you can tell who did each one heh

OCARINA OF TIME || starters

❝ Who are you ? How did you get past the guards ?  
The flow of time is always cruel … its speed seems different for each person , but no one can change it .
Heh heh heh … You want a piece of me ? ! Very funny ! I like your attitude !
It seems ____ has turned their eye to you  , too .
 I always knew that one day, this day would come .
My mother composed this song . Isn’t it nice ?
What would you like as your prize ? How’d you like to marry ____ ?
I have things I want to tell only to you .
By the way , what is your name ? ____ ? ! What kind of name is that ?
Do you see the man / woman with evil eyes ?
If only I knew you would become such a handsome man / woman .
My father is worried about me ? I don’t care !
How could you leave me behind ? !
You ! You looked cool … cooler than I thought you would .  
Pathetic little fool ! Do you realize who you’re dealing with ?
But now is not the time to talk about love …
❝  If you’re a man , act like one !
The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power & through it , you’ll know which way to go ..
I was scared … A little ! Just a little ! !  
Well , even with all that stuff , a wimp is still a wimp , huh ?
 I will never accept you as one of us !
No matter how hard it is , just don’t get discouraged .
Young children shouldn’t be walking the streets at night, go home & get to bed .
Man , I am SO bored . Things would sure be more interesting if there were more … troubles in the world 
I’m late ! I’m late ! For a very important date ! 
They say that there is no medicine that can cure a fool … I guess that’s true .
Now you & I are now true Brothers / Sisters !
Well , this must be what they call destiny .
You know , if I was as good looking as you I’d start another type of business .
The rising sun will eventually set , a newborn’s life will fade .
I beat all my challengers , man and beast .
You look like you might have a true killer instinct . 
What fun ! I’m so happy !
Don’t be alarmed … Look at yourself … 
I’ll come back to haunt you !
There’s no way they’re going to hold me back again ! This time , we fight together ! 
Time passes , people move . Like a river’s flow , it never ends .
 What the — Can’t a person get a little shut-eye around here ?! 
I’ll grant you the honour of carrying me .