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Quagsire Sprites Review

Gold- A wonderful retro Quag, he’s still getting used to his new arms from evolving. Tail seems a bit thin but he’ll grow into it. A lovely shiny boy. 5/5

Silver- A lovable chubby QuagHe’s bending down to talk to smaller pokemon but he may be a bit overexcited and yelling. Still working on his manners. A very friendly boy. Adorable stripes and back ridges. 5/5

Crystal- Such a happy Quag! Now with movement! Look at him, he’s so excited to use his new arms! He’s practicing because he dreams of one day playing piano. He’s singing for you too! A wonderful quag with a bright future ahead of him. 5/5

Gen 3/FR/LG- A friendly dancing Quag! Such a cute and fun pose! Such good balance! But he’s also the most mysterious Quag. If you blink you’ll miss him change his pose and cry out. How does a Quag move so fast? A perplexing quag 5/5

Diamond/Pearl- This a very friendly Quag, he’s a bit more shy than the others but he’ll still wave to you. He’s got one enlarged nostril, but he’s still beautiful. Lovely big back ridges. lovely shade of blue. Be gentle with this Quag and give him all the hugs. 5/5

Platinum- A Quag with a lovely darker pallete! He’s a bit of a nightowl and goes for a lot of night swims. He’d love to hold your hand. Has a bit of a wonky foot and probably trips a lot, but he’ll still do his best for you. 5/5

HG/SS- The most loving Quag!! He wants a hug!! HUG THE QUAG!!! HUG HIM!!! So wonderfully chubby and such a sweet smile! Perfectly friend-shaped! I love him so much. The ideal Quag A+++ 1000000/5

B/W-  Just like the last but even MORE EXCITED! YOU JUST HAVE TO HUG HIM! He’s even dancing and reaching for you! A precious angel baby who deserves all the love in the world! HUG THE QUAG!! 10000000/5 spare my heart. 

XY/SM- The newest member of the Quag family. Beautifully rendered, the most lovely chubbiest belly, the friendliest face, even a precious neck roll. Probably 90% squish. He’s a little self-conscious but still a lil bouncy. Give him all the pats and beans in refresh. 5/5


Pokemon Conquest- The sleepiest, laziest Quag. I love how big and detailed this quag is. Look at those cute toes and fingers. Look at that chub. Look at that shading. Please though, let this poor boy rest. 5/5

Pokemon Trozei- The tiniest quag, just a happy ball. They still captured all his best features. This quag may lack limbs but he’ll still dance and smile for you, a good egg. 5/5

PMD Sky/Time/Darkness- A nicely shaded and pleasant Quag. Lovely bg gradient and colors. Looks like he’s spacing out though. Exploration team life can be hard on a simple quag. Buy this boy a drink at Spinda’s cafe pronto. 5/5

PMD Gates to Infinity: AN ANGEL SENT BY ARCEUS HIMSELF 999999999/5

In short, all Quags are good and deserving of love. <3 

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”


19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Prodigy AU [15/19]

requested by anon [x]

“…all in one place. I’m a little starstruck!”

In which the original Big Four each pick a successor that will inherit their job as Guardian when the time comes

Jealous Texts

Originally posted by marorra

Anon requests: Can you do one where the reader is dating Jughead but they’re trying to keep their relationship low-key. Reggie flirts with the reader and bby juggie just gets a little insecure and it ends in fluff and cuddles and fluff did I mention fluff?

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Texts exchanged between Jughead and (Y/N) over the course of a week

Warnings: none

Word count: 311

A/N: I’ve never written in this format before, so let me know if you like it!

Wednesday, October 12

2:14 pm

To: (Y/N)

Still on for Pop’s tonight?

2:15 pm

To: Jughead

Of course Jug

Friday, October 14

6:34 pm

To: (Y/N)

Why was Reggie talking to you?

7:12 pm

To: Jughead

Why does it matter?

7:13 pm

To: (Y/N)

Because I worry

8:01 pm

To: Jughead


8:02 pm

To: (Y/N)

But I do

He wasn’t flirting with you, was he?

8:49 pm

To: (Y/N)


9:07 pm

To: (Y/N)

Are you mad at me?

9:36 pm

To: (Y/N)

(Y/N) please

9:48 pm

To: (Y/N)

(Y/N) I’m sorry

10:14 pm

To: Jughead

Not mad.  Just a bit frustrated

Talk to you tomorrow

10:15 pm

To: (Y/N)

I’m sorry. I love you

10:18 pm

To: Jughead

Love you too

Saturday, October 15

9:56 am

To: (Y/N)


10:04 am

To: Jughead

Yes. Noon.

10:05 am

To: (Y/N)


1:47 pm

To: (Y/N)

I miss you and I love you

1:50 pm

To: Jughead

I just left silly.  I love you too

Monday, October 17

8:03 am

To: Jughead

Just a reminder that I love you :)

8:05 am

To: (Y/N)


Tuesday, October 18

10:13 am

To: (Y/N)

He’s doing it again

10:17 am

To: Jughead

Reggie’s just a friend, Jug

10:19 am

To: (Y/N)

Yeah but does he know that?

10:21 am

To: Jughead

I’ll make sure he does

10:30 am

To: (Y/N)


Wednesday, October 19

1:02 pm

To: Jughead

Are you mad at me?

1:14 pm

To: (Y/N)

Why would I be mad at you?

1:16 pm

To: Jughead

Because you’re not talking to me

1:19 pm

To: (Y/N)

I’m sorry

There’s a lot on my mind

1:22 pm

To: Jughead

My house.  


Be there

1:25 pm

To: (Y/N)


11:03 pm

To: (Y/N)

Thank you for that cuddle session

I love you 

11:04 pm

To: Jughead

I love you too 

MONSTA X Beautiful in Chicago Summary

Hey you guys! It’s around 1 A.M and I’ve just gotten home from the concert and let me tell you- it was honestly one of the best nights of my life.

SHOWNU: He’s such a big papa bear , you all don’t even know. He was so sweet and respectful to the audience when speaking with us. He was the sweetest smile it makes your heart want to flutter just seeing him. He covered Hyungwon’s lines with perfection and I couldn’t be more satisfied- he did an amazing job at that , I was so proud of him. OH AND HES A DANCE MACHINE OML HE CAN GET DOWN.

WONHO: I DONT KNOW HOW ANY OF US SURVIVED “FROM ZERO” BUT WE DID. WONHO DID AN AMAZING JOB WITH THAT SONG I NEED AN ITUNES VERSION PLEASE. During the end of “Shine Forever” he fell backwards while doing one of the dance moves but it was so precious , no one really cared. His voice is more powerful than I thought and it really took me by surprise. He had adlibs here and there and they were wonderful. He’s also the king of fanservice, he be grabbin’ people’s phones and kissing their cameras. Dang do that with me too.

