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Can you show us a picture of your supposedly small nose hawk? You don't have to show your whole face if you don't want to.

wow I look so dead 

alec changing his style throughout s2 and now getting even fancier in s3 is such a Gay™ thing

like, if you ask any lgbtq+ person about this, most of us will tell you exactly the same thing. bc as soon as we start getting comfortable with being ourselves, we start choosing clothes that we actually like and that we can express ourselves in and not just clothes that would hide us from the world

and seeing alec going through this step on his journey of self acceptance is one of the best things this show is giving to us

If you see this

Please reblog to show @staff we do not appreciate the “best of Tumblr” feature.

Activity on all my blogs are down, and I can’t imagine what OC/art blogs who use this media platform to help support themselves are dealing with.

Activity for many blogs is near stagnant whereas before this update we had moderate to high levels of activity. Stop letting staff tell you what you’d like to see, if you didn’t appreciate the stuff a blog put out you could just unfollow them yourself. Tumblr is essentially assuming they know what you’d like to see over preferences you’ve already chosen for yourself.

I can reblog and post instructions about how to turn it off and why every day but the truth is some people won’t notice, you won’t see it because my stuff will be pushed to the bottom, or some people just don’t want to spend the three seconds it takes to do it.

This. Feature. Is. Killing. Blogs. Get rid of it please.

  • Baekhyun: Can't believe they think they're the cuter couple.
  • Chanyeol: We'll show 'em.
  • Jongin: We're totally cuter.
  • Kyungsoo: Oh yeah.
  • Chanyeol [wraps arm around Baek]: You think you're cuter than us?
  • Jongin [puts arm around Kyungsoo]: Yup.
  • Everyone: *lots of arguing*
The Reunion

Whether you liked or disliked season 4, there’s one thing for certain-

You’re happy Matt is finally back and safe

And the reunion scene between Pidge and Matt after all the emotions and build up in the show-

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I’m not crying you’re crying

It was (one of) the most satisfying and happiest scene(s) we’ve gotten so far in the series for us and for the characters of the show.

However, this isn’t the reunion I wanted to talk about. No, the reunion I want to talk about is

The reunion between Shiro and Matt

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People loved that Shiro and Matt finally found each other after so long and after all the build up in the series, and I was happy that they finally found each other too but… I can’t help but feel like something’s off and after a couple of seconds of watching the scene I had realized 

The scene was beyond underwhelming 

Because they meet each other after so long with all this build up for what?

 A small bro hug?

I thought this is not how it was supposed to go, the build up and emotions and just- 


Now, here’s why I find this scene so underwhelming:

Pidge and Shiro are the ones closest to Matt and both want him back well and alive and miss him with all their hearts. Obviously, they’re both going to miss Matt in different ways because for Pidge, Matt is her older brother she was close to. In the flash backs, one of them was a show of how smart Pidge is but it also showed how lonely she was had felt with it. Matt helps her see that her smart brain is not a curse but an awesome gift. She relies on him. Pidge misses her brother.

For Shiro, Matt is his friend (depending on the backstory we get with those two they might be best friends even). They graduated together, went on an important space exploration together and suffered together (and separately). They’ve gone through big and small together and they’re both close. Shiro misses his friend.

Along with missing Matt, Shiro has a prominent thing about himself that makes this scene so underwhelming

There is such a thing as Survivor’s Guilt

Now Survivor’s guilt “is a mental condition that occurs when a person believes they have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not” It’s also a significant symptom of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Now we know that Shiro suffers from PTSD, I don’t need to explain why because everyone already knows. It’s canon.

 But with PTSD (depending on the situation), there’s a high chance of Survivor’s Guilt. It’s “ a significant symptom of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” It’s a part of having that PTSD.

So what’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from causing him to be alone with his thoughts and overthink what he knows and convinces himself that Matt and Samuel aren’t as okay as he wants to believe?

What’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from causing him nightmares where he watches Matt and Samuel die in front of his eyes and feel like he could have saved them but didn’t?

What’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from making him feel guilty about escaping and leaving Matt and Samuel in the clutches of the Galra and possibly dying when he was able to get away alive?

What’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from making him pour out all his built up emotions and guilt that he’s been hiding for the sake of the team and universe after finally seeing Matt right there in front of him, touching Matt right there in front of him, hearing Matt right there in front of him, feeling Matt’s heartbeat right there as he hugs him, having Matt alive right there in front of him?

