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Hello :3 Once you get this SHARE 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favorite blogs ✿♥‿♥✿

Thank you for the tag, @treelinesandpoppyfields and @elk-bees!  Here are some more facts about me.

1. My left leg is just a tiny bit shorter than my right because of an accident I had when I was twenty-one.

2. I absolutely hate rodents: mice, rats, hamsters… I can deal with snakes and spiders but furry, little, four-legged vermin do me in!

3. My husband and I proposed to each other (equal in all things) 442 meters off the ground at the world’s highest restaurant in the Burj Kahlifa, in Dubai.  It was too fancy and I was very uncomfortable.  I’m uncomfortable with fancy.

4. We married in a courtroom and we were both wearing jeans - I was much more comfortable!

5. My favorite place in the whole world is Cortes Island in British Columbia.  You have to take two ferries just to get there and it’s absolutely magical.  The scenery is breathtaking and the island community is like some lost hippy commune - linen wearing vegans practicing laughing yoga around every corner!

6. I love to frolic, as seen here on Cortes:)


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im at the verge of crying i failed my physics exam and now i have one in history on friday and i literally have to learn more than 10 pages, i seriously dont know what to do

Hi, Anon - I know a lot of the time when you send a message like this, you just want to vent. In which case: that really, really sucks. On the off chance you actually want advice though, my advice is: the physics test is in the past. You can’t go back and fix it, so what you need to do now is focus on the next one. Some things I find helpful for studying: stay organized. Make a schedule of your hours between now and then. Decide when you will study what, get it all in. Take things in small pieces. Learn one paragraph, then one page. Take it slowly, don’t freak out. Take frequent breaks! I can’t stress the importance of sleep, water and exercise enough. Keep your body conditioned to work. Write physical notes - studies have proven the act of writing something down helps our (caveman lol) brains remember. Once you pass (woo!) your history exam, contact your physics teacher and see what you can do to make it up. If there’s nothing, you’ll just have to take it as a learning lesson. This will not make or break your future, Anon. You will come back stronger, better and you will get through this. Stay strong, best of luck!


Don’t send emails using layouts to the FCC

They’re ignoring those ones, calling them ‘scams’ and ‘fake’

Don’t send emails using bots to the FCC

They’re calling them ‘spam’ and ‘not made by real people’

Don’t customize the layouts. Write your own from scratch. It takes a long time, but don’t take someone else’s. The FCC will ignore it. Make yours with you own words. Use everyday speech. Don’t worry about formality, if you got your grammar right and your tone correct, you’re good. 

Send them emails:

The 2 no votes:

The 2 yes votes:


The Chairman:

You can use your main email, a side email you might have, your parent’s email (if they allow that).

Remember to address THEIR stance on it - whether or not they support or reject keeping NN. Make sure you address YOUR stance and why you need it. 

This isn’t a time to think about the fanfics and fanart. This isn’t a time to think about the fandoms, this is a time to think about the jobs. The schools. The hospitals. The ones in poverty, the ones hanging on the edge of the unemployment rate. The homeless, the jobless. The ones with needs, who can’t get out of the house and has to rely on the internet to order necessities like food, hygienics, clothing, and even medication. 

It’s tempting to think of our fandoms. Without nn this blog goes dark, no more PJO posts other than what I manage to put in the queue (and even that will run out). No more Ponaa, MCGA, etc. But I can live without that - I can’t live without my school. NN being destroyed will destroy my future in education. 

It’s time to take action if you haven’t. Send someone to them, if not for yourself than for the rest of the 320 million or so Americans. 

Imagine Keith and Lance going to a fair and there’s a really big hippo plush at one of the games and Keith just looks at it so longingly Lance rolls up his sleeves and slams down a five at the table. The hippo is the biggest prize you can get and the carny is about to laugh at them because no one has ever won anything more than a plastic ring.

But it is a shooting game, and Lance has perfect aim.

Keith walks away with that hippo.

