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B1A4′s Pizza Song…lol

Cry’s Words of Confidence

“Breathe. Go to a mirror, take a step back, close your eyes, big breath in, slow release, open, look, smile, compliment, thumbs up, and hit life hard.

Sometimes life throws a lot of things at you. A lot. Like too much. You can’t handle it all because it’s just not possible - you’re one person in a world of billions, each numerical value of +1 on that scale has their own mountain of problems that they try to cope with in their day to day lives that in the end sometimes we lose sight of the big picture: The world is full of pain, it’s no movie, but we can’t just sit there and stagnate in the grime and not pursue our own happiness. Grasp that shit. You take ahold of what makes you happy and make it your own. It doesn’t work out? Kick the dirt, cry a little, recover, and move on. Don’t submerge yourself so far under that sea of tears you conjured up and drown. On the grand scale of things, the world is huge. The loss of one number amongst billions would effect the entirety of it all none. But you gotta realize something. YOUR world is what matters. The world around you, your friends, family, those who you’ve personally affected with your own existence. That is your world. That is the world you are apart of and what makes you, well, you. People are shy creatures, we mask our feelings out of fear of embarrassment and hope to not be ridiculed for things considered out of the norm - guess what? Even if most of us are cowards, afraid to step out of our safety boxes and move forward, we still long for the feeling of joy. Smile. Life is fleeting, too short to waste a few days, weeks, months on the sadness of depression. Let the bad times help highlight and accentuate the better times. A better time doesn’t have to be something like a vacation, an amazing boyfriend giving you flowers or getting that Charizard holographic - better times can be the little things, too. That feeling of a hot shower after a long day, stretching out on your bed after jogging for an hour, the smell of beglium waffles with butter and syrup, the cool breeze during a rain shower on a cloudy day, or even the knowledge that damn, your dog is adorable even if he farts. Just enjoy it. There will always be someone amongst those billions that cares. The internet helps link that number together easier than ever before in the history of mankind. We have your back, dammit. That’s all. Take it easy gentlemenadies. Love. /bumpschesttwiceandflashesapeacesign” Cryaotic
The Last Five Years According to Me

Still Hurting: okay, so no matter what this show will be sad

Shiksa Goddess: you’re very wonderful also not Jewish

See, I’m Smiling: Jamie can you not

Moving Too Fast: WOOOAH-OH-OH-oooh *insert crazy piano solo*

A Part of That: and then he smiles *forgets about problems*

The Schmuel Song: honestly it all leads up to that “time” pun at the end

A Summer in Ohio: WAYNE THE SNAKE

The Next Ten Minutes: the audience gets really happy until they remember the opening of the show

A Miracle Would Happen: its fine its fine its fine (its not)

Climbing Uphill: the most RELATABLE number ever

If I Didn’t Believe in You: Cathy can you not

I Can Do Better Than That: THIS SONG IS SO HAPPY (audience then recognizes callback to sadder song) JRB WHY

Nobody Needs to Know: Jamie sets himself up to receive all the blame but its not all his fault?

Goodbye Until Tomorrow/ I Could Never Rescue You: No wait Cathy stop- NO WAIT Jamie DONT- *tears*

real actual horoscopes cross my heart
  • Aries:wipe that smile off ur face soldier
  • Taurus:ur not always right dumbfuck
  • Gemini:hug the nearest memelord you'll learn something
  • Cancer:sudoku
  • Leo:u can solve all ur problems with a pillow fort
  • Virgo:stop being a suspicious fuck
  • Libra:do some homework and stop being lame
  • Scorpio:you don't need new stuff deal with the stuff you've got
  • Sagittarius:too emo today don't go outside
  • Capricorn:wear panties to feel fabulous
  • Aquarius:go outside ur not emo enough
  • Pisces:get shit done stop giggling

“Dad! Thank Grandpa you’re here!” you said with relief as the principal’s assistant opened the door of the room, letting Castiel in. “They want to give me a suspension.” 

“Don’t worry, Y/N,” Cas smiled reassuringly, taking a seat next to you before leaning over to shake the principal’s hand. “What is the problem? I only got a call instructing me to come here.” 

“I’m sorry we had to do that, Mr. Novak,” Mrs. Sheers sighed, studying you over her glasses. “It seems that Y/N got a bit too riled up in trouble today.”

“I can assure you they’re a great kid…”

“I know, Mr. Novak, but they also broke another student’s nose today during second period,” the principal cut off Cas, folding her arms over her chest. 

