you can see the red in his hair

i adjusted the brightness until the bg was white to try and see the true colors and anyway his eyes are dark green, not black all the way through bc you can see his pupils, and his hair is dark red so yall calm down

Supernatural:Kissed by Gods pt.1

“So,Dean this (Y/N).”-Sam introduced you to his gorgeous older brother.
“Nice to meet you,I’m Dean.”-He said smiling.
You could see his muscle even under the shirt.He was tall and well built.He had blond almost brown hair,and his hair….Was gold.
Stop it,(Y/N)!He’s out of your league.
“You know (Y/N) has a gift.”-Sam said
“I don’t like to brag.”-you said while your cheeks turned red
“What is it?”
“She won’t say.”-Sam said while giving you a beer.
“C'mon,tell us.”
“You can begg all you want,I still won’t tell,Dean.”
Anyways,now since I’ll be living here,could somebody show me where the shower is.“
“I will.”-Sam said leaving his beer on the table.
“You know,she was kissed by Gods and that’s why she has her gift.”
“Sam stop it.”-you hit his shoulder lightly
You finally got what you wanted,hot shower that caressed your skin.
You didn’t tell the Winchesters,but you could read minds.That’s your special gift.
After shower you put on some legging and white shirt.
You went to the kitchen to grab a beer.
“Hi guys!”-you said smiling.
“Hey.”-they replied
‘Funny.I never saw her without being covered in blood.She’s kind of fine…’
You stopped in the middle of kitchen after you heard what Sam thought.He thinks you’re fine?
You grabbed 3 pieces of pie for you guys and sat next to them.
You licked your lips and bit them.
‘Oh,I could think of more useful ways to use those thick lips’
Wait did Dean really just thought…You’re crazy,no!
‘How did she get her boobs to stay up?Did she taped them together.’
Really?Dean Winchester doesn’t know what are bras for.
“What movie do you wanna watch.”-Dean said looking at your lips.
“You pick,whatever you want.”-you said licking your lips on purpose.
'I bet she’ll let me do whatever I want.’
“Could you get the batteries.Stupid remote.They’re somewhere down on the shelf.
You bent over to get them.
'I would keep her in that position all night’
Jesus,why would Sam think that?Is he into you?
Cas appeared
“Cas,for the love of Chuck,don’t ever scare us like that again.”-Dean said
“Cas!Come meet (Y/N).”
“Hi.”-you said
“You’re one of few people who’s kissed by Gods.”
“There are exactly 5 of them.”
“Could you tell us her gift,'cause she won’t”-Sam said.
“Castiel,no.”-you tried to stop him.
“She can read minds.”-he said it even after you tried to stop him.
“Everyone’s mind?”-Dean asked blushing
“Yes.Is there a problem?”
Dean and Sam looked at each other
You left the room smirking while drinking a beer.

|Do you want a part 2?And with who do you wanna be pared?|


Could I make a request with Sherlock meeting the reader in a hospital in London, where she’s a medical student on an away rotation, and they kinda/sorta date but not really and she gets scared so she doesn’t tell him she’s leaving at the end of her rotation? Then, maybe a year or two later, when he returns to New York, he sees her as a resident in the hospital during a case and tries to pin her down for a conversation? And you can take it however from there! Thanks so much, love (:

I can do this!  I really do hope you enjoy it.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2)

Walking through the hallways of the hospital, the patient’s testimony whirls through his head as he tries to connect some dots.

But his body comes to a stop when he sees you.

You had grown your hair longer, but it was that same beautiful Y/C/H hair.  Riddled with Y/C/HL highlights and your red-tinted cheeks smiling at the nurse station in front of you, he studies you in your white coat as he watches your every move.

You were here.

In front of him.

All of the memories of you come whirring back into his mind: the coffee you drank even more than water.  Your disheveled hair whenever you would get off of a 12-hour rotation only to agree to have breakfast with him.  The way your smile always crinkled your eyes, no matter how exhausted you were with school.

The way your hands felt against his neck as the two of you kissed…

“Sherlock?” you breathe.

As his eyes widen lightly, he looks down at you.  Your eyes were studying him, filled with questions and a bit of guilt.

“Y/N,” he states as he bobs his head lightly.

“What are-”

But you couldn’t bring yourself to finish your sentence.

“Paging Doctor Y/L/N,” the intercom blares.

And you scooted right past him as his body turned to follow yours.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?” he asks as he strides up beside you.

“Not a good time, Sherlock,” you breathe as you quickly round a corner and begin to jog down the hallway.

