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lmao there arent subs but you can tell that jaebum is getting lowkey fed up bc youngjae keeps on talking about mark. btw i love these sleeping habits, jaebum hogs the blankets but youngjae uses up the most room.

aldksjfldskfjhLKFJ I KNOW. and jb even went out of the way to remind youngjae that he’s the one who scolded mark for being mad at youngjae that one time, but in the end youngjae was just happy he got closer to mark. m y god, youngjae got two baes.


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Colorism in black men can be so bad…I’m on the phone with my dude and he asked me what my dream girl is. I tell em my “vision” straight up based on personality. Mind you I never mentioned skin tone. He dead ass came out his mouth and said “ever since I was little I had the vision that if she don’t look like this:(sends me some pic of an Armenian looking model and honestly she got a bird nose, fake contacts, and she a duck to me straight up lol). So I ask him if a dark skin woman was to have all the qualities he preferred would he marry her.

He goes “date maybe and I said date”

So I then blasted his phone with hella gorgeous dark skin women like out of everybody league and asked again. “If they were your dream girl but dark skin, would you marry her” he replied with the same “ever since I was a kid I liked light skin women, it’s not a race thing…”

NIGGA. You dead can’t persuade that mentality. In terms of people like him, you just gotta chock that person up as a loss relationship wise cause that’s such a fucked mindset…

I always noticed his type and the girls he talked to but damn…that shit hurt being my homie since elementary, he fail the brown paper bag test, and he still has that mindset…

To top it all off I asked him, what if his daughter was dark skin? He replied: “she won’t be, her mom’s gonna be light skin”… I can’t…

And we still talkin bout this like dead ass. It’s to the point that he doesn’t see why he sounds fucked up.


hi! let me just say, i love your work SO much! idk if ur open for requests, but could you do reader x spencer where reader is autistic? theyre around spencers age but yet they act super bubbly & stuff & is like a supportive little sister to the bau members. but the thing is, they never tell anyone about their problems or feelings, & so one day while theyre working a night shift with spencer they get overwhelmed by their work & have a panic attack & spenc comforts em. any other detail is fine! ly

I can do this!  I hope you enjoy your one-shot because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

You knew you put it in your paperwork when they hired you a couple of years ago, but if they knew no one ever said anything.  You had taken great pains in immersing yourself into society, trying to figure out how to blend in so that people didn’t feel so uncomfortable around you.  You smiled all the time and brought in doughnuts.  Maybe some cookies if you stayed up late to back.

But if they knew, they never mentioned it.

High-functioning autistic is what doctors called you.  But you were more than just your disability.  You had passions and dislikes.  Favorite foods and music you gravitated towards.

Sure, people touching you for long periods of time freaked you out.  You just blamed it on germs and shrugged it off.

Then you met a colleague of yours that was the same way.

You weren’t really sure if he was like you, but he had a lot of the same quirks you did, and you felt comfortable around him.

It was nice, having someone you actually felt comfortable around.

You knew it got worse when you were stressed on a case.  You found ways of decompressing in the bathrooms of police stations, but not before you could see your colleagues’ eyes flicker down to your hands.

Your hands had these ticks, you see?  If you got stressed, you had to touch each finger with your thumb, over and over and over.  The repetition was nice.



The more stressed you got, the faster it became.

You knew he had seen.


The colleague like you.

But, if he had caught on, he didn’t say anything.

“Hold on a sec,” was your usually phrase before you rushed off to the bathroom.



Four was comforting.  Four, the number of people in your family.

Four, the number of grandparents you had.

Four, the age where you can first remember being different.

Four, the number of times you ate during the day.



You loved it when your colleagues came knocking on your door.  You would offer them drinks and they would talk to you.  They would always say they felt compelled to tell you everything, and you would take their hand in yours and rub light circles in one direction before switching to the other direction.


Then switch.

Night after night, over the phone or at your kitchen table, you listened.  And pretty soon, all of them relied on you to have someone to talk to.

And you liked it.

Being relied on instead of doing the relying.



But one night was different.  One night, you stayed up a little too late and got called in a little too early.  One night, you forgot to do your laundry and repack your go-bag.  One night, you went to work in your pajamas instead of in clothes.

And they stared.

They all stopped and stared.

And your mind began to whirl.

There were more than four people and more than four sets of eyes.  There were more than four cups of coffee and more than four windows in the room.  You checked all the windows to make sure there weren’t four snipers, and you saw all of the folders and realized there were more.

More than four.

Why was everything suddenly greater than four?

Why did it suddenly matter?

