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Shawn!hotel room bullet points


A/N: can we just take in the fact that when I wrote ‘melancholic’ it autocorrected to ‘Melon chili cheese’, also, I’m not sure I’ve done this right? But if you guys want more I’ll be more than happy to oblige cause wow this made my heart hurt, feedback is always lovely! :))) and it’s summer break in the UK so get ready for more average writing!!! (That you didn’t ask for)


  • This isn’t new for Shawn (he’s done it thousands of times)
  • But for you it’s a new experience so you’re excited of the prospect of a luxury hotel
  • “Oo, Shawn look, miniature soaps!”
  • “Babe come here”
  • "No wait look…oh my gosh, they even have a miniature hand cream!”
  • He’d look at you as you’re dressed in just his shirt - bare legged and beautiful - and whine, saying "Come on baby, help me pick what to eat I can’t choose
  • And you’d stare back, eyes not interested in the mini soaps or toothpaste anymore and smile, basking in his post concert glow and slowly walk towards the bed and then knee walk across the soft cotton
  • you’d plop down, leaning your giddy body against his and say “Umm…” biting on your lip and gnawing on the skin in thought
  • But he’s not looking at the room service menu
  • He’s grinning, saying “Actually-” grabbing your attention “-I’m not that hungry for food anymore” and then he’d lean into you
  • Give you a coy look
  • And you’d laugh, say “I’m not on the menu for tonight” and he’d pout at you, all puppy dog eyes and full lips and then you’d kiss him, giggling as he says “But what if I’m really, really craving it?”
  • Then after dinner
  • When housekeeping have taken the empty plates
  • He’d pull you down onto the bed and nuzzle your neck, the moonlight cascading through the windows - illuminating his content features and small smile on his plump pink lips

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Nothing Without Love: Chapter 4

Gladio x Reader

THE SLOW BURN IS REAL AND THE DRAMA IS CONTINUING YO. I can’t wait for the next chapter hehehehehe. 

I hope this was worth the wait. I swear I rewrote this 1000 times to make sure it was perfect for y’all’s lovely eyes. AH MULTICHAPTER FICS ARE SO FUN. I HAVE SO MANY PLANNED HELP ME. AHHH. 

Anyway, please enjoy <3

Tagging people that I know enjoy this series so far. Lemme know if you wanna be tagged in future updates: @themissimmortal, @neko-otaku13, @stunninglyignis, @itshaejinju, @cupnoodle-queen <3

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“You look so beautiful, Y/N,” Iris beamed as you took your place just outside the double doors of the Citadel throne room.

Your dreaded wedding day had finally arrived. Here you stood, trembling slightly in your ivory wedding gown ready to be presented to your betrothed like a damn pig for slaughter. A single tear sting at your left eye… you felt so useless.

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ok but honestly whoever’s sending stuff to @jelfism literally you are 100% invited to talk to me via making a post and @‘ing me, or you can reblog this post, whatever floats your boat

like what’s stopping you? if you’re desperate for change then what’s stopping you

again, i’d turn my inbox on but i’d most likely get a shit ton of supportive asks before you could get to me (i wonder why…???) and i don’t really have the spoons to deal with large amounts of attention so this is the best shot you’ve got buddy

i’m just confused as fuck and it’s stressing me out way more than it needs to

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Mr. Badge, I just saw the news about the republicans not being able to repeal Obamacare and while I'm ecstatic about that, I don't understand why they would want to? Could you please explain?

I mean, this is some heavy shit, Anon, and I’m not a political analyst so I can’t like, write you an essay about it. It’s tied up in racism, in anti-poor classism, and in selfishness. 

Washington Post has a good article here on the economics of Obamacare, and if you google you can find thinkpieces that are gonna be a lot more eloquent than I can. Sorry I can’t be more help on this but genuinely it’s better for you to research for yourself in this case. 

Readers, feel free to chime in with links or better explanations. Remember to do so in reblogs or comments, since I don’t repost asks sent in response to other asks.

I’m Back (Kinda!)