MINHYUK: Soft bunny. Cute bunny. Fluffy bunny… until he starts dancing. His hips sure don’t lie , damn son. His energy always sent good vibes through the crowd , he was always getting everyone pumped and making us laugh . About half way through the show he joked around and said that the song they were going to sing was the last one , which flipped everyone out . He quickly apologized and said “IM SORRY. IM STUPID IM STUPID” IT WAS SO ADORABLE , HE SPEAKS ENGLISH QUITE WELL, THEY ALL DO . He’s a ray of sunshine that radiates positivity and rainbows. He has a gorgeous smile, it’s so contagious.

KIHYUN: When Kihyun first opened his mouth, his voice sent chills down my spine, it was insane. You guys HAVE to hear his voice in real life , it is truly something else. He , in my opinion , is one of the best vocalists in K-POP (please don’t kill me). I could listen to him sing all day, it wouldn’t bother me . Like I said with Minhyuk, Kihyun’s English is really good as well. “WHEN I SAY ‘Ki’ YOU SAY ‘Hyun’”

JOOHEON:He is truly one of my favorite rapper’s in the K-POP scene. The tone quality of his voice is really nice and the timber is as well, it’s different from any other rapper out in the industry. When I first saw Jooheon up on stage , the first thing I said to myself was “Wow, he is just so charismatic ” and you guys, HE IS. He has that fire in his eyes that will lure you right in. He’s such a cutie in real life. One moment he’s showing his dimples and passing out chocolate but the next he’s hip thrusting you into next week. Like I said before, his English is superb. “Chicago is best”

CHANGKYUN: can we all just take a second to appreciate how beautiful this man is in real life. All the MX boys are beautiful but I always had a special place in my heart for Changkyun but when I saw him tonight he actually took my breath away for a while. Wow. This man is real. Just like Jooheon , the tone of his voice while rapping is so addictive and different from any other rapper which is what separates him from the rest . He was the one I kept my eyes on during the concert. “We went to the River walk in down town its was so beautiful but… I lost my wallet ” MY BABY CHANGKYUNNIE AGHHH


I’m so lucky and fortunate that I got to see my boys live, they’re all so beautiful and each one of them deserves the world.
P.s- I got a monsta X official light stick today . Said again, one of the best nights ever

Always (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

Anon requested: Your Cheryl fic was sooooo cute! It’s definitely one of my favorite fics now. Can I request another Cheryl fic? Whenever the reader is hanging out at the diner or at the theater or wherever else Cheryl keeps popping up out of nowhere and she always invites herself to join whatever the reader is doing. And reader doesn’t really mind but still they’re all like ???? Cheryl why (probably because she’s lonely 💔 poor bby)

Summary: The 5 times Cheryl found you and the 1 time you found her

Word Count: 5388 (I went a little overboard oops sorry)

Warnings: Canon attempted suicide

Author’s Note: This was my first ever request and it was such a good one! I got really excited and the thought of doing a 5+1 came immediately and I also just really love Cheryl. I hope you enjoy! I’m pretty proud of this lol. Sorry for any mistakes, requests are open!

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your wish is my command ;-)
also this contains some domestic!reddie <3333333
how about i just… start writing these tattoo hcs and fics. nothing else. 
ever. again. 

lmao just kidding

it’s a little long but… you know me by now. i couldnt write these short even if i TRIED

(part 1 part 2)

  • so richie and eddie move together when they’re both 20 and it’s a cute lil condo
  • the day is february 12th when they do it
  • even tho richie has been basically living at the kaspbrak house for the past 12 months, it’s their ACTUAL own house now
  • so richie now has a full-hand sleeve on his left hand and it is so freaking hot
  • then there’s obvs the wolf tattoo and the heart on his chest and even a lil ice cream cone on his ankle. (*cough* 4th of july parade when eddie bought them ice cream *cough*)
  • eddie can’t handle all the hotness that richie is bc now he’s seeing him literally every day
  • and he can’t stop staring at his boyfriend’s beautiful ink covered body
  • like when they’re cuddled up watching a movie
  • “eddie my hand is not the screen”
  • “idc”
  • when richie is making them breakfast without a shirt on eddie is just admiring him from afar  
  • “wow im tapping that
  • when richie falls asleep eddie is just tracing the outlines of the tattoos with his fingers and this is a fact™
  • one time richie got a scratch on one of them and eddie was freaking out … and it wasn’t over the germs first
  • and once a girl working in the movie theater said richie’s neck tattoo is really cool with a way too wide smile that triggered eddie
  • “IT IS ,,, ISN’T IT????” he calls from behind richie and immediately sneaks his hands around richie and the girl is a little weirded out (and disappointed probably) and just hands them their tickets
  • that’s right don’t look at my hot tattooed boyfriend he’s mine -eddie, all the time @ everyone who looks at richie a little too long probably
  • anyway one morning they’re sharing some lazy morning kisses in the bed and eddie is again completely heart eyes over his punk!boyfriend
  • then richie starts kissing eddie’s neck and eddie says something richie wasn’t expecting
  • “richie,,, i want a tattoo”
  • richie makes a weird slurpy sound mid- hickey sucking and lifts his face
  • “what???”
  • “yeah”
  • “you want a tattoo????”
  • eddie blushes a lil bc richie is so confused
  • “yeah” he nods
  • richie kinda just stares at him bc eddie???? his pure eddie wants a tattoo???
  • but then after a good five seconds (where eddie regrets saying his wish out loud) he’s like aw hell yES  
  • “well damn okay SURE”
  • eddie is a wide smile happy boi bc he has the cutest idea
  • they make an appointment for eddie and it’s to leah
  • they eat chinese food out of the cardboard takeaway boxes on their living room floor that night
  • “what’s it gonna be tho” asks richie
  • “you’ll see” eddie just says before munching some more spring rolls
  • it’s a small tat so leah had time for eds the next day!!
  • eddie is a little nervous bc it’s his first tattoo and he has no idea how much it’s going to hurt and taking from richie’s face that one time… well .. yeah
  • “r u nervous” leah asks as eddie sits down to the chair
  • WTF DO U THINK he wants to say
  • “a lil” he in reality says bc he’s a sweet boy
  • leah just smiles while she’s preparing the stuff
  • “dont worry im a good tattooer”
  • richie is a worried boyfriend™
  • “eddie r u sure you wanna do this. r u sure you’re not gonna pass out or anything. i mean it’s your first one.”
  • “richie im FINE”
  • “ok but i can hold ur hand”
  • eddie’s tummy fills with butterflies bc richie is the cutest
  • richie is sitting on the left side of eddie’s chair as the tattoo will be on his right arm (the outside bicep) and richie can’t see it this way
  • “ok im gonna start now” leah says
  • eddie mentally prepares himself
  • “just saying eddie u can still grab my hand”
  • and in goes the needle
  • eddie winces and immediately grabs richie’s hand
  • “its ok bby” -richie
  • (<33333: eddie, and me writing this and probably you, reading this)
  • halfway tru eddie lets go of richie’s hand
  • “why’d you’d let go are you pASSING OUT”
  • “no im fine richie your hand is just sweaty”
  • blushy richie but also upset richie bc >:( why wont eddie hold his hand thru this painful experience >:(
  • the tattoo hurts of course but it’s not as bad as eddie would have imagined. besides he did get his arm broken by a killer clown so
  • “oookay!!! it’s done!!!” leah then finally says and eddie whistles in relief
  • “BOUT TIME I WANNA SEE IT” says richie
  • eddie gets up and richie grabs his arm gently, staring at the tattoo on it but frowns
  • “what is it…”
  • it’s a odd pair of roman numerals
  • “it’s a date” eddie says
  • “what date” richie asks
  • wtf eddie he’s confused he thought you were gonna tattoo like. a squirrel on a skateboard or something
  • “don’t u know any of the numbers?” eddie asks, he’s waiting for richie to get it
  • “i know tha one means 1” richie says
  • eddie smiles
  • “and that means 2.”
  • “yes….” his bf is cute when he has his thinking face on
  • “2…12…” richie frowns
  • “and what date would that be” eddie asks, amused
  • “february 12th” richie says
  • he thinks about it for a moment
  • then his eyes widen and he moves his gaze up to stare at eddie who’s already staring back into his eyes and has a warm smile on his face
  • “you….. you… you tattooed the date we moved together….???” richie asks
  • eddie nods
  • richie wants to CRY
  • he can’t believe eddie would tattoo the date he moves together with someone like richie
  • because to richie it was obviously the best thing to ever happen to him because his childhood home was a hellhole and now he’s living together with his boyfriend who he adores and he couldn’t be happier
  • but eddie????
  • THAT EDDIE. would tattoo. a milestone. like that. on his skin. forever
  • “holy shit” eddie blurts out
  • “what”
  • “are you CRYING
  • richie however doesn’t even try to hide it unlike eddie did when it came to the inhaler
  • “i can’t believe u tattooed that” he sniffs
  • “well obviously” eddie smiles and wipes a tear from under richie’s eye
  • “i love u” richie says
  • “i love u too bunny” eddie says
  • ((bc he might just call richie bunny??? just decided))
  • then there’s a clear of throat so quickly they turn around and richie wipes some more of his tears away
  • “im sorry you guys are really cute and everything but i got another customer coming in five minutes so” leah says
  • “RIGHT. sorry” eddie says and hands the money
  • thank you’s are exchanged and then the cutest gay couple in town walks out of the shop
  • “know what richie???”
  • “what?” richie asks, still taken aback and a little absent because he’s still trying to process how does eddie kaspbrak love him so much
  • “i think im gonna get a new one next week”
  • richie stares at him wide eyed
  • “probably to my other arm or something” eddie casually shrugs
  • just imagine cute sweet eddie suddenly getting tattoos. imagine cute sweet now tattooed eddie wearing oversized sweaters and smoking cigarettes. and imagine him getting a nose ring. imagine his brown hair getting a lil longer and messier….
  • because richie did
  • and now he’s going to pass out