You felt the air leave your lungs as your face started to pale, and your eyes began to widen as your hands began to tremble.



You felt a pair of hands on you as you sucked in a shallow bout of air.  Two hands were less than four and 10 fingers were more than four but you couldn’t figure out how to get four hands and only four fingers and still feel rooted to the earth that spun at 1,040 mph.

It was missing a 2…

Missing a 3…



“Breathe in with me,” you heard a voice say as a warmth pressed into your cheek.

“1…2…3…4…hold…and 4…3…2…1…” the voice commanded.


Four sounded nice in that voice.

“In…2…3…4…hold…and out…3…2…1…” the voice soothed.

Your fists tensed into fabric that you didn’t realize you were clutching.

“Sorry, we’ll go back,” the voice soothed gently as a pair of hands ran up and down your back.

“1…2…3…4…” the soft voice counted as your breathing slowly returned back to normal.

“4…3…2…1…” the soft voice chanted as your grip slowly began to release.

A shirt.

You were gripping a shirt.



You felt your mind slowly clear and your feet root back to the ground.  You felt your body grow stable as you let out a relieving sigh.

And those hands continued to caress your back.

“1…2…3…4…” the voice calmly chanted.

And you looked up into the eyes of your colleague, Spencer.

The colleague who understood.

“4…3…2…1…” he chanted with a comforting smile on his face.

You looked up into his eyes.

1 pair of eyes.

2 different eyes.

But when you saw your reflection in his eyes, you saw a pair staring back at you.

2 pairs of eyes.

Four different eyes.


You smiled up at him as he dropped his hands into yours.

And just like you had done with him and everyone else on so many nights at your house, his thumbs traced light circles on the back of your hands as he held your gaze without saying a word.


…and switch.



Welcome everybody
you know about me
In a word you can say
We’re very much like gems
Whenever we go out
We smash ‘em all to bits turnt Shit
Damn it boys this is my turf

Do better or not
It’s not my problem
I’m badder than bad
Whether you run or not
It’s not my problem
Now it’s my turn
Kids go away

Baby don’t tell nobody
I’m about to reach the top
Shout Errbody
Cuz I’m gonna gonna get you wet

I make it rain
They said ho ho ho
I make it rain
Focus ho ho ho

Money long long
I got money to blow-ow
Money long long
I got money to blow-ow
I make it rain
Focus ho ho ho

You’re prolly crazy pissed and hopping mad
We all know
I’m given the finger and called crazy
Those words aren’t wrong But no problem
Might as well spit if I’m being copied

Whether you believe it or not
It’s not my problem
I’m the guy flying above the guy who flies
Whether I’m right or wrong
That’s not the problem
Accept it

Baby don’t tell nobody
I’m about to reach the top
Shout Errbody
Cuz I’m gonna gonna get you wet

I make it rain
They said ho ho ho
I make it rain
Focus ho ho ho

Money long long
I got money to blow-ow
Money long long
I got money to blow-ow
I make it rain
Focus ho ho ho

At last it’s our time
Everyone is under our influence Yeah
Baby don’t tell nobody
Don’t tell nobody body

Now let’s pour up Uh uh
Watch yo underwear
Now let’s drink up
Stop filming a movie and NG*

I make it rain
They said ho ho ho
I make it rain
Focus ho ho ho

Money long long
I got money to blow-ow
Money long long
I got money to blow-ow
I make it rain
Focus ho ho ho

T/N: NG = “No Good”, meaning unusable shots when filming

Translated by youngha @ blockbintl

Please take out with credit.


Paul and Martha appreciation post, why? I love both :) Paul found Martha at a breeder in High Weycombe named Ann Davis. She became Paul’s first pet and was a lovable klutzy and cuddly ball of fur.

“Martha was my first ever pet I never had a dog or a cat at home. My parents both went out to work, which was why we couldn’t have any. even when one terrible day they were giving away puppies! Just a hundred yards away from where we lived We came screaming home, my brother and I, ‘They’re giving 'em away! We can get one if you tell us now, we can go and get one, we’ve chosen the one we want!’ They said 'You can’t have one son Me and your mum go out to work and it wouldn’t be fair on a dog’ 'We’ll look after it, we’ll do it’ 'You’re at school’ 'We’ll come back at lunchtime. Surely?’ 'No!No!No!’ Crying, crying, crying, We just couldn’t understand because they were free! We could understand not buying one because weren’t that well off, but passing up a freebie puppy! He was quite firm about stuff like that and I suppose he was right.”