Hey guys, if you have the time and energy: Please write a real letter to the FCC. As in not an email. Politicians are flooded with emails and stuff. If you can get them something tangible, then yeah, it’ll still probably go through assistants and stuff, but letters are harder to ignore. Especially if a shit ton of people write letters. Floods of letters is a little more intense than floods of comments/emails because they need to find a place to put all the fucking letters instead of just seeing digital numbers go up. 

 Use email templates, message templates, etc, but getting a hard copy of something to them is going to take it up a notch. 

Obviously not everyone can write letters for multiple reasons, but if you can then please do. You can type them up, keep them less than a page, google docs has some good templates. I’ve written one already and am planning on sending more. 

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW,
Washington, DC 20554

21 things I've learned as a 21-year-old

1. Anyone can do literally anything, if only there is passion.

2. Smiling at a stranger, as you pass them by, can truly brighten their day. I should start doing it again. I don’t know why I stopped…

3. It’s okay if it takes you longer than others to realise your dreams, as long as you don’t give up. 

4. Society has decreed you’re a failure without a degree. I call bullshit (see point 1 & 3)

5. Comparing yourself to others will kill your creativity. 

6.No pain lasts forever. Even though it feels like it will.

7. If you’re a kind person, you’re already much better at this thing called ‘life’ than you might think you are. 

8. I’d rather be perceived as clingy or desperate for sending one damn text, than unknowingly have anybody feel as lonely as I have felt. 

9. When you feel like there’s no place for you, you can squeeze through and create your own little, cozy space with all the things that make you happy. It’s not selfish. 

10. Colouring books for adults are great! Who knew colouring in flowers and cute little kittens could be so therapeutic? (I could do without the finger cramps though)

11. The first three months of my gap year have taught me more knowledge, about myself and what I want out of my life, than 15 years of school and college ever have. How sad is that…

12. To be free, is to take risks. 

13. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but it’s not. Trust me, other people are most likely struggling just as hard, just in other areas of their life. 

14. Escaping for a little while every day, in a book, a song, working out, taking a walk, in order not to lose your sanity, is nothing to feel guilty about and it’s not a waste of time. 

15. Don’t tell people about the dreams your chasing, unless you know they’ll be excited for you and encourage you. Most people won’t give a shit or will try to dampen your spirit. 

16. Coffee… actually tastes good. I thought it would never happen, but here I am, right at this moment, sipping a mug of black coffee, enjoying the heck out of it. What is life!

17. Taking life a lot less seriously makes living a lot more pleasurable. 

18. My perfectionist streak causes me to get stuck often. I started to learn to love imperfection. And ever since, all my creative projects have been flourishing.

19. People who walk barefoot…I love you and I wish I had the guts to do the same.

20. I need to go outside every day. Even when there is no reason to. I just don’t want to miss out on anymore miracles.

21. Some people are negative just for the sake of it. Annoying them with positivity is a form of great entertainment.

Same rogue that got insta-killed after taunting an Orc. We just got a job from a mob and the boss doesn’t trust us yet. Rogue is a Half-Orc, apparently in a tux.

Mob Boss: Well, maybe I should send some men with you.

Rogue: Well, these men are very manly and strong, but so am I, and I don’t think we need to have more than one masculine and tough man on the job.

Warlock (who is also a man): Hey!

DM: Roll Persuasion.

Rogue: Can I roll Deception? It’s higher-

Me: You’re going to DECEIVE the Mob Boss into thinking you’re MANLY?

Rogue: (Giggling) 21.

Mob Boss: Wow, you sure do seem like a manly man! I’ve never seen anything more manly than a Half-Orc in a Tuxedo! Look at those rippling muscles!

Bard: Uh, this was deception, not flirtation, right?

Rogue: (whispers) Manly.

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elrond, 2D?

Since I already did 2D with another character I threw in a tween Arwen :D

Thanks so much for requesting this!!

