you can see where this is headed

funny story I was listening to classic fm earlier and the radio presenter was like ‘this next piece of music is related to Sherlock Holmes somehow, see if you can work out how’ and this beautiful romantic string piece came on, it was exquisite, and I was like he’s gonna say it’s related to Irene or some shit, but when it finished he said it was the music from the concert that Holmes and Watson attend in the Red Headed League (one of my favourite canon stories) where Holmes sits and gets lost in the music and Watson spends the whole time staring at Holmes like 'wow, look at how much he loves this’ and yeah. ACD intentionally wrote that as romantically as it could have been.

Things I want for Marinette in season 2
  • Relationship development with Chloe>> For Chloe to understand how negatively she’s effected people and for her to work on bettering herself, and I need Marinette to see this.
  • But I also need this to be a struggle. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy, and I really hope the show goes in a direction where Marinette is really struggling to forgive Chloe and is not immediately ready to accept that she is changing.
  • Most of all, I need these feelings of Marinette’s to be validated and not look like she’s just being stubborn. If Chloe’s redemption is going down a path similar to this, I really won’t like it if this turns into a mess where the narrative is saying Marinette is just being bull headed and unwilling to see change in others and that she needs to understand forgiveness. Being bullied is not something that you can just forget about, after all, and it will overall feel more meaningful for both girls if Chloe really has to work for that forgiveness and Marinette is justified in her anger, but is willing to find the strength to give Chloe a chance anyway.
  • I also want some situation where Marinette can see that Adrien isn’t perfect. We’ve had multiple times where he witnessed Ladybug’s stubbornness and ability to overreact, so it would be nice for a change to have this switched around. Marinette can’t be the only character of the duo that’s flawed, it’s unfair and repetitive.
  • And by Marinette seeing that Adrien isn’t perfect, I mean that even he can’t be sweet and understanding 100% of the time, not just that he’s a lonely boy whose home life is difficult. All that can come with simply getting to know him better.
  • Also it would be nice if Ladybug found out that Chat Noir lied about being in a relationship with her to copycat. That was pretty messed up and for it to be swept under the rug like that is very annoying to me. But that fact that Ladybug emphasized that Chat Noir would never lie to her in the same episode where he totally did gives me some hope that it might be brought up again. 
  • A different outfit for Marinette would be great but, well, budget.
  • At least an upgrade in the design for Ladybug’s suit would be really swell, especially when it’s going to be surrounded by all these intricately designed suits. Her’s is so boring in comparison right now, and it seems really wrong that the inspiring fashion designer has the most boring suit, ya feel?
  • Also I want Marinette’s fashion projects to be more heavily featured.
  • Out of all the things she’s created in season one, there was really only the scarf and the hat that had to do with actual sewing. If she makes her own dress that that ballroom scene in season 2 I will die.
  • More. Dupain-Cheng. Family. Moments.
  • I really need her mama and papa to be fleshed out beyond this ‘sweet, perfect parents’ rut that they’re in right now. I love that they’re so open with each other and loving, but any more of those short scenes showing nothing but that is going to feel cheap and like a tool simply used to show us how good she has it compared to Adrien. I would really like some background on Tom and Sabine.
  • Did Marinette have any really good friends before Alya came along? While she’s shown to be on good terms with mostly everyone in her class, she’s not particularly close with any of them. She always hangs out with Alya one on one and no one else, so while this is more than likely a hole in the story the writers didn’t feel like fleshing out, I would love it if season 2 gives us more backstory on Marinette before Alya came into her life. Was she a loner? She seemed a lot more subdued in the origins to me, so it wouldn’t surprised me if she was more of this introverted wallflower. Being shown more of how she used to be would give us a greater appreciation for how far she’s come.
  • More analytical Marinette.
  • More Marinette taking charge outside of being Ladybug. I want her duties as class president have a bigger focus and to help develop her leadership skills, especially if she has to learn to be a leader to any potential miraculous team. 
  • I want Marinette to have a better antagonist to work against her now that bully Chloe is more than likely exiting stage left. And it would be great if it was someone a little more… up to Marinette’s level. Chloe was good and fun, but Marinette ran circles around her after she grew a backbone. I’m not banking on this though because I think this information would have been teased already. Another new character might be too much too.
  • Friendly rivalry between Lila and Marinette???
  • Either way I want them to become the best of friends while Lila continues to hate Ladybug with a passion. Because drama.  
  • Marinette and Nino friendship development,
  • A situation where the tables are turned and Marinette has to be encouraging for Alya.
  • So remember when Marinette MADE a mechanical box that automatically shuts on people when they pick up the diary inside? I want more ‘Handy with tools’ Marinette. I want Marinette fixing random shit for people in class.
  • EDIT: Now with part 2!