Hey guys! Thanks so much for waiting for me! So, I am back but there’s a few things that are different:

  • For now asks will only be open on FRIDAY! I will announce when I’m opening the inbox, as well as an hour before I close it, so it’s easier to keep track of.
  • Please only 5 bots per ask! It gets overwhelming when someone asks for more than that.

  • Due to Incidents™ my inbox and drafts are emptied out :( Which means that if you sent something in before my hiatus and I haven’t answered it yet, it’s gone. Feel free to send it again tomorrow, though. Again, very sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with me. You guys are great ♥ I’ll try to be on as much as possible, and hopefully I can get back up to my normal writing routine soon. Love you, Sugar Peas!

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Let me reach out for a moment

Recently I have gotten my 6000th follower milestone, which is a remarkable and humbling feat. It is also a moment to socialize, I reckon.

So how’s this? As of now and all the way until I go to sleep on Sunday, I am open to all kinds of questions, prompts, and whatever else you can think of –

For instance, I remember rare streaks of extroversion when I would doodle for people, or find the song that fit their blog’s aesthetic, or write a poem about their favourite animal. I do spoken word, and am a very open person considering questions. But it’s all up to you; whatever seems like fun. I’m in. Most of all I’d like you to know that I am more than a poetrybot, and that there’s a person on the opposite side of your screen. 

So go ahead and make my day / weekend!

My ask box is >> right here <<  – I hope you’ll make use of it. Most of all, thank you all for sharing in this poetry adventure on Tumblr with me.

Warm regards,


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Reader doing something embarrassing in front of of their s/o is like my fav thing so can I have those same fart headcanons for the Shimada brothers?




  • He is probably more embarrassed than you are.
  • Most recent Google search: How do you tell someone they’re gross without hurting their feelings????
  • Will not say anything when it happens because he doesn’t even know what to do.
  • However he will move a couple of inches away from you.


  • He can’t breathe he’s laughing so hard.
  • Wishes he got that on film.
  • Will consistently tease you about it. You’re never living this down.
  • If he farts, he’ll blame it on you. (Can he even fart??? Who knows)

@the linkin park fandom

i am so proud of all of you. we are so strong and we can handle this. we are a family and we have to be there for each other and for the band. they need us now more than ever, and we need each other now more than ever.

please, if anyone ever needs to talk, i’m here. message me on tumblr or anywhere else. ask for my number if you need it. i’m here. we’ve got each other.

it’s what chester would want.

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Congratulations! You’ve been nominated in the Klaroline awards in the following Categories - Best Comedy Author, Best Romance/Fluffy Drabble/Oneshot: Beneath the Corset Bones. Links to vote will be available on 22nd; you are free to provide the link to your followers then. Congratulations again and please do remember that you are not allowed to ask/bribe for votes or you will be disqualified. – KA

Oh wow, how lovely! This is absolutely unexpected, but appreciated more than a few measly words from me can express. I haven’t posted any new fic in what feels like 1,000 passing vampire years *wrings hands at life*, so I’m sending a massive THANK YOU those of you who thought to nominate me in these categories. You’re the best and I heart you all! 

*ends the afternoon with a happy dance* *squeals into eternity* *blows you all kisses*

xx Ashlee Bree



Hey everyone! I’m trying to get enough money to take a couple of classes at my local college this summer!  <: If you have ANY questions, feel free to message me or shoot me an e-mail at!

These commissions can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Upon payment, I will begin on your commission and sent you updates on the progress. Once you have sent your payment, there will be no refunds once your commission is past the sketch phase. You are welcome to repost the art anywhere else so long as you ask beforehand and so long as I am credited.

If you purchase a Gijinka design from me, please credit me for the design in the reference and the first drawing of the character that is drawn. You may resell it, but not for more than you purchased it for.

Please send me the following form when commissioning me:

Type of Commission (colored fulbody, chibi, ect.):
Character reference link:
Short description of what you would like:

For gijinka designs, please use the following format:

Pokemon/nonhuman base design desired:

Feral animas
Fandom stuff

Fetish art

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what would m and s brothers do if their SO shyly asked them for a kiss?