What I’m trying to say is:

Shiro cares about Matt a lot, it’s been established in the show. Shiro saves Matt from suffering in the Gladiator arena. Shiro cares about Matt’s (and Samuel’s) family by taking Pidge under his wing as a brother figure for her. Shiro misses Matt and I don’t understand why the scene is the way it is. I needed more and there was supposed to be more but it’s not there.

Now there is the argument that Pidge had told the team on their way back that she had in fact found Matt and Shiro would be anticipating Matt’s return

 but there would still be those built up emotions that were never shown and it leaves me feeling that-

There’s something off about Shiro

It could be the clone theory, it could be something else but there’s something off about Shiro and it has to do with the Galra and when he disappeared at the end of season 2. There’s something wrong with him and this was the biggest red flag that gave me the biggest feeling of this in season 4.

And at the very least,

This scene could have been so much more

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Whenever I write, my writing feels clunky. Like, I'll want to write a character going through a rough time, but it just comes out "he was sad, he moved on." I feel like when a writer I admire writes like something like that, there is an element gained and it stays with the character/ story. Is this something that will get better in time, or is there something i'm missing? btw love your blog

I can promise you everyone’s writing is clunky in the beginning. Many of us here at FYWH have spent weeks or months on different drafts until we’re “happy” with it–and by happy I mean not completely disgusted.

Now, it sounds like the writers you admire have a particular style, but it may not be the style you naturally gravitate towards in your own writing. I love Virginia Woolf, but if I try to emulate her style it reads like a monkey flinging shit against a wall. 

Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of being a writer is finding your own voice and making your own stylistic choices. Your voice as a writer is as unique as a fingerprint and the only way you find it is to keep writing, especially when it’s clunky. Sometimes, when I’m struggling with this, I’ll stop and say out loud:

 What the fuck am I trying to say?*

And then type as I speak my response. It helps me get something down that I can work with and it’s always a better, more stylistically consistent, version of whatever horrific word vomit I had been agonizing over.


Explained: Rick and Morty copypasta
  • This meme involves variation on a Rick and Morty-themed copypasta, beginning with “To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.”
  • According to a submission on Know Your Meme, the earliest known instance of the copypasta was posted onto the /r/cringeanarchy subreddit on 29 July 2017. The original version can be found here.
  • The meme has been used to mock how Rick and Morty fans often annoyingly describe the show as being intelligent or philosophically deep. However, it has also been used by fans of the show.
  • In the following months, the meme spread to Tumblr, where it was increasingly used by specific fandoms. Many instances of the meme involve replacing “Rick and Morty” for some other TV show or concept.
  • Click here to see examples of the Rick and Morty copypasta.

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Can you tell me all I need to know about jhope?

he is the most beautiful boy in the whole entire world the eternal sunshine of bangtan like when he smiles he radiates enough solar energy from his pearly whites to power 6 continents & his positivity and energy is absolutely contagious also he’s crazy about dance like he can learn choreo in half no a quarter of the time it takes other people and oh my when he moves his body it’s Real performance art and he dominates the stage but he works so incredibly hard to have gotten to this point and not only on that but music as well like can you even tell this boy didn’t have a knack for music when he started? he wanted to be a tennis player growing but look at him now HE IS A RAP GOD and vocal king producing his own mixtape that he’s constantly meticulously perfecting like CAN YOU SEE how passionate and hardworking he is always finding and thinking about ways to improve himself and show us the best side of him but with all his fun and energy he still knows when to be serious and is a sensitive guy like the fact he writes sad journal entries before bed but honestly I hope he knows how inspiring he is I hope he knows how amazing he is I hope he knows how loved he is

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why didn't you use dimple instead of gimp?


Okay so, back before I wrote ABoT, I wrote a bunch of MP100 oneshots. And Dimple just…never showed up. Not intentionally! I just… kept forgetting about him. So it became a running joke that Dimple can’t show up. 

And also he wouldnt have really been a perfect fit for the whole spirit horde thing. There’s kind of a more malicious energy to them. (and technically Dimple would still be leading the LOL cult) But mostly I was just keeping with my goof of “Dimple doesnt exist”

He was gonna show up in the April Fools day chapter–A Beach of Trust–revealing that he’s just been chilling at the beach in ghost swim trunks, drinking a margarita, and being real thankful he got the hell out of dodge. He knew ABoT was gonna be bad news and just Got Out.

………..Except then I forgot to write that part.


