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this just in on somewhat obscure old video games: LSD dream emulator. the game is based off of a dream journal, and every instance of the game can be different. different things can spawn in the different areas (happy town, violence district, etc) and the textures can have different themes. there is a graph at the end of each day that shows how pleasant your dream was. a dream ends after you see negative things, you fall, or the time runs out. negative things are mostly in the violence district.

You would get to look good thing but you would get to look you reply people there right there was one of you have to have the right now different species bird mom. lsd? emulator?

Thank you so much darling writingaloveaffair! I appreciate it so :3 another friend sent me a screen cap and it’s there but some of the font doesn’t show up like it does on mine!

Okay, so for anyone else out there, apparently if it cuts off or you don’t see the right side bar, switch to a full browser and it should pop up. Either that, or as I recall a previous follower saying she had to change viewing size to 85percent I think. SORRY! If I get more messages, I’ll look up ways to get themes to be resized in various browsers(HOW IS THAT EVEN DONE OMFG?). But if I can’t, AH, I guess I’ll just leave a note on my description telling people to resize their browser. Other than that, I really like this new theme so I doubt I’ll be changing it again.

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After viewing 4 pages of your themes, I told myself: "Stop right there. If you keep on looking, you might end up not getting any sleep tonight." You are officially my favorite theme maker right now; I can clearly see the effort and passion you put in your themes (excuse me for being a bit dramatic). Thank you so much! It's been a while since I changed my theme hehe :) xx

omG kljadksjlfd ; u ; haha nooo thank you so much!! you’re very sweet hehe, i’m glad you appreciate them!! <3


The Night of the Comet

   At the start of every school year, the citizens of Beacon’s Harbor celebrate with their annual Sea Fair kick off. Following everyone’s first week back to school, the fair begins on Friday night, and ends Sunday afternoon. This year features the celebration of the passing comet. The fair is free-admission, and open to all ages.  And there’s plenty of things to do and see! With live entertainment, raffles, carnival games, dancing, mini golf, food, drinks (some of the bartenders can even be bribed with a few extra dollars) you’re sure to have a good time. A DJ and dance floor area are also stationed on the beach. And if you have the right connections, you’ll probably be attending some rich folk’s yacht party in the boatyard. The Fell Family especially, is known for hosting fabulous theme-based parties on their luxury yacht. And, even better known for being so easy to crash, as people have managed to go un-carded for identification. We hear this year’s theme is of the Tropical and Hawaiian sort.

  So far, this annual event has gone smoothly every year. Never ending with anything less than a month’s supply of drama and gossip.  However, the citizens of Beacon’s Harbor have no idea what sort of omen the passing comet will entail. Some say it’s a harbinger of evil.  Which is all too ironic, considering we’ve got a high rate of supernatural young bloods currently flocking the area.  Teen wolves, unbound circles of witches, and druids oh my! Coincidence, or fate?

As the fair is located all throughout Beacon’s Harbor waterfront, some events take place in the boatyard. There are many cousins and relatives of the Fell Family, so it’s safe to assume this party is hosted by one of Davina and Blair’s early 30-something year old relatives.  The character is not playable, but simply used as a reference for one of the event’s activities. This event occurs only 5 days before the Full Moon.  For a new wolf like Scott, this means: anxiety, emotional/rage outbursts, and other aspects of his dark side. For the circle, Cassie’s arrival has completed the six bloodlines, and thus their circle. Not bound yet, this means the circle, unknowingly harnesses chaotic energy.  Our druids have no idea what it means to be descendants of nature-preserving folks, and they are involuntarily connected to the comet’s freak-of-nature power.  This could even have an indirect effect.  The slightest slip up from any of our magic users could hit any bypasser, without the practitioner even knowing it. So, anyone who would like to play on that element, feel free to message any of the circle witches or druids (Davina, Bonnie) for permission.  Even, if your character resides in Beacon City, you can always find reasons for them to attend! There’s tons to work with here. Don’t be afraid to jump right in and get your hands dirty ;D This event will live out for three days starting May 24th and ending May 27th.

Feel free to inquire on with any further questions.

Hear You Coming

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“Can you make a one shot based off the song ‘Hear You Coming’ by The Dirty Heads? I can see this being either Cal, Mikey or Ashton.”

Why yes I can, this is gonna be interesting to make. It was so hard to pick which boy oh god.

