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send me a ship and i’ll tell you
  • who hogs the duvet
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
  • who gets up first in the morning
  • who suggests new things in bed
  • who cries at movies
  • who gives unprompted massages
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
  • who gets jealous easiest
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
  • who collects something unusual
  • who takes the longest to get ready
  • who is the most tidy and organised
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
  • who starts the most arguments
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
  • what couple traditions they have
  • what tv shows they watch together
  • what other couple they hang out with
  • how they spend time together as a couple
  • who made the first move
  • who brings flowers home
  • who is the best cook

It’s a great day to remember five things:

  • Carol trusted Daryl first, more than any single person in the group, deeming him a “man of honor” and knowing he deserved better. 
  • Carol was the first person Daryl reached out to emotionally, being her consistent reassurance and providing her with a symbol of hope and encouragement just when she needed it.
  • Daryl is still the person she trusts the most.
  • He reaches those parts of her that no one else can.
  • They are reuniting very soon.

Since Valentine’s is next month, what will everyone do for their s/o or crush?

You have NO IDEA how excited I was to answer this ask!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • knows the most about valentine’s day!
  • he has researched this holiday and all of its traditions and customs EXTENSIVELY across so many different cultures!
  • only the nicest chocolates and flowers for his beautiful s/o, of course.
  • very common gifts from him, all traditional valentines day items, nothing too special, but really nice!
  • you can tell he put a lot of work into making sure he could get everything to pamper you.
  • he even cooked dinner that night!
  • just to let you rest!
  • just a lot of nice gestures, over all a very pleasant day!

Maki Harukawa

  • doesn’t really,,,
  • understand what shes supposed to be doing??
  • at all?
  • she did not research this-
  • but she suggests that maybe since neither of you really got each other anything that instead, you just go out for a nice dinner!
  • and a nice dinner it is indeed.
  • a wallet emptying dinner.
  • but she looked so cute and so happy to be spending a night out with you…
  • you couldn’t say no, not even when she ordered a CRAZY EXPENSIVE dessert.
  • she was smiling all night, she really loves you, and spending time with you on valentine’s day was definitely super special to her.
  • you get lots of kisses that night!

Rantarou Amami

  • he had a lot prepared but it was all surprises so for a while you thought he just forgot…
  • but that night, he said that it would be nice to go see a new movie.
  • it wasn’t even a movie you wanted to see, so you were kind of annoyed, but…not like you had plans anyway, so you agree.
  • initiate surprise
  • you notice that you’re not driving to the movie theatre a few minutes after he starts driving, but…
  • where are you going, exactly??
  • he drives you to the top of a hill??
  • but then you see it.
  • on the top there’s a large, soft blanket stretched out, with a basket of food in the middle, a small candle, and a bottle of wine.
  • it’s incredibly romantic…he planned all this just for you??
  • and under the stars??
  • he spends all night telling you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are, and how each star reminds him of your eyes.
  • you laugh and joke about how cheesy that is, but kiss him anyway.

Kirumi Toujou

  • she’s…actually never had a valentine’s day before. so you take charge!
  • you clean the entire house spotless, to save her the work when she gets home!
  • you make dinner!
  • you set up a nice hot bath for her!
  • you realize that either the dinner or the bath is gonna get cold.
  • you revise dinner! that can wait!
  • when she gets home, she really does appreciate how clean the place is, you did an admirable job in her opinion.
  • you guide her right to the bath, and she is so relieved.
  • a relaxing night is just what she needed after today.
  • you make a mental note: bath > dinner was the right choice!
  • while she’s in the bath, you remake dinner.
  • and when she gets out, you eat!
  • she says dinner is delicious, and she really appreciates all you did today…
  • in the end, you cuddle and watch a movie in bed until you both fall asleep.
  • woo kirumi: success!

Ouma Kokichi

  • he is FULLY EXPECTING to be pampered today. 
  • if he is not?? he will scream and never forgive you that is a FACT
  • which means you have to go out and buy him chocolate, because he has expressly stated this is all he wants!
  • and dinner.
  • and cuddles.
  • and kisses.
  • so you go out to get chocolate. and dinner.
  • when you get back, EVERYTHING is decorated with hearts and pink and red. EVERYTHING.
  • he is so excited for you to see! look what he did! he did valentine’s day!
  • he tells you there’s a hot bath waiting for you and that he’ll make dinner and that you can eat the chocolates!
  • surprise!
  • even the bath is pink and full of hearts!
  • the magic of bath bombs!
  • surprise!
  • and when you get out, he already has some very nice pyjamas laid out for you, nice and warm from the laundry!
  • surprise!
  • and he’s actually made dinner and picked out a movie!
  • surprise!
  • you two cuddle on the couch, eat some supreme ruler brand spaghetti, and cuddle a whole lot!
  • whenever he’s not shovelling spaghetti into his mouth, he is kissing your adorable cheeks!
  • he considers this valentines day a HUGE SUCCESS.
  • he leaves out the part where a few members from his secret society are the ones that set up the bath.
  • and decorated the house.
  • and made sure your favourite chocolates were on sale.
  • and made the dinner.
  • that is the only reason it tastes good.
  • …surprise??

