yet, though, since I’m spending another two years in school for a degree in Game Art. Then comes the student loans…

    So, while I really want to say sorry for probably disappointing you all with a general lack of content here (which I really am), I want to focus on the positive. I want to express just how thankful I am to all of the 3,000+ people that decided to follow this blog (which was WAY past any expectation that I ever had, tbh) For just being there, validating and supporting me, whether you said something or didn’t,  ‘cause it’s something I really needed. Honestly, you all are the reason that I kept at it for so long, after all. I’m really, really grateful– probably more than you could ever realize. And if I could ask, if you liked my stuff, please follow me on other places and don’t be afraid to drop a comment somewhere, ‘cause I really appreciate them! (Although I’m kind of bad at conversation sometimes, especially in DMs, but I still appreciate–)

    I honestly could say thanks and thanks again all day, and it’s probably getting really old by now if you’re still reading, but I just… really wanted to say how much all of this meant to me. So, as a final thanks, thank you for taking the time to read this. ‘Cause that means a lot too. This is goodbye! From here, at least!

    I wish all of you luck and good fortune for the future. There are dark times ahead, but remember that it’ll always pass! Easier said than done, I know, but you can do it! Things may not go as planned, but sometimes those things happen so that something greater may come later. After all, we wouldn’t know what happiness is if we were never sad. You never know what’ll happen!

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    Patron Reward: Raaz for Sarah Biswas

    Trolls!! One can never have too many trolls, and I am always happy to draw them. Deezmo’s Raaz was no exception, the additional ‘Legolas action pose’ was fun too. Thanks for letting me draw your Voodoo son!

    As always I am always happy for people to colour their commissions, and Deez did an awesome job colouring him later. I’d link it, but Tumblr is a twat and blocks outgoing links. She goes by Deezmo on both DA and Twits, so do check out the crazy-good magic she worked on the lines. He looks absolutely phenomenal!

    Like what you see? Today is your LAST DAY to sign up for this month’s stretch goal over on Patreon!! If you would like a drawing like this, do check out the information below, thank you!


    Raaz belongs to Deezmo
    World of Warcraft © Blizzard
    Artwork © Shamine Athena King
    Want WIPs, sketches, and pictures in advance? Support me on Patreon!
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    Peko: Master, I’m so happy I could kiss you!
    Fuyuhiko: Umm… neat!
    Fuyuhiko, lying face down on his bed: I can’t believe I said “neat”, Hinata. “Neat”. Nobody says neat anymore. It’s the goddamn 21st century. It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m a huge loser.
    Hinata: Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Nagito confessed to me?
    Fuyuhiko: Didn’t you thank him?
    Hinata, staring into the distance:…I thanked him.

    (Source: Tumblr)

    Can You Give Aunty a Hand?

    …..put away the hacksaws, we’re talking metaphorically here.

    Can you think of any good, popular stories that involve serious injuries?

    Not disabilities (from the start of the story). Not scars (although these indicate past injury).

    I’m looking for popular, fictional representation of injuries. Specifically, injuries which change the arc of the story, or enhance it. (Not just cuts and scrapes for “grittiness”, but actual plot elements!)

    Things Like:

    • Luke Skywalker getting his hand chopped off in The Empire Strikes Back
    • Maggie Fitzgerald’s arc in Million Dollar Baby
    • Rear Window (both 1956 Cary Grant and 1995 Christopher Reeve)
    • Carl Brashear’s injury in Men of Honor
    • Literally everything that happens to Katniss Everdeen, ever
    • Misery. The entire novel Misery.
    • The plot of Any Given Sunday.

    These are for a Secret Project™ that I’m working on for you guys, so any stories you can think of would be super helpful!

    Drop a comment or shoot me a message! (Please, no asks by message, the ask box is still closed; I still have…. 1,190 asks pending? I’ll re-open temporarily later this month, promise-promise.)


    xoxo, Aunt Scripty


    – and FIN. I’ll confirm the number later, but I believe I finished at 126 images in 2 months, outside of ‘work’.

    Thank you for being here for the 'Red Series’– it’s kicking of something fresh for me, and I’m excited for the projects to come from this.

