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[FANACCT] 170611 KNK “해달별" Fansign Experience at 제일라아트홀 (Fanboy)

Hi again! 

I’m here with my fanaccount for KNK’s fansign during their “해달별" promotions.

This was a notably important fansign for me because I’m pretty sure this is my last fansign event before I leave Korea on the 22nd…

I’m so sad. ㅠㅠ

Anyway, it was a really awesome event and I’m glad I got to see my favorite group up close and personal again.

I did a video about their fansign before during “U” era too.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

KNK’s fansigns are getting more competitive nowadays, with fans buying more than 10 albums to have a chance to get in. I originally bought 9 albums, but after seeing a fan next to me at the CD store buy 10, I bought 3 more, totaling up to 12 albums overall. And I got in!

On the day of the fansign, I found the building where it was held and headed to the B2 floor. Some fans were waiting to get in, but the staircase and entrance was rather narrow. I showed my Alien Registration Card to verify my identification (though a passport works just as well) and the staff told me to pick a card that was on the table. The assorted cards were all face-down, and this was to determine my seat number. I got number 63. 

I took my seat, but the rows of chairs were all close together and narrow too, not allowing much room. This was a noticeable inconvenience when fans had to squeeze past each other in the rows. I spent a huge amount of time before coming to prepare a fanletter for my bias Seungjun, so I had to write down all the post-its for the members that I would put in my album.

Soon the members appeared and the fansign went underway. They looked so handsome as always, but they look especially good with the suits in this era aghhhh. 

Sorry that my picture’s quality isn’t too good, but this is how the fansign was conducted. The order was: Jihun→Inseong→Seungjun→Youjin→Heejun

MEMBER INTERACTIONS (with pictures and gifs!)

I’ll fast-forward to the interactions I had with each member. I’m sorry that I forgot some things that happened, but in the thick of the moment, it’s hard to process and take in everything that happened (for me). Luckily, I met someone at the fansign that was kind enough to take a video of me when I went through this great experience. I was really nervous again, because they’re my favorite group and this was my last time, so I was even more anxious. 


So leader Jihun was first this time around~ Actually he was rather quiet today as well; when I met him at a fansign last year, he was rather soft-spoken too. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I pointed to the questions I had brought for him on the post-its and told him I was a part of an international KNK fan group on Facebook, and I gathered some questions other Tinkerbells wanted to know about KNK. He was listening and then all of a sudden, said, “Ah. International,” in English. THAT WAS FREAKING CUTE AHH. He was really handsome up-close, though. He looked mature and cool when he was in thinking mode, but then he lapsed into squishy mode when he smiled and it was just adorable.

He really thought deeply about the questions I wrote. I guess he had to think a lot about how to answer them. But another factor was that time was really limited and the staff members were quite strict so they moved our albums to the next member by force, cutting our time short. 

Blue post-it note:
Q: Which member is really the closest to Jihun-hyung…?
A: I’m close with all but umm… Heejun?!
Jihun had some trouble answering this question but dang, I didn’t expect him to think so seriously about it. ㅠㅠ I’m sorry if I had to make you pick a favorite! I know you all love each other LOL. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Where do you draw the inspiration when you make the choreography (for KNK)?
A: There’s just times when suddenly… Ttak! 
I forgot what other little things we said after he answered those, but I had to move on. I gave him high-fives as a farewell and moved over to… Inseong!


Next was my second bias, Inseong. I greeted him by saying, “Inseonggie hyung~” hahaha because he’s just a fun, cool guy. He grinned and asked, “Hyung?” I SWEAR THIS WAS SO REMINISCENT WHEN I FIRST MET HIM in person when he asked me, “Am I hyung?” LOL. But he is just killing the visual game nowadays. He looked especially handsome today. He asked me where I’m from and I told him America, more specifically Hawaii. 

Bottom post-it note:
Q: Is there a place you really want to visit (vacation-wise)?
A: Hawaii

That’s probably why he cleverly wrote his answer as “Hawaii” for my question, but I’m not complaining! Inseong is really easy to talk to. 
I told him that his hairstyle for this concept suits him very well and that he looks really handsome. He was really happy to hear a compliment and ahhh he was just an excited hamster. I assured him that he was already handsome but now, even more. I basically complimented him a lot because he deserves more love and attention!!

Top post-it note:
Q: The most difficult point of this promotion…?

A: Live…!?

He explained that singing live was one of the toughest parts of promotions. I asked why, and he said it’s because he has to sing rather high. I understand him because him singing the chorus in “해달별" while dancing pretty vigorously looked really tiring… But he pulled it off! I told him he was really good and that he’s doing well. I feel like he was insecure a little about his performance as a vocalist and how well he does and I wanted to reassure him. It was time to move on so I told him bye~ Inseong really does have a warm heart and he’s such a nice person please give him lots of affection and reassurance


*sigh* I really can’t express how great and caring Seungjun is. I can tell he truly loves and adores his fans, and it shows from the way he treats them. He said my name like, “Junior?” in a cute tone and I said cutely too, “Seungjunnie-hyung~” AHAHAHAHA. He immediately looked at my questions and more antics ensued.

Blue post-it note:
Q: POKEMON or DIGIMON, you can only choose one
A: *marks Pokemon* but went the extra mile to show his UNCONDITIONAL PREFERENCE FOR DIGIMON LIKE WHAT THE NOOOOOOO

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Is there a member you want to live with for the rest of your life?
A: Inseong Jihun

At first, he took a look at the blue note and I reiterated, “You can only choose one!” Without hesitation, he answered, “Digimon!” I was like WHAT THE HECK, NO YOU CAN’T CHOOSE DIGIMON OVER POKEMON OMGG.

He was so firm, he was like, “Digimon~” in a cute tone and I told him, “Why??” He seemed a bit sympathetic and marked Pokemon, but said, “Digimon~” again and decorated a box around the word Digimon. DANG IT SEUNGJUN. I was like OTL because I came dressed in a Squirtle hoodie because I thought he loved Pokemon more but that happened. I mockingly complained, “I came dressed like this too…” Seungjun chuckled and then proceeded to gently grab my arm and draw a little heart on the Squirtle patch design on my hoodie!!!

