you can tell arthur knows something is wrong

I’m Looking for Arthur Shelby

You knock on the door, waiting in the cold for someone to answer. When no one does, you knock again, louder, hoping someone will hear it this time. After a few moments of no answer, you turn to walk away, thinking you have the wrong house are something when the door finally opens. You stop in the middle of the walkway, slowly turning around to see a blond women standing in the doorway.

“Hello?” She asks, crossing her arms to keep her warm.

“Uh…hi.” You say turning to look at her.

“Can I help you with something?” She says sweetly.

“Uh no, no, I think I have the wrong house.” You say, thanking her as you take a few more steps, but something’s telling you your at the right place. “Uh actually, maybe you know who I’m looking for.” You say, turning around. “Do you know an Arthur Shelby?” You ask, watching the woman’s face contort and a man slowly come into view in the doorway.

“Linda, who’s ’t the door?” He says, and you smile.

“It’s for you.” She says, the tiniest bit of anger laced with confusion in her voice.

“Me? How can I help ya?” He says, turning to look at you. You’re sure it’s as hard for him as it if for you, a random teenage girl showing up at his house. You don’t think you can say it, but there’s nothing else you can do. You lick your lips in preparation.

“My names Y/N, I’m your daughter.”

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Drabble #256

II: you saw something.

There’s a silence after Douglas makes his announcement. Not even Arthur can find any words.

“When do you leave?” Martin asks, eventually.

“Tomorrow morning.” Douglas rests his chin on his hands, a defeated posture that looks so wrong on him. “I’m sorry. I did ask if it could be delayed, but no such luck. I’m not even supposed to contact you tonight, but… you know.”

“It’s not fair,” Arthur says. “Why do you have to go away, just because you saw something?”

“It’s for his own safety,” Carolyn tells him.

She wishes she could say, ‘and for his own good.’

Drabble #247

V: doppelgänger crossover

“Hello… MJN Air? My name’s Chris, I was just calling to see–”

“Arthur, stop it. I can tell it’s you putting on a voice.”

“I’m sorry? Have I got the wrong number?”

“Very funny. Have you landed already? Go and ask Douglas to find you something to do, you’re blocking the line.” 

“Madam, I think you’re mistaking me for someone else. As I was saying, my name is Chris, and my wife Alison and I are interested in booking one last trip together, as a couple, you know, before the baby comes–”

“Yes, see you tonight, Arthur. Bye-bye.”