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Questions for Tarot Reading

Sometimes it is very difficult to come up with questions for tarot readings on the spot, whether you are giving the reading to yourself or if you are getting it done by another. Here is a small guide to hopefully help you with better wording your questions.

What shouldn’t you ask?

A good place to start is with what you probably should avoid. This does change reader to reader so this is not always true, but some typical things are:

  • Avoid Yes/No questions, these may be fine for pendulum readings but they are very difficult for tarot reading which gives you more details than a simple yes or no. Limiting yourself to yes/no questions can make the reading more difficult to interpret and even in my case when I get yes/no questions I am sometimes left baffled at what the card could mean.
  • Avoid questions that dig into another’s life. This could vary between readers, though such questions can be rather rude such as asking how two other people’s relationship is going or asking about a person’s secret life like “what is K keeping from me?”. these are generally avoided because well, they are rude and can make readers uncomfortable. Instead try to reword these questions such as “How could I improve my relationship with K, i feel like we are distant?” It is much more proper and involves you showing more appropriate interest in this person’s life
  •  Try not to ask outrageous questions. This should be a bit obvious but asking a tarot reader “how will the world end” or “when will WW3 happen” etc may seem funny but again, it is a bit rude. It is very mocking to us, try to ask questions we can actual try to answer. 
  • Don’t ask about your own death or when/how you will die. Though this is not agreed on by every reader, I know myself and many are uncomfortable with this question and will not answer for numerous reasons, including that we don’t want to scare or panic someone.
  • Health and Medical Advice. many tarot readers are not comfortable answering questions about your health or the health of others. We are not doctors or medical professionals, go and ask these questions to someone with knowledge in the subject, not us
  • Mental Health/Illness questions. Many tarot readers will not answer these questions because again, we are not professionals. Please seek professional help about your mental illnesses.
  • Always ask the tarot reader what questions they are not comfortable answering. This varies so much between person to person, so if they are doing free readings or event readers, check their FAQ if they have one or ask them what questions they are uncomfortable in asking. They will appreciate your courtesy and it can also ensure you don’t end up asking things that they won’t want to answer.

How can I come up with good Questions to ask?

This is a bit more difficult than what you can’t ask for it, again varies person to person. But as a general list of suggestions, here are some common questions that many don’t mind answering and can be nice for you too:

  • How will my week/month/year go? Simple but good for a general overall reading
  • How can I improve my relationship with _____? Not too nosy into the other person’s life and also gives you some information you can work with
  • How will my schoolwork/career go this month/term? 
  • I feel distant from _____ how can we best approach this problem?
  • What should I focus on this month?
  • What is holding me back? What can I do to improve myself?
  • What energies are around me today/this week/month?
  • What should I be more aware of in my life?
  • What is something i have been blind to recently?
  • I want to improve my ____, how can I approach this?
  • What are some good things coming my way?
  • What are some bad things coming my way?

There are many other questions you can ask but these ones above are some good general ones to start with.

When asking questions, try to make them about you rather than others. This is because you are the one getting the reading, not the other person. Plus, again some tarot readers may have personal preferences not to answer questions relating to another person’s life without their permission.

Remember not all tarot readers will do the same things! Always ask, if they don’t mention it in their FAQ if they are comfortable answering the following:

  • Love/Romantic Readings: I know other tarot readers who will not answer questions related to whether your crush likes you or how another person’s relationship is going. It makes some people uncomfortable due to lack of consent in some forms of these.
  • Communicating with Spirits or the Dead: not all tarot readers work with spirits so they may not wish to try to communicate with them
  • Questions about the Deceased or Death: again, some people are really uncomfortable with these types of questions
  • Deities: not all tarot readers are willing to communicate with your deity for you or see how your deity feels, especially when they are not connected to that deity or have a very different religious standing. Please respect that
  • Past Life Readings: not all tarot readers believe in past lives so not all will be willing to do a past life reading
  • Spreads: Not all tarot readers if they are offering you free readings will be using spreads. Spreads take time and a lot more energy 
  • Entity Communication: these would include communication with fae, merfolk, dragons, angels, demons, guides/guardians, and many other things. Not all tarot readers are willing to interact with these entities for you, especially if they are inexperienced with them or uncomfortable.
  • Revenge Readings: these would include questions related to how you can get someone back for something they did, if they will get punished for it, etc. Again, many readers may not be comfortable with these types of readings due to how aggressive and the wish of harm to come onto another can put people off.

Please always remember that tarot readers will be doing the absolute best to give you a clear, accurate reading. But, take readings with a grain of salt, things change all the time, so the reading may not always be 100% accurate. Don’t attack the reader for this, for they are trying their hardest to give you a good reading. Things aren’t always accurate, though we all try to be as accurate as possible to give you good advice. Sometimes the reading may seem like one thing will happen but something else happens, we readers make mistakes too. We are human. And the future is ever changing. Just remember that a reading you are given is never carved in stone.