SJ: *in a Korean accent* Hearteu~
I internally died at this cute action like I AM NEVER WASHING THIS HOODIE AGAIN LOL

I also made sure to give him the letter I worked on. He then looked at my second post-it, which he thought about for a moment. At first, Seungjun wrote Inseong, so I asked him why. He said because Inseong is funny. BUT THEN LAST MINUTE Seungjun scratches out Inseong’s name and writes Jihun AND HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE A REASON WHY LOL. So that made think like HMMMMM this ship really sails itself huh… Now I had to tell him that this was pretty much my last chance to see them…

Me: Actually, on the 22nd, I’m leaving Korea, so this is my last chance to see you guys. I’m really glad I got to see you guys often while I was here.
SJ: *in a cute pleading voice* Don’t go~ (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Me: I don’t wanna leave either!

And then this happened.

OMG I was so flustered when he asked when I’ll be back with that cheeky smile that I accidentally lapsed into English hahahaha. He probably didn’t understand what I said, but I had to move on ㅠㅠ!! Wait for me Seungjun, I’ll be back!! I really want to cry now… Hahahaha. And it ended cutely because I kept shaking his hand, and then…

Thank goodness. He is the best and he’s always so sweet!!


Okay I’m going to start off my account of Youjin because right when I got to him, he asked me, “Are you a fan of Seungjun?” BWAHAHAHA he called me out!! I told him that I liked all the members but yeah, Seungjun was my fave… If he noticed that, then wow… 

And then it was like another round of deja vu because I told him I was from Hawaii and that he should come, and he replied, “I want to go too!” LIKE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE SAID LAST YEAR AT THE FIRST FANSIGN LOL.

He looked over my questions and I told him they were from other international fans. He got super excited over the Overwatch question and his inner fanboy came out. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Which heroes (do you use) when you play Overwatch?
A: Roadhog, Reinhardt, and… the last part was a bit illegible but I think he wrote the name of a Korean Overwatch player named 후아유. [If anyone wants to help me out with deciphering that, it’d be much appreciated~]

He was so happy when talking about his mains for OW, but I had to tell him that I actually didn’t know the game at all loooool. I wish I could’ve nerded out with him but idk ㅋㅋㅋ He even asked me, “Isn’t Overwatch quite popular in America?” lmaooo which is true but yeah, I’m clueless.

Blue post-it note:
Q: What are you most afraid of??
A: Bugs! 1인칭 horror game.

So Youjin seems to be the least fearful in the group so I also wanted to know what scares him. He wrote “bugs” and I couldn’t believe like this guy didn’t flinch for the ghost prank or a VR zombie slashing him but he’s afraid of insects??



But Youjin is a cool chill guy who loves gaming so hit him up yo


Heejun, Heejun, Heejun. You never know how he’ll be like. I heard from a friend that he’s different every time which is kinda true. The first time I met him, he was comical but on the quiet side, and we were kinda awkward… BUT THIS TIME WAS JUST OMG LOL.
He spoke some English to me even though I was talking to him in Korean which was cute. He said things like, “Where are you from?” and “Really?” Soooo silly. I complimented him on his English pronunciation and I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS UNTIL MY FRIEND SHOWED ME THE FOOTAGE SHE TOOK AND-

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Heejun’s also quite chill but he’s so funny agh.

Yellow post-it note: 
Q: Is there a concept you want to try?
A: BTS’ Blood, Sweat, Tears 
hOLY SHIZ IS IT WEIRD THAT I CAN ALREADY IMAGINE HEEJUN IN THAT KIND OF CONCEPT? he already bares his chest sometimes like omfg and I can totally see him pulling it off like shiz I AM READY

Blue post-it note:
Q: Heejun-ah~ Please write down your favorite color!!
A: Black, gray
Heejun forgot because he even asked himself out loud, “Which colors do I like?” I told him, “Why don’t you know??” HAHAHA. 

I told him I was l was leaving soon and he just replied, “When will you be back?” LOL. IDK, I wish I knew, then I wouldn’t have to leave y’all ㅠㅠ I told him bye and he was like, “bye bye!!!” 

Later on, the members picked random seat numbers from a box and the chosen fans could take a selca with them. SO LUCKYY. I WASN’T CHOSEN BUT UGH IT’S OKKK. 

Then they played 공기, which is a Korean bean game similar to Jacks. Jihun got really competitive and he almost kicked the stage LMAOOOO. Seungjun was really bad at it and he ended up last. Youjin was first, followed by Inseong, Heejun and finally Jihun secured a place by a hair. Seungjun’s punishment was dancing to their title track with aegyo LOOOOOL he tried his best but he looked so awkward omg

And that was it.
My last fansign with them.

I love them so much, because they’re all so wholesome and show their personalities unabashedly. All of them are SO DIFFERENT and the dynamics are just so interesting and charming. 

SORRY I cut it a little at the end but I have to go to class ㅠㅠ I’ll tweak this a bit later maybe but I hope y’all enjoyed this!!!!

Dating Tae Includes...

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—cheeky snapchats ;))

—but with those sexy ass snaps that he sent you, there would also be some hella derpy ones too cause yah know… this is taehyung

—randomly saying lame but extremely cute pickup lines

—"can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back, babe.“ 

—and you going along with it sometimes

—"of course you little cute piece of shit…”

—other times, however………

—"tae baby, I love you but kindly shut the hell up, please.“ 


—really sweet and soft kisses

—hella tongue action when he’s in the mood

—like literally his tongue can make you orgasm in like 4 seconds if he was that needy

—youre the “playful” couple

—surprise kisses!!!

—always finding an excuse to touch you not even like sexually it’s like holding your hand, playing with your hair, thigh caressing, forehead kisses, etc etc

—eskimo kissing is a huge fuck yeah!!!

