you can stop staring now


Maybe where Reader can fall asleep anywhere. On the coffee table? Out like a light. In a kitchen cabinet? Out like a light. On the stairs? Out like a light. Hanging upside down? Better check to make sure they’re alive. And maybe with Bart and/or Jaime constantly finding the Reader asleep in these uncomfortable and weird places?

Requested by: @temperdragoness

After years of being a superhero, you’ve developed a bit of a special talent; you know, in addition to fighting crime and being able to fly. You have the ability to fall asleep anywhere and at the drop of a hat.

    You blame it on those three months back when you were ten, when you barely got any sleep. You’d learned that you had to take it where you could get it. In the cargo bay, in a team meeting, under a cabinet, riding in Sphere, on the floor, hanging upside down from the rafters. Any place, any time is your motto.

    The fact that it drives your brother and father crazy is just a perk. It makes your mother laugh. The fact that neither one can wake you up frustrates them even more, and it makes your mother bust a gut.

    “It’s not normal, Shayera.”

    You mother just smiles, “And what about our family is normal, John? You and our son are intergalactic cops, I’m an alien with wings. Wings our daughter happened to inherit.”

    “She’s hanging upside down while she sleeps!”

    “She’s lived most of her life on a space station.” You can hear the laugh in your mother’s voice.

    “I don’t understand that girl.”

    “And yet, she has you wrapped around her little finger.”

    No one could argue that. Despite his general displeasure at your choice of sleeping venues, you were a daddy’s girl. Your father had a harder time saying no to you, than he did your mother. That was how you’d ended up with your mother’s mace in a practice session for your tenth birthday.

    “You can stop faking now, they’re gone.” You peer one eye open and stare at your brother.

    “How’d you know?”

    “You had that little smile on your lips. Like an imp.”

    You shrug before releasing your legs and gliding down from the rafters. Rex just smiles at you, “And where are you going?”

    “To catch some real sleep.”

    You make your way to the only place you’re guaranteed to get some uninterrupted sleep. The mountain is quiet, which tells you that everyone is either on a mission or at school. You make your way to the library and towards your favorite couch. It’s deep enough that your wings never feel pinned. You’re out within seconds.

    You’re not sure how long you sleep for, but when those two bodies slam themselves down on you, you’re awake. You groan under the pressure, and glare at your best friends. Bart and Jaime just grin at you.

    Bart laughs, “Time for training, Wings.”

    You open up your wings and throw the both of them off, before getting up. The three of you race down the hallway, and into the training room. Three hours later, you’re more than a little exhausted when you land on a beam at the top of the room and lay down. You’re out in seconds and all you can hear is Bart complaining about it not being fair.

A Cutesy Day Off - Cole Fluff

Request: Lol could I request some fluffy imaginey type thing about sleeping/waking up next to cole?? It would END me

Warnings: None :)

Notes: None :)

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I groan as I feel myself beginning to wake up. My waist had something semi-heavy resting on it, and my legs and arms stretched out, but they accidentally kicked something next to me, causing my sleepy eyes to open and to look over at the bedside table, where my phone was. I reached over and checked the time, smiling as I remembered that Cole and I both had the day off of work. I rolled back over, to face Cole - who was still peacefully sleeping. His arm was still draped around my waist, and I did my best not to wake him.

“You can stop staring now,” he mumbles, his voice sounding groggy - but still very attractive. 

“But you’re pretty,” I giggle, poking his nose - which causes it to twitch. His eyes flutter open, and a smile to appear on his face. He leans in and places a gentle kiss on my lips. 

“Are we staying in or going out for breakfast,” he asks as he pulls away and props himself up on his elbows, resting his head on his hand, whilst his other hand played with my hair. 

“More like brunch, but I don’t mind. What do you feel like doing?”

“Let’s go out. We haven’t been out in a while”

“True,” I giggle. “Well, in that case, I’m going to go and have a shower,” I smile, turning my face in toward his palm and giving it a small kiss before getting up and going into the wardrobe to figure out what I wanted to wear. 


Cole and I walked hand-in-hand to a cute café a few blocks away from our apartment building. We talked aimlessly about random things that popped up in our heads, until we noticed that we had arrived. Cole, being the gentlemen he was, opened the door for me, to which I thanked him and walked in. The waiter took our order a few minutes after we sat down and we began chatting aimlessly again. 

