you can see who i like the most

I don’t really hate many fictional characters or people that much but I have a deep hatred for this little asshole, Mira.

now you are probably thinking to yourself “petal why the fuck do you hate a kid so much” well first of all she has stupid ass hair but I’ll tell you the real reason.

 If you ever played the 4th generation games you know at one point you have to go through Wayward Cave where you meet this little shit who got herself fucking lost and she decides to pair up with you during the game as you navigate the cave.

 So that means all the battles you encounter are double battles. Okay this is where the real story begins. You see I actually like her at first she was cute and sweet. Until we came across a random pokemon encounter of Zubat halfway through the cave. 

Now you are all thinking “Really zubat!! those are like the most annoying pokemon you can find in caves I’m sick of them.”

 First of all shut ur mouth they evolve into my precious Crobat. Second of all these weren’t any ordinary zubat one of them was a shiny. 

So me being the fan I am was all like “Fucking yeah my first shiny of the game i’m raise this into a precious crobat which is one of my favorite pokemon!”






IT WAS A SHINY ZUBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to say, I love Daisy Ridley so much!  I admire her because she is talented, kind, and incredibly positive.  I love how passionate she is about the role of Rey and Star Wars in general.  I love that she promotes the movie in funny videos and connects with her fans.  I love that she acknowledges Reylo and has liked Reylo fanarts on social media in the past.

What I love most is seeing a woman who has serious illnesses that only affect women starring in a lead action role.  PCOS and Endometriosis are no joke…they can be incredibly painful, exhausting, and can cause an imbalance of hormones which can affect your physical and mental health.  If you have never experienced it, you can’t understand the toll it can take on your body.  Women have different experiences with PCOS and Endometriosis, different symptoms can occur in one woman that does not in another.   

I remember reading an article about Daisy having to eat so much of the bread Rey eats in that one scene in the movie.  She stated how exhausted she felt after eating so much of the bread which is an effect of the PCOS.  People with PCOS tend to produce too much insulin which in turn causes extreme exhaustion.  I’m not talking about I’m tired and I could use a nap, I’m talking about I could stay in bed and sleep for days and still feel exhausted.

It is amazing watching Daisy overcome both of these illnesses and rock the role of Rey, which is intense both physically and mentally.  I appreciate her candidness about her illnesses in the past, it has helped her fans who have to deal with these illnesses greatly.  

Daisy, you rock and I love you!  Thank you for being an amazing role model and inspiration to women everywhere including us who have PCOS.


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45 w jikook please? (it fits them bc jungkook is whipped)

45: “i’m your lockscreen?!” - “you weren’t supposed to see that!”

a/n: a cool dialogue challenge

say it louder for the ppl in the back anon #whipped jungkook team

piano tiles is a good game.

that’s a fact nobody can deny, jugkook thinks. there’s just something about it that makes people’s pulses run quicker, makes eyes light up like bulbs. even jimin, who’s super picky about his phone games, who hates candy crush - the single most addicting gam eon the face of the planet - begs for a chance to play piano tiles.

for instance, now.

“jungkook, please?” jimin’s hair and makeup have just been done, paired with an oversized sweater for the slower song that they’ll be performing and puppy dog eyes, but jungkook still doesn’t fall for jimin’s cuteness. he’s focused on setting a new record. “please? please?”

“no, hyung.”




it continues for a while. since playing Nice Hyung gets jimin nowhere except to a pout, he ultimately decides to take a different approach.

jimin snatches the phone right out of jungkook’s hand.

“hey!” jungkook protests loudly, drawing the attention of some of the makeup artists who are working on the other members’ eyes and lips. he gets a scowl from the oldest hair stylist, and he ducks his head, lowering his volume but not his glare when he turns back to jimin and hisses, “give it back!”

jimin hops out of reach. “you can’t make me!”

“what are you, five?”

jungkook’s arm swings for the phone, but jimin ducks from it. he sticks out his tongue, which makes jungkook fume like a chimney. to that, jimin has the audacity to grin.

“older than you, at least, ” jimin retorts. he seems to be about to say something else, but then his eyes lock onto the phone and he gasps. “i’m your lockscreen?!”

jungkook’s heart reels to a stop in panic. “you weren’t supposed to see that!” he hisses, face resembling a traffic light.

jimin’s laugh tinkles, and in any other given situation - literally any other one - jungkook would admire it, the way his eyes curve and the sound bubbles, but right now is just not the time. jungkook snatches his phone back, but the deed has been done, and jimin is grinning from ear to ear. “jungkook, that’s so cute, really you’re sweet.”

jungkook sighs, a scowl adorning his lips. “you’re never going to let this go, are you?”

jimin bops his nose. “nope.”

jungkook grumbles about it in not-so-much-there misery, until next week he finds that jimin’s desktop screensaver is his rainism performance. jungkook never lets that go.