Credence BareboneFantastic Beasts and where to Find Them

I don’t know what happened, this was supposed to be a quick sketch


Partly inspired by this exchange between Credence and Graves:

“You can control it, Credence!
- I don’t think I want to.”

(Also did you notice Credence’s eyes turn white during the transformation into the obscurial)

Credence has quickly become one of my favourite characters of all time (it helps that Ezra Miller is an adorable ball of sunshine). I cannot wait to see where the next movies bring him now that he escaped from two abusive relationships (getting beaten by his foster mother and manipulated by Grindelwald).

One of the deleted scenes was him boarding a boat headed out of New York, with or without Newt. I’d love to see those two interact (I think Newt and his creatures would be good for him, he needs someone he can truly trust and who can help him get back on his feet). Jacob, Tina and Queenie would also be a huge help!

And I really want to see him practicing his first spells…

“It’s too late. I’ve made excuses for you for years. None of my friends can understand why I even talk to you. You and your precious little Death Eater friends – you see, you don’t even deny it! You don’t even deny that’s what you’re all aiming to be! You can’t wait to join You-Know-Who, can you?”

I’m gonna need to get this tattooed on my forehead so that I can just… Point at it when people annoy me with the Great Snape Discourse. (you know, the one where people say: “but he wouldn’t have been a Death Eater if Lily had forgiven him” like bitch he already was headed that way when they were friends)

I’ve stumbled through life so far but I’ve done a lot of learning. I wouldn’t go back, I think you need to fall where I have to know the things that I do now. But if I had to spare you the heartbreak, if I wished I could do things differently, I would tell you to stop worrying about love. Stop trying to find reasons to wake up in the morning in people who only see it as routine. Stop pinning yourself to a black wall, a future of dense nothingness, a promise of abysmal loneliness because that is not where you are headed. Your life does not depend on a romantic partner. Love means a lot, but it isn’t a diamond– you can find it in dad’s soup whenever he has time to make it, in your best friend’s hand-delivered tissues and cupcakes when you thought you could never show face again, in your dog’s faultless loyalty, even after you forgot to feed him that one time– you have love in every facet of your life, you are not doomed just because you haven’t found it in a kiss or a bed or a ring. Stop throwing yourself in bad situations to fall in love. I know that you want to make something out of the stranger who comforts you on the train when you have come back from your hundredth broken heart. I know that you want to pick roses out of the garden in your chest and give them to the girl with lighting in her eyes and the whole sky in her hands. I know that you want to tell him you love him again, even after he cut his words into your skin and made you tell him all the reasons why you bleed. But the love you are searching for is not going to save you. It might make you full after a day of exhausting your entire being, it might warm you when you are alone under a blanket, it might make you feel like you have someone to hand everything to– but that is not the point of your life. Your body, your heart, your soul, everything that you are and will ever be was not given to you to pawn away for someone whose love has an expiration date. You don’t have to look for them– they are everywhere. Some day, the love that you could never look for will find you on its own. Right now, don’t let it be the most important thing. Because you owe it to yourself to know that you are okay without it, but that you will some day have it, and all you have to do is let it happen.
—  A letter to the me who cast her heart out on a line into shark-infested waters
House essays - 5th house

The 5th house is the place where ones creativity is present, and can also show how one compliments. It could also, in theory, be seen as how you see yourself.

Aries in 5th: This individual is very passionate and strong headed about creativity. They like art with sexual or angry connotations, and also do appreciate when someone successfully works with bolder colours and neons. They may view themselves to be a tad aggressive, and they work towards becoming less so. They will usually compliment someone on how well they can stand their own ground.

Taurus in 5th: This individual is more timid yet stubborn about creativity. They like art which compliments the feelings they have for an individual when they are in a relationship, but when single, they like more nature based art pieces. They might view themselves to be too stubborn to others, and could work on being more soft spoken about topics. When the compliment someone, they would probably go for complimenting ones facial features.

Gemini in 5th: This individual is intellectual and logical about creativity. They enjoy more simplistic, light items of art, but are open for more colourful pieces with some form of smart context to it. They may see themselves to be to analytical about minor parts of a person, and may want to work on their open mindedness. These people will compliment someone on how they communicate to others, and how formal they dress.

