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☆, ☠, ✿ and ♡ for Iwaizumi please, if it's not too much ;w;

Kemi-chan uwu <3 Of course it’s no problem! Thanks for sending this in!

Iwaizumi Hajime Headcanons

☆ - happy headcanon

His smile is absolutely contagious. Tell him a joke, or maybe even tickle him (if he lets you tbh) and you can’t help but smile and laugh with him. His smile is bright and genuine, and even the scariest of people will stop and stare with interest when they see Iwa-chan smile. It’s one of his best features.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

DO. NOT. TRASHTALK. HIS. TEAM. Iwaizumi is a very proud man and is even more proud of his team. He’s stern, but it’s only because he knows their potential and wants the absolute best for them. He never degrades his team or belittles them. If someone else were to do this, it’ll take more than some reassuring words to calm him down. In fact, he may not calm down until the “problem” is taken care of. Protective baby.

✿ - Sex headcanon

He’s got the kind of loving and body movements that will have your head thrown back in pleasure. He’s so gracious and spoils his partner in bed with no problem, but when he’s underneath his partner and being pleased, you can hear the little breathless pants he gives, and see how red his cheeks are. It’s certainly a sight to behold.

♡ - romantic headcanon

Despite contrary belief, Iwaizumi is actually a very touchy person. He may not show it much in public, but when he’s in private with his partner, or there aren’t that many people around, he’s got his arm wrapped around their waist, or his lips are pressing butterfly kisses against the side of their face and shoulders. Also, surprise kisses are his favorite, legit.

One thing I hated about gradeschool was how they basically brainwashed us to act happy even if we weren’t. If I was having a bad day I was forced to sing “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” until I smiled again. The only one who allowed me to be upset was my child therapist, but I eventually started to pretend to be happy for her too.
It’s really screwed me up tbh. I can trick just about anyone into thinking I’m happy when I’m upset. It’s caused a lot of repressive behavior in me and I’m not sure how to fix it because I don’t want to ‘bother’ people with my problems.

Horoscopes at Work

Aries: The one who does nothing and leaves early 

Taurus: The one who acts like a boss [or is a boss]

Gemini: The one walking around, talking to everyone 

Cancer: The one who plays it safe and does what is told

Leo: The one having their own way of doing things because they think they’re boss

Virgo: The one who tidy’s up every thing because…OCD

Libra: The one charming everyone and is everyone’s fav worker

Scorpio: The one who pretends to listen to your problem but have too much of their own 

Sagittarius: The one smiling at everyone to look friendly when they forgot what they have to do 

Capricorn: The one encouraging you to buy everything so they can be member of the month [every month]

Aquarius: The one who tries flirting with co-workers through body language because they’re too shy to approach

Pisces: The one who daydreams all the time to hear what you’re saying, but is very helpful

Exo reaction when finding out that both parents of their GF (you) had pasted away...

Hey Anon thank you!

Tao: *tears starts falling down* i’m really so… i didn’t know… i always thought that bugs are the scariest things. But, now i understand i was wrong… because losing both parents are even scarier.

Luhan: (tries to hold his tears in order to stay manly) Bae, if you don’t mine you can call my parents your parents… now now don’t cry because your making me cry too.

Xiumin:  (tries to blow your tears away) Don’t bae, girls always think that crying will solve every problem. But, their wrong the way to face their problem is to smile and face with their boyfriend.

Do: (tries to looks away because he just can’t stand it when you cry) I’m sorry … really sorry… (hugs you tightly as you cry on his shoulder)

Lay: (can’t help himself be crying along with you) I’m sorry… if i had known you then i might of helped you and your parents by using my healing powers. Unicorn is always here you with…

Suho: (having a emotional break down)… i’m so sorry… (so shocked to the point that he don’t know what to even tell you) please don’t keep such stuff away from me next time… i know it most hurt you a lot… you feel better telling me it..

Kai: I can’t believe that you had not tell me this…. it…. most hurt alot….sorry… i know it most hurt alot… i mean i kinda know how it feels.. you with i broke up with  Kyungsoo i was just like you…

Sehun: (takes up to a high mountain) Scream out all your fears and sadness, bae. Like this “  I HATE WHEN MY GF IS SAD!!!!!!”