I hope this has been helpful to you all and has aided you in understanding what questions to ask when getting a reading done. Have a wonderful day all of you!


I wanted to make a new commission list, and trying to figure out the prices…


1. I’m willing to draw and paint most things. As long as it ain’t “absurdly morally deviant.“
2. You can ask for a commission, but wait with the payment until I’m finished with the others. So you do have time to come to your senses. =D
3. I need confirmation that you’ve read the Terms Of Service and agree to those terms. 

Asking for a Commission
Describe what you want, links to images and such if you have any, describe the character how they are like etc.
Don’t expect more than what I’ve shown I can do.
Send it to:  

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What's the funniest thing one of you all have done while drunk?

( @o0o-chibaken-o0o  ❤️)

Harry: Well, you guys know all about my husband hugging a stranger–

Draco: Can we not–

Harry: And I’ve never embarrassed myself like that. 

Draco: Pft, you sure there?

Harry: *blinks*

Draco: One word: Daddy.

Harry: *loud groan* Noooo, Draco, oh my god!

Draco: *snorting through his giggles* Okay, so this one time during a dinner party at the Manor, Harry got really bored and ended up guzzling a lot more wine than is advisable and, after a point, was so drunk that he was making conversation with the suits of armor–

Harry: I didn’t speak to any suits of armo–

Draco: And it was definitely a stroke of sheer bad luck that it was Father who found him wandering around–

Harry: *groans again*

Draco: *forcing down his laughter* And by the time Father leads him back to me, he is red in the face with Harry hanging off his shoulder–

Harry: Oh for fuck’s sake–

Draco: And he was laughing so hard that he was basically drooling– *pauses to heave with laughter* –and the idiot kept saying to Father, “You’re Draco’s Daddy, aren’t you? Has he ever called you that by the way? Daddy?–” *eyes watering with mirth* “–’cause he’s called me that, you know?”

Harry: Noooo– *flops down sideways and hides his face in the cushions*

Draco: *helpless laughter* And although I nearly died at the time, Harry’s look of pure horror the next day was just– *doubles over*

warmth is that gooey pit in
your stomach when you
go out to a restaurant
and you order more than
you can eat and i don’t stop
you and we don’t even take
leftovers home because who
cares when you’re so full of

calmness is when we lay on my bed
for hours and all we talk about
are books or nothing at all and
my mom asks me how your parents 
are doing and i don’t know how to
answer because all we talked about
were the colors we’ve been dreaming

breathing is driving on the freeway with the
windows down and i’m taking pictures
of you and i like the way you hold your
hand on the steering wheel and i’m laughing
at the way your hair is blowing and we are
singing along to the songs we listened to when
we were thirteen and didn’t know how warm
a sunday could feel.

love is feeling sick from how sweet it tastes,
almost empty from how much i am giving
and still wanting more

—  Love is.

would it be Too Much if when i find a new therapist i just straight-up said “listen, if you’re gonna try and convince me i’m not autistic because i can talk, i need you to tell me right now so i can walk out of here and not waste my time”

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Hey, Mitch... have you seen this video where Sheamus and Cesaro act even more married than usual?: watch?v=LBPq0vTM124

lkasjdfoiajeroiwajefao;isdjfa!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAD NOT SEEN THIS OH MY GODDDDDDD



(facing each other is not the way you get interviewed, boys)




(listen, sheamus, believe me. your husband knows how many stitches.)

CESARO ROLLING HIS EYES AT SHEAMUS’ “I like to bring as much physicality into the ring as possible”


(cesaro’s FACE when sheamus is saying that tho. can you say “fond eyes”???)


BOTH BEING LIKE “look what i put up with” AT DIFFERENT POINTS

AND *clutches heart* THIS???

(and then of course sheamus immediately starts the bickering up again)


Question about Cathar

I love this bit from the Disavowed chapter. Faced with possibly getting mowed down by Skytroopers, the player asks if he has any last words. If you’ve romanced him, it goes like this:

Jorgan: Can that garbage.
Jorgan: And… I love you.

It took so long for me to warm to him but I’m glad I finally did. He’s such an asshole but he’s Lib’s asshole.

So SWTOR hivemind that knows more about this than I do… anyone how much fur Cathar have? Namely Jorgan but in general would be nice too. Like, are they fuzzy to the touch? Can’t write a scene without figuring it out. It might get to smut, I don’t know. Help?

BTS Seeing their GF After a Long Time


*holds you* “I missed you more than I can explain.”