“She was a dear pet of mine. I remember John being so amazed to see me so loving to an animal.He said 'I’ve never seen you like that before’ I’ve since thought, you know he wouldn’t have. It’s only when you’re cuddling around with a dog that you’re in that mode, and she was a very cuddly dog.”
Paul, Many Years From Now

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It makes me so upset to read the blogs of 1d 'stans' who hate on Liam. I just don't understand why he always gets so much shit. He's not homophobic, he's not an asshole, he doesn't think he's better than everyone else, so why does this seem to be the case? I love him endlessly and I don't understand why so many people are fooled into this 'Liam is homophobic' narrative when he's clearly being controlled externally. Please love my boy, because he means the world to me and I can't bear the hate.

Hi sweetheart,

As much as it annoys and saddens me to see the abundance of hypocrisy and baseless toxicity in this fandom, don’t forget what our precious beautiful boy once sagely said

Who’s gonna tell ‘em? Also, as far as the anti-liams go, I have come to the realisation that

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I completely relate with you on this, I love Liam a lot? Like a whole lot? And I know I am always going on and on about his beauty and how appealing he is but tbh, that’s just one of the gazillion + 1 things I love about him?? It’s his inner beauty, the kind of person he is, his heart that is so pure and nice and lovely.

Look, I know it gets frustrating because it is aggravating to see someone like Liam, LIKE LIAM, get termed as a condescending lad when he is anything but and we have ample proof of that throughout these years. AND TBH, even if he were full of himself – he is not, it’s plain obvious – he had good reason to be? LMAO? Faves aside, that boy got shit talent. Anyone who enjoys music enjoys his voice, anyone who’s got the faintest of idea when it comes to music appreciates his voice. So, I mean, if people are looking for reasons to hate on him because they can’t find any and hence resort to making them up, then what can I say? 

And don’t worry darling. These imbeciles do not even deserve Liam Payne and all his glory. Think of it this way, to get to the Liam stanning squad, the minimum basic requisite is for you to not be trash, and well, if the shoe fits, lmao. Rest assured, I will love this boy forever, and all us Liam stans and fans are going to cherish him forever, yeah? Xx

  • Calvin Shaw: So you stuck, huh? I told you, there's no upside to being a hero in here.
  • Spencer Reid: Here's the thing, Luis said they would come up with demands and that tells me that they're willing to negotiate, so there's gotta be something I can offer.
  • Calvin Shaw: I might be able to do some shuttle diplomacy, what are you offering?
  • Spencer Reid: Well, I'll do anything that isn't illegal.
  • Calvin Shaw: You ever hear the term 'Heteroflexible'?
  • Spencer Reid: No, no, no, I meant, I meant, I would, I would like help them with their taxes, or like teach 'em how to-
  • Guard: You got a visitor.

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Let's all chill with the selective cancelling and indirectly telling people who they can and can't like. It's simple: if you like groups like Big Bang, BTS, Mamamoo or anyone else who has done something problematic, it's cool. Just make sure you acknowledge they're problematic and don't expect other people to like them. And pls don't compare them. I.E."Well yeah BTS did this but they said sorry! XXX group never did!" Like, pls. Quietly stan your faves & call em out when theyre being asses.

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hi! so i wanted to ask you if you can analys BTS' members personality? i'm planning on writing a fanfic but i'm having troubles with describing the boys' personality. ((but if its too much for you to do all seven members, you can only do namjoon, yoongi, jin & taehyung)) i'll really appriciate your help! thanks beforehand c:

of course i can~ also jungkook’s analysis can be found right here!!!

1. seokjin - all of bangtan said that hes like “the parent” of em’ all which is so true. he has the ‘mother instinct’ embedded within him and its hella cute. when he feels thats theres something not right then he’ll pick up on it but he’s also an easy-going guy so he won’t force anyone to tell him anything, he’ll be patient and wait for them to be open about it. he’s an observer who doesnt put himself out there when meeting new people so it might be a little difficult to get to know him at first, almost as if he has a small wall built up but it won’t take long to knock it down. personal space is kind of a big deal to him as sometimes he needs to just gather his wondering thoughts and re-energize himself. hes a guy who when he feels confident then he’s hella confident and when he’s not so confident then he is most definitely not, there’s no in between. but instead of feeling down about it, he’ll make fun of it? i just noticed this recently actually. whenever he has to dance freestyle he just laughs about it and goes for it, no fucks are given. but deep down this is something he actually stresses over daily. but he has no time to stress over himself, he has to make sure the kids are okay!! mother instinct!!! but lately he’s starting to think of himself, hes asking hoseok and jimin to help him with dancing and he’s also asking jungkook and jimin to help him with his exercise so he can better himself :) the kids learn from him but he also learns a lot from his kids! 

