you can tell i love him so much


All I really wanna do is love you
A kind much closer than friends use
But I still can’t say it after all we’ve been through

If it kills me - Jason Mraz

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Don’t worry Mr.Graves. If I were you I’d want to kiss him too ;))

Tell me what you think? Do you like it? Do you like pinning Percival? Do you crazy about Newt(Eddie)’s lips? I’d love to hear your thought :D


PS: I drafted a BG from photobook and the song is under the cut!

Oh gossshhhh I love love love this song!

Tyler Seguin -  Black Roses pt 5 Ft. Jamie Benn

It had been five months since you and Justin had moved in with Jamie. You were loving it. Of course it was all so new, but it felt….right. Justin seemed to be loving the fact that he had both of his parents now. You had told Jamie told him that Jamie was away at a hockey camp and that he was back for good. You both thought it was to much for him to understand just yet, so you would wait until he was older to tell him what really happened. 

“Momma.” Justin whispered in your ear as your were sleeping. “Momma, Can I go to morning skate with daddy. Pleaseeees?” He asked giving you a sloppy kiss. 

“Justin, buddy. I said wait till she woke up. Not wake her up silly.” Jamie laughed as he climbed in bed covering the boy in kisses. 

You couldn’t help but smile. You opened your eyes all the way so you could get a full look at your boys. Your boys. Wow that never got old to say.  Jamie was such a great father. 

“So, can I momma, can I!?” Justin asked with a smile on his face. 

“Of course bug, but listen to your daddy and uncles okay?” You said giving him a hug and kiss before he ran to his bedroom to get ready. 

“Ummm Have I told you how much I love you?” Jamie asked as he pulled you on top of him. 

“You’ve might have said said it once or twice.” You joked placing a kiss to his forehead. “I love you too, and as much as I would love to spend all day cuddling you our son is going to have a cow if you don’t get your cute ass up and get to morning skate!” You giggled. 

“Cute ass, eh?” Jamie said grabbing you butt before sliding you off and getting off the bed. “We’ll be home in two hours. How about we go get lunch after?” He asked placing a kiss to your lips. 

“Sounds perfect.” You smiled.


“I’m coming bug.” Jamie laughed as he placed one more kissed to your lips before leaving with Justin. 

You had to say, having the whole house to yourself for two hours was nice. You got a lot of cleaning done, along with a nice hot relaxing shower. By the time the boy’s come you were in the living room enjoying a book. 

“Hey mommy! Look Uncle Jordie gave me!” Justin said running into the house and onto your lap. He held up a mini jersey that had the number 14 and Benn # 3 on the back. 

“Thank’s cool! Did you say thank you?” You asked your son.

“Yes, he did. Justin why don’t you go change before lunch.” Jamie said walking in with his hockey bag in hand. 

“Okay, daddy.” 

“Hey, baby. Did you two have fun?” you asked giving Jamie a kiss as he sat next to you. 

“We did! He was wonderful and wants us to sigh him up for hockey.” He said giving you a questioning look.

“Sure.” you smiled.

“Great, I’ll look into that tonight. I’m going to change. Oh, Tyler coming to lunch with us. He want’s us to meet someone. He should be here soon.” 


As you go back to reading your book, and both boys upstairs changing you wonder what kind of friend he meant. 

*Knock, knock* 

You place you book down and go over to the front door. 

“Y/N! You’re looking beautiful as ever.” Tyler said with a smile as you opened the front door. 

“Tyler! Still a smooth one I see.” You joked opening the door father so he could come in. 

“I am.” He winked. “And this is my girlfriend Hannah.” He said as a tall black hair girl walked behind him.


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Okay this will be sappy but I am so happy to see Ferrari and Seb doing this good. I watched them win in Malaysia, Hungary and Singapore and it brings up old childhood memories of Michael and Ferrari.

The joy on Seb’s and Ferrari mechanics and engineers faces is so beautiful to see because you know they needed and wanted this. You can see the passion they have. You can tell how much they love f1. You can see how much of hard work they did and this is the reason why I love this team because they will always get back to the place that they belong to which is no.1

As for Seb he really needed this and I genuinely think he is thinking of Michael right now because these aren’t only my childhood memories but his as well.