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Once we finished brunch, we went in and out of the cute little shops that were around that area. There were furniture shops, cute thrift shops, a few dress shops and a few more cafés. Cole and I kept walking, exploring the area, when we found a park. Giving each other a look, we both decided to go there. 


“Well, today was nice,” Cole smiled over at me as I took my jewelry off, placing them on the dressing table. 

“it sure was. We need to go out more often”

“Hey, if it works out with our schedules, do you wanna make Saturday nights our date night?” Cole suggests. I turn around and flash him a big smiled and a nod.

“I would absolutely love too!”. I walked over and crawled into bed next to Cole, cuddling myself in his nice, warm body, draping my arm over his stomach. He kisses the top of my head, running one of his hands through my hair and the other arm hugging me back. 

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 4

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence (heavy abuse), (lots of) blood, (strong) language, themes of torture

Word Count: 4,386

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

It didn’t take long for you to find a way to steal Chanyeol’s handgun. It was secured within his dresser, granted, but it being under lock and key only seemed to heighten your motivation.

Once it was within your grasp, you used the butt of the firearm to hammer away at your chains. The metal loop they had been hooked around eventually fell to the concrete floor with a heavy clank. You let out a sigh of both relief and partial freedom. It was the first victory you had against them. It was their first defeat.

You dragged yourself, feet still bandaged, to the other side of the room and avidly searched for something, anything that could be used to dislocate the heavy, clanking metal from your ankle. After scouring the steel lockers and chests for a few minutes, you scored a pair of weighty, industrial wire cutters. This was the moment you cursed yourself for being a seraph, as your arms began to burn and grind as they relentlessly attempted to cut the chains. After over a dozen failed attempts, you were rewarded with the most satisfying snap you remember hearing in a long time. You rubbed your bruise-covered ankle and kicked the remaining length of chain away from you.

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Sole is dared to undress the companions while the companion also undresses them! love this blog btw❤️

Thank you, enjoy <3

Sole is dared to undress a companion while the companion also undresses them

Cait: She smirks and casually starts unzipping Sole’s suit. Sole laughs at how willing she was and started unbuttoning her corset.

Codsworth: He apologizes and carefully undresses Sole with his pincher after Sole steals his hat off him. “Since It’s off you now…” He left to clean the Vault suit… he just can’t stand the filth!

Curie: She blushes and gets really nervous. She is too busy remembering how to breathe than undressing Sole. Sole leaves Curie in her underwear before comforting her; Sole ended up taking off their clothes themselves.

Danse: He slowly unzips Sole with a deep blush and an intense stare at their body. Sole laughs and teases him which made him blush even more. He couldn’t help but hope that his body looked perfect at the time.

Deacon: He doesn’t like others touching him; but he kept his cool. “You can stop staring at my awesome body now” They both laughed as they undressed each other.

Dogmeat: He doesn’t know how to undress Sole. He would rip it off them, but Sole wouldn’t let him. You don’t find Vault 111 suit every day!

Hancock: “We could do that in private if you’d like, Love” He smirks while undressing Sole. Sole laughs and just says “Maybe later” With a wink; while carefully taking off his outfit.

Macready: Sole starts undressing him slowly. “Get it over with!” Macready undresses Sole as fast as he could which made time for him to help Sole undress him faster. He didn’t want others to think he was enjoying it.

Nick: “I’m sorry kid” He helps Sole out of their suit. Sole carefully undresses his as well with a slight blush. Once they are both undressed, Nick covers Sole with his coat.

Piper: “This game is getting on my nerves!” She goes with the dare with a pout on her face. Sole teases her and casually does the dare. Piper gets mad at them; but she has no other choice!

Preston: “I wonder how many more times I’ll have to strip today” He laughs and starts undressing Sole. Sole stares at his body as they quickly take off his Minuteman outfit.

Strong: Forget about the whole ‘Vault 111 suit is rare’; Strong doesn’t give a shit! He rips it right off them! “Finally, human change to good armor!”

X6-88: They both go with it in silence. “I suggest you all stop giving me that look; before I give you a real reason to be jealous.” He warns the other companions, as Sole silently giggles.

Maxson: He wouldn’t stop flexing, and Sole wouldn’t stop staring. “Something the matter Knight?” He asked Sole with a seductive look; which made Sole blush more than they already were.

Gage: He sloppily undresses Sole; and gets annoyed when Sole struggles with his armor. “Uh, here boss” He helps Sole with removing his armor. He refuses to let them remove his eye patch though.

