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I would love it if I could get a really good description for black eyes. Or at least some tips on doing it myself. Please and thanks! (Male eyes btw)

(I’m not entirely sure what would differentiate male eyes and female eyes, but I can give you general tips for describing eyes!)

  • Use color synonyms or specific shades. Sometimes the standard shade names just get boring! In the case of black, you could use onyx, shadow/shadowy black, charcoal, obsidian, etc.
  • Describe the shape. You don’t have to do this, but it’s an option! Large eyes are seen as more youthful, narrow eyes can be more suspicious or sultry, round eyes are innocent, etc. The shape can also denote ethnic background in some cases.
  • Similes and symbolism. The biggest thing I personally like to do when describing someone’s eyes is compare them to an animal or something else in nature. For example, describing eyes as owlish will tell that your character has big, wide eyes, but also is wise and timid. A character with cat-like eyes could be suspicious, curious, and intriguing. A character might have “eyes that glittered with like the morning sun, full of vivacity and joy.” So on, and so forth. What you chose to giveaway when you describe physical attributes can always be more than just its face value.

i wanted to bake something but we don’t have any flour so instead i’m gonna see what the date on the longest out of of date thing is in the cupboard (bc my mum doesnt bake, never goes though the cupboard but for some reason still buys baking stuff) i have an ongoing joke about it with my brother.. who has already placed his bet on 1995 lmao

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Castiel and your favorite guy headcannon of what they would say/how they act during sexy time. 😘

  • Castiel is just as snarky in bed as he is in everyday life, but depending on the mood he can also be very a very romantic guy. Sometimes he likes to be the more dominant one, taking control and being bolder. Saying things like “You like when I do that?” or “Tell me how you want it, babe.”
  • When he’s feeling sweeter he’ll say things like “You’re so amazing” or “God, you’re beautiful.”
  • Likes to spice things up all the time or he gets bored. Expect him to occasionally try a new technique on you to see if you like it.
  • He grunts a lot, and bites down on your neck when he’s about to cum. He’ll start thrusting faster and his breathing will get heavier ad heavier.
  • If you’re doing a really good job he’ll let you know. “Damn babe, that feels good”, “Fuck, yeah just like that dollface.”
  • He gets off more by focusing on what his partner is feeling and the sounds they make.  So don’t be shy! Tell him how good it feels. Boost his ego!
  • Really not shy at all when it comes to his or your body, if he wants you you’ll definitely know, he has no shame in blatantly asking you if you’re in the mood.
  • Somewhat of a tease too, really likes edging you on because he loves how built up you get and that look of release on your face at the end.
  • Lysander is usually a very gentle lover, likes to take things at a nice slow pace. He likes taking his time with you, making sure you’re feeling just as good as he is, if not better. But occasionally he can have this very bold side that kinda throws you off guard but turns you on even more.
  • When he’s bold he can say things like “Tell me what you want me to do, love”, or “Show me how good it feels, let me hear your voice.” Or even “I love how vulnerable you are right now.”
  • His normal self usually says things like “You are truly stunning,” or if he’s too into it to speak properly he’ll just breathe out the words “So pretty…” or “Beautiful…”
  • He likes the feeling of being close to his partner so expect him to hold you tightly around your waist. Loves when you wrap your legs around him.
  • He’s not only a gentleman in the streets, but also in the sheets. He loves pleasuring you simply because the faces you make are so gorgeous to him and it kind of turns him on that only he gets to see you like this.
  • Kind of loses himself when you’re having sex so he gets very into it and the way his eyes glaze over with lust is just mmmmyes
  • When he cums he doesn’t really make any noise, his body just tightens up and his grip on you becomes tighter as well, his thrusts become harder and more forceful.

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Who are your best friends from here and why ? (Please answer this honestly) Which tv shows would you like to be guest stars w/ them ?

this is a fun question! although i don’t really watch any tv-shows… i’ll try and answers it the best I can!!