Seeing him so emotional every time he wins with Ferrari is so beautiful. Seeing that my favourite driver loves my favorite team as much as I do makes me proud every day and it makes me proud to say that I am a Vettelian and a Tifosi.

There are no words to explain the way I feel right now and I believe every Tifosi. It is I would say feeling of relief, proudness and love.

This team means so much to me and seeing them win again after such an awful 2016 season. Being frustrated at seeing them being lost and seeing them being a mess. After that season I didn’t expect anything better from them but I still had a little bit of hope. I am so glad that after getting thrown on the ground by 2016 they got up, shook the dust off and made an unique beautiful car. Tifosi and I believe Enzo Ferrari are all proud including me. There is one thing I still have to say:

Seb and Ferrari are back!

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HI! Just wanted to leave some love for Masquerade and all your other fics that I've been binging! : ) They are amazing! I love how badass all the boys are and the HOTNESS! Question, (and feel free not to answer or point me in the direction of a previous post), Is Vik the only person Yuri has ever been with? I know in one chapter their is mention of blow job jealousy and Minako lectures, but it's never really clear. Not that it matters, just curious. Not that Yuri would ever tell him if he was.

Thank so much for reading my works ahhh, I love when people say they’ve binged my stories it’s such a huge compliment. 

Badass power couples are my favourite thing, so you can expect more when I get around to posting other AUs.

I haven’t answered a question like this before, so I will now. Yuuri was 19 when he met Victor, he would have slept with people, maybe had a boyfriend or two that didn’t last very long, a few people that tried to flirt with him while he attended university, but Victor would have been his first (and only) long term partner. His first serious partner too. 

It’s actually really fun to think about people trying it on with Yuuri when he was younger and him being completely unimpressed with the spoilt rich boys in his business lecture or something XDD

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If requests are open what about Tom wanting to confess to marco so he asks his favorite crystal headed rock-head Rhombulus about he confessed to his boyfriend Lekmet (basically this is just me wanting some good Rhekmet cause i'm trash)

Of course you can have it!!!!!! I loved writing this so so so much! I didn’t ship this at first but you guys literally dragged me down into rhekmet hell! I hope you are all proud of yourselves! And I hope you enjoy the story!

Marco swirled the coffee in his mug and looked up at Rhombulus. “So… how did you tell him?” Marco asked. Rhombulus looked confused and Marco blushed. “How did you tell Lekmet you loved him?” He asked. Rhombulus smiled and leaned back in his chair.

“You want to tell that demon boy you love him, don’t you?” He asked. Marco blushed and nearly dropped his mug.

“N-no!” He spat out. Rhombulus rolled his eyes and put his hands on his hips.

“Every time you come over here it’s to talk about Tom. I know that you love him.” Rhombulus stated. “I was the same way.” He sighed and took a sip of his coffee.” Marco looked up excitedly and leaned forward.

“So you WILL tell me?” He asked. Rhombulus laughed lightly and set his mug down.

“Of course, whether you love Tom or not, I never grow tired of telling this story.” He smiled. Marco grinned. He wished some day he might have that type of love. Where two people love and care for each other so much, that you never get tired of something you do every single day. As long as it’s with them. Yes, you have your moments. Fights, big fights sometimes. But it never goes away.

Rhombulus walked to a cabinet and handed Marco a picture of an old building. “That is the building of my old master, Crystal. She taught me everything I know so that I could one day take her place on the Magic High Commission.” He told Marco. “I worked for her as basically an intern. I would go on coffee runs for the commission.” He rolled his eyes. “Magic beings sending me out for coffee, it was really because they wanted me not to hear them discussing important secrets. But anyway, Lekmet was on the council already.”

“He was?” Marco asked. Rhombulus nodded.

“We’re both immortal beings, he only a bit older than me. I believe 20,000 years.” Rhombulus explained. Marco’s eyes widened and he shook his head. Trying to wrap his head around how immortal romances worked.

“Well I saw Lekmet and at once got a crush.” Rhombulus admitted. “I was always trying to find excuses to get into the council. But they would get mad at me and tell me to leave. I would run in and pretend to have big news, try and show off by crystallizing something or another.” He rolled his eyes. “We were kids. Only 500,000 years old.” He mused.