    Last pieces can be purchased at



    ….and now that I have your attention. ^.^

    Seriously, I want to throw my money at you and if not you specifically then I’d like to toss it at someone that draws better than I do. XD My birthday is next month and I’d like to know who has November commissions open. I try to be nice to myself at least one time a year and the birthday seems like the perfect time. This will be my first birthday on Tumblr and I love art so art is my gift to myself this year. Please send me your commission pages or message me here on Tumblr.

    NOTE: It doesn’t have to be done exactly on or before my birthday. I want information now, however, so I can be ready for if/when your November commissions are open and this can even extend into December or January if need be since my birthday is in the later half of the month and holidays for the U.S. start next month. Thank you~

    [Voltron Legendary Defender]: a little bit closer / the temperature's rising

    Title: the temperature’s rising

    Read it on [AO3]
    Part of the series “a little bit closer”
    Words: 1804
    “Are you — keeping track of time?” Shiro asks breathlessly between kisses.“
    Hell no,” Keith murmurs against his lips.

    So @vldrarepairs and I had this random idea to do a little Sheith/Hance collab fic where they play drinking games and get each other stuck in compromising situations. This one is fully Sheith and hers is fully Hance. Her Hance one is a direct sequel to this! (tumblr and ao3)

    Hope you all enjoy!!

    (titles taken from Tegan and Sara’s “Closer”; thanks to @longhairpidge)

    Keith knew it’d be a bad idea the moment Lance suggested it. It’s so childish, he had said with a deep roll of his eyes. But when had Lance ever taken that to be a reason not to do something?

    His vision blurs as he stumbles into the darkness of Hunk’s walk-in closet, doing his best to regain his balance after being shoved unceremoniously by a snickering Lance. The world spins around him and the words “You can thank me later, mullethead!” echoes in his ears before a loud slam tells him that Lance has officially shut them in.


    Keith pauses mid sentence as his stomach churns and he sucks in his breath in an attempt to prevent himself from throwing up. Leaning a hand against the door, he tries to steady himself.

    “Your seven minutes starts now!” Lance calls out from the other side.

    The sound of a chain being pulled reaches his ears and a dim light floods the small room. Keith shields his eyes at the brightness of it. Somewhere inside his brain, a pulsing pain throbs.

    “Sorry about that,” comes Shiro’s voice. “I just figured, if we’re going to be stuck in here, we might as well not be in the dark.”

    Keith groans. Of all the things that could have happened for him to get a private moment with Shiro, it had to be this: drunk and thrown into a closet after losing a round of flip cup. All this for a stupid game. Leave it to Lance to force Keith and Shiro to play on the same team. In fact, now that Keith thinks about it, there did seem to be a suspicious amount of vodka notes in his beer earlier…

    With another groan and a quiet thump, he rests his forehead against the door. He doesn’t know if he can ever live this down.

    “We don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want to,” Shiro says, his voice gentle and reassuring. It kills him how nice Shiro always is. It really kills him. “You sound… frustrated.”

    Keith isn’t sure if it’s just the alcohol playing tricks on his mind, but he could’ve sworn Shiro ended that sentence in a disappointed tone.

    Wait… was Shiro suggesting that Keith didn’t entirely like the idea of being alone in an enclosed space with him? Because as much as Keith wished this could’ve happened under very different circumstances — one that perhaps involved established mutual feelings and significantly less clothing — , he didn’t dislike the whole set up either.

    “It’s not — It’s not that I don’t want —” he splutters, whipping around to face Shiro. He discovers too late how bad of an idea that is as he sways unsteadily on the spot.

    “Shit, sorry—” Keith tries to catch himself but his feet shuffle and he starts to fall. The room turns upside down and whirls before him and for a moment, it feels like all gravity has been switched off.

    Stretching his arms out wildly, Keith braces himself for impact before realizing he’s already fallen onto something … cushiony.

    “Whoa, careful.”

    The carpet of Hunk’s closet is much softer than he thought, Keith thinks as his hands curl in, feeling the terrain. It’s comfortable and calming and squishy and beats a nice, quick rhythm against his cheeks as he nuzzles himself further into the ground.

    Whoa, careful.

    Keith blinks. It’s only just occurred to him that Shiro had said those words. And not only did he say them, but his voice had rumbled a soothing sound right beneath Keith’s ears.