  • Noragami Voice Meme

You’ve heard of trashcans, now get ready for a talking trashcan! Watch as I do this on the first take without reading the questions or preparing answers beforehand.

Rules: Say your name (or the name you go by online), username, where are you from, who is your favorite character, least favorite, otp, favorite quote, how you started reading/watching it, favorite arc, character you most relate to and tag Noragami buds you’d like to hear from! You can also add whatever else you like to it.

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Pro-tip for reader insert writers

Just because you use the term (y/n) in your imagines/fics/reader inserts/whatever you want to call them, doesn’t automatically mean all of your readers will be able to insert themselves into the story.

I know the new popular thing to do is include gifs of what the “reader” is doing/what the “reader” supposedly looks like, but guys. That literally defeats the purpose of a reader insert.

A reader insert means that the fic is supposed to be neutral enough so that the many different types of READERS can INSERT themselves into the story. If all of your gifs are of a white brunette girl (I pick this example because that’s the most common one I see) then you’re essentially alienating everyone who isn’t a white brunette girl that looks exactly like the one in your gif.

“But I mix it up! I just want to enhance what the physical actions look like!”

Fam I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I have yet to see a fic with gifs of girls that aren’t skinny and white.

And the worst thing I’ve seen is fics that claim to be gender neutral, yet the gifs are still female. I understand that the vast majority of these are written as female readers because 1. The audience is majorly made up of those who identify as female 2. It’s difficult to write things with gender neutral pronouns. But it sucks for the person who FINALLY finds that gender neutral fic they’re looking for, to see that surprise! It’s actually still about a chick.

This isn’t the “fandom police”. If you want to keep using “reader gifs”, then go for it. Nobody is stopping you. And by no means am I speaking for everyone. I’m sure plenty of readers don’t mind it. It’s just some food for thought.

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Can't wait for Harry to interact with HR, hopefully more in the second parter - in which I assume Harry gets rescued back to Earth 1 and the gorillas also come to attack Central City. It'll be fun to see Harry get super annoyed with HR but in the end, maybe it will help if Harry gives HR a pep talk of sorts.... in which later HR can save the day with one of his ideas - hopefully a Wells team-up, yah!

Yeah, I assume in part 1 Harry will be on Earth-2 and HR will be on Earth-1, except for maybe the end. Probably in 3x14 they’ll conveniently be in different places most of the time too, but I can definitely see a pep talk coming out of it, maybe a thanks for looking after Jesse in some way. HR might feel pretty down now that Action Hero Wonder Boy Harry is back - basically like having a twin brother who’s smarter and more athletic than you.

What I would loooove to happen is HR making a suggestion and Harry saying “I agree with HR.” And HR almost falls over in shock. 

Also: Harry giving HR shooting lessons, given the flashforward.

Noragami Meme Thing

Rules: Say your name (or the name you go by online), username, where are you from, who is your favorite character, least favorite, otp, favorite quote, how you started reading/watching it, favorite arc, character you most relate to and tag Noragami buds you’d like to hear from! You can also add whatever else you like to it.

You can omit anything you don’t want to say. It’s up to you.

You can choose whatever language you wish to speak in as well! Anybody is welcome to do it!!! If you see it and would like to do it then go for it!

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My name is suitcasesoffeathers, but you can just call me feathers! And I was born in the US! My favorite character is actually Nora just because I have so many questions about her…I usually like characters that I want to know better/am interested because I guess that means the author made the character interesting and worth knowing more about, and so yeah…? My least favorite character is probably Kiun just because he’s not a very relatable character to me. I don’t hate him or anything, he’s just not really a character I’m interested in I guess…My OTP is definitely Yatori lol Favorite quote?? Oh wow…that’s difficult…The only quote I can remember is when Yato said that Kugaha was basically saying “Pay attention to me, Mommy,” and I really got a kick out of that lol. I started watching it because I found an AMV on YouTube, and I thought it looked interesting, and the art was beautiful! My favorite arc so far is the Yukine arc and the Heavens arc! Those were the most intense for me, so that’s why XD The character I can relate to the most is probably Yukine because he’s very human; he makes mistakes, and then feels guilty and stuff; I feel like he’s an average kid, and I guess I’m an average kid too, so…Though, in the later chapters he becomes more and more mature, and I’m nothing like that so…

