you can tell how much she loved him just by looking at her

RFA bois go to the ski resort

this was so fun to write.. especially because I was originally a skier but now I snowboard. You can just tell whether the boys ski or snowboard by experience it’s A M A Z I N G

enjoy! -brooke


  • more of a snowboarder
  • he puts his hair up in a sexy high ponytail just for this occasion 
  • can literally go to every slope and look graceful as fuck
  • actually loves snowboarding
  • can do lots of tricks too 
  • one time he saw a little girl who kept falling on the green (easiest) slope
  • “Hi, little princess! Do you need help?”
  • god even if i was a master snowboarder id still say yes
  • She flushed a deep red once she saw his face
  • “Y-yes, please! I can’t really get this right..” 
  • so he patiently helped her until she could snowboard down a fucking black diamond
  • it took them the whole day
  • ok i was exaggerating 
  • but she was much happier after he taught her
  • “Thank you, sir!”
  • he smiled back 
  • when you asked him how he was such a good teacher and snowboarder, he said
  • “Oh, my dad used to take me and my brother to ski resorts every winter. It was really fun and he was a really good teacher.”
  • you hug him tightly and reassuringly, knowing his past was not his brightest time of his life
  • precious


  • just started skiing 
  • “what? snowboarding? no way! that sounds so hard!”
  • he actually didn’t really know how to ski but he was so cute when he tried
  • “MC.. why do I keep falling?”
  • “Here Yoosung; let me help you..”
  • he was fidgety and felt uncomfortable being taught by you
  • he wanted to be the manly guy like zen who was badass and cool
  • but here he was-
  • “So if I want to stop I make a ‘pizza’ with my skis??”
  • poor cinnamon bun
  • he’s so helpless
  • meanwhile there’s zen in his natural habitat 
  • his movements swift and quick
  • while he was clumsy and terrified of falling down 
  • that first night was not a good one
  • so he got up and played LOLOL
  • its like 3am
  • suddenly he realized that there was a simulation in LOLOL similar to skiing and-
  • the next day he was a whole different person
  • baggy eyes and shit but
  • he was more sure in his actions
  • “MC!! I DID IT”
  • sloppiest run you’ve ever seen
  • but you’re super happy for him and cheer him on
  • for once, gaming did have its perks 


  • mom who has to wait in that one warm place with the fireplace and shit
  • nervous af that at least one person will break their ankle shes biting her nails off
  • talks to the other moms and is super friendly
  • tried skiing once
  • it wasn’t her thing
  • “h-how do I maneuver my ski poles in sync to my legs..?!?!”
  • mom
  • worried chicken nugget
  • give her some appreciation
  • when the bois come back soaked and freezing she’s the first to comfort them
  • offers them goldfish bread
  • love love love
  • “Yoosung, there’s no point in not taking off your skis- HEY SEVEN DROP THAT HELMET RIGHT NOW OR ELSE–”


  • motherfuker can do both - skiing and snowboarding
  • depending on his mood he would go either way
  • feeling restless? signs up for the snowboard business shit
  • whenever he feels laid back he just grabs his skis 
  • will go down with you on every slope
  • whenever you fall he laughs like a gOAT
  • always goes terrifyingly fast 
  • he never fell once
  • okay maybe he did but he blamed it on Yoosung for skiing into him

Jumin Han:

  • actually a really good snowboarder believe it or not
  • two words to define him on the slope: elegant & regal
  • idk how to describe him?? he’s like badass but cool-looking enough to look like a king
  • Zen is always competing with him to see who would fall down first
  • they were at it once from 8 am to 11 pm like zEN CHILL
  • Jaehee is worried for him
  • “Are you sure you won’t catch a cold? Remember about your plane flight in five days.. I don’t want to escort my boss with the flu.”
  • acts all cool and just replies “Yes, Assistant Kang.”
  • doesn’t show it but he’s always wanting to go out onto the slope 
  • anytime
  • “MC care to come with me? It’s just a quick run.”
  • Jumin it’s fucking 5 am”

if you read this far ily T.T  thanks for reading~ don’t worry, I’ve got a few more drafts in the works that I’m working on every day ! also tell me if you guys want one with V and Saeran :)

newtina thoughts #3

for full otp feels, watch this first

  • these aren’t thoughts as much as look how married and domestic they already seem
  • and imagine married!newtina in future movies
  • and imagine newt shouting tina’s name when he thinks she’s been hurt or something
  • imagine tina shouting NEWT’S
  • like i legit cannot process the fact that they’ll be in love one day and smile at each other and find excuses to touch each other and
  • growing…old…together….
  • it hurts so good already how can this get better
  • even though i know it’ll get 1000000x better
  • haha the part where he catches her…and struggles to hold on…and he’s looking at her like he’s really seeing her for the first time…haha….i’m ok…
  • literally every scene they’re in together it looks like (1) tina is telling him off for doing a dumb (like destroy half of new york with his beasts) (2) they’re a team silently supporting each other (3) they’re a team ACTIVELY HAVING EACH OTHER’S BACKS (4) they’re in soft shy beginner’s love
  • and it’s beautiful
  • i keep thinking, you know, how tina must find newt so unbelievably, fascinatingly beautiful in the way he is and the way he does
  • but then i remember, wow, newt finds her absolutely wondrous and magical
  • and then i’m lost because i can’t tell who’s more devoted to the other and I know I don’t want to know, i just want to watch it happen and i want to continue unpacking it FOREVER
    • literally when i watched the movie the first thing i texted my friend  was like IMAGINE BEING MARRIED TO SOMEONE WHO LOOKS AT YOU WITH SUCH WONDER
Liam- I Should Have Just Told You How I Felt

Request-  can i have an imagine where the reader is dating Liam but Theo is also obsessed with her and when Liam starts dating Hayden she gives Theo a chance and they date and Liam tells her she could do better than him and tells her he’s obsessive but she can’t see it she thinks she loves him. And she gets back with Liam you can choose how 😋😋

A/N- So I did change this one up a bit, but I know how much you’ve been looking forward to your Liam imagine. Enjoy!