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anonymous asked:

rfa+ Saeran going to pride for the first time with with MC?

A/N: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH MY GUYS! THOUGH IT’S ALMOST OVER? (For where I live anyway, pride month is June! I heard some places celebrate in May??) I STILL WANTED TO TRY AND GET THIS OUT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH AAA ~Admin 404


               -You didn’t even tell him what this parade was for

               -All you said was “Do you want to go to a parade with me”

               -And he was THERE

               -Parade? FUCK YEAH! Loves him some parades

               -Fried food, bright colours, fun booths, cute floats? Yes yes yes!

               -You decided to just wait until you brought him to tell him what the parade was actually for

               -Though when the two of you got there, and he noticed literally everything was rainbow, he kind of pieced two and two together…


               -Was actually really honoured that you wanted to go to something like this with him?? Like you’re loud and proud about your relationship and that makes him giggle

               -Seeing all of the insane outfits was definitely fun for him!


               -“MC… we… we don’t have to be naked or anything for this.. right?” No baby it’s okay


               -I know I said as red as could be, but that’s because you didn’t think he could get any redder. But oh, were you mistaken

               -He turned almost glowing red when he watched you just shoving the condoms in your pockets

               -“I’m not gonna just waste these, Yoosung, that’s rude” OH MY GOD MC DON’T TALK LIKE THAT OUT LOUD

               -Was disappointed that he didn’t get to dress up or anything like that so you found a group of nice people with some body paint and asked if they could do something for him!

               -Cutie walked around with a completely rainbow painted face (yours matching) and could not stop taking pictures

               -10/10 sent any and all photos to the group chat, always talking about how much he loved you and this parade!

*ZEN: Male!MC

               -“MC! It’s the pride parade!”

               -Oh no

               -You’d love to go with him, of course!

               -Your relationship is…. well it’s absolutely perfect to the two of you but there are still those who question it

               -His fans are practically split in half between completely idolizing your relationship, and the other half just wanted Zen for themselves

               -So you were pretty afraid to attend pride like that, so out in the open, so…exposed

               -But he was a-okay with it

               -He didn’t care what others have to say about the two of you???

               -Once the two of you actually got there though, it was a m a z i n g

               -People would recognize Zen left and right and they would be so excited that he even showed up!

               -But when they saw the two of you holding hands, they practically exploded (in a good way)

               -THEY WERE SO ECSTATIC!

               -Their favourite actor is part of the LBGT+ community and they are HYPED

               -People are coming up frequently to congratulate the two of you on your beautiful relationship

               -He even sang a few love songs up on a few stages, loving as the crowds went wild!

               -The one thing he couldn’t stand though, was all the hateful protesting

               -He tried to ignore it at first but as the day went on he couldn’t stop himself from walking over and yell back at them

               -To prove a point, he pulled you into a deep kiss- eliciting hundreds if not thousands of whistles and cheers from the crowd at the parade

               -You had to physically hold him back from fighting one protester though

*JAEHEE: Female!MC

               -“Jaehee! The pride parade’s coming up! We should go!”

               -P A N I C

               -She loves you and most definitely isn’t afraid to tell you that, but…

               -She is afraid of others hating her for it? She really dislikes confrontation

               -But you assure her that it’s a completely safe space! It’s full of allies and others celebrating same sex love!

               -Agrees to go along, and even dresses up to match you

               -The two of you have adorable shirts with unicorns on it that says “Squad goals”!

               -Embarrassed because she doesn’t use slang like that but the two of you just looked so cute!

               -And honestly? Seeing all of the happy couples expressing their love, the loud and proud people just enjoying their time, thousands of colours and confetti everywhere; she’s in love

               -Like?? It’s a place?? In public??? Where she can kiss you all she wants??

               -She does every now and then but she’s still embarrassed the poor bby

               -L o v e s the booths!

               -Thinks it’s important to support those in the LGBT+ community who create works of art!

               -Honestly bought like 20 pounds in books solely because they look amazing and are by up and coming LBGT+ writers (not to mention they all promised part of the proceeds go to charities!)

               -She’s part of the RFA she feels it’s like an unspoken duty of hers to do anything related to charities


               -Lowkey wants to set up a booth next year for your coffee shop

               -“It’s a good business investment, MC” “You just want to come to pride again next year, you don’t have to lie” “A GOOD! BUSINESS! INVESTMENT!”


