you can see the theme right

The concept of the old gods – of myth and folklore – and the new ones, things we’ve deified by unknowing worship, like Media – is also relevant to an issue that Fuller wanted to address, the gaping lack of human connection and loss of empathy that the internet, as a world of its own, fosters. “They proliferate a climate of hate, and I think we can all do better,” he challenged, going on to air his worries about the absence of love and absence of tolerance. American Gods will tackle topical themes in an attempt to fight hate – you can expect to see issues like gun control, women’s rights, the misuse of social media, racial politics and more be tackled head on, along with the overlying theme of faith and belief – that everybody believes in something, and that it’s okay to believe in whatever gets you through the day. However, it’s not all grim – Fuller actually promises that the show is funnier than the book, with more dark comedy aspects.

Bryan Fuller on @americangods 

I’m sooooo here for this!

Noah Foster is the killer. And here's why. (Here's a theory me and the Scream Kik fam came up with which is entirely plausible and just wow ok)

Right, so. Cast your minds back to the first episode of season 2. Right at the beginning when Noah and Audrey are talking on the phone, Noah is playing with a little plastic pig. The camera focuses on the pig for like four seconds but it happens, and that cannot be a coincidence. This seasons theme is pigs. Okay, so watch the bit where Jake said “Girl interrupted” Watch Noah.

He looks directly at Jake, and he acknowledges Jake’s words. Then when Jake is in the barn there’s that “see what you can do with this BOY interrupted”.

Noah is finishing Piper’s list, starting with Jake.

Audrey has been taunted this season; Noah is the mastermind behind all of this and is deliberately acting stupid to throw people off him. We never saw him drink the drugged tequila, he was the one who commented on it saying “That tequila tasted weird” he is also using Audrey’s emotions against her, saying he felt something for her- he didn’t. He’s playing with her, she hurt him and nearly got him killed as well as a bunch of his classmates. She could have stopped Piper, said something…but she didn’t.

That’s why Noah is playing with her head. He knew she nearly whacked him over the head with a bookend - he knew there was no footage, and was messing with her. Noah is playful. He makes jokes. So does the killer.

Another thing: on the hallway on the lockdown, Noah and Miss Lang were the only ones on the hallway when Emma was attacked in the locked classroom. We can scratch off miss Lang now since she’s dead/pratically dead, so who does that leave…? Noah.

Theory: I think Noah found out about Audrey being pipers accomplice a million years ago, got so angry and upset, that he started emailing Troy James again, and eventually- brings him back to Lakewood. This means Troy is doing the killings, is strong enough and smart enough to commit the murders, and hide the bodies. Meanwhile, Noah is in a way, directing his own slasher movie using iconic scenes:

Brooke being doused with blood- In Carrie, Carrie was doused with PIGS blood. Jake was gutted like a PIG

Noah’s favorite film is Psycho- poor Eddie was killed in the BATHROOM- again, an iconic scene in cinema.

Other points: Noah is filming all of this with the go-pro’s. He is ACTING:

- seeing the giff of Audrey
- knowing where the storage unit was, and taunting Audrey even more

ALSO: The killer tells Audrey they are “A friend of a friend” - Troy James is helping Noah get back at Audrey, while fucking with Emma as well.

This episode; the same pig Noah plays with lures Miss Lang to her presumed death.

KIERAN is a HUGE red herring.

An Author’s Odyssey

I just finished the fifth book in the Land of Stories series and once again I am in awe. Chris Colfer is a fantastic writer! Each of the characters is so well developed. Like it would have been really easy to make Red a bitchy brat, but you can see under her shallow exterior she does have a good heart. The books are marketed towards kids but, going into college as an English major, I am in awe. These books start off so simple and grow on each other. The characters grow. The themes develop at a rate that makes sense. Nothing is ever forced. The fighting is always in the right place, Conner’s off handed references and often dumb comments are almost always perfectly placed, the romance is always good without being overwhelming.