“What are you looking at?” a low voice asked in your ear.
You jumped, causing your shoulder to slam into the lockers as you flinched back. Theo was right behind you, and you didn’t know how long he had been there, but he had definitely caught you staring.
“Nothing,” you told him, rubbing your sore shoulder.
Theo smirked and nodded toward your bruised skin. “Sorry about that. You know you’re not really being discreet, right?”
You scowled at him and glanced back toward Liam, who was currently lost in his conversation with Hayden. They were talking intensely, and you could tell by the look in his eyes that he was slightly nervous.
“Anyone else would have noticed,” Theo commented. “But not him. He’s too lost in Hayden to realize how you feel about him.”
“If you’re trying to earn your way into the pack, this isn’t the way to do it,” you told him sullenly.
The Omega shrugged. “I thought you’d appreciate a little honesty. Besides, what do you see in Liam anyway? He’s a little immature, and he obviously doesn’t know a beautiful girl when he sees one. He’d be an idiot to choose her over you.”
You flushed, surprised by his sudden compliment. “Uh, thanks, Theo.”
“Why don’t you just forget about him?” Theo suggested. “You could always go for someone better.”
“I can’t just forget about him. He’s my best friend,” you muttered.
“Then maybe that’s all he should be,” he stated.
You blinked, looking up at him in surprise. “What?”
“You’re worth a lot more than Liam,” Theo told you.
He began to lean down, and you felt your heart jump into your throat as he ran his thumb over your cheek. Suddenly his lips were on yours, kissing you in a way no one ever had before. Yes, Liam was your best friend and you might have cared more about him than you liked to admit, but it was obvious he had feelings for Hayden. Theo seemed a lot more interested than your own best friend, and you decided that maybe it was time to forget about Liam.
“Y/n?” a shocked voice asked.
Theo pulled away from you with a smirk on his face and you glanced up at Liam, blushing slightly. “Hey.”
Liam narrowed his eyes at Theo. “Are you two…?”
“I’m taking Y/n out if that’s what you mean,” Theo told him with a shrug.
“Huh,” Liam said, frowning as he turned to you. “Why didn’t you say anything about it?”
“I…I guess I just haven’t seen you a lot lately,” you told him honestly. “You’ve been kind of busy.”
Liam blinked, recoiling in hurt. “Y/n-”
The bell rang suddenly, cutting Liam off. Theo turned to you with a smile. “So I’ll pick you up at six?”
“Yeah,” you said with a nod. “That would be great.”
“I’ll walk you to class,” he offered, holding out his hand.
You gladly took it, not able to stand Liam’s gaze on your face. “See you later, Liam.”
“See you.”
Liam frowned as you and Theo walked hand in hand down the hall. The Omega leaned down to whisper something in your ear, and you laughed softly at whatever it was. Liam stifled a growl as you disappeared around the corner.
He didn’t like the way Theo was suddenly all over you. Ever since he had shown up in Beacon Hills, he had done nothing but try to get on Scott’s good side and flirt with you. Stiles seemed to be the only other person who didn’t trust him, and Liam had to agree. There was something off about Theo, and he wasn’t only saying that because of the way he acted around you, although that was a big part of it.
You might have been Liam’s best friend, but there was a part of him that wanted you to be more. He had never been able to figure out the right time to tell you, but now that some tall asshole with a sharp jawline was stealing you away, he knew he might never get the chance.

“Theo, stop,” you laughed.
“What?” he murmured, burying his face in your hair. “I’m trying to get closer to you.”
You turned toward him with a smile as his arms rested around your waist. Your faces were mere inches apart, and soon he was moving forward to close the gap between them.
It had been weeks since you decided to take Theo up on his offer, and things with the Dread Doctors had only gone downhill from there. Kids were still dying, the pack was breaking apart, and even Liam had pulled away from you.
You knew it had something to do with Hayden, but there was something else at work under the surface. Even if no one had figured it out, there was still something everyone was missing. You were just glad you had Theo on your side. He had been a huge help to Scott and the pack, no matter what Stiles and Liam thought.
“Stiles doesn’t trust him,” Liam had told you one day.
“And?” you asked. “Do you listen to everything Stiles says?”
“No, but-”
“You just don’t like him because we’re dating.”
“That’s not true,” Liam had insisted. “Okay, maybe it’s partly true. But he’s weird, Y/n. he just showed up out of nowhere and he’s two years older than you!”
“That doesn’t mean anything!” you had protested. “Liam, you’re just pissed because you were spending all your time with Hayden, and when you finally decided you wanted your best friend back, I started dating someone too.”
“What?” Liam had asked, his voice wounded. “Why would I need you back? I thought I always had you.”
“Yeah, well you were wrong,” you had told him bitterly, storming away down the hall.
It had been weeks since then, and you and Liam were still ignoring each other. You were convinced it didn’t matter, because he had Hayden and you had Theo. You were both happy…weren’t you?
“What’s wrong?” Theo asked, pulling away to glance at you.
“Nothing,” you told him, leaning back into his pillows. “Why?”
“Y/n. Come on. I can smell your emotions. You can’t lie to me.”
“Maybe I’m worried,” you said softly.
“About the Dread Doctors?” Theo asked, reaching out to brush a strand of hair from your cheek. “Y/n, they’re not going to touch you. They’d have to go through me. And I’d never let anything hurt you.”
“I know,” you whispered.
“Besides,” he continued. “Lydia and Parrish are working on figuring out what his dreams mean. If he’s dreaming about the bodies, he might be able to find a way to stop the Dread Doctors. Do you know if they found the nemeton yet?”
You shook your head. “Stiles and Scott said they found it last year, but when they went back to the place it was, it was just gone. It was like it moved. Lydia thinks that maybe it just doesn’t want to be found.”
“Do they have any ideas where it could be?” Theo questioned. “Any at all?”
“Nope. Why? Is it really that important?”
Theo’s expression shifted. “No…I don’t know. I’m just trying to help, you know? I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something more.”
“Hey,” you said, reaching out to grab his hand. “Just because Scott took you in, it doesn’t mean you have to drive yourself crazy to try and repay him.”
“Doesn’t it though?” Theo murmured.
“You’re a part of the pack, Theo,” you stated softly. “You’re with me.”
Theo smiled and leaned back in for another kiss. You welcomed his touch, but as his lips met yours, you couldn’t help but think about what Liam’s would feel like. You immediately felt ashamed, because Theo was giving you everything you needed. He was kind, he was caring, and he had given you no reason to mistrust him.
Liam had brushed you off for someone else, but even though you were supposed to be angry with him, you couldn’t help but miss him. He was your best friend and you needed him by your side, but you knew he had no intention of being there.