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1999-2003 James is super umderrated like the fuck that was him at his hottest and everyones just gonna ignore it like really?!?!?!!?!??!!??? Im triggered tbh

YES! 1999 James comes in at a close second as one of my favorite all time looks on James: 

Then 2000 - 2002 James who I don’t see enough of on my dash:

And then probably the most underappreciated of them all; 2003 James:

[tfw you think about the Little thing meme and you realize, for most of Ati’s existence, she probably didn’t even have a body and hadn’t been concerned about it. So like. Little Ati is literally just some voidbeing who doesn’t have a sense of self such …talking about seeing everything form.

And even then it would not really be as much of a childhood as much of a less self-aware time where she was truly little more than an emerging force of the universe.

Mostly showing off what she can pull together look what I can do. [there goes a planet, a galaxy, a nebula ayyy]

The main difference is that she’d be mildly more enthusiastic. But fairly avoidant because she doesn’t even know how to deal with living creatures with such tiny lifespans. Like ‘who is this and where are they coming from’]

to that anonymous person who asked if davey havok was a star wars fan, i did some research and i’m sad to say, davey is not really into star wars, but he identifies most with salacious crumb and i can’t stop laughing. here is an excerpt from an interview on 04/01/2001.

Doug IOH: What uh, what Star Wars character best defines you as a person

Davey: Shit, Star Wars. See I’m not the big Star Wars fan, you’d get a much better answer outta someone like Hunter or Adam. Let’s see… Star Wars character… not Luke… not Darth Vader… um, not Han Solo… Oh, you know? [hearty chuckle] You know what? My friend Jeff used to say that I was Salacious… Salacious… Um…

Doug IOH: Salacious Crumb?

Davey: Yeah, Salacious Crumb. And whenever he used to see that, he’d say, “That’s you”. So I guess that’s me… unfortunately. [laughs]

my life has been changed from this moment on and i am never going to be able to watch rotj the same again. jesus christ. there is a slight resemblance and i am deceased.

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Tangled!AU Cast Extras I actually wasn’t planning on doing but anywaYS HERE THEY ARE and now with captions!

Yurio and Yakov are the most disturbing thing I’ve drawn in a long time. Also: Phichit as the Hook guy who wants to be a concert pianist, and Chris as Gunther, who wants to be a interior designer.

Part 0 - Part 1 - Part 2 - AU Tag - DO NOT repost anywhere!

Okay, I fully understand everyone’s excitement over the ring-exchange and engagement, but please don’t mock or dismiss Yuuri calling it a “lucky charm”. 

Not only were those his honest and sincere feelings, but omamori are more than mere “lucky charms”, they’re a huge part of Japanese culture, and Japanese religion, with very profound meaning, so mocking that is actually incredibly rude, and highly culturally insensitive.

Traditionally, Japanese omamori look like this

and can be bought at most shrines and temples in Japan. I’d actually say they’re closer to “prayers” than “lucky charms”, really, in their intent, though that doesn’t quite fit, either. But when you know that the most common omamori are for things like safety in traffic, doing well in school, having romantic encounters, and fertility/safely born children (used both by couples who want kids, and expecting mothers hoping for no complications with their pregnancy), you probably see what I mean.

The word omamori translates roughly to protector/protection/protective charm, and are based on the animistic Shinto world view. The ones you get at shrines are part supplication that the enshrined deity will bless and protect you, and part a… hmm, almost a signal beacon? so said deity can find you, to know that you’re someone under their protection. And also part comfort for the carrier, that they’re not alone, that they’ve got someone on their side. 

But it’s not just “official” deities that are considered to have protective powers. Your ancestors are also seen sort of as guardian spirits protecting their family line (common theme in East Asian religions - Mulan, anyone? - at least, and I think also in all animistic religions, though that’s not my area of expertise), and even such ambiguous things as strong emotions are seen to have protective and blessing properties, especially love and affection.

For this reason, a lot of people will use mementos or objects of sentimental value as omamori. Either because it reminds them of a particular person or situation or emotion, or because they see some kind of link between that particular object and whatever they seek blessings for/protection against.

The important part for Yuuri, and why he bought that ring, is less that it’s a wedding ring, and more that it’s a gold ring. Yes, emphasis on both gold and ring.

The gold part is obvious, because the blessing he wants is help in getting a gold medal. It’s a resonance/like-brings-like thing.

The ring part is more obscure, but I’ll try to explain it.