—hand kisses cause he’s a sweet lil gentlemen 

—defiantly an a$$ kinda guy 🍑

—booty grabbing 👀

—ass slapping 💥👋

—anything with your ass he is totally down for it!!! 

—kinky sex

—handcuffs, lingerie, role play, strip teasing, blindfolds, voyeurism, ear muffs, mouth gagging, organism denial, breath play, you name it he is willing to do it cause he’s a kinky freak himself 👅💋👀


—random text early in the morning saying shit like “do pigeons have feelings?” “is it called sand cause it’s in the middle of the sea and land?” “if barnacles is a bad word in SpongeBob than what does that mean for barnacle boy???”

—defiantly wants to be a father ASAP

—fighting about what gender your first child will be

—"tae, I want a girl first…“

—"well, that’s gonna suck when we have a boy first, amirite?”


—which then lead to making out 😛


—which then leads to making out and more 😛

—the kind of bf that can never get enough of you like he is just so in love AWWWW 😊

—fckin’ hella jealous type 😳

—denies the shit out of it tho

—"just admit that you’re jealous and I’ll cancel on taemin tomorrow, okay?“

—"but that’s the thing, love. I’m NOT jealous!" 

—gets set off by you even hanging out with one of the members for too long!!

—defiantly the boy you’d bring to meet your parents

—you support him in every way cause he needs that shit!! #protectmytaebby 😇

—stressful day at work= rough sex ✊💦

—then afterward, you’d stay up all night to talk about how his day went before slowly drifting off to sleep in his arms 💤💤

—he buys you anything and everything gucci cause that’s his favorite brand and "my love will always be wearing gucci cause that’s just how much she’s worth”

—seriously gucci produces prices are set to as high as 15M like I’m shookenth like ???????? 

—binge watching hwarang and fangirling whenever he comes on screen



—"baby, calm down…“ 


—"aww, thank you, but my girlfriend is soooo much cuter”

—attacks you with kisses

—like all the time!!

—pillow fights that are so hardcore sometimes you guys have to go out and buy brand new ones cause the last ones ripped open oops???? 😇

always messing around together

—cooking turns into food wars 🍕🍟🍔

—baking turns into frosting fights 🍪🍰

—clothes shopping becomes a fashion show

—grocery shopping becomes “who can get to aisle 7 faster with a shopping cart”

—telling him everything that bothers you

—him telling you everything that bothers him

—not only would you be dating the best bf ever, but as well as your best friend and you’re so thankful for taehyung cause wow

—and of course, taehyung feels the same exact way. 😊✊ hwaiting~! 💗

Want more Bangtan? here’s my masterlist!

taetae isn’t even my bias… and neither is joonie, but I ain't a loyal stan sooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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BTS reaction to them not being your bias

requested by @steam-heart12

*note - this is all just for the fun of it~*


“WHAT? I’m the pink princess! How can you not love me the most?!”

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“Go back to your bias.”

*goes back to sleep because he’s not interested anymore*

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*deeply hurt*

“How can you not fall in love with my great fashion sense?”

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*screams in agony*



*shows his smooth belly abs*

“Oh, okay? Are you sure?”

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*hugs you so tightly that you gasp for air*

“I love you SO MUCH! I’m the CUTEST! Why don’t you love me back?”

*you still tell him he’s not your bias*

“Well then.”

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*confused puppy doesn’t want to hurt anyone*

“If that’s your choice…”

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-Admin L and Moon

So… I know there’s a lot of discourse amongst the community (nothing new there), but I figured I’d share this with you guys. Obviously for those of us without money, we’ll see it on the 15th, but I’m curious as to what you all hope to see in V5!

Personally, I don’t care for seeing any ship development (given the drama it’s creating and how it’s not really… necessary for plot or character development purposes. That and I’d feel like it’d be too forced anyway, just an opinion). I’d really like to know where Nora came from because she didn’t end up in Anima on her own. Maybe a glimpse at Pyrrha’s family. (Sorry, my JNPR bias is showing).

The inevitable RWBY reunion will be great when it happens. Seeing how Weiss’s handling the breakout would be awesome, maybe him interrogating Kleine and getting Winter on the case (low key betrays her dad to cover her). Sun will no doubt be with RWBY (because of Blake), so Neptune will probably return soon as well (more bromance). Interaction between Sun, Blake, and Yang would be lit to me and not even from a poly-shipping perspective, literally just friendship purposes.

I really really really want to see and know more about Oscar. We got to see him for a very short amount of time in V4 and it wasn’t enough. As much as I don’t like Raven, I do want her to come back. She’s kind of interesting. Kill, I mean um… actually, no. Kill Cinder. Fuck her. Avenge my girl. Getting more in depth with this extremely intricate plan would be nice…

Addressing Penny’s death instead of glossing over it would be great. I’d like to see Ironwood’s perspective on that whole thing and if he’s in the process of rebuilding her.

And… I’m okay with Jaune (I’m more upset with the writers and the direction they went with him and choices they made with him. He has potential to be an amazing character. But that’s for another time), but I don’t want focus on him. JNPR will always be my bias out of all of the teams, but even I can tell you that their team are meant to be main, SUPPORTING characters. Yes, they should have development, but they shouldn’t outdo the namesake of the show. I like Jaune, but I think we can put him on hold for a little while…

Anyway, I know a lot of that won’t happen, but they’re just ideas that I think would be pretty neat in V5. Like I said, I’m genuinely interested in what you guys want to see in this volume. Share with me, friends!!!! ❤❤❤❤

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I’m SOOOO sooo grateful for 2k followers. It was never my goal to ever reach such a large amount of followers in less than a year and I’m actually so mind blown by this. This is a thank you to all of followers, for all of the love you’ve been giving me throughout the time I’ve had this blog for! It’s also a way for me to show my appreciation by following you back if I haven’t already (if I like your content ofc!).

