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adult cartoons purposely give their shows nasty/lazy styles either for laughs or because they want to make the designs purposely unappeaing. the only exception to this i can think of is venture bros? it may be an adult cartoon but the designs are actually good and you can tell they care about it, rather than like, idk, south park/family guy where they're just trying to be stupid

venture brothers is a weird exception to the rule because it’s one of the only adult cartoons i’ve ever seen that started off poorly animated and slowly became one of the best animated/stylized shows on TV, if not the best

it’s probably because it takes like 3 years to make each season nowadays

Me and Acacia's Story

Before I say anything, I would like to say that if you don’t believe me, that’s fine. I’ve had countless people tell me to stop lying, to kill myself, to talk it out with Acacia…

I hope you guys’ll be different. I’m crossing my fingers.


So back when Acacia lived in Utah, we were best friends. In the last stages of middle school,  we were like sisters, doing everything together. There was even a time when I was a tumblr girl, too, but not that famous. Why? Because Acacia would constantly refuse to take any photos with me, and would shamelessly promote other hot boys’ tumblrs rather than mine. She would even send Anonymous hate on my ask, which I was completely clueless about it. I figured out that it was her when she started adding a few of our inside jokes as to which we didn’t tell anyone else except each other. This all happened in 7th grade, but I guess Acacia wasn’t that famous either. The fame all started in 8th grade, haha.

The fact that Acacia sent me hate didn’t mean much, because she said she just wanted to see ‘my reaction’ and to see if I was 'strong enough to keep going’, since I had family problems (depression). I’m better now, though c: Anyway, we still hung out, but Acacia started talking to new people online and in school. I could never go to her house without her constantly contacting someone named Chris and Andrew, which I still don’t know much about. She wouldn’t give me any info on them, and I’ve only peeked at her screen to know that. I felt like she was neglecting me and forgetting about me.

Then, that’s when Acacia started to go downhill. First, she blocked me on all social medias, in which I made new ones to see what she was up to, and why she blocked me. Of course, there was a reason. She hid her accounts from me because she was:

  • Taking raunchy pictures of herself pushing up her boobs, and sending them to attractive boys
  • Talking in a rather dirty way to complete strangers
  • Posting weird, depressing posts when CLEARLY she wasn’t depressed
  • Making fun of girls that were associated with the boys she liked
  • Catfished, which means that she thought she was talking to this real mighty person, when someone else was behind the screen pretending to be someone he isn’t
  • Posted very raunchy gifs
  • Wearing heavy heavy makeup, and posting pictures and videos of herself listening to obscene rap music
  • Taking disgusting pictures with thongs in her mouth, sticking her butt out, etc.

One day, I asked to come over, since it was during break and I had nothing else to do. My parents were out drinking, and my sister was just far out, not daring to do anything with me. You could say my family disowned me, but I still lived with them. Acacia’s family was the only thing I had. Acacia then replied quite rudely, stating that she had some tumblr boys coming over to take a video with her. Apparently they lived 45-60 minutes away, and Acacia was willing to meet them. I honestly begged and that’s when Acacia’s mother, Melissa, decided to let me stay over. She knew what I was going through, and was kind enough to lend me a hand. 

Melissa and Rich, her father, left, and Acacia’s siblings were all going with them. Acacia was the only one left, and the boys who were coming were non existent to her parents. She let me stay in Maleia’s room, her little sisters, and I honestly spent the rest of the day there doing nothing and scrolling through my phone. I occasionally went outside the room to take bathroom breaks or to grab something from the fridge, but I did do my observation.

There were two boys, and I don’t know their names. I don’t think you guys either, since they were just random boys. I know, Acacia spoke to random boys she didn’t know. I guess that was okay by her parents. Acacia didn’t do too much with the boys, she just took videos with her. Once they left, she looked me straight in the eye and said these words exactly. I don’t lie. “I hope you don’t take this seriously, but you are the worst thing I’ve seen in my life. Those boys said you’re a bad influence on me. You won’t be hearing much from me anymore.” The boys that were there were clearly not for her, and I’m pretty sure one had a tattoo, piercings, and blue/orange hair. That’s not what Acacia would say. And after that, Acacia became even more disturbing and crazy, and I’m positive those boys manipulated her. I think tumblr did this to her. I think society did this to her. 

Yeah, and that’s it. After that situation she left Utah and went to California for her dad’s job once again, and left me. I’m better now, I don’t have family problems and am at a foster home where people care about me a lot. Acacia still seems to show her dark side at times, but honestly, I think she’s just brainwashed but what society thinks she should do. She’s still that funny girl, you can tell. Sure, she hangs out with the wrong people. But I think half the haters don’t know who she is. I simply have different opinions on her because I think I’m the only few people who actually know her.

The point of this post was to show people how Acacia became so upside-downy. In other words, if you were lazy to read that, Acacia became a so-called 'slut’ because of the wrong people she hung out with. She had many feuds with people and made up with them, causing them to send a strong bad influence into her brain. And I was there to witness it.

I’m not sending out any more information about myself other than that I am 16 years old, and currently do not have any connections with Acacia or her family anymore. It’s just not right. And for those who think that Acacia just let me go and that I’m under reacting, I did in fact cry and try to contact her, only to find out that she changed her phone number AND changed her tumblr urls, and moved away, all to which I was unaware of. 

If you have any questions, ask me. I don’t think I opened my ask box yet, but I think I’ll try. I’m not too good at these things. For those who will send me hate, remember that I don’t give a damn anymore, this has happened too goddamn much and I’m not going to let it trigger me again from doing bad things. I don’t want to damage my own life let alone anonymous strangers do it for me.