Angie Yonaga

  • angie did something very special this valentine’s day!
  • she made you something!
  • a sculpture! an incredible sculpture of you!
  • you’re really flattered when she tells you how long she spent on it, but now you feel bad for only getting her flowers…
  • but angie assures you that she loves them!
  • plus, now angie can make a flower crown for her beautiful s/o sculpture!
  • after that, you two have the cuddliest valentine’s day you possibly could have asked for.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he got you something pretty special this valentine’s day, but…
  • he has literally no idea how to give it to you.
  • so he’s just been going along like this is a normal valentine’s day, lots of kisses, lots of PDA, little hugs, compliments, tiny gifts, all that fun stuff.
  • but he has been so nervous all day and you’re starting to notice.
  • you ask him what’s wrong and??
  • he just blushes harder and says you just-
  • look so nice today!
  • that’s all!
  • liar
  • so finally he takes you home for a nice, private dinner together.
  • it’s nice!
  • but he still looks super nervous.
  • you stop eating, put down your fork and knife, and ask him again to tell you what’s wrong.
  • and finally he just takes a deep breath
  • and gets down on one knee
  • and takes out a ring

Miu Iruma


Kaito Momota

  • he has picked the perfect spot for stargazing! you’re gonna love it!
  • he drives you both up there with all his stargazing equipment, and the two of you have a wonderful time watching the sky.
  • you even see a shooting star!
  • and the moon is just beautiful tonight!
  • kaito’s valentine’s day is simple, but it’s really, really nice.
  • you enjoy it!

Kaede Akamatsu

  • kaede says she did something really special this valentine’s day, but she looks nervous.
  • she says she really hopes you like it…
  • the two of you go to her room, and she sits at her piano.
  • you are overjoyed, you can’t wait to hear her play!
  • you love her music.
  • the song she plays is soft and beautiful…
  • and named after you.
  • she wrote it for you!
  • she wrote you an entire song for valentine’s day, and it’s beautiful! 
  • she says she really doesn’t want anything in return, she just wanted to do this for you because she loves you so much.
  • she gives you lots of face kisses all day long!
  • it’s such a nice, sweet valentine’s day.


  • a lot like korekiyo, did a lot of research but doesn’t really know how to make it feel personal.
  • he’s not too good at cuddles, either…
  • so pampering you and giving you gifts is the right way to go in his book!
  • he hopes you like his kisses, even if his lips aren’t real…
  • you promise you do!
  • so yay! lots of kisses!
  • he just tries to make the day as generally nice as possible for you!
  • and it goes well! you feel very valued and nice!
  • you give him lots of hugs and kisses as a reward.

Himiko Yumeno

  • she has an amazing show for you!
  • she made the whole thing special, just for you!
  • it’s sappy as hell and full of romantic cheesy innuendo, but you love it all the same.
  • but??
  • she needs a volunteer from the audience!
  • the audience of literally just you…
  • so you get to go up on stage!
  • she points her wand at you, aaaaand…
  • BAM! bouquet of flowers!
  • ta-da!
  • romantic!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • gonta doesn’t really know how to do valentine’s day but…
  • he’s gonna try!
  • so he thinks that tonight is a good night…
  • for you to finally meet his parents.
  • so he takes you out to the middle of the woods and introduces you to a full pack of wolves.
  • you…stay for dinner??
  • but gonta knows you don’t want to eat wolf food so he brought you a sandwich! a real nice one!
  • despite the weird circumstances, you have a good time.
  • the wolves are very cute and very soft and getting to get so close to them and pet them is almost surreal.
  • what an incredible valentine’s day experience!