Something I need to gush about is the fabulousness that is Jack and Goldilocks. It is fucking canon that they have had sex, not something you’d see in a children’s series. But more than that they love each other. Not the idea of each other or the idea of the future they can have. No. Jack is completely and utterly smitten with his now wife. He proposed while they were in the middle of battle because he knew she’d think it would be romantic. They talk to each other. Not just flirt like other characters, they actually communicate what they’re thinking. Jack knows she has walls and knows she has secrets. That doesn’t piss him off, it infatuates him. Goldilocks is literally the epitome of femenism. She can kick ass, she can save the day, she can be the girlfriend for Red, she can be a wife to Jack (SPOILER) and mother to her son, she can lead by example and follow those who she thinks are worth following. Plus how often does a couple like this:

A. Get together

B. Stay together/ get married

C. Have a kid

Especially in a genre that’s becoming more and more about unattainable love this is a rare and much needed win. (I need more fan art of them stat)

More than that both the main characters, Alex and Conner, are evolving. They were passable in The Wishing Spell but in the books since they’ve both grown away from their tropes as the studious one and the slacking joker (seriously does every set of twins have to be like that). Alex has gone through very relatable issues. She’s grown up different, very studious and therefore mocked by her classmates. Once she’s in the fairy tale world, you’d think that suddenly everything is good and grand. But it’s not. She is walking a very thin line between good and evil since book three. When she loses her temper, she loses her motherfucking temper. She’s gone from a nobody to the fairy godmother. She’s also an emotional teenage girl. As much as I hate saying this, hormones make you do stupid shit. (I’m a teenage female going off my own experience). But she’s also facing the most frustrating thing ever- adults that won’t listen to her. Yes there are more frustrating things, but the entire first part of the fourth book is no one believing her about the Masked Man. She wants to help people but to help them she has to make questionable decisions. Decisions that other people- Ezmia, the evil queen- have made and suffered for. 

Then you have Conner. Conner Jonathan Bailey is my son I swear to god. He is awkward and clumsy and wants the world to make sense. He cracks jokes at inappropriate times, often getting his foot in his mouth, but his writing. The fifth book is exploring his writing. It was all so interesting. As a writer myself, I love how he viewed his worlds. With pride and awe. There are times that writing a story doesn’t seem that exciting, especially when you’re writing fiction. Because a writer’s job is to create worlds and people and events that paint your mind with black words on white paper. That’s mind boggling and it’s my job. Conner goes from a little boy to a far more mature young man. He has a passion for writing. He was inspired by people in his home world and in the Land of Stories. He took personalities and altered them for the setting. He has a lot of doubts about himself which is what any artist has. But my god, his imagination is spectacular (also there was a great part where Alex asks Conner what he would do if a guy showed up and said he was the author of their story. A+ self insertion joke, Mr. Colfer). Conner still uses humor as a coping mechanism, but he is also more courageous. He’s willing to run into a fight even if he’s terrifed.

Plus the themes that Colfer explores are done so beautifully. Everything is just so beautiful. The characters that are in love are genuinely in love. The characters that are just best friends act like best friends. The women are beautifully written and the men just as well. But more than that, this is the kind of book series you could read as a kid and as an adult.

Overall, this series is (as much as I don’t want to say it) just as good as Harry Potter. If not better. Harry Potter is obviously amazing and got me into reading and writing, but this series explores stories not just magic. People are beginning to understand how important stories are. Anyone can be a hero or a villain, depending on whose telling the story. The Land of Stories explores both sides. Perfect princesses are violent and short tempered. Dashing princes and knights can be afraid, cower, and sew. People that achieved something in their childhood don’t always grow up to get what they want. And best of all, ANYONE CAN BE A HERO! I work with kids a lot, so when they tell me they aren’t good enough or that they can’t do something because someone can do it better, I want to cry. I once had a 6 year old boy tell me there was no such thing as magic. This series shows that you can do so much to help peopl even if you don’t have powers. You can do things that scare you and that counts as being brave. IT TEACHES YOUNG GIRLS TO LOOK UP TO THEMSELVES AND FIND THEIR CALLING AND TO BASICALLY TELL ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY CAN’T DO SOMETHING TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES! YOUNG BOYS ARE ALLOWED TO CRY AND BE SCARED AND BE HUMAN AND STILL BE BRAVE!!!