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jikook is fanservice and

I’m going to say it because it’s true.  IT is for US to see so it’s fanservice. However, if you are so blind you can’t feel and see the real chemistry these two give off you are too young to understand what it looks like and just need more experience. I have watched at least 90% of the content BTS has put out there since the beginning in 2013(and any show/fanmeet/interview I can find on them too and I was a late fan member(like 5 months ago?).  Jimin quickly became the one my eyes would focus on after watching the same video for the 3rd time(my bias duh).   From my previous posts you can tell what  I think about that.  It became real obvious when I started hitting 2016 content that jikook interaction made me stop and go WOW what is this. so then I went back and rewatched everything again and that’s when you catch everything that wasn’t so obvious like it is now.  After that I started searching on tumblr and youtube and discovered ARMY who are secretly FBI and there was even more to support this relationship.  If you don’t want to believe in this then don’t, all power to you but don’t knock down any BTS member because of it.  You are not a real fan nor a decent human being if you pull that BS. All BTS are amazing talented individuals who deserve love and respect from us.


lord have mercy here we are w/ my bias nd me tag!! the lovey goRGOUS people who tagged me were: @seunghoonnn, @6-v-6, @flower-taemin so thank u very much! 

i thought since onew picked his flowers from off my head to make his boquet i’d show it you guys 🌸 “what’s mine is yours” that’s the saying right? 

a lot of have probs done it since im always Late but!!: @kibaems, @jjongeyed, @moonjjongie, @sataeminism, @leejinklies, @fairykibum, @petitshinee, @shineecstasy, @assmp3 

Going to the BBMA’s - BTS Headcanon

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Summary: BTS going to the BBMA’s

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None really


A/N: Since you didn’t specify your bias I just went ahead and wrote it like you’re all really close friends and just happen to have more flirty friendships. I hope that’s ok! Thank you so much for requesting

~ Admin Liv  (◠‿◠✿)


Before the show:

  • Tbh they’re all tough Kpop boys but you can’t look me dead in my eyes and tell me that each of them didn’t cry a little (or a lot @ hobi) at some point or another
  • “I wonder if I can bring my fidget spinner to the show?” - Hobi (probably)
  • If you stood close enough to any of the boys at the right time you could probably hear them nervously muttering the limited English phrases they knew
  • Just in case, ya know
  • Frequent cries of worry after they were done being styled
  • “But Y/N, what if they don’t like it!! You promise I don’t look dumb??”
  • “No babe I swear you look great”
  • A lot of hype man screaming
  • Like just a lot of screaming in general
  • They calmed down more as the hour drew closer tho

On the red carpet:

  • The nerVES
  • “Is that Justin Bieber!?!”
  • “Yeah, I think it i-”
  • “Kookie, calm down”
  • “I CANT”
  • A lot of making sure they’re not gonna pass out
  • Good luck cheek kisses and hugs before they walk
  • “I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully on. Slay them loves!! I’ll see you in the venue!”
  • Watching them was an actual gift from the gods
  • Like oh my god
  • What a blessing
  • You could tell they were nervous tho
  • They were composed completely on the outside
  • But the fact that each of them just happened to need to find your eyes for confidence every once in awhile
  • Made your heart do the !!! thing
  • As soon as the flashes had faded and they were on the other side of the carpet there was an unbelievable energy
  • Like they had just gotten done with a show kind of pumped
  • Even Leader™ Namjoon was excited
  • “Seeing you at the end there made me so confident!”
  • “Even if we don’t win it’ll be great just to have been here with you!!”
  • They fucking know they’re gonna win
  • “We love you Y/N!! Thank you for being our rock!”
  • Lots of hugs
  • Lots of pep talks
  • Just lots of happy and excited BTS

anonymous asked:

Your opinion on Jimin being chosen with 35% votes as the "guy you would like to wait for you at the finish line" in the isac chuseok 2016 - Jimin is my bias but I'm asking you this cause I had no idea he was so popular among girl idols

he’s super popular everywhere and i love it :’’) with male idols you can tell he thrives on the attention but with female idols i think it’s funny because he’s popular, but apparently barely shows any kind of reaction to them e.g at award shows ?? interesting 📝

“your opinion on _____”

EXO react to your ult bias being in SHINee

Thank you for your request dear. ^3^ I love SHINee too.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: My ask box will be re-opening this week!!! Keep a look out for it!! I’m thinking this coming Friday PST I’ll re-open it!! So have your requests ready!!! :) *kisses* Thank you all for your patience!! 

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it belongs. 

Xiumin: He genuinely enjoys watching you fangirl over SHINee, finding it cute and charming. “Aish jagi~ This is your fifth video,” he’d comment offhandedly, a soft, half smile on his face as you gush intensely over Taemin. “Your favorite is Taemin-ssi huh? I can tell with the way you squeal every time he’s on screen.” Minseok would chuckle at your surprised expression when he uncovers who your bias is rather quickly. 

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Luhan: “Again baobei? I thought you liked my MV’s…” he’ll put on a pouty expression at your indifference and lack of a reaction. Luhan would just watch you in pensive silence as you continue your spree of SHINee MV’s, singing along fervidly to the lyrics as he eventually gives in, pulling a seat next to you. “Alright baobei, put on a few more MV’s. Show me your favorite songs.” 

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Kris: He tries to play it off cooly and aloof, despite being a little envious over your ultimate bias being someone other than him. In his mind, while he’s watching you rave with effervescence, squealing aloud your bias’s name over and over, he’s in a corner giving reaffirmations that he’s still your number 1 and how he still has his suave and charms. With paramount dominance, he’ll find you one day fangirling, only to place to sturdy hands upon your shoulders while he huskily murmurs: “I’m still your favorite right?” A hand running down your face enticingly. 

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Suho: He loves going along with you in typical ‘Suho-esque’ fashion; adorkable and cheesy. He dances with you in an comical manner each time you play “Sherlock” by SHINee. “My jagi has great taste in music! SHINee sunbaenims are a good pick.” but keep in mind Suho does still have his prideful tendencies where he would remind you of EXO. “You know jagi…we just had a comeback….maybe you want to listen to it next?” 

