you can tell yixing was shocked too

EXO’s Reaction when you tell them they give you butterflies in your stomach


*Would laugh it off first because that was so sudden. But then a small smile would creep onto his face as he comes near you and wraps his arms around you ever so gently.*

“Aww, baby…You give me butterflies too.”

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*Would laugh first and when he sees your face, he’d try his best to stop them but he can’t because he found it so random how you tell him these things.*

“Oh stop it you~ No, I’m not still laughing…”

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*He’d become so shy. You can see the pinkness rising to his cheeks as he held them all the while grinning.*

“Ohhh, you’re too sweet, darling. You’re being too adorable.”

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*Being a cheeky boy as always. Your words would shock him at first but he quickly changed the shock with a small cocky smile*

“I’m your boyfriend, obviously I should give you butterflies. How can you not get butterflies from looking at me?”

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*Full blown laughter the moment you told him. He’d have a good minute of laughter before he engulfed you into a hug (while still giggling of course)*

“Do I? Will you say that again?”

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*Immediately started acting cute. He’d tackle you into a hug before you even ended your sentence and then leaning in close to your face. Just when you thought you two would kiss, he pulled back with a cheeky smirk.*

“Well…does this give you butterflies?*

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*Shy shy shy. He’d be smiling for over five minutes. He’d give you that look like how Eugene looks at Rapunzel. With love and care and overall hugging you in his mind because he can’t express his love very well.*

“Will you…will you say that one more time?”  

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*Jongin would low-key switch into Kai. He’d run his hand through his hair and tilt his head to the side as he grinned.*

“Yeah? Wanna tell me what else I give you, hmm?”

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*Burst into laughter for a full 2 minutes before sitting back down with a cheeky smirk on his face*

“Of course, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t give you butterflies in your stomach?”

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EXO Dirty Reactions: You Randomly Kiss Their Neck From The Back


‘Wow. That was… That was really nice, baby.’ *gladly surprised*


‘Humm… What? Was that a spider or something?’ *acts like he didn’t feel anything*


*smiles widely to himself and wraps his arms around you*


‘Would you mind if we go to bedroom and… U know.’ *horny eating Jongdae mode*


‘OMG, Jagi, you are so cute.’ *can’t stand your cuteness’


‘How dare you to kiss the king without permission?’ *acts calm but happy inside*


‘Honey, I can be as nice as you too’ *starts to tease you*


‘Did you just…? Woah…’ *standing wonderfully shocked*


‘Didn’t you hear my kisses are better than yours?’ *teasy as fuck panda mode*


‘So… I guess it’s my turn now’ *turns around and kisses your lips*


‘My lovely… Do this again’ *stares directly in your eyes*


‘Could you tell me what was my name? Again.’


Ladies and gentleman… Killed by Sehun. Again. -J.Kwi

EXO Reaction to saving you just in time from people trying to hurt you (by Possible Admin)

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Sehun: Sehun finds you in a compromising situation, and his first thought is how he’s never going to let you live this down. But then the seriousness weighs in and he’s legitimately worried and doesn’t let it go for a long time, because what if he hadn’t been there when he was to scare the attackers away? Would you have gotten even more hurt? He stresses about this, but doesn’t tell you, and it sort of just weighs on his mind.“Y/N, you’ve got to invest in classes of some sort.”

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Kai: Jongin would be really serious at first, fuming even after the attackers have been apprehended, and he’d clench his fists and growl but the baby in him would be really worried for you and it would show when your touch his arm to calm him down, and he’d immediately forget about the other people and fret about only you.“Y/N, are you okay?”

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would try to cover up his worry with humour, like when he first spots you in a compromising position, worry would flash through him, but he’d pretend it was a joke to him, since he’s not sure how to react. His first instinct is to be angry, but he’s not sure how to channel the anger, so he laughs.“Look what the cat dragged in..”

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol would turn to you almost immediately after defending you against your attackers, still seething that anyone would even attempt to lay a hand on you. He’s quiet as he checks you for injuries, and even the tiniest scratch makes his head spin with anger. Despite this, he’d tuck away his emotions to give you a smile, assuring you everything will be alright.“They can’t hurt you anymore.”

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Suho: Joonmyun would be overthinking it to the max, like checking them for guns, wondering if they’ve previously done anything like this that until the police have showed up he almost forgot you were there. Once he remembers your existence, he frets over you, yelling and softening his voice at random points in sentences. He’s convinced you need to be better equipped for such events, and he s also convinced he’ll help."Y/N I think we should go to the store and invest in some new defence strategies, like maybe tasers? Do you think that’s too much? Yes? Well, you can never be too prepared." 

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Xiumin: As soon as he’s assured you’re okay and you’re asked a few questions by police officers, Minseok’s whisking you away to somewhere completely unconventional like the video store or an ice cream parlour and telling you to go nuts, since he’s so distraught seeing you upset he wants to take both your minds off what happened earlier."How about the Princess Diaries?” “Absolutely." 

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Chen: Jongdae, like Baekhyun, responds with humour. He’s not sure what to say to you or anyone else for that matter, but he just roars and laughs, attacking the people with fists and insults and you have to tell him to calm down because he looks like he’s having too much fun. "Well, I see you’ve met Y/N..”

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Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo is so furious he can barely grit out to the police officers what happened, and he seems more shaken than you do. He’s clenching his fists and glowering at the poor quivering officer just trying to file a report, and you have to go apologize and do damage control for him.“Kyungsoo please don’t murder anyone.” “It’s not murder if you get away with it.”

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Lay: Yixing doesn’t know how to react. This isn’t new, but he’s in so much shock it takes him a moment to realize that he needs to save you. Once he realizes the direness of the situation p, his brain hops into overdrive and the only thing on his mind is saving you from this. He’s so worried about you, whilst doing what he needs to in order to help, he gets sidetracked and hurt more than usual.“are you okay? Yes? Okay.” “Tha-” “aRE YOU SURE.”

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