you can smile too there is no problem with that

One of the things I love about Eastern European foklore and folk magic is the completely blasé assumption that there are vampires everywhere. It’s not even “here’s how to get rid of vampires” - it’s more like “here’s how to exploit your vampire problem for personal gain”, or even “here’s how to live with the fact that your neighbour is probably a vampire”. Sure, everybody knows that old Vladislaus and his wife are blood-sucking abominations… but, well, come harvest time, you need every pair of hands you can get. So just smile and nod, hang fresh garlic in your windows every new moon, and try not to think too hard about what they’re using to fertilise those strangely vigorous crops.

And I realize the dangers of falling in love with the idea of someone instead of the actual person, but I can’t help but to entertain the thought of you.

I think of your smile when you finally figure out the calculus problem you’ve been working on for hours. I think of the way you hold the door open for strangers and nod to say hello. I think of your quirky jokes and your positive attitude.

And so, yes, I realize that it’s dangerous to fall in love with the idea of someone. But, one day, maybe I’ll be able to actually fall in love with you. And, if I’m lucky — maybe you’ll love back, too.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #138

Neurotypicals giving comfort is literally the worst/most hilarious thing. Some of my favourites are:

“It will get better! In a months time you won’t even be thinking about this so just smile!”

“I felt suicidal once too but I thought about *insert minuscule thing* and told myself to keep going, and I’ve felt so much better ever since!”

And the all time best:

“You’re such a lucky person! You have so much that other people would kill for! Why be suicidal when you can be happy!”


EDIT: Read from R to L!!! (rough translation) 
[Please take trans or scan out with credit]

Pg 1-2
Say… yuuki…
Will we never be able to get together..?
Do you want to try by connecting them together..? (holding hands?)

Pg 3-4
Things like this makes me think of that person (kaname) too…
But that is not a problem

Pg 5-6
I will love the yuuki that have the existence of that person inside (tbh I’m pretty confused by this but yeah somewhere along these lines)
I cannot give you my reply…
I can’t hold onto..
Something like this..

Your gentle hands
This hand that have saved me countless times
I become happy whenever I see this smile

Pg 7
I am happy/fine with you…


“You again, (y/n)?” Raphael asked and leaned against the wall.
“You asked for a Shadowhunter and I was in the neighborhood.”
He hadn’t to know that you weren’t telling the truth. You actually asked for the mission, when you had heard about the vampire leader calling for the help of your people.

You liked Raphael a lot and even if he would never say it, he liked you too, you could tell. He only called the others “Shadowhunter” but he always remembered your name and today he even gave you a bright smile.

Sometimes you thouthg he only made problems up because he knew that it would be you who would come, but to you it wasn’t a problem at all. 

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hope you like it

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Seventeen Reaction (Performance Unit): Falling for  ‘99 Liner

e Request:  Can you do performance unit too? Cause my friend want minghao and jun. I want hoshi. Hahahaha the one that I req? 😆💕 plus thanks for the hiphop unit too. ❤ I appreciate it 💎

A/N: @hoshijamjam aha no problem at all, who wouldn’t want a bit of Performance Unit in their life? I hope you and your friend enjoy! <3 


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I think he’d be a little surprised at first at your birth year, the fact that your looks and maturity surpassed that impressed him also. Regardless he was already completely besotted with you, from your grace to your smile to the way you always made his day and so he wasn’t even going to think about letting a measly age gap ruin that. He wanted you and he didn’t care about your age, all he knew was that he was head over heels.


Originally posted by visual-17

Your age would mean next to nothing to him, the actual age gap being fairly small in his mind. Either way, he was excited to be getting to know you, a new friend that understood his busy schedule, loved his choreography and laughed at his jokes was rare to him. Maybe that’s why he got the butterflies in his stomach. And the sweaty palms. And the intense gaze. Maybe that’s why he totally fell for you.


Originally posted by itseventeen-hasmoved

Minghao would be happy when he found out you were a ‘99 liner, believing an age gap would be fun to interact with. He would sometimes poke fun at you for being younger and ‘not knowing the way of the world’ but deep down he knew that his feelings were starting to develop into a full blown crush that had him in a giggling, mushy mess.


Originally posted by theresakk1889

He would be so excited! He finally got to interact with someone as young as him which meant he could joke around with them. Maybe that’s how you started to spend more and more time together, texting every night and no one could deny the huge smile on his face when he saw you. In truth, the hyungs gathered he liked you before he did but when they asked, he couldn’t deny it.