Liam ran his hands through his hair as he leaned over Hayden on the hospital table. She had fallen unconscious minutes ago, but he was still reaching out to take her pain. He placed his hand in hers once more, and she gripped it so tightly that he would have assumed she was awake.
Scott’s mom was still trying to help her, but there didn’t seem to be much more she could do at this point. Hayden was going to die, and there was no stopping it, at least not without some kind of miracle. Beacon Hills was a little short on miracles at the moment, but there were plenty of supernatural creatures hanging around. Maybe Scott had said no to biting her before, but when he saw her like this, Liam knew he would do it. He had to.
The only problem was that he didn’t know where the Alpha was, and he wasn’t returning any of his calls. He knew he was going to have to leave and go find Scott, but he wasn’t so keen on leaving Hayden with only Scott’s mom. She needed someone by her side that she knew, and the only person he could think of was you. You and Hayden weren’t necessarily friends, but Liam knew you wouldn’t let her be alone when she was dying. He knew you would come if he asked, so he took a deep breath and picked up the phone.
You were driving to the school when your phone started to vibrate. Lydia hadn’t texted you in hours, and the last place you remembered seeing her was the library. Scott had told you to stay home because of the supermoon, but you couldn’t just hide away in your bedroom if Lydia was in danger.
You had texted Scott and Stiles earlier, but neither of them had responded. You were beginning to think something was terribly wrong, so when your phone started to ring, you snatched it from the center console. “Hello?”
“Y/n, where are you?”
“Liam? What’s wrong?”
“Hayden’s dying,” he breathed. “Scott wouldn’t bite her, and she’s not healing and-and I need to go find him, but I don’t want her to be alone. Could you meet us?”
“What?” you demanded. “Liam, I can’t…”
“Y/n, please,” he begged. “I know you think I ditched you for her, but she was helping me a lot. There’s so much that I don’t have time to tell you right now, but, just, please come to the hospital. I need you right now.”
You swallowed. “Liam, I can’t. I would. You know I would, but I need to find Lydia. I haven’t heard from her since school ended. Scott and Stiles won’t return my calls. I think something’s really wrong.”
“Something is wrong!” Liam cried. “People are dying. Hayden is dying.”
“And I’m trying to make sure Lydia isn’t too,” you stated. “Liam, I’m sorry. I can’t.”
“Is this because of Theo?” he demanded.
“This has nothing to do with Theo!” you cried. “He’s done nothing but help us, Liam! Why can’t you trust him?!”
“Because you deserve so much better!”
“What?” you asked, shaking your head. “Liam, look…just stay with Hayden. She needs you a lot more than I do.”
“Y/n, I can’t-”
You huffed and ended the call, tossing your phone into the passenger seat. You were incredibly confused as to why he had called you. Yes, you had been his best friend, but you weren’t so sure of that status at the moment. Why did he want you there when his girlfriend was dying? And why had he chosen that moment to bring up Theo?
You bit the inside of your cheek as you pulled into the school parking lot. Maybe you shouldn’t have hung up on him like that, but you were worried about Lydia. You needed to find her, and maybe if you had time, you could find Scott too. That way Hayden wouldn’t have to die.
You stopped the car and killed the engine, but as you hopped out in the darkness, you realized the parking lot wasn’t totally empty. Lydia’s car was there, only a few spots away from yours, where it had been since that morning. As you glanced toward the school, you realized that Theo was also there. His truck was parked close to the entrance, and just as you considered calling him, the doors to the school opened before you.
Theo strode out, and you caught the briefest glimpse of the smirk on his face before he caught sight of you. His smile fell as he saw you, and he jogged over, now wearing an expression of concern. “Y/n? What are you doing here? Did something happen?”
“Thank god,” you breathed. “I don’t know. Scott and Stiles aren’t answering me. I haven’t see Lydia since this afternoon. I came here to find her.”
“She’s not in there,” he stated. “I just walked through the whole place. It’s deserted.”
“But her car’s here,” you protested. “She wouldn’t have just walked away.”
“Maybe she did. Maybe someone took her,” Theo suggested.
You felt your stomach flip at the thought of Lydia being taken. If Theo was right, then it was probably the Dread Doctors who had done it. Maybe they had hurt Scott and Stiles too.
“Maybe there’s something in the school that can help us find her,” you told him. “We have to go check.”
“Y/n, I’ve already been in there,” Theo protested. “I’ve covered every inch of that place. There’s nothing.”
“You don’t know her like I do,” you insisted. “I’m a fresh pair of eyes. We have to at least check the library. Her stuff could still be in there.”
You started toward the school, but Theo’s hand shot out to grab your wrist. His fingers closed around your skin painfully, and you sucked in a sharp breath. “Theo-”
“I’m sorry,” he told you quickly, releasing you. “I just…I don’t want you to go in there. It could be dangerous.”
You rubbed your wrist, but your face softened. “I get it, Theo. I know you’re worried about me, but I’m tougher than I look. Whatever’s in there, I can handle it.”
“Y/n, wait-” Theo called, but you were already turning your back on him and heading into the school. He swore under his breath as he watched you heading in through the unlocked doors. He shook his head regretfully and headed in after you, being careful to shut the door behind him.
You paused in the hallway, peering around the darkened hall for anything that might seem out of the ordinary. Other than being dark and silent, the school didn’t seem that much different from earlier. You walked slowly down the hall as Theo trailed behind you.
“We really shouldn’t be here,” Theo told you.
“Why?” you asked as you headed toward the library. “Do you think they’re in here?”
“I…I’m not sure,” he said. “But I feel something. We shouldn’t be here.”
“I don’t care,” you whispered. “I’m trying to find my friend.”
“Y/n, I’m telling you she’s not h-”
You both froze as you both heard a sound echo down the hall. You blinked. “That’s coming from the library.”
“Y/n, no, stop!” Theo cried, but you were already taking off toward the doors at the end of the hall. You shoved them open, but what you saw when you got there wasn’t at all what you had expected. You had assumed you would find the Dread Doctors, maybe with Lydia, or at least some kind of clue that they had been there. But when you ran into the wide room, the only person there was Scott.
“Y/n!” he cried. “What are you doing here?”
“I…I came to find Lydia,” you told him, glancing down at the ring of mountain ash surrounding him. “Theo and I-”
“Wait, Theo?” Scott demanded. “You’re here with him? Y/n, you have to run. You have to get out of here.”
“What?” you demanded.
“He’s right,” a low voice said from behind you, causing you to whirl around.
Theo was standing right behind you, staring at you in a way he had never looked at you before. Now there was malice in his dark green eyes, and you suddenly realized that Theo was the missing piece. He was the one person that didn’t fit, the one that was tearing everything apart.
“Theo,” you said slowly. “What’s going on?”
“I tried to stop you,” he told you. “I tried to keep you out of this, but you wouldn’t listen. You’re so goddamn stubborn.”
“You’ve been working with them. You’re the one who took Lydia,” you breathed. “You’re doing this for the Dread Doctors.”
Theo shrugged. “More or less.”
A wave of revulsion spread through you, causing your stomach to heave. You had been dating a killer, and all this time he had been plotting to help kill you and your friends. “No. No way. This-this can’t be happening.”
“Y/n,” Scott said slowly. “For the love of god, run.”
You did what he said, and darted forward, but just as your fingertips touched the wood of the door, Theo grabbed you around the waist and yanked you back. You screamed, clawing at his hands, but one of them quickly found its way into your hair and yanked your head back.
“Come on, sweetheart,” Theo snarled in your ear. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I swear.”
“Theo, let her go!” Scott shouted. “She has nothing to do with this.”
“Sorry, McCall,” Theo told him. “But she’s not ruining my plan. No one is ruining my plan.”
Theo shot one last smirk at Scott, before dragging your squirming body out of the library. You fought and struggled against his hold, but he was much stronger than you. He yanked you down the hall, forcing you to walk in front of him and out of the school. He half-pulled, half-shoved you toward his truck under the dim streetlights, all the while ignoring your protests.
“I can’t believe I trusted you,” you spat. “You were lying to me this whole time. You were lying to everyone.”
“Is this the part where I’m supposed to be feeling guilty? Because so far all you’ve done is list my accomplishments,” Theo informed you.
He finally let go of you, shoving you into the metal body of his truck. You winced as you slammed into the car, but you managed to take one angry swing at him. Theo laughed and caught your wrist, twisting it so it was behind your back. You let out a sharp scream as he pressed you up against the truck and leaned down to whisper in your ear.
“You know, you’re a lot stronger than I gave you credit for,” he breathed. “I never realized you had this much fight in you.”
Before you could even process what was happening, he shoved you forward and slammed you into the truck again, harder than ever before. Your head connected with the metal, causing your vision to go dark. The next thing you knew, you were lying on your back as the sharp whine of duct tape being pulled hit your ears. Blood was dripping down your head, warm and sticky as it slid down to your cheek.
You tried to move your arms, but they already appeared to be taped behind your back. You shifted in Theo’s backseat and let out a sound of protest, but he quickly leaned forward and pressed the tape onto your mouth. Theo smirked over you as you tried to protest, but the only sound that came out was incoherent mumbling.
“Shh, don’t worry. I did like you, Y/n, and I swear I’ll let you out…just as soon as I know Scott’s dead.”
You cried out, but it was muffled by the tape Theo had placed over your mouth. He simply chuckled and reached out to knock you unconscious again. You just barely had time to hope that Scott’s strength would pull through before Theo slammed your head into the door.