Chen: (gives you a toy hammer) use this to take out your sadness and anger..

Baekhyun : (stares humming a song to you) humm hummm humm “So, baby, don’t worry ,You are my only ,You won’t be lonely,Even if the sky is falling down… (starting singing Down by jay sean, hopping you’ll feel better) Bae ecen if this sky is falling apart i’ll always be wilt you

Chanyeol: (thinks a way to make you feel better…) what should i do…oh i know! (brings you to an amusement park and ride roller coasters)  bae, scream all your sadness away and let’s make happy memories.

Kris: Girl i know you’re sad but, think of the bright side… both of them are at a better place now… they are in apart of our Galaxy… they are watching over you now. so if they see you like this do you think they’‘ll feel happy?


พระจันทร์ยิ้ม - เอิ้นพีท (Smiling Moon - Earn’s ringtone_ep12) EARN - PETE 

“..I can only listen to your problems, the same stories that you like someone, that you have a crush on someone. it’s too much torture to have to listen and act opposite to my heart like this.

When will you look ever here, at the person beside you? I’ll love you forever, look at me for once please! Love me, could you? But I know that I might only be able to ask that in my heart, because I’m not brave enough, I’m not ready to risk it, I’m afraid that it would change things with you!..”

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So Sayo likes persimons so much, but you can only eat them at fall and they rot away very fast, so the saniwa makes persimon jam so he can eat it all the time. Problem is that there is too much and everybody is sick of eating, but Sayo always looks happy and everybody don't say anything because that's the only thing that matters.

Sayo’s smile is the only thing that matters

To the people who have stayed in my life after all this time: Thank you for sticking between the highs and lows. Maybe we talk everyday, or only check up on each other once every few months; regardless, your presence is so significant to me. You are the constancy in my life, and perhaps the only reason I can feel comfortable interacting with others. I know I’m hopelessly flawed in my actions and my behavior– the fact that I can depend on you despite those problems makes me appreciate you even more. I hope that you wake up with a smile everyday, knowing that you’re great and you’ve accomplished so much to make it this far. Lastly, if there’s ever a period where you’re struggling through hard times and you need someone to speak with, I’m always here. I can always listen. So please, even if life gets tough or aggravating, try your best to be happy. I’ll try to be there for you too. Thank you for everything.

To the people who are no longer in my life: When people fall out of touch, there are several possibilities that can serve as a reason. It could be that we had an argument that left us on awkward terms, our interests didn’t align so that we had nothing to talk about, or even that we just got too busy for our lives to align. Whatever the case is, I’m sorry. Sorry that I wasn’t the right person for you to entrust your friendship to, or that we couldn’t have countless interesting conversations with each other, or that I couldn’t find it in my heart to make time in my life to show concern for you. Regardless of the reason, what’s important is the answer and I hope you find the people who truly make you feel at home. Most of all, I hope that the future yields happiness for you. You deserve it– no matter what may stand between the two of us. I wish you well.

To the people who I have yet to meet: When the time comes for us to cross paths, I might have a lot going on in my life, and I’m too overwhelmed to want to think about meeting people or making friends at all. It could possibly be the opposite way around. However, help comes from the most unexpected of places, so I hope I can help you out somehow when you’re in a dark place, or vice versa. Let our experience be both memorable and amazing. Let’s grow from each others’ experiences, learn what we love and hate, and progress through our journey together– at least until we’re meant to split ways. I sincerely wish I get the chance to fully realize how amazing you are. Nice to meet you.

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Oh, can I say something too? As many have said before, your cotton candy coloring is absolutely one of the most distinguishing things about your art! I can definitely pick out your illustrations in a lineup of thousands, no problem. More than that though, your composition and lighting and the scenes you choose to draw are just really sweet and intimate, like we're peaking into a slice of life. It's just beautiful, has a lot of heart, and, well, has the ability to put a smile on anyone's face! c:

Ofc you can say something too sweet Pixie pie! ;v;  I think I read this message so many times because haha it makes me smile  and it makes me so happy to know that you can see all of this through my drawings? *sobs* thank you, thank you so much dear (´•//ω//•̥`) you’re amazing (つ//﹏//<)・゚。

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drabble prompt, Machitani and bruises

“Jesus Christ, can’t you put a fucking shirt on?”