Imagine the VLD team are strapped in the mind meld mind reader thingies again and Allura tells them to imagine something that would make them happy.

Lance is trying desperately not to think about Keith so his screen keeps flashing through various things but Keith’s eyes keep showing up as he scrambles to think of other things.

Allura yells at the gang to focus and Lance can’t bring up anything because he has a self doubting moment. Keith has been too busy spying on Lance to think of anything himself because why is Lance thinking of him?

“You must be able to pick one thing, that would make you happy,” Allura snaps.

Then Keith starts to imagine Lance in the rain.

Lance smiles.

“Thanks Buddy,” he says, thinking Keith was giving him an idea.

“No, problem,” Keith replies.

Everyone is expecting Keith to think of something else but he keeps imagining Lance in the rain for the rest of the exercise.
let's finish what we started - bodhirook - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Word Count: 3598
Relationships: Cassian Andor/Bodhi Rook (minor)
Characters: Bodhi Rook
Summary: When Bodhi turns sixteen, they ask him what he wants to do.

Bodhi thinks about the cargo ships that come and go, never staying in the same place for more than a little while. “Cargo pilot.”

Bodhi Rook is the son of the Death Star’s architect. This comes with its own set of problems.

Even before it happens, Bodhi knows it’s coming.

“A little too clever for your own good,” his mother says of him sometimes, ruffling Bodhi’s hair with the smile that Bodhi knows is reserved only for him and his father. “Though I suppose I can’t complain about you taking after your mother!”

At night, Bodhi lies awake and watches the silhouettes of his parents through the cloth that separates his makeshift bedroom from the rest of the house. Their shadows move fluidly, murky shapes with fuzzy edges, and he hears their voices – faint whispers that tell of a malicious force making its way across the galaxy. Horror stories of what destruction it leaves in its wake.

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Stiles Stilinski #8

Requested: yes

Plot: Reader has Stiles shirt on
“is that my shirt?”

A/N: Happy Holidays! Don’t be shy to request!


“Almost ready to go to bed?” Stiles asked.

He had insisted on a Christmas movie marathon, until a sudden panic washed over you. 2 days to Christmas and less than half of the gifts you had purchased were wrapped.

“Yeah, I have Lydia’s, Scott’s, Liam’s, your dad’s- no. I’m not ready but don’t wait up, I’m going to get this done.” You stated confidently, but your eyes told a completely different story.

“Aren’t you at least going to change? That dress can’t possibly still be comfortable.” Stiles asked.

“Maybe in a little bit, goodnight my love.” You smiled.

“Goodnight, babe. Don’t stay up too late, we still have time.” Stiles reminded you.

“Wouldn’t be a problem if you had wrapped some like I had asked you to last week… But no worries, I like doing this, and I have Buddy the elf to keep me company. Go to bed now, you get cranky in the mornings.” You rambled.

Stiles sleepily waved you goodbye, pressing a kiss to your head that was bent over a huge box of pots and pans for Isaac, who had moved into a new apartment and had almost nothing.

You sighed, taping down the red wrapping paper, taking into consideration Stiles’ suggestion and removing your tights and bra.

Business began. A frame here, a sweater there. A cashmere scarf and matching coat for Lydia, which was in a box at first, but the tape could not hold the clothes in. Which resulted in a mad dash around the house for a bigger box, and Amazon box that had first contained books and a tablet was used.

After four gifts you finally realized
Why Stiles had asked you if you wanted to change. The dress felt so itchy and tight, you had to break feee of it.

You snuck into the room, grabbing one of Stiles’ old t-shirts then immediately going back to the living room to finish wrapping.

“I can do this.” You told yourself.

After finally finishing, and much lost tape which had ended up somewhere on yourself, you gave yourself a break. Settling on the couch, thinking to yourself that you’d get up in 5 minutes to clean the mess. The warmth of the heater and the comfortability of the couch and Stiles’ shirt was just too alluring. And the 5 minutes turned to 10, then 20, then 30 and then you were fast asleep, seeing Jack Skellington fly across the sky in a coffin.

Stiles woke up at his normal time, only an hour later than when he got up for work, the bed feeling only slightly colder than usual, you had probably left the heater on. He continued his normal routine, stretch for 10 minutes, get out of bed, and go make coffee.