If you haven’t read the story, please do. You will not regret it.

anonymous asked:

Same anon again, sorry. I'm just not getting it and I'm just about ready to throw my laptop out the window, I'm so frustrated! What I meant was that in your theme the colour seems to slide out from left to right versus just the whole box changing colour simultaneously as you usually see. Maybe its an effect or something, but I can't figure it out and its bugging me so much arghh. I don't even know how to ask the question properly.

hi there anon,
i do understand the frustrations of coding, believe me!!! 

tutorial time :3

how to make a ‘sliding’ background hover effect on your links!

here’s a step by step that will hopefully help and explain the parts to animate!  you can’t usually animate a background unless you’re changing the position of it, which rarely works well for a solid color change (you CAN use gradients to do this, but that’s another story for another time, i find box-shadows are the easiest way to go! ) - so what you’ll need to animate in this case is a box-shadow.

what’s a box shadow?  – usually a box shadow creates a shadow behind an item.  


but in this case, what we want to do is create the box-shadow INSIDE the item - example;

what we’re going to do here, is animate the box shadow so that it doesn’t just appear around the outside of the object, but completely ‘fills’ the space - and this will give us a ‘fake’ background which we can animate!  for this we use the code ‘ box-shadow:inset’ for the shadow inside of our box!

here’s our basic css for the links…

#links {

#links a {
   box-shadow: inset 0 0 0 0 #31302B;
   -webkit-transition: all ease 0.8s;
   -moz-transition: all ease 0.8s;
   transition: all ease 0.8s;}

note that we’ve included a box shadow inset for the links - this and the inset is applied at 0 0 0 0 values (meaning we can’t see it!

now we add in the same box shadow to the link hover, but this time, we make sure it’s going to ‘fill’ the link (i.e. the same width plus any padding!) and it will animate using the ‘ease’ transition.

#links a:hover {
  box-shadow: inset 206px 0 0 0 #31302B;}

this is the effect we get

it’s very easy to change this up to have different effects!  if we alter the inset size to a minus value, then the shadow will slide in from right to left, rather than left to right…

#links a:hover {
 box-shadow: inset -206px 0 0 0 #31302B;}

or top to bottom…

#links a:hover {
  box-shadow: inset 0 30px 0 0 #31302B;}

…or diagonal, corner to corner…

#links a:hover {
  box-shadow: inset 206px 30px 0 0 #31302B;}

just change the box shadow insert to get different effects!

NB/ your box shadow doesn’t have to be grey!  just change the hex value to whatever colour you like!

that should do it!

hope this helps - if it does a like or reblog is always appreciated :3

My English Tea Room is coming right along and I love it so much!  I think Forrest and Sidney are going to own it.  I haven’t even started decorating it, lol.

You can see some of the stuff I’ve been recoloring for it in it (the big pink sign on the front)…

Look how stinking cute these booths and bar stools are!  They are all in the same patterns so they can be mixed and matched and still have a “theme”.  I’m not sure how well the different booths will line up because of the patterns so probably don’t put them all together?

