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Imagine Person A is with their friends, talking casually about sex lives. The friends pity Person A, because they think Person B must be boring in bed, being ostensibly quite shy and somewhat prudish. Person A just smiles and remembers last night, when Person B did things to them that the friends probably haven’t even heard of.

For you, Anon.  I adapted it slightly to fit Golly and RB, but the gist of it is there. 

Shout out to otpprompts for the original idea.


“I’m just grateful that Holly is tame in bed.  I can’t handle Gail’s sexcapades anymore,”Dov shared with the other officers.

“Me, too,” Chris chimed in.

“You were part of the problem, Chris,” Dov retorted.

“Yeah, I know.  I want her to be happy and all, and we’re friends now, but it would still be weird for me.  She’s my ex and listening to her, you know, would be weird for me,” he shrugged.

“Yeah, Gail is pretty wild in bed.  She actually put me in the hospital once,” Nick said as he sipped his beer.  “She wanted to try this thing she’d read in Maxim, and I don’t know if…”  He stopped talking when he made eye contact with Chris.  They both quickly looked away while Nick awkwardly cleared his throat and Chris took a long pull off his pint.

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If I’m your girlfriend, I’ll treat you like a fucking queen. You’re hungry? I’ll buy you a giant burger or if you want healthy I’ll fucking cook for you or get you fruits or something. Period? No problem. I’ll run to the store if you’re out of tampons and get you chocolate and ice cream and whatever else you’re craving too. Tired? Sure, just lay down and sleep on my chest because taking naps with you would be great. I’m the type that will do anything to put a smile on your face. If you’re having a bad day, call me, no ifs and buts, I will answer and do the best I can to hear you laugh.

I don’t date unless I picture you as my potential wife. So if you’re in it for a fling, don’t even try it out with me. Cause I’m not looking for a broken heart. I’m looking for die hard love.

Just Like You

Summary | Based on a prompt from a post I saw and just couldn’t resist (x)
“We both live in the same apartment building and your 8 year old is convinced I’m a superhero. He broke into my apartment and while I’m impressed with the little guy, can you take care of this problem?”

“Wally, not to say that I don’t want you here, but how? How did you even get in here?”

The eight year old smiled from his perch on Barry’s couch. Barry himself had literally just opened his completely, 100% locked door, work bag slung over his shoulder with a bag of take-out food in his hand. And somehow, Wally was already in there, running around in a superhero t-shirt and a towel knotted into a cape at his neck.

Barry could of sworn that his door was locked when he left. And their balconies definitely weren’t close enough for an eight year old to leap from one to the other and break in via his sliding door.

Wally didn’t answer him, instead choosing to leap off the couch - in a single bound! - and start running around again, hands balled into fists and arms parallel with the ground. “I’m a superhero!” Wally informed him in between flying noises. “Just like you!”

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Dash Scrolling - A Poem

Ah, yes.

The Angel.


So beautiful.

Played by Misha Collins.

Misha Couldyounot

Quit it Collins

Misha Collins, Actual Angel.

Who plays Castiel.

Castifuckinghell, Angel of the Would You Stop That

Bluest Blue to ever Blow Me, Cas

Actual Angel

Actual Sunshine

Actually a problem.

I have a problem.

you are too pretty

Stop it

Sir could you please just

You are ruining my life

God I love your eyes

I fucking — I just can’t okay.

Could you not.

Never stop.

Son of a bitch, your eyes are blue.

And your smile is pretty.

Damn it Cas, I love need you.

And while tons of gruvia fans here hate the Avatar chick that smiled at Gray, I can just relate to the poor girl. If I was her, I would smile at him too, all the time, to the point I would seem hypnotized. I would have one hell of a problem to talk to him without stuttering and making people think I have articulation issues. I would have palpitations everytime he talked to me or looked at me with that painfully attractive smirk. I’d stare at him when he wouldn’t notice. I would try to discretely breathe in his scent everytime he would stand close to me. I’d think about him whether he is around or not, whether I’m asleep or not. Like a schoolgirl with a crush on her steaming hot senpai.