  • Ayato: A kiss?” He would be a little surprised you’re asking him. He would of course smile and make it a full blown make out session. There is no such thing as just ‘one kiss’ with Ayato when it comes to what is ‘his’.
  • Reiji: “Since you’ve asked for permission- I suppose.” He would peck your lips but that’s it. He doesn’t go around giving out kisses even if you two are a thing, so you need to enjoy it while it last with him.
  • Laito: “Awe..what about more than a kiss? Hm? Don’t be shy…you don’t have to ask me for a kiss.” He would be like Ayato except trying to get farther than just kissing since he is who he is. Laito likes to see how far he can push his boundaries.
  • Kanato: “Why? Are you feeling neglected S/o? Am I not doing enough?” He would seemed a bit annoyed that you are asking because he feels like you’re questioning his affection. Kanato would actually be very gentle for once and kiss you, and mean it. Then of course he would say, “You are not to ever leave my side, alright?”
  • Subaru: “You’re weird, asking for something like that...” He would smash his mouth into yours without hesitation. Subaru isn’t really the type to blush when it comes to things like this. (For real, his actual character doesn’t see sex or sexual actions as a big deal.)
  • Shu: “I feel like you want more than that and you and want to see how far you can get. Do you think you’re clever? I can see right through your front.” He would sigh and sit up before kissing you, not too rough or soft.
  • Ruki: “Livestock, are you feeling okay?” Ruki would feel your forehead and be a little confused to why you want to be the one to get the ball rolling. After a few moments of silence he would smirk, “So Livestock has come around?”
  • Kou: “Sure!” Immediate kiss. He doesn’t have any shame in it, it’s just kissing. Right?
  • Yuma: “Why…are you asking?” He would scratch the back of his neck, a little timid about it. Not that that sort of stuff is odd to him, he just didn’t expect you to ask out of the blue. Yuma would quickly kiss you, “Is that all you want?”
  • Azusa: “Sure..if that happy…then I it.” He would kiss you gently, not really thinking anything about it. He just wanted to satisfy you.

The things I try my best to hide
Are obvious to a certain few
My emotions are a blank canvas
Constantly drawn on by others
At times not even I am true
Or at least from what I can see

And so that was me…

I often ask for a picture
An impression from strangers
Honest reactions to whatever
Cannot possibly be there
I live guilty of assumptions
Everyday crosses I overbear

And then there was you…

You were the unexpected smile
Within a sea of faceless voice
I awake mostly to silhouettes
Moving away in slow motion
Abandoning my dreams too often
Somehow departing self-confidence

And then I found her…

I move from whispers to cries
Feelings hidden behind the jade
More than her complicated beauty
Enough to guide me from night to day
Happiness found so close yet so far
A tired struggle deserved to be won

And now I digress…

anonymous asked:

can I please have a Shouto scenario where he wants to impress his s/o by being more "romantic", but he doesn't really understand how, so he tries asking Izuku, but then ends up getting more help than he hoped for. Anyway, long story short, he goes up to his s/o and gives her a super cheesy and common pick up line or something? That would be fun to read ;D

first scenario y’all, & thank you so much for the lovely request anon, I had fun writing it!♡

Todoroki Shouto

Shouto had never doubted himself whenever he was with you. It was a little difficult to explain, but he knew clearly that whenever you were around, he felt more at ease. Comfortable, even. You constantly made him feel loved and showered him with attention throughout your relationship with the dual hair-coloured boy.

But somehow, that was starting to become a problem to him. It had gotten himself stuck in an unreal predicament, and it began pestering him even more and more lately. It just all dawned on him that you were the one doing all of those nice things to him, while he was just shamelessly accepting your love without giving much in return.

He was never the romantic type to begin with, and he knew that you were okay with that. And yet he couldn’t help but feel guilty for not having directly shown the amount of affection he felt for you. He felt downright horrible, and had even started avoiding you until he could figure out a more rational course of action.

Both his time and choices were running thin, and it was coming to a point where he was desperate for help. There was only one person that came to mind if it was about solving this particular issue.