“…he’s letting her die!” you heard a voice cry. “Liam, come on. I’m an omega and even I can see that he’s doing this wrong. An Alpha is supposed to protect people. He’s not protecting Hayden.”
You groaned, groggily trying to tune into the voices you heard as your head pounded. You attempted to reach out and feel your head, but as you brought one hand up, the other came with it. It was then that you remembered that your hands had been taped together.
You were suddenly on high alert, and you shifted on the floor of Theo’s backseat. You could hear his voice wafting in from outside, but you realized Liam was out there too.
“I don’t understand!” Liam was yelling. “He bit me! Why couldn’t he bite her?”
“Exactly,” Theo was telling him. “And the only way to make sure that she lives is…well, I don’t know…”
“Tell me!” Liam snarled.
“If you become the alpha,” Theo finished.
Your eyes widened. Theo was suggesting that Liam kill Scott, and the from way he was talking it sounded like the Beta might do it. You knew Liam was hurting, and maybe he was angry, but he wasn’t a killer. You weren’t about to let Theo turn him into one.
You pulled yourself up from the floor of the car weakly, feeling dizzy and sick from hitting your head so many times. You managed to crawl up onto the seat and peek out the back window, but they were tinted, so no one could see inside.
“If I kill Scott,” Liam was saying. “Then I can bite Hayden? I can save her.”
“Yes,” Theo told him. “You can.”
You slammed your hands into the window, trying to get Liam’s attention. You couldn’t scream, your cries would be too muffled, but you could bang on the window. You felt panic fill you as he and Theo kept talking. Oh god, you thought. He couldn’t even hear you.
You slammed your hands into the window, over and over, and when Liam asked “What was that?” you finally realized it was working.
“Nothing-” Theo started to say, but Liam was already moving around to the side of the truck. He yanked open the door, causing you to practically spill into his arms.
“Y/n?” he demanded.
As soon as he caught you, all the anger he felt melted away. The only thing he was feeling was concern for you, and more than a little alarm at the fact that you had just been taped up in Theo’s truck. Blood was dripping down your head and there was fear in your eyes, but there was also gratitude. Liam could see it, and he felt his chest tighten at the fact that you weren’t still angry with him.
He quickly set you on the ground and stood in front of you, but not before ripping the tape off your mouth. Then he turned to Theo. “What did you do to her?”
“Think about Scott, Liam,” Theo told him, ignoring the question. “Hayden’s dying. He’s not going to save her. You can still do it, but if you waste your time with me, the girl you love is going to be dead before you could even get your claws on him.”
“He’s lying to you,” you told him weakly. “He’s planning on you killing Scott, so he can kill you and take the power for himself.”
“I don’t love Hayden,” Liam snarled to Theo, glancing back at you quickly. “Not like that. I don’t want her to die, but I’m not letting you steal Scott’s power.”
“Fine,” Theo stated. “I’ll just kill you anyway.”
Liam let out a deadly snarl, and before you could blink, the two werewolves were jumping on each other. You stumbled back, out of the way of the fight, and that was when you remembered that Scott was still in the school. You ran toward the double doors, not even looking behind you to see if Theo was coming after you or not.
You could still hear snarling, so you assumed Liam would manage to keep him busy. You fumbled with the handle to the door, managing to pull it open with your arms tilted at a weird angle. You sprinted toward the library, fighting a wave of nausea from your probable concussion.
You barrelled into the library doors, shoving them open with your shoulder to find Scott sitting on the floor by the stairs, his head in his hands. At the sound of you coming in, he jumped to his feet.
“Y/n?” he gasped. “What happened?”
“Th…Theo,” you breathed. “He shoved me in his car and knocked me out. He was trying to get…to get Liam to kill you, but he heard me and stopped listening. He’s fighting Theo in the parking lot now.”
You dropped to your knees and dragged your bound hands through the mountain ash, effectively breaking the barrier. Scott hurried over and hauled you to your feet, taking a quick second to slice away the tape before pulling you down the hall.
You ran after him, fighting the urge to drop to the ground and pass out. When you finally made it to the parking lot, Scott let out a roar loud enough to cause your head to pound, worse than it already was. Theo scrambled off of Liam, who he had been pinning to the asphalt, and when he caught sight of Scott, you saw fear in his eyes.
Liam jumped up too, and you guessed Theo knew he was outmatched, because he took off running across the deserted street. He disappeared into a line of trees, but neither Scott or Liam seemed keen on following him. As soon as he was gone, Liam hurried over to you.
“You’re bleeding,” you stated worriedly, reaching up to touch Liam’s lip.
“So are you,” he answered, gesturing to your head. “God, Y/n, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. If it wasn’t for me ditching you, you never would have gone out with that psycho.”
You shook your head softly. “I should have listened to you. You were right about him. You were right about everything.”
Liam sighed and darted forward, bringing you into a crushing hug. You smiled into his chest and threw your arms around him. “I never should have pushed you away.”
“I should have just told you how I felt,” he whispered in your ear.
“What?” you asked, pulling away to look him in the eye. “What are you talking about?”
“That’s the reason I spent so much time around Hayden,” Liam told you. “I mean, I wanted to make sure she was safe, but she was helping me figure out a way to ask you out. And then I felt like nothing was good enough, so we were still working on it when she, you know…”
“You…you don’t love her?” you asked.
Liam shook his head. “Not like I love you. Y/n, aside from Mason, you’re probably my best friend. When you were with Theo, I missed you like crazy. I can’t imagine not being with you. Hayden knew how important that was to me. That’s why she was helping me.”
Now that you thought about it, you had never really seen Liam and Hayden on a date. You had never caught sight of them kissing in the hall, or even hugging each other. You had just assumed they were together because he was spending so much time with her instead of you, but that wasn’t the case at all.
“You love me?” you whispered.
Liam nodded and leaned forward, capturing your face in a kiss. You leaned into him and wrapped your arms around his neck, and for the first time all night, you felt like maybe things would be okay.
“Guys,” Scott said, causing you to pull apart. “We should probably head to the hospital.”
You nodded and started for your car, but before you could move, a loud bang came from Theo’s truck. You jumped and grabbed Liam’s hand, but as you looked around, you didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Another bang filled the air, and Scott’s eyes widened suddenly.
He ran over and pried up the cover over the bed of Theo’s truck, only to have Lydia burst out of it. Her red hair was frazzled and her eyes were wide and confused, but her face soon took on an expression of fury. She glanced at Scott, then at you and Liam.
“Can one of you please tell me what the hell is happening?” she asked.
You laughed softly and Liam squeezed your hand as Scott helped Lydia to the ground. The Alpha glanced back to grin at you and Liam, before smiling down at Lydia. “We’re going to save Hayden.”