One of the most basic and important parts of Japanese culture and society is the idea of 縁 (en). If you look it up in a Japanese-English dictionary, you get words like fate, destiny, chance, a relationship, a connection, a bond, an affinity, and while those are all ways to translate the word, depending on context, they don’t really explain the concept. En is the meeting of two or more things/beings that leaves a lasting connection or bond.

You might say you don’t have en with money to indicate that you can never seem to amass any wealth. It’s less you’ve got no luck with money, but more that you and money were never meant to be. You might earn it, but it still doesn’t stick around, somehow. An omamori for romance is called an enmusubi, or a “tier of en/bonds”, in this case referring to interpersonal relationships.

If you’re saying goodbye to someone you don’t know whether you’ll ever see again, you might express a wish that you’ll have en, and be able to meet again.

Now, I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the Japanese love homonyms and word associations. This is even more true for en, because it’s so important to them. Like in the example of a farewell, you might give someone a five yen coin, because five yen is go-en (五円), and when speaking of en with an honorific, that’s also go-en (ご縁). It’s a physical manifestation of your wish to have en with them. This is also why five yen coins are generally considered the best coins to give as offerings when you pray for something, despite their low value, because it indicates a hope for en with your wish.

Okay, getting to the point now: Another homonym (well, technically the same one, but different usage) for en is the word for circle or round. And because that’s basically what a ring is, rings are often used as a metaphor for, or an expression of a wish for en. So rings generally have a more profound level of meaning in Japanese.

It’s a gold ring because Yuuri wishes to have en with gold medals. He gives it to Victor because he wishes to have en with him.

He spent the whole day looking for something. He said he’d desperately wanted an omamori for a long time. He’s embarrassed, because yes, it’s a goddamn wedding ring, and he’s very aware of that, and giving rings to someone, period, is not something a Japanese person does lightly. It’s a very meaningful act, and this omamori is very important to Yuuri, so going “lol, lucky charm, yeah right” is incredibly disrespectful.

things that will literally never win a girl over, ever:

-telling her she doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful/she’s wearing too much makeup
-pressuring her to send you a picture even after she says no I don’t look great right now and you respond with the previous bullet point
-asking her if she wants to see your dick and then sending her an unflattering creepy ass picture anyway even after she says no with a caption like “oops ;)” and acting confused when she tells you to fuck off
-saying “wow I’ve never met a GIRL who likes [insert activity fuckboys think is strictly for males only]! Most girls would rather go shopping and do makeovers lolol” (as if you can’t like all of those things?)
-patronizing her when she shares an opinion or idea
-acting like you always know more or better about the politics of the world (literally shut the fuck up)
-comparing her to other women on a better or worse scale (honestly wtf don’t do it)
-shaming other women and praising her for “not being like those bitches/sluts/whores/[insert uncreative ‘insult’ here]”
-asking if she’s a virgin and then getting mad if she doesn’t give the answer you wanted due to some masculine fragility complex you can’t get over that’s telling you it somehow matters
-asking if she’s on her period whenever she shows even the slightest bit of displeasure in anything

(Feel free to add more)


As a math teacher in training, I can’t get over just how important this scene is.

Most people have a difficulty with learning math, not due to a lack of intelligence, but because they are under a negative mindset, that they feel helpless when faced with a math problem. These people are fully capable of tackling such problems, they just don’t believe they can.

Math teachers are not heartless beings who criticize you for any mistake you make. Our job is to help you, to improve your understanding of the subject. What we’d like to see is that you’re willing to put in some serious effort. 

This is why I was so proud of Star at the end of this episode. She realized that if she wanted to save her timeline, she had to be willing to put in some work to solving the problem. Sure she got the answer wrong, but she tried and at the end of the day, that’s what we want students to be able to do. We can then take it from there.

It’s ironic that people call Taurus a boring sign when they literally embody what most people in society try to aim for: luxury, comfort and money. At the end of the day, most people would want to be comfortable in their house, eat some nice food, and dress nice. Not a bad thing at all.

People with Taurus people are completely capable of embodying the qualities of a rich person. They’re calm, steady, and they have great taste, but they’re also accused of being lazy and overly indulgent, which can be true but… Like, I feel like most people who follow societal norms would aim to do that, yet they will call Taureans boring at the same time. Do you see how it’s not making any sense at all?

People strive to be what Taurus embodies, but they will also turn around and call them boring at the same time and it literally makes no sense.