    He feels color heat up in his face as he slowly looks up at the guy he’s had a crush on for the last year. Months of being friends and stealing glances at Shiro from across the room finally culminate here in this tight space, in his arms, in such proximity, so close to his chiseled jawline that Keith can hardly even breathe

    There’s a nervous smile on Shiro’s lips as he stares back down at Keith. The concern in his eyes are so genuine and soft that Keith begins to feel that feeling again — as though gravity has been turned off and his feet have left the ground. Shifting his gaze down to Shiro’s lips, he finds himself wanting to float closer and closer…

    “You alright?” Shiro asks. As befuddled by alcohol as his brain is, Keith is distinctly aware of Shiro’s hands around Keith’s waist and the rapid pounding of both their hearts beating straight out of their chests.

    It may not have been an ideal situation, but Keith doesn’t know how much longer he can hold back.

    “How much time do we have left?” he suddenly blurts out.

    “Probably a little past six minutes,” Shiro guesses. “I think.”

    “Huh,” Keith says. The previous minute of falling onto his chest definitely felt longer.

    “It’s okay, Keith,” Shiro says, looking worried. “We don’t have to if you — I mean, if you don’t want to —”

    In response, Keith’s grip on Shiro’s shirt tightens as he tugs him down and presses their lips together.

    Stars explode behind Keith’s eyelids and his heart pounds even louder in his ears. Normally, for a first kiss, Keith supposes he probably would’ve gone much slower, but in this instance, considering their limited time and the amount of alcohol in his body, there aren’t enough seconds to spare. Going into it with his mouth already open, he teases Shiro’s lips apart in the hopes that he’d respond in a positive way. Evidently, it isn’t going too badly as Shiro eventually begins to move his mouth with equal fervor against his.

    And just like that, it’s happening. Keith can hardly believe that he, a mere sophomore, is kissing THE Takashi Shirogane, star student and athlete of this year’s graduating senior class, and that THE Takashi Shirogane is openly kissing him back. However long the next five to six minutes are going to be, he doesn’t plan on wasting a single second of it.

    One of Shiro’s hands tightens around Keith’s waist as the other reaches up to tangle itself in Keith’s hair. Feeling a gentle tug on his mullet, Keith lets out a small whimper and presses deeper, licking his way into Shiro’s mouth. His fingers slacken their grip on Shiro’s chest, spreading out instead to run his hands down his stomach and, fumbling with the hem of his shirt, trails back up along his abdomen. Up until this moment, Keith has only ever dreamed of how his chest would feel like. But now, as his hands roam free across the sculpted glory of Shiro’s body, Keith fuzzily commits to memory that it’s even more firm and beautiful than he’s ever imagined.

    “Are you — keeping track of time?” Shiro asks breathlessly between kisses.

    “Hell no,” Keith murmurs against his lips. He feels Shiro smile at that.

    The same dizziness from before suddenly hits Keith and it takes him a while to notice that Shiro’s slowly leaning forward and nudging Keith backwards. Moving his feet along with Shiro’s, Keith allows himself to be pushed until his back is against the door with Shiro’s arm encasing him on both sides. Keith’s hands trail down Shiro’s stomach to his navel until they’re tracing teasingly along the line where skin meets fabric, eliciting a throaty groan from Shiro.

    “Keith,” he breathes, his mouth going slack as he breaks away momentarily. “I don’t think we have that much time left.”

    Keith’s hands wrap themselves around Shiro’s waist and pull him closer until their chests are pressed up together.

    “So just shut up and kiss me,” Keith replies, thumbs rubbing circles into Shiro’s hips.

    Tilting his head back down, Shiro catches Keith’s bottom lips between his teeth and pulls, sucking gently. Shifting slightly, his thigh finds its way between Keith’s legs and he presses in, his mouth muffling Keith’s moan as it covers over his lips once more. But just as Keith is about to dip his fingers behind the button of Shiro’s jeans in retaliation, he feels the wall behind him disappear and before he knows it, he finds himself slammed onto his back with Shiro toppled over him and his eyes are assaulted with bright blinding lights.

    “Your seven minutes is—” comes Lance’s voice. “Oh… Oh.

    Although it’s not the first time Keith’s been overcome with the sudden urge to sock Lance in the face, he’s never felt it as strongly as he does now. He’d punch Lance into oblivion before he could say “quiznak.”