“Nope.  ‘S too hot.  Plus, I gotta let these babies breathe.”

Miya’s teeth cut into his lip when he smiles, arm squeezing a little more firmly around Ibitani’s waist when Arakita stomps off, half-heartedly slamming the door behind him as he leaves the room.

“What’s his problem?” Ibitani asks, sliding closer. One finger traces gently over the oblong bruise spread over Miya’s chest, pressing a little harder just to see him squirm.

“Heh,” Miya breathes out, hipbones shifting, “he just doesn’t, ah, appreciate how badass these are.”

“They’re fuckin’ creepy, man!” Arakita shouts from the other room.

Miya would have replied, if Ibitani hadn’t pressed his tongue to the bruise, and stolen the breath right out of him.


❖ my muse’s worst fear comes true

It was one of those days when Victoria was glad that someone was with
her because she felt nervous and she was shaking all day, even though
she didn’t know why. It was hard, but the girl was trying to ignore the bad
feeling and she shook her head, trying to forget about her problems, too,
but when she entered into the park with her friend, Victoria looked around,
still nervous because she knew that something was wrong. 

The girl felt that something was different and actually, she was right. The
problem was heading towards her and she finally saw him in his black suit
and with a decent smile on his lips. The redhead was sure that it was him.

                  “I’m surprised to see you here, my little Victoria.
                                                                      Can you introduce us?”

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I just wanna say that you're kind of totally amazing. I've only been following you for a little while but I've been feeling really down and shitty lately. But looking at your solkat art has really made my day these past few days. I love your Sollux nonsense please don't ever stop; it puts a smile on my face when most other things can't

im glad my dumb doodles could cheer someone up, haha! i didnt think anyone other than my girlfriend really appreciated them.

anyways, im sorry you havent been feeling the swellest as of late! i know that feeling all too well, i suffer with depression and giant mood swings, myself. sometimes it only lasts a few hours, sometimes it lasts about a month! and while it doesnt always get 112% better, sometimes the up swings make it okay again. if this is a common problem, looking into an appointment with a psychiatrist may help, as mood stabilizers cause you to be a bit more mellow most of the time. mood swings still happen though, so dont expect it to be all better completely, but ti does help! haha, look at me trying to be smart and recommend meds.

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I saw that you’re feeling depressed. I suffer from anxiety and depression nearly all my 25 years. My parents didn’t believe me too until i emotionally snapped in 9th grade. See someone about your depression, NOW. Talking to someone who doesn’t clearly know your history helps a lot! If you’re underage and your parents won’t allow you to see someone, there is lots of websites just for talking about your problems; forums, emails, even text. Plus find a positive hobby; taking photos, drawing, video games, fangirl/boying on Tumblr. Something that makes you smile even when you’re feeling shitty inside. Me; Sailormoon and Batman comics.

I can’t promise you the anxiety and depression will go away. But it will ease in time and you will learn to punch it right in the balls. School is hard and people don’t want to understand anxiety and depression is a mental illness we can’t fully control but there is great people out there who understand.


3 Months

I’ve never grown so attached to someone after dating them for 3 months. I can’t go a day without hearing your voice or else I get very upset. The jokes you make, the teeth you show with the smile that is so amazingly beautiful, and the aura you possess when I’m with you are few of the many reasons why I love you. I think about the future a lot maybe too much and it’s not a problem with you because we’re able to see it with each other. There’s no one more perfect than you, and each day I’m constantly reminded that by your actions or just by the world around me. We still have a lot to learn and a lot of love to give to each other, it will take time but it will be worth it.

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- - - ⟢

         Everyone has good and bad days, and he could only guess that
         no creature was freed from those playful games mood and chance
         play with us. Not even him, who was no human per se saw himself
         with a permanent smile gracing his features. ( but still, he could feign
         a little bit )

         Since he was a child he has never liked the idea of bothering others
         with his own problems; his kindness ironically working against him on
         that point. So he just smiles and greets everyone with the same inviting
         smile, his own bad – terrible – day hidden beneath laughter and polite

          “Oh, it’s good to see you, Takayuki!” The star says cheerfully on his
           place behind the counter. “Same as usual?” 