You know what upsets me most is that kids are going see Trump and the way he acts and believe that it’s ok to be like that. It’s ok to harass women, it’s ok to be racist, it’s ok to be misogynistic, it’s ok to be homophobic, It’s ok to be transphobic because look look at that guy. He did it and look at where he is now. Look at where he stands today, a nation at his feet. This isn’t ok. Not everyone has that luxury of walking down the street without being judged, hated or worse abused. 

Solangelo HC

So it’s been a while since I made any solangelo posts but this has been digging in the back of my mind so I had to just write these out ok? 

 So most people in the fandom hc the get together of solangelo to be a lot of Dramatic Confessions™ and Nico being hella confused/disbelieving/insecure/ect. Which is all well and good like hc what you will, but… 

Give me a solangelo that over the six months between BOO and TOA grew out of that insecure/dramatic phase while still in the friendship days.

Give me Nico who becomes so comfortable with will as a friend and the idea of someone caring for him that he can see what’s going on 

Give me Nico getting flirty but like Nico is Nico so it’s like are you flirting or do you want to kill me???

Give me a point when they both realize they have slowly been building up more than friendship and all those days hanging out in the arena they are making more excuses for physical contact than usual 

Give me snuggly movie nights in the Hades cabin where they just complain about dumb movies and make weird snack combinations and it is just so! soft!!

Give me them having a conversation where they acknowledge they have been dancing around the subject and that maybe neither of them said anything bc they were having such a good time just being in each others lives that they didn’t feel like they needed to label anything

Give me Nico showing up for breakfast one morning, taking his usual seat at the Apollo table and will kisses his cheek as he sits down. The idea of them in a relationship is so natural to both of them that they forget they never actually told Will’s siblings. They just kinda sit there looking laughing to each other as everyone is freaking out. Not like it was unexpected but like !exciting it finally happened! 

I am just such a strong believer in a solangelo that was already so close before being “official” that the line between friendship and dating was majorly blurred. 

Campers have trouble remembering when they actually started dating bc honestly not much changed except now they kiss?? 

“guys will and nico are official!” “havent they been dating for like a month???” “I thought they got together last monday…” “ummmm…”

 I’m sorry wow this got long. But yeah I just like soft lifemates Solangelo

full offense, but does it ever hit you in the god damn gut that tony stark, protector, knight in shining armor tony stark –

mister “i saw young americans killed by the very weapons i created to defend them and protect them,” mister “i’m trying to protect the people i put in harm’s way,” mister “i hope i can protect the one thing i can’t live without,” mister “i see a suit of armor around the world,”

the guy who answers for his most paternalistic acts (like wanting to keep pepper and wanda locked in a mansion) with “i can’t protect you out there” and “i did it to protect you,”

tony stark, whose gradually worsening mental conditions show in his progressively more backwards, desperate attempts to protect people, tony stark who’s been trying to protect people to the point of harmful consequences,

that tony stark

is the single character

in the entire mcu

who has been accused

– by friends, enemies, and civilians alike

in every movie he’s been in




tony “i shouldn’t be alive” stark, tony “i’m not the hero type” stark, mister “you deserve better,”you’re right, i don’t deserve her,” “it’s me, you’ll think of something [to complain about],” “you’re in a relationship with me, everything will never be okay,” “i saw them all dead, felt it, because of me,

tony stark, who shoots his reflection and views himself as a “monster” and openly resents himself during his speech about charles spencer, THIS TONY STARK




Moving in with Remus Lupin would involve...

I have a fic based off this, if you want to read it then you can find it here

Originally posted by potter-imagines-here

  • Having a competition to see who can carry the most boxes into the flat
  • The competition ends when Remus almost falls down the stairs
  • Both of you bringing way too many books
  • You have to put up extra bookshelves in almost every room
  • Probably forgetting something important, like a mattress or chairs
  • Dancing around in the living room together, laughing like idiots because you two have been planning this for years
  • Having your first real fight over who gets the shower first in the morning
  • You win, because you threatened to move back in with your parents he loves you that much
  • James, Lily, Sirius and Peter turn up once you two have done all the work to ask if you need any help
  • Remus taking you on a grand tour of the tiny flat, and ending up giving you a piggyback because you’re exhausted
  • You both wake up at 3am and realise you could literally do anything you like because it’s your flat
  • You end up making pancakes and almost burning down the kitchen
  • The flat somehow becomes an unofficial place to crash for the Marauders? Like you’ll walk into the kitchen in the morning and find James making coffee because “Lils and I had a fight, your place was closest. Coffee?”
  • Enough is enough when Sirius climbs in your bedroom window at 3am because “Me and James had a fight, your place was closest”

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