2. namjoon - this guy, wow. i honestly think he is a really unique, special person tbh. on the outside he’s a simple guy, but on the inside he just has so so many things. namjoon is your typical next-door neighbour. if you just moved in next door and you don’t have any basic supplies and he somehow saw/heard that then he would share his own with you and then say “you know you’re welcome to come over anytime from now on right?” this is has to do with the leader streak he has because he is born to be a leader!!! another part of his leader streak is that he’s your “go-to” guy. want some advice? he’ll help you out. just want someone to talk to? yeah namjoon’s here. feeling down and feel like there’s no way out? here comes namjoon’s inspirational speech!!!  he’s also a guy that can always take a joke, even if it’s about himself he’ll laugh about it. he knows he’s not a good dancer at all and he’ll joke about it like seokjin haha but he would rather focus on his music producing then dancing!! he’ll also be the guy to put jokes on you but he’ll never go over-board with it. another really big thing about namjoon is that he has a loooot of thoughts. good thoughts or bad thoughts i’m not sure! but he thinks quite a lot especially when he’s having some “me time!” a way to know what he’s thinking is to read his lyrics because that’s namjoon’s way of venting out. i’m almost certain he has books full of lyrics just waiting to be produced!! because he’s the leader i’m sure he has plenty of stress but he doesn’t want to burden the members, especially the young kids so if anything he’ll go to seokin, yoongi and hoseok for advice when he’s desperate!! personally i just wanna talk to namjoon about anything and it’ll just be a relaxed atmosphere because he’s a pretty relaxed guy!!

3. yoongi - when you first meet yoongi he’s a closed book. there’s nothing else about it tbh. out of all the members he’d be the most difficult to become friends with because he’s so introverted. he doesn’t have many friends because he doesn’t want to go out a lot and he doesn’t feel comfortable in crowded places. his most favourite place in the world other than his bed is his studio. it’s like his safe little haven away from the world. he’s a guy who’s most productive at nighttime, more specifically from 12am-6am WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS!! so you can say he’s a work-a-holic which kinda explains why he’s so ‘lazy’ as people say, but he’s not. i think he’s one of those people who just feels tired all the time and he doesn’t know what it’s like to not be tired :( in a way he’s kind of like namjoon, a guy who has many thoughts but he isn’t the type to talk for hours on end he’ll only say it if it’s necessary. bangtan has also said that whenever yoongi says anything he says it in a really intelligent way!! i’m a firm believer that yoongi has a sixth sense because he’s extremely aware of his surroundings. in the past bangtan has tried to prank him once or twice but he’s picked up on it straight away, so i don’t think surprised go well with him. basically he’s a closed book who can read other closed books. something that i admire about yoongi is that he’s the guy to stand up for himself and he’ll fight for what he wants. his parents didn’t approve of his lyrics and threw them in the bin and told him to only study. which he agreed to do but he wrote lyrics in secret which i admire so greatly because look at where is now :) yoongi also takes a lot of pride in his work, just watch him talk about “let me know” and you’ll see what i mean!! if you managed to get past closed book yoongi, then you’ll realize he’s a really genuine guy who might not always be there all the time but he really cares for the people who are closest to him. 

4. hoseok - an angel in disguise. that’s all. the end. no but seriously, he’s probably the most.. i don’t know i can’t actually find one word to perfectly describe hoseok. he’s just… him? you know? his personality is one of a kind and you won’t find a guy like him for while. the members have all said that when they’re feeling down they go to hoseok and they feel automatically energized. yeah that’s the word. he’s an energizer. he has the ability to lift everyone’s souls and spirits as high as the sky and i honestly don’t know how he does it. but this can also come at a price, because he’s so happy all the damn time and he makes everyone else happy, he wouldn’t have anyone to go to? if it makes sense? like what does he do when he’s feeling down? i feel as though he wouldn’t go to anyone when he’s feeling down which is quite heart-breaking for me :( he’s the guy who wouldn’t burden anyone with his feelings so he’ll go by himself and vent and his way of venting is to dance. which is what he did when the whole “kick jhope out of bts” went down. he went to the practice room and danced all night long. with that also, he still wears his heart on his sleeve. if something really good or really touching happens around him, then he’ll get a little emotional which is really cute!! along with all of this, he also nags a lot, but this is his way of showing that he really cares and he just wants the best for bangtan! one more thing i admire about hoseok is that is really really humble. if you go up to him and say “your the best dancer ever” or “you’re so amazing!” he’ll simply laugh and say “i’m no where near amazing but thank-you” even though he is the main dancer of bts, he’s never the guy to be cocky about it. all he sees is that there’s always room for improvement :)