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Tom Holland  |  Cuddles

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Summary; Dating Tom made you learn that he had several cuddly personalities. Here is a list of a few different types of cuddly Tom.

Warnings; None, apart from an explosion of pure fluff

First Tom Holland Blurb I’ve written so there’s more where this came from. You guys can send in requests :’)

Being able to call Tom your boyfriend, let alone the love of your life made you beyond happy. Over the course of your relationship, you had come to learn of the several types of cuddly Tom, each one better than before. 

Sleepy Cuddles

  • The two of you would be sitting at a quiet airport lounge, Tom significantly more exhausted than you because he had just finished up his press tour.
  • “I’m fucking knackered,” he would say letting out a big yawn. “Sleep for a bit, love. I’ll wake you up when it’s time for our flight.“
  • You’d be sitting with your back pressed against the armrest of the chair, legs bent over Tom’s thighs when he’d slowly start to lean on your chest, wrapping both his arms around you and snuggling into you.Your hands would automatically tangle themselves in his hair because you knew he loved it when people played with his hair, especially if that person was you.
  • “Comfy enough for you, sweet?” You’d smile, only being able to elicit a small hum of approval from Tom as he snuggled deeper into your chest.
  • With what ever little energy he has left, Tom would grab your free hand, bringing the back of it to his lips and pressing a soft kiss to it, “love you darlin’”

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Tldr…I’m in need of commissions since some prick decided to use our card so the bank and put us over big time. We are working on it, but its proving difficult. Money will go toward getting food and other needs.

If you can’t commission me, a reblog is just as appreciated! VERY

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

First of all…what is a retrograde?

Retrogrades are astronomically an illusion where by a planet appears to be moving backwards across the sky, due to earth ‘overtaking’ the planet in their rotation around the Sun.

In relation to “As above, so below”, the energetic affect that retrograde planets conduct is an internalising of that particular planetary energies.

Some keywords for retrogrades are

  • Reassessment
  • Re-evaluating
  • Reorganising
  • Restructuring

The purpose of retrogrades are typically to 'tighten’ loose ends in different areas of our lives - the planet involved will indicate what aspect of ones personality will undergo the keywords, the sign of the retrograde will be how, the house area is what area of our life.

Mercury Rx - ¾ times a year: What it can bring + How to make the most of it

Mercury Rules: Communication/Thought Process/Technology/Short distance travel/Comprehension Ability/Local town area/Siblings

  • Update your technology prior retrograde
  • Keep a careful eye on your technology devices - DON’T LOSE THEM (in a cafe or on a bus for example)
  • Be prepared to walk into a room and completely forget what you went in there for (more than usual)
  • Get your car checked out
  • Don’t be surprised if your regular bus or train is late
  • Also don’t surprised if you hear from an old friend
  • …or an ex
  • Communications during this time have gone down the toilet so expect things such as:
  • Forgetting what you’re saying mid conversation
  • Confusion in understanding
  • Stuttering
  • Repeating yourself
  • People saying things they don’t mean
  • Or things that they do mean but didn’t want to say
  • And if it’s communication via technology:
  • Autocorrect may be acting more like a little shit than usual
  • Messages not sending
  • Phones crashing
  • And if you’re old school, letters in the mail may end up in Africa somehow (jokes - but things can get lost in the mail)
  • Don’t make big purchases at this time if you can, especially electronic equipment
  • DON’T START new projects, go back and tidy up the old ones
  • Make more lists than usual
  • Best not to start a job during this time either (but if you have to, make sure you read the fine print)
  • Wherever you have Gemini/Virgo in your chart, these areas of your life may go a little bit haywire and will need re-assessing 
  • If you’re a Gemini/Virgo Rising, your vitality may feel a bit low during this time (since the 1st house rules the physical body). Give yourself plenty of rest at this time.