Pairing: Ashton and Y/N

Words: 2,135

Rating: R for Racy as hell adult themes, beware

Doing something different, This is in Ashton’s POV! Remember that.


Room 007. The room where it all started. She moved in, right next to me. From first glance you would think she was this sweet, innocent woman with a good head on her shoulders. We had some talks within the first few months of her being my neighbor; shared some stories over coffee and, to say the least, I was intrigued by her. The long trench coat she always wore hid everything from me. You could never tell what was under it. A skirt? A button down? A frilly blouse? Maybe she wore nothing, and those were the thoughts that drove me insane. 

7 months into her being a tenant, the thoughts began. At that point, I guess you can say we were friends. She knew my name and I knew hers. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), it fit her perfectly. I’ve been into her apartment a few times to have talks over a bottle of wine. It was so clean, organized and put together in a way that only she could figure out. I had never been past her living room but I knew her bedroom was right next to mine. How did I know? These apartments had thin walls, seriously if Ben is fucking Sally the whole floor would know within minutes. Back to the incident: 

It was around 2 am when I heard stumbling into the room next to mine. The click of heels confirmed it was Y/N, she did say something about a business meeting of some sort that night but it couldn’t have gone on for so long. I was close to sleeping before a heavier set of feet joined in with the sound of her heels.

"It took so fucking long for Harvey to shut up. I just wanted to get you here so we could fuck until I can’t see straight.” Y/N rasped out as her headboard hit my wall for the first time out of many that night.

Y/N talking like that never crossed my mind but it sounded incredible coming from her lips. I felt my sleepiness fade, a familiar rush of adrenaline filling my body as my eyes opened wider. I shouldn’t have, I knew it was bad but as more lust-fueled words left her lips I gave in to temptation and put my ear to the wall. The headboard hit against the wall at a steady pace but the knocking wasn’t what got to me. Even though I knew it wasn’t me in there; her blissful sighs, breathy words, moans and whimpers made me crave to be in there. To replace whoever the hell was in there with her. It was the first time I had seen a side like this to her and it was something I wished to see for myself. I ended up staying up for most of the night, even as (Y/N) and her guest got quiet and went to sleep. Her sounds of pleasure were on a loop in my head as I rose out of bed to shower, playing constantly as I put on my clothes.

I stepped out my apartment the next day and ended up staring at her door for a moment until my feet carried me down the hall. When I went to the coffee shop in the lobby, I sipped my double shot espresso with an almost automatic hand. Y/N came down at 8:07 like always but this time, her walk seemed stronger. I had noticed things I never noticed before, like a tattoo on her ankle and how high she held her head. Almost as if she felt my stare, she turned her head to look at me and smiled lightly as always. I began to smile back when she subtly winked at me before exiting the building. She knew.

For two months I had been having an intense sexual attraction to my neighbor. It was like she knew exactly how to fluster me, whether it was a wink or an under lying tone when she said my name, she knew. She always knew.

I put on my coat before stepping out of my room and heading to the lobby. My shift was starting in 2 hours leaving me enough time to get some coffee from the shop.

“Morning, Luke." 

I greeted the blonde who had become accustomed to seeing me every morning. 

"Morning, Mr.Irwin. Your usual?” He started to make my double shot espresso as I nodded. I glanced around the recently renovated lobby, taking in the now expensive looking tile that graced the floor, and all the marble countertops that replaced the worn-out wooden ones at the front desk. My apartment building was more on the ‘posh’ side. Tall and spacious, had a doorman, the whole nine. I was still shocked to be able to pay the rent with my simple job at a music store but striking a deal with the landlord had it’s perks.

“Your double shot espresso, Mr.Irwin." 

"I told you to call me Ashton, Luke. We’re well acquainted enough to be on first name basis.” I insisted but he just shook his head and wiped down the counter for the third time since i’ve been here. I sat by the window and glanced at the traffic moving by, the usual slow morning seeming to slow down even more as the street got backed up with more cars. Hearing the elevator ‘ding’ made my stomach flip, a glance to the clock over head showed 8:07. I couldn’t stop myself from glancing over at her as she walked with that sexy stride through the lobby. Her hips swaying slightly, trench coat tight around her. She glanced my way and gave me her sweetest smile as usual before leaving the building. Despite just drinking a medium sized coffee, my throat felt dry when I swallowed.

“I hope this isn’t an invasion but what’s going on with you two? You both do this every morning.” Luke asked as he put a cup in the sink and began to wash it out.