Ada: “Allow me to…” She carefully took the Vault suit off Sole and handed it to them. She didn’t mind when Sole took her backpacks off.


Above and Below

Stars are boring. All they do is glow a bit and they’re not even really there or they’re just incredibly far away and dead, something like that. Gordon couldn’t care less about stars, except that John loves them and loves talking about them, and Gordon loves John, so Gordon will listen to him blather on for quite a while before trying to change the subject.

The ocean is uninteresting. It’s featureless and wet and there are fish and boats in it. The universe does not have creepy monsters floating around in it, thankfully, although Gordon’s attempts to change the subject are amusing as a distraction. Giant space squids are not a thing, and whales cannot swim in the Milky Way. But for Gordon’s sake, John allows for the possibility that hulking wrecks of derelict ships could be gathering space-coral, because of positive ions. And John’s a little impressed that Gordon was listening when he was explaining to Alan how the first Deep Space spacecraft’s engines worked.

Of course, says Gordon. I’m always listening when it’s important.

So I really shouldn’t be up all night doing fanart but I have been, and I wanted a drabble to accompany this but I came up with this instead. Just, you know, John and Gordon are opposites but they’re the same. I’m pretty pleased with this one actually.

So It Goes

Requested by anon: Destiel smut with tattoo artist!Cas.

Warning: smut, description of receiving a tattoo

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: My first Destiel AU! Hope you enjoy! Tagging @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, @unadulteratedstorycollector, @drarina1737, @ophelia-carolina, @lgbtqweebmemequeen, @that1seniorchick

A decade as a tattoo artist, and Castiel thought no one could surprise him anymore. He’d seen it all. The stereotypical biker getting his colors inked into his bicep. The slightly tipsy nineteen year old giggling as Castiel drew the letters of her sorority onto the small of her back. The thirty year old with a mustache and a flannel shirt wanting “something ironic”. The forty something woman tearfully asking for a butterfly on her foot to celebrate her divorce. Castiel had seen every type of person, had heard more impossibly crazy stories than he could remember, and he just didn’t get surprised anymore.

Until today.

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Pack Mom:Part 6

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Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @december-sunrise @beaconhills17 @winchesterreid

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1632

Warning: Pure fluff. Nothing else at all. Just the most adorable fluffiness there is

Summary: The family finally take their trip to San Francisco

A/N: Also read my other series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below


Pack Mom Masterlist

The door of the car opened. 

They stepped out. 

San Francisco. 

They’d finally arrived. 

Inhaling, y/n could smell the ocean, the breeze cooling her and making her feel at peace.

“Come on, y/n. We need to get our stuff into the house”, Derek said, smiling at her adorable cuteness. 

She pouted, but picked up her bag and dragged it into the house.

The house was stunning. 

It was a Victorian house, painted sky blue on the outside with bits of silver. 

The interior was just as stunning. 

Vintage oak furniture, beautiful brown couches and stunning paintings. 

She’d been here before a few times, but she could never get over the beauty of the house. 

But then again, her house with Derek was stunning. 

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Be Careful

@lady-of-fandoms​: The reader babysits Billy Batson, and Billy looks up to the reader and just thinks she’s awesome… (A/N: this is probably far from what you expected srry ‘^^ )
Young Justice

           "Alright, Billy, time for bed.“

           "Whaaat? But I’m not sleepy yet.”                                                    

           You turn to the 10-year-old grade-schooler beside you, “That was your fifth yawn in the last 15 minutes.”

           Billy sheepishly turns away from you, “It’s not me. It’s the movie..” he crosses his arms and slumps into the couch. “It’s boring.”

           You let out a dramatic gasp, “The Dark Knight is not boring. That’s blasphemy.”

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Unexpected kisses // Theo Raeken

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 326

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

Originally posted by infernal-banshee

You were lying on your bed, watching a movie marathon when you realized that the window was open. For a second, you were confused and did not react, but the you brain alerted the rest of your boy, and you grabbed the neartest object you could find, to defend yourself, a baseball bat. Slow and silently you walk in the dark room and you refuse to turn on the lights.