“Yeah… kids.” Marco coughed.

“Anyway, I didn’t think my advances were going anywhere.” Rhombulus responded. “Until one day he caught me before I went home and told me to stop by anytime.” He explained. “And we got to know each other… and I guess it grew from there. I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but love hardly ever is.” He told Marco. Marco looked up curiously at Rhombulus.

“What do you mean?” Marco asked.

“Well, we see romantic fairy tales. But that’s not real. The truth is, love takes a lot of work and it’s sometimes really hard.” Rhombulus responded. “It’s not ever a fairy tale, and if it is… well you’re probably lying to yourself.” He laughed. “Don’t go into a relationship expecting it to be perfect, because then you’ll be let down when it’s not.”

“I don’t want it to be perfect… I just want it to be with Tom.” Marco whispered. He looked up and saw the crystal man smiling big.

“That’s how it goes.” He chuckled and stirred his coffee. “There are a lot of things in this world that will want to keep you from being happy. But when you find the person who doesn’t take them away, because nobody really can. But who can, and is willing, to go through them with you, that’s love.” Rhombulus told Marco. “And if you have it, don’t waste anytime.”

“Are you saying I should just… dive right in?” Marco asked. He nodded. “But you just told me love takes work! Shouldn’t I go slow, and be careful?” Marco asked.

“Time and work is different Marco. People date for years and then get married, only to have their lives fall apart.” Rhombulus reminded. “They ay people don’t change but that’s not true. You don’t know how somebody will change. You can marry somebody and be in love, and years later not feel it anymore. I know somebody who was married seven times! All ended in divorce.”

“This isn’t romantic at all.” Marco slumped back.

“Let me get to my point.” Rhombulus took Marco’s arm and made him sit up. “What I’m saying is, if you don’t know how the future will work out, why not make the present happy?” He asked. “You don’t know how a relationship will end, so don’t torture yourself over it. Just find somebody you like and roll the dice. See what happens. Just make yourself happy for now, enjoy now.” He spoke.

“So you’re saying, as long as it makes me happy, I should just marry Tom tonight?” Marco asked. Rhombulus shrugged.

“If it feels right.” He told him. Marco raised an eyebrow.

“You’re a little crazy.” He told the man.

“So I’ve been told.” Rhombulus laughed. “You know, me and Lekmet moved in together after a week. And here we are, 60,000 years later. Just goes to show you things.” He smiled and leaned back. “I love that old goat.”

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OKay if we're talking about crushes, mine is my bestest friend but we can't date atm because we're hours away from each others colleges but we skype all the time and i just love seeing his face and hearing his voice and every time he tells me he loves me i just melt into a puddle of goop and im just counting down the days until summer so we can finally be together and be in a relationship and aaaahhhh i just love him so much, he's the first person i've ever truly been in love with

ahh best of luck! you might be able to make a long distance relationship work!

okay so after watching episode 11 for the second time i feel like i need to talk about viktor and what he might be feeling. this is going to be a long one, so take a seat, my dudes. 

we begin with viktor watching yuuri skate, and while he’s always been very active in his support, this time he was so much more into it. 

a fist pump and then even going so far as jumping with yuuri

(i know it’s a bad shot just work with me tho)

and by this and the way he watches yuuri you can tell just how much he loves him and loves watching yuuri skate

but as the show goes on, he starts looking at the other skaters’ with the same look of adoration and just as much excitement and determination as he watches yuuri with

now we’re starting to see a new viktor nikiforov. a viktor that’s not trapped in his career like a prisoner. a new man that misses the ice, that misses doing what he loves. he’s a viktor that is filled with a new passion for skating and he wants, he wishes that he was showing just how passionate about skating that he’s become. but what changed his mind on it? what made him want to skate again? helped him see the light?

yuuri did. coaching yuuri, watching him skate has shown viktor everything that he loved about skating and has caused him to miss it. and yuuri is beginning to see that.

yuuri has always been scared of dragging viktor down through his failures and now he’s seeing this new fire lit inside of viktor and he realizes that he can’t keep holding him back. he wants viktor to do what he loves and to be happy.and that’s why this:

is not the face of a man who is going to break it off with his boyfriend/fiancé/lover. this is the face of a man who is going to set his own dreams and goals aside for those of the man he loves and i, personally, cannot wait to see what the next episode will bring.

can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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loves chat

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like just?????