“C-could you please repeat that, Todoroki-kun?” The green-haired boy furrowed his brows, taken aback by the sudden question. Shouto didn’t seem bothered though, so he asked again.

“What can I do to be romantic?”

Izuku gulped, and was desperately trying to find a way to avoid having to answer the odd inquiry. Luckily for him, he noticed both Iida and Ochako heading towards him. He let out a sigh of relief.

“Hey, you two wanna come sit with us?” She offered with a smile. Izuku nodded his head nervously, glancing over to Shouto, who still seemed to be troubled but didn’t refrain from coming along.

The four of them sat across the table, where Iida began consume his meal and Ochako was about to strike a conversation. Izuku looked at Shouto again, and somehow, the boy managed to look even more serious with his intentions.

“Can I please ask for some advice?” The question was directed towards both of his new company. Shouto didn’t want to waste any more time with his journey on finding a legitimate answer. It no longer mattered who he had to ask. As long as they could offer a reliable response, it was fine.

“What is it, Todoroki-kun?” Ochako casually said as she took another bite of her food. Iida on the other hand, seemed more determined to help their friend, and Shouto wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

“Could you please tell me what I have to do to be romantic?” 

Ochako nearly choked on her food, but tried her best to put on her largest grin so that she wouldn’t offend him. Iida’s reaction was basically a gasp, but even Ochako wasn’t sure what kind of sound had just escaped his lips. Izuku could only sigh as he hid his face in his hands.

“Right, we must help our fellow friend in need!” Iida was the first to have a say in the subject. He really did seem genuinely determined, and the others appreciated his efforts.

“Then what should I do?” Shouto asked, feeling just a little overwhelmed.

“Well, Todoroki-kun, my brother once told me that girls are usually drawn to confidence, you see.” Iida began, making odd gestures with his hands as he spoke. Shouto took his words to heart.

“Confidence?” He repeated, despite not being so sure.

“Yes, indeed! Don’t you agree, Uraraka?” He turned to the said girl, who could only squeak at the mention of her name. She fumbled around with her words at first, but finally managed to muster up what was a proper sentence.“Just don’t be a jerk, and you’re all good.”

“Hmm, I see.” Shouto drowned himself in his thoughts again. He knew that just being nice to you wouldn’t be enough, he had to go out of his way and do something bold. But what could he possibly do? 

“Love problems, huh?” A head suddenly popped up from behind their table. It was Denki, who had apparently caught up on their little shenanigans, and didn’t mind coming off as an eavesdropper. Nobody could blame him though, his table was right next to theirs, and considering how loud they were talking, it wasn’t easy to just ignore the chance to join in. “That’s easy, dude. Just tell (y/n) a pick-up line and she would probably swoon.”

Shouto raised a brow. “A pick-up line?”

“Yeah, like something sweet but also clever. Girls love that stuff.”

The poor boy was genuinely confused, and had to endure a small debate that had accumulated between his friends over such a short span of time. They began tossing opinions back and forth between eachother, trying to find the most suitable pick-up line for Shouto to use. He sighed, deciding his plan had backfired, and just maybe, that his friends were just as hopeless as he was when it came to these sort of things. 

After a while, a few votes were counted, and everyone finally agreed on a pick-up line. They repeated the sentence for the third time now, and yet Shouto still didn’t get it. It was a little frustrating for everyone involved.

“I… Don’t understand …” He confessed, causing a series of groans to errupt. “Why can’t I just directly tell her that she’s beautiful, then?”

“Because–!” Ochako was just about to offer the most rational excuse she could think of, but she just sighed when she realized it was futile. It wasn’t like she expected Shouto to understand this time around. She was still thankful when Izuku covered for her though.

“Todoroki-kun… I think what she’s trying to say is that… You should just trust us on this one. It could work, I mean,” Izuku scratched his head nervously. Frankly, he wasn’t sure himself whether it was even a good idea to begin with.