He hadn’t passed the living room to get the coffee, but he heard voices, which obviously concerned him. Must have been the tv.

He had never seen so much wrapping paper or bows in his life, he looked around the room, little balls of tape getting stuck to his socks, and wrapping paper flying away at every step.

“What the hell.” Stiles muttered.

Beneath a pile of scrap paper and the decor blanket, you were fast asleep, a piece of tape right on your cheek. Stiles gently tried to take it off, but he woke you up in the process.

“Morning.” You yawned.

“Good morning, love bug. How did the wrapping go?” Stiles asked as he picked up some trash.

“I meant to do that last night. It went well, I got everybody’s wrapped, guess I fell asleep after.” You answered.

You stretched out your back, then got up to help Stiles clean up your mess.

“Looks like a Christmas tornado came through here, hey, is that my shirt?” Stiles asked with a huge smile.

“Yeah, what’s mine is yours and what yours is mine, marriage stuff babe.” You shrugged.

“I like my clothes on you, especially when you look even better in them than I do.” Stiles smiled.

“No time for that sexual stuff, we need to go over the list and make sure everyone got a gift, then send out some last minute Christmas cards, and oh my gosh, I need coffee.” You told Stiles sternly.

“I’ll handle all that, coffee should be brewed in the kitchen, I got this babe.” Stiles reassured you.

“My hero. For that maybe I’ll where your shirt for another reason later.” You winked, swaying your hips a bit more to the kitchen.

Stiles only smiled, cleaning up the remainder of the mess and straightening out the couch.

“I forgot to put name tags!” You screeched.

Stiles sighed, “I got it.”

He’s always hated long-term undercover work. There are too many things to remember, too many chances for something to go wrong, and just one slip up could earn you a bullet to the head. So when Chin suggests that someone goes undercover at O’ahu State to try and figure out their murder from the inside, Danny tries to take a subtle step out of his line of sight. The problem is that Chin has his eye on him before he can even twitch.

“Danny, you up for the job?” Chin asks with a smile that promises bad things if he says no.

“Why me? Why can’t Lou be the one undercover? Or Kono?”

“You’re the only one that can do it,” Chin explains coolly, “I have to be here to coordinate, Lou majored in Criminal Justice which the school currently has more than enough professors for, and Kono wouldn’t be able to pass as a professor for any subject.”

“Community college, brah,” Kono interrupts, saying it like it’s a badge of honor.

“Luckily for us,” Chin continues, “you minored in economics, which just happens to be one of the departments with an opening.

“Because the previous professor was murdered,” Danny feels duty bound to remind Chin but he just smiles, hands over a folder and says, “You start tomorrow, Professor.”

The biggest pro to being Professor Jeffries is that the probability of him getting shot at has now reduced down to practically zero. It’s a nice change of pace, to know that on any given day the most deadly thing that he’s going to come across is what’s for lunch and he’s almost tempted to revisit his previous stance on undercover work when he finds himself actually enjoying teaching his first real class.

Danny’s in the dining hall when he first sees him. He’s walking with a slight limp, a hand on his leg to help him move, and his outfit looks like a G.I. Joe reject but other than his appalling sense of fashion the guy is gorgeous.

“I see you’ve noticed Dr. McGarrett,” Amelia, one of the calculus professors, murmurs when she notices where his attention had been drawn.

“Doctor?” He asks because there’s no way that the model currently picking over the fruit selection has a Ph.D.

“Mmhmm. Steve McGarrett, he teaches chemistry. He kinda keeps to himself but I heard that he was in the military before he got his doctorate. Howard over in physics said that he was hit by an IED on tour in Afghanistan and was medically discharged,” she says and once again he’s reminded why he befriended her for this case, she gossips worse than his Nonna’s pitch club.

He turns his gaze back to McGarrett, more for his own pleasure than any interest in him as a potential suspect but he must look too long because the next thing he knows Amelia is calling McGarrett over and introducing them. He shakes McGarretts hand and when he smiles, Danny knows he’s in trouble.

Despite never having seen him in the three weeks he’s been doing this assignment, after meeting Steve in the dining hall Danny seems to be running into him all over the place. “You know, if we keep running into each other I’m gonna have to stop thinking of it as a coincidence,” Danny says, coming up behind Steve while he’s in line at the campus cafe.

“Then how about calling it a happy accident?” Steve offers with a grin.