Here’s some tips to take advantage of the Mercury retrograde

  • If you have a blog, go back to it and edit it
  • Clean out your technology such as deleting photos you don’t want anymore on your phone
  • Review all contacts and documents before signing them
  • Real all emails and important documents before sending them
  • Backup your digital data
  • Get in touch with old friends  
  • This is a time of closure of understanding things and communications with other people
  • Re-learn something or go back and study an old topic to refine it
  • Think about exactly how you want to phrase something before speaking it (is it kind? Is it for the highest good of another?)
  • Finish any project if you haven’t yet, especially if it’s a writing project!  

P.S: There’s nothing to fear about retrogrades, in fact, they can be quite amusing sometimes (when you know what’s going on!) and this is a great time for cleaning things up to perfect your life path ands mission.

Happy Retrograding! <3

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the thing about childhood emotional abuse is that the parent/abuser molds (intentionally or not) a child into the victim they want. they program the child, sometimes from birth, to be attuned to unspoken threats, invective, and demands, learned from the abuser’s pattern of behaviors. this can make the abuse extremely difficult for a child to identify for themselves or to outsiders. one look or one seemingly benign comment - unremarkable to anyone outside the abusive system - can invoke an entire history of abuse. one subtle cue from the parent can cause terror and shame that seems out of proportion in the moment, but is perfectly reasonable within the context of the long-term abusive relationship… and that hyper-responsiveness/vigilance in the victim is in fact a goal of the abuser (whether conscious or not). 

it can be really hard to explain emotional abuse; it’s more obscured and insidious than physical abuse. that’s actually built in to the abusive system; it’s a feature. if you can’t explain why one look, comment, or other cue from a parent sends you into a panic or shame spiral, it’s not your fault and it’s not just you. take that feeling you have as sufficient cause to do whatever you need to do to protect yourself. the threat is real and your boundaries are justified.


You stole him. Then he stole you.

Synopsis: He fell from the sky like a raven haired angel, with a dark green cape instead of wings and enchanting, beautiful blue eyes that seemed to burn every fibre of your skin, immediately catching your attention when one day, you languidly roam through the many piles of useless debris on Sakaar for something valuable to trade. Fascinated, you decide to keep him to yourself for a tiny bit of fun. Little do you know, however, that you should never underestimate Loki, the God of Mischief…

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: E
Chapter: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Words: 5836
smut, Sub!Loki, Dom!Loki (eventually), light bondage, sexual slavery, non-con, dub-con, scrapper!Reader, mentions of death

Read it on AO3!

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One more time here are the rules!

✩Must be following @sukikirai02 on tumblr

✩Liking this post will put you in the drawing to win once!

✩Reblogging this post will enter you in the drawing to win once!

✩Liking AND reblogging this post will enter you to win twice!

✩But!! Reblogging more than once is not allowed, that way we can keep it fair! If you relog more than once you will be disqualified.

✩Only one can win!


(send me an ask if you have any questions!)

Sanctity [m]

genre : smut / demon!Yixing
summary : You’re a preachers daughter, the image of virginity and holiness. He, on the other hand, is anything but. He’s a demon and you’ve accidentally summoned him.

“You know, I thought you would’ve held out longer,” he sighed in blatant faux-disappointment. 

“The holiest ones are usually more tough, not you though. Only a day and your back like a keening kitten, I have to applaud myself.” he finished.

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hello everybody! after its success last year, i’ve decided to host yet another community Secret Santa! with just over 100 participants in 2016, it’s an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit and meet members of the communities.

for those of you who don’t know, a Secret Santa is a fun holiday gift exchange; essentially, you are secretly assigned a person and you give them a gift. since this is tumblr though, “gifts” consist of things such as positive messages, gifs, fan art, fan fiction, icons.. etc! that’s entirely up to you as a Secret Santa.


the event will be open for entry until November 30th. at that point i will close the form and use its results to send you your person on December 1st in your tumblr IMs/messages.

once you get your person, you are responsible for sending them one “gift” on 12/25, at which point you can reveal your identity. although it is not required this year, i highly recommend interacting with your person on anon throughout the month. get to know them and what they like… it’ll help you choose your gift!

full rules & details can be found in the form itself, the Guide, and the FAQ. please read & review those before sending me any questions.

have fun guys! happy holidays
- megs

if you want to prevent spam or need to find info about this year’s event, you’ll find it within #secret santa 2017. you are more than welcome to blacklist this tag if you don’t want it flooding your dash, and please tag related posts with that if you choose to discuss it yourself.