You shifted in your seat as Castiel turned to look at you, avoiding his eyes by playing with the hem of your shirt. But neither he or the principal said anything else, and the silence was too uncomfortable. 

“They were being an assbutt,” you shrugged, finally looking up. “They said some pretty sexist things and started to harass one of my friends, what was I supposed to do?” 

“There does seem to be logic behind that,” Cas said after a moment, nodding thoughtfully, and making Mrs. Sheers raise her eyebrows. “I’ve dealt with many monsters and demons in the past, even my brother, Lucifer, Mrs. Sheers, but–”

“Dad, Dad, you’re not making it better,” you cut off Cas, your eyes wide as you shook your head quickly.


Things that matter

It’s past 2:45 am and I can’t sleep.
Our history was on TV.

- The Amerindians, the European invaders, the slayed Africans.
-The world listened to poems and songs in Portuguese because no, we don’t speak Spanish.
- The ever-so-festive country brought everyone’s attention to real problems
- There was samba, bossa, mpb
- We are made of forests. And beaches
And we have good architecture, and favelas too.
- People chanting “EU sou BRASILEIRO; com muito orgulho, com muito amor…”
- We aren’t the most developed economically, but the little we have, we’re always willing to share.
- What was shown tonight is like 30% of our cultural diversity or less…

… Yet, thanks for watching. Thanks for turning your attention to this undeveloped Latin American country that does what it can to keep its people smiling and with the fire you saw because yes, that’s the energy we irradiate every single day.

Today, the city I was proudly born, was the center of the attention, with the difficult mission of taking an entire country a little further from the shadows.
My city representing my whole country.
It’s 3am.

I cannot sleep.


What is BPD? It is having an amazing evening. It is standing one step to your left so you can catch someone else’s gaze. A hidden smile. Standing too close. Finishing a sentence you didn’t start. Feeling like the luckiest person in the room. It is having the world spin twice as fast and feel the weights and chains of life disappear. Have the constant nightmares go fuzzy and recede into nothingness. BPD is waving goodbye a dozen times and having another excuse to keep talking another moment. It is kissing someone and getting lost in their smell and taste and feel…
Bpd is knowing that moment will never come again. Bpd is going home to shadows and darkness. It is wanting to die so you don’t ever have to face the last wave goodbye again. It is knowing that the nightmares will hurt twice as bad now because you know what beauty tastes like. The hurt and pain magnify because you know what love smells like. Your senses mix and match and you smile to yourself. Bpd is knowing the feeling will fade. That your life isn’t going to stay great for more than a few hours. It is knowing you made someone else walk on air but it best for them that they float away. Bpd is understanding that you will hurt them with your instability. You will disappoint them. You will cause them endless agony and anxiety watching you lose to demons. You will crush them when they get an hour a day to visit you because you broke again.
Bpd is knowing you can be the best thing for someone but you can’t be it for very long. And you just want to stop letting people down.

What I look for in a guy; Throne of Glass version

-Is a prince

-Is the captain of the guards 

-Has a trademark pout 

-Gives you a puppy for your birthday

-Is a warrior 

-Has magic

-Is always by your side

-Totally hot

-Can protect you 

-Makes you laugh 

-Can understand you when no one else can

-Is basically your parabatai 

-Can always make you smile

-Is named Dorian Havilliard 

-Is named Chaol Westfall 

-Is named Rowan Whitethorn 

agleerph presents: theme #7, plastic smile.

So I got bored? This is honestly why I can’t be trusted with having more than a day off, because all I end up doing is coding and messing around in Photoshop. There isn’t much to this theme. I wanted to keep it somewhat simple while still bringing something ~interesting~ to the table. If you have any issues whatsoever, please feel free to contact me! Let me know if you find any glitches, too. I think it’s pretty user friendly (everything is customizable), but you never know.

my terms & conditions: please read  (important).

i. do not steal any parts of this coding and use it in your own. // ii. do not use this as a base code for your own theme. // iii. feel free to edit as much as you’d like for personal use. // iv. do not take my credit off or move it somewhere else. // v. message me here if you have any questions.

theme 007. ★ plastic smile. (live preview & code)

  • main sidebar dimensions: 340 x 200.
  • navigation icon dimensions: 82 x 82.
  • theme includes: a large range of color customization, a sidebar image and an icon, 3 links but you can easily edit the other three if you’d like.

This is my boyfriend Eduardo, the guy with the lollipop, I’m Oscar, the guy with the happy smile. We met the first time in March of this year, and we have been 4 beautiful months together. When I saw him for the firs time, I fall in love very deeply because I have never met someone with that charisma and positivity for the life. 