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • she wakes you up nice and early to start a super fun day!
  • you two go to the carnival for a really nice date!
  • it’s pretty much the most fun valentine’s day ever, and you have a great time!
  • you stay pretty much the whole day, you can’t possibly ask her to go home.
  • not when she’s so happy!
  • not when she’s so happy to be here, and having such a great time!
  • you stay until nighttime…
  • and she DEMANDS that you go stand in this VERY SPECIFIC SPOT.
  • which is a little odd??
  • but then…
  • they’re really beautiful, and she’s so happy to see them with you!
  • she gives you a nice big kiss under the firework light.
  • happy valentine’s day!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he wishes he could do more to make this valentine’s day special…
  • but he really has no experience with this.
  • so he tries to at least give you a nice night.
  • he can’t exactly reach any of the cooking stuff, but he orders from your favourite pizza place and puts on your favourite movie and gets about ten blankets for you guys to cuddle under.
  • you have a really nice night!
  • you don’t need anything extravagant, you just like spending time with him.
  • he gets lots of kisses for this!
  • so many face kisses!
  • he’s blushing like a dork but he’s really enjoying valentine’s day with you, and he’s never been happier to have you in his life.

Tenko Chabashira

  • she…
  • kind of sleeps through all of valentine’s day.
  • she was up really late last night.
  • oops.
  • but when she wakes up, you get a big apology and lots of sleepy cuddles!
  • tenko is sorry.
THE ELLEN SHOW: The Final Chapter

A/U: So I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s read this monster. You’ve all been so nice and kind over the past 4-5 months and I cannot tell you how nice it’s been having you get excited or upset about what I’ve written. Having someone telling you how invested they are into something you’ve created is an amazing feeling. I’m bittersweet seeing this coming to an end because I only hope I can make something like this again and have you all support it as much as this. But until that day comes I will give one last thank you and say I love you. 

The Ellen Show Master List

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“Welcome back.” A guy with a headset said to me as I was waiting behind the set. He must have recognized me but I didn’t recognize him.

“Oh thank you for having me.” I smiled before pushing my hair back behind my ear shyly. He then processed to quickly give me a run down but we had both done this so many times now it wasn’t really needed anymore.

I heard my name a few seconds after the guy waved for me to start walking. A few moments later Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl came over the set and I smiled brightly as I came around the corner. Waving to the audience I walked across the flooring before looking up and seeing Ellen standing up waiting for me.

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East To Tease, Pt. 2

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

Featuring: Jimin
Genre: sexual implications, suggestive wording
By: Admin S

HI!! Can I request a Jimin smut where Jimin is really playful and teases the reader. Then the reader decides to tease him back (by walking around in just a t-shirt and panties, bending over, etc; subtle hints) and plays hard to get? I love love love your blog it’s one of my favs <3

Day 24 of the Challenge

Part One Here

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Windenburg Countryside, Present Day

things I laugh & then get sad about:

alicia and bob were both pretty prominent celebrities, so it’s very likely that her pregnancy was closely followed. I can’t even imagine all the jokes about the beautiful/perfect baby they would make, all the people reading every magazine article about the pregnancy. poring over every photo of alicia’s gorgeous maternity clothes. bad bob does about a million interviews about how excited he is, how ready he is to be a dad.

and then jack is born.

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Karen Gillian Talking About Matt Smith:
  • Karen: Matt’s not here, so I’m allowed to tell this one.
  • Crowd: *snickers*
  • Karen: So you all remember the Curse of the Black Spot, yeah? Well, in that episode, we had a supermodel on set and she played the mermaid *makes swimmy motions with fingers*
  • Karen: Everyone on set was excited because there was a supermodel, so Matt decided to go talk to her. He walked over and began talking, and set his hand on a light stand, to look cool, you know? Well, the light stand fell over when he touched it, and he just kept talking and acting like it never happened!
  • Karen: *can’t stop laughing*
  • Crowd: *can’t stop laughing*
  • Karen: Don’t tell Matt I said that when he gets here tomorrow!
Temporal Mechanic

Arrington snorted. “Don’t they wish. I’ve been spending the last two years shoulder deep in this beast, Lieutenant Oxton, and I’ve been watching people try and fail to get the full potential out of this airframe. I don’t like the idea I’ve wasted so much time and effort…and I’m not terribly excited about handing this aircraft over to someone who just came out of Empire, no matter how good your scores were.”

Lena set her teeth in a falsely cheerful smile. “Well, fortunately for me it wasn’t your decision, Chief. So we can either work together and you can tell me what I need to know about this aircraft, or I’d be happy to request a new chief tech for the project if you’d rather, because I’m not leaving until this plane passes acceptance, or I bend it beyond all recognition.”

They stood there, glaring into each other’s eyes for a long moment before the taller woman smiled very slightly. “Maybe you’ll do after all, Lieutenant.”