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Lay: He has no problems with your ult bias being in another group. In fact, Yixing may not even pick up on this immediately. Once you lucidly display your love for SHINee, that’s when he would take notice of your newfound inclination for the group. Softly smiling, pleasantly catching you off guard, he would lean towards you as your silently fangirling over SHINee in the “1 of 1″ MV. “They’re really amazing aren’t they baobei? Their choreography is so sharp, it’s really incredible,” he’d murmur softly, admiration lucid in his tone.  

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Baekhyun: Evidently jealous that it’s not him that you’re fawning over, he’ll express this in two ways. At first, it’s showing his gripe by constantly asking if you’re ‘still watching them,’ to which you would respond by teasingly turning the volume up as an confirmation. Then, eventually, Baek resorts to his notorious impressions. Each time he sees you engrossed in SHINee MV’s and variety shows, he’ll imitate the way you fangirl over them melodramatically. “Oh Minho~ So handsome~! I can’t, I can’t he’s too perfect~” 

Chen: He finds this palpably humorous but that won’t stop him from playfully teasing you on your affinity for SHINee, specifically with your ult bias. Each time Minho appears in the “Everybody” MV (which may I add he looked incredibly fine in) Jongdae will snicker audibly at the muffled squeals that escape your lips, satisfied. “If you keep making those high pitched, squealing noises like that, you won’t have a voice anymore babe. But your voice does get really cute when it’s all high like that…..” 

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Chanyeol: He’d get cutely envious seeing you constantly unable to control your effervescence each time they’re onscreen. Confused at first, he’ll casually pass by you, becoming absorbed in your peculiar behavior. “Hey! It’s SHINee! O-oh, you like them? You like them THAT much?” A brief silence would ensue as you begin to sing along to their song “Lucifer,” while praising the impeccable choreography. “Hey! I can do that too jagi!” He’ll continue commenting on what he can do that SHINee coincidentally can as well. “I can do that! AND that! Except that….but Kai can do that!” 

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D.O: Easily the least affected by this, Kyungsoo would find this most endearing and take it surprisingly well. He lingers by you each time you try to muffle your squeals when your UB appears on screen. Chuckling lightheartedly, he’ll give you a reassuring smile before sitting beside you as you stream SHINee’s MV’s on an endless loop. “They’re really good, aren’t they jagi? Their vocals are incredible, I can see why you like them” I could see Kyungsoo going as far as to arrange a meeting between you and the group since he’s well aquatinted with them. 

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Tao: He’s not going to take this too well, and will become destitute of your attention quickly. He’s going to opt to his signature pouting each time he comes across you fangirling over SHINee. “Baobei~! I thought you liked me best? They’re good and all but what about meeee? Why don’t you watch “Hello Hello?’” Once Tao sees that you are still steadfast into being a Shawol, and you’ve even picked a UB in Key, he’ll resort to petty discontent. “C’mon Candy. CLEARLY your mother doesn’t love us anymore!” he’ll announce melodramatically in hopes of regaining your attention. 

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Kai: Similar to Tao, just toned down, Kai would take the pouty, cutesy route watching you fangirl over Taemin. At first, since it is his good friend, he would find this pleasant that you’re praising his closest friend; always murmuring “so cute,” each time he encounters this. However, eventually, he’ll become needy for your affection. This would be expressed when you’re in the midst of watching Taemin’s “Drip Drop” MV, and suddenly you would feel Jongin slouched against you whining “Jagiiii…you haven’t forgot about me right?” while making subtle pouting faces. 

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Sehun: He’s skilled in hiding his envy by using sarcasm and nonchalance to deflect any suspicion you may have towards his demeanor. Each time your gushing nonsensically about your bias  and your bias wrecker, he’ll roll his eyes, pretending to not care, slyly making remarks as he passes by you. “Pft, I know you’ll still be all over me when our comeback happens. Just you wait.” 

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I sincerely hope ur just saying ur a dude to protect your identity. TnS have always provided a safe space of wlw and it kind of scares me to see men at their shows more and more now. If you are a guy I'm sorry but like, it makes me uncomfortable and I'm sure TnS would be uncomfortable with a dude writing fic of them fucking too. Why can't the lesbian community be allowed one place to ourselves? Serious question.

Hi. Yes I am a guy. I’m sorry that scares and/or offends you. My masculinity is what makes me feel like a human being and not the wannabe misfit shell of a person I was when I identified as a cis lesbian, and I refuse to apologize for who I am because it is something that I am constantly working to improve and to familiarize myself with. As for TnS, in my letter to them that I left in their mailbox last November, I detailed graphically my dysphoria and my fear and pain over my identity and Sara wrote me a long letter back telling me that it was going to be okay and that even she doesn’t feel whole and entirely comfortable at 35. I know they understand and appreciate and support me, and I can feel that same support holding me up at every show I attend around me. Please do some research and try to understand how hurtful you were in this message, hopefully due to ignorance and not actual bias and hate. We need to stand together now more than ever. The Quindom is a family; don’t forget that.

boyfriend minhyuk

A/N: i honestly am depending on these posts to keep me alive while school destroys me!!! but do not worry life is good!!! i love monsta x!!! masterlist!!!