Cancer in 5th: This individual is caring and nurturing about creativity. They take joy in experiencing paintings with strong emotion to them - they don’t like negative pictures, but much rather positive! They might see themselves to be too easy to trick, and might work on building a stronger wall to protect their vulnerable side. These people compliment on a persons facial features - more particularly the eyes, as the eyes provoke lots of emotions. 

Leo in 5th: This individual is self respecting and confident about creativity. They enjoy seeing art works that reflect what the positive sides of their personality and looks are, but this is not because they know this, but because of how they like the positives of their lifestyle. The individual might see them to be overly egotistical, and could work on their appearance less - they are fine even without makeup. They compliment someone on their best features, and will also compliment their imperfections - this is why they can be a good friend for support.

Virgo in 5th:  This individual is intellectual and logical about creativity. They enjoy more simplistic, light items of art, but are open for more natural pieces with some form of realistic context to it. They may see themselves to be to analytical about minor parts of a person, and may want to work on their open mindedness. These people will compliment someone on how they communicate to others, and how formal they dress.

Libra in 5th: This individual is romantic and balanced about creativity. They appreciate the more romantic pictures, and they prefer the colours to be perfectly balanced to set the tone correctly. They might see themselves to be too fake, and might work on their friendships. They compliment someone’s makeup, facial features, and also might comment on the fashion sense of the individual they are complimenting.

Scorpio in 5th: This individual has deep emotional connections to creativity. They need to feel some story developing in the story, but not have the story being in ones face (basically something that only makes sense when you analyse the creator of said piece). They may see themselves to be too strict on others, so might work on their reasoning for doing so. They compliment how one argues, but also compliments the controversial topics they may bring up IF IT IS DONE IN A CORRECT MANNER.

Sagittarius in 5th: This individual enjoys creative pieces which take them on an adventure, or have philosophical meanings behind the creator. They appreciate work which is out in nature, yet has some form of, lets say, tragedy to it e.g. a forest perhaps burning. They like these as this both fuels their need for an adventure, but can also spark a few philosophical conversations - the likes of ‘what happens when you die?’ and ‘do trees have souls?’. They will see themselves to be too adventurous - they’re missing deadlines. They will work on their time keeping. They compliment someone on how much fun they can be, or maybe their adventure and how they want to go on one similar to theirs.

Capricorn in 5th: This individual indulges in creative pieces which have a strong message - work hard, and you will get what you want. They also enjoy moving imagery, which can change one’s negative life into a positive if they can change. They may see themselves to be too strict on themselves, and may want to work on becoming more relaxed. They compliment someone on their work and knowledge.

Aquarius in 5th: This individual takes joy in the creative work pieces with vibrant colours, and also enjoy strange context in an image. They like this because most people don’t - they may also enjoy trippy imagery. They might see themselves to be too rebellious around those in authority, and they may work on following rules more precisely. They compliment someone on their strange features - they can be a support base for those who are not complimented and really should be.

Pisces in 5th: This individual is one who may enjoy creations which have emotions, and may have a story to delude the reality of the world. They are similar to Aquarius in 5th in this manner. They might see themselves to be way too deluded when they think about various situations - exam results, tests,etc - and may work on being more realistic. They will compliment someone on their different thoughts, emotions, and their eyes - for the same reason as Cancer in 5th.


Jack insisted on the whole team checking out the new bar that had just opened downtown. And everyone knew that he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So reluctantly the team agreed and that’s where you and Mac were headed too now.

The two of you entered the bar, hand in hand of course and scanned the room. “Only Jack would invite us out and in the end show up late. Should we call and see how far away he is?”. Asking Mac, who had a slight smirk on his lips.

“Or we can play a game of pool while we wait?”, he suggested pointing over to the vacant pool table.

Removing your jacket, it was time to finally beat Mac at something. You were the reigning pool champion within your family. “Prepare to lose. I’m an expert when it comes to pool”.

Mac chuckled and handed you a pool stick, the balls were already set up. It was time to play. You were pretty confident and watched as Mac went first.

“Just because were dating don’t expect me to go easy on you”. Winking at Mac.

He licked his lips. “Oh really, is that how were going to play it? I was going to hold back a little to give you a chance, but now it’s definitely game on”. Crouching slightly he hit the white ball, scattering all the other ones across the table.