Huge (Indirectly Related to Dance) News!

My apologies if you are my friend on Facebook and you are hearing this for the second time…I’m just too excited to keep it to myself!

My book ENSHRINE has been contracted for publication and I am over the moon excited and happy. Dance is a sub plot (can’t call it Irish since it takes place in a fictional world) and pretty much this is my weird round about way of telling you to never give up on your dreams, whatever they happen to be. I never thought I’d be published ever, let alone at 27 years old so DO IT!

I’ll be making a separate Tumblr as things progress and I would love if you would give me a follow when the time comes but for now let’s ride the wave of awesomeness that has been 2017 so far and win all our dances as feis season starts up again!

{Reaction} When EXO’s girlfriend is moving to South Korea

Hiiiii can I have exo reaction to their girlfriend telling them she is moving to Korea!! Thank youuu :* 

Note: You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy sweetie!~ 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by dohchestra

Chanyeol didn’t believe you at first, he thought you were joking when you broke the news to him over Skype. But when you told him that you were being completely serious, he broke into a wide grin, excitement already bubbling inside of him.

Chanyeol: “Really?! Jagi I can’t wait! Hurry and get here!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

Kyungsoo grinned at the news as you told him over Skype. You and him had been living in this long distant relationship for a long time, and it seemed amazing that you were finally moving closer to him.

Kyungsoo: “That’s amazing baby, I can’t wait. I’ll have a cooked meal here ready for you the day you get into the country.” 

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by exoturnback

Baekhyun was incredibly happy when he found out that you were moving to Korea. He planned a surprise party for you for when you arrived and celebrated all night with you, showing you how happy he really was now that you were closer to him. 

Baekhyun: “To my beautiful Jagiya, who I love very much.” 

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by czarnybilly

Sehun smiled as you told him on the phone that you were finally moving to South Korea. He was on tour, meaning that he wan’t even Korea in that moment in time. But he felt moved, almost in tears from happiness, not that he woul ever tell you this. 

Sehun: You’re moving to Korea? Yipee…” *Sarcastic voice.*

{y/n}: *Giggling.* “I love you too, baby.” 

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by b2stfm

Yixing grinned as he helped you moved your boxes of stuff into your new apartment in Seoul. It was a surprise for him that you were moving, and he had loved it. Once everything had been brought inside, he did a happy dance, showing you hoe happy he really was.

Yixing: “Ah Baobei this is amazing!” *Happy Dancing*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by kyunqdae

Jongdae was so happy when he found out that you were moving to Korea. Since you were moving in with him, you didn’t need to bring too much stuff, meaning that the moving in process was rather quick. He booked off the whole week from work to spend some time with you now that you had arrived. 

Jongdae: “This is as happy as I’ve been in a very long time.” 

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by xiukai

Minseok grinned as you told him that you’d be moving to South Korea. The two of you decided that it would be more cost effective to get a house together, so when you finally moved, you and Minseok were living together for the first time, and it was the happiest you’d ever been. 

Minseok: “How about we go and make use of that bed upstairs?”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by littlebyuns

At first, Tao thought that you were joking, and got kind of annoyed about it because he doesn’t like you pulling jokes on him like that since he really does genuinely miss you when you aren’t around. But when he found out that you weren’t actually joking, he was incredibly happy and smiling, always asking you how many days it would be until you’f finally make the move. 

Tao: “Ah the days won’t go quick enough. I want to see you.” 

Kim Jumnyeon

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Suho opened up the front door when he heard the doorbell ring. He was confused, since it was a Sunday, his day off, and he hadn’t arranged to meet up with anyone on that day. But when he opened the door to see you, a grin split across his face. 

{y/n}: “I bought an apartment, it’s not far from here actually. I wanted to come and surprise you.” 

Suho: “I love you Jagi!” *Hugs you*

Lu Han

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Luhan didn’t know you were planning to move to Korea until he had come to visit you in your country. You told him that this time, he wouldn’t be flying back to Korea alone, and he couldn’t stop beaming for the rest of the trip. 

Luhan: “This is going to be amazing, Jagi.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by daenso

Kai was thrilled when you told him that you were moving to South Korea. He made sure to take the week off, like Jongdae, to spend as much time with you on our first week in the new country to make sure you’re settling well. 

Kai: “How about we head upstairs? Since we have all this alone time now.” 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by krismehard

You and Kris had been talking about moving in together for a long time before you had finally announced that you’d be moving to live with him in South Korea. He grinned down the phone as he heard the news.