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  • oh man oh boy i love minhyuk let’s just get started shall we???
  • i keep getting distracted by the gif he is So CuTe is my minhyuk bias showing yet
  • smiles for days
  • honestly he’ll spend most of his time just staring at you and smiling and when you ask hime what he’s so happy about he’ll just answer “you” and scrunch up his face and giggle
  • but if you do the same to him oh man someone send that boy strength his heart will be fluttering so hard 
  • definitely has butterflies in his stomach most of the time from you and tells you about it because who doesn’t love being excited by someone???
  • i can see him applauding whenever you do anything like if you do the dishes well he is standing there applauding what a weirdo it’s not like i do the same thing or anything
  • lots and lots and lots of giggling
  • this boy is such a beam of excitement and he will always share it with you
  • okay but being woken up by minhyuk in the morning is actually heaven
  • please watch the video of him waking up jooheon if you havent seen it before and if you have just watch it again and cry because it is so important to me
  • highkey will play hide and seek with you underneath the blankets he is such a child omo
  • will also play hide and seek with you everywhere
  • he loves chasing you and both of you laughing until he corners you and stretches his long limbs and you’re trapped and he gets this evil grin on his face because he knows you have nowhere to go but that you will attempt some crazy maneuver to escape and when he catches you he’ll just say something cheesy until you fall apart giggling and he kisses you
  • speaking of kisses he’s the type to pucker his lips whenever he wants a kiss 
  • the greasiest boy ever
  • so much grease
  • please save yourself
  • also lots of jokes??? good and bad that boy really wants to see you smile
  • singing under his breath lots
  • please praise his singing always okay like he is so talented and hardworking please make sure he knows this and that you are proud of him
  • whenver you talk to him about serious things or compliment him from your heart he’ll get silent and take in how wonderful it feels
  • squeaks/screams all the time so many high pitched noises he is so cute
  • okay so he is a huge fan of pda
  • anyone else remember that episode of deokspatch when the members complained because he was so touchy feely because i cant forget that episode it changed my life
  • seriously he just loves feeling you with him
  • it brings him so much life and comfort because wow!!! you!!!
  • highkey always smelling you
  • at the most random times
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv and he’ll sniff you and you’re like ??? and he sighs and says you smell great and like home rip @ me 
  • always down for cuddling
  • especially in blanket forts
  • probably makes a date night ritual of building blanket forts and eating sweets and playing childhood games wow 
  • you two will probably be extra af together
  • even if you’re not extra
  • you’ll be extra with mihyuk
  • making weird faces at each other from across the room to communicate
  • really strange inside jokes ??? you know the kinds i’m talking about ,,, the ones you say with your friend and everyone else around you is staring like wHaT iS hApPeNiNg
  • weird nicknames that ellicit the same reaction 
  • “how’s the weather outside?”"it’s sunNY!!!“ sorry i had to
  • he is super extra but also so so so soft
  • lots of very small but monumental moments with him
  • also very soft when meeting your family or when you talk about something you love or lying in bed and talking for hours about whatever topics come up naturally because he adores the intimacy of getting to know you like that
  • will always be there when you need anything at all do not doubt the dedication this boy has to your happiness okay 
  • probably blurts out “i love you” at the most inopportune time like you trip and fall over nothing and he just laughs and goes “tHaT wAs So FuNnY!!! are you okay? i love you!!”
  • he doesn’t even look embarrassed because he means what he said and you can’t help but laugh and say it back because wow you do really love this child
  • loves sharing things with you 
  • always stealing sips of your drinks and food but he loves to feed you too so it’s okay
  • clothes-sharing is a huge thing he will probably borrow from you too and you’ll soon get to a point where you can’t really tell whose hats are whose or whatever but it’s all chill because you both look adorable and great in everything
  • model af couple pictures
  • meme af couple pictures
  • far too many candids of you two laughing together when you were supposed to be posing nicely 
  • jamming so hard to your favorite songs together and to songs on the radio and to nothing you two are always jamming and going so hard at everything you do because you’re hyped on life together i.e. that right now episode when he is getting pumped about the ocean
  • i should probably stop before i write a novel but get ready for your cheeks to hurt from smiling because minhyuk is wonderful and cares so much
  • minhyuk is precious and deserves all the love in the world and that’s exactly how he feels about you and your days together are pure sunshine and you’ll be with each other through thick and thin and have a language of your own and and he will stare at you forever because he can’t wrap his head around how amazing you are and more than that loving him will make you feel like a kid again and if that’s not beautiful i don’t know what is 
Bts TrbinDallas Fan Acc

WOOOOO I’M REALLY EXCITED TO POST THISSSS!!! kpopmeetsblackwomen this is my fan acc finally.

So when I first got there it was around 5:00 because a few friends did the flash mob and the lines were getting long. It was a lot of fans there I was really awed by the scene. So finally they opened the doors at 6PM and I went with my friends to check my outfit etc. I had wore black shorts and a white shirt that had Suga on it and a nine underneath it and the shirt was really long so you couldn’t see my shorts and I had on thigh highs that were black with a ribbon bow. It was my first time wearing something like this and I was really scared because girls wasn’t the nicest about my outfit. Some loved it and others just looked at me like for a big girl you shouldn’t be wearing it. But I kept it on along with some timberland boots (I have to describe the outfit ok?! XD) 

So when I got into the venue I was the middle row section E seat one. So I was five rows from the stage but I was really close to them. I was really nervous before it started because I had heard from girls all these different types of things like Bts only likes skinny girls and that Suga wouldn’t like anyone bigger then him and which I’m not fat but I am thick you know the thighs the boobs and ass etc so I was really worried because of what I had on and what people say that the concert would really just suck for me. However I was wrong.

So when the concert first started I was really excited to see them and everyone was screaming so much. And then I saw that I was standing directly in front of strobe lights so it was really easy to see me. So when the first song played the first person I made eye contact with was Jimin. And he would look at me and when I looked at him he would look off quickly. And he kept doing that the first few songs and I kinda just laughed it off because he was so cute. 

The next person I made eye contact with was Jin and he was looking at me side ways and I kinda blushed and looked off because I don’t know but his eyes are so beautiful so it was hard holding eye contact. Next I looked at Namjoon while he was rapping and he stared at me back for a bit before I looked off. I caught Hope’s eye contact next and he smirked at me and winked which resulted at me looking back off. I saw Jungkook and he had a cocky smirk on his lips so I stuck my tongue out at him. Of course Taehyung was a killer he looked at me with his head tilted back giving me a smirk and two girls in front of me just slowly died watching him the whole night. AND THEN FINALLY I CAUGHT SUGA’S GAZE! I was a happy girl. I showed him his name on my shirt and he cocked his head to the side before he smiled widely and he winked at me. 