“But you just left,” he begins as you take a sharp left.

“Sherlock, you can’t come beyond this point,” you say as you glance over towards him before swiping your keycard.

“Sherlock!” Joan yells down the hallway, “We gotta lead!”

“Duty calls,” you breathe as you step between the opening doors.

And Sherlock was left watching you leave again.

Wrapping your coat around you as the cool chill of New York shivers your body, you wrap your arms around your chest as a familiar voice wafts from the shadows beside you.

“You look like you could use a hot cup of coffee,” Sherlock says as he steps from the shadows.

Your eyes met his before noticing he held two steaming cups of coffee in his hands.

“Do you have any time to spare?” he asks.

The phrase threw you back in time.  Like a bullet rip-roaring through your chest as memories upon memories compound the space in your head still functioning after your shift.

And yet, he just stood there, waiting for you to compose yourself.

“I have a bit of time,” you breathe as the vapor from your mouth wafts out towards him.

As you follow him towards a bench that he motions to, you sink down into it as he sits with a straight back, ready to talk as you ready your ears to listen.

But you decided to interject first.

“Because I was scared,” you admit.

His eyes settle on to you as his lips pull into a thin, taut line.

It made your stomach waft with sickness as you begin clutching your coffee cup tighter.

“It wasn’t right, and I won’t sit here and try to justify it,” you say.

“Good,” Sherlock sounds off.


He was watching you intently as your eyes drop down to your coffee.

“If it’s any consolation,” you say before taking a sip of your drink, “it wasn’t easy.”

Sherlock clenched his jaw tight, but just continued to stare.

“Look, I didn’t really know what we were doing.  One minute we were having small-talk in a breakfast nook and the next minute we were ripping each other’s clothes off.  I didn’t intend to get physically involved with anyone because it always complicates things, and when the board of my school decided I wouldn’t continue the rest of my residency there, it was a no-brainer for me to come back.”

You lifted your eyes and hooked them with his as he stayed silent.

“I couldn’t just stay, Sherlock,” you breathe as your body begins to grow cold, “I’d invested too much time into my schooling.”

“I would have never expected you to stay,” Sherlock says lowly, “but a little heads-up would have been nice.”

“Why?” you snicker as you begin to throw up your emotional wall to him.

“Because it would have helped with my withdrawals from you,” he states.

The statement caused your entire demeanor to plummet.

“Sherlock, please tell me y-”

“It doesn’t matter what I did to cope,” he says quickly as he cuts you off mid-statement, “the only thing I wanted to know was why you didn’t tell me you were leaving.”

Your heart ached, and all you wanted to do was go home and cry.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper as tears rise to your eyes.

“But you still have not answered my question,” Sherlock states.  “Why did you not tell me you were leaving?”

“Because…” you draw out.

“Because I knew that if you asked me to stay, I would have,” you murmur lowly.

And the answer seemed to be enough for Sherlock.

“Well,” he breathes as he stands to his feet and straightens his coat, “thank you for your time,” he says.

And now, it was your turn to watch him walk away.

I’m just picturing professional baseball player Derek Hale getting heckled by a fan as he stands near third base.

Said fan is tall with mess brown hair and is wearing his hat backwards as he yells at Derek. Usually he just tunes it out, but this guy is cute and the way he waves his hands is kind of distracting.

It’s the top of the third and they’re already up by 5 runs so Derek allows himself to listen to the fan.

“Hale! Hale! I know you’re not a pitcher or a catcher but would you do either with me?”

Derek can feel his ears burning red and is very thankful that the fan can’t see it.

The next inning he hears, “Derek! You’re ass looks delightful in those pants.”

The game keeps going and the fan keeps yelling, he can’t even call it heckling, it’s more like the guy is hitting on him.

So the game ends and he’s signing some kids hats and taking pictures when he sees the guy standing a few rows back, a little smirk on his face when Derek catches his eye.

“Want an autograph?” Derek calls and he sees the guy step forward.

“Sure thing,” He said, holding out his hat. “Make it out to Stiles.”

“What’s a Stiles?”

“My name.”

Derek laughed and signed the hat, handing it back and grinning as Stiles saw the 7 digits on it, his eyes widening.

“That’s a phone number.”


“I’ll call you then,” Stiles said, his eyes still wide.

And he did.

A few years later Stiles sat on the third baseline, hat backwards and a Hale jersey on. The game ended with a win for the Dodgers, Derek hitting a walk-off homer to win.