Spencer x Reader

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Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

Reid set a present in front of you. You’d suspected he’d joined in with the other members of the team who were doing the same through the week. “I remember you said you liked a certain colour and I know someone who can make polished stones look like the picture you showed us and um…”

He trailed off when you squealed, jumping up from your chair with your hands covering your face which caused JJ, Garcia and Prentiss to rush over and coo over the gift. “Interesting reaction. But what does it mean?” He said and Morgan chuckled.

“It means you picked out a great gift, and you should brace yourself.” Morgan snickered when he sidestepped to avoid the hug you threw at a startled Reid.

“Thank you so much, it’s so pretty!” You muttered as you let go and rushed back to look at it. “How’d they make it?” you asked and everyone groaned when you made Reid explain every step, in great detail.

How nations are born...?

Anon said: You might have done this one before idk and it probably can’t be answered without more information from Hima but do you think you could do something on how the nations are born or how you think they’re born? Are they actually birthed as a human and become countries, or do they just appear, or variations of that sort?

I think the problem here is that there isn’t one way for a nation to come into being. You’re right though, it is difficult to confirm anything, but we can speculate from the material we are given.

Hima seems to show us multiple nuanced methods of how nations are born/come into existence, so rather than focusing on this process, I think focusing on how they continue to exist is more important. What links them is their nationhood – micro-nations included.

Anyways, we see from America and Japan that they can be born as toddlers. Either that, or they existed before without being detected by the other nations.

However, they can also be born as babies, namely Egypt.

We also know that nationhood can be achieved by humans, as seen with the Republic of Nikoniko who went from a middle-schooler to a micro-nation, and then back to an aging human again. Even though Japan finds what happened to Nikoniko’s fluctuating nationhood status as an “anomaly”, it’s still a possibility.

Overall, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the many ways that nations can be born. As long as there is some claim of belonging and belief from the people, then that’s likely what gives them their immortality.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no true answer. Instead, what I’ll probably do is analyze the many different ways nations form themselves in another – more detailed – post. There are plenty of more examples where you see personifications possessing nationhood, despite lacking sovereign status. Becoming a nation seems to be a rather flexible process!

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I get on tumblr and see many arguments about BTS and their intervews and im so confused can you tell what exactly is going on?

Oh boy, here we go:

I swear there isn’t a single interviewer that understand what a Kpop Idol even is with some of the shit they ask. So everyone hoped the interviews would be more about their music to promote themselves and show off who they really are so they can gain more fans but unsurprisingly, the interviews are still the same 3 questions. When will you sing in english? Who’s your American celebrity crush? Who do you want to see perform at the award show? 

When none of these questions really have anything to do with them or their music when they could be getting to know them with questions like:

  • What inspired you to pursue music or write your most recent album?
  • Tells us about your new Love Myself campaign 
  • Promote your newest album for a bit
  • What’s your favorite track you’ve-(produced, sang, preformed, written, etc.)
  • Is there anything you really want your fans to know?
  • What’s been your favorite moment through this whole thing?

But nope, they get talked down to like kids and they make it seem like BTS should be so thankful to America for recognizing their achievements because otherwise it doesn’t mean shit. Like yes this is a big deal for them (and i’m happy for them) but they got here with their own blood, sweat, and tears and people seriously need to take them more seriously. American media isn’t their goal and they have achieved way more than anyone gives them credit for.

And don’t even get me started on the person, who ever they were, trying to share a stage with bts for their first American televised performance when it’s their time to shine. You can already see some of these people trying to reach out and collab with BTS because of their massive international fame and it’s honestly, pathetic. 

End of the story: People just need to give these boys the respect they earned and deserved just as they have done to the people around them.

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do u think victor cries a lot? he’s only shown to cry once before the last two episodes yet everyone seems to think he cries all the time. yuuri says “i love you,” he cries. yuuri doesn’t want to show affection, he cries. do u see this kind of stuff too? how do u feel about it?

I don’t think so? At least before meeting Yuuri, I guess. 

Kubo said the way he cries in episode 12 is in a way that it shows Victor is not very used to crying, and I tend to agree with that. I can imagine that Victor has definitely faced tough times and cried in the past, and something about Lilia and Yakov’s attitudes tells me they’d pretty much suggest him to stop crying because “this is not the worst that could happen”. So he bottles up a lot for a long period in his life, I believe.

But he definitely starts crying more after Yuuri, I think? He cries when Yuuri refuses to sleep with him that first night in Hasetsu, he cries when Yuuri says he’s retiring, cries when Yuuri lands his quad flip… The reason behind his tears changes to happier reasons after a while. I think Victor grows a lot and learns it’s OK to cry again, and with Yuuri in his life he starts crying more tears of happiness than anything else!