After 10 minutes the game was still going, although Mac was in the lead by a few points, that didn’t damper your spirits. Aligning the white ball with the purple one near the corner net, you took a shot but effectively missed, letting out a groan.

It was now Mac’s turn again. Taking a couple minutes, you could tell his brain was spinning in thought. Yours however was convinced that there wasn’t anyway he could make the shot. He’d have to perfectly curve the ball in order to hit the black ball into the net.

He concentrated for a few more seconds, got into position and took his shot. The ball fell in meaning that Mac had won.

“Okay, no that’s not fair. You can’t use physics to play pool”.

Mac put down his pool stick and made his way over, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I believe I just did”. He tried to be cute and flashed a smile in the process.

“Well then the least you could do is be a lovely boyfriend and teach me how, so I can kick Jack’s ass in pool when he arrives”. 

Mac didn’t object and centered the balls the way their were before. He stood behind you. Leaning down, you could feel his hot breath tickle the back of your neck. “It’s all in the hand movement and the angle of your body”, he explained setting a hand on your waist to turn your body a tad to the right.

Right about now you weren’t focusing on a single word he was saying, but where his touch was instead. “Now all you do is shoot”. It was no surprise that you missed. Mac although had surprise written all over his face.

“That should of worked, let’s try again”. He reached over but you pulled his arm back. In the process of turning fully around the pool stick fell to the floor, you grabbed Mac by his leather jacket collar and kissed him.

“I don’t care about pool anymore, besides I can think of a game that involves both of us winning”, giving him a suggestive wink.

He cleared his throat and grabbed your hand while your other one was holding your jacket, both making a dash towards the door.

“Whoa, where are you two going? Sorry were late, but the whole team is here now so let’s have some fun”. Jack announced as he and Mac collided in the middle of the doorway.

Biting your lip, you saw how anxious Mac was to get out of this bar. No-one knowing the reason why but you.

“Mac and I just decided that we want a nice quiet night in, but we promise the next get together we’ll be there”. You replied inching closer to the exit.

Hurrying Mac out of the door to avoid anymore discussions on the topic, leaving Jack, Bozer and Riley in a state of utter confusion.


THEY. ARE. NOT. THROWING. KARA. AT. MON-EL. Dude! Y'all keep saying that they just have a good friendship but whenever they get scenes together, some of you just burst out and are like THEYRE THROWING HER AT HIM. bitch no they ain’t. They’re developing a beautiful relationship whether it’s friendly or romantic. She has so much influence on him already and they have so much fun together. She believes in him and he wants to do right by her. Did you see his face when she left him in the alley? He was devastated that he had let her down. They can’t even stay mad at each other for long because whenever she was mean to him, she soon went to apologise and as soon as he knew what to do to make up to her whatever he messed up, he went and did it. I personally can’t wait to see where their storyline is headed because their chemistry is too intense to be wasted.

“You Pick the Destination” (Gray)

Requested by anon

Originally posted by ilsanflower

    “So, where are we headed?” you asked, watching as Sunghwa loaded your suitcase into the trunk of his car.

    “You pick the destination,” he said simply.

     You smiled fondly at him as you climbed into the passenger’s seat and he glanced over, holding eye contact for just a moment before he looked down, a smile spreading across his lips. “Hmm…” you said, considering. “Can we just… go? Take random roads and see where we end up?”

    “That sounds perfect,” Sunghwa said, pushing his key into the ignition and turning it. “All right, which way first?”



    After four hours of driving, you found yourself cruising through the countryside, farm fields stretching far out to either side of the road and the occasional houses small and simple. It was starting to get dark out, and finally Sunghwa asked, “Do you want to pull over somewhere and eat?”

    “You brought food?” you asked, impressed.

    “Of course!” Sunghwa said. “Are you kidding?”

    You laughed. “You’re the best.”

    “I know,” he said cheerfully, pulling over onto the broad shoulder of the road. You climbed out of the car as he did, grateful to stretch your legs, and walked around to the trunk, where he pulled out a cooler you hadn’t noticed earlier. When you got back into the car he put the convertible roof down and you looked up at the increasingly starry sky as he opened the cooler. “Sushi sound good?” he asked.

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Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 18

S18 E48 Brave New World: The moment she starts putting it into words with “I can see how uncomfortable the whole thing is making you,” my heart just turns over in my chest because you can see where this is headed. 