When the intruder suddenly jumped in front of you, you wanted to hit them in the head with the bat or at least corner the person against the wall, but instead, that person grabbed your bat, threw it somewhere in the room and pushed you against the wall. You started to panic and began to scream when you heard a very familiar “shhh”

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Ashley kept replaying the words on the letter she recieved in her head ever since she got it. She knew the only way to forget about it, was to go to her escape, the bottom of the bottle. The girl had made a quick run to the liquor store and was walking back to her empty house when she noticed someone looking at her. “The fuck you want? I’m legal, so you can stop staring now.” she said rolling her eyes, knowing it was an obvious lie but no one could tell that her fake, was well, fake.

Sam Looking Fine as Hell.

Requested by @memyselfandi707fan

I am 100% excited about writing how hot Sam is and I am fully prepared for this.

Let’s get started!

Okay so, Sam is the third oldest incubi brother and he’s considered the brute and harsh and blah blah blah.

But if you really get to know him and know what makes him angry and what makes him smile and cry, he’s actually a pretty great guy.

Now, everyone also says that looks aren’t important, but to an incubus, that’s the most important thing to them.

If they are low on energy and don’t have much to use on mind control to make their vicitims fully wanting to kiss him, looks play a very important part.

But Mika Anderson never fully looked at Sam the way she is now.

It was a day warm in Chicago, one of the more pleasent times of the year for the normally cold city.

Sam was leaning against the wall of the house in the front yard, enjoying the cool breeze running through his hair. He closed his eyes, leaning his head against the wall.

Mika was dressed in normal summer clothes, glad for her city to finally stop being cold so she could enjoy the sun and the breeze.

Wanting to feel the breeze on her face, she opened the front door, expecting to see no one outside, but when she turned her head to the side she stiffled a gasp of surprise when she saw Sam.

She didn’t want to disrupt him for he looked so calm and relaxed, so different from the way he acted around his brothers.

Mika found his calm demeanour quite attractive.

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Big Bang Reaction To Their Girlfriend Seeing Another Member Nude


“Oh my God! Seunghyun, she would have definitely survived without seeing this! Get away”


“Don’t look!”
*Covers your eyes*


*You get freaked out*
“Come here, you shouldn’t see this”
*Laughs at you though*


“Run, Y/N! RUUN!”


“Honey, you can stop staring now, that would make me really happy”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

Rich Games pt. 7 (Suho Scenario)

Summary: Everything is just fun and games for the rich boy, Suho.
Members: Suho x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 4,761 Words

 I am so happy you guys have been enjoying this show. I really love that you guys love it!!!! I hope you like chapter 7 just as much. Tonight I will start work on 8 because I have sooooo many ideas. It is going to get sad but interesting <3</p>

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2,  Pt. 3,   Pt. 4,  Pt. 5,   Pt.6,  Pt. 7,  Pt. 8,  Pt. 9,  Pt. 10,  Pt. 11,Pt. 12, Pt. 13,  Pt. 14,  Pt. 15,  Pt. 16,  Pt.17, Pt. 18, Pt. 19, Pt. 20,Pt. 21, Pt. 22, Pt. 23, Pt. 24, Pt. 25, Pt. 26

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You heard the sound of someone calling you sexy from behind. You were not really surprised to hear a boy’s voice because you were already surrounded by them. It felt a little awkward, but you figured it had something to do with the fact that IU was next to you and she was one of the hottest girls in the school. But thanks to your new outfit, everyone was acting as though you were a new student and showing you the kind of attention that they had never shown you before. It made you feel like an animal at a zoo.

“Hey there, sexy.” Someone said as the group fell silent. You turned around and found yourself face to face with the hydra group. Suho’s eyes trailed up and down your body. You wanted to place your hands in front of your body and run to get a jacket or something to cover up. His friends fell silent as they realized who you were. Their eyes were wide and some of them started to smirk. “Damn, Suho, your girlfriend is looking good.” Kai joked as he nudged your boyfriend. You could feel a blush crawl up your cheeks. His words seemed to snap Suho out of the stupor that he was in. He came up beside you and threw his arm over your shoulder; possessively. “Hey, this is my girl. You can all stop gawking now.” His tone was authoritative.

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Please Don’t Say You Love Me – A Benedict x Reader One-shot

“So, you mean to tell me that you’ve been dating for nearly a year, and neither one of you have said ‘I love you?’” Benedict blushed a bit; fiddling with his napkin as Amanda quietly asked the question. She didn’t want the question to be overheard by you in the kitchen. You and Benedict had invited Amanda and Martin over for dinner, and you had gone in to the kitchen to put some finishing touches on the meal.

“No, Amanda,” Benedict cleared his throat a bit, “we haven’t. I figured I would wait for (Y/N) to say it first.”