I’m not saying Victor cries at every given opportunity but I imagine he grows more comfortable with crying around Yuuri. He’s comfortable with showing his most vulnerable side when he’s with Yuuri, and Yuuri slowly learns how to soothe Victor’s worries after a while. 

I can see him being especially prone to crying when Yuuri does something sweet he’s not expecting and he’s hit by that overwhelming realization that Yuuri loves him and he does those things out of pure affection. He walks into Yuuri preparing a snack and Yuuri asks him if he wants some, and when Victor says yes Yuuri gives him his own and prepares another - things like that, that touch Victor and at some point he breaks into tears because it spells unconditional love for him in all senses. 

Off-Color Gemsonas... UNITE!

Right before the year ends, it’s time to celebrate some of the new characters that have appeared in Steven Universe over the past couple of months! We were introduced to a colorful group of Homeworld gems known as the “Off-Colors.” On December 17th of this year 2017, gemsona makers will be asked to post and submit art and literature of their Off-Color gemsona(s). You can make a new Off-Color gemsona or show off the ones that you have made since we met the crew!

How do I participate?
Create art, literature, videos, playlists, animation, or use any other medium to make an Off-Color Gemsona or showcase one that you have already created!

Where and how do I send in my work(s)?

Two ways:
1) Post your works on Tumblr, use the hashtag #OffColorGemsonas within the first five tags on your post, and tag me @gemsonaresources in the description or the first five tags so I know where to find your works.

2) If you do not have a Tumblr blog or prefer to submit your works on another website (deviantArt, Twitter, etc), please send me a link to your work via Submission Box and I will post it onto my Tumblr page.

Are early and late submissions accepted?
Yes and yes! If you are unable to be online on the 17th, you may send in your work(s) to me early and I will queue them for the 17th. For late submissions, I will keep checking the #OffColorGemsonas tag until December 21st!

**If you have any questions or wish to send in your work(s) early, feel free to send in an ask, fan mail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources​ or @macbeth-macdeath (my main blog)! Click the “Read More” for the rules on submissions and Off-Color prompts to help you brainstorm ideas!

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@cheritzteam Honestly the love I have for YOU AND THE LOVE U SHOW US IS BETTER THAN THAT OF ANYONE I HAVE EVER KNOWN AND I AM SO THANKFUL EVERY DAY THAT YOU BROUGHT MYSTIC MESSENGER INTO OUR LIVES, BLESS YOU, I WISH CHERITZ THE HAPPIEST LIFE AND GREATEST LUCK, GAH!!!!!!! I can’t contain my FEELINGS!!!!!!!!! ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) (♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ) ლ(♡益♡ლ)

Can I just say that I have never been more happy in my life? Hamilton brought me and my wife closer – it got us through one of the worst traumas of our lives, and it brought me here. Where I get love and support for just being my dorky ass self and drawing my little doodles of these amazing and wonderful characters.

Thank you guys, all of you, so much for being so sweet and supportive of my fun little hobby and continuing to encourage me. You guys are all beautiful and amazing and just

thank you. For showing me personally that being myself is okay. That me and my wife are #goals, you guys are goals, all of you beautiful wonderful people akdhlgs;

I just get so emotional thinking about it I love you all so much ;___; Thank you for being here and existing and being you. <3

K, most of us who are into Season 7 have gone out of our way to tag things in 50 different ways so people who are not watching can blacklist appropriately. I made a post specifically addressing how I will be tagging to protect my followers and friends who don’t like this season’s direction.

I’m asking those of you who are NOT into the season and have extremely negative things to say about the show, to do the same for me. Please. Tagging ouat negativity is not that difficult. 

I really don’t want to unfollow or block people, but that’s going to be my next step. We all still share love for Captain Swan, I happen to like the old AND the new and have plans to create things for both. Please have some consideration and make the effort.

I love how Jack and Cas reunion was basically like DeanCas used to be like. The “Hello, Jack”, lingering touch on a shoulder, but also Jack being more honest than Dean (“I missed you so much”).

Just shows even more clearly how Cas and Dean can’t go back to the way things were. That’s why their reunion seemed off. It wasn’t the way it used to be, but it’s not quite what it should be either. It is not truthful. But they want to get there (”I do”).
The subtext hasn’t been subtext for quite a while, but it isn’t fully in text either. But it is getting there. Mmm, i love this show.