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stereotypes among the german states

Bavaria: They only drink beer and eat Bavarian veal sausage, Dirndl and Lederhosen, no one can understand their weird accent, yodelling, very wild and proud but also rather “not-so-smart” people, conservative

Hamburg: filthy rich, arrogant, cold, pretty hard to get to know them better because they don’t open up to just anyone, very beautiful women, Fischköpfe (fish heads), tolerant and open-minded

Hesse: they talk a lot, down-to-earth and boring, they drink Appelwoi

North Rhine-Westphalia: loud, sociable, straighforeard, they work in coal mines, weird accent, they absolutely love Fasching, crowded with people, cities everywhere

Berlin: rude af, terrible accent, gruff, working class people,  they have a dry sense of humour, are socialist, and hipsters

Saxony: they speak by far the worst german, they have a big ego and are squarrelsome, plain

Thuringia: hillbillies and tree huggers, sluggish and lazy, boring

Bremen: they’re bad at football but they still love it, sympathetic people who can laugh at themselves, nice humour, Werder Bremen sucks though

Saarland: narrow-minded, german but also french it’s really confusing???, they like eating and talking  (at the same time), smol and they once had a football match against Germany

Baden-Wuerttemberg: a young state, they hate their Bavarian neighbors, Spätzle, stingy but also hardworking and intelligent, yellow feet?

Brandenburg: they act like the people in Berlin but they fail at it, poor and lazy, not many foreigners but all the more neo-nazis, nice sausages, chav

Saxony-Anhalt: the void, it also looks like texas but in smol, silent

Lower Saxony: business-like and down-to-earth, they don’t like fun and fuss, conservative and stubborn

Rhineland-Palatinate: hoggish, very mysterious state no one knows shit about them wow

Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania: laid-back, farms with horses and cows, they have the Baltic Sea

Schleswig-Holstein: proud and don’t talk much, they have the North Sea, direct neighbor of denmark and just as weird as them, they basically behave like Scandinavians

Does it ever suddenly strike you

that you will never meet your historical fave. You can be talking about them to someone as if about an old friend, and then it hits. You will never know them, your oldest and most influential companion. Never be able to discuss with them a controversial aspect of their work, or debate a finer point of philosophy, never be fated to wander arm in arm around their city.
Yet, sometimes, when the space is quiet and the warm evening light is fading, you can feel them beside you. Perhaps you are walking where they have walked, or curled up in a forgotten library corner, deep in the same speeches they once gave, and some intangible aspect of their presence is there, faintly. Satisfied that someone has been touched by their legacy; regretting, too, that cruel time forbade your meeting. They follow your one sided debates in the same cobbled streets through which they had been accustomed to walk with silent interventions, too much and not enough all at once.

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Imagine Caspian coming home from a long trip and refusing to leave your side because he missed you so much

You were halfway across the courtyard when you finally saw him, hurrying down the steps and looking around to see if he could spot your face anywhere. When he finally saw you making your way toward him he broke out in a big goofy smile and ran to meet you in the middle, cupping your cheeks as he presses a deep kiss to your lips.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” he said when you finally parted in order to breathe, completely oblivious to the fond smiles of the people around you.
“Well then, maybe you should do it again to make up for all that lost time.”
He happily obliged, puling your body against his, before you were interrupted.
“Your Highness,” you both gave each other a knowing look after you parted, your husband taking a deep breath before putting on his ‘king face’ as you liked to call it and turning to address his adviser.
“Have you forgotten that there are some important,” the man glanced at you, “issues that need to be addressed?” You rolled your eyes, even though you and Caspian had been married for a year, his adviser still refused to let you know what ‘important business’ was going on. Though, it’s not like Caspian didn’t tell you everything anyway.
“It can wait,” Caspian said, moving to turn back to you.
“Sir, I really think that-”
“It can wait,” Caspian repeated, with a little more authority this time. His adviser reluctantly gave in and left.
“Where were we?” You asked, feigning forgetfulness. Your husband smiled at you once more.
“Making up for lost time,” he said before leaning down to kiss you again.

I start with like a stick figure and circle with minor depth to see what kind of pose I want. The more going on in the pose, the more interesting it will be to look at. Lately, I don’t even care how ridiculous the pose is because anything’s better than the ¾ stand with arms behind the back/in-pockets look.

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