“Well there’s your problem, Ben,” Martin spoke up, chuckling a bit, “She’s probably waiting for you to say it first.” Benedict sighed a bit, rubbing a hand over his face.

“You think?”

“I know.”

“Oh, you don’t know anything, Martin,” Amanda laughed a bit, shaking her head. She turned to Benedict, patting his hand, “But it might not hurt to say it first, if it’s really how you feel. I would assume it would be how you feel, though, since you live together now..” Amanda trailed off as your voice emerged from the kitchen. Benedict nodded in Amanda’s direction, standing up to smile at you as you entered the room.

“Alright, here we are…” You smiled, meeting Benedict’s eyes as you carried in the pan of lasagna in one hand and a bowl of garlic bread in the other.

Benedict dropped a kiss on your cheek, smiling as he took the pan from you, “It looks lovely, (Y/N).”

“It really does!” Martin chuckled, sitting up in his chair a bit. Amanda nodded in agreement, smiling at you as you took your seat.

“Well, let’s dig in then,” Benedict murmured, beginning to pass out the lasagna.

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Behind The Scenes 2 (14/16)

Author’s note: From the last segment of this post up until part 14.6 were all written by a very good friend of mine, @colamaus. She had been the one I have been bouncing my ideas off almost since the beginning. When I got stuck along the way, she wrote this part form me. I loved this part so much, I made it an official part of my series. The last segment of this part up until the end of the 14.6 is like 99% hers. All I really did for most of this part was adjust and add a few details in order for it to match my writing style and to better fit my story line. Yes, this part is dark, but I love it and I hope you all enjoy it. Laura, thank you so much for writing this part!!! <3 Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angstish

Word count: 1569

Summary: You try to help.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


He hadn’t gotten much sleep. He stayed up most of the night still trying to come up with ways to get y/n to forgive him. He honestly felt bad. It didn’t hit him how bad he fucked things up with her. It was a repeat of Jin and Jhope all over again, but this time much worse.

He knew it was morning when he heard the lock open. He stayed quiet when as Rap monster went over to y/n’s bed and kicked the side of the mattress. “Wake up.” Rap monster ordered.

Jimin saw y/n’s form slowly get up from the mattress and follow Rap monster out of the room.

“Might as well get ready for the day.” He told himself.

He was the first one of the guys, beside Rap monster, to be awake. Since Rap monster was with y/n, Jimin had first dibs on the hallway restroom. It was nice being the first, he didn’t have to worry about rushing, the others had to wait on him and he didn’t have to worry about not having hot water.

He took his sweet time taking a shower and in washing his face. He was in the middle of moisturizing when he heard a knock on the door.

“Wait! I’m almost done!”

“Can you please not shout?”

“Was that Yoongi?” it was hard for him to recognize the soft voice past the door.

He quickly finished up and opened the door. Suga almost fell in because he was leaning against it for stability. Hecaught him before Suga even realized he was falling. “Yo… are you okay?”

Suga pushed Jimin’s hands away. “No, I feel like shit. The crap Hoseok gave me fucked me up a bit, drinking didn’t help.”

“Then whose fault is it really then?” His comment came out sassier than he intended.

“Don’t fucking start with me.” Suga pushed his way past him and made his way to the sink. “Now leave.”

“Wait, did y/n talk to you last night?” he stayed in the hall as Suga began brushing his teeth.

“Why?” Suga asked defensively.

“She was super upset last night.”

Suga rinsed his mouth and walked over to Jimin with a stern expression. “Look, I can’t remember any shit that went down last night, but if I find out you started some more shit with her, I’ll make you regret it.”

“I didn’t do shit to her and I’m 90% sure she was with you last night, so if your gonna go against someone that hurt y/n, get ready to beat your own ass.” He spat.

Without a response, Suga closed the door in Jimin’s face.

The rest of the morning Jimin noticed that y/n was acting different. She didn’t talk to Suga like she always did and looked nervous sitting next to him. She never really gave him eye contact either, mostly just rapid side glances. In the van she took her new usual seat on Jungkook’s lap, but she didn’t lean behind Suga like she always did. Suga had fallen asleep and y/n was leaning against the window, making sure not to lean on Jungkook either. That whole day she looked rather upset and kept her distance from Suga, even when he tried to talk to her.