Nine more things to recolor……

Above are all the patterns for the chairs, booths, and tables.  I also flipped the round tables so the skirt is white.  

ringenthusiast  asked:

okay I have to ask this question because i basically just analyzed Where The Lost Go and I gotta find out if im right but i can see how control is kind of an important thing in the story but like, does it go deeper than that? With how each of them are losing control (ryan of himself, michael and ray of their relationship, geoff of his kingdom and how gavins kingly gift IS control), like did you mean it this way or am i looking way too deeply into this because i got really excited when i noticed

Control is definitely a theme in the story! :)

omg this turned into a long ramble while i was writing an answer to this IM SORRY

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Do Not Go Gentle

Chapter 4 Is Now on AO3

Rating: Mature

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fusion, Slayer!Clarke, demon!Bellamy, Slow Burn, Eventual Smut, soul bonding, Character Death, dark themes, Enemies to Friends to Lovers

Summary: The form straightens and steps forward into the sharp shaft of light and Clarke sees a tall man, dark messy curls falling into his face, hands half curled into fists.

“Slayer?” He asks slowly, eyes intent on Clarke’s face.

“That’s right. As in Of Vampires. Alias: the Chosen One. Alias: The Light that Goes Bump in the Night, I can go on if I’m not ringing any bells, but I think you get the picture.”

“The Slayer,” the demon repeats, almost bitter, and shakes his head, a cruel smile twisting his mouth. He glances at the vampire next to him.

She’s watching him hungrily, body tensed and low, ready to launch herself at Clarke again.“Come on, Bell,” she half pleads, half growls. “Let me kill her.”

New Here? Start with Chapter One

movie nights: the basics

alright guys!! maybe you’ve seen me talk about this, maybe not, whichever one i’m sure you have questions about it, so i’m making this post to put out all the ideas/plans i have right now for movie nights!!

first i just wanna say that all posts will be tagged “movie nights” so blacklist it if your not interested or don’t want to see these posts!!

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I have been contemplating this for a while, but I made a new side blog! It’ll be where my personal things will go as well as non-Death Note content (there still may be some because I’m a mess). I’m still working on it, but it’ll be up and running soon. I’m working on the theme and getting posts on it as of right now. 

I am by no means leaving this DN blog (why would I???? I love this mess!) but I want to be able to have a place for myself and the other things that I love. Like Star Wars, memes, and cats!!! I’m a simple person, what can I say? And I think it’ll fun to have another blog. 

The Death Note blogs I have are only this one and L’s blog @theperksofbeingryuzaki so if that’s all you’re interested in seeing then ignore this post??? I guess you could. I don’t mind. 

However, if you’d like to see more of me, then awesome! I don’t want anyone to feel obligated or pressured to follow a blog they have no interest in, so I’ll give the URL out to people who want it.

So if you want it, what do you do? Here are some options: 

  • Like this post! I’ll IM you with the URL
  • You could also reblog this post? I don’t know why you would, but I’ll give you the URL if you did.
  • Or you could just reply to it. 
  • You could send an ask to me off anon (so I can reply to it privately and give it to you)… 
  • Or give me your URL on anon, tell me you want the new URL, and I’ll send you an IM. 
  • You could also send me an IM asking about it… 
  • You could use some mad hacking and find out my address, send me a letter through the mail asking for it, and then I’ll send you a new letter with the URL 
    • This is not the recommended way
  • What I’m getting at is there are many ways to get my new blog’s URL if you want it. 
  • And if you know me irl then send me a message on something, I don’t fucking know. Come to my place??? You can all find a way. Don’t say you can’t. 

So there you have it! Maybe a lot of you will want to see more of me and maybe it’ll be none. Either way, I’ll be here. 

TLDR; I’m fucking done with Light Yagamoon. I burned all my shit with him on it. Hit me up 4 a new URL lmaooo I’m gonna take over the world

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The theme you're using right now is kinda ... i don't know... broken (?) the screen slides are too far off the left, and because of that your icon sorta... blocks the pictures and words.. sometimes i need to drag the picture to a new tab to see it UwU i hope you can fix the theme ^.^

sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean. It looks fine for me. Maybe it’s your monitor resolution? it should be like this

As someone who visits many tumblr pages and has seen a lot of the AWFUL, useless themes people use, I’m not too sad if tumblr mucks it up and everyone has to use a default.