Lance, Meet Lotor

So I saw a post about how Lotor doesn’t know what the paladins look like and vice versa and the whole ‘they could pass each other at the mall’ things stuck with me. So much so I wrote this:

They had to get supplies at a space mall. Lance had a list and everything, and thank god they convinced Coran to drop the disguises.

He hung back and let everyone else have their fun. Getting the supplies and shipping it to the Castle of Lions (apparently that was a service). Now he could have his own fun.

There was a spa and Lance needed to get in there for some well-deserved relaxation. Lance, using his flirtatious wiles on the female clerk and manages to flirt his way into an hour with a face mask and pedicure to go along with it. 

He was escorted into the back room and was seated next to a purple skinned white haired beauty and Lance begins to flirt relentlessly- the best part? It’s not uncomfortable and the guy is flirting back. It’s an hour of sharing and talking. Lance excitedly sharing stories about his friends (never giving out any details on the fact they were paladins of Voltron or that they were against the empire.)

And this other guy does the same (apparently one of his friends has a seeing eye-cat and another basically could crush Lance with her little finger and it would be an honor by the sound of it)

Near the end, Lance spilled a couple insecurities about how he doesn’t feel like he fits in with the cliche and where his new friend pats him on the shoulder.

“It sounds like you’re letting your fear define your loyalty to your friends Lance. Especially this ‘Azul’ (whom lance had described as a girlfriend that dumped him one day out of the blue moving on to ‘alice’) if they do not show you loyalty, why show it to them?”

Lance told him it’s more complicated than that.

“Times are changing. You can become someone great, and I have a feeling you WILL get the validation you deserve. You just need to choose who you’re loyal to wisely.” The words were heavy like the guy knows it’s not just about friends and rejection.

As they part to go their separate ways Lance almost forgot to ask his name and called out to the stranger.

White Hair gave a sparkling smile, “I am Lotor, your new Emperor, Lance. You should sign up to be a soldier, maybe I can pull a few strings.” He winked strutting away in style, quickly disappearing into the crowd. All of Lance’s happiness evaporated into tension. If not for the fact he hadn’t eaten that day he might throw up.

Lance doesn’t tell the team, he doesn’t wanna get called out on anything. The next time he boards red he thinks about loyalty, respect, and the fear that he had felt more appreciated by his supposed enemy in one Varga than he has in months with his team.

He thinks about home, the oceans, his family. He thinks about face masks and loyalty over fear.

Red sends some inquiring thoughts but Lance shakes it off, “it’s nothing red. Let’s just kick some Galra butt.” And if he’s keeping an eye out for a specific ship? It was totally to blow to pieces, and not check for its safety.



there is now a SEQUEL!!! You can go look at it, here

Why I’m going to see Coco

I know that everyone, myself included, has already made the comparisons to the Book of Life, seeing Coco as a ripoff, a slap in the face, whatever derogatory label. But I’ve decided I’m going to see it based on something Jorge Gutierrez said at a film summit I attended:

“Do you think Book of Life will compare to Coco?”

