you can star spangle my banner~


Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan officially has a new favorite museum: The National Museum of American History. He and the cast of the Emmy-winning AMC drama reunited there Tuesday to donate props to the Smithsonian.

“I’m sorry to say it, Air and Space Museum, but another has taken your place in my heart,” laughs the show’s mastermind, a Richmond, Va., native who grew up making regular visits to exhibits in the capital.

You can’t fault Gilligan, though. Getting crystal meth into the Smithsonian kind of trumps astronaut ice cream. But he still can’t believe it ’s actually happened. “If you had told me there’d be crystal meth in the same museum as The Star-Spangled Banner, Thomas Edison’s light bulb, Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, I’d have told you you were using too much of Walter White’s product.”