you can tell i like sylph the best

anonymous asked:

Could you analyze a Sylph of Void? Please and thank you

hell yeah, i can!

lets start with the basics, as always. 

sylphs tend to be meddlers, whether for better or worse, but they always do what they see is best. they love to educate people on their aspect, tell/show them the correct thing about their aspect. they can be great teachers in this respect. or just absolute know it all assholes who you just want to shut up and wanna deck because all they do is talk down to you (the duality of the sylph).
now, for void. its all about secrets, unknown, things that are yet to be discovered/recognized, untapped potential. people like to interpret void as just complete Nothingness, and while theyre not completely wrong, its not the whole story. i love that telling of it because it just adds to the power of void in the telling of homestuck. so many people just avoid it because of thinking they have it all figured out when its so endless like all the rest of the aspects. they all have mounds of untapped potential we have yet to think of yet. but, thats another post. 

this is a rather quite and reserved sylph. they tend to keep their opinions to a minimum and only speaking when spoken to because they prefer to be the enigma. they have their strong as fuck opinions, but only say them when its needed to keep ideas that they dont want said/thought about/encouraged, dead. 

theyd come off as really calm people when really, theyre bitter as fuck. doom and gloom to those who hold differing opinions. a sylph of void is one of those people who is alive out of pure spite, tbh. if they are even slightly religious, you can BET they pray to their deity and ask “hey, can you strike down this one guy because they said that doroitos taste bad because i fucking love them. kaythanksbye.”

god, they probably got the worst resting bitch face, so theyre on those lists at school/work thatre like “most likely to gut someone for a singular potato chip,” when in reality theyre fairly nice to those around them until you say something to get on their bad side. 

i know ive been saying a bunch of shit bout them, but most of that was for shits and giggles. they do seem cold because of how shy they are, but theyre actually pretty nice! it takes a bit to chip off that chilly exterior for them to get comfortable around you, and even longer for them to feel comfortable for them to share their full book of Reviews On Everything because that shit is locked tight under the wickedest most hardcore chunk of void we can possibly dig up. 

basically, tl;dr, the sylph of void is secretive cause they have trust issues for whatever reason, but give them time and youll get all kinds of dirt on something or another and itll be fucking good along with a top notch friend in the process.