               - ah yes

               - jumin han does gay

               - im soRRY I COULDNT RESIST

               -He was kind of against going to this parade

               -Not because it was for pride or anything but because he was just iffy about all the people

               -Does he really want to go and be surrounded by thousands of people, all of them bumping against him??

               -Well one look into your puppy dog eyes and the answer was yes, yes he did

               -You had to convince him to leave (most) of the body guards at home

               -There were a few that followed a moderate amount of distance behind but you caught them lowkey fawning over the two of you when he would give you a quick kiss on the nose or squeeze your hand

               -Honestly a few other couples would stop the two of you and tell you how cute the two of you were??

               -It would get Jumin so flustered and you were SO THANKFUL because wow look at my cutie he’s adorable

               -If any protesters even thought about something rude to you the bodyguards were there in an instant

               -You dragged Jumin along with you as you looked at each and every booth, placing the beaded necklaces they gave out around his neck

               -The funny part is, he just let you?? Like okay MC

               -At one point the necklaces stacked so high that you couldn’t see anything lower than his eyes

               -He didn’t want to disappoint you by taking them off so he left them until you noticed and laughed your ass off

               -Definitely took pictures before you distributed most of the necklaces among the two of you and the body guards

               -“MC, do you think Elizabeth would enjoy this rainbow collar?” “Juju that’s not for cats” “….Would you enjoy this collar?” JUMIN NOT IN PUBLIC

               -He saw some… interesting outfits, to say the least

               -“Commoners are very… odd, aren’t they?” that’s rude

               -Saw someone walking their partner on a leash

               -The moment you saw him side-eye you, you jabbed him in the ribs with your elbow, eliciting a slight grunt from him

               -“Don’t even think about it pretty boy”

               -To get back at him for even thinking about walking you on a leash, you poured a ton of glitter over his head while he was looking at some merchandise

               -Actually chased you through the large crowd, picking you up and spinning you before kissing you gently once he caught you

               -People cheered because wow look y'all are so cute together


               -You wanted to go in support of your friends!

               -But more than anything, you wanted to go and support your boyfriend!

               -He was pretty against going at first, because he was afraid of what people would think about him

               -It’s not like he advertises that he’s pansexual, so what would his friends think? Would they change their opinions of him?

               -“Saeyoung, you just love whoever you love, it’s not as if gender truly matters, right? So why would our friends be against who you are as a person?”

               -That’s what got him thinking- you completely support him… so why wouldn’t his friends be supportive?

               -After all, they are supportive of all his gender-swapped costumes….

               -You reminded him that he didn’t have to come out if he didn’t want to. A lot of people who are simply just Allies attend as well, no one would know how he fit into the community unless he told them

               -He had seen pictures of a few parades before, and he noticed all the insane costumes people wear

               -So of course?? He had to go all out?? If he had to go, he might as well, right?

               -Completely decked out in rainbow body glitter, boxers with hearts all over them, and you even helped him put temporary hair dye to make it rainbow!

               -Honestly he was in love the moment the two of you showed up??

               -So many people dressed up insanely without a care in the world, bright colours flying everywhere, people being loud and proud

               -His jaw honestly dropped at the sight of it all

               - Every time he saw a dog wearing a rainbow bandana he’s smacking your arm- you have bruises by the end of the day

               -He’s yelling, singing, laughing, and you haven’t seen him have this much fun in a while and you were absolutely loving watching him enjoy himself

               -“MC! Look! Look at how proud everyone is to just be themselves, isn’t it amazing?” he held your hands and looked down at them, “I wish I had the confidence to be like them. I don’t even know where to start!”

               -“Just do whatever makes you comfortable and go at your own pace! Hey, you’re in a parade full of strangers you probably won’t see again, why don’t you come out to someone? No one here is going to judge you!’

               -So he did! Actually, he did quite a few times! And he felt a m a z i n g

               -So good in fact, that he told you he was ready to tell his friends!

               -He spent the rest of his day at pride asking people how about their experiences with coming out, getting tips about the best way to do it, and getting nonstop support from tons of people! He felt so at home, the next week or so he was clinging to you, never knowing how to fully thank you

*V: Female!MC

               -THIS BOY LOVES LOVE

               -Any and all love is beautiful for him

               -So he’s super duper excited when you suggest going to pride!

               -SUPER ALLIES, MC AND JIHYUN!

               -Honestly, all of the happy people, bright colours, glitter, and especially all of the couples obviously in love make him S O E C S T A T I C

               -He brings a backpack full of brand new SD cards for his camera, and he 10/10 believes he’s gonna fill them all

               -He asks people in the most outgoing outfits if he can take their photo, and he giggles at all of the poses they do

               -Up close and personal to all of the floats to get pictures of every single detail

               -When he sees couples getting cozy, he asks to take photos to celebrate their love!

               - v that can get a lil creepy

               -Always offers to take a photo on their phone for them as well so he seems less crazy

               -He’s pretty sassy when he wants to be, if you didn’t already know

               -So when he sees protesters with such hateful signs, he takes it upon himself to fight back

               -He finds someone with extra signs and holds them up proudly!

               -When people shout out hateful things, he gently asks them why they think that

               -Always talking to them soft and gentle, which confuses the hell out of all of them because?? They’re trying to be hateful?? But this soft giant is talking to them so nicely???


               -It’s such a large difference in demeanor and even you’re thrown off guard

*SAERAN: Female!MC

               -He’s actually the one who asked you to go to pride with him??

               -In private, he told you that he might… have wanted to attend… to show support for his brother?

               -He’s really bad at showing he cares but he’s trying to do it bits at a time

               -But when Saeyoung brings it up he acts like he’s against it

               -“Why the fuck would I want to go to that, there’s going to be so many people there, I don’t want that”

               - but goes anyway

               -He didn’t want to really want to dress up, but you convinced him to at least let you paint a small rainbow flag on his cheek (though it did take several days to do the convincing)

               -He was really grumpy at first, being dragged to and fro either by you or his brother

               -Having to squeeze through half naked, loud, or already morning-drunk people

               -Started to really regret attending until he saw how much fun his brother was having?

               -He had never seen Saeyoung this relaxed in his life and he silently decided he could put up with all of it for him, just this once

               -The two of you enjoyed visiting all of the booths though

               -At every booth, you get a  couple of bead necklaces

               -Saeran put them all on. All of them. All of his, all of yours, all of Saeyoungs.

               -Completely covered in bead necklaces, and he l o v e s i t

               -If you ask for some to wear you just get this look from him- not a glare, but a kind of look that screams “don’t even think about it”

               -He also demanded ice cream as much as possible

               -You tried so hard to cut him off but he just didn’t. stop.