This whole scene is Bernie trying to take away all of the discomfort she’s seen Serena suffer throughout the day. It’s her trying to smooth things out in the kindest way she knows how. From her saying she kissed her because she wanted to, to toasting their “undeniable sexual chemistry” and saying:  “I think it’s wise?” with the little lilt at the end. It’s all aimed at making Serena feel okay about it, or as okay as possible.

There are definitely things Bernie could have done differently here, such as ask Serena what she wants, but her actions stem from her care for Serena and I think that is a wonderful thing.

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Post 1 is also where you’ll find the reason for this little series and the disclaimer.

Miyano Mamoru - Beautiful Life English & Romaji lyrics

Requested by anon. ^^ 
Unfortunately I couldn’t upload the audio on tumblr because of copyright, so the best I can do is give you this nifty youtube link if you want to hear this song~
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


The sky is so blue, I become sorrowful
Flowers are so beautiful, I become miserable
I wonder when I began to feel that way
I wonder why

Where have I been up to now?
Where am I headed from here on out?
These words I reveal as an inquiry
Flow through my white breath, towards the other end of the sky

This vast world is living on, without even knowing what tomorrow brings
But just living to be able to laugh together with someone, that’s enough, that’s enough
To laugh from your heart, that’s all

A lonely heart may not be able to be saved
And I may have a regret or two
But even so, I will walk forward
“Hey, are you still able to laugh now too, I wonder…?”

This vast world is walking forward, without forgetting even their tears
But the happiness that we’ll find somewhere down the road,
In these hands, in these hands,
I will embrace until that day comes
And sing of this love

These tears that fall, our rising heartbeats, are a living rhythm
The voice that calls my name says, as flowers flutter and time spins,

“I want to see you.”

Ahh, this powerless me, who can’t do anything, but continues to stand up again
In order to protect you, will deliver his voice to you, and that’s enough, that’s enough
If you’re there, that’s all it takes
And it’s beautiful, it’s my life

This world is vast, the sky is blue, and we are so small
But this “small us” will grasp each other’s small hands and live on, towards tomorrow, and just because of that…

It’s a beautiful life


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Dean was reaching for the second flowered bandaid on his face when he heard footsteps to his right and looked to see you headed his way.

“Y/N,” he said, relief evident just in saying your name. “Maybe you can help me fill in the gaps here. What happened to the djinn? Could’ve sworn I had the son of a bitch and then it must’ve knocked me out.”

“The djinn? Were you guys playing doctor for monsters?”

“Playing doctor…? I’m sorry, what?” Dean asked. You stopped in front of him, reached out and ran your finger gently over the bandaid on his forehead with a smile. His skin felt electric where you’d touched it and he watched you with rapt attention.

“Seems like our firstborn is a natural caregiver, generous on the bandaids,” you said. 

“Our firstborn?” Dean asked, eyebrows raised. You laughed softly, face drawn a bit in concern.

“About yea high,” you said, holding your hand to your hip. “Has your eyes. Looks at you like you’re her personal superhero. I believe you’ve met. Are you ok?”

Dean ran a hand over his still-flower-bandaged face, nodding absently.

“The djinn,” he said quietly. 


He snapped his eyes back to you and noticed now that you had your hand on his forearm. His heart sped some at the small contact and he nodded at you. Not the real you, to be sure, but a version the djinn had created. And a version of you who was looking at Dean with an expression born from so much adoration and, at the moment, worry, that Dean forgot for a moment that he couldn’t stay with this version of you forever.

“I’m ok,” he said, fixing his eyes on yours. You slid your hand down to twine with his.

“You sure?” you asked. He nodded again and gave your hand a squeeze.

“I’m sure.”


Imagine a Djinn Creating a World In Dean’s Mind In Which He’s Married To You With Kids

More gif imagines!

More djinn dream!Dean here!


Molly: Ok girls! Are you ready for the big news!?


Molly: I will be doing an overnight vacation with both of you! Tomorrow morning Kasia and I will be headed to Granite Falls bright and early!

Kasia: YAY! I’ve always wanted to go there! Yes! Omg I’m off to pack!

Jynx: I can not wait to see where we go! Marceline and I will be holding down the fort I guess!

Bow Before the King

Description: You get creative while trying to get information from Crowley

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: some smutty stuff ;)

Originally posted by supernaturally-wwe-imagines

You walked down to the dungeon behind the boys. Crowley had information, and you needed it. Sam opened up the shelves and walked in.

“Hello, boys. Ah, and if it isn’t my little darling behind them.”

Dean barely looked up. “Shut up.”

“What? Jealous of her pet name, squirrel?”

