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New Game On Thursday Nights

We have a new game starting Thursday evenings at roughly 5:30 Pacific Time (GMT-8). The theme of the game is Classic D&D. Pathfinder rulesset. Base races and classes only, total dungeon-crawling, undead-killing, treasure-hunting adventure. If you would like to play, please contact one of us (I am reachable via skype at mctanuki and you can also message this blog directly and one of our mods will answer you ASAP). If you want to join the game, please get ahold of us before Thursday, preferably right when you see this message, so I (Tanuki, the DM for this game) can have as much time to prepare as possible.

Thanks everybody, and have fun storming the castle!


Some new screenshots from abandoned_upward. You can see that i changed the lightning since the last post and added props and new geometry, and im still open to suggestions what people would want. Also, its pretty obvious that its in contrast to abandoned_turbine, wich is extremly run-down and rusty. The entire theme of upward is going to be a island with thick foliage and overgrown buildings. I dont know how it will affect the performance in the end tho. Its still highly experimental and in alpha, but its slowly coming together! click the pictures to see a bit of commentary on the screenshots.

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing a post around tumblr that says we shouldn't treat golems as fantasy characters because they're Jewish folklore. I assume that means we shouldn't use them in a novel not with Jewish people or other Jewish themes. The problem is, I find golems fascinating. I really want to use my own spin on golems in my fantasy novel...but I'm afraid some people might take offense. What do you think I should do?

I’m going to tell you something right now that I never want you to forget, okay, so listen up: You can write whatever you want. You don’t need permission. Nobody has to anoint your story with some special Oil of Approval or stamp it or bop it on the nose or otherwise authorize or sanction you to write whatever you goddamn wanna write. You can write it, whatever it is, whenever and however you want. Period. 

I hope that was clear enough. 

Now, there are two other things to bear in mind. The first is that other people get to have opinions, on what you write and even on what you could write. Whatever opinions they want. And they may not be calm or carefully considered opinions. These opinions don’t have to be phrased kindly. They don’t even have to make sense to you. But readers still get to have their opinions. Readers do not have to praise you or stay silent when they dislike something you’ve written. Recall that readers share your story with you. They are one half of the creative process of storytelling. They get to have their say. Period. 

The second thing I want you to bear in mind that is the opinions and emotions and thoughts and experiences and experimentations and analyses and investigations and lives of other people are valuable. They, and by “they” I mean other real ass human beings, are valuable before you begin to write, during your writing process, and after you’ve finished writing. 

People are valuable. You learn from people as you do research. People act as sounding boards and motivators as you write. People provide feedback after your project is done. People matter. Other voices besides your own matter. You need those voices to tell your stories. You have a responsibility to other people as a fellow real ass human being to do research and write with empathy and resolve. 

After all, it’s a golden rule of writing. You wouldn’t want someone striping down your culture to “just the interesting bits,” or else picking and choosing what of your identity is cool/weird/exotic enough to include in their story. You wouldn’t want someone to take everything you value about yourself out of context or twist it to suit their own purposes. So don’t do that to other people. 

And if you think you have done your utmost to write with earnest consideration for the other real ass human beings you represent through your writing and you still get criticism of your work, that’s okay. Try not to think of it as failure. Think of it as an opportunity to learn, to expand, to grow as a writer, because that’s exactly what it is. 

You say like golems. So do research on Jewish folklore and write some golem-type creatures in your fantasy novel. If people don’t like that, they’ll let you know, and you can go from there.

Value others. Write honestly. Keep learning. 

Thank you for your question!


pk-starman asked:

Anna vs. Naga vs. Grima. Who wins?

Well Naga already beat Grima. You know, using you and Chrom. So Naga clearly wins that little fight. But Anna, well, let’s take a step back here. Grima was originally a bunch of earth dragons that degraded into literally unstoppable killing machines. So she stopped them the only way possible: sealed them all in the Dragon’s Table. Three thousand years later they get released again but now they’re one single entity.

You can see where I’m going with this, right? There are a bunch of Annas and they’re all unstoppable so what is Naga going to do? She’s going to seal them all in a giant altar called the Merchant’s Table. Three thousand years after the events of Fire Emblem Awakening they’re all going to get released as one massive humanoid figure. A giant, Grima sized Anna. Annatron is going to raise an undead army of Risen but instead of killing everyone they’re going to rip everyone off and take all the money and give it to Annatron.

The world is on the brink of an economic collapse. Everyone is a peasant with no money. They are starving. Annatron has all the money. Naga takes thirteen brave teenagers and sends them back in time to stop this from ever happening. They try to warn their parents that the new tactician (that looks just like Anna obviously) is bad news and refer to the Mark of Grima Anna on the back of their hand, which is a money bag. Eventually, through a lot of strife between other nations that are also desperate for resources since they can’t afford to produce any, the ragtag team comes face to face with Annatron.