Kris: “I knew you’d come to Daddy, Jagi.” *smirks.*

{y/n}: “I still have time to change my mind, Kris. Don’t push your luck.”

I love how you can tell what stage of fangirl someone is at by the type of fanfic they read.

Ships ronmione: tsk tsk… rookie mistake. You’ll grow out of it.

Reads veela fics: Beginner. 

Reads any other popular genre (time travel/during ootp,hbp,or dh/AU): Mediocre

Reads one shots: Get a life, hon

Can’t find a fanfic thaey havent read with their otp: Advanced

Tries to read other otp’s: You need a break

Reads the same marriage law concept with the same plot over and over again, while still getting excited each time: Professional 

I met Carrie Fisher last April during Fan Expo Vancouver 2015. As soon as she was announced, I got permission from my boss to leave our booth at a specific time to get a photo with her. This was a big deal for me.

I waited in line for over an hour, absolutely jittery with excitement. I got 4 feet away and burst into tears. I’m usually pretty good with celebrity meetings but this was something else.

She noticed me crying, flagged me over, introduced herself, gave me a hug, and made sure I was okay. You can tell in the photo that I had been crying like a huge dork. She was so sweet.

After the photo, I looked her dead in the eye and said “I love you.”

She’s a skilled actress. In a moment she was gone and held this regal posture. She felt powerful and stern, but loving. She looked at me back and gently said two words in what felt like full sincerity:

“I know.”

I cried more after that. It was such a phenomenal experience.

She’s an icon in film and storytelling. She was a hero for living with mental illness openly and challenging her demons despite how it made her look. She was incredibly brave, intelligent, and fierce. For everything, I admire her.

I’m very grateful that I got to meet her. I’m devastated she’s no longer with us.

Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher.

  • Kenny: This is your chance, tell us your story. Convince me and everyone else, that you're an anti-anti christ!That you're good.
  • Damien: I was born in the year 666 in Europe, my mother was a noble or something..I don't even remember. When I was six years old, I attended a ball with her when I was murdered.
  • Kenny: Murdered? Woah! You can't tell it like that, like some boring history lesson. This is dangerous, this is exciting, this is flashback material. I know exactly what we need!
  • (sets up a cardboard theatre with sock puppets)
  • Damien: So you don't think this makes light of my tragic backstory?
  • Kenny: Get over yourself and continue the backstory!
MBTI types as things my ENTP friend has said

ISTJ: I’m honestly half interested half not wanting to touch it with a ten foot pole
ESTJ: I have even more work stories to tell you I hope you’re excited
ISFJ: I’m so happy those emojis exist
ESFJ: Well, then we let him live his lone wolf dream alone. And get killed. He will learn really quickly.
ISTP: Apparently you can ACTUALLY get executed which is awesome
ISFP: Why the fuck do you want to surround yourself with people that don’t even care about you
ESFP: @ me next time
INTJ: “A sourcebook of joy and encouragement”. It looks unopened.
ENTJ: He technically just took over someone’s job for a few months because reasons
INFJ: I have some great tumblr tags you can look through if you want to lose all faith in the human race
ENFJ: I’m not mad, I’m disappointed that I stuck up for someone that wasn’t worth it in the end
INTP: I should be packing but I’m definitely playing skyrim
ENTP: I unblocked them so I could start an argument with them
INFP: I get that you replace people; in time, the people you replaced people with will be replaced, too.
ENFP: May or may not have drank from the red well of mystery. How else would I know what it does?


“But, Evan! You said you’d come see me! I’ve been so excited all week, and now you’re telling me I have to wait another week?” “Y/N, I’m sorry! Filming went a little over, we have to get this wrapped up, I can’t just not be here! I’m kind of a big role this season!” “Fine. I guess, once again, I’ll tell my friends they have to wait to meet you.” “You knew exactly what you were getting into when you started dating me. An actor. I’m sorry.” “It’s whatever. I have class, I’ll see you whenever you can get here.” I clicked off of our video chat and slammed my computer shut. You might have overreacted a little. I crossed my arms and huffed. Evan was supposed to be done filming this season of AHS and he was supposed to come up to my college and meet my friends and actually spend time with me. I looked over at my bulletin board where pictures of Evan and I were tacked up all over. I grabbed my phone and my bag and walked out of my dorm room to my class.