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For an iwaoisuga prompt: because I'm a sappy fool, something with oikawa and iwa having to comfort suga?

it’s a little shorter than i would have liked but here! it’s damn hard to give suga problems.

Of all the people in Hajime’s life, Sugawara causes the least problems. He gets along on his own and enjoys managing other people too much to cause problems himself. As often as Hajime thinks Oikawa matches him like they were cut from the same cloth, there are key differences and that’s one. Where Oikawa intentionally makes himself a problem to distract others, Sugawara helps them focus and see it as not a problem at all. But hell if he can do that for himself.

Iwaizumi thwaps the book he was reading down onto Sugawara’s head. “You’re thinking too much, Suga-san.”

Sugawara jerks his head up from his work and forces a shaky smile. “Yeah, I suppose I am.”

"Has been all day~!" Oikawa calls out from the kitchen and Hajime’s head jerks in his direction. What the fuck is that idiot doing in there? He’ll deal with that later.

"So," Hajime says with pause, "what’s up?" He often thinks it’s good he’s not doing this boyfriend thing alone.

Sugawara sags. “I think I need a new job.” He’s been working in a call centre, dealing with too many people in difficult situations and taking every single one to heart.

Hajime leans awkwardly over to push back Sugawara’s hair and rub his thumb over his mole.

"Could be a good idea. You’ve got options." He hesitates. "And we can cover you for a bit, if you need it." He twists to yell at the kitchen again. "Right, asshole?"

"Whatever Iwa-chan says!"

Sugawara smiles, and he looks a little happier.

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(fic rec Anon) She Fell from the Sky is another great g!p Anna one, as well as Make Her Smile, Under Covers, Only You, and Her Knight. Eyes in the Dark if you're extremely open. If you're open to g!p Elsa too, Instinctive, Popsicle, Solving the Girlfriend Problem, Sweet Christmas, Let's Do It Again, and Frostbitten and Lovestruck are others you can check out. elsannonymous and elsannonymousfills on Tumblr also contain some g!p Elsanna fics that aren't on FFN

Nonnie, than you so much for the fic recs! I’m going to sit down and add a bunch to my favorites list.  I love reading fics whenever I have a free second waiting for something :)

Jack/Crutchie fic submitted by jinglenewsies

All of the Manhattan Newsies knew that there was one person you went to if you were feeling homesick, or lonely, or just plain sad.

Crutchie was always there for everyone with a smile and a joke, some advice or maybe even a story, and asking absolutely nothing in return for that, claiming he’s just happy to be there for everyone

And he was happy to do so, because his friends were his family, and he can’t stand to see someone hurt or sad.

But sometimes it’s too much, all the stress and worry from caring from his friends combined with his own problems, and he just wants everyone to go away for a while so he can pull himself back together.

Usually he can, finds a nice part of the lodging house where nobody is and allows himself to break down for a moment before he can rejoin the others.

But then there’s a day a couple of weeks after the strike is over when everything just falls apart.

Crutchie’s been tripped three times by some young snot-nosed brats as he’s hawking papes, and he’s still sore from the fight with the coppers and the Delanceys so each time is more painful than the last.

And then he winds up not selling a lot of his papes, and even though it’s easier on him than it woulda been before the strike, he still barely has enough to pay for his night at the lodging house.

And if that wasn’t enough, he’s practically chased home by some punks wanting to rob him of what little money he does have and he stumbles into the lodging house a good half an hour late, practically shaking and knowing he needs to find a quiet spot as soon as possible.

“‘Ey Crutchie!” Jack yells cheerfully across the room, and Crutchie practically winces because he loves Jack but now was not the time.

Jack gets closer and looks at him and Crutchie can see his face fall and his brows furrow and oh please no please he can’t have Jack worrying about him or fighting his own battles, he should be able to-

“Are you alrigh’?” Jack asks, and Crutchie winces again because too late.

“‘M fine.” he lies and tries to hobble away, but Jack easily follows him.