    “Aw, Lance,” Hunk complains. “I told you to let them go over by a minute or two.”

    Or another thirty or sixty, Keith thinks angrily as Shiro pushes himself off of Keith looking slightly abashed.

    “Oh, come on,” Lance says. “We all deserve a turn in that closet.”

    “Just because Nyma’s here, doesn’t mean you should rush it…”

    Keith stops listening to their bickering as Shiro offers him a hand. Taking it, Keith allows Shiro to lift him up onto his feet. Still slightly tipsy, Keith sways a little before adjusting his balance.

    “You feeling okay?” Shiro asks. He still hasn’t let go of Keith’s hand.

    “Yeah,” he replies, his cheeks feeling warm. Now that they’re back out in the open under the glaring light of Hunk’s room, Keith finds himself feeling a lot less bold than he did two minutes ago. “You?”

    “Never better,” Shiro chuckles. His lips are still swollen and his hair disheveled. There’s a twinkle in his eyes but Keith is afraid to hope.

    “I’m sorry if you…” if you what? If you didn’t enjoy that? If you don’t think you can speak to me anymore without it being weird? If you—

    “Want to go out for dinner sometime?” Shiro asks. Keith’s heart skips a beat.

    “W-what?” He couldn’t believe his ears.

    “I asked if you’d like to go out for dinner sometime?” he repeats. “With me?”

    Blinking in mild astonishment, Keith’s mouth falls open as he ogles at Shiro, feeling completely stunned.

    Faltering slightly, Shiro lets go of Keith’s hand and looks away, rubbing the back of his neck.

    “I just thought, maybe, you know,” he says with a small shrug. “It’s something I’ve thought about for a while but just never knew how to bring up and—”

    “You’ve thought about it before?” Keith asks, his stomach light and fluttery.

    “Well… yeah,” Shiro admits, eyes shifting back up to meet Keith’s. Keith starts to wonder if the gravity will ever come back to ground him as a pink tinge spreads across Shiro’s face. It’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen.

    “I just thought — after what happened — maybe you’d want to—”



    Keith’s lips curve up into a small smile as he takes a step closer and slips his hand into Shiro’s, interlacing their fingers together.

    “I would love to.”

    i plucked them from the sky, he says, joyful
    why would do you that, they ask, lost in thought
    because i should give pretty things to match pretty people.

    don’t scar the horizon for someone else, only because you can
    i don’t need you to rip holes in the sky for me,
    i just need you here by my side which your constellation skin,
    they say, voice old and weary

    he comes back later, hands empty, stars in the sky,
    and sits next to them, legs crossed, thoughtful
    i think i understand, he says, i don’t have to steal stars, don’t i?
    they shake their head, and he smiles. i made a new constellation for you
    i think i call it dawnbringer.

    they smile. thank you, star boy.

    [prompt: #1 how does one steal stars?]


    Razzle Dazzle'em by Sharon
    Via Flickr:
    © Sharon Boswall 

    I wish i could remember the variety of this coneflower – I thought it might be Cheyenne Spirit because of the variation in colour which I have not edited a smidgen, but I am thinking it’s not. But then again… maybe it is. Either way, I’m gobsmacked, mesmerized and smitten with it. I do hope it feels the same way about me. Taken just about four days ago, the petals are completely pink now and not just any pink… it’s in your face pink. No worries, I’m gonna show y'all and you can thank me later.


    Hey! It’s your friendly neighborhood doop here! Here to draw furries! Let’s lay some groundrules:

    What Can I Draw?

    I can draw furries! I can draw other things too, but mostly furries! If you want me to draw something other than furries, you can ask, but there’s no guarantee I’ll be up for it.

    I will draw NSFW, but limited to solo pics of anthro males. Even then it’s no guarantee

    What Won’t I Draw?

    I will definitely not draw:

    • Kinks or fetishes
    • Sexualized female characters
    • Bigotry or hate speech (requesting this will result in an instant block)
    • Pedophilia, rape, or incest (I will block for this too!)

    All commissions will be posted on tumblr unless requested otherwise.

    The best way to get a commission from me is messaging me through tumblr messenger or emailing me at You will need to provide an email to me anyhow so I can send you an invoice. All payments are made through paypal

    I think that’s about it! Thanks guys!