you can tell im tired

Daniel: *singing* I know this might be hard to swaaallooooow… this hurts me just as much as youuuu–

David: waitwaitwait.

David: are you

David: telling me

David: that you have gotten hit by five freaking buses every week.

Daniel: wha–

David: nO.

David: NO. OKAY.

David: H A V E Y O U S E E N M Y H O S P I T A L B I L L


Daniel: it was just a comparis–

David: get out of my godamn camp

A couple of Dannys before I call it a night

Things I want to see more often: Nurseydex Communication 

  •  Nursey and Dex Supporting each other ??? Groundbreaking
  • Concept: They stop chirping as soon as they realize that the other is legitimately upset and they talk through their issues 
  • Nursey! And! Dex! Learning! To! Communicate! Without! Fighting! Wow! 
  • They trust each other so much on and off the ice. At the core of their relationship, they’re a team. 
  • “I’m basically dating my best friend, dude.” - Either one  
  • Of course they have differing perspectives, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn to be more open minded or have actual adult conversations about their issues
  • The D-Men Connection Is Real
  • The amount of communication without words is awe inspiring and, to others, endlessly annoying. 
  • They learn to read each other’s emotions pretty well from all their time playing together. Most of the time one can tell when the other is having a bad day just by glancing at them for a brief second. 
  • Listen, I’m tired of all these tropes where one of them verbally harasses the other (usually Dex) and the other one just takes it with no objection (usually Nursey) because of “love” (Note: can you smell the racism?)
  • “Not in my Good Christian Home” -Bitty probably 
  • Fuck your shitty communication tropes 
  • bye

When i saw this comment on my Roadhog face hc this is all i coupd think. Also…It was only after I finished that web did I realize hog would be viewing it backwards…..ooops.


  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about

It makes me really happy that Nathan is so positive and supporting of Chyler and the sanvers fandom. Sometimes the fans can be overwhelming I can imagine but he’s so positive and supporting and doesn’t seem to really care and that makes me really happy, and hopefully one day we’ll get to a point where it’s not a big thing that a straight person who plays an LGBT+ character has a supportive spouse but for right now, it’s amazing and I’m so happy

anonymous asked:

hi i was just wondering what you would say to people who think tyler and josh make music just for fame and dont actually care about it/are only trying to cater to depressed/angsty teens. thanks!

fuck, okay. it’s half past three am and it’s a bit tough for me to bring my thoughts together coherently but here: 

a little background story is necessary here: tyler joseph started writing songs when he was 17. if you listen to any song off no phun intended (except maybe taco bell saga), there is no denying that there’s something not okay. he wasn’t okay, and letting things out by writing was perhaps the only cathartic and healthy way for him to feel better. 

they took ten fucking years to get where they are now. ten, fucking, years. these ten years were characterised by hard work, sometimes even hopelessness, and most importantly, creativity. they grew a fanbase organically, not through any connexions that they might’ve had with people in the music industry. they did it all themselves. tyler and josh do not write music for fame, and just paying attention to the lyrics of their songs prove that. they have been on the road for two years now, playing so many shows, meeting so many fans. they could’ve played two sold out msg shows, accepted their fucking grammy, and then disappeared off the face of the earth to enjoy their money. but they’re not. they have done so much, are encouraging their fanbase to create (artopia, the clique art contest, etc.) because they know how important creating is. and this, this counters the argument that “they’re only trying to cater to depressed/angsty teens”. okay, maybe a big portion of their fanbase is mentally ill, but so are they. it’s only normal to write about your own issues: the fact that people resonate with those is just coincidence. their encouragement for us to create, is also a way to protect us: guns for hands is the exact explanation for this. turn your guns, to a fist. 

tyler once stopped a show (and possibly multiple ones) because fans were unwell. there’s a video of him out there stopping goner in a panicked voice because he thought something was happening. you can hear the concern. he cares, so much. josh does too. they never show off. their most prized possession is us. music has become a way of life for them, a way to live just as it has become a lifeline for so many of us. they have saved so many lives. the sole fact that tyler wrote friend, please shows just how much they care. i have trouble even imagining why someone would say they don’t care. they so fucking care.