“We’re friends, that’s all.” I assured him as I stood and threw the cup away.

“Have a good day Ashton!”

I looked back at him with a smile, “See you tomorrow Luke.”


Of course, Lindsey had me work a double shift today as soon as a shipment of drum sets came in. Don’t get me wrong, I am a drummer and I adore drums but, there’s no denying they are heavy as fuck. Carrying twenty individual pieces had my biceps and triceps yelling at me as i walked down the hall to my room. I just wanted to soak my body and go to sleep immediately.


I glanced up to come face to face with Y/N. In her trench coat as always, she walked over to me from her door.


“Want to come over for wine? it’s been months since we talked you know.”

2 months to be exact. I thought as I nodded and followed her over to her apartment. She set down her keys as I sat on her couch, sinking into the plush cushion. My muscles were completely relaxed by the time she held the glass of wine to me. I took the glass and sipped slowly before sitting up correctly and watching (Y/N) walk to the love seat across from me. 

“So Ash, how’s life been?” She asked as she slowly unbuttoned the trench coat. Let me repeat, she took off the trench coat. My haunting thoughts were answered as she revealed a white blouse and a pencil skirt that hugged her hips amazingly. 

“Ash?” She sat down and picked up her glass.

‘O-oh, sorry. Just your normal day, I worked a double shift and had to do heavy lifting. How are you?” 

I tried to sound interested but my eyes went directly to the tattoo on her ankle. She was speaking but the words didn’t register as my eyes traced up the tattoos, the lines were woven together into a shape that I couldn’t comprehend. The tattoo cut around where her skirt stopped, at her mid thigh. Almost as if on cue, her legs widened the slightest making her skirt ride up a little giving me a peek of her inner thighs and some black lace. My pants tightened as I felt a familiar stir within them. I tried my best to shift and keep it hidden but it was hard to make such a movement subtle.


“What?” My eyes jumped up to meet hers. A look of amusement was on her face as she crossed her legs. I had to fight myself to keep my eyes on her face.

“Are you okay? You keep zoning out on me. I might as well be talking to myself.” She sipped from her almost empty glass, mine was still mostly full.

“Yes I think I’m just a bit sleepy, I’m gonna go to my apartment.” I downed the whole glass and stood up, quickly heading for the door.

“Let’s do this again, yeah?" I pulled the door open. 

She chuckled lowly, “Sure, you know where to find me babe.”

The pet name left a sweet taste in my mouth, as I closed the door and forced my intensified lust to the back of my head. How much more could I take of this? Not a lot. 


A warm shower was enough to calm my nerves and muscles. I tossed my towel aside and slowly crawled into the soft sheets that covered my bed. The comfort that flooded me made me want to pass out right then and there and I almost did until I heard something familiar. 

A moan. The same moan I heard two months ago.

My gut twisted with interest as the blood rushed to the place I didn’t want it to. I sat up as a small whimper left her lips and once again put my ear to the wall. Her breathing was heavy but it was strangely quiet, no headboard knocking or the bed creaking which only meant two things. One, she was alone. Two, she was masturbating. She was progressively getting louder, my cock twitched with interest and in that moment i made the decision to use this to my advantage. As quickly as I could I shed my boxers off, letting my semi free and wrapping my hand around it. My thumb circled the tip, teasing myself to full hardness. When pre-cum started to bead at the tip I slowly started to stroke, leaning my head against the wall to hear the best bits of (Y/N). As her whines got more high pitched, I quickened my fist and bit my lip so i wouldn’t let out a sound. I didn’t need her to know I was doing this. It was all going well but then:

"O-Oh Ashton!”

I stopped mid stroke and stared at the wall. Did (Y/N) just say my name? While pleasing herself? 

“A-Ash, mmm.” (Y/N)’s voice hit me again and I continued my fast motions, twisting my wrist on the upstroke and letting out ragged breaths.

“You don’t think I know you’re awake over there? Listening to me?”

Her voice sounded so sultry and smooth. I couldn’t stop my fist even if I tried.

“I know you’re up, listening to me moan and groan but this is extremely one-sided. Let me hear you baby.”

It’s a trick. Don’t do it. She’s gonna call you a pervert and move out! My brain shouted but my jaw still dropped, letting out a throaty moan.

“Good boy, that’s what I like to hear. Keep it up.”

