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Wisdom Teeth

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe gets his widsom teeth taken out. 

A/N: I was watching a whole bunch of videos of people after they got their wisdom teeth taken out. 

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Poe was bouncing his leg anxiously as you and he sat in the waiting room at the orthodontist’s office. You couldn’t help but giggle, “You’re gonna be fine, babe! Stop worrying!”

“I can’t help, but worry! They’re cutting open my mouth!”

You laughed and shook your head, “You won’t feel a thing. You’ll be out like a light once you’re in that chair.”

“Can you go in there with me?” Poe asked like a scared 5 year old.

“I can’t, but I’ll be in the waiting room the entire time.”

Poe whined. The door opened and Poe’s doctor stepped out, “Poe? You ready?”

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Undead - Smitlizer

Happy Halloween! Or Happy October 31st because my country doesn’t celebrate Halloween but I know what it is because Tumblr and Americans. Either way, not too spoopy one shot here. Enjoy!

Also, what is it with me and rare pairs lately? The world may never know.


Of all the things Satt figured he might do with his life, climbing out of a coffin wasn’t one of them. Sure he read up and knew what to do if the situation ever arose, but he never expected himself to need to put those skills to practical use. But here he was, body half surfaced as he tried to steady his breathing.

He tried to remember what happened that caused him to get where he was now. Satt remembers getting cornered on the highway with some people who had some “vendetta” against him, although it was more they simply hated his guts. He recalls all the kicks, punches, stabs, pain. He knew he was left on the side of the road to die and there was absolutely no way he’d be able to survive. He was dead; he died. But here he was. Blinking, breathing, moving. He was alive. It wasn’t possible.

He was brought out of his thoughts when a bouquet of flowers dropped in front of vision. He looked up to a man, and saw the familiar bandana donning over his eyes. However, his expression wasn’t hard to read with the mouth agape at the sight of Satt stuck halfway in the earth.

“Anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare?” Ohm blinked at the comment. He knelt down, looked Satt in the eye and punched him in the nose. “I deserved that.”

“You should be Dead. With a trademark.” Ohm stated. “We shouldn’t be having this conversation. I shouldn’t be in this situation.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Satt rebutted, trying to push himself up and out. Skipping arms before he died maybe wasn’t the best idea. “Glad I ran into you though.”

“Why’s that?” Ohm asked, outing the flowers he brought behind Satt.

“Because out of anyone I know, you’d be the one who’d might have a chance at figuring why I’ve been resurrected.” A pause. “And probably the person I’d have to do the least explaining to.”

“That’s true.” Ohm nodded. “But there’s a number of things that could quote on quote resurrect you so it’s hard to narrow it down for sure. I’d need to do some blood work to know for sure.”

“Okay, just one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

Satt slapped the ground to express the obvious. “Little help here?”


Satt was getting impatient at this point as he simply waited on Ohm’s couch watching Netflix. He didn’t know it would take 8 episodes of Stranger Things to analyze a little blood, not counting the first one where they took it. He wanted the answers fast so he could figure out who saved him. Or who cursed him.

“That’s interesting.” Ohm commented, and Satt’s head perked up.


“There’s vampire blood in your dying blood.”

“And that makes a difference, why?” Satt asked, a rising from the couch. He was a fidgeter when he was nervous or was dealing with things, so sooner or later he was going to start pacing.

“Vampire blood is unique in that, while it can transform people into vampires, it also can heal those on the verge of death. Usually takes a few days to kick in, but it’s extremely powerful and precious healing tool.”

“So you’re saying that some vampire saw me on the side of the highway and decided to be a Good Samaritan and save my life.”


“Can we figure out who?” Satt asked, leaning his body over the counter closer to Ohm.

“I’d have to look to see if there are any spells that could help us with this. If not then I’d just have to do blood analysis. Either way, it’ll take time.” Satt signed, his head dropping to the counter. He wanted answers now as to who gave him this miraculous second chance. It irked him to no end. It was probably too soon. Maybe whoever this knight in shining armor didn’t know Satt or was keeping track of when he arose. It was confusing to say the least.