So all of the boys looked at Suga’s name on my shirt I saw all of them do it at one time. And when he was introducing himself I saw Jimin and Namjoon look at me and it made me laugh really loud because I couldn’t believe they were teasing me about him. I remember one time I was playing with something on my light stick and this girl in front of me looked back at me so when I looked up at her confused I saw V just staring at me from the stage and I looked around before pointing to myself and he nodded his head laughing. 

I don’t honestly know who I held eye contact with the most. But the top four was Suga, Namjoon, Hope, and Jungkook. Jimin I tried to avoid looking at because he was to much to handle. And I never thought I would fall for Kookie since he is a year younger then me but he held my gaze to good and at first I was so flustered I couldn’t do anything but look away. But I soon got comfortable enough to smirk and smile back at the boys. 

During Let me know Jhope pointed to me and when the lights cut off of him for a second I looked at Namjoon and when the lights went back to hope he made a heart at me with his fingers and blew a kiss.Because of him I broke the wrist strap on my light stick I was too nervous to look at him for too long. I could’ve died. During War of Hormones Suga would smile at me when he was in front of me. And no matter how many times during that song or N.O he always watched me. 

When tomorrow came on I knew it would be hell. Suga was in front of me and of course its a part where they do body rolls in the song and he stared me down while he moved his body. I didn’t wanna look away because it felt to good to be true and he even moved his bangs so that I could see his eyes better. 

During If I ruled the world they wanted us to wave our hands side to side but I didn’t know who to follow them or the crowd so for the first minute of the song I was really confused and Jin laughed at me when I finally decided to follow them. 

When they did the Cypher part three the crowd was wild. Everyone in my section was jumping and dancing and even in my heels I danced my ass off. I remember my head band came off during Suga’s part while I was dancing and I had my eyes closed until I felt it because I was rapping with him so I grabbed my head band continuing to dance and when I looked up he was smiling at me mocking my dance continuing to rap. 

I was tapping along to We on and I had my right hand on my right thigh high as I tapped along and when I looked up at Hoseok he was looking at them and the girl beside me started to laugh and she told me even in the blue lights she could see my blush. And all of them at one point looked at them throughout the concert. 

During Rise of Bangtan V brought out a selfie stick and he was recording everybody so once again I closed my eyes jumping and dancing with my friend and when I looked up he had the damn selfie camera pointed to me recording me and I just laughed as he watched me. I got caught by the photographers singing Miss Right when they asked the crowd to sing it and I was so embarrassed because you couldn’t hear a lot of people singing the song some were shy. But it’s ok I am going to be in the videos so I’m kinda proud. 

During We Are Bulletproof pt.2 I shot Namjoon with my light stick during the dance so he smiled at me and did it back when it was his turn. And during dope Jimin was smiling at my failed attempt to do the dance with them. 

The concert was so crazy! And namjoon was to excited one time he raised up his arms and his underwear was showing for the longest and finally when he noticed he was like “opps sorry” It was so funny to me! He’s the cutest thing ever. The whole concert made me really happy and it’s SOOOO  much more I can tell you but I will refrain since this is so long.

I never asked Hope to steal my heart! He was the worst. Between him and Suga I can’t really survive. And I guess I was ok with Namjoon flirting that is what I wanted lol because people said they wouldn’t do it and I guess I proved to myself that it was lies you know? And it made me feel really special because Bts is like my Bias group and I’ve waited forever to see them and so the fact that they showed me attention and flirted with me just made me really happy. 

So when hitouch came around they made us wait in the venue for a bit before we lined up by rows and we waited for them. My heart was beating so hard I could barely breathe. So we walked up to them and it was a pretty good gap between each person. 

Taehyung: He smiled at me and said hi~ And like looked in my eyes and gripped my hand hard. 

Suga: He said wassup to me and smacked my hand hard with his and I blushed and laughed meeting his gaze and was like nothing much lol I couldn’t really talk to him because My friend and I were unfortunately toward the beginning of the line.

Jin: Was to fucking precious! He said hi to me and gave me a sweet smile and all though I don’t really crush on him I still felt that he had the eye smile and face of an angel he was adorable to me the whole night even when we met eyes. 

Jungkook: The fetus is deadly. He gripped my hand hard and looked me up and down before staring me in my eyes telling me hi. I couldn’t deal with his shit man. He made my heart hurt because noona can’t love him until September XD.

Jimin: Playboy. I went to him and he winked and gripped my hand as he checked me out so I said hi and smiled at him before moving on to the next person. 

Namjoon: So I didn’t expect to have a successful time with him. I heard really awkward stories about him grabbing fans hands. But he actually held onto my hand like he wanted to hold it and he smiled at me showing his dimples and thanked me for coming. His eyes were so cute!

Hoseok: The bias list wrecker. He like Jungkook looked me up and down before giving me a smirk and a hi and he literally held my hand and eye contact until he couldn’t hold it anymore. I almost ran into the door had it not been for my friend Jenn behind me. As soon as we walked out I was done for I just cried a bit before straightening myself up.

Overall I had soooo much fun and I will be happy to fan girl and talk about this experience forever. I love Topp Dogg but to I know now that I am just so in love with BTS and this felt like a true first concert to me. It was so hype and they were so sweet and after the scare of us not getting hitouch I was so relieved that I got to meet them. And yessss I am going to Highlight in Houston so I get to see them again in two months.. Hopefully they remember me. Because I got hitouch again and I was a bit sad this morning leaving Dallas I cried but I know that me being there and sharing that with them was enough to push me to get my music degree so I’m really just thankful to God for giving this to me. Not everyone gets to experience what I did and I’m glad I was one who got this chance. And thank you for letting me share this I swear the one in September will not be this long!

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Minghao or The8 43

(A/N: this is really fluffy oh my god you can tell he’s my bias. my own scenario has me in tears.)

Prompt: “I picked these for you.”