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*just wants to hold you*

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“I’m so happy to see you.” *bought you like 70 things*

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*you ask him about his tour* “I don’t really remember a lot. I just remember missing you.”

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*can’t wait to tell you about the cities he visited*

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“I cuddled with Taehyung to subsitute you.” *really missed you more than words* *is giddy to see you*

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*this was requested



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What instruments would ut papyrus, the us bros and uf sans play and what genre of music would they play?

I suck at music and instruments. I had to ask a friend for help so thank you so much @imagining-the-underground for saving my butt. 

UT!Papyrus: He’s pretty good at playing the trumpet, and he loves electro swing music. But if he plays he mostly plays old swing music. It’s funky and it makes you want to move around, which fits him. And with his long fingers he’s a natural pianist, so he can play some simple jazz tunes too. 

US!Papyrus: Cello. He plays whatever he likes. Whether that be classical pieces, or pop music. Latter one is more often than not for Blue, but there are some songs that he learned for himself. 

Examples of songs he’d play are:

Take me to church by Hozier

Or this one

He’s also plays ukulele ironically. Although he is really good at it.

US!Sans: He’s the kind of person who wants to play instruments, but he’s just not very good at it. He’ll start on something and then move on to the next after a few. The only thing he’s ever passed ultimate beginner level at is keyboard. He likes pop music, the songs you hear on your typical radio station or on the top 50 list on Spotify. When he finds a song that he likes he’ll google a tutorial of it and then practice until he can it. 

He can’t read sheet music either, so he has to watch videos of it.

UF!Sans: Electric guitar. He found one when he was a teenager and then taught himself how to play it. He wasn’t the best and it took a few years, plus he never actually learnt the chords. But even though he’d almost throw it to the ground in frustration he always came back to it and tried again. 

He likes to play Rock the most, and his favorite song to play when he’s bored is this one by Metallica. 

But since electric guitar and acoustic guitars are pretty similar, he figured out how to play that one as well. And sometimes when he wakes up from nightmares he’ll play a slower song on the acoustic guitar to calm himself down. 

BONUS UF!Papyrus: Piano. He loves classical music, and his fingers are perfect. When he plays, the room goes silent. It’s dark and graceful, and he only ever plays after practicing a piece to perfection. He enjoys classical music, it’s more dramatic but also serene. Sometimes he’ll try to compose his own music, though he doesn’t like to play it for others. 

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I don't know what happened during your break away from tumblr but you've come back more savage than ever and I love it

i realised i’m fucking rad lmao, u can like it or leave it, but i was spending too much time apologising for dumb shit on here that didn’t matter so i’m over it, u gonna come at me with dumb shit u gonna be read the fuck out 

self love and empowerment lads, it’s the best thing on the planet 

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Hello! You've mentioned that you're asking for some megop doodles prompts on other blog of yours but I'm wondering if you can doodle some fluff of TFP megop? (I'm sorry if I'm bothering you...!)

You’re right
There is nothing more lovely
There’s nothing more profound
Than the certainty
Than the certainty

That all of this will end
That all of this will end

So open your arms to me
Open your arms to me

I hope you dont mind that the forms I drew them in. I’d like to think they met or something

i do not know if i ever told anyone this but one time in the seventh grade i was in math class and we were doing some shit about circles ans i had gotten all of the answers right so i flipped the paper over and started doodling gundam tanaka. and the chatter slowly just kind of stops and i look up and see this 60 year old woman giving me the death stare and shes like “what are you doing” and i go “drawing” and she asks “is that more important than math” and of course it is but i don’t want to piss her off so i just say “n-no” and class resumes

the story frightens me because that is the only proof i can remember of me liking this franchise from like. 2014

oh and also we once tricked her into thinking the duck song was relevant on pi day. she also once showed us a 15 minute video of some lady doing extreme couponing in walgreens

Eggsy, I saw in you, what someone once saw in me. Something that can’t be taught. The makings of a Kingsman. Being a Kingsman is more than the clothing we wear or the weapons we bear. It’s about being willing to sacrifice for the greater good. I hope you’re ready for what comes next…

Fem!Eggsy - @kingsman-thegoldencircle

Photo by - @a-gent-tequila

Im so super excited for this movie y’all!!! @ Vaughn: Thanks for confiming the orange suit I’ll never ask for anything ever again

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Do you know any good low carb health vegan meals?