I fulfilled her request, letting my moans and groans come out freely as I pictured her with her hand down the lacy underwear I saw earlier. Maybe she cupped her breast and squeezed lightly to occupy her other hand, her pretty lips parted as she panted lightly.


Her name barely made it past my lips as I felt myself starting to unravel. My abdomen tightened as my high hit me, white stripes decorating my hand and thighs as I stroked myself through my orgasm. When I had finally calmed down, I started to get up to get a tissue and clean up this mess.

“What ever happened to ladies first?” Y/N spoke through the wall. I was embarrassed to admit I was so focused on myself I had forgotten she was along with me for this ride.

“I’m sorry…if you want I could come over.” I offered, hoping she’d let me finish her off. There was silence for a while and I continued to clean up. Once I tossed the tissue away, she gave me her response.

“Keys under my mat. I’ll be waiting.”

I AM SO SORRY IF THAT WAS SHIT PLZ DONT HATE ME. Also sorry to charlotte-corday for taking so long to do your request :/

P.S. I’m back bitchessssss ^.^ Sorry i took so long to come back from my hiatus <3

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how did you get the clueless gif on you blog? sorry I know you usually don't do these kind of asks (I think) but it would be really helpful if you could answer :)

go to your blog and click the little “edit theme” in the top right corner

your blog will appear again but with a sidebar on the left saying edit theme and you can scroll down until you see THEME OPTIONS and directly underneath that will be sidebar image with a little pencil image

click the pencil, and it will say “choose a photo” and you can browse your folders and downloads for a gif you want on display. most themes have a specific gif size requirement, so make sure to choose something that will fit (find the credit icon on your page, and that will link you to the theme details, where you can check what size you’re able to use, 245 x 100 etc) and then double click your gif choice.

your blog will update to show you how it looks, and you can scroll to the top of the sidebar, click save and then exit and voilà!


I really, REALLY, need you help. I need to pay my school fee but my family has serious financial issues right now so we can afford it. I need to pay it before May 29 otherwise I’ll have to quit school.

My portfolio for art reference

You can see the prices [in US dollar] and time it might take, but because I’m desperate I can make it even faster.

  • Every commission includes a high resolution file, you are free to use it for personal purpose [non commercial]
  • I will do anything except porn, morbid sexual and racist themes.

  • You can contact me via e-mail at

  • My paypal is



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Even though you havent done that many different kinds of CC yet, i just wanted to say i appreciate it!! I never see CC in this particular style, and it just happens to be right up my alley. so thank you!! Your work is lovely... and i love your theme too ;w;

This means the world to me, thank you so much ;—; I am making cc that I’ve always wanted to see since I got the game. I was very rusty on texturing meshes, but hopefully I  can feel  comfortable and finish things faster in the near future. And thanks for reminding me I want to update my theme hahaha <3 Thank you!!

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i have to go to your archive to look at your posts because your theme is messed up and it cuts off. i tried swiping right to see if it was one of those type themes but its not. it just cuts off.

send me a print screen here: 
tell me what browser are you using and resolution of your screen and I can try to fix it (:

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can you give me a few writing tips and role playing tips? i just love how organize your characterization are. and how accurate your muse is. thank you.

I’m really flattered you sent this in and a little overwhelmed because I don’t think I’m the best person to be learning from but I think I can help nudge you in the right direction!

Keep reading

I keep seeing posts about how you can’t be confused about being INTP or INFP because the functions are so different. Well yay, once again I’m the impossible pangolin. When I first did the test at work and got INTP I was fascinated (obviously, since I started this blog), and I still believe the result is right. What I do question is the rigid four function structure. Human diversity shows us that all kinds of variations on a theme are possible. More than two genders, pansexuality, heart to the right, ambidexterity… but in the case of the MBTI, it’s impossible to have both Ti and Fi? Nope. I don’t buy it. Which makes me the quintessential INTP, I guess… :-P


Pop’N Music is the rhythm game I post recordings of sometimes ! It’s a long-running series of games by Konami ( It began in 1998 if I remember well. ) Basically, there’s little circles falling in columns and you have to hit the specific button when they cross the red line. Hitting the note at the right time will produce a sound, and all the sounds together complete the music playing ! You can see and hear it at the beginning and in the end of the song, because I made a few mistakes and some sounds are missing or not at the right place. The songs are ranked by level and in three categories : Normal, Hyper and EX. 