“I’m not so sure it’s an accident either,” Danny counters and Steve’s smile tells Danny he’s exactly right.

“How about I buy you a coffee?” Steve asks nodding towards where the barista is waiting for his order and Danny happily accepts.

Steve is turning out to be a problem, because instead of investigating in his time off, he always seems to find himself talking to Steve. Even on his days off they find time to get together and it’s getting harder and harder to keep lying about who he is.

It comes to a head when he’s over at Steves house and halfway through the movie they’re watching Steve leans over and kisses him. He sighs and leans into the kiss, moving so that he can wrap a hand around the back of Steve’s neck and pull him closer. Then, further proving that the universe doesn’t want him to be happy, he remembers that Steve has no idea who he actually is.

“I can’t do this,” he says, pushing away. Steve looks dazed and adorably rumpled from where he’s been running his hand through Steve’s hair, but the look quickly turns to confusion as his words sink in. “I can’t do this,” he says again and before Steve has the chance to respond, he leaves.

Steve won’t talk to him anymore and even though it feels like a knife twisting in his stomach every time Steve turns away from him, he knows it’s for the best. Don’t get attached to anyone when you’re undercover, it’s one of the cardinal rules and while Danny’s never had a problem with that before, Steve always has a tendency to ignore the rules.

Fortunately, he only has to suffer for a few days when Chin calls and tells him they found their guy.

It takes three weeks before he convinces himself to show up at Steve’s house. He answers on the third knock, leaning against the doorframe, unimpressed, asking “What are you doing here Danny?”

“I need to tell you something,” he says and holds up a hand to cut Steve off when he opens his mouth, “My name is not Daniel Jeffries, it’s Danny Williams. I’m not a professor, I’m a detective, assigned to work undercover on the murder of Professor Thomas,” he admits and waits for Steve to say something.

“Is that it?” Steve finally asks.

“You weren’t part of it Steve,” he says, knowing what Steve must be thinking, “Me being your friend, kissing you, that was never for the job.”

He looks at Steve but he doesn’t say anything so Danny turns around and starts to walk away. He’s halfway to his car when Steve calls out to him, “Detective Williams, can I buy you a cup of coffee?”

wlw mamamoo + how they woo you on the first date
  • Solar: with her charms. solar is one of the most charming wlw on the planet. she is very to the point about her flirting, i.e. "hey girlfriend" "*to others* this is my gf" "hold my hand gf" even though its only the first date. she gives off an air of confidence. her beautiful smile, come hither eyes, and sunny personality will reel you in no problem.
  • Moonbyul: with her lesbian magnetism. you know what i mean right?? like she is so PROFOUNDLY GAY it is just otherworldly. ethereal. you, a fellow wlw, cannot help but be attracted to the mass amount of gay she exudes. she is super greasy when it comes to flirting & affection but that is just part of her charm. she is very down to earth too.
  • Wheein: with her positive energy. how can you not fall in love with this little bundle of joy?? wheein is so good at interacting. like, nothing will be awkward because she is always laughing, joking, and keeping the mood light. she is honest but still polite about it. wheein is the girl for you if you want to have a lighthearted, good, gay time.
  • Hwasa: with her beauty. hwasa is... a goddess. her outfit choices are always on point, she can rock any hairstyle, her skin glows, and those thighs. i do not even have to get into what i mean by that, just /those thighs/. she is a wlw with strong gay power. it is pretty much impossible not to fall head over heels in gove (gay love) with her the moment you lay eyes on her. she does not even need the date to woo you, that is just a courtesy. plus she is the sweetest. do not let her Perfect Looks distract from her wonderful personality. i truly do not know how a girl can be so perfect.

I don’t know why, but I totally picture the relationship between Gran Torino and Nana to be similar to the one Aizawa and Toshinori have.

You know – one is the grumpy but caring type who is so absolutely done with his utterly positive sunshine of a colleague and just wants to go back to sleep, thank you very much – after all, they never asked to be dragged into this, they never asked to come to care for their students who get into trouble way too much and make them worry way too often.

And then the other, always smiling sunshine who has absolutely no problem with caring, who in facts want to adopt all the students and teach them how to go into the world with a smile, but who are a bit too dorky, too rush and all too ready to endanger themselves if they can save others with it.

In fact, can we just let Gran Torino and Aizawa meet, because I think they would hit it right off. Like, I don’t know:

“Wait, so you trained All Might?”