i’m the worst person to ask this because i actually love carbs more than anything else haha but that’s what i can think of:
- salad (not just a boring salad, i mean a super big salad with greens, maybe some cooked cooled broccoli, raw spinach, red bell pepper, mushrooms, carrots, cucumber, nuts & seeds and a good viniagrette + some pan-fried tofu/tempeh)
- coconut curries as a soup/stew without rice or so, just on it’s own
- my peanutbutter banana protein bread (recipe on my recipe blog –>
- pan-fried veggies with chopped cashews and walnuts + tofu/tempeh
- something with potatoes (they are actually - compared to rice or pasta - quite low in carbs!)
- veggie soups
- vegan yogurt with soy cereal, cinnamon and nutbutters
that’s all i can think of. i know it’s not a big list but as i’ve already said, i’m probably the worst person to ask about low carb meals haha :) xx

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What's the best way i can use my white privilege to help poc people?

first of all, don’t say “poc people”, since “poc” is already “people of colour”, so you’re saying “people of colour people”, which a lot of poc have pointed out makes it sound more like another version of “coloured” rather than a non-offensive acronym

i know a lot of non-native english speakers tend to not realize that we’re doing it, which is why it’s something we need to learn to be on the lookout for

the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself, and i mean educate yourself. don’t rely on poc to coddle you and hand you explanations on a silver platter, because then you’re again expecting them to cater to your white ignorance and entitlement

of course, educating oneself should happen majorly through listening to poc (and that means listening without interrupting or bringing up Buts or Not all white peoples), research and examining and realizing the power balances in place

once you know your stuff, educate others. don’t talk over poc, obviously, but there are tons of ignorant white people out there who will demand explanations about racism and things related - which is where you can step in and save someone yet another tiring conversation at the end of which they still wont be taken seriously and which requires enormous emotional labour on their part. magically, white people tend to be more willing to listen to other white people

that still doesn’t mean that if a poc is explaining something, you should jump in and start talking over them - boost their voice and if you know of other poc who have been saying the same thing, boost their voices too. for every explanation you can give, there are already tons of poc who have been speaking out about the same thing for years and you can redirect people to their articles to give them the recognition they deserve

if you’re ever told that you’re being racist, don’t immediately dismiss the accusation and instead reflect on whether you’re, even unknowingly, asserting yourself in inappropriate ways. same goes for “all white people are/do x” and “not all white people” statements. if you know that you don’t do said thing or are actively trying to unlearn it, good, move on and tell stacy from next door who is fighting the “not all white people” cause that she’s being a douche (who quite possibly does do the mentioned thing)

and as the last thing, don’t feel guilty about your privilege, because that again is something that calls for poc to coddle you. acknowledge that you have it and concentrate on making the best of it where it counts

obligatory disclaimer: im white and you can start your journey by looking up posts on how to use white privilege for good that were written by poc

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pls tell us about the future of hip hop au

But then again I don’t wanna spoil it all!! Cause I really plan on finishing it and telling it all!!!

Mhh, let’s see…THERE WILL BE A HAPPY END!!
They will start to talk again and will become friends again, and then there will be a big bang, and they will start to start, and life gets easier, and then there will be another big bang, and from there they will settle their things and get their life sorted and be happy and together :D
They will make music together and will be able to live by their music

So yeah…hahah, you know now :D

If you have any more specific questions just ask and hit me up..cause those are easier to answer than vague over all questions.. ..and I will see what I can spoil :D

Thank you!! <33

Alex Galyenchuk - Babysitting

A/N: Finally getting to some requests, hopefully I’ll get a few done today.

Requested by the anon who asked: “ Can you do one with Alex galchenyuk one where you babysit for maybe patches and alex sees you with the kids and is like 😍 cause you are really good with kids “

Warnings: None.

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How do you think mccoy would react when you prank him like telling him and acting like youre gonna faint

Honestly nonie, I think he would not be happy.

Short story time. I had to take a friend to the ER back when we were young, many moons ago, and she was answering some questions from the nurses and she made a joke about something they asked (I think about being allergic to shellfish?) and she immediately got shut down and was told that the ER is no place to joke around. Those nurses did not approve in the slightest and were not having it, not one bit.

Sure Leonard can take a joke and can appreciate a good prank like anyone else, but not when it comes to your health. Leonard cares deeply for you and everyone else on the ship. I think it would honestly upset him that you would do something like that more than anything, not so much angry, just very disappointed(which is so much worse). When it comes to you or anyone else, pranking Leonard with what could be a serious medical condition or emergency, is only going to end badly for you.

Things to look forward to are extra vaccinations(not in the neck or arm) or more thorough physicals(not performed by Leonard), having everything you love to eat taken away and replaced by what you hate in your replicator, and just pray that you aren’t in medical, he’d have you eyeballs deep in menial tasks all day long, or give you crappy shifts for a few days till the message sank in.

Honestly nonie, it wouldn’t even be worth it. Better stick with replacing his bourbon with iced tea, or hiding all of his underwear. More innocent and less likely to incur his full wrath, because you can more easily blame these pranks on Jim.