Theme no-nos: auto playing music (srsly I hate your guts), tiny text less than 12px, super narrow columns (who you designing for, 800x600?), NON-EXISTENT next/previous page links, NON-EXISTENT like/reblog links, search page doesn’t fucking work, assholes who remove the upper-right corner buttons so I can’t like, reblog, OR follow if I wanted to.

I also hate endless scroll and people who don’t tag shit so I can’t find anything. But that’s not the theme’s fault.

THE BEST PART is when I see one of those awful themes and it’s something that someone actually paid money for. You got ripped off!

(I’m a web designer and front-end developer. All that crap hurts my soul.)

The Disney Parks Blog has released a new image of The Star Wars Experience at Disneyland. You can see the Falcon docked next to a lot of Star Wars inspired architecture. There’s also an Imperial Lambda Shuttle parked off to the right.

A new image has been unveiled on the fence along Big Thunder Trail in Frontierland – one of the entry points to this never-before-seen planet in the Star Wars galaxy – revealing more about what guests will find in this all-new land.

External image

The Disney Parks Blog also notes:

The 14-acre land will be the largest-ever single-themed land expansion at Disneyland Resort.

They are clearly not skimping on the Star Wars addition to Disneyland. Right now the area is just a bunch of dirt, but pretty soon it will probably be one of the best places for a Star Wars fan to visit in the world. It sounds like the area will be opening up in time for Star Wars: Episode IX. But there is no official release date yet.

Here are a few pics I took recently of the area The Star Wars Experience will occupy:

They’re actually starting to build stuff for #StarWars Land at #Disneyland.

A photo posted by Making Star Wars (@makingstarwars) on Jul 8, 2016 at 3:31pm PDT

This is very exciting stuff and I look forward to following the developments of The Star Wars Experience.

New concept art for Disneyland’s The Star Wars Experience. #StarWars #Disneyland #StarWarsLand The Disney Parks Blog has released a new image of The Star Wars Experience at Disneyland. You can see the Falcon docked next to a lot of 
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heart of thorns wiki page!

more or less finished with ichigo no kokoro wiki’s (draft) heart of thorns page. you can visit the page here. it includes all the basic information about the game, the main theme in high-quality, and the staff (that i know of.)

by all means, if you see an error/missing information, go to the page and edit it. i’m not the creator of heart of thorns, so not everything may be right. you do not have to log in to edit as well. enjoy~

anonymous asked:

86, 90, 99? -au anon

86 - do you like concept albums? which ones?

ok so tbh i didn’t have a solid definition from the top of my head of what a concept album was but when i looked it up i was pretty much right so kudos to me. “A rock album featuring a cycle of songs expressing a particular theme or idea.” Although i think other genre’s can produce concept albums imo. To answer, YES, some of my favourite albums are concept albums, and keep in mind im just gonna pluck some albums which im assuming are suck from the top of my head so sorz if some of them aren’t actually the true definition of a ‘concept album’ but ok here’s some of my favourites - 

idk if hyyh pt 1 and 2 count as concept albums but i think we all can agree they fit the definition

90 - Talk about your one of you favorite cities.

I don’t actually have one ^^’ I like small towns with little to no traffic where it’s quiet and not all that busy. But I guess I can describe the area where i go shopping because it’s sorta like a mini city idk. 

It’s far away from where I live, but not so far that I can’t travel comfortably. It’s loud, but not so loud that it’s obnoxious. There are clubs, but clubs which are only worth going to on certain nights of the week. There are beaches and lighthouses, but there’s also urbanised shopping area’s with fancy-but-not-too-fancy restaurants. It’s big, but not big enough to never see people you know. It’s just right.

99 - list some songs that resonate to your soul whenever you hear them.