Naga tells them “Ayyy you can totally whack her with Falchion or you can have this vessel here kill themselves to bring a permanent end to the big baddie.” You make your decision and the game ends, Naga the victor yet again. So Naga would win the fight. This is also the plot of Fire Emblem 15, btw. Fire Emblem Awakening 2: Woken Back Up. Trust me, my uncle’s cousin’s brother’s wife’s best friend works for Nintendo and totally leaked this information to me. 


this is my first (released) theme which is why there might be many, many things wrong with it. However, I am going to leave it up to you guys to determine. There’s a first for everything, right?


  • You in no way at all may redistribute as your own. I worked hard on this and it would break my heart to see it gone.
  • You may NOT remove my credit, if it inconveniences you send me a message asking for PERMISSION and we will see what we can do.
  • You can edit, but you may not use my theme as a base code. It is made up of about three-four base codes and base codes are very simple to find. If you need help finding one, send me a message.
  • If anything is wrong with the theme don’t hesitate to ask me to fix it, or simply explain to me what I did wrong in a NICE, CALM fashion.


  • The sidebar image is 488 x 280.
  • You will find a background for both your sidebar and your entries. 
  • There are six links - four of them are customizable. 
  • Your title is in the HTML itself.



anonymous asked:

Hello I see that you recommended Carry On destiel fic I am thinking of reading it next and since I know you're more of fluff light hearted story lover I was wondering if you can idk give an opinion some reassurance maybe? Like the fic is not super dark and heavy right? aside from the prosti theme there's only so much I can get from the tags I really wanna read it but I'm afraid to be blind sided thats all I trust your judgement no matter what

Pff, it’s a while ago I read that one, but from what I remember; yes, there is angst, but not so much so that it was (for me personally) emotionally draining or too dark and heavy. It’s from Dean’s pov and he struggling with some things, clearly. But for me (who doesn’t like stories that are all DARKNESS DARKNESS DARKNESS) it was an easy read, and I finished it in like two days. The relationship between Dean and Cas as it was in the story, was in my opinion a fairly healthy one. (Aside from the confusion between them both as it goes from business to something more.) Also it’s sub!Dean and dom!Cas, but in a healthy safe way, none of that Fifty Shades bullshit, and Cas is in no way abusing or manipulating Dean. 

Also has a positive ending, by the way!

anonymous asked:

yours is the only tights-themed blog I follow and for some reason tumblr thinks that means I want to see a million fetish blogs with nsfw avatars and really creepy headers in my recommendations. it makes me really depressed thinking that's apparently what most of your followers are here for ):

Yeah…you kind of opened up a can of worms here, because I’m going to use this question you sent to go on a little rant.

You’re absolutely right. Aside from that, behind the scenes here, I frequently get men submitting images of their, how do I put this, “man parts” while wearing hosiery. I really don’t get it. Men have private parts, and on the internet, for some reason, they’re very eager to show them to you, even if you don’t ask for it.

This is something I absolutely hate about my account, that it’s being associated with these disgusting men who haven’t the slightest grasp on proper etiquette. It’s why I vehemently monitor my followers and ignore the accounts roblogging from me with questionable content. Although, with close to 50,000 followers now, it’s nearly impossible for me to eliminate my association to them on my own.

FYI, tumblr does have a NSFW filter, but it’s incredibly difficult to access and set up. They desperately need to fine tune the ability to select distribution of certain material. 

To be honest, I’ve begun losing interest in maintaining this blog as a result of the people that follow me. It would be quite disingenuous for me to say that I was as enthusiastic about managing this blog as I was a year ago. That’s partially because I’ve been pursuing other creative endeavors, playing A LOT of Destiny, but it’s mostly because of these disgusting accounts that follow me. I hate that I’ve, albeit not on purpose, funded their sick fantasies. 

The more I try the diplomatic approach on this issue, the less respect I have for myself. So here, I’m saying it now. My blog is not intended to serve as pornography, and if you treat it as such, please unfollow me. I severely pity you if you do.

To date I have ignored 1,113 NSFW accounts that reblogged material from here. I intend on applying this now to any of my followers that have NSFW material, whether they reblog from me or not. Let me make it clear to you: you’re not welcome here. If I need to be more aggressive with this policy in order to achieve the desired results, so be it.

“Disney same face and formulaic scripts are terrible disney should be ASHAMED”

Disney made over a billion dollars with Frozen they are probably doing SOMETHING RIGHT even if its not the artistic integrity and storytelling we want to see in mainstream animation. Yes other companies are doing different things and you know what they aren’t making as much money because they dont appeal to as big a crowd as DISNEY stuff does. I can’t get over how many times I discuss the fact that most of Disney’s money comes from theme parks and merch sales and their marketing teams and higher ups have MUCH MORE power over films as a result because the film is the calayst for the theme park attraction and the mountain of merch and the on ice show and the thearical show and the fucking video game tie in and everything else.