“Is it temporary?” Satt asked, after some time. He didn’t know how much. “Do I have a clock running over my head until I die again?”

“No.” Ohm replied. “Usually the reason vampire blood takes so long to take affect is because it has to find and implement its genetic information into you via the hemoglobic adult stem cells. But there are some side affects.”

“Like ..?”

“When you were zoned out I cut off your hand.” Satt looked down, and saw his left hand detached from his body. No blood, just a clean cut right down his wrist.

“I thought it was just vegetables you were cutting.” He admitted, his eyes wide with shock. “Why didn’t I feel that?”

“Because the thing with vampire blood fusions only supplies enough blood to sustain life. Low pulse and low blood count. You’re basically a zombie without a desire for brains.”

“How do I fix it then? And my hand?” Satt raised his stump of a left hand to prove his point.

“Hand is an easy recombination spell. Zombie-ness is another story. Either you die again, find the exact vampire who saved him and ask him to turn you, or just find someone who’s ready to give you a shit ton of blood transfusions.” Satt just stared at him.

“Not. Helpful. Ohmwrecker.”

“Just stating the options, Sattelizer.”


Satt was done. Done with the bullshit of this situation. Here he was, practically on the run from friends and family just because some blood sucker decided to practically make him immune. He just needed to lay on his bed and relax and breathe. Which is what he was doing. Nobody was there, thank god, but it would only be a few minutes before he hightailed it back to Ohm’s place when he texted. He didn’t need Chilled freaking out about all this on top of his normal stress. Satt glanced at his watch as it beeped at him. The 7 minutes he had set for himself flew by faster than he expected. He chuckled at that. He’d always had this small fantasy of managing to get 7 minutes in heaven with someone. To think his version of 7 minutes in heaven would be laying his head on a pillow.

He lifted his head off the pillow and caught someone staring at him.

The guy looked young; no more than 20. His hair was pure white and his eyes were mismatched. One was blue while the other was red, like those old 3D glasses. He wore a yellow shirt with a white button up underneath, jeans, and red converses. He was … actually really cute, if Satt was being

“Whose man is this?” He asked, turning around to what Satt assumed was an empty apartment.

“Ha ha. Funny.” He deadpanned in return. “Now if you excuse me I’ll just be leaving.” Satt rose.

“Naw man, it’s good.” The other man assured him. “I was just … browsing, that’s all. Just a friend of Mini’s who been looking for an apartment closer to his friends. Didn’t expect anyone else to be here to be honest.”

“You’re fine. I was just … dropping by. That’s all.” Satt admitted, telling only parts of the truth to the stranger. “This was my old apartment, so I just wanted to relieve the Memories. Nothing more.”

“Understandable. Name’s Smitty.” He held out his hand. Satt took it. “Don’t think I ever said.”

“Sattelizer.” He replied as he let go. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Satt maneuvered around Smitty, the latter watching as he left the apartment that was once his. Once alone, Smitty smirked to himself. Finally he could put a face to a name, instead of calling him that cute guy he saved on the side of the road that one night. Man, that was a mouthful.

“Oh Sattelizer.” Smitty muttered to himself, his arm resting in his head. “How long before you eventually come crawling back to me?”

“He seems like the desperate type.” Kryoz commented as he floated up through the floorboards next to a shocked Smitty. “Give him a week, tops.”


“You asked.” Kryoz said, his voice coming out deeper than normal due to his vape. Smitty would always question it though, as Kryoz was literally dead.

“You’re a dick.”

“I’m your 2nd favorite dick, tho.”

Smitty shook his head. “Just … follow him and report back to me later. I need to keep an eye on him.”

“I’ll be back with a fully detailed ass report tomorrow night.. Oh, and one on what he does as well.”

“I hate you.”

“Yes boss.” Kryoz mock saluted, floating away in the general direction Satt left a few minutes ago. Smitty felt himself fall back on the bed that was once Satt’s. He brought the comforter into his face, taking in the smell of it all. He didn’t know what it was that made him attracted to the brunette. Maybe it was that doctor patient mentality that he remembers they played on in Back to the Future. But something about his dark brown eyes fading right in front of him …

His heart wanted something he knows he should never have gotten in the first place. And he wasn’t going to stop it.