“Yep. You work with him?”

“You could say that.”

“My condolences.”


Stay the Night

I saw this prompt the other day and was just really inspired to write my own version after reading @ofstagsanddoes version which you can find here.

It was stupid really. How it all went down. He’d never had any problems with interviews before. After all, he was James Potter, and James Potter had a way with words. Except for that one day, that one day he made a big mistake.

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Dating Kate Marsh Headcanons

- Kate gives the best cuddles known to man. The kind that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
- Doesn’t force her beliefs on you but is 100% willing to share them with you if you ask.
- Plays with you fingers when you’re holding hands. Loves stroking her thumb across the back of your hand.
- Whenever she’s with you her smile practically never leaves her face for a second.
- Makes lists. Shopping lists, to do lists, you name it ; Kate has a list for it.
- Those lists are written in the most beautiful handwriting and often have pretty doodles on them.
- Kate is very open and understanding. You can go to her with any problem and she’ll do her best to help.
- Never forgets to ask you how your day was. Never.
- Would love it if you went to church with her. (but is far too shy to ask if you’re not religious)
- Kate is happiest when the two of you are curled up on the couch together under a blanket with cups of tea , reading or just talking while rain is battering against the window.
- Can definitely do sexy when she wants to and isn’t anywhere near as awkward as you’d think. When Kate’s in the zone, get ready to moan.
- Was embarrassed to admit that she loves classical music to you but often gets caught humming some of her favourites.
- The most precious of all the cinnamon buns.
- ‘If you’re going to sin I’d prefer if it wasn’t around me’
- Her taste in home decoration is exquisite
- Her bedroom is one of those places you instantly feel safe and comfortable in
- Always seems to have a blanket around her shoulders and loves wrapping you in it when she hugs you.
- sweater paws
- Is very talented with hair. Up do’s are her speciality and she loves practicing them on you
- kisses on the tip of the nose
- Is 100% the type of girl that could run a marathon and still smell like roses at the end.


“Damn, I hate mathematics.” You mumble angrily and close the book.
“You know I can help you if you want.” Kurt says, smiling to you.
“No, you have to learn for the test tomorrow.” You say with a sigh as you open the book again.
He just rolls his eyes before he disappears and appears behind you.
“You know that you have two healthy legs?”
“I just want to impress you.” He responds with a cocky smile and you laugh quietly before you give him a kiss on the cheek.
“Don’t worry, I love the walking Nightcrawler too.”
“Good to know.” He kisses you. “And now, let’s learn.”
You shake your head at his enthusiasm and show him the math problems.
He starts to explain, but the only thing you can concentrate on is his head on your shoulder and his beautiful soft voice.
“Hey, you don’t listen.” He says indignantly and suddenly he sits on his chair again.
“I better stay here.” He mumbles and you’re pretty sure that he blushes under his blue skin.


B1A4′s Pizza Song…lol

someone told me to do a fic masterpost so here we go

mostly samsteve.sambucky,winterpanther, tonyrhodey (and one fic with t’challa/loki as a rarepair) and includes a LOT of bottom!sam and bottom!t’challa so

my hopes out on the line -Sambucky (NSFW, domestic, angst, fluff)

Dating doesn’t change too much of their dynamic.

And that probably just means that they were basically already together before they consciously decided to be.

haze-winterpanther (subspace, sub/dom, fluff, lovey-dovey)

He loves that he can calm T'Challa like this, get him into this trusting, warm subspace.

compass (points you home)-winterpanther (kidfic, AU-different meeting)

But then the man gives him a warm smile and Bucky’s heart skips a beat.

“I am T'Challa. I can’t thank you enough for finding her and bringing her back to me.”

Bucky flushes, “It’s no problem, really. She’s a great kid.”

promise-tonyrhodey (fluff, angst)

Tony isn’t doing enough.

He can build suit after suit after suit but he can’t find a way to make this better.

NSFW Winterpanther Prompt Fills-winterpanther (NSFW, kink, straight up porn tbh)

Just a place to put all of my requested winterpanther ficlets from my NSFW sideblog.

