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what is the registration process for a trainer card like?

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The Trainer Card exists to keep young trainers safe, let trainers enter the pokemon league, record the trainer ID number and more!

The registration process can begin at differing ages depending on the region. For example, the registration age in Kanto is younger because the routes are very safe, whereas Unovan trainers start a lot older.

When you are old enough, you can take your trainer test. It’s similar to the driving test. This is just to prove that you can handle yourself and pokemon out in the wild, as well as catch them responsibly.  They also need a record of any health issues, how you are getting your starting pokemon and more.
You can do this at a Pokemon Lab, Pokemon Gym or Pokemon Center.

Then they take your picture and you get your card and ID number! In some regions this comes with the badge case! Also, if you did this process with a pokemon professor, you may also receive a pokedex.

The card allows youth to travel unattended and catch pokemon along League-approved routes (Like the ones in the games). You’ll need supervision or permission to go off these routes/areas, for your own safety and to protect rare pokemon populations. Until you reach a certain age, that is, then it’s free game! Again, that age varies by region.
Also there is no age limit, a 50-year-old could still take the test.

It also allows you to buy pokeballs in bulk (Something usually restricted for the sake of pokemon populations and to prevent hoarders), receive boarding at pokemon centers and more.

There’s only a small fee, pretty much just to cover the cost of making the card. Trainers are considered important to pokemon society. Not only are they part of tradition (with the pokemon journey often seen as a coming of age), but trainers are seen as helpers and ambassadors to the pokemon world.

Trainers are expected to help others, and provide aid when pokemon-related trouble is stirring (For example, finding lost pokemon or calming wild ones). In exchange, people welcome trainers into their homes, and often give gifts. This is an ancient exchange, from even before the establishment of the pokemon league.
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Requests, eh? How about Pokeshipping with a protective Misty. Is that too vague?

Five years, three months, twenty-nine days. That’s how long it’d been since she’d been here.

Usually her sisters were the ones to visit Indigo Plateau for the boring gym leader congregations and meetings, though that was mostly in part due to the fact that making connections with people like Erika and Elesa were good for their modeling careers.

But there was a reason that Misty had wanted to come to this one herself.

“It looks like Pikachu is in quite the pinch with Pinser having nailed him to the wall. He’s struggling valiantly but his electric moves won’t have much effect with the earth-like environment!”

Misty, who had paused mid-step at the mere mention of the electric mouse Pokemon, sighed and regained her stead. First things first, she knew; she had to get to the front counter and sign in. Then she had to go to her room and and put all her stuff down. And then, finally, she could head over to the Indigo stadium viewing box that was reserved for only gym leaders and champions.

“Miss Waterflower, right?” the friendly young woman behind the counter asked after reading her signature on the clipboard. “Great! I’ll give you your badge and room key - they’re on the same lanyard - and then you can head upstairs. You’ll be in room 411, so that’s the fourth floor, and then you just hang a left and keep your eye out for the fifth room on your right, okay?”

“Y - yeah, thanks.”

There were monitors up and down the halls of each floor with silent play-by-plays of the previous battles already taking place at this year’s Kanto championships. Most of them already had small flocks of people watching avidly, some commenting, others just cheering for which trainer they liked the best, mild moments of criticism; oh, that wasn’t a great Pokemon choice; wow, I don’t think they stand much chance with that terrain… Stuff like that.

The redhead wanted to ignore them. She was late enough as it was, seeing as the tournament had started almost a week ago. She’d already missed the first three qualification rounds due to all the time she had to spend convincing her sisters to let her go but…

Well, like she said before. She had to come to this one.

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