 Disney movies are NOT Laika films. And honestly we are super blessed to have smaller comapnies loike that existing and having money poured into them DESPITE the fact they dont make any fucking money in the theatres because 40-something parents in the mid west with their kids between age 4 and 9 don’t go to them. 

You dont need to like Disney but you need to recongize that its not animators being lazy or not caring, just put your money where your mouth is and go and see the films you wanna see MORE OF in theatres on the opening weekend so you have your statics count when the studio or production company looks over how well the film did.

Disney films like Atlantis and Treasure Planet BOMBED at the box office because they didnt appeal to the massive family demographic and were different, thats why you dont see those movies coming out from Disney as much. 

Im just… I’m just tired of hearing the same arguments against disney when disney has just been doing the same things to get the cashflow they want and need to support that whole branch. You dont need to like them but stop acting as if the people working for Disney dont care or are slipping by like you dont WORK THERE you dont KNOW how things went down during production for their films. 

Its just rediculous and unfounded and you guys claim to support different films and more artistic films or films with better characters and yet most of you end up being fans of movies and shows and series that are still recyled same old shit except because there isnt an obvious sameface or you dont see mountains of merch for it you think you’re being super different and radical in your likes and you probably aren’t just fucking stop with the petty competetion you all sound like petty high schoolers trying to tell me why your fave rock band is better and more different than all the other ones that are ‘lesser’ like shut up who cares


Updated ( the order was off, also I figured some alternatives )

Give me anger (???)
I wanna be stronger
the answer’s inside of you // the answer’s side of truth 
you need to look (???)

deep inside me 
this is my story
give me the power
to see everything
(this is the only full verse I`m sure I got right)

massive explosion
cloud of snow // cloud of sorrow   (???)

I can’t stop … (???)
to destroy  …  (???)


(???) washed in a world (???)
I won’t die anymore // I can’t die anymore

We lose (???)
freshesness over all life (???)
like a (???)

flow into the sky (???)
Like the wind // I can`t win (???)
But I can judge my future // But I can change my future

Can someone please help me understand the lyrics, cuz im just SO IN LOVE with this new theme, but I cant even sing to it! @_@ hahaha


Theme week: Day 3 - masked ball

As you can see I wore a blue wig. Nothing better than having hair like this and going through our small town :D
Also in the second picture, just like yesterday: Natalie [on the right] being a cute cat; Jule [in the middle] being a cute cutie plus in the background Lisa [who hasn’t got a tumblr, but has to be mentioned] being creepy as hell :D

oblivion-time asked: I came up with another one (because this was fun) Oni x Excalibur XD

Hmm. This is a pairing I’ve never given much thought to, but I think I can definitely see this. They’re both annoying characters that I despise. They both like to bother other people (mostly Soul for Oni). I think they would get along very well, might even create their own theme songs. I ship these two most definitely! Perfect pairing right here!!

The Dreamers of “Siesta-Rena” Part Two:

Noah Rambo, The Baker. Noah’s a very friendly and talented baker. He works with his family doing what he loves at their restaurant and he is perfectly content with that. However as content as he is he’s saddened when his friends have gone on elsewhere to pursue their interests. He’s happy for them but sometimes wishes he could keep them around. Or that he could embrace the courage to go forward with his passions elsewhere.

Noah has a very interesting design. We were originally going to kind of have a “Borrowers” theme for him and his dream. You can see it mostly in the giant spatula of course but we just wanted to drive home how small he sometimes felt. Ultimately we went into another direction with his dream but the design still felt right. Thanks Luis!

Line art and design by Luis Laczky: AKA Graconius

Sprite Art by the Duneworld’s Alex:

Words by the Duneworld’s Dave:

“Siesta-Rena” by the Duneworld.

vegant-shirtmovement asked:

Hi! I design and sell Vegan themed T-Shirts and Hoodies. 10% of the profits are donated to various Vegan causes. I have pics of my latest donation on my blog. Right now I am promoting my "I Eat My Veggies" tshirts, hoodies and tank tops. Check them out on my blog if you would like! I will also be coming out with more designs soon. Thanks! Hope your doing good!

gunna post this publicly so people can see your cool merch! : )



I decided that my Sims needed some sweet TF2 themed shirts and I’m a sucker for keeping my Sims in Simlish gear so here we are!

We have both Male and Female variants thought there are some colour differences between them (females having a lighter base).