Being left alone with the manager was definitely awkward now that you knew about him and Jimin. Today was no exception. You dreaded the fact that the boys were in the studio again. That meant you had to be alone with the manager out in the hall. At least on the practice days, it was all nine of you guys in the room.

You felt so much awkward tension, you could cut it with a knife. You stole a few side glances at him. He was casually on his phone as usual. He didn’t seem to act different around you, you couldn’t tell if he felt awkward either.

“I probably shouldn’t bring it up. He doesn’t seem to be weird about it. He hasn’t said anything… But I feel the urge to say something. This silence, I can’t take it anymore.” You thought. “So…um,” you were able to get his attention. “Why are we here again?” you tried to ask casually.

“Yoongi didn’t like the stuff they did before, so they are here to redo some of it.” He spoke normally, looking back at his phone.

You nodded at his explanation. “So…” once again he looked at you. “I realized that I don’t know your name…”

“Is it really important that you do?”

“I guess not…” you pouted.

He let out a long sigh. “My name is Hiro… Now you can stop awkwardly staring everything with “hey”, “so” or “um” to get my attention.”

“Hiro… cool.”

“I’m half Japanese if that’s what you’re wondering.” His eyes stayed on his phone.

“Oh… cool…” you mumbled. “I should just go for it.” You thought. You couldn’t help it, you had to know. “Hiro… you and Jimin, are you guys a thing?” you blurted out.

“That’s none of your business.”

“It’s just, I’m concerned cuz Jimin-“

“I said its none of your damn business.” He looked up at you, but he didn’t exactly come off as threatening.

“Jimin doesn’t like it! Don’t you care about him?!?” you exploded

“Who ever said I cared about Jimin?”

“But you two-“

“There is a reason Jimin feels the way he does.”


“No one ever said I’m a good guy. I’m no different from Jungkook or Tae. Do yourself a favor and mind you own fucking business.” His demeanor still wasn’t threatening, but his voice was. The last thing you wanted to do was push any more of his buttons.

The rest of the time you were just quiet until the guys were ready to go.

The eight of you had just finished eating and you were washing dishes. Jin was taking inventory of the fridge while Rap monster was keeping an eye on you as he spoke on the phone at the table. Throughout the day Suga noticed that you were a bit off lately, so he stayed in the kitchen with you as you cleaned. He sat at the breakfast bar as he drank a beer and wrote in his journal.  

“Ha! Shut up Wang! Anyway, about the meet up… Wait, let me get my folder.” He put his phone down and went off to his room. He soon came back frustrated. “Ok, it seems like I misplaced it. Give me an hour and we’ll talk about this again.” He ended the call and made another one. “Hey, I need you to do me a favor. Go back to the company, I think I hid my folder back at the office and forgot to get it… Jimin? Fine.” Rap monster put his phone down and called out for Jimin.

Within seconds, Jimin was in the kitchen. “What?”’

“You have to go with the manager to the office.”

“What? Why?” Jimin asked nervously

“The manager needs to get somethings for me, so go get ready.”

“Oh! We need some food too!” Jin said from inside the fridge. “I’ll write the stuff down.”

“Why don’t I go!” you said. “I can’t let Jimin be with the manager.” you thought. You knew why Rap monster was making him go. Just the thought of what Jimin was going to go through made you feel sick to your stomach. Since you found about him and the manager, you made the connection why he would always get in his silent moods. The last thing you wanted was to see him hurt like that again.

The vibe was suddenly tense and everyone was looking at you. “What did you just say?” Rap monster said. He sounded pissed. He got up from his seat and made his way over to you. He pinned you against the counter and leaned over you. “And why should I dare let little y/n out of the dorm?”

You avoided his gaze. “I can go get the folder… I know what food we need… and it’s also my time of the month soon! The manager hates having to get that type of stuff for me!” you used any reason to get him to let you go.

“Let her go.” Suga said. “She can say she’s planning a meal for us if the fans see her.”

“Jimin get Tae over here.” Rap monster said.

Tae was quick to come into the kitchen. “What do you need?”

Rap monster walked over to his phone. “You know what… Never mind.” He picked up the phone. “You still there… I’m not sending Jimin… Next time. Tonight I also need you to go to the store with Y/n… Well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Just don’t let her out of your sight.” Then he hung up the phone.

“So… do I go too?” V asked breaking the silence

“No” Rap monster went back over to you. He brought his face next to yours. “Don’t fuck this up.” He whispered, making his lips brush against your ear.