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Nonpowered!AU - Tony's cat often sneaks using the emergency stairs to the apartment below and Tony's been feeling kinda jealous here, so he attaches a message on her collar to whoever's been bribing his cat with expensive cat treat. To his surprise, he got a reply and he began corresponding with the guy who turned out to be interesting and smart. One day there's a knock on his door and it's the mystery guy with his cat and an invitation to dinner. (and maybe there's kittens?)

A/N: Didn’t get the kittens, but I hope you still enjoy! - Taylor

You can also read this on Ao3!

“Jarvis!” Tony rattles the cat bell again and strides into the kitchen. “Here, kitty, kitty!” The expected jingle of Jarvis’s collar and the light click of his nails over the tile floor doesn’t come, and Tony’s frown deepens. It seems his cat’s snuck off yet again.

Resigned, Tony crosses to the east wall of his condo and heaves one of the windows open to reveal the fire escape. “Jarvis!” He calls again. For another moment, there’s no reply.

Then the metal stairs creak lightly and Tony grins at the sight of his cat trotting up them. “Hey bud,” he says as Jarvis jumps gracefully back into the apartment. “You’re giving me a complex here. I spend tens of dollars on cat toys and it’s still not good enough for you? What does that dude have that I don’t?”

Jarvis sniffs gracefully and proceeds to ignore Tony in favor of curling up in a patch of carpet warmed by the sun. Tony rolls his eyes and sits down at his drafting table. Rent’s not going to pay itself, after all.

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[Percy Jackson] wake up in a city that never sleeps

Title: wake up in a city that never sleeps [Ao3]
Fandom: Percy Jackson & the Olympians | Heroes of Olympus
Pairing(s): Annabeth/Percy/Nico; Jason/Piper, and past Reyna/Annabeth
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The first time that Nico di Angelo meets Percy Jackson, the older man is studiously not grading the pile of schoolwork in front of him, snubbing his student’s essays in favor of trying to balance a pencil on his nose. It isn’t the most auspicious of first meetings.

Author’s Note: This all started because I decided that a) I wanted to write a fic where Percy was Nico’s happily married TA and b) I wanted to write something based on this. So I kind of combined the two ideas and it exploded into words. Much time was spent googling various New York things while writing this fic, so hopefully I didn’t get anything too wrong. Then last but not least, this fic is dedicated to Jen, who cheered me through this entire thing and helped me out immensely with scenes that were giving me trouble. This is for you, (and also, your wifey, who gave me ideas through you). I’m sorry that I forgot the scene with the glasses. Merry Christmas, everyone! <3

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The Art of Disappearing [ch. 7]

Rating: T (for language), rating will go up in later chapters
Summary: The first night they met they witnessed a grisly murder. Now they’re being placed into the Witness Protection Program. Starting life over in Ark, Minnesota was definitely not part of Clarke’s five-year plan. And gaining a wife certainly wasn’t something Bellamy saw himself doing this year.

Chapter Seven: You Make What Doesn’t Matter Fade To Gray

Author’s Note: Thought I abandoned this story, didn’t you? No, I promise. Not abandonment. But I haven’t been feeling too “fluffy” lately and I’m not going to lie - we got a several chapters of fluff ahead of us before we dive right into some drama. Anyway, thank you for showing SO MUCH love to this story. You guys are all so great! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Enjoy!


“Yeah, definitely that one.” Her laptop speaks to her from behind as she stands in front of her full-length mirror.

Clarke tilts her head from one side to the other as she studies her reflection.  She does like the forest green color against her fair tone.  And the A-line fit does accentuate the best parts of her ample curves.  The extra material forgives the fact that her workout routine has been all but not existent since they got here.  Plus, her legs do look pretty good with these wedges.

She turns to the side and begins her study once more, only interrupted by the frustrated noise coming from her computer.

“Damn P, you look great.” Raven says via Skype. “But can you please tell me why you’ve all but bought the entire mall for this one date?  Is it an anniversary or something?”

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