T'Challa/Bucky served with a side of Steve.

twitch-winterpanther (NSFW, blowjobs)

Brown eyes look up at him from the King’s place between his knees, and Bucky can barely hear anything over his own heart pounding in his chest.

you are the light (and I will follow)-samsteve (trans!Sam, fluff, angst, post-Civil War)

The sleeping man wrapped in Steve’s jacket is so fragile and breakable that Steve hates himself for dragging him into this. For even daring to say that first ‘on your left’.

quicksand-samsteve (flowers, angst, fluff, Sam-centric)

When Bucky walks back into Steve’s life Sam chooses to disappear before the inevitable fallout. He refuses to be a third wheel, and if Steve and Bucky want to be together Sam refuses to intrude.

He doesn’t expect Steve to come after him.

Or, The Five Rules to Having a Friend With Benefits and how Captain America Ended Up At Sam’s Side Anyway.

snapshots-winterpanther (NSFW)

Or, a few times Bucky had awful timing, and one time he didn’t.

hung up on the real thing-tonyrhodey (fluff,angst)

The first time Rhodey puts on his new Stark-made, high tech braces and attempts to stand, he falls.

Granted, he doesn’t hit the ground because Tony catches him.

you and me at 2 am-winterpanther (trans!T’Challa, kidfic, fluff)

Like clockwork at around 2 am the twins wake up (and by the sound of it, they wake up at the same time) and start crying, and Bucky grumbles awake, before lazily throwing an arm around his husband.

“You wanna get that?” Bucky asks, smirking sleepily. T'Challa simply stirs and murmurs, “I gave birth to them, you’re in charge of the nightly duties.”

Bucky snorts, “You can’t use that excuse forever you know.”

threadbare-samstevebucky (trans!Sam, NSFW)

Sam is in a sweater…and nothing else. So Steve and Bucky really can’t help themselves.

(For anon who wanted Steve and Bucky taking care of Sam because they can’t resist him when he looks so good.)

full stops and exclamation marks-sambucky

After Bucky is let out of cryo in Wakanda, he and Sam lay low in Seattle together. Shenanigans and feelings ensue.

They might be doing this 'getting together’ thing a bit backwards.

center of attention-samstevebucky (basically Sam being double teamed. NSFW)

“You have to be gentle with him.”

kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day-winterpanther, tonyrhodey,samsteve, natsharon (animal transformation fic, fluff, cute)

T'Challa is baring his teeth because the fact that he looks like a tiny black kitten doesn’t mean that he is one. James, however, is a lot more composed. But then again it could be because he was turned into a bigger cat, and not the tiny thing that T'Challa was magicked into. And true to his human form, his left front leg is gone, not like it makes a difference to him. Peter is happily running in circles, currently in the form of a tiny golden retriever that hasn’t stopped moving since he was changed. He seems to be enjoying the transformation a bit much, and Wanda watches him, making sure he doesn’t hurt himself. Tony purrs in a worried looking Rhodey’s arms, still ever the attention-hog, even as the fluffy white cat he currently is.

restituere-winterpanther (NSFW, fluff, angst)

Bucky is relearning a few things. Being reprogrammed, so to speak, and there are millions of ways T’Challa fits into it all.
He narrows it down

press pages-winterpanther (fluff, angst)

The world has a few things to say about Wakanda’s king being romantically involved with the Winter Soldier.

Curriculum-winterpanther, mentions of samsteve and tonyrhodey (college!AU, fluff, angst)

The boy has messy brown hair, haphazardly thrown into a bun and blue eyes with the same dark circles that T'Challa is sure rest under his own. He’s wearing a grease-stained white t-shirt and has another smudge of motor oil on his cheek. He also doesn’t have a left arm, and his shirt sleeve is pinned closed on that side. His prosthetic half hangs out of his bag, like he’s thrown everything he needs into it like he was in a rush.
T'Challa’s brain short-circuits a bit, he’s secure enough to admit that, but what he doesn’t know is that Bucky’s has done the same.
The boy Bucky is looking at is all dark brown with pretty, pretty brown eyes to match. He wears a black shirt and a choker with what looks like an animal tooth in the center, with a bag slung over his shoulder, half open like he’s just taken his textbook out of it. Bucky kind of malfunctions.

for anon on tumblr who asked for metalshop kid Bucky and rich kid T'Challa in a school AU.
Or, that college AU where T'Challa and Bucky literally crash into each other before falling disgustingly in love…and also try to pass finals.

i’ll write you a harmony in c-winterpanther (domestic, NSFW, cute, fluff)

Bucky is grateful that T'Challa trusts him enough to see this side of him. The soft, sleepy, cuddly side that just wants to sit in warm water and doze against Bucky’s shoulder. The side that isn’t a king or a protector, but instead someone who likes being made love to in bed early in the morning and enjoys being cherished.