               -Saeran pls there are 47 ice cream wrappers in my pocket p l e a s e


anonymous asked:

oh ok thanks for answering so fast :) even it's fake that's still nice for my namjin imagination lol can you tell me what was written after daddy please... i can't read it :( Oh by the way what do you think about namjin since the beginning of 2017?, do you also feel that they interact less compared to their early debut where they looked so close to me, always standing next to each other, rapmon always touching jin hand when talking etc... i'm a bit sad, do you also feel it or is it just me?

I think it says “bby sin” - which ??? I have no idea what that means.

Beginning of 2017? We’re only 3 months in so I dont think we can make a general statement and say that “ there werent much namjin moments this year”. But I feel like, with the whole Wings comeback last year, NamJin has just been everywhere and more in your face then it has ever before- 

Exhibit A - when Namjoon and Jin had no chill and were openly flirting at a fan-signing 

Exhibit B - when they gave us this christmas gift and defined the word married

Exhibit C - when they actually got married in Japan and did a whole photoshoot on it

Exhibit D - when they couldnt contain their joy at winning at the AAAs

(lol im Yoongi in the back admiring them)

Exhibit D  - when Jin had some words of encouragement (?? sure) for Namjoon and vkook were all of us

Exhibit E - when they ended all ships with this one v live

And lets not forget:

And when it comes to holding hands and standing next to each other, well…

So anon dont be sad! Namjin is here and to me, 2016 was THEIR YEAR and fingers crossed that 2017 will be too! 

Shy Sleepovers

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman x reader

A/N: Hey bbys! I’m still taking request so fill it up with whoever and whatever you want! I write all kinds expect any that cross boundaries, but I do write smut just no breath play and all that. This is pretty short, but I hope you enjoy!

Request: This was requested, but I can’t remember where so lemme just tell you guys that it involves a very shy (Y/N) who is tied up by Diana and like its smut so yeah just read to find out. 

Warning: NSFW veryyyy dirty so please be cautious when reading 

Originally posted by usagirotten

You weren’t the best when it came to talking to other people. You tend to stutter and lose eye contact as anxiety attacks you once again. You loved the introvert life anyways, Netflix and ice cream were practically your best friends. Your computers were the one thing you loved more than your own life. So when you got really good with hacking, that’s when the Justice League came into your life.

You were new to the whole thing and having all the intel and secrets from team was still really scary. They were kind especially Diana, who was very touchy and ecstatic that a new girl was finally joining the team. Even if you worked behind the doors. She loved hugging and cuddling up to you, and she would never stop touching your hair and face as she stood so much taller. That’s when it all hit you. You liked her, actually more than liked her. But you know that you guys could only be friends. Just friends.

Days roll around as you noticed how close you and Diana have been. She’s taken you to her favorite ice cream parlor and she brought you to the park for a picnic. She recently had asked you for a sleepover at her place and of course you said yes.

Now here you are standing in front of her house. You rung the doorbell several times until you heard fast feet in house come to the door. The door opens to show the woman of your dreams standing there in a grey loose t-shirt and unicorn pajama shorts.

“Wow. You look um amazing.” You can’t help but stare at this literal goddess in front of you.

“So do you.” Her hand pulls you in and takes your bag out of your hand. She sits you down next to her as the tv flickers on. You were kinda enjoying the moment as you slowly leaned your head on her shoulder.

“You wanna play a game?” You rose up and decided to say yes since it is her sleepover.

“Yeah sure.”You smiled sweetly as you pulled out a chair to sit on the other side of her living room table while she sat on the couch.

“Okay, we’re gonna play never have I ever. You know the rules right?”

“Um ye-yeah I guess.”

“This time let’s make sure you’re not actually lying by using my whip.” She smiled sweetly hoping you won’t back out. You’ve lied to her many times before so you kinda knew this was going to happen.

“Is it going to hurt?”

“No sweetie don’t worry.” Sweat was already pouring out of your head as you slowly shook your head up and down. She took you hands and wrapped them with the rope. The she poured wine into your cup along with hers.

“Yay great! Okay so I’m going to start first. Never have I ever owned a puppy.”

You shook your head yes so she put the cup up to your mouth.

“Okay my turn, never have I ever traveled on plane more than twice.” She took a sip smirking towards you.

“Time to get more personal. Never have I ever had a crush on one of the members of the Justice League.” You looked down and quietly said ‘yes I have’.

“Oh My God, (Y/N) who!” You were going to say no one, but it slipped right out of your mouth.

“Diana.” You shut your mouth as quick as you could hoping she didn’t catch that.

“Wait, me? Oh My Goddess.”

“Wait Diana I didn’t mean th—Yes I did I meant that so much and oh my goodness the way you look everyday just turns me on and I can’t help but to stare at your wonderful figure especially that ass.” You couldn’t believe that all came from your dirty mouth like you don’t even cuss, what is happening to you? This is going to ruin everything between you guys.

“(Y/N). If I knew, I would’ve done this slumber party sooner.” Her dark lustful eyes stare at you as her hands glide between your legs. Her hands start to pry open you legs as you look closely at her delicate fingers working their way towards your center.

Soon enough she starts to circle your still clothed crotch listening closely to your whimpers.

“Oh My God. Diana, touch me please.” You decided the best thing to do is to bite your lip down.

“God if you keep whimpering and biting that lip of yours, I might just have to take you right here right now.” You groan out hoping she’ll get the sign that you’re willing to take that chance also.

“Please Diana.”You whimper noticing how you’re already wetting the seat below you.

“Please what baby?” She is really testing you right now.

“Just fucking touch me.” You strangle those few words out as you beg for her to do what you ask.

“As you wish.” Finally.

She slowly pulled down your shorts and underwear as her wondering eyes stayed still upon your center.

“Beautiful.” The word she just said made you just melt inside.

Her fingers stroke the outside in circle motions as you moan out her name several times, but somehow you still haven’t cussed yet. She touched them like they were thick petals in the way of her nectar. Her face reached closer and closer to her prize as you felt her breath hit the surface. Tingles arose as you heart beat louder than ever before.

“Before I do this (Y/N), are you sure you want to keep going?” She didn’t have to ask you twice as you blurt out yes several times. Wow you were too demanding. You shut yourself up as you redeem yourself.

“Oops, um I mean please?” You winced out, but she chuckled on how adorable you were in such a hot moment.

Her tongue stroked up upon your clit as you jumped up in pleasure.

“Oh my starssss. Yes ugh right therrree fuck meeee.” Your eyes rolled all the way to the back of your head as her tongue explored the many corners that even you haven’t tried to reach.

The taste to her was sweet like the honey suckles back at the Myscira. Diana teased the labia and used her tongue strongly against the layers. Your legs have found its way wrapping around her head as your hands were still tied together.

“Pl-please give me more Diana.” Then her two fingers slowly glided deeper as they pumped softly inside. You’ve never tried something this hard in your life so you knew you had to get used to the feeling first. She pushed slowly back and forth and gradually pushed faster and faster inside.

“Hm Diana baby, oh my zeus.” The double pleasure was driving you over the edge as she continued the rhythm by using her tongue along with her fingers.