i just love clarke so much. 

i love her stupid stiff upper lip and her little moue every time she has to make a call that she hates making. 

and i love that she keeps making those calls because it’s what she thinks is right, even when it fucks her up. 

and i love that she lets herself get fucked up over it again and again, she tries to close herself off to it but she can’t and she just keeps doing it because “your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first”. 

i love how open she is to falling in love again even after being burned so badly. 

i love how much she believes in her friends and how much faith she has in people even when she knows that people are unpredictable. 

i love how much clarke values other women. 

i love how much she relies on her friends for support and strength. 

i love how much she looks to bellamy to help her carry the weight of leadership and how much she trusts and respects him.

i love how fucking close she feels the need to stand to him, girl me too 

i love that we get to see her indecision and see her be weak and confused and floundering but pull it together and do her best anyway. because sometimes her best isn’t enough but it’s all she has.  

i just really love clarke okay. 


literati + I Can’t Get Started


  • tbh sometimes i feel like he is lowkey seventeen’s other dad
  • anyway he would be the sweetest father in the world
  • and probs the clingiest lmao he always needs his child near him whenever he’s home
  • most husbands would be v lazy to get the baby when they’re crying at five AM but not joshua…..he was up before you could even utter a word
  • let’s start with a baby girl, hm? ok when she was a baby, joshua spoiled her so much that you /knew/ she was going to grow up to be a daddy’s girl
  • she literally does not stop crying until she knows it’s her dad holding her
  • her first word was even “dada”
  • calls her his little princess
  • taught her how to play guitar the second she showed a slight interest for it
  • had to start her off with a ukulele though because her fingers were too small and skinny for thick guitar strings but whatever he’s proud asf
  • but man, your daughter would always strum her heart out and you can tell she loves it because she has the same look that joshua has when he plays guitar
  • you show her old seventeen mv’s whenever she misses her dad when he goes on tour
  • oh goodness speaking of tour; all the seventeen boys are going to melt over her and would spoil her almost as much as joshua 
  • when y'all facetime, the boys are always filling up the screen and waving at the baby and jisoo is like omg i’m trying to talk to my child guys but they don’t listen lol
  • and when you call them for babysitting, they ALL have something to teach her
  • minghao is going to teach her how to get away with sass, mingyu is going to teach her how to cook, hoshi is going to teach her how to dance, vernon is going to make faces at her to the point where she can replicate one, jun is going to show her how to model, jeonghan is going to take naps with her, woozi is going to play her nursery rhymes on his piano, seungkwan is going to be her cuddle buddy, wonwoo is going to read stories to her and dino is going to be glad he isn’t the youngest ^–^
  • dino: *turns to jeonghan* “hey hyung ((((: i’m not technically the baby anymore, right? because now-”
  • jeonghan: no bc she’s jisoo’s baby. but you’re still /my/ baby.
  • dino: -.-
  • is a cute but evil little girl…..knows where the cookie jar is and how to charm uncle mingyu into reaching it for her
  • you know, being jisoo’s child, i think korean would the baby’s first language because of her 12 uncles but she would also be able to speak very fluent english bc that’s her dad’s most comfortable tongue to speak in
  • i can see y'all always going to cali to visit jisoo’s mom and dad~
  • as she grows up, you can see just how much she is like joshua with her love for music and confidence and positivity in herself
  • one time when she was feeling down, joshua listened and told her his story of how he became a k-idol and told her to never give up and that just motivated her a lot
  • joshua honestly does not like the idea that she is going to grow?? up?? into?? an?? adult?? but he has to accept it
  • he doesn’t look like the type to be emotional but i think when your daughter graduates from high school jisoo is going to cry bc what happened to his baby girl that used to sit on his lap and watch disney shows on his laptop with him???
  • everyone remember when mingyu drove in pretty u and jisoo saw his life flash before his eyes when mingyu crashed inside? that’s what he looks like when he starts teaching his daughter how to drive
  • “sweetie… don’t want to have a bike instead?” he’d weakly ask  but his daughter is like lol no let’s try again
  • since jisoo grew up as an only child, he’d probably know how lonely it can get sometimes and would suggest you all get a puppy
  • but when your daughter began asking for a little brother…..well……you know what happens heh
  • if joshua has a little boy, i bet he’s going to raise that kid to be just as gentleman like as he was
  • the members call him the mini jisoo~ 
  • and your son is a mommy’s boy ^–^ so he is happy to learn bc that is how jisoo captured your heart, right?
  • your son is more like you and jisoo always tells you this and what you always say is “he has your eyes, though”
  • and it’s true, when you look at your son, he has the same twinkly chocolate orbs as his father
  • your little girl always holding her little brother’s hand and reminding him to drink water instead of juice and jisoo is ???? because wHERE ELSE WOULD SHE GET THAT PHRASE and you’re laughing and he’s shooting you a look like “you showed them my predebut videos didnt you? 😭😭” and youre like “oh cmon you were cute!! i couldnt resist”
  • kids do not trust him in the kitchen nope not after he burned the grilled cheese sandwiches on accident
  • joshua orchestrating his kids to make a cute surprise for you on your birthday c:
  • i also think joshua would be the type to take his family to church like once and if you all like it, then y'all can keep going together
  • movie nights are a big thing for this family ^^ y'all are always picking disney films and anime or going out to the movie theater to catch the new flick
  • beach days too
  • jisoo also the type to give his kids lots of money when they go out with their friends bc he spoils and bc of that, you find that its your job to ground them
  • jisoo and his mini’s asking you to come play water balloon fight outside but u say no bc you still had to cook dinner and stuff and you refuse until your son goes-
  •  "dads are fun, moms are boring ((((:“ and jisoo is grinning and you know they’re baiting you but you eventually just give in and pick up a water balloon like "youre on” and youre all running through the backyard and spraying each other and all that fun stuff
  • a v cute and fun family tbh ^–^

anonymous asked:

The mafia au just started and I already love it so much. Thank you for doing this, mama! Can I request when Akaashi's civilian s/o gets kidnapped by a rival mafia and Fukurodani comes to get her back. She didn't know Akaashi was in a mafia and was scared at first when they got home but feels guilty when she saw how hurt he looked? Then she offers to treat his wounds from the fight when they rescued her and Akaashi was scared if she will leave him but she tells him that she will stay with him.