  • @mintdolans kim is my oldest friend on here! i love her to bits! she’s like my big sister! I feel like I can tell her anything! she always tries to cheer me up when Im down and doesn’t seem to get bored of all my rambling (yet)! I love our random, yet so deep conversations! I know Kim really likes Teen Wolf - she told me I should watch it so many times hahaha!!! so i guess i would like us to be a guest star in that show!!
  • @radwriting my dear mila!! we’ve been friends for a while too!! I love how we can just ramble about anything! i love how mila enjoys the little things in life!! mila loves teen wolf too!! so i’d pick that one!!
  • @california-grethan mika!! mika is just such a likable person! she’s on of the smartest girls I know! she’s very caring! she’s also very excited about life and it makes me so happy! she’s just as hyper as i am and thats so much fun!!! idk if mika watches any shows tbh… i think because i don’t watch any; i keep forgetting to ask people if they watch shows!! so you pick mika!! 
  • @90sdolans my dear b! she’s a little sunflower that has to be protected at all costs! i love b because of she’s just really pure. she has such a big heart and cares so much about everyone: its truly incredible! i would make b and I participate in ‘wie is the mol’ a dutch tv show which is almost like a big mindfuck. there a group of 10 people and 1 of them is the so called ‘mol’ aka ‘mole’. with certain games and takes they can earn money but its the job of the mole to make sure they ear the least amount of money!!
  • @profanitydolan khar!! i love how khar and i can just switch from a very deep convo to making jokes !! she’s so much fun to talk to!! tbh idk what tv shows she likes to watch… so what about you choose one in where we play a guest roll khar? 😌
  • @coconutethan johana!! i love her because we just chat about everything and anything. she’s very easy to talk to and it’s very nice! its very relaxing to talk to her! she doesn’t judge and is open for new things!! i know for a fact she loves american horror story - she recommended it to me a bunch of times!! so that’d be my pick for her!!  
  • @spiffydolan anna!! i only met you like a few days ago but i already like you loADS!!! for what i can tell: you’re truly amazing!! you are so happy and bubbly!! i love it!! you’re very funny and its so much to talk to you!!! i can’t wait for more convo’s! but bc i don’t know you that well yet idk what tv shows you like or if you even like to watch shows!! so you tell me which one you’d like and i’ll join!! 

thank you so much for asking ano!! i hope i answered your question sufficient!! 💙


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

Things I didn’t know Desmond could do 1/? - Mah boi pulling some John Wick style right here

Some of my favorite things about Final Fantasy XV
  • Fat chocobo chicks
  • You can brake-check the Regalia so everyone gets mad at Ignis.  He deftly apologizes but you know deep inside he wonders why he did it.
  • We have reached a creature crossing
  • Noct will sit up on the back of the car and casually look behind to see if anyone’s around to notice how cool he is.
  • It hasn’t worked so far, but I believe if I brake-check often enough while Noct is sitting on the back of the car or Prompto is standing up to talk to the back seat they’ll learn about car safety
  • If you put coins in your molotov cocktail before lobbing it at someone you’ll grow more as a person than if you don’t
  • The Coernix Station Kenny Crow is just dumped on some crates around the side of the building
  • Everyone talks about what a hard worker Holly is, how everything would fall apart without her, but every time I see her she’s just standing around, waiting for me to show up so she can give me the work she agreed to do
  • There’s an invisible cooler of holding in the back seat filled with an infinite amount of Ebony for Noct to hand to Ignis and ask if it’s really that good and have Ignis tell him, through his teeth, “yes, it is.”
  • If you really feel like it you can stand in the middle of the road at night and get in an infinite loop fighting demons and magitek soldiers
  • If you keep them up for several days Noct looks like he’s been making and eating mud pies. Everyone else is shiny clean.
  • They all stand around with great interest and watch Noct fish like watching someone fish isn’t the most boring activity known to man
  • Noct is always complaining about being cold and then gets lectured by Ignis for not wearing a jacket.  I know he would gladly wear his jacket and be warm and not be lectured anymore, but I am in charge and I have declared that no one gets a jacket
  • You can make them go on extra long drives so they all get out of the car whining 
  • Prompto loves shopping so much he has to take a group photo inside every backwater store that actually has a roof over it
  • The roadside vendors that cheerily screech “THANK YOU!” every time you complete a transaction
  • The “Somebody help me!” guy that really needs to pick up a new, non-hiking hobby
  • I am jealous of Gladio’s ability to read in a moving car
  • Noct can’t pump gas without sighing and grunting three times
  • If you don’t want to fight a Red Giant you can run away and watch it stomp moodily around, yelling at rocks and street lights
  • Noct has a link-strike with his chocobo but sometimes my game doesn’t render the chocobo so it’s just Noct floating around wide-legged like a fool
  • If you do a link-strike combo on a vulnerable spiracorn you can take the phrase “beating a dead horse” back to its roots.  I feel bad because it’s such obvious overkill, but if I don’t finish the combo everyone thinks I’m a failure, so…
  • I can make all four chocobos different shades of purple
  • Every time I pick up debased currency I think “the things this money has *seen*.  the things this money has *done*”
  • Prompto is just trying to make some memories, Noct, stop giving him fight-me face in every photo
  • You can warp-strike an enemy repeatedly at close range until it feels like you’re just trying to annoy them to death
  • You get to shake cute puppy paw
  • The time my game glitched and gave me this masterpiece: 
Nice boyfriends