During class, all I could think about was yelling at him. I didn’t mean to be that way, I was just really upset. I missed him so much. The rest of the day went by in a blur, and all I wanted to do was go to my room, curl up in my blanket and sleep. I was sitting at a lunch table, reading about some stupid math problems that I didn’t understand. “Hey! When are we gonna get meet Evan?!” I turned and saw my best friend running towards the table. “Not this week. He got caught up filming Horror Story.” “Oh. That’s a bummer. I’m sorry.” “It’s whatever.” “Well, think about it this way- you’re still dating a totally gorgeous, totally famous actor.” She winked at me. I shrugged. We ate lunch together, and she helped me understand my math problems. When I got up to leave she came with me. She came back to my room with me, and we watched old horror movies and ate popcorn and drank some wine. I hadn’t talked to Evan since the morning.

The next couple of days went by slowly. Evan was busy, so he wasn’t able to talk. Four more days until he could come back. Four more days until I could finally hug him, and say I was sorry. When I woke up, I showered in the dorms bathroom, and did my morning routine. I had an early 9AM class and I was running late. When I finally ran through the door and took my seat, my professor gave me a look like “If you’re late again, we’re going to have a talk.” He was a real asshole about tardiness. I sat through the class, not really listening to what was going on. I should have been, considering I had an exam coming up, but I was tired. When the class ended I didn’t have another one until 3 PM so I headed back to my dorm room to take a nap. When I exited the building, someone grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground. I gasped out loud. “Hey, kitten” “Evan!” I squealed and turned my face, kissing him. He set me down and I faced him. “What are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to come see me for 4 more days!” “I know. But we ended quicker than we thought and I took the first flight out here!” “Evan, I’m sorry about blowing up at you. I was just so mad, and I’m stressed about classes and all that.” “It’s okay, I understand, kitten. Come on, I have a surprise for you.” He winked at me and took my hand. We headed over to the parking lot, and he took me to his car. “What’s the surprise?” I asked, eagerly. “Get in.” I got in the passenger seat and he started the car. We drove off the campus, and took a turn on a deserted road. When we drove far enough, there was a little opening he drove into. He put the car in park and turned it off. “Evan, you’re not gonna kill me are you? Like you’re not some psychopath killer that I haven’t got onto yet, are you?” He laughed and kissed me. He pushed his seat all the way back and pulled me onto his lap. “I have a dorm room, and a bed Ev. You know that right?” He laughed and kissed me harder. His erection growing against my thigh. “It’s so much hotter if there’s a possibility of getting caught” He ran his hand up my shirt, and under my bra. I let out a little moan at his touch. He unbuttoned my shorts and after a lot of struggle he got them off. He ran his thumb over my panties, touching sensitive skin. “Oh, Ev.” He grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. I reached down and undid his pants, reaching in and grabbing his cock. When I pulled it out, I ran my hands up and down it, causing his to gasp and bite his lip. He put his hands in my panties and slid a finger inside. He was kissing my neck and fingering me, pulling out every so often to play with my clit. When I’d had enough I moved my underwear to the side and sat down on his cock, without warning. It slid in, and filled me up. I moved my hips, making him moan into my neck. He rubbed his thumb over my clit in circles, and I wrapped my hands in his wavy hair. I could already feel my release coming up. I felt it in my toes and it ran all the way up my body. “Evan, I’m gonna come.” “Me too kitten.” He said through clenched teeth. I threw my head back and let my orgasm take over, his warm juices filled me up and mixed with my own. When we were done, we kissed for a while. “I love you Evan.” “I love you too Y/N.” He smiled at me. I got back into the passenger seat and fixed my hair. “Now, you have to meet my friends. They’ve been dying to see you.” He laughed and started the car, looking behind him to back out. “Yes, dear.” 


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my name is Julia and I am 24 years old, Finnish, female and definitely an introvert. I am looking for snail mail pen pals; not instant messaging or e-mail. I don’t want to share any of my social media accounts. I think that would ruin the idea of snail mailing, being able to see and hear every day what the other person is doing. I also want to introduce myself and get to know you through letters, not some random Facebook posts.

I admit it sometimes takes a long time to answer, but I prefer to write good, long letters over hasty little messages and sometimes it takes time before I find the right mood for writing. I know everyone says this, but I am the kind of person you can tell about anything - I myself tend to be quite open about my life and thoughts, often skipping the small talk. I honestly would love to hear about your everyday life too, not just the most exciting parts. Your life is most likely very different from mine and even those things you think are mundane may interest me. It would also be nice to send and receive some little packages every now and then if you want to - photos, little snacks from your country, things like that.