  • You hadn’t expected your lover to be involved with the mafia, least of all Fukurodani. And it hurt to hear it from the mouth of her captor. 
  • Akaashi came in with guns blazing, shooting down anyone who had made a move towards him, including the kidnapper. He was upset with himself for letting you find out this way and for letting something like this happen to you.
  • He watched as you flinched away from him when he came near, the fear etched into your eyes. He felt horrible, but he had to get you out of the situation. The car ride back to your apartment was uncomfortably silent as you stared out the window lost in thought.
  • It was true, you were mad that he hid such a huge secret from you in the first place. Maybe if you knew of his involvement with the mafia you would have been more cautious. Although it didn’t help the sad expression Akaashi wore. He was beating himself up about this more than you.
  • There were a few cuts on his skin, nothing too major. You sat him down before grabbing the first aid kit to tend to his wounds. It was obvious that he was hurt, but he couldn’t blame you after everything that happened.
  • “Will you-are you going to leave me?” His voice was soft, almost like a whisper as he asked the forbidden question, heart clenching in anxiety as he waited for your answer.
  • Sure, it was scary knowing that you’d have to be looking over your shoulder constantly, but you wouldn’t dream of leaving Akaashi. You loved him and after everything you’ve been through together, you’d be a fool to lithium go. 
  • Pulling his head to your chest you hugged him tight, reassuring him that you weren’t going anywhere. All you ask is that he’s more open with you from now on.
To his new girlfriend, 
                One day, his mom is gonna walk up to you. She will say “Are you her?”. You look her straight in the eyes and say “Yes ma'am”. She loves confidence. When she reaches to shake your hand don’t be nervous like I was. Give her a firm hand-shake(she likes those). One day, he will FaceTime you at two a.m. Answer. He will probably be with his friends from lacrosse or hockey. And trust me, they are a rowdy bunch. They will question you like you’ve never been questioned before. Answer truthfully. He has already told them everything about you. When he makes a joke, laugh. When he compliments you, accept it. When he gets jealous, let him know you are only his. The most important thing I can tell you is, when he tells you just how much he loves, give him the most honest answer you have. The only reason you are even in this position is because I told him I didn’t love him. I did. And I still do. But he is happy with you, and please, I beg of you. Do everything you possibly can to make him forget I broke him.
—  c.c.
Satisfied- Eliza Schuyler X Reader

I just might regret that night for the rest of my days

I looked over at Eliza and I did a double take. She looked… wow. But beyond that there was something about the expression on her face. She looked so helpless. I considered going over to her to check in her and I followed her gaze, seeing Alexander Hamilton flirting with Angelica. She was entranced by him, I could already tell. He followed Angelica’s lead over to Eliza and I could tell she was already gone. All he had to do was say a few words and all hopes of mine would disappear.

I felt Peggy tap my shoulder and when I looked at her, she was looking at me sympathetically.

“I’m sorry, I know how much you love her.” She said and I nodded.

“Yeah.” I managed and I looked toward the exit, feeling my eyes well up and I couldn’t cry.

Not here.

“We can leave, if you would like.” Peggy told me and I looked at her gratefully.

“Eliza is going to be gushing about him all night. She’s your sister Peggy.”

“Yeah but you’re my best friend. And Eliza may have found the one… you just lost yours.”

“She isn’t the one for me.”

“Y/N… you look at her the way she looks at him.” Peggy pointed out and I paused.

I looked at Eliza and at Hamilton.

“Let’s go.” I said and she nodded, grabbing my hand and getting me out of the room.

“Thanks.” I mumbled and I followed her out of the room and she helped me into the carriage that was waiting for me and she was about to climb in as well.

“Peggy, go be with Eliza, okay?”


“Peggy please. I need to be alone.” I told her, my voice breaking halfway through my sentence. She looked at me, taken aback.

And she nodded and left without another word.

And I know she’ll be happy as his bride

I stood next to Peggy, who stood by my side supportively, even if it was her sisters wedding.

I still came and I don’t know why because I knew already that it would only hurt myself more. It was hurting already from just seeing how happy Hamilton was because he loved her. He truly did and I couldn’t hate him for that.

And judging from Eliza’s expression, he made her happy as well. And that was the only thing that mattered in the end.

Eliza was happy.

She grabbed his hands and couldn’t take her eyes off him.

They said their vows and I plastered a smile on my face.

They leaned forward and their lips met, Hamilton kissing her passionately. Tears fell down my face and Angelica looked at me, the same expression on both of our faces.


“I have to make a toast.” She told us, wiping her tears away. Me and Peggy nodded.

“We believe in you.” Peggy smiled encouragingly and nudged Angelica up to do the toast.

John Laurens made sure everyone was quiet before Angelica raised her glass of champagne and everyone followed suit.

“A toast to the groom!” She said loudly and all the men cheered. “To the bride!” She smiled and looked at Eliza. “From your sister, who is always by your side!”

People, including Eliza interrupted her speech again by yelling ‘Angelica’ and she laughed slightly.

“To your union!”

“To the revolution!” Some men yelled, causing Hamilton to laugh.

“And the hope that you provide, may you always… be satisfied.” She finished and she took a sip.

Everyone followed suit.

The party lasted a good amount of time and Eliza came up to me and hugged me, excited.

“I can’t believe I just got married.” She giggled and I smiled as well to hide my broken heart.

“Congratulations Eliza.” I smiled and I tried to pretend like I couldn’t hear how empty the words sounded.

He will never be satisfied

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So I saw a fan art about this of how Katara keeps kissing Zuko on his scarred side and Zuko keeps telling her that she can kiss him on his "good side" the unscarred side, but Katara just tells him that she is kissing him on his "good side" ooohh that's is so good can you write something about that please!

I love this so much. Thank you for the request! I love writing stuff based off of fanart. Thank you!

“Kiss the good side, Katara.” Zuko murmured to her. He was distracted looking at his scroll. The latest reports of the outer cities in the Fire Nation.

Katara ignored him, and kept kissing his scarred side. She smiled against the scar tissue.

“Katara, please, kiss the good side.” Zuko was getting annoyed. It made him very uncomfortable that she kept kissing his bad side. She always did that whenever she would greet him.

“But this is the good side.” Katara murmured into his scar. Zuko put down his scroll. He moved away from Katara and looked at her.


Katara rolled her eyes and sighed. “I was kissing the good side.”

Zuko sat there shocked for a moment. No girl, not even Mai, ever kissed him on that side. Mai certainly never admitted that his scarred side was his ‘good side’ either. Zuko sat there gaping at Katara for a moment. Katara leaned in and kissed him.

“Love you.” Katara smiled, and walked out of the room.