Aries: Aries boys are the guys to commit a crime with. I mean, i’m not telling you to actually do it, what i’m trying to say is, these boys will be there for you no matter what ! They’ll support you with whatever you’re doing and also, they can make even the most boring thing fun, so you really won’t be bored !

Taurus: They will do literally anything to make you laugh. Whether it’s a joke, stupid dance or an impression of your favorite actor, they’ll always find a way to bring a smile on your face. Also a shoulder you can lean on, they’re really reliable.

Gemini: No matter how it ends, relationship with Gemini is going to be one hell of a ride. They’re going to take you to new places, teach you new things and the relationship is going to be full of little inside jokes that’ll make you smile whenever you think of them.

Cancer: If you want a real romantic guy, Cancer is probably the number one to go to. He’ll remember all the things you like and then buy them for you, he’ll go on walks with you and take pictures when you’re not looking. Also great with kids, so if you’re a family type, Cancer is the right one.

Leo: They’re very good watchers. You might be surprised, but sometimes you won’t even have to say a word and they’ll still see that something is wrong. They might sometimes seem a bti distant or even self-absorbed, but they really do care.

Virgo: With Virgo, the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ becomes hella real. They’ll shower you with affection, but in this weird way, where you won’t even realise it at first, but you’ll feel filled with joy and happy. Also, hella good in bed but you don’t have that from me.

Libra: They’ll surprise you with little gifts and trips, always making sure that whatever they do makes you happy and comfortable. They want you to become the best version of yourself and will always support you through the hard times.

Scorpio: Hella talkative. If they really like you, they want to know your opinions on things and they want to dicuss everything with you, so you really don’t have to be worried about being bored in this relationship.

Sagittarius: These guys will make you feel like the most amazing girl on Earth and you won’t even know how they did it. Their compliments are A++ and you’ll never be bored with them. Also, they remember all the small things like your favorite flowers or which movie makes you super scared.

Capricorn: You’ll have to be really patient with Capricorn, because they’re hard to open up, but they’re really the partners for life. Always on your side, loving deeply. Also they love to make you laugh, and that is in the cutest way possible.

Aquarius: You’ll always have something new to learn about your Aquarius boyfriend. They’ll always take you to new places they love, tell you funny stories or the ones that are not as funny. They’ll always put your needs before theirs, though their affection is not always that visible.

Pisces: Okay, i may be a little biased here, but let me tell you. Pisces guys are the real team players. Once they’re in a relationship with you, you know you have someone you can rely on, someone who’ll hate the same people as you and who’ll do anything to make you happy.

The Signs as Shit I've Said
  • Aries: "Fight me, bitch. I’ll rip your spine out through your ass."
  • Taurus: "I'mma go get food. My fine, Thicc™ ass ain't gonna maintain itself."
  • Gemini: "I cannot believe that being boring isn't one of the seven deadly sins, to be honest."
  • Cancer: "I’m so sorry, sweetie. Wanna come make some brownies and listen to all our old emo music together?"
  • Leo: "Hey, you. I’m speaking. Write this shit down."
  • Virgo: "We can watch porn together, but don’t you dare touch me after you pee."
  • Libra: "But... flirting is like, half of my personality."
  • Scorpio: "If you tell anyone that I like the new Taylor Swift song, it will literally be the last time anyone ever hears from you again."
  • Sagittarius: "Y'all wanna get drunk and go on a 3:00am adventure to Waffle House?"
  • Capricorn: "I bleed ambition and piss excellence. Don’t fuck with me."
  • Aquarius: *shouting at the sky* "Hey, yo, aliens, when y’all gonna abduct me and take me as your sex slave? Beam me the FUCK up! Probe me, daddy!"
  • Pisces: "Hey, nice to meet you! I like Disney movies and heavy metal."