Shouto didn’t reply for a moment, and when he did, it was just a nod. Everyone exchanged glances, attempting to decode whether the boy had agreed or turned down their idea. They immideately got an answer. “I’ll try my best, thank you.”

There was still a small amount of lunchtime left, but Shouto had decided that he would use it wisely. He finally got back to the class, where he assumed to find you. He was right. There you were, sitting all alone in the practically empty classroom, staring at a book that you didn’t even seem interested in. He could tell because you had a frown etched on your face, and you looked like you were thinking about something unpleasant. He, of course, hoped that despite whatever was troubling you, he could still make you feel somewhat better. Even if this really was a stupid idea.

The moment he stepped in, you snapped your head in his direction. You were just about to smile at him, but refrained, and turned back to your book. This upset him a little, especially because he didn’t know if he had done something wrong to have earned the silent treatment from you.

He didn’t say anything, until he took the risky chance to sit beside you. Still, you didn’t say a single word, almost as if he wasn’t there.


You turned to him with the same frown on your face, waiting for him to go on.

“Did I do something wrong?” Now he seemed nearly as equally upset as you were. You closed the book you were holding and finally fully averted your attention towards the concerned boy.

“I could say the exact same thing. You’ve been avoiding me all day.” You whined, looking down onto your lap out of shame. You didn’t neccesarily enjoy acting all spoiled like this or pleading for his attention, but you felt particularly gloomy today and all you wanted was to talk to him and melt your terrible mood away. But the moment you stepped into class that morning, the first thing he did was walk away before you even had the chance to so much as say hi. And when you wanted to try again during lunchtime, he did the same thing. You even noticed him sit with Izuku and his friends, and you couldn’t help but admit that you felt a tad bit jealous. Sure, your boyfriend had his days when he didn’t feel like talking to anyone except you, but today was the complete opposite, and that striked you as odd.

“I’m sorry, (y/n). I didn’t mean to.” He said, leaning in for a hug that you gladly accepted. You burried your face in his chest, taking in his scent that you had grown to adore.

“At least tell me if you don’t feel like talking to me next time.” You absentmindedly began tracing circles on his chest. It was something he had never admitted out loud, but he always adored you when you did that.

“I’m sorry,” He apologized again. “It’s a long story, I promise I’ll explain later.”

You let him be, and indulged in the time you had left to stay curled up in his embrace. This was exactly what you needed all day, and you were beyond pleased to have finally gotten it.

Shouto on the other hand, was a little nervous with what he had initially planned on doing. Now or never, he assured himself, taking a deep breath before he began.

“Hey, (y/n)?”

You hummed back.

“Did it hurt?”

“What?” It felt like a strange question, so you looked up at him with one of your brows raised. “That’s not funny. I was seriously upset, you jerk.”

“No, I meant… When you fell down from heaven.”

Silence. Very brief and awkward silence. Then you laughed so hard you thought for sure you’d pop a lung. Shouto was so confused you had nearly pitied him, but you were too busy wiping the tears from the corner of your eye.

It took a while for you to regain your composure, and then you looked at him with a warm smile.

“I’m sorry, Shouto. That was sweet.” You gave him a peck on his cheek, causing him to freeze out of surprise. A blush adorned his face. “But I think that explains your strange behaviour today.”

A small pout made its way onto his features. You giggled, giving him another peck on the cheek. Gosh you had to stop before this poor boy turns into the shade of a tomato.

too lazy to bother with a banner for this but i’d really like to get back into the groove of being regularly active with people a bit more than i have been—so let me have you consider this to be a ‘rye can pester me any time’ post. which is just a dumb way of saying like this to give me permission to bother you with everything and anything like

  • sending you asks all the time bc john wants me to
  • sending you every meme ever
  • writing you random starters whenever ???
  • and replying to all your opens bc honestly
  • making stuff with your muse and john when i get the inspiration to mess around in photoshop
  • tagging you/your muse in relevant stuff ???
  • sending you relevant stuff when i’m on mobile and can’t reblog it
Septiplier Shippers:

I really hate to be THAT person,but I don’t know how many of y'all are aware of the fact that Sean has explicitly said that NSFW Septiplier stuff makes him uncomfortable.