You rolled your eyes. “More like I’m not your darling, or whatever. Now are you ready to give up any info, or are you gonna keep sulking?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I am. For a price.” Of course.

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Finn x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Mr Solomons, how can I help you?” Tommy asked as he headed into his office.

“I’m havin’ trouble with one of your brothers, he’s welcome to hang round the bakery but that’s not where he’s been lurkin’”. Alfie explained.

“And where do you think my Brother’s been?” Tommy asked knowing he was talking about Finn, his absence in Birmingham hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Right well last night I caught him sneaking into my house to see my little girl, the week before he ‘ad ‘er down the pub, time before that they was kissin’ in the alley behind my bakery.” Alfie finished.

“Well you pack ‘im on the next train and tell I’ve said he has to come back.” Tommy sighed.

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"Be the strong girl that I know you are." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “Can you do an Ethan imagine where Ethan is at work and y/n is home and gets caught up reading hate and has a breakdown then Ethan comes home and sees her and tells her everything is okay”


“Okay, I’m headed off to some meetings, I’ll be home in a few hours.” Ethan said to you, kissing you on the forehead. You said goodbye one last time as he walked out of the door. Now that him and Grayson were getting more popular in the social media industry, they were always out for meetings for various projects and whatnot. You spent most of your day alone in bed, watching movie after movie, checking your social medias every once in a while. You were scrolling through your twitter when a particular tweet caught your attention.

“I hate that Ethan is with (Y/N). She’s clearly only with him so she can mooch off of him.” It read. You brushed it off, trying not to let it bother you too much. You continued scrolling through your timeline, finding more and more tweets that you probably shouldn’t have been reading.

“(Y/N) is such a slut.” “Ethan and (Y/N) aren’t even cute together.” “Ethan needs to break up with (Y/N) and go out with someone who actually deserves him.”

Just then, you felt the tears start to fall. You didn’t know why people were constantly bashing on yours and Ethan’s relationship, but you tried so hard to not let it effect you. But seeing these tweets really made you upset. Sure, there were a few fans here and there that stood up for you, but the hate tweets always tore you down.

Whenever you were feeling upset, taking showers usually seemed to calm you down. You turned the water on and got in. You slid down the wall and just cried. You sat on the shower floor as you let the warm water massage your muscles, just crying. You hated what these tweets did to you, but you couldn’t help it. You sat in the shower for what felt like hours before Ethan finally came home.

“(Y/N), I’m home!” You heard Ethan call. You heard him walk into the bedroom and throw his keys on the nightstand.

“I’ll be out in a minute!” You called back. You got out of the shower, dried off, and got dressed. You wiped your eyes, trying to hide your puffiness, but you knew it wouldn’t help. You stepped out into the bedroom and walked over to Ethan. “Hey baby.” You said as you hugged him.

“Hey beautiful. Are you okay? You sound a bit stuffy.” He said, kissing you on the top of your head.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” You said quietly. Ethan pulled your chin up and locked eyes with you.

“You’ve been crying. What’s wrong?” He asked as he pulled you down on the bed, hugging you tight.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine, really.” You said.

“(Y/N), I know something is bothering you. Tell me what’s wrong.” He said sternly. You let out a long sigh.

“Okay, fine. I don’t want to sound like a bitch, but I’ve been getting so much hate from your fans lately, about us being together, and it has been bothering me. I was just reading tweet after tweet earlier, and I just broke down. I couldn’t stop crying and I wanted to just leave and never come back.”

“(Y/N), baby, you can’t let what they say get to you. There are gonna be people who don’t agree with or support our relationship, but you can’t let their words bring you down. The only think you should care about is that we love each other and are happy in this relationship. I don’t want to lose you. You are one of the most important people in my life, and I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you like crazy, and you know that.” Ethan said as he wiped more tears from your face.

“It’s just so hard for me to not let it bother me when it happens so often.” You said.

“I know, and I’m sorry for that. People will have their opinions, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But you’ve gotta be the strong girl that I know you are and keep your head up.” He said as he kissed you softly.

“I love you Ethan. I really do. I’m so glad that I have you by my side.” You said kissing him again.

“I love you too baby. Now, let’s just relax, watch some movies, and you can get your mind off of this.” He said. He got up from the bed and changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants and climbed back into the bed, wrapping you in his arms and pulling you close. You turned on a movie and cuddled into Ethan’s side. You felt a small peck on your head and you smiled to yourself.