I’m trying to keep my ad short, so here’s “the list of random things about me”: my favourite band is Ghost, I have a boyfriend who owns a tarantula and three dogs, I love horror, I can take good photos of dogs but not really anything else, I like to cook and gather food from nature, I enjoy dark humor, sometimes I accidentally sit on my hair, and I can’t find clothes I’m looking for from my wardrobe because almost all my clothes are black. Time flies by with books, arts, video games, horror/scifi movies, period dramas, daydreaming, long walks with dogs, drinking with a friend or two in our favourite bar, and planning new adventures. I love to travel, although I have not been outside of Europe yet - there’s so much to see in here, too. I love mountains, wilderness and the nature of the north. I respect nature more than anything and find solace in the wild. I am not the kind of person to spend my trips laying on a sunny beach under a palm tree or partying in big cities - I prefer long hikes, husky rides, exploring caves, visiting historical sites and such. My last trip was a solotrip to Svalbard.

I have spent all my life wondering what I want to do when I grow up and some time ago I finally figured it out. I want to be an astronomer, so hopefully, if everything works out, I will be studying physics in university around 2018. I’m currently taking some classes while working.

I am not religious at all. After growing up in a Christian community I have some strong opinions about the matter, but I’m not going to talk about those now because I am not here trying to offend people. I’m only mentioning this because if you are highly religious, you most likely don’t want anything to do with me. I am, however, interested in mythologies and paganism.

As much as I would love to write with the eloquence of Jane Austen, English is not my first language, so pardon my mistakes. But if you are interested, send me an e-mail preferably with some information about you (I won’t answer if I have no idea what kind of person you are) and perhaps I’ll send you my home address, or you can send yours. I don’t care about your gender, and if you don’t want to send a photo of you I don’t really need it - mine is just a poor elevator selfie from few years ago, after all. Plus, I am interested in your mind, not your looks.


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#i love this look so much #(but i also love cute7... i am conflicted) -- SAME. SAAAAME. cries I love Cute7 but this concept is so spectacular (especially for Youngjae that hair that HAIR)

To be honest, I’m that person who still gets super excited over A and Just Right and I’m impatiently waiting for the return of a Boyfriend7 concept because they’re basically the absolute cutest… So I was kind of prepared to be a little disappointed when it became obvious that Arrival wasn’t going to be cutesy or soft boyfriend aesthetic, but I decided to hold off on the disappointment when I saw the outdoor photos, AND THEN I SAW YOUNGJAE’S PHOTOS.

I just…… I really am still in love with the whole cute7 look, but how am I supposed to complain about this??? I can’t. It’s impossible. He’s so beautiful and flawless and soft and just…. ahhhhh. His hair. It causes me physical pain. 

All of the boys look so handsome and gorgeous this era and it’s more than a bit overwhelming… but I can’t help thinking that Youngjae’s the one owning it the most! My heart actually can’t handle how beautiful he looks with the styling they’ve given him and his gorgeous blond hair… his whole aesthetic for the era just suits him so well!!! 

… Even if I’m still not ready to forgive his stylist for the Never Ever 1st Stage.

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♪♪♪ (that means I expect 3😉)

okay your getting 3 then ;)

My Shot by Hamilton: 

“Oh, am i talking to loud? Sometimes i get over-excited, shoot off at the mouth, i never had a group of friends before, i promise that i’ll make y’all proud”

Roman Sky by Avenged Sevenfold

“Just before you go, tell us how the heavens flow, weightless evermore, as you walk beyond that door, shine forever true”

Me Without You by Gwen Stefani

“Oh, you faded so fast, i can hardly see ya when i look back, oh, now i’m me without you (and things are ‘bout to get real good)”


request: “Ohh, can you do a one shot of a few guys hitting on Riley and Farkle getting jealous and pretending to be her boyfriend and they don’t believe him so they tell them to kiss but farkles to nervous so Riley kisses him???please”

requested by: anon

requests are: open

authors note: this is the cutest prompt ever i was so excited when i got it :’) 


Look at her over there. Being all cute and stuff. God it makes me sick. Farkle’s self deprecation had gotten to an all time low as he sat alone with nothing but a glass of water and angst. He hated how whiny he had become lately but he couldn’t help himself, he was growing impatient after watching Riley fall in and out of love with every guy that wasn’t him over the past ten years of their friendship. Not that he didn’t love being friends with Riley, because she’s everything to him, but he had always been desperate for more. 