“Okay, so Coco…I’m friends with Lee Unkrich, the director of Coco. And, as you guys know, I love doing stuff about Mexico! So, I have to support Coco, not only because it’s my friend’s movie, but I want movies that celebrate Mexican culture to do well. Because if they don’t, guess what happens? Hollywood says, ‘Don’t make those type of movies.’ Right? If Wonder Woman didn’t do well, Hollywood would say, ’No more women superheroes, no more women directors.’ These are huge things that are decided at levels really high, right? So, I want Coco to do really well. It will only help my culture, it’ll only help my country, and it’ll only help movies to be more diverse. So I’m the number one fan of Coco.“

You can watch the clip here, at 9:28:21:

This is very true. Because the film business is very much a business, the first step towards making a breakthrough in diversity and representation is getting past the pay wall. If Hollywood sees the financial viability of underrepresented voices, it will be more willing to invest in films like that in the future. Whatever your personal feelings are on Coco, the way you use your dollars will send a louder message to Hollywood than threats and boycotts will. And who knows, the movie might even be okay. 

More about Net Neutrality

These are the emails of the 5 people on the FCC roster. These are the five people deciding the future of the internet.

The two women have come out as *No* votes. We need only to convince ONE of the other members to flip to a no vote to save Net Neutrality.

Blow up their inboxes!

* Ajit Pai -

* Mignon Clyburn -

* Michael O'Reilly - Mike.O'

* Brendan Carr -

* Jessica Rosenworcel -

Spread this comment around! We need to go straight to the source. Be civil, be concise, and make sure they understand that what they’re about to do is UNAMERICAN.


Also, Jessica and Mignon have confirmed “no” votes. Consider sending them thank you/supportive emails rather than trying to change their vote. One more vote guys. One more vote and what we all know and need stays the way it is.

Tay’s Smut Game 5 ♡

♡ Send me a member (Threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs(orgies) welcomed!)

♡ ALL SMUT IS ‘X READER’ ~ Fanboys welcomed! 

♡ Choose a starter :)

♡ These are mine,, they’re actually not too bad…


♡ You can request more than one prompt at a time!

♡ You can request prompts with idols from different groups!


1.“Come on, admit it, you sit at your little desk all day and she walks in and out and all you want to do is fuck that tight little ass of hers, don’t you?”

2.“Can you please fuck me, sir?”

3.“I wore my naughty little skirt just for you Mr.(idol of choice) and I think you’d like to know…I’m not wearing any panties.”

4.“Mr.(Idol of choice), I see how you look at me, I know you want to fuck me…but, how would your wife respond?”

5.“Seriously? You spilled coffee on my slacks? Clean it up.”

6.“Some would call it exploiting my powers but I need to see which one of you is really ready to do anything for the company.”

7.“You’re sleeping with the CEO of the company? No wonder you got that promotion your second month here!”

8.“Are you sure you want to do this here? I mean you have no curtains and the whole office would be able to see us…”

9.“You’ve been such a naughty secretary, trying to seduce your boss…well, it’s working,”

10.“You’ve been hired to help the boss relieve some stress…he’ll see you in his office now.”


11.“Swallow daddy’s dick, make him cum and maybe, maybe he’ll reward you.”

12.“One cock is never enough for this slut, even with your cock in his pussy…she’s begging for one in her ass.”

13.“Move your hand! I’m not stopping-this is what you asked for, now be a good little slut and take it.”

14.“Keep testing my patience and you won’t be able to sit for the next month and every time you go to slide on some shorts or jeans you’ll grimace remembering how hard I had to spank your ass, all because you couldn’t listen.”

15.“Imagine being fucked so good, your eyes roll to the back of your head and you drool a little.”

16.“If you’re not screaming my name at the top of your lungs then I’m doing something wrong.”

17.“Some good dick can turn any good girl into a naughty girl.”

18.“Daddy needs you, princess. Daddy needs your mouth so bad.”

19.“You’re so relentless. All I asked was for you to wait until we got home and you couldn’t even do that! You are so in for it tonight.”

20.“Say it! Say it loud! Let everyone know who’s fucking this pussy right.”

21.“I don’t think you understand how much I want to bend you over the nearest surface and fuck some sense into you.”

22.“Your tits bounce with each thrust…fuck you’re so sexy!”

23.“You’ve never had your pussy eaten? No, I refuse to believe no one has eaten this sweet cunt.”