Some are gonna be a bit emo some not so much tbh

Headlights - Eminem

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

***Flawless - Beyonce

Breathe - Lee Hi

Youth - Troye Sivan

Outback club - Lee Kernaghan (all im gonna say is that this resonates with me NOT because im australian ok i have my reasons)

These are all the ones I can really think of right now??? Whenever i get put on the spot for music i all of a sudden can’t think of anything :’D Headlights is too real for me to listen to comfortably so i guess that’s the one that’s most relevant to the question i guess ~~

anonymous asked:

do you know the music that is played in 1x04 , 1x07 and 2x22 when Mary and Francis are together ? I've looked everywhere and it's one of the most amaZing pieces (I believe there is no words!) love ur blog 💕💕

Do you mean the piece of music that’s come to be known as Francis and Mary’s Theme? Yeah, I uploaded that and you can find it right here.

You can find a direct link to it on my ‘navigate’ page, the link aptly titled ‘Francis and Mary’s Theme (audio)’. I can’t seem to find my original link to the download, but I’ll see if I can get that back on here for you guys, if y’all want? :)

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Is it true that if someone wants to find out what their most prominent facial feature is they should go to a caricaturist?

It’s hard to say.  There’s a few reasons why this may not be true:

1. Caricaturing isn’t just about making something really big.  It’s give and take. I relate it to using play dough - you only have so much to play with.  You can’t just add onto it.  You also have to take away in other areas and form it to the right shape.

2. Every caricature artist is going to see something different in you.  What I would draw of someone would not be the same picture my coworker sitting next to be would draw would not be the same picture someone at the theme park would draw would not be the same picture you’d get on the other side of the world.  It’s our personal signature of what we think is distinctly you.  That personal signature varies from artist to artist.

Honestly, unless you have something that’s very distinct about your face - like a super huge nose or very large ears or very small eyes, you’d likely get a different picture every time.  And each of those pictures may still look just like you.

Music Tag Thing

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions, when you’re finished tag 10 followers.

Thanks @madlight-hansol for tagging me ❤

Title of the first song describes how you are feeling: Baby - EXO (Okay then lol)

Second describes your love life: This is What it Takes -Shawn Mendes (Spotify hates me I swear)

Third will be played at your wedding: All I Want - Kodaline (I can see me crying real hard to this)

Add “in my pants” to the title: Girls Talk Boys “In My Pants” - 5 Seconds of Summer (No)

Will be played at your funeral: Corrupted - McFly (Spotify still hates me)

Is your theme song: A Whole New World - Aladdin

Will be played when you think of someone you love: Ain’t Right - Topp Dogg (Wow)

Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title: Robbers “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” - The 1975 (Very Accurate)

Describes your week: Arario - Topp Dogg

This will be played when you miss someone: Switch - NCT 127 (This song is a jam but ????)

Tagging the correct number of people is overrated, so I’m gonna tag @starlithansol, @dont-touch-my-neckk, @sangdork (I like the new url btw), @peekaboohansol, and @seokjenn!

noahnotshaw  asked:

I can't think of any particular favourite quotes right now but your blog is legit one of my favourites. Seeing you on my dash makes me happy

Oh my god thank you so much! That means a lot to me <3

url: 8/10
icon: 10/10 so prettyyy
mobile theme: 10/10 your header is amaze
desktop theme: 9/10
original posts: ?/10 idk whether its me but your “mystuff” button isn’t working so?
overall: 9/10

will always love your blog

You want a rate?

Hey everyone. We know our theme has been butchered by tumblr, and it seems to be an issue with a lot of blogs. It should still be navigable as there’s a link to mobile navigation on the right. We’ll try and fix it ASAP if tumblr doesn’t repair itself. 

The general advice seems don’t touch your theme if you haven’t already, and if you have lost your theme, you can recover it from here. Not that there’s any point until this bug is fixed. 

EDIT: The issue seems to have been resolved, but we’ll see if it sticks.