There’s 22 games as for now, most of them with a specific theme ! The game recorded is Pop’N Music 13 Carnival and the song I played is the game’s main theme. There’s a very sweet song about ferris wheels that I already posted, but I’m going to try it again in EX mode. I hope my explaination wasn’t too annoying to read ! ^^’

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Bad icon meme. Let's see what you can make of me?

I thought the robot theme of your icon detracted from his sexual magnetism so I went back to his wolf roots to inject some of the canine mystery back into his character. 

It works, yes? You feel the sexual attraction now, right?

I’m doing something I’ve never offered before and that is offering badges, laminated & shipped to you (international shipping included as well!)

I am taking 20 SLOTS (you heard right!) All badges will have the same background / theme, which will be babyish & cute. You can choose a boy or girl background. I will post a sample over the next couple of days.

I aim to finish all of these within 30 days!!

They will be FLAT colored, with some embellishments, like the drawing you see below:

If you do not want the badge laminated and shipped to you, you can have one just the digital file for $25. Otherwise it’s $30 for a laminated bag with a black cord lanyard as pictured, shipping included. The lamination will be very high quality, I use nice thick sleeves.

Just visit the journal in the link to claim a slot and make sure to read all instructions. Thanks!

By the way, Mad Max was problematic and probably triggering in a bunch of ways for reproduction-related violence, ableism, and fatphobia (unfortunately), but it’s still one of the most progressive action movies I’ve ever seen in terms of the number of and treatment of its female characters, as well as some of its overall themes. And as a film, it’s really not “mediocre” like some posts in this community are calling it. I really want it to do well, since it seems like a step in the right direction.

So yeah, unpopular disabled blogger opinion: it was a good movie and if you can handle it, and you like that sort of thing, consider seeing it.

Pokémon Kalos Queen

Well well well…

As you know, a lot of people (most of them, girls, i guess) who actually see Pokémon XY thinks that Kalos Pokémon Showcases are a clear copy of Pokémon Contest from Hoenn/Sinnoh. And, yeah! Maybe they are right… Or maybe not?

Because, the Pokemon Showcase -like it says in the Pokémon wiki-  are performance tournaments that take place only on Kalos. These shows are divided in two sections. The first is called the Theme Performance and can encompass activities such as making Poké Puffs, grooming Pokémon, or performing with props. The activities per Theme Performance depend on the specific Showcase tournament. The second section is called the Free Performance, which is the same in each Pokémon Showcase. The Pokémon Performer and their Pokémon perform together on stage, making full use of the Pokémon’s capabilities.

The last section of this sexist kind of contest reminds me the Performance Stage from originals Pokemon Contest because Performers and their Pokemon work together to make an spectacular show with diferents movements and abilities. The difference between P.Cs (it´s exhausting write the same word every single moment, sorry :d) first stages and showcase’s final sections, its only one: performers acts with their Pokémon and coordinator just tell them what to do. Plus, the theme performance who changes every time. Despite the fact that if you collect 3 keys, and won the master class showcase, you become a queen with your Pokemon companion. Boring…

Now… What its the point of this?

Well, i just want to make a special point on someone. First, we need to go back in timeline.

Remember the Sinnoh Grand Festival? When Jessie(lina) performs in the three-in-one stage on the appeal round with her Yanmega and Seviper? She takes all the atention from the judges (most from the gym leader Fantina) when she got attacked by Seviper’s Silver Wind (or SonicBoom i don´t remember it well) before Seviper used Haze creating a circular beautiful spiral of smoke around her and TADA!!! The attack sheds her original Contest outfit, revealing a brand new one beneath it. ¡YEEEES, YOU DID IT AGAIN JESSIE! *infinite applauses* ¡WOHOOO! ¡YOU’RE GONNA WIN THIS!

This next level performance it allowed her to pass to the next round, obviously my favorite part of this tournaments, the double battles round.

And again… What its the point of this?
Well, you see. If you don´t get it yet, i tell you.

Jessie/Jessilina is the first one character not being an Performer at that time who has introduced the perfect alibi to create Pokemon Showcases. And she did it a lot of times before on previous contest stages.

Yes, she did it.

Sorry, Serena.

Behold, noob performers.

Say hello to the new Kalos Queen.

So I see there’s some confusion on the theme for prom, and as of right now there is no set theme. Although both chi-mcl and I think a masquerade themed one would be great but we would need to do a vote or see if anyone else had any ideas.
So if you do have an suggestions please say so and we can start a vote on the theme.