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i don’t know?????

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where you guys are getting this from??????


“Tell him you’re excited to have his last name and then marry his brother.”

#wastehistime2k17 Oh my god I had so much fun doing this silly comic! I really hope everyone can take this prompt as a joke as I really mean no harm in doing this! 💖 Some McHanzo for Valentine’s Day 💖💖💖 have a fun week, y’all!


can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything


“I wanna hear you! I want everyone here to yell as loud as they can, because I want fucking Donald Trump to hear everyone in Polska, everyone in Europe, everyone in Africa, everyone everywhere to tell this motherfucker to fuck off!

(21st January 2017)

(I was going to gif this but fuck that, you need the full experience, you need to hear and see him say it.)

Now I can not tell you how much admiration and respect I have for Taehyung right now.

He was so professional during the promotions,always found the strength to get on that stage and perform flawlessly,not letting his own loss affect his job,his duties.A loss of his grandmother,a person that took care of him for 14 years,who raised him,who was home to him.He was going though so much and yet,he was still able to entertain us and put a smile for us.

He is such a brave,strong,precious boy who always had the aspiration to be a good son to his parents,a good grandson to the most important person.His grandma must have been so proud of the child she raised and I hope Taehyung receives all the support he need right now and finds peace soon.


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya

You asked me who I
am in my ideal world,
where I can create and
be whoever I want to be.

And I tell you, in another
life I’m bold, I tell the kid
in class to quit interrupting 
the lecture because we are so 
goddamn tired of him acting
like he knows everything.

I don’t text my mother telling
her that I am crying, I don’t sit
on the corner of her bed sobbing
at 3 am about someone that doesn’t
like me back or how much I wish
I could sleep,

I dye my hair pink and blue and
purple and I get a fringe and wear
dark lipstick and remember to file
my nails rather than let them break
and I dress in all black one day and
the next day in colors as vivid as my
dreams of you.

I travel wherever I want without a
worry in the world and I don’t think
twice about moving constantly and
I pack only a suitcase and I go to coffee
shops early in the morning and sit next
to someone in the sunlight and we talk
about politics or just good stories we
have heard.

I take some time off from school and
I work and I live in a small apartment
with a faucet that drips but I keep the
windows open constantly and my neighbors
are so unconventional but they are still so
beautiful and they have the greatest stories
and they drink during the weekends and
during my free time I fill my walls with
pictures and poems and posters and I am
so bloody passionate that it drips through
the windows,

I have many friends or I have absolutely
no one and I am content either way and
I go to parties and get to know everyone
but no one exactly knows me and they
try to describe me to others asking if
they’ve seen me too but they cannot
find any words that can describe the
way I held their hands.

And I tell you, in another life I’m crazy
and happy and weird and I talk a lot or
sometimes not at all and none of their
words ever hurt me because I am too
caught up in my own love, I am too 
busy creating myself. 

And I ask what would you be if you
could be anything?

And you tell me of all these divine things,
you’d ride the train and never get off and
see where it takes you, you would drive until
you ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere,
you would swim until your skin looks like
apple peels, and as you tell me of all these
wondrous adventures, where you are always
going somewhere, I realize you are just running

You have always just been running away
from me.

—  In another life I’m bold and you’re cold.

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(This re-upload blog might come late, but still, Happy Birthday!)


Happy Birthday dear Mr. Shim Gyuhyuk, the voice actor of Yoosung’s!

February 9th is his birthday, according to the Christmas free talk XDDD


I’d like to use this opportunity to thank him.

Thank you very much, Mr. Shim, for making Yoosung alive, for the dream-like moments you gave to us. I want to tell you how much Yoosung’s voice means to me. It warms my heart (so much that it’s gonna melt…..), it comforts me, makes me feel so happy. I love his voice so much that sometimes I felt pain listening to it, since he can’t be real (lol).

Thank you very much for voicing him so nicely…. I’ll love this voice for the rest of my life!

P.S. The [New Yoosung] does really…….. @!#$_^%($U)Y@_#@$%$^%^_+!!+#@

…….kill me

Thank you soooooooooooo much!!! *nosebleed*