Platonic stuff? Yeah,that’s fine. But Sean has told y'all before that he doesn’t like smutty fanfics or smutty fanart. But you guys keep creating that kind of content,and you’re being incredibly disrespectful to do so.

The boys’ feelings are more important than your fantasies. I know I can’t personally stop anyone from continuing to draw and write what they wish,but just know that you’re going against what (at LEAST) Sean wants. If you respect him at all, you’d stop creating things after he’s politely asked you not to in the past.

anonymous asked:

Hi TDC! I really get where you're coming from with your recent posts about repeated asks, and I'm sure 99.9% of the people who love and follow your Tumblr completely agree ;3 Regarding the comment about the twins being born on a Tuesday, I was thinking of the classic rhyme "Monday's Child" - maybe we have it more here in the UK than elsewhere. According to that, maybe they should have been born on a Wednesday... (thanks for being so great! *hugs*)

Hi. :) Thank you. Yeah, I hope no one feels offended if I don’t answer but as I said yesterday I can’t answer every question anymore and I think my FAQ can help in these cases. ^^

I don’t know that rhyme but I googled it. XD

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonnie and blithe and good and gay.

I guess before the attack on the Phantomhives happened maybe Sunday would have fit but now it seems more like a Wednesday’s child, indeed. ^^

Thank you! *hugs back*

infaernal’s follower celebration

hey loves!!! i hit a small follower goal earlier this month, and i’ve been thinking of a way to celebrate it here. i only started being active on this blog recently, and i honestly never dreamed i’d come this far!! i’m incredibly thankful for all the wonderful people that follow my blog and every one of my mutuals, and to show it i’ll be doing this celebration, so here we go!!


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send me:

  • a book/song recommendation or something about your day 
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  • ☀ for a blog or name playlist (include which one)
  • ☽ + a description of yourself for personalised poetry/prose

that’s all! you can ask for no more than two of the following. as my school has reopened, these might take a while, so please be patient with me. thank you!


As her kisses became more passionate and insistent he pushed her from his lap. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me” he panted in apology.

“If you wanted me to stop all you had to do was ask” she complained as her cheeks flared a brilliant shade of red.

“I didn’t want you to stop” Donovan explained “I wanted so much more but I ….” He bit his lip “what you and I have. I want it to be more than just a fling. I want…”

She snuggled into him taking his hand “yes” she asked expectantly “you want what?”

He turned towards her “I want forever. I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t want to imagine life without you.”

Her eyes looked troubled “what are you saying? You’re not leaving are you?”

“No” he hastily assured her “I’ll never leave you voluntarily. I’ll go kicking and screaming if anyone tried to make me leave you.”

anonymous asked:

I can see that you really miss woohyun (I feel you so much), I noticed that you've been reblogging woohyun content way more than ever and I feel that too. I miss him so much, Im just worried sick for his mental state rn. Im about to stick a electric pole up woollim's dick rn tbh. Its kinda unfair for us, we just need to hear a "woohyuns okay" or "bitch we about to sue daily news" and inspirits will be great. We rlly dont ask for much other than our boys happiness.I hope that woohyun will be okay

Honestly, since what happened with that disgraceful MyDaily fiasco, I’ve been extra worried about him. He was one of the members who was still posting on his Instagram and still trying to do V Live broadcasts (I miss his late night radio so much). And since what happened, he’s gone very quiet too. I am always wary of things hurting Woohyun because of what happened back in 2015. We all know he is sensitive and emotional, and I seriously get concerned when bad stuff happens. I really hope he is being supported and loved by friends and family. Because at the moment it seems like Woollim isn’t doing a damn thing. 

However, I did say before in another ask that it’s possible Woohyun didn’t actually want Woollim to say anything, as it could have caused even more backlash. At least things have died down a little now, and maybe he was just waiting for it all to blow over. 

Either way, yeah my blog is full of Woohyun atm because I love and support him. When I say I’m hyung-line biased, it includes Nam too.