I really love him, he has thaugt me to be a positive person, to think that even when you have a problem, all will be okay. We have fought for our love, my mother really love him and my brother, sister and best friends too. 

I can not ask for a better person, he has illuminated all my kingdom. Even when I had to leave him in our home city to come to Mexico City to study Medicine, he accepted all those changes just because we both know that I’ll become a great doctor. 

And yes, he and I want to have children, I’m very excited because now, here in México we can get married and adopt to help to someone else to have a better life. 

I’ve Never been so Inlove.


“Oh, wow…that’s really nice–and I’d love to have dinner with you. I hope this doesn’t make anything awkward, but your brother asked me out earlier today, too,” you said, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Of course he did,” Dean said with a wry laugh. “But hey, that’s not a problem. You can go study at the library with Sam or whatever he has planned and then I’ll take you out and we’ll actually have some fun.” You smiled at Dean, thinking about Sam’s earlier comment cutting down Dean’s usual choice of date activities, too. This was going to be an interesting weekend.

x x x


Gif source:  Elijah

Imagine noticing that Elijah has been working too hard, so you help him relax by drawing him a warm bath and waiting for him in it.

——— Request for anon ———

“It shouldn’t be long until I get home. Niklaus has kept me late enough tonight,” Elijah’s voice sighs through the phone. You can hear how exhausted he is, tense with the stress of the current problems he and Klaus were having to deal with.

You just smile as you think of what you had planned for tonight, stripping of your robe in the bathroom that was already steamy from the hot bathwater you’d ran, “When you get home, I’ll be waiting for you in the bathtub. That sound good?”

“It sounds perfect.”

“People say they don’t like to get too caught up in happiness because it never lasts. Then, you hear them talking about being in pursuit of happiness. There’s the problem: we’re confused, pessimistic, and ungrateful. Embrace every moment as an opportunity for happiness. Look to those in the greatest of struggles in the world, and you’ll see them constantly striving to smile…to simply smile. Stop complaining. Smile, if not for anything else, then at least for the fact that you’re blessed to experience life and are always able to make things better, even if all you can do right now is simply smile.”

- Nadir Keval (


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request:Cute Draco malfoy imagine about him helping you study please?

You were sitting in the library trying to understand a potions text, and by this point you were honestly thinking about giving up.


You looked up to see Draco Malfoy and smiled, “Hey Draco.”

“Need help?”

You didn’t want Draco to see you fail. He was basically perfect, and his scores too.

But if you didn’t accept his help Snape would kill you.

“Sure” you said and pulled over a chair.

After almost an hour you were starting to understand the basics of the potion and felt like maybe you could make the potion without too many problems.

“Thank you Draco, you have no idea how you just saved me.”

“So you can say that I’m your knight in shining armour?” he had a cheeky smile on his face.

You could feel heat rising up your cheeks.

“I- you- what?” you said and mentally scolded yourself for sounding like a complete idiot, but he only laughed and smiled a real, honest smile.

You quickly sat straighter on you chair and hoped you looked more confident than you felt and smiled back at him, and really hoped that your blush wasn’t too noticable.

You started packing your things and when you looked at Draco you could see him staring at you, and suddenly he said “Would you like to go out with me?”

The book that you were holding fell out of your hands and both of you went to pick it up and your hands touched, you raised your head and your y/e/c eyes met Draco’s shining grey ones.

Your heart was beating so fast that you were sure that it would burst right out of you chest.

He was so beautiful that you actually wondered if it was even legal to look like that.

You realized that both of you were crouched on the floor for longer than necessary so you picked the book and got up, with Draco soon following.

You were still staring into each others eyes and Draco put his right hand on your cheek and got closer.

“Is it okay if I kiss you?” he asked.

You were afraid that if you tried to say something you would end up mumbling, so you only nodded.

He got closer until you could feel his breath.

He put his other hand on your waist and leaned towards you.

You closed your eyes and his lips were instantly on yours.

He had the slight taste if mint, you couldn’t help but notice.

You put you hands on his neck and soon you hands were roaming through his perfectly soft hair.

He was smiling. You could feel it.

You smiled too.

After some time you had to break the kiss for air.

You pressed your forhead on his, and you both were breathing hard.

“Wow” you said, and he chuckled.

“So was that a yes about going out with me?” he asked.

“Yeah, I would like that.” you answered.

You both smiled, and this time you were the one to kiss him.

You might just ask for his help to study again.