5. taehyung - this guy is so so so complex like i don’t even know where to begin with him. how do you explain kim taehyung? well for one he is definitely a one in a million and you’ll probably never see someone like him again to be honest.  in his own special way, he’s really really creative by coming up with different ways to entertain himself and other people. seokjin has said a few times that he’d see taehyung doing chores by himself and he’ll act out a scene from a movie and play 5 different roles. yeah, that’s taehyung. he’s also really spontaneous with everything. if he wants to do something then he’ll do it without warning and it’ll be the most craziest thing ever. i wouldn’t say he’s someone that doesn’t care but if he’s to impersonate something, then he’ll do it 110% and he doesn’t mind if he looks like a total idiot. i think his goal in life is to make the people around him happy and if it means he looks like a fool, then he’ll happily do it!! but deep underneath all of this, is a serious side of tae and a good way to see that is to watch his live performances. more specifically THISSSS!!!! get ready to fall in love all over again ladies. music is something that he’s starting to take very seriously. for example when he did of cover of “someone like you”, he planned it all out and made it to suit him!! many people that taehyung might be oblivious to a lot of things but that is so not true. i really think he has a special way to connect with any sort of living thing such as: babies, kids, older people, animals, dogs etc etc! i don’t know how he does it, but he just can. so really, taehyung is just a very complex, but unique person who is quite difficult to explain, even the boys don’t quite understand him sometimes!!

6. jimin - if you look at jimin from my own perspective, he’s in layers. on top is a layer of confidence and sexiness, followed by a layer of cuteness and grease, a layer of his serious side and then a layer of his insecurities and if you look at it closely, it’s quite defined. to make it a little easier to understand, he’s a bit of seokjin, with some hoseok and a smidgen of jungkook. of course he is his own person though! on top is his confidence. i think it’s only been recently he’s had this confidence about himself, it took him a long time to accept himself and be like “yeah, i like the way i am” but he’s always always working to build it up even more whether is practicing or working out to feel better about himself! but deep down is his insecurities i think it’s something that is always there at the back of his mind and when someone criticizes him in some way, it lingers on his mind for ages. just like hoseok, the way he vents out his frustrations is to do things on his own like singing, dancing or working out etc etc. but he also has another way to vent out and that’s to talk with his best buddy taehyung. i honestly think taehyung is his rock and without him, he wouldn’t be where he is today!! bless you taehyung!! i don’t know if it’s something to do with busan guys but just like jungkook, he’s so so prideful. he will work and work and work just to be the best that he can be because to him being second place is not an option to him. along with this busan thing, is i think a temper? the members and also himself, has said that he has quite a temper and can get a little scary though. a thing that i really love about jimin is that he’s so loving. he has so so much love to give to everyone and it makes my heart swell o mfg. he isn’t afraid to tell anyone that he loves them or how lovely and beautiful us armies are. he’s just a really smooth talker who knows how to melt your heart. 

I took a pill in ibiza:

Aries:  And when I finally got sober, felt 10 years older
But fuck it, it was something to do

Tauro: You don’t ever wanna step off that roller coaster and be all alone

Géminis:  I took a plane to my home town

Cáncer:  All I know are sad songs, sad songs

Leo:  I’m a real big baller ‘cause I made a million dollars
And I spend it on girls and shoes

Virgo:  You don’t wanna ride the bus like this
Never knowing who to trust like this

Libra:  'Cause my name’s a reminder of a pop song people forgot
And I can’t keep a girl,

Escorpio:  They said tell us how to make it 'cause we’re getting real impatient
So I looked 'em in the eye and said

Sagitario: All my friends are all gone but there’s manicured lawns
And the people still think I’m a star

Acuario: I brought my pride and my guitar

Capricornio: You don’t wanna be stuck up on that stage singing
Stuck up on that stage singing

Piscis: I cut 'em all loose and work’s my excuse
But the truth is I can’t open up

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How much you wanna bet that Jackson was supposed to come back on the 20th, but Mama Wang put the fear I to JYP. Ahahahahaha

ID BET MY LIFE ON IT!!!!! Look im telling yall Mamas are whole ass goons when it comes to their babys and she look like a OG alright Jackson was in good hands!! JYPE said were gonna send him back on the 20th and she probably aint even flinch just gave em that look mamas give and said ha yall tried it like yall must think im booboo the fool or one of yall lil friends dont play Ill tell yall when he can go back and If you try me again you can catch theses hands

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22 and/or 26 prompt for Sophomore Samurai Jack au.