“I love you too.” Zuko whispered.

D.Va's a little shit

Genyatta Week, 2016 - Day 2: Crush/Confession


“He’s so wise…”


“And kind.”

“Most definitely.”

“And just… absolutely adorable.”

“Can’t argue with that.”

Genji sat back in his seat, looking up at the ceiling for a moment, before looking back at his young friend, D.Va.

“My heart beats so quickly when I am around him, as if it could explode any minute”, the ninja said before sighing. D.Va hummed, and took a drink of her soda.

“Sounds like you really like him”, she said.

“Oh, yes, very much so. Perhaps maybe it is love, even…? I’m not sure”, Genji replied, “What do you think? Should I tell him how I feel?”

“You don’t need to”, D.Va responded. Genji’s eyebrow quirked under his face plate.

“Why is that?”

“Because he’s been right behind you this whole time.”

Genji’s eyes widened as he turned around. Sure enough, there Zenyatta was, the blue rows of lights on his head glowing ever so brightly. His version of “blushing”. D.Va took her chips and soda, and walked out of the room.

“I’ll let you two have your privacy.”

Let me tell you about Captain South of the Chorus New Republic.

Captain South picked her lieutenant based on who seemed the most badass.

Captain South can drink Felix under the table, purely on the power of how much she doesn’t trust him (cause he’s a shifty lookin’ motherfuck and she knows shifty looking motherfucks because she is one and also kinda dated one) and also doesn’t like him.

Captain South once threw Locus against a wall so hard he bounced.

Captain South has requested hair dye through requisitions twenty seven times despite knowing full well they don’t have any, because each time she’s convinced if she scares them enough, they’ll get some.

Captain South and her Lieutenant Volleyball are the tallest Captain/Lieutenant combo on Chorus. They tower, okay.

Captain South’s squad is made entirely out of women because “Ladies should stick together” and she absolutely didn’t wiggle her eyebrows at Kimball when she made that request.

You Are Not Alone

Misha x Fan!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions Of Suicidal Thoughts

Words: 1,052

Request From Anon: how about a misha oneshot where she gets him to sign something super personal and meaningful to her and she starts tearing up when she tells the story behind it? Like to the point where she can’t talk and runs away in embarrassment and he finds her later on?

I just wanted to say thank you to @one-shots-supernatural, you help get unstuck with this when my brain just didn’t want to function. So, technically, this is from both of us Anon. Enjoy! We love you!

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How exactly do you think whatever happened between Ben and Bea the week after Heros birthday came about? It just seems random that all of a sudden they're working together

Some of this is answerable, I think, by looking to Much Ado About Nothing, where the immediate aftermath of Claudio’s big scene is actually shown. Benedick is the first to speak after they leave, and the first thing he asks is how Hero is doing. Then he helps to try to figure out how to fix the situation. Then he asks how Beatrice is, and assures her that he believes Hero. And then he tells her he loves her, and Beatrice breaks and says she loves him too.

Now imagine the NMTD version of that: Pedro and Claudio storm off one way, Bea leads Hero off the other way, and Ben goes after Bea and Hero. You can imagine the rest of the night. Bea comforts Hero; Hero says that she didn’t do anything; the people who’ve remained (Ben, probably Balthazar, probably Ursula) tell her they believe her; Ben futzes around getting tea; everyone goes home. And then the next day, Ben texts Bea with, “How’s Hero?” and “How can I help?” And Bea just doesn’t have the energy or the will to keep up the pretense that she hates him anymore.

The thing is, Bea’s really great at bullshitting herself. She spends years telling herself she hates Ben, she doesn’t want a relationship, she’s definitely 100% always right, because she doesn’t want to admit that she loves Ben, and Ben’s past immaturity hurt her, and it could hurt her again. And maybe if nothing had happened, Bea would have gradually let go of that, because that’s generally how people grow out of their self-deceptions: a little bit at a time.

But sometimes, things happen that just cut through the bullshit. You know the trope where, like, the star-crossed lovers are on the outs, and then Something Terrible Happens and one of them is afraid that the other’s dead, and after it’s over they make up because, “I just realized that if anything had happened to you…”? It’s super melodramatic, but there’s a grain of truth to it. Death, disaster, danger – they have a way of clarifying things, if only for a moment. When something truly bad goes down in the life of a friend you’re fighting with, you forget the fight for a little while. 

So everything blows up, and in that moment, Bea sees Ben, who’s just let go of his own bullshit, who she never really hated, reaching out to help and being there for her, and it’s just immediate clarity. Of course they’re friends. Of course she’ll accept his help. Of course she loves him.

But then – and I think this is incredibly important – the crisis ends, and everybody goes back to real, day-to-day life. The clarity fades; it always does. A crisis may briefly remind you of what you really care about, but if you can’t live with that decision in your everyday life, it doesn’t matter much. (To go back to our star-crossed lovers, when the sun comes up the next day, they’re still going to be star-crossed. Unless they’re willing to defy their families on a day when no one is dying, what does any of it really mean?) 

And as you’d expect, when the dust has settled, Bea and Ben fall back into old habits. But in the end, they still choose to set aside their bullshit and be together – because they’ve actually grown, enough that they don’t need a crisis to admit their feelings. 

i know we’re all asking WHAT THE HELL WAS HE GOING TO SAAAYY??!! but...

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

can we talk about his face for a second? i know a lot of people are gushing over this, but is this really the face of someone who’s about to tell clarke fucking griffin that he fucking loves her??!



He looks like he’s like should i tell her? maybe i should and then like fuck it, you know what? i’m tired and we’re about to fucking die so i love you, okay? i just do, it is what it is.







I think a lot about when Daine and Numair are at Haven in Lady Knight and you see their relationship in Kel’s eyes.

And just. Numair shows how much he loves Daine by flat out telling Kel about it. Like, momentarily losing himself in sweet but near melodramatic ranting about how much he misses and worries about her when they’re away “I feel like half of me is missing.”

Daine shows how much she loves Numair by hovering around him worriedly during a siege. By telling Kel - before flying off because she knows there’s war and business and other things to attend to and even if her lover is burnt out she can’t waste any time on that - to look. after. him.

Numair is a romantic. Numair’s affection is in words. Daine is practical. Daine’s affection is in actions.

And neither is stronger or weaker than the other. They love each other equally, even if they don’t show it the same way.

“My love...”

I just watch this scene over and over again… It’s so beautiful. Painfully beautiful if you think about how all this time Petyr was the one creeping on Sansa, and Sansa always uncomfortable and confused. But now it’s all over.

I’m actually glad that they didn’t kiss. Cause we’ve been able to see so much more. In the way Petyr wispering, clearly tempting Sansa - it doesn’t matter if he’s lying or telling the truth, or maybe both, - he’s looking in her eyes and I only see his one goal: to keep her attention, keep her eyes locked on him so she would see anything she wants, be it truth or lie. And Sansa is looking, closely, trying not to miss anything. She knows she can’t trust the man, she knows she can’t let a mistake happen, but still she’s not sure.