“Yes use that tongue of yours! Ugh fuck baby fill me up.” Then her finger curled in and reached your g spot earning a very vocal moan from your mouth. Diana smiled against the wet lips as you finally came on her mouth and fingers.

“Diana!!!” You shrieked out as she curled her finger so far up and finally let you ride out your orgasm. She cleaned you up and then herself while you tried to get out of this lasso. She chuckled as she helped you regain control of your wrist.

“You are very loud (Y/N), I’ve never heard you cuss like that, I would love to hear more.” You blushed deeply as you looked down at the ground.

She pulled off the chair and then reached for the edge of your shirt pulling it upwards. Her arms wrap around your waist while her lips sucked softly on your neck. She pushes you to walk to her bedroom still latching onto your lips and neck.

“Let’s carry this on in the bedroom now shall we?” She grins as you start pulling her now.

“We shall.” Let’s just say you weren’t as shy as it seemed especially after that night.

anonymous asked:

Your hc's are so good! Can you do one where RFA + V + Saeran react to MC teasing them for days, maybe weeks even, but never making hanky panky? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hello there! This is my first ever HC in my whole life. OMG. I really enjoyed writing this. <3 sending love to you anon

-Mod Fluffy.


  • Poor boy thinks that he’s such a pervert.
  • Shit. Yoosung. Focus. What are you thinking ?!
  • “Yoosungiee~~ Can you hand me the towel? I forgot to bring it here" Yaas MC, it’s the fourth time that you forgot that goddamn towel in a week.
  • Blushing meSS.
  • It’s been like, 5 days when you decided to wear his hoodie over your short shorts while he was playing LOLOL. “Yoosungiee~~” you said as you slowly walked towards him and sat on his lap.
  • Poor bby doesn’t know what to do “M-MC! Oh my god. ”
  • You smiled seductively and gave him a peck on the cheek. He stared at you, unable to move.He can feel heat slowly getting into every inch of his body. You slowly moved closer while still looking into his eyes.
  • Melts like fucking cheese on top of pizza.
  • Okay. Self Control. I. Need. You. Now.
  • You sheepishly grin “Oh. Your hero just died, I’m sorry I distracted you. I’ll go ahead and sleep.” You got of from his lap and went ahead.
  • Wait- WHAT?!
  • MC. WHyieeeee?
  • Sulks all night long and looks at you like a puppy who didn’t got a treat the next day.


  • He won’t last a day. Or so you thought.
  • Is really good at ignoring your erotic back stretching with matching moans and intense eye contact.
  • You decided to take a shower while he was on the bed- reading his script. You bravely got out of the bathroom with only a towel on you to see ZEN the Knight~~~ but sleeping.
  • You’ve been doing the same routine for three days but there’s no reaction but a couple of choking and mumbling plus a few seconds of Zen closing his eyes- chanting a silent mantra.
  • You were eating breakfast when you suddenly stared at him right into the eye.
  • “M-MC? What’s wrong?”
  • You slowly parted your lips, not breaking eye contact. “Nothing, Lovely Zen. I’m just trying to tie the cherry stem with my tongue.”
  • That’s.IT.
  • Unleash the beast.
  • “Wa- wait! Zen!”
  • 911 MC needs help.


  • It’s been five days that you are teasing Baehee at work. Sending nudes at random times.
  • Poor baehee blushes the whole time.
  • “Jaehee, what do you think of this lingerie?”
  • Shit. MC. Stop it. Please. I need to finish this pile of reports.
  • Kisses you on the lips RIGht away when she comes home. Grabs your clothes–
  • “Jaehee. Stop. I need to go to my sister’s dorm tonight. I’ll be back before 10.”
  • Is left standing at the hallway.
  • MC.Wha-Why?!
  • Drowns herself into the comfort of coffee the whole night.
  • Won’t talk to you until you make it up to her. ;)


  • Won’t give in.
  • Pretends to not notice it. But he does.
  • Have I already told you that he does notice it?
  • It’s been a week and he noticed that you already gave up.
  • Pins you unto the wall “So, you think I didn’t notice you teasing me, huh Princess? Don’t you know how hard it is to control my self ? You’ve been a bad girl. I need to punish you.”
  • #censored
  • #Daddy Jumin
  • #Fifty Shades of Chairman-To-Be


  • Turns the same color as his hair
  • “M-MC? Please cover up a bit.”
  • Is he saying something? Ohohoho. MC haven’t heard a thing.
  • You walked towards him, aggressively turning his swivel chair towards you and climbing up to straddle him.
  • Error 707 has stopped working.
  • You pressed your body to his. And started kissing him.
  • In The Name Of The F—
  • He grabbed you by the waist and started kissing down your neck.
  • “Wai-Wait! Saeyoung! I need to tell you something!.
  • Momentarily stops and stares at you.
  • “We’re out of Honey Buddha Chips”
  • Will probably forget about you teasing him and him losing control.
  • 10/10 will panic because of Honey Buddha Chips.
  • “MC! Why’d you tell me just now?”


  • Honestly, he doesn’t mind.
  • Oh wait. He does.
  • Will make a plan to have his way.
  • Huh. You were teasing him and won’t do it. He’ll surely find a way for you to give up that crazy teasing game.
  • 10/10 will prepare a path of rose petals at home with dim lights and sexy as hell music. Will usher you to bath that he prepared himself.
  • Romantic as hell. Like. Who the heck has the audacity to not give him the hanky panky willy wonka with that kind of treatment he will give you.


  • Tease? Who? Him? You sure?
  • Days? u kiddin him,right?
  • This boi won’t last 5 minutes if you’re gonna walk in front of him wearing his Shirt with your undies underneath.
  • “Saeraaan~~”
  • Self Control? The heck is that? Tease me MC, but be responsble for what happens next. ;)

hey y’all! so basically i just hit 1.4k, and I still can’t believe I’m here. tbh i’m still wrapping my head around the fact that i’ve passed 1k!! i appreciate every single one of you who follow me, and this the least i could do.

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@nymphadorcas: rey!! we’ve only been talking for so long, but you’ve impacted my life so much. you’ve always been there for me, even when i’m pissy and shitty. i hope we can be friend for much longer bc ilysm and idk what i’d do if i lost you

@lunalovey: viv, i remember when we first talked and you were still a smol blog. i’ve watched your blog grow to the amazing huge blog it is now! i’m so grateful to have you as a friend! also keep memeing bc i’m lov ur memes

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@padfootd: daisy daisy daisy. u may not know this but i’ve admired your blog since i got on tumblr, and i’m still in awe of how perfect it is. perfect blog for a perfect person eh? we haven’t been talking for that long, but ilysm and i hope everything goes well for u!!

@lilypotthr: soph we haven’t talked in so long!!! you’re probably one of the people i’ve talked to longest here, and i’m so glad we started talking. you’ve helped me through my weird stuff and also helped me start writing again. i can’t thank you enough, and don’t go changing

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Boyfriend Minhyuk

Anon: Can you do ‘what would Minhyuk (Monsta X) be like as a boyfriend’ please?