The logos aren’t spot on but I did try my hardest with them. In the screenshots showing where you can find them in CaS it does show the Llama icon but that should be fixed!

You can see tiny versions of the logos here

If you want English versions click here (links to MtS)

Right, you know the drill. If you come across any issues, lemme know. If you use these, please like/reblog.


crazycreamcake asked:

Can I just say i absolutely adore your playlists. You have such an amazing taste in music. like, your taste in music is on point haha. Whenever i see one of your playlists on my dash, i immediately listen to it. oh and your blog always makes me smile. Your theme is perfect. Your posts are perfect. Dan and phil are perfect haha. I'm totally fangirling over you and your blog right now, sorry haha xx

im gonna publish this bc im blushing so hard hAHAHA i try my best. c: thank you so much! i’m glad you like my playlists and my blog!!! <333 ily m8! you’re lovely xx :’D

We have a Master Post!!!!

For those of you who access my tumblr on a laptop/desktop/through an internet browser on your phone or tablet, you can find my Master Post by going to my blog and looking in the top left hand corner of the page, there should be three horizontal lines. Click on those then select Master Post from the drop down menu. 

For Tumblr Mobile users for some reason those little horizontal lines don’t come up so I’ve put the URL to my Master Post in my description so you can use that. I might try changing my theme and see whether that helps at all but for now you guys will have to do it the old fashioned way.

If you guys have any problems, or if I have missed a fic or something, let me know in my ask box and I’ll try to fix it right away! Thanks for your patience and thanks to whispersof-middleearth for helping me out!



I should probably add that I’ve put my fics under the name of the character they’re about and they are in order of oldest to newest under each characters name. I hope that helps everybody out who is trying to navigate my admittedly messy blog!

cloudfamily replied to your post:Hearing first time watchers’…

:O Whoa, that sounds interesting

I really, really, enjoy living vicariously through someone else’s first read/viewing of something I love. I always prefer to rewatch a series with at least one newbie if I can. 

It’s interesting to see what narrative parallels and themes people latch onto right away and what characters they immediately become attached to. also it becomes easier for me to swoop in and mold them into my particular flavor of trash once i have identified their weaknesses

Check the recaps out here! You can get through them in one night, and they’re a lot of fun!

jinkisbelly asked:

The little crown thingy and hehe you know Jinki ^-^

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Send me a ♔ and the name of your bias and I’ll rate your blog

Somewhat related to my prior post about the yarn monstrosity, if we’ve been mutuals for a while and you wouldn’t mind me making you a scarf or a hat, drop me a message and I’ll see what I can get done. If I really like you and neither of us happens to be in a rush, I might even be convinced to make an afghan or a lap blanket for you. It’ll be a simple design and far from perfect, but it helps me with my anxiety. And it’s a way I show that I care.

(Note: What I’m making right now is a test run for a Mass Effect-themed scarf. Once I’m satisfied with the end product, keliana856 has dibs on one like it.)

dragonprincess76 asked:

We need to discuss the Met Gala Marie! Firstly, Jen cohosting!!! So exciting but so scary all at the same time because what are her team going to force her to wear this time!?! Probability of her wearing vintage Dior is zero to nil but with the theme of the Met Gala being 'China : Through the Looking Glass', wouldn't it be amazing if she were to wear the most opulent Asian inspired Dior collection from Spring 2007? We can dream right? But tell me, what do you think she will wear?

*Throws confettis around* MET GALA

1. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. I love Jenni. Cochairing? I still don’t know how I feel about that, lol. I love seeing Jennifer on carpets, don’t get me wrong, but she does not give me the feeling of a girl who is passionate about fashion and ngl, it frustrates me a bit when people not passionate about fashion are given such tasks or positions, lol ! But hey, I’ll enjoy seeing her there, that’s for sure. I would just have prefered to see someone like Keira, Zhang Ziyi (hello, this year’s theme), or Elle Fanning. I cannot WAIT for the day Elle cohosts because this girl is dedicated to fashion like the pope to Jesus. I dream of the day where we will see a table of young fashionable actresses, Elle in the center, with Kirnan Shipka, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. All dreaming apart, I’m happy that two of the cohosts are actually chinese. 

2. Dioring it up. The only way you can get closer to this theme in the fashion industry than Dior’s ss 2007 collection is by being an actual chinese designer. Galliano’s pieces were, ugh, to die for. Speaking of dying, if she does end up wearing vintage, I’m gonna lose it, I swear. (P.s. I vote for the extra opulent red and black ombré layered gown)

3. That being said, while I have no ides what she’ll be wearing, I don’t see how she could be wearing Raf’s Dior and still be in symbiose with the theme. Oh wait, that’s what she did last year and the symbiose was nowhere in sight. (:

Oh, how I love chatting fashion with you (: ♥