And now, seated on the couch in God-knows-who’s living room, Farkle was wallowing in self pity as Riley flirted and giggled with everyone within a three foot radius. They all became human sighs around her. Her dimples were showing and her eyes were crinkling, even if he wasn’t the one making it happen he loved the moments he got to see her smile. A smile that could cure cancer is how he had always described it. But, suddenly, her smile started to falter. Her eyes smoothed over and drooped down; everything about her had shrunk. Looking for clues as to what could have done this to her, he searched the whole room, and then he saw him. This kid, Taylor Montgomery, was somehow at every party Riley came to and he always gave her the worst time. Farkle’s body immediately began to heat up and he could feel himself growing taller, bigger, stronger - or maybe it was just the adrenaline. Before he realized what was happening, his brain was telling his feet to move and he was walking towards Riley. Him and Taylor responded at her opposite sides at the same time.

“Fancy seeing you here Riles,” Taylor said as he put his arm around her as if she wanted it. As if she had missed him. The blood under Farkle’s skin had reached a boil.

“Taylor.” She sighed and shrugged his arm off of her body, a piece of her dignity falling with his limb.

“Aw what’s wrong baby are you not happy to see me?” Was he mocking her? Did he really have the nerve to mock her right now? In front of ME? He tried to hold his words back but he just couldn’t, Farkle had to do something.

“No Taylor, she’s not happy to see you. You know why? Because you’re everywhere all the time and it’s creepy so back off of her,” alright.” He used the stern teacher voice Cory had taught him. Unfortunately, Taylor never listened to his teachers.

He scoffed, “Oh and what are you, her brother?” 

For the second time that night, Farkle’s body just did whatever it wanted without any consultation. With an arm around Riley’s waist Farkle responded, “Actually, I’m her boyfriend but thanks for playing.” He tried to lead Riley away from Taylor so she wouldn’t have to play along and be subject to Taylor’s criticisms. He just wanted her safe, but, apparently, that was too much to ask from good old Taylor Montgomery. 

“There is no way in hell that she would date you,” he crossed his arms and somehow grew three feet. Farkle felt so incredibly small; everything he had told himself late at night when he couldn’t fall asleep was no being said out loud by a guy that could snap him in half. Since Farkle was speechless, Taylor continued, “I mean come on, have you seen her? She’s gorgeous. She’s easily a 9 and you’re ‘Squeaky the Mouse’.” All of his insecurities were being played out right in front of him. This had to be some sick joke. 

He looked over at Riley to see that she was already looking at him, her eyes were always so strong even in the face of adversity. She was terrified of this guy and Farkle knew it, but her eyes were telling him that she believed in him. He could win this for them. 

“Yeah well, you better believe it because Riley is my girlfriend and not yours so I’m sorry that you couldn’t learn how to treat people with respect soon enough to actually have a chance with her. She is the best person I have ever met in my entire life and even if we weren’t dating there’s no way I would let her settle for someone like you. I don’t even know why she settled for me but what I do know is that I treat her with the utmost respect and affection that she deserves and I’m going to spend as long as she’ll let me showing her how much she means to me,” his grip on her waist  tightened and he looked back at her, her eyes were wide and her smile was growing back to its normal size. He looked down fondly at her and gave her a small smile of reassurance. It was as if the two were the only ones in the room, but Taylor was going to make sure they were brought back to reality.

“Alright, if you’re really dating, kiss her,” he was standing with his hair crossed, so sure of himself. 

Farkle froze. He was prepared to “pretend” confess his undying love for Riley but he was not prepared to kiss her. This was too far, earlier in the night his body did things without his permission but now it wouldn’t do anything despite his pleas.

“Interesting, you guys must be really close if you can’t even kiss her.” 

Still frozen.

“I bet she’s really lucky to have you, isn’t she?”

Still frozen.

But then he isn’t. 

Then he’s melting because Riley’s lips are on his and they’re moving in perfect sync together and her hands are in his hair and he never wants this to stop.

But it does and her lips are swollen and he’s floating.

“You know what Taylor? I am really lucky to have him. He deserves way better than me but I’m going to try my damnedest to show him that I’m worth it. Now please, for the love of God, leave me alone.” Riley hadn’t removed her hand from his shoulder and he really hoped she wouldn’t. She turned to Farkle and continued, “Will you walk me home Farkle?” He simply nodded and they made their way out the door without looking back.

They stopped outside of the door of the house and Riley turned to face Farkle.

“Was what you said back there true, Farkle?” her eyes were hopeful, a look he wasn’t expecting.

“Of course they were Riley, you do deserve better than me and I will spend the rest of my life - if you let me - making myself worthy for you. I’m always here for you, Riley.”

“Good, I’m always here for you too.”

He didn’t know where this was going to take them, or what was going to happen next, all he knew is that he was glad whatever happened he was going to be by her side.


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