Originally posted by gwihyonnie

  • He’s such a soft bby who loves you with his whole heart and his entire being!!! 💖
  • He thinks about you all the time!! When he sees birds singing!! When it’s a sunny day!! Everything bright and happy reminds him of you!!
  • Despite how soft he is for you,,
  • he still loves food more ;w;
  • Food is number one in his life.
  • But you’re a very close second!! :D
  • Goes above and beyond to make you smile, to show you how much he truly cares for you.
  • Whines like a baby if he doesn’t get attention.
  • He demands all your love so if you give it to someone else, he’s pouting and tugging at your clothes: “Baaaaabe :( Don’t you love me anymore?”
  • Cuddles are his absolute favourite.
  • There’s nothing better than cuddling with you after a hard day.
  • He loves to be the big spoon, to feel like your protector and nestle his nose into your hair. “Aaah, is this a new shampoo? It smells really good!”
  • But don’t be fooled ..
  • he’s a sub at heart.
  • Being the little spoon, being looked after and doted on by you, makes his heart race.
  • He has the biggest grin when you wake him up with kisses.
  • Or when you kiss him in general.
  • Kisses range from pecks to intense, heated makeouts. He puts his entire energy into showing his love through kisses. Whenever you’re down, a single kiss from him perks you right up.
  • He’s not embarrassed about a kiss or two with the boys around.
  • But passionate kisses, where he presses you to the wall and steals your breath, are purely for private time.
  • As you can guess, skinship is a must.
  • He just loves holding and touching you, feeling your warmth and having you close.
  • Oh, as I mentioned above, he’s a definite sub
  • Tends to put you first, to do what you want, to pick up food you like, even if he doesn’t like it.
  • So make sure you don’t take advantage of that good nature. Put him first, do what he wants to do, buy him his favourite food. All these things show him you care and not only that, but a relationship involves both people. No one has a right to control the other partner.
  • So don’t just take but give too.
  • Oh, he’s a sub in the bedroom too,,
  • And a loud one at that ..
  • So everyone knows when you two are getting busy :^)
  • ((It’s best to wait until the dorm is empty, to spare everyone the embarrassment lol))
  • His smile is so contagious.
  • You two were talking about the future one night and you casually mentioned “I hope our future kids have your smile” which made him smile for the whole day
  • (his cheeks were so sore afterwards)
  • (the boys were really worried)
  • (changkyun even googled if u could die from smiling for 24 hours straight)
  • (it was that serious)
  • but it was such a sweet sentiment & it reassured him you were the one for him bc
  • “I’ve thought about that too and .. I hope our future kids inherit your eyes.”
  • Unlike most boys, that like when their partner wears their clothes (which he does too!!), he prefers to wear your clothes
  • They smell like you and that’s so comforting.
  • Snuggling up in your over-sized shirts when he’s on tour, makes him feel less lonely.
  • Dating him is like dating the sun, basically.
  • Not only is he warm physically but he’s a warm person in general. The relationship is overflowing with love and affection. Even people who don’t know you, who are strangers passing by on the street, even they can tell you’re both in love. His career is his main focus right now but he’s 100% sure that his future will involve you. And maybe a bunch of babies in a beautiful home and flowers growing in the lawn ✨

anonymous asked:

Hey could you do one where the MC only writes/talks only in ones and zeroes (binary code talk)?

This one was quite hard to write but hopefully it’s still sort of good?????


-Poor bby has no idea what you’re saying
-Why do you keep writing and talking in ones and zeroes?
-Can you not speak Korean?
-No-that can’t be it, you speak it just fine in the messenger
-When you told him that you just like speaking in binary code it kind of confuses him a bit because why? Would? You? Speak? That?
-Asks for either Seven or you to teach him so that he can be apart of this special talk as well

Zen/Hyun Ryu

-What the hell are you saying?
-He’s now wondering if you really are a robot because you speak in this weird number language
-You finally said to him that you’re speaking in binary code and you just like talking like that
-He kindly asks you if you could just speak regularly when you’re with him because he doesn’t understand shit that come out of your mouth
-You agree because if you didn’t know what you’re partner was speaking either you’d get really confused
-He also asks what you were saying when you were speaking in that code
The world may never know


-No. Stop it.
-She was not going to tolerate this
-You reminded her too much of Seven and mostly she didn’t understand what you’re saying
-You reluctantly agree saying that you’d stop speaking like that because she keeps getting very annoyed at you for speaking like that
-But, sometimes you do sneak in a little binary note on her coffee cup that she get’s confused by
-She just gave up and accepted your stupid binary code notes


-When he saw you writing in some weird numbers he was very quick to call you out on it
-You just said that it was called “binary code” and it took him a while to understand
-He went out immediately after you said that and you were very confused
-Was he upset by this?
-A couple minutes later he came back with a book in his hand
-Turns out he bought a binary code dictionary just so he could understand your writing


-It’s like your own secret language for the both of you
-Since no one else in the RFA really understood it (well except for his brother) you could sneak in some gossip about the other members
-You had to keep quiet sometimes because Saeran did know what you were saying and you couldn’t let him hear what you both were saying
-In every RFA meeting the other members get extremely confused and keep asking what you’re both saying because it’s just another language that they don’t understand
-You get yelled at by Jumin and Jaehee a couple times because of it



anonymous asked:

I’d love to see a comic about maybe after Keith finished with his vlog he storms to his room crying then lance finds him and Keith explains everything about his mom and stuff while still crying Just a thought :)

Anon: Can you do a picture of Lance comforting his bby Keith after the vlog~? 💗

that would be cute but I feel like it would turn out too similar to the comic I posted the other day ;v; so maybe another time

anonymous asked:

name your top 5 gay lena moments

*inhales sharply* *heart rattles in chest* *sweats*

I can’t do them in order because im a mess but

1. Let’s start with the unnecessarily seductive whining for supergirl to go to her party.

Lena, bby, please. why? (dont stop)

2. The overly flirtatious couch scene after kara practically dragged her whole life in that article and also probably spelled 15 words wrong in the final copy, but lena is still gushing.

“do tell” 

3. you now have complete access to my entire life whenever you want, also, here are some smoldering bedroom eyes for no reason.

4. i’m going to narrate like i’m reading fanfic, and also, i’m sexy as fuck in this coat. kombucha can fucking wait, wanna bang?

5. and finally, of course, i’ve been wandering in the desert for years, and you, kara danvers, are a talllllll glass of water.

Thanks, bye, i’m dead.