Or, T'Challa is still afraid of bugs, Bucky gets really into reality shows and they find a cat.

~for the anon who prompted pwp domestic t'chucky on tumblr~

Cherry-winterpanther (a/b/o, omega!T’Challa, Alpha!Bucky)

He should say it. He wants to say it. They’ve been together for two months and they’ve been sleeping in the same bed for half the time and Bucky wants this, wants him.

And sharing a heat is…intimate in a way he wants to be with T'Challa. He just needs to stop being a shy idiot and say so.

So he takes another deep breath, inhaling the omega’s scent and says, “I’d like to spend your heat with you, if that’s alright.”

corusco-winterpanther (fluff, lovey-dovey)

He just watches, transfixed as the king drops his robe, shimmery fabric crumpling onto lush grass with a soft sound, and rakes his eyes down T'Challa’s nude form as he makes his way into the water.

Entomophobia-winterpanther (fear of bugs, fluff)

To Bucky, nothing is quite as amusing as finding out that the king of Wakanda is afraid of bugs.
It’s adorable.

Warm-winterpanther (NSFW, nightmares)

Bucky has nightmares about being tortured and frozen and surrounded by such intense cold…

T'Challa is so warm.

it’s not about getting over it-winterpanther (fluff, angst, grieving) 

Bucky helps T'Challa through the five stages of grief.

“You don’t have to do this.”
T'Challa could laugh. He loves James, he does, but he has no idea.
The king can’t take days off. Even if they’re grieving.

Red Lines-winterpanther (NSFW)

“This is…indecent.” he moans, voice breathless and eyes half-lidded.

“Yeah, it definitely is.” Bucky grins, wrapping an arm around the royal’s waist.

go off like a gun-loki/t’challa (NSFW)

“You are incredibly competent for a midgardian.” Loki tells him, brows furrowed as he looks at the King.

“And you are incredibly arrogant for a simple magician.” T'Challa fires back casually.

Loki isn’t sure why he wants the human’s attention so badly, but he does. And he aims to get it.

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To you

A message,
To the people too busy to celebrate
Anything with anybody,
Find time today
To enjoy yourself,
To smile alone.

A message,
To the people who pretend to be too busy
To speak with loved ones and friends,
Know that life is cruel, and time will not wait on you
Say what needs to be said, “I love you”.

A message,
To the people struggling in relationships,
You’re with this person for a reason
Remember all the positive things about them
Smile, laugh, and cry with them
Listen to their problems and tell them your own
Think of what it would be like if they left you,
How would you feel,
Or relieved?
Do whatever you can to salvage or destroy.

A message,
To the people who have someone they love
But are too afraid to tell them,
Refer to the second message.

A message,
To those who are happily single
Without a care in the world,
I envy you
But I’m happy for you

A message,
To you, the reader,
Enjoy your valenti-
Enjoy your life,
Smile so hard that it hurts,
Speak with no remorse,
And do what you please,
Because life is too short
To be “ok”,
Make it breathtaking.

Happy Valentines Day.

anonymous asked:

Ja'far, masrur, and judar headcannons for their s/o blowing them a kiss.


  • Ja’far can’t help but smile at such a cute display of affection. He tucks the kiss in his robe for safe keeping, patting lightly over his heart. After a moment’s consideration, he blows a kiss back—his face flushed red.


  • Masrur stares blankly at his s/o for a moment before reaching out to catch their kiss. Once he’s ‘caught’ it, he doesn’t know what to do with it. He walks off with the kiss still in his extended, clenched fist.


  • Judar makes a face. Sounding almost repulsed, he asks why they wouldn’t just give him a ‘real’ kiss, never mind the fact that they were being sweet. He chases after them, pestering them for a ‘real’ kiss.

I was wandering around town yesterday feeling really cute and sweet, and I would get these moments where I would pass women down the street and they would give me this look of horror as if to say ‘guuuurl what are you thinking wearing shorts?! You’re too fat for them’ - I get this a lot, in the past it would bother me and I’d start thinking mentally how much I’d want to hide and change into something to hide my legs… but yesterday I just gave each person that gave me that look a bright smile. Sometimes you just can’t let people bring you down, If they have a problem with my body, it’s their problem… I’m just gonna keep being me <3