Thanks for the prompts! <3

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

“No, not yet, I said I’d tell ya when!” Scottie said. Jack frowned, tripping over Scottie’s feet once again. He felt this would have been easier with a blindfold, but Scottie had chosen to walk behind him with his hands over his eyes instead.

“Please tell me you are not attempting to make me listen to your bagpipes again,” Jack sighed. 

“You’d be lucky to hear my beautiful pipes again, and if I were tryin’ to trick you into that I woulda tied you down first!” Scottie laughed. “Alright, now you can open ‘em.”

Scottie moved his hands away from Jack’s eyes (and Jack noted a sudden lack of Scottie smell as he did this) and revealed Samurai and Thief holding what appeared to be a trophy.

“What is this?” Jack asked, confused.

“We present to you, oh Ry-something-Sakai, this trophy for blah blah honor student something,” Thief said, giving a grandiose bow. 

“That we stole from Aku,” Samurai winked.

“What?” Jack took a closer look at the trophy and saw that Aku’s name had indeed been scratched out and replaced with his own in crude marker handwriting. 

“We heard the bastard was getting some award, so we snuck in after the ceremony and swiped it for ya!” Scottie laughed, patting Jack on the back so hard he almost fell over.

“Yeah, no biggie,” Thief shrugged. “That school’s security system is a joke, honestly, terrible for such a fancy rich kid school.”

“Whatcha think, sensei?” Samurai asked. “Sensei?”

Jack’s friends turned to him and saw he was standing very still, looking down at his feet. When he raised his head they were alarmed to see the beginning of tears forming in his eyes.

“Whoa whoa, we’ll put it back!” Thief cried. “I’m sorry I’ll never do bad things again!”

“No, I am going to keep it,” Jack smiled, taking the trophy. “Thank you, friends.”

26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

His sophomore year, Jack had not been the drinking sort. However, coming back from summer vacation he’d pulled up to school on a motorcycle with a beard and a thermos full of green tea and vodka.

He usually tried to stay away from drinking just because as a coping mechanism for depression it was…well…bad. However, one night Scottie convinced him to sneak out past curfew to go to a party that Callie was apparently going to be at. A few drinks into the night and Scottie had only managed to avoid her seeing him throwing up into the bushes. When they stumbled home it was a miracle they weren’t caught by security. 

Scottie ended up carrying Jack, tossing him unceremoniously onto his bed with a laugh. Jack threw a pillow back at him which started a more drunken version of the play wrestling they were familiar with.

That’s when Jack kissed him.

“What?” Scottie flew backwards, almost tumbling off the bed. Jack blushed bright red. 

“I am sorry I…please forget that happened,” he stammered.

“Look, I’m not against a little platonic touchin’ between mates but…I really love Callie,” Scottie said.

“I know, and I do not feel that way about you, I value you as my friend, please just forget it ever happened,” Jack blushed, covering his face with his hands.

“Alright, laddie,” Scottie said. “…well we should probably get some sleep.”

By morning they had both forgotten it.

A message received

“Finlae!” Shani called out as she watched the young asura try his hand at rounding up the cattle.  “These ain’t moas, ya can’t jist round ‘em up in the same manner.”

“Sheriff!” Finlae called out in surprise.  “One must never interrupt when someone is dealing with beasts such as these.”  Shani often had to remind herself that Finlae was fifteen years old.  There was times the young progeny acted older, but he was still a teen.  “Besides, I’ll have you know when I was 12 I had the opportunity to work with charr ranchers.  It was an enlightening and invigorating experience.”

“All in all, Finlae,” Shani said with a chuckle.  “These ‘re milkers, an’ they already are rounded up.  I’ll tell ya what, though,” she said as she hopped off the fence and into the corral.  “You show yerself thet ya can tend ta these animals, then I’ll talk ta Lux an’ see ifn y’all can’t be in charge o’ the breedin’, milkin’ an’ care o’ ‘em.”

Finlae brightened up a great deal at the suggestion and cheered, only to quiet down when one of the cows seemed to jump a bit.  He crept over to the fence line and then resumed his glee as he called out.  “You won’t be disappointed, Sheriff.”

Shani chuckled as she watched, then turned as she heard the familiar voice of Zeke calling out.  Sywyn and Wren were with him.  Their expressions seemed to be one filled with worry. “Y’all seem a might agitated,” she replied as she walked back to the fence line and climbed over it.  “What’s the matter?”