You didn’t start breathing again until Rap monster took a seat at the table again. The boys looked shocked, you were all surprised that Rap monster was actually going to let you go out of the dorm. Jimin was the only one that looked a bit nervous. He probably knew why you were really insisting on going.

table for two

character: mark

plot: You’re sitting alone at a two-person table in the campus resource center when a guy who looks familiar pops out of nowhere and asks if he can sit with you because there are no other tables available. He asks to treat you to some ice cream after and his name is enough to make you realize he’s the hottie in your social work class. 

genre: au, drabble, fluff

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Faking it (Prompt #3, #7)

Requested by anon:  Hello! Can I have number 3. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified!” With Liam and can he be the one saying it? /  7 with Liam Dunbar? Thanks soo much ♡

Requested by @heyitsrae16:  hi could i ask for an imagine with liam with line prompt 3 and 7 if that’s okay but if its only with one then just 3 if that makes sense xD thanks x

#3: I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.

#7: You can stop staring now.

You are nervous. Hell, you can’t even describe how nervous you are as you are waiting outside of the house of your grandma, staring up and down the street while tapping onto the cobblestone with your foot. The reason for your anxiety is your family. Your crazy, arduous family that you have to spend the whole day with. Without your parents, so the whole attention will be directed towards you. Not that you don’t love them but since a few years they keep on questioning you about your love life. Seemingly being worried that you will die alone, despite of the fact that you are still young! You can’t have that today. And that’s why you’re waiting for your best friend Liam who agreed to act like your fake boyfriend for this party of your grandmother`s 75th birthday.

You push out a relieved breath as his father’s car appears at the end of the road and pulls into the driveway. Liam says something to his dad before he climbs out of, flashing you a smile. He’s wearing a black suit that makes him look pretty neat. You step forward without hesitating and embrace him tightly.

“Thanks so much for doing this, Liam!”, you mumble.

You start to fiddle with his tie, adjusting it perfectly accurate. He raises an eyebrow.

“You really are nervous, huh?”

“Oh yes. You will understand when you meet them. They are a bunch of crazy people”, you warn him, deadly serious.

He just laughs and takes your hand in his to stop you from fidgeting. Everything about him seems lighthearted and calming. You knew it would be a good idea to invite him. You immediately start to relax a bit as you look up into his sparkling blue eyes.

“After those Dread Doctors I’m pretty sure I can take on your family”, he promises before he gently places his hand on your back and pushes you to the front door of your destination. “Let’s do this.”

You have no choice anyway, you are already pretty late. You lean a bit closer to him as you ring the bell to strengthen the illusion of the two of you being a real couple.

Aunt Penny opens the door. Your crazy aunt with her typical shiny smile plastered on her face.

“Oh, hello Honey! We already thought you…”, then she stops as her eyes trail from you to Liam and her smile fades a little bit. “Oh, you brought a date!”

“Eh, yeah?”, you answer with a frown. “I told you on the phone. Remember?”

“Right”, she giggles, overplaying the not very flattering surprise. “I just never believed you would actually bring someone. It seemed so improbable, right?”

A twinge of annoyance tingles through your body. This is so typical! And embarrassing. And mean. However, Liam reacts in the best way. He just puts his arm a little tighter around you, smiles brightly and retorts: “I can’t really agree with that.”

Aunt Penny’s giggling dies out. “Of course! Come in, come in and hurry up. Your grandma is already waiting for you.”

You are quite relieved as you step into the hallway and are left alone for a moment.

“Charming woman”, Liam states sarcastically while he waits for you to get rid of your coat. You turn around to do so, sighing deeply.

“Yeah, I didn’t exaggerate. You are still free to run if you want to. I’d totally understand”, you assure him while you unbutton it and slip it over your arms.

“Nah, now that I know them I could never leave you al…”, his voice trails off right there.

You turn around to find out what’s going on only to catch him plainly gaping at you in your dress. To his defence: He usually doesn’t see you in dresses. You are not the type of girl to wear them in your everyday life. You are one to go for comfy clothes and not these tight garments. But today is a special occasion, therefore you are making an exception. Obviously he likes the view. You feel the blush creeping into your cheeks.

You can stop staring now”, you say, ripping him out of his thoughts.

He shakes his head slightly and looks back into your eyes with an apologetic expression before he awkwardly clears his throat. “Sorry. But you look…really great.”

“Thanks”, you answer with a soft smile. You link your arm with his and pull him further into the house. “Come on, let’s beard the lion in his den!”