“No, yer not. What’s going on? You can tell me.” he says, and that sentence makes Crutchie stop and look at him.

“I really can’t.” he says. “I can’t tell ya what’s wrong, Jack, because it’s stuff I’ve gotta deal with myself.”

“No ya don’t-”


The volume of his shout even surprises him, but he can’t help but continue, anger and shame fueling him. “I have to deal with this all by myself, Jack Kelly, because I’ve always had to deal with folks trippin’ me cause they think it’s funny, or givin’ me the evil eye or lookin’ at me funnily or tryin’ ta mug me cause I’ve got my gimp leg and they think I’m easy pickins. It happens all the damn time, and I can fight my own goddamn battles, alright? I don’t need your help, I’m not some helpless lil thing!”

There’s absolute silence when he’s done with his rant, and the stunned look on Jack’s- no, on everyone’s face- make Crutchie feel even worse.

“‘m sorry.” he says, wanting their sad, sorry looks to go away, the fact that he had put those looks there making him feel even worse. “‘m sorry, I didn’t-’m sorry, ‘m so so-”

Jack hugs him then, and Crutchie wants to cry.

“Don’t be sorry.” Jack says. “Ya betta not be sorry, because I’m the one who should be apologizin’, okay? You’s always been there for us, an’ I guess I neva thought you might just need someone too. So’s I’m sorry Crutch. Ya definitely don’t need us fightin’ your battles for ya, an’ even tho’ we’ll neva know how bad it is for ya, jus’ know that we are here if ya need us.”

There’s a chorus of ‘yeah’s from the other newsies, and Crutchie does begin to cry, leaning on Jack for support and letting the taller boy try and comfort him.

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Hewwwwo, im bored so can you play wwith me? (Ask-the-greaserfish's eridan, also sup thanks for callin me cool (♢U♢))

//hah no problem// 

of course!! im bored too (She smiles at him.) 

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Hey Friend, I'm sure you may feel a little annoyed of all these messages and I'm sorry for maybe annoying you too. Suicide is not a help for a problem. Years ago my best friend killed herself and I'm still feeling responsible, empty and that everything is useless. You will leave people behind who would be crying and never really be able to smile again. Please, if I can do something to help you through or else talk to me. I will do everything I can

You’re not annoying me, don’t worry.
That’s how I feel and it’s nearly been 3 years… I just don’t see people caring that much since there’s been rumours going around school about me. I will make sure to message you if I need anything.
Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey, I have seen the things that you have rebogged recently and I am not sure if you are tired of hearing this question and don't want to answer it but I wanted to ask anyway, are you okey? Because I don't want a such awesome humanbeing to feel bad. (And please exuse the bad English).

(I have a bad English too ,this is not a problem )

I am not okay and it is not alright …Sometimes I feel so bad but I guess nobody cares ..

And I try to fake a smile everyday and everyone see me as ‘the happy girl ‘ ,but I feel like I can’t deal with myself and my problems anymore . At the moment I have a last dream and I wanna see if I can make it come true.

Maybe I won’t kill myself today ,tomorrow or next week ….but I’m sure one day 

I will do it  and my pain will end . 