Zeke, in his usual polite manner, was the first to speak.  “There is a messenger at the office, Sheriff,” he stated.  Shani could tell the irritation in his voice.  “He won’t speak with anyone but you.  And he…” Zeke caught his breath before continuing.  “He wears the uniform of the Order of Whispers.”

Shani didn’t take long to get her feet moving, and with Zeke, Sywyn and Wren right on her heels it didn’t take long before the group reached the office.  Inside, sitting down in one of the available chairs was an agent of the Order of Whispers.  He rose to his feet and his hooded face looked to Shani.  “You keep yourself quite busy here in the Refuge, Lightbringer.”  There was a pause before he called Shani by her title, as though to remind her where her duties really did lay.

“Ya have a message fer me,” Shani stated.

“I do,” the agent nodded. “Though, I am not so certain that your associates should be involved.”

“You, sir, are standing in the offices of the Dry Top Sheriff Department,” Zeke informed the man with as much force and conviction as he could muster.  “There are no secrets within these walls.”

The agent looked to Zeke, then to the Wennemein siblings, and finally sighed and nodded.  “Very well.”  He held out a letter to Shani.

Without hesitation she took it from his hand and opened it, reading through it once or twice.  Her face flushed and a scowl formed as she turned her attention back to the agent.  She held the letter loosely in her grip, as she faced the agent. “There are reason why ya bring this ta me?”

The agent didn’t say anything at all.  Wren was the one who acted as she took the letter from Shani’s hand.  Shani didn’t react, she just glared at the agent.  She didn’t even move when she heard Wren gasp.  “Oh by the Six! Flintlock!”

“Flintlock! What?” Sywyn said as he looked over his sister’s shoulder, reading carefully.

“There was an explosion in the main camp at Lake Doric,” the agent explained.  “A bloodstone bomb was smuggled into camp and set up among several crystals as a group gathered to learn how to deal with bloodstone infection.”

“What?” Zeke called out as he approached the agent.  “Eoxxa!  She was in that camp!  What happened to her?  Is she alright?”

“Eoxxa was in the strategic camp,” the agent informed Zeke.  “She was observing Captain Thackery and Nyla Steelpaw at the time of the attack.  She’s fine.”

Zeke seemed to breath a sigh of relief, but his mannerisms were very curt and direct.  “If you have any honour at all, you will bring my progeny back here instantly!”

The agent nodded to Zeke. “Thy will be done,” he said.  It wasn’t made clear if the agent was serious, or was mocking Zeke.  Nevertheless, the agent turned his attention to Shani and her siblings.  “As for Flintlock, she’s fine.  She’s resting and healing.  Her only injuries were not fatal, though they were serious.  She’ll have limited use of her left arm for some time.”

Shani just glared at the agent as she began putting two and two together.  “Why did y’all come here, agent? Why did the Order send you?  There was ‘nough Seraph messengers ta go ‘round, why did the Order d’cide ta get involved?”

“We’ve always been involved, Lightbringer,” the agent said as he pushed passed the group to the doorway.  “Now we have tinder to put to flint and steel of this already explosive operation.”

A letter arrived in Lake Doric later that day.  It was addressed to Luxelen Larkspur and Alley Denton.  It was short, sweet and to the point.



I’m coming.

And I’m bringing hell with me.


((@luxelen @aleyannadenton))

anonymous asked:

I hate my given name with a passion, so on Twitter I changed my name to the one I want to change it to irl. I haven't told my family because I'm waiting until I move out. My mom found my twitter and, in a very condescending tone, said "You're [name] now?" and scoffed. She accepting my brother's name change but she won't accept mine, because when I brought it up a few years ago, all she said was "well you'll always be [deadname] to me." I don't know what to do.

you do you. you change your name legally, then sit down with your family, and tell ‘em. next, follow up with the fact tht you’d appreciate if they’d respect your choices. what you can’t do, is make them respect you. you can try to convince them they should, but if they are uncaring, you may be out of luck. we can only control what we do. tht’s the end of our sphere of influence. 

i legally changed my name, and my parents said they exact same thing to me. for years they always deadnamed me and added, “tht’s the name we chose for you, so tht’s what we’re going to call you.” we talked about it, many many many times. one of those times i got them to soften a bit and now they try to call me by my legal name when i’m around. yet, the still deadname me when i’m not. is it everything i want? no, but it’s better and frankly it’s all they can offer. 

just as your parents have to accept you are who you are, you too have to accept they are who they are. if they’re close-minded and old fashioned, then you have to decide how much effort you want to put in convincing them to change. is it possible for them to change? absolutely! is it likely tht they’ll change? who knows. but what you do kno, is you can change your name and live your life how you want to live it. tht’s the joy of adulting! good luck!