After the game he did his usual routine of signing autographs and then he walked over to Stiles, pulling him into a kiss for the whole world to see and then pulled out a ring.

Stiles obviously said yes and the proposal made the top ten plays on Sports Center, so did the walk off home run, but no one was talking about that.

I don’t care

Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Prompt: “ i love your harrison imagines!! Can you do more? Where he gets jealous?” and “Maybe a make out session with Harrison on the floor?” by anons
Words: 500

“Are you serious, Harrison?!” You shouted back at him, your hands going instantly to your hair in nervousness.

“Why can’t you see what it’s under your nose, Y/N?” His beautiful face was red, the anger very visible. “He was flirting with you!”

“He just asked about our paper for college, Harrison! For God’s sake, why are you so jealous over something so stupid?” You looked at him in disbelief, his eyes met yours and he instantly got quieter.

“I’m sorry, babe.” He came closer, his lips bumping into yours quickly. “I just love you so much.” He kissed you again. “That every boy that comes next to you leaves me jealous and afraid of losing you.” And another kiss, this time on your temple. “So afraid.”

“How am I supposed to be mad at you like this?” You stammered when his lips kissed your nose.

“You are not.”

This time, his lips landed to your collarbone, leaving trails of sloppy kisses until your heavily breathing chest. Soft moans escaped from your mouth with his touch, your hands holding his hair tighter each time he kissed you.

“I…” He kissed your neck, “love…” then your jawline “you.” And finally his lips touched yours and you melted at his touch.

His hand were on your back, pulling you closer while the other was on your hair, his kiss becoming more heated and deep. You were so into him that you didn’t notice you two were already on the floor, his body on top of yours.

“How the hell we ended up on the floor?” You laughed and he smirked at you, his eyes filled with lust and desire.

“I don’t care.” He whispered into your ear, leaving you bristled. His mouth made a trail of kisses from the lobe of your ear until your neack. Each kiss, he would stop and suck a little into your skin.

You knew you were probably going to have some hickeys on your neck but at the time you didn’t care a little, your body shivering under him while you bit your lower lip trying to contain your moans.

“Oh God.” Tom’s voice reached you two, the bag of groceries falling to the ground. “Not on the floor of the living room.” He shushed to you, making Harrison laugh. “Get you two a fucking room!”

“We are going, mate. Chill.”

Harrison stood up and without noticing lifted you, pulling you to his lap.Your legs surrounded his waist and he kissed you while going to his room. His hands trailing your body, not caring about Tom’s protest about it. 

“I’m going to have nightmares over this.”

It was the last thing you heard Tom saying before Harrison shut the door with one his foot. You two making out for the rest of the day.

Words and art by @xscorpiusmxlfoy

Scorpius’ cheeks and the tip of his nose were tinted with a soft cotton-candy colour. Snowflakes had fallen into his light blond hair and stayed there while he pulled the green and silver striped scarf in front of his face. “Salazar, why does it have to be that cold? I mean, is that normal?”
Albus chuckled. “Yes, Scorp, it is. That’s why we call it winter, you know.”
Scorpius pouted, showing Albus his red hands. “Can we go home? I think my fingers died already, see?”
Albus cocked his head to one side before slowly taking Scorpius’ freezing hands in his own, blowing on them to warm them up. “Nope. I don’t wanna go home yet.”
“Why not?” Scorpius whined, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. “My toes are falling off as well!”
“Lily and James are at home,” Albus started, shifting closer to his friend by sliding his feet through the snow centimetre by centimetre. "And my parents, and your dad, and Hugo and Rose and Teddy and Victoire and Molly and Fred and Uncle George and Grandma Molly and-”
Scorpius laughed. “Okay, okay, but what’s your point?”
“We can’t do this at home,” Albus said, stretching up on his tip toes, and letting go of Scorpius’ hands. He wrapped his arms around Scorpius instead, and felt Scorpius’ breath ghosting over him with a surprisingly soothing warmth. Slowly he kissed Scorpius.
When he pulled apart he grinned, and as he looked into Scorpius’ greyish-blue eyes, he saw them shining bright as a thousand small fairy lights. 

Did somebody say “Green Leader’s Insignia”? No? Too bad. Here’s his official one for my AU. 

it is my duty as the creator of the au to provide u with any resources you may need for this dumb trashhell AU i made, tag me in this au shit btw

i am so fricking tired of people saying namjoon is ugly, so, here’s a spam to prove that he’s hands down handsome.


are you fucking blind???

the sMILE

did i mention his cuteness??


what about his