Genre: Fluff

Member: The8 x Reader

It had been a very emotional day. Your boyfriend, Minghao, had just come back home after a 6 month tour. You had thought you wouldn’t made a show at the airport and that you’d be calm when you finally saw his rainbow mop of hair walking towards you. However, how could you resist running over to him and practically throwing yourself into his arms once you spotted him among the crowd?

The feeling was surreal. For the first time in half a year, you was curled up in Minghao’s arms, feeling the rising and falling of his chest which you rested your head on lightly. “I missed you.” he whispered, playing delicately with your fingers.

“I missed you too,” you repeated, sighing contentedly. 

“That reminds me,” he began, beginning to stand up from his position on the sofa. Confused, you looked up at him with a questioning look. Swiftly, he ran back into the room holding two gift boxes. “I picked these for you. I just felt bad, knowing you had to spend Christmas alone. It means a lot that you moved to Korea for me.” he explained, handing the boxes over to you, one big and one small. 

“Oh, Minghao, you didn’t have to…” you insisted but he urged you to open them nonetheless. 

Slowly, you pulled the ribbon from the big box and lifted the lid, revealing a stuffed teddy bear. You smiled as you pulled it out of the box. “We went to the arcades while in Japan. I won that from a crane machine and I knew you’d like it, so I saved it for you.” he told you shyly, avoiding eye contact. 

“I love it!” you exclaimed, hugging it close to you and Minghao felt as though his heart couldn’t contain any more love for you than at that moment.

Next, you repeated the same procedure on the small box. Lifting the top, a beautiful, silver necklace was unveiled to you. Small, intricate Chinese characters hung down from the chain in a vertical line, spelling out ‘我爱你胜过一切。’ “Oh my goodness, Minghao, it’s beautiful!” you gasped. “Did this cost a lot?”

“That doesn’t matter, beautiful. I’d spend any amount of money on you.” he vowed, “I saw that in a shop window when we were in China and immediately thought of you.”

Looking at the small letters, you was confused. “What does it mean?”

I love you more than anything.

iKON reacting to you fan-girling other Boy bands :

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- i picture fangirling over exo bcs they made me swerve lanes from time to time. kai oneshots keep me warm at night, okay?!! dont judge -


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  • “babe i promise i will be as big as them one day, just wait”
  • “what? is suho a better leader than me?!”
  • he will not think much of it, but he will guilt you into thinking that you prefer them over him
  • and he will be happy because you’ll choose him 
  • dont think he will be singing along with you bcs he seems to only be singing girl group songs
  • “jagiiii stopppp i will dance for you 24/7!! stop looking at kaii”
  • he will show clearly that he is jealous and he won’t act like he’s not
  • ok he’s gonna be too cute so u just want to stop watching exo and kiss him all over


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  • “babe, come on lets watch the exo next door”
  • you’ll watch funny videos of the members and bobby will be super supportive and be totally okay with everything you want to do
  • but you should never say that chanyeol’s a better rapper bcs he won’t have it 
  • he’ll literally be so grumpy and sulky towards you
  • but you wont say that to him bcs he is the best in your opinion
  • “whoa, that’s cool babe!”
  • you’ll drag him into the fandom and in award shows he became such a fanboy bcs every night you serve him with new fanboy material


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  • “jagii what are you doing?”
  • “i am still cuter than that”
  • he will not be happy that you like other groups
  • “just fangirl on junhoe like everyone does not other boybands please!!”
  • you will feel bad so you just focus on your romantic life
  • and that is enough for you because Jinhwan is so cute right


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  • “you know he wears too much make up right”
  • “what is he even doing”
  • “what are you even doing”
  • sass so much sass 
  • he will not have you obsessing over another 
  • your attention has to be on him him him him 24/7
  • “what is this” 
  • “stop”
  • he just won’t have it no just no
  • end of story


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  • “what are you watching”
  • he will still be so cute and sweet
  • he will tell that you were so cute to be obsessed and freak out over boybands
  • he will try to watch it with you if you insist
  • “babe, can we please watch something else tonight”
  • he’s not gonna be bothered but you will feel bad so you turn your attention on his sweet face
  • “okay, i’m sorry”
  • “no you don’t have to say sorry, girls like you are the ones who makes me successful”
  • he will be the type that will brag about you in front of your bias on award shows
  • “my girlfriend showed me a few clips about you”


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  • he will think you’re cute af
  • he will stare at you and laugh at times
  • and you will become shy so you bury your head in his chest
  • “babe, are you like this with ikon performing too?”
  • he will be insecure if you look like you love them more than him
  • he will overthink stuff
  • so you have to show him just that much more affection so that he will stay happy
  • “i have to admit, kai’s dance moves are crazy babe”
  • “show me another clip of him dancing”
  • he will give a lot of compliments that are truthful and you love that about him


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  • “yahh what exactly are you doing?”
  • “fine if you watch that i will play my games! find me if you’re interested in me again”
  • “well how can i compete with sehun as the evil maknae!?”
  • he will be sulky and cute 
  • but sometimes if he’s bored he will be interested to see what other boybands are up to 
  • and tell his hyungs about it 
  • “hyung we should try something like this”
  • “whoa, how can he do that”
  • overall he will be so cute and you will be the one who forces him to watch and fangirl with you
  • and on award shows he will say in his mind like “why does he look so prim and proper he usually looks so hysterical”
She's Not You

Pairing: You x Kai

Request: “OMG! I really love your blog! Specially those scenarios with Kai! (My bias! Haha!) ♥️ Can you do a scenario when Kai is your bestfriend since you were little and when you are growing up you realized that you are in love with him but you didn’t tell him. When Kai got paired with a celebrity or WGM (?) you start to distance yourself until Kai noticed it and confront you. While you are arguing he confessed that he feels the same way or he also loves you.”

I really liked writing this! For those of you who might not know what ‘We Got Married’ is, it’s basically a type of reality show whereby celebrities are paired up and pretend to be a couple. Enjoy!

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