Right now at this point of my life im just lost/broken/scared. I feel unknown like i dont belong anywhere anymore that im just all alone in a dark room with just thoughts that are eating me alive in the inside… Its funny cause i know what the problem is i just dont want the problem to leave my life just yet. Its confusing because again all im doing is killing myself slowly each day but im just letting myself do it. What can i say? Im in love & trust me it never felt this way before.. TWO BEAUTIFUL YEAR of hate, tears & beautiful love but at the end all we have is a fake smile to show eachother that we dont want out just yet, love, right? It can make you do deadly things to one another & when you realize it, its already way too late to turn back. WE BOTH WANT OUT BUT OUR LOVE IS WHATS MAKING US COME BACK TO EACHOTHER, EVERY SINGLE TIME! But when you say to youre self its time to walk away you stand there preying she/he doesnt let you go & holds you down forever….. how can you look at the person you love & tell youreself its time to walk away, when deep down you want nothing but that person to slap you & run after you

When I look into your eyes,
I fall.
You’re Infinity’s paradox:
Your countenance is the limit
To an endless maze of bewilderment.

You’re a mirror without reflection,
And I’m helpless.
Helpless, because I don’t see you in there.
Helpless, because I can’t see me,

Obscure are your intentions to me.
All I know, though,
Is that within your shadows
I find the structure I am lacking.
You, my boundaries
You, my passions.

You are bonding contradictions:
You create despite your stillness.
You are warm, never mind the distance.
I guess, though,
That the problem is not you.

It might be my deepest longings
That dream with you in the night tide.
It could be, too, my great desire
For your discreet smile.

Or it may be just me,
Waiting to find something
Where I first lost it.
You’re my Universe,
and I’m a speck of dust.

You can’t be happy everyday. It’s just not possible, for anyone. The past few days I’ve been stressed out worrying about everything; Where am I going to stay? Have I spent too much money? Should I go to Maui?… it goes on.
Everyone has these off days, whether its about travelling or anything in general.
Today I took step back from it, smiled and realised that I am blessed and my problems really aren’t so bad. I got up today in a better mood went down stairs for breaky and ate at the table with a whole group of french guys. They were really nice, they shared this goggle/face mask thing I don’t know exactly what it’s called. I remember that I used to buy them for my kids on the Sims back in the day. It reminded me of Jake who I work with at home, he got one of these mask things for his Samsung phone, he was really excited for it. It was cute haha. I wish I could’ve teleported Jake into the room, he would have fit in so perfectly with these boys. 
I’m going to Mauna Kea at 2.30pm today, it will be my second trip there. Erik and I are going to hike all the way to the summit for sunset. Fingers crossed it will be even more beautiful than last time. 

Yesterday I spent time with Laura and Alex, we went to Carl Smith beach to see the sea turtles. We were unlucky, I still haven’t swam with any! Maybe tomorrow. We eventually gave up and decided to go to the cinemas. We saw Jurassic World, unquestionably of corse (as it was filmed in Hawaii). It was an excellent film, great humour and also thrilling the whole time. 
I think that music is big contributor to my good vibes today, I updated my playlist with a lot of Regan’s music. Mat Kearny - Billion reminds me of cruising down Ali’i drive. Falling in-love with reggae in Hawaii. 

5 Things That I Love

Ok so I got tagged by crow-map for 5 things that you love. These are in no particular order btw.

1. Cheesecake. I can literally eat cheesecake at any time. It may be a problem actually…

2. My wonderful Russian boyfriend. One of the few people who can make me genuinely smile.

3. My two best friends whom I definitely would not be able to live without.

4. Being home alone. The peace and quiet is too good. I am sick and tired of someone yelling at me to do things all of the time.

5. The Legend Of Zelda. I love everything about this game. From the characters, to the soundtrack, to the storyline. 

K so i guess i’ll tag 5 other people to do this. 
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"Joy h-how did it go with you and disgust?" He frantically went over to Joy. "Sorry for not completing the list on what can go wrong there was too much to right..."

“It’s ok, Fear. I figured I had to go tackle the problem myself. But I appreciate you tried to get me that list.”

She told him, giving him a weak smile.

“It was… a little emotional and frightening at first. But we were able to work it out in the end. Don’t worry.”

She assured him, giving him a pat on the shoulder.