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It turned out a lot longer than I thought it would, and maybe it didn’t have a lot of studying in it but I didn’t really know where to go with it, so I really hope that you’re happy with how it is :D

Dear taylorswift,

First of all thank you sosososososo much for following and liking my posts. I never thought this would happen and I’m beyond thankful for that. I don’t know if you will see this but if do I would like to tell you thank you I became a swiftie in January of 2012, I remember when I was younger I was way too caught up in what others think but you taught me to be myself and you have made into the person I am today. You say that people haven’t always been there for you but music always has. It’s the same with me and your music. I’ve had people in my life say mean things to me that have made me cry but the song Mean was always there to make me feel better. Whenever I’m having self esteem problems I can turn to Tied Together With A Smile, when I’m angry I can go to Bad Blood or Better Than Revenge, when I’m happy I can listen to Shake it off or 22. I remember one time I was having a really bad day, I just felt better off dead and I remember the reminder you wrote to a fan in club red “Taylor needs me so I’m going to take care of myself” and I started crying. Whenever I have a bad day I can always turn to you or your songs. So thank you. We may have never met face to face but you have always been there for me and I’m blessed to have you as an idol. So when I found out that you were coming in concert for the Red tour I had to get tickets but my dad just lost his job, I started bawling because I knew that I wasn’t gonna be able to go, but my mom somehow pulled through and got me tickets, they were nose bleed seats but I was beyond thankful. So in 2013 I saw you in concert for the first time and I’m not kidding when I say it was the best day of my life, I remember when you came on stage I started shaking because I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing you in person. The only thing I can ever hope is to meet you one day, I hope one day my dream can come true. I love you sosososososososo much Thank you for everything <3333 

PS. I will be seeing you live again on the 1989 tour and I’m beyond excited (I skipped school to get tickets because I wanted good seats and I’m a rebel but shhh) 

Love you forever, 


*Insert ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’ lyrics here*

Little Update from the Stay Fearless Khloe Facebook page–
Our girl was as BRAVE as ever yesterday!
When Khlo was put under, Dr. Kim discovered a small nodule (active tumor) in an area he had previously treated. Yesterday while she was under, he treated it with cryotherapy and hopes to see positive results next month when she returns for another checkup. Unfortunately, the fluid in Khlo’s eye has increased and has spread through her retina causing vision problems in her right eye and the fluid cannot be treated until her tumor is ruled inactive.
This was not the news any of us wanted to hear and it is hard for our family to have to stomach these types of results again but we continue to hope and have faith in our FEARLESS little.
If she can smile through it all, we sure can too.
Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers for our girl and our whole family. We appreciate it always but even more in times like this. It’s comforting to know that there is an entire team out there lifting her name up and standing with her. Thank you so much.
#StayFearlessKhloe #NeverEverGiveUpLikeEver #FaithFamilyandTaylorSwift

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It’s wild that white people do shit that make black people want to curse them out down to a molecular level

But we’re supposed to respond to the derogatory remarks and casual denial of our experiences dealing with racism from white people with a smile.

Expecting us to comfort and baby their egos and racist opinions or you’re dismissed and treated like the problem with black people just for refusing to be their educator in how to be a decent human being.

It really can’t work both ways, I can’t patronize your ignorance and expect to learn about my experiences at the same time.

Too many times I’ve seen black people be invalidated by white people on and off this site because of how incessantly ignorant and bigoted they are and how much the average black person can take while dealing with that level of hate

This may be a simple conversation for white people who want to debate race politics but for us it’s so much deeper than that, this is what we live through every day, trying not to die.

Listen to us when we speak.

Just Like You

Summary | Based on a prompt from a post I saw and just couldn’t resist (x)
“We both live in the same apartment building and your 8 year old is convinced I’m a superhero. He broke into my apartment and while I’m impressed with the little guy, can you take care of this problem?”

“Wally, not to say that I don’t want you here, but how? How did you even get in here?”

The eight year old smiled from his perch on Barry’s couch. Barry himself had literally just opened his completely, 100% locked door, work bag slung over his shoulder with a bag of take-out food in his hand. And somehow, Wally was already in there, running around in a superhero t-shirt and a towel knotted into a cape at his neck.

Barry could of sworn that his door was locked when he left. And their balconies definitely weren’t close enough for an eight year old to leap from one to the other and break in via his sliding door.

Wally didn’t answer him, instead choosing to leap off the couch - in a single bound! - and start running around again, hands balled into fists and arms parallel with the ground. “I’m a superhero!” Wally informed him in between flying noises. “Just like you!”

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