24.“I love watching you throw it back on me,  always so eager for my cock.”

25.“You’ve been such a good girl, maybe daddy will finally fuck that whore ass of yours.”

26.“You try to act all innocent but I know what you really are. A cock craving whore, that’s what.”

27.“Your panties are soaked little girl, I guess you like the idea of me taking what I want.”

28.“You gonna cry and moan while I run into that virgin cunt?”

29.“Face down. Ass up. Spread that pretty little pussy for me.”

30.“You know the dick’s good when you can nothing but lay there and take it.”

31.“Are you a swallower? Yes? Good because I want you to swallow every drop of cum I’m going to give you.”

32. “I know, deep down, you’re a filthy little slut who likes to take cock deep down her throat.”

33. “Be loud. Scream for daddy, let the others know you’re mine and only mine.”

34. “You’re acting out…so, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fold you in half right here and fuck the shit out of you.”

35. “I’m tired of you being so gentle and soft. I want you to treat me like a princess and fuck me like a whore!”

36. “I’m tired of acting like I don’t want you, and you don’t want me…just pin me against a wall and fuck me already.”

37.“Does me touching you excite you this much? You’re literally dripping.”

38.“I have a confession…I like to be choked, and not just your hand wrapped around my throat…like, choke me until my vision blurs.”


39.“You look so pretty tied up, your clit forced against that vibrator…cum for me, princess, cum for me.”

40.“I-I can’t. My thighs are shaking so hard and even the slightest breeze across my slit is making me shake daddy, I can’t take anymore.”

41.“Three orgasms and you’re still as hard as a rock and your balls are blue as hell. What do you want me to do, baby, how can I help?”

42.“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck my used and abused cunt.”

43.“Two orgasms isn’t enough for you? You need three? Of course, you do! You’re a little cock craving slut,”

44.“I have a confession, god if I weren’t so fucking drunk I don’t think I’d even consider telling you this but…sometimes all I want to do is tie you up and make you cum again and again until all you can do is lay there, trembling, begging me to stop.”


45.“We can’t! The others are here!”

46.“So what! This is my apartment and I’ll fuck you whenever and wherever I want.”

47.“Tell me how it feels being at a public event ass filled with your favorite vibrating butt plug.”

48. “Ah fuck! No! No, we shouldn’t be doing this. Well, not here at least…”

49.“Really? Couldn’t you wait until we got home? You needed me so bad, that you’re going to fuck me in a public bathroom?”

Cum Play/Breeding:

50.“I’m going to fill your pussy with every inch of my cock, and then I’m going to cum deep inside your pussy. I’m going to breed you…you want that, you little slut?”

51.“ This is a perfect position, legs spread wide, cock buried deep in your pussy, you’re going to get every drop of cum I have to offer.”

52.“Can you feel it, how heavy my balls are? I haven’t cum in three weeks because you’re so fucking stubborn, Y/N, please touch me.”

53.“A bet’s a bet, and I won, so you know what that means. I get to fill you with my cum, anywhere hole of my choosing.”

54.“I love how you sit there, tongue out, waiting for my load.  Such a pretty, obedient whore.”

55.“You’re going to go back out there and sit at your desk in your cubicle, dripping with my cum like the good girl you are.”

56.“Your pussy looks so pretty, especially when it’s covered in my cum.”

57.“You feel how thick my cock is? Fucking your tight walls? I’m knotting you, baby, knotting this pretty pussy of yours and then I’m going to fill you to the hilt with my cum.”


58.“I just want to know how your dick would feel inside of me.”

59.“Desire is a nasty little thing.”

60.“I-is that a hickey?”

61.“Were you two just fucking? You two were totally just fucking!”

62.“I heard the best way to get over someone was to get under someone.”

63.“Yes, I know it’s two in the morning, but I’m stressing over finals and tuition and when I’m with you, all those things go away…”

64.“I can’t believe we had sex, you’re my TA!”