Phone ☎ Dwight Evans
  • Sam:[scrolls through his contacts, finds his father's number and hits 'call', waiting for him to pick up]
  • Dwight:Hey Sammy. I see you got my message.
  • Sam:Yeah, I did. Sorry...I was on a job and couldn't answer my phone right away. Everything okay? No problems?
  • Dwight:It's alright, son. And everything's just fine. Your Mom's doing well. They both are.
  • Sam:[grins] That's great. Ten fingers and toes?
  • Dwight:And the biggest green eyes I've ever seen. He's perfect. Your Mom acts like she's bummed about having another boy and being outnumbered. But I can tell from her smile, she's happy as hell.
  • Sam:[laughs softly, sniffs a little] I'm happy too. I know she's just squawking, but he's healthy and here. All that matters. You ready for this round of fatherhood?
  • Dwight:[barks out a loud laugh] Why do you always talk like I'm one food on the HoverRound? I'm still spry. Babies ain't new territory for us. Think we did alright with you...
  • Sam:Y'all did. That was mostly Mom, if we're being honest. [blinks away a few happy tears] We'll come see y'all soon. Red's looking forward to talking with Mom about wedding stuff. And Alex is so excited about seeing a new baby.
  • Dwight:Well I'm sure her new uncle's gonna be pleased to see her, weird as that sounds.
  • Sam:[chuckles] Definitely weird. You guys picked out names, yet?
  • Dwight:Your mother is dead set on Sawyer Jett. Keeping with the 'S' theme. It's growing on me.
  • Sam:[nods, smiles faintly] Sawyer Jett Evans. I like it.
  • Dwight:I'll put it down as another 'yes' then. We can't wait to see you, Sammy.
  • Sam:Can't wait to see y'all either. And him. Give Mom a kiss for me.
  • Dwight:I will. [call ends]

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hi i'm honestly sorry if this hurts to read or anything but i just want to say that honestly i'm in love. i have a boyfriend and he's literally the best (th eonly problem is it's online so i can't hold his hand or kiss him when i want) and he makes me smile all the time and he makes my heart just feel all happy and he's really lit my world from when i was sad and he just makes me so so so happy and i just rly needed to tell someone so like, you're my fav blog so i thought to tell you. thank yoou

Aweee well thank you, you should tell him that too i’m sure it would make him feel good.

Sometimes I just get myself into a place where I dig this hole for myself that separates me from everybody else in my life and it becomes extremely difficult to keep up this facade that Im fine and that I want to participate and be a part of your world where im not falling apart and where I want to be out in public with 100 people instead of in my bed. Alone. Where nobody can touch me. Where I cannot possibly taint anything. Where everything stays whole and I can’t break it. At this point I have found my breaking place. The place where it burns to breathe. The place where I find a sliver of a smile in myself but am too quickly reminded why I dug this hole in the first place. Nobody can save me but myself but the problem is I need to be saved from myself and you need to be saved from myself. You need to cleanse your soul from your embrace with me. The moment I dipped my toe in your waters I spilled oil all over your ocean blues. Cause I am a fucking war inside of my bones and I can’t do anything but destroy you. This is why I dug the hole for myself. To save me from me. To save me from you.

My love

To my dearest i want to thank you for everything and everything youve done I’m sorry that I’ve been a pain and well the depression abd family problems upsetting us i want you too know i really do love you i can’t sleep properly without you i can’t help but fear losing you im really scared i don’t want to be without you im just worried because i know I’m not the best that your surrounded by all these people and i worry one will take you you mean everything to me everything you say abd do hearing your voice making me smile being in your arms and feeling your warmth helping you when it’s hard holding you tight just everything i love about you im with you all the way even if everyone doubts us and makes me feel bad i just want to be with you i don’t want to mess up or ruin everything i just want us to be ok i want to in the end be in heaven with you so we don’t suffer anymore i want to be free with you

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Can i share my problem too pleaseee? I really need to get this off my chest but it's a ridiculous story that i can't even share with my friends. So in first year of Uni i had a crush on this guy and he found it out then he kept on smiling (cont.)

Since you accidentally sent the other messages off anon i’ll post the rest here:

Smiling at me and sitting next to me for straight 2 years. But he never talked to me, he talks to everyone but me and it’s frustrating. So i stopped looking at him and started keeping seats next to mine occupied because i was annoyed How he talks to every other girl but me. So few days ago he stopped smiling and sitting next to me. Like a week ago he kept on staring at me for a whole minute and agh i don’t know. I’m in third year now by the way. And thankyou and sorry

well there are two reasons why he could have been doing this to you. reason 1 because he liked you back and even though you guys never really talked he liked the attention he was getting from you cause when he would talk to other girls he knew that you would notice it. reason 2 it was to too see if you would get jealous. either way, when you stopped responding to him it clearly mad him mad and he might be the jealous one now.