I hope this is what you wanted :”) ilysm💖 ⭐️ requests are open !! ⭐️ masterlist

can you make a cute artist!au w renjun bc that is probably the cutest and softest au ever :’)

  • art class is!! really fun
  • u basically got to do ur own thing on an assigned project and chat n have as much fun as you wanted
  • and 👀👀
  • there’s renjun
  • he’s a rly cute and soft boy who absolutely loves that class
  • and watching him draw or paint or just mess around was pure joy !!he would space out a lot with the end of his pencil in his mouth,, just thinking about what to do next
  • and sometimes he would just smile sO bright because of how funny a line or feature looked
  • a lot of the time he was more quiet and to himself, just sketching away and humming and occasionally looking up
  • but u never really paid attention to what he was looking at 👀👀
  • sO
  • one day when u were going to get ur snuffs
  • he was smiling really wide to the point where u could see his lil snaggle tooth 🤧🤧 (REST IN PEACE)
  • he was drawing in a very awkward position so he could cover the paper with his arm
  • and u were rly wanting to see it,, ofC
  • so u peeked over his shoulder and saw a really really pretty sketch :”)
  • but there was hearts and stars and flowers all over the background
  • nicely blended also
  • he didn’t realize you were there until you complimented him
  • then he waS SCREAMING
  • “OH hello,,, uHm may I help yOU??”
  • “yEa, wHAT were u drawing 👀👀”
  • when u ask him he gets all blushy and cute and closes it really fast
  • avoiding eye contact as much as possible too,, and lots of shaking
  • he says smth really dumb too
  • “MY C—ACTUS”
  • renjun w t f
  • he had a crush on u and u couldn’t see it smh u eggo
  • bUt then u just left him alone because he obviously wasn’t comfortable with sharing
  • and then the day after in art
  • he found the courage to sit beside you and watch you paint the scenery instead of letting you watch him
  • and when u weren’t looking, he just smiled so softly and did a cute laugh if u messed up
  • and then said encouraging words to make you feel better about the wrong stroke or bad blend or failed technique
  • “messing up just makes your art ten times more beautiful!!!”
  • after a week of just helping you and keeping you company, he stopped you after class on a Friday probs and gave you a SOFT and nervous smile and it conCERNED u a lot
  • and he was stuttering quite a bit probably :(
  • but he ended up asking you about his art
  • hMmm “could you come by my house sometime so I could get help with a drawing????”
  • oFC u said yes,, if u said no I would’ve hunted u down ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  • and he wrote his number on ur hand rly fast with his special tracing pen
  • and zoomed out of the room bc he was so nervous
  • iT WAS cute though !!! soft shy baby boy
  • after school tho
  • he probs texted you right away n made it nice!! And sent lots of hearts n smiley faces
  • “du trist edderkopp 👺”
  • he was so cute and awkward n,, u just lov him
  • even though it was making u anxious n whatnot (pROBABLY I mean,, renjun is so cute how could he not make you nervous
  • you went over to his house for whatever he needed
  • I feel like his house would feel reALLY welcoming
  • nice flowers at the front n a fresh lawn and a lil porch decoration
  • and then he answers the door in pajamas bc he fORGOT and he was just screeching into his sketchbook or smth and stressing about this very moment
  • you’re trying not to laugh bc CUTENESS and he’s so embarrassed
  • it’s awful,, poor bby :(
  • he’s rUNNING while saying you can come inside and just leaving a trail of tears
  • but in like 5 minutes he’s back with a presentable outfit and those glasses that make him look so precious :”)
  • and he still has messy hair which makes him 29389292x cuter so u don’t say anything
  • but he just sets his sketchbook at a table and pulls out a chair for u 🤧🤧
  • “hEY do u want anything???”
  • “UHm 👀👀 can I have water ??”
  • his smile omg
  • probably smiles n runs to his kitchen,, ready to make u the best glass of water you’ve ever had
  • his sketchbook was one of those rly aesthetic ones !!!
  • the front was a little old and torn at the corners and it had lots of dirty on the edges and papers shoved in between pages
  • it looked so tempting to open :”)) but u had to rESPECT
  • he comes running in with some water and a tiny plate of cookies or whatever u prefer
  • “you mentioned it while you were sketching your background!!” 
  • while ur drinking ur water,,,
  • “uhh renjun??? why did I come over??”
  • “oH, I needed help with drawing someone!! you both have similar features and I needed an example!!”
  • as he was drawing and looking back n forth from u and the paper, you couldn’t help but notice how happy n determined he looked
  • he started making small talk with you after like five minutes so you wouldn’t be bored and you both learned a lot
  • and soon, he was done with the sketch and had asked for you to come back another time
  • it happened to be the following saturday
  • and throughout the whole week in art, both of you talked the whole time about so much
  • he was a good friend of yours at that point, and he was so much more interesting
  • he paid attention to all of your quirks and habits and literally fell in love with them all
  • if you liked to chew on ur nails or smth
  • he would laugh a lil and grab your hands and give u a warm smile
  • or if you liked to ramble a lot and stopped in between to say “sORRY I’ll stop :>”
  • he would frown n ask you to keep talking so he could work better
  • he paid attention to it all and remembered every little thing you said
  • you like flowers?? he’s already painting 20940 different kinds !!
  • when u went over again,, u went in his tiny art room
  • it was cozy and bright in there with lots of supplies on shelves and art hung up all over
  • and it was aLL his art !!
  • he probably had a painting of moomintroll and snorkmaiden tBH and when u asked what it was he snatched
  • “UH that’s just an old kid thing I liked sry wrong number ://“
  • “renjun wtf ur literally speaking to me”
  • but u both just sit and he gets his work done while u rant abt world issues and opinions and he also does too while aggressively cOLORING
  • and when he does finish
  • he shows you!!!
  • it’s yOu though :o
  • ur screeching bc “omg I thought u wERE USING ME AS AN EXAMPLE THIS IS AMAZIG ILYSM YOU EGG”
  • ur just showering him in compliments and love and tears and he is so flustered and happy that you like it
  • but it gets overwhelming so he drops everything and hugs you sOO tight
  • and then he steps away from you and covers his face,, and u can see marker stains and pencil lines on his hands and he looks sO cute n like he’s conquered his life goal istg
  • messy hair n messy artist renjun is my aesthetic
  • wOw he’s so cute,, trying not to look u in the eye and still form words so he can tell u how he feels 🏌️🏌️
  • “snjdksk I drew you because you’re beautiful and I’ve been trying to draw you since our very first art class but I never could :’)”
  • and he gives u 2993 moomin stickers he made himself
  • after that he holds ur hand all the time in class when he can 
  • and draws hearts all over ur stuff YES
  • and always gets paint on ur clothes so pls 
  • beware 
  • also hums while drawing in class since it calms both of u i’m tearing u p
  • aNd u need to date thx
  • the art teacher is assigning a partner project next term for that sole purpose
  • “date or u get an F”
  • thank u ilysm

anonymous asked:

Can you write about Jungkook growing up and confessing his love to jimin at every stage of his life and Jimin keeps waiting for him (like keeps rejecting everyone that ask him out) until Jungkook turns older but Jungkook was starting to give up until Jimin smiles him "do you still love me?" When they are both old enough and how they went on a cute clumsy date.

sure thing bby!! this sounds super cute!! just so everyone knows there will be underaged drinking in this…WOOPS I MADE IT SAD. but it’s okay. i didn’t write about the date also. well it’s kind of a date. you’ll see.

+ “there’s a girl in my class named jiyeon. we’re going to get married!” jimin said as they played in jungkook’s room together. “who are you going to marry jungkook?” 

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