65.“It’s kind of embarrassing to admit but my cock gets so hard when I think of you noona, you make me such a leaky mess.”

66.“As much as I would love for you to fuck me…I need to know if you’re going to last.”

67.“Good boy, you had so much cum for me. I can feel it dripping down my thighs!”

68.“Good boys share.”

69.“You don’t have to act all macho, no one’s expecting it from you…be the sub I know you are.”

70.“Now, be a good boy and clean my cunt of his cum.”

71.“Admit it. Even when you’re not fucking me, all you can think about is fucking me.”

72.“What do I want you to do? I want you to eat my cunt until I’m shaking.”

73.“Don’t be embarrassed…I think it’s hot you get so hard when something’s filling your ass.”

74.“The sight of you, on your knees, tongue fucking my pussy is too much! Seeing you submit in such a way is so fucking hot.”


75.“You like my friends, slut? I know they like you.”

76.“Go ahead, tell em, baby, tell them how you loved to be covered/filled with cum.”

77.“Interestingly enough, (idol of choice), just told me he gets off to the thought of you…I thought maybe we could help him out. Give him the real thing.”

78.“I’m honestly so jealous of (idol of choice), he gets to come home and fuck you after tour…”

79.“Go ahead, taste how sweet her pretty pussy is.”

80.“I see the way you look at (idol of choice) and I know you want him…go! Go and ask him to fuck your little whore pussy.”

81.“Come on princess, put on a show for me and (idol of choice), we miss you and your tight cunt so much.”

82. “Me and my friends have had a hellish week, help us relieve some of our stress, princess.”

83. “It’s my turn…I’m going to fuck his cum deep into your tight, little pussy.”

84.“I’m not going to lie…I’ve gotten off a few times thinking of having my every hole filled with cock.”

85.“Fuck! Is it bad I’m so hard watching someone else fuck your dirty cunt?”

86.“You look so much prettier with my member/friend’s cum on your face.”

87.“You’re going to let me fuck your pink pussy, while your boyfriend’s watching? God, you are such a naughty girl.”

Anal Play:

88.“I’m going to tear this little ass in two, and you’re going to do nothing but lay there and take it.”

89.“I want you to fuck my ass daddy/mommy, I’m your little anal slut.”

90.“I am so wet at the thought of your thick cock filling my ass.”

91.“I am a straight man who loves to have his ass fucked.”

92.“The plug isn’t even, I need another cock, please, please fill my ass with another cock.”

93.“I don’t know, most guys deny and deny this some more but to be honest with you…there’s nothing I love more than tongue-fucking an asshole.”


94.“All these girls/guys, they try to get you to come home with them. Little do they it’s my name you’re chanting so loud that by the end of the night you can’t even speak.”

95.“I just want you to know…even though you’ve been a good girl/boy tonight, I’m going to tie you up and punish you just for my amusement.”

96.“I see the way you look at me…and it’s very inappropriate, Mr. (Idol’s last name).”

97.“I like this, your hands above your head, your body completely at my/our mercy.”

98.“It’s that look, that look of innocence on your face, it makes me want to tear you into two.”

Orgasm Denial:

99.“Trust me denial is your friend. When you finally get to cum, it’ll feel so good…I promise.”

100.“No, you don’t get to cum until I say so. I don’t care if you’re close if you cum I’m going to punish you.”

101.“I know it feels good princess, but if you cum daddy is going to spank, not your ass but your pussy, until it’s red and you’re clenching around nothing, thighs shaking and skin burning, begging me to stop.”

102.“Are you close baby boy? Yeah? Well, we can’t have that, not yet anyway, you haven’t earned it.”

103.“I don’t like edging!  I want to cum and I want to cum now.”

104.“I don’t think I like your tone…you better be careful I might not even let you cum tonight.”

105.“Let us use your holes, fuck you senseless and maybe, only then will one of us make you cum. Deal?”