I think that scene was very much of a forgivness. In that simple confession Petyr was asking Sansa for her forgivness after everything he’s done to her. And maybe Sansa really feels that in Petyr’s actions, cause she’s still waiting, she’s listening, and doesn’t interrupt.

Sansa doesn’t know Petyr, and I think, she will never be able to completely understand the man. She doesn’t know what to expect from a man, who was wounded, and whose wounds were never healed. The only thing that Sansa can hope for is that Petyr won’t hurt her somehow again, but can she really expect anything else from him? Petyr loves her. Petyr cannot be trusted. These are two things that define him. The man using his weaknesses to get stronger. The man allowing himself only one weakness. Is Sansa able to change the way he is? Or, maybe it’s better to say, will Petyr’s love to Sansa save him from hurting her?

Petyr leans in for a kiss. There’s so much in this action. Strategy, desire, fear. That is the moment when his words are losing their meaning and need some support. Passion is like an impression, as a way to show how serious Petyr is. But part of him sincerely wants it. I believe Petyr is more emotional with Sansa than with anyone else. He still wants to have that little what he can, and fear of not getting even that as much as fear of not being convincing enough, could be a fair point. And that’s why their failed kiss is important. It doesn’t only show Sansa’s growing-up and her ability to make wise decisions, but also her real feelings.

When she touches Petyr, he stops immediately. 

Sansa pushes him away, softly. And though Petyr looks almost offended, that is actually the first time Sansa being gentle with him. Not because he made her act like that, or because she has to act to survive, but out of her own free will. And here she’s not in a hurry, she doesn’t have to pretend to be sweet.

That’s when she has her little moment. To leave her hand a bit longer, to stay a bit longer is enough not to make a mistake. But it is also enough to feel the warmth of other person and to realise that that warmth is unreachable. But it’s still there, and maybe, among all other people, Sansa is the only one to feel it. That is a very small moment of them together, but it first when both are honest as much as possible. No need to say no, no need to ask why.

There’s just a few seconds. They are not for thoughts. It is when both barely realise why it suddenly feels so heavy. These are regrets. Regrets of not being able or allowed to fall. Only cherish what is left.

And here’s where the tragedy lies. Two people that will never be together, that aren’t meant for each other, but still desperately dependant on other person. Their bond is tragic. They will never find peace and happiness together, without trust, but only pain. None of them will ever find that kind of meaning of life that one gives to another. Petyr won’t find a comfort anywhere but with Sansa, and Sansa will never be as dangerously and passionatly loved as now by Petyr. Unfortunately they both know that. And still none can put an end to their little game. Being aware of partner’s existence is enough to never forget the feeling. The bitter one, that stays for life.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ficlet

500 words, G rated

I hate reading coming out stories, but I really like writing them. I think I find it therapeutic. And I just couldn’t get this out of my head, so here is a thing a scribbled down last night in about half an hour. Albus telling his mum he’s in love with Scorpius. 

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“I love you even more than who I thought you were before”

an au where Percy is missing for years instead of months and Annabeth has spent the entire time fighting to get him back

yet another collab with Rachel because that’s just what we do 

  • When she finally gets him back she’s not even sure how to feel.
  • She thought he was gone and never realized what a moral compass he was to her.
  • She has done so much that she’s not proud of. Every time she imagines telling him all the things she said and did in his absence, things she did trying to get him back, she can’t even fathom how he could ever look at her the same so instead she pulls away. Prefers the pain of holding herself back rather than watching him pull back from her.
  • Percy is shadowed but he’s still that happy boy and Annabeth can’t stand the fact that he is suddenly behind
  • They were supposed to do everything together. She’d left him behind in some ways and thrown herself into things that she’d never wanted to do without him. Sometimes even things she never wanted to do at all.
  • Percy sees her the same way he did before he was taken even though nobody else does
  • But it doesn’t feel like a chance to start over. It feels like a lie that tastes like bile on her tongue every time she kisses him.
  • She shudders under his gentle touch. Something that used to send shivers up her spine now makes her skin crawl.
  • She’s not the same fragile girl anymore. Hasn’t been for a long time. But gods does she want to be.
  • For Percy, but also for herself.
  • Wants to remember when the sun warming her skin and this boy warming her heart were enough to make her happy. Doesn’t want to have to associate warmth with the blood running down her skin, dripping from a blade that’s been pulled from someone’s throat.
  • Annabeth is the only subject on which Percy has ever considered himself an expert. He sees the way she winces under his touch; how she pulls away from a kiss as soon as she can; sees the emptiness in her eyes that wasn’t there when he left.
  • So he makes a choice. He dives into the new Annabeth, refusing to let her go. A metaphorical drop into Tartarus.
  • Kissing every scar she has from battling monsters and demigods alike. Memorizing every angry wrinkle etched into her face. Becoming someone darker in the process
  • He willingly gives in to some darkness so that he can bring her a little light. He doesn’t shy away from the gory details of her misadventures. Instead he watches with rapt attention, focusing on how her fingers twitch and her eyes darken as she recounts every slice and punch.
  • She feels him growing towards her, reaching like a plant in shade reaching for an ounce of the sun’s consideration.
  • And for the first time in years she feels a warmth in her chest that has nothing to do with watching the life drain out of something or someone else but everything to do with this boy who would give up everything, even his goodness, to love her.
  • Percy makes this active choice because she did this for him and when he sees the girl who isn’t his anymore, he wants her to be. It claws at him when he looks at her.
  • For the first time Annabeth understands the full extent of his fatal flaw.
  • Their friends try to stage an intervention for Percy like they once had done for Annabeth. They explain how they’re worried about him and the small ways they see the darkness creeping into him. They don’t want to repeat the last few years of watching Annabeth become someone they didn’t fully recognize.
  • He looks them all in the eyes and tell them he knows. Explains how he can’t and won’t abandon Annabeth no matter what the personal cost. He needs her just as much as she needs him. And he will be whatever version of himself that he needs to be to have her.
  • He embraces every horrible thought he’s had because all he wants is Annabeth.
  • They are all powerless as Percy drops, because he’s made the decision. And he is the only one who is in control of himself.
  • Percy plunges.

this is just how beautiful steroline is

she actually felt neglected by everyone when she met him, she was very insecure about herself and she met this guy and she liked him

she liked him so much she was already thinking about their june wedding

and he turned her down for someone else

he felt alone most of his immortal life

for parts of his life he met women he loved for a long time

but they were not for him, they broke his heart

suddenly this shallow insecure girl he had turned down needed him to save her

and he did

and then she did

they became the closest friends

but, i mean, if you take a look at her attitude towards him you can tell there is always a little of that junior year crush left in her

that became love soon enough

and for him too, but it took him longer

the saved each other constantly

she made him fly and he pulled her back to land, perfect balance

and we’re at a point where he knows there is no one he could love more than this girl who thought no one would ever pick her

but he did, that boy who never loved someone enough to give her a ring

until now