You grandmother is sitting in her usual chair at the front of the long table where all your cousins and aunts and uncles are already gathered. As you enter together, she looks up and a joyful smile graces her lips. You step forward to hug her.

“Happy Birthday, Granny!”, you mumble.

“Oh, thank you, sweetheart”, she replies. “And this must be Liam! It’s really nice to meet you. What a handsome young man you are!”

Now it’s his turn to blush and your heart makes a jump at the sight just because it looks so cute.

Good thing your grandmother knows exactly how to ruin a moment.

“You know, I already feared that my grandchild would never present a boyfriend to me before I die but I guess I was wrong!”

Liam is still smiling, it only becomes a little lopsided. You sigh inwardly, wondering why your family has to be like this.

“You’ll outlive us all anyway”, you just say with a hint of huff that your grandmother ignores.

“We’ll see”, she says, patting your hand. “But he has strong arms and honest eyes. I tell you, he’s a keeper.”

She tells you that quietly, nevertheless still loud enough for Liam to hear. His face is tomato red by now and all you get out is a choked chuckle.

What a relief it is as she releases you to your places on the table to eat. You are still remaining physical contact, though. An arm around the shoulder, intertwining your fingers…just everything to imitate a love-stricken couple. The whole time your cousins question Liam about almost everything in his life. You worry about it at the beginning but he manages it pretty well. Very professional and politely, not slipping anything about his secret adventurous life as a werewolf.

At some point your grandma comes around, carrying an old polaroid camera.

“Look what I found on the attic today!”, she tells you excitedly, waving around with the camera. “Come on, let’s make some pictures of you two for my memory book.”

There is no way to reject a wish of the birthday girl, so you move a little closer and both smile into the camera. She pulls out the first photo, shaking it before she requests from you to do one more. You get a little stiff, not being sure where this is going.

“You should kiss”, suggests your little and adorable four year old cousin Amy suddenly. Your heart skips a beat as you stare down at her.


“Lovers kiss!”, she simply states.

“I think this is a great idea”, your grandmother says with a huge smile. Oh boy.

You exchange a panicky look with Liam. If you don’t do it, it will look really weird. But this has never been part of your deal. He seems to ponder on it for a moment, hesitating. Then he finally places one hand on your arm and the other on your cheek and leans in.

He kisses you gently but still sincere. You are astounded how real it feels, how well. You return it, enjoying the softness of his lips and the warmth that spreads in your whole body. You almost forget everything around you. You just hear a click and then another one, but it seems to be far away. Not important. Because the only important thing is Liam and the flutter in your stomach.

As he pulls back he looks slightly confused and you are pretty sure that you are wearing the same expression. Your Granny on the other hand is not confused at all, she’s absolutely ecstatic.

“Lovely! Oh, look at that. You can keep this one, I made two”

She hands you one of the pictures and you throw a look at it. Wow. It’s beautiful and you really look like lovers…

Afterwards you drive Liam home. The picture still rests in your purse and you are still somewhat jumbled. You are both keeping silent and this is quite unusual because you are normally chatting all the time. It’s making you edgy and insecure and you don’t know how to deal with it.

As you stop in front of his house, you finally turn around to face him. He’s plainly looking at you

“I’m…well…thank you again”, you mumble awkwardly, strengthening your grip on the wheel. Great, really confident.

“Y/N, I think I need to tell you something”, he states, ignoring your senseless rambling. You are taken aback by his serious expression. And scared. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

A moment passes. And another one. You’re feeling like a statue while the words start to make sense in your head. In love. Liam. With you. He obviously gets worried about your mental state as you continue to be silent. A flicker of desperation and regret appears in his eyes.

“I…why are you terrified?”, you push out.

“Ehm…because we’re friends and this is already getting awkward?”

You clear your throat. Okay, time to get your stuff together.

“And I thought you are terrified because of my family.”

“Nah, I think they like me”, he waves off. “I am having honest eyes and strong arms, remember?”

Great, now you have to giggle. You inhale sharply, trying hard to calm yourself. God, what a day. He observes you attentively all the time.

“You are an idiot”, you declare with a grin. “But I have to say that we looked really good on that picture and there’s a reason why I kept it.”

Now the most joyful smile settles on his face and he suddenly pulls you in to kiss you once more. Making out with Liam in your car. Well, you certainly didn’t expect this to happen this morning, but maybe these family parties do have some benefits…

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