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Okay, so. You have to get a tattoo of two quotes from the chronicles. One of them can be something you said but the other has to be something neither you or any of your babies said. Babies. That's only a little weird. Okay, go. Also add where would you get'em.

“Tell me how bad I am–it makes me feel so good!” (this I said to Louis, in London, upon meeting David for the first time)

“Will you weep when there are no more rules to break?” (Marius said this to me, shortly after the death of Akasha, on the Night Island)

HAH. Got out of that without quoting Armand, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

its become clear rough draft
queen moo
its become clear rough draft

dumped all my clothes
in the river down the road
my lower half swims back
and my backside is washed up once more
one of these days ill expose my bare ass to the shore

i will walk with my hands on the floor
ill say things I’ve never before
if i had to choose
id continue to lose
my head over you 
as my feet start the climb from the floor

its become clear that this aint the life I’ve been fighting for
tell me again
what was it i said that knocked em all dead on the floor?
now I’ve walked for days
to appear in this familiar way

and I’ve seen it all
from hell back to hartford from florida to new england fall
oh how the portraits portray us as breeds
id wake the dead, but i think its best i get to bed

i tell ben that my hands always shake
cuz i can’t pick out which friends to make
he says “you’re a real go getter”
“bet you’ve never been to heaven and you’ve never felt better than you do right here right now”

i don't think thats how the song is gonna end, but I’m too tired to finish it
artwork is a drawing by scott bevins
song is by me, jason

what do u think

vagarius  asked:

for the title thing, can i ask two? if not just choose one: "we've got a runner" and "the blue out there"

ooo, yes you can!

for “we’ve got a runner” i’m thinking of a fic in which someone’s either scared of commitment because of shitty past experiences, or someone who’s just scared of conflict. (it makes me think of haru…. sorry bb)

the second title makes me think of makoto and his fear of the ocean. i would LOVE to write a kisumako fic with this title, in which maybe makoto confides in kisumi, telling kisumi about his fear of the ocean. kisumi can sort of relate because his brother has a similar fear, and said talk sorta helps bring ‘em closer. maybe kisumi helps makoto get over it slowly but surely. kisumi surely has his own fears he might share with makoto, too, letting makoto know that he’s not weird, he’s not weak, he’s just a normal person.

This whole album got me feeling things.

Angel, oh oh oh oh
Knew you were special from the moment I saw you, I saw you, yeah
I said angel, oh oh oh oh
I feel you’re closer every time I call you, I call you

Cause all I see are wings, I can see your wings
But I know what I am and the life I live, yeah, the life I live
And even though I sin, maybe we are born to live
But I know time will tell if we’re meant for this, yeah if we’re meant for this

And if we’re not, I hope you find somebody
I hope you find somebody, I hope you find somebody
I hope you find somebody to love, somebody to love
Somebody to love, yeah, yeah, yeah

Said angel, woah oh oh oh
You’ll probably never take me back and I know this, yeah I know this, aw man
I said angel, woah oh oh oh
I’m so desensitized to feeling these emotions, yeah, no emotions baby

nct as asap rocky lyrics

Taeil:Strangers make me nervous.“ 

Hansol:These mothafuckas better give me my props.

Johnny:Screaming ‘Pimp Squad, hold it down!’ Can’t drive, bitch I’m legally blind bitch.

Yuta:Your bitch just said I’m hot, man I told her I agree.

Taeyong:Bet you wish you never hated, […] finished talking shit? Get up off my dick.

Ten:She used to call me ass hole, now she drop that ass low.

Doyoung:Fuck that shit he raps, fuck that shit he spits, fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch he with.

Jaehyun: “But I’m so damn fine make a bitch look average.

Kun:[People] acting different, motherfuck a friendship.

WinWin:Hoes, I got hella hoes.

Mark:Tell ‘em quit the riff raff bitchin’ with yo bitch ass.

Haechan:Pretty mothafucka, pull up in this bitch like.

Jeno: “I’m the shit, not just kinda sick.

Jaemin:I be that pretty mothafucka.

nb: jisung, renjun and chenle aren’t included cause there is no asap lyric as pure as they are

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Funny theater story- Stage manager for wizard of oz. Saturday before show starts- at school at 7 am, didnt leave till 10pm. (Highschool theatre) We had an hour and a half break. I decided to take a nap. I was half asleep and i heard giggling outside the booth, and then the door slowly open. Without opening my eyes, i just said "If you draw on my face i will rip mike tape off your back without warning

YOU TELL EM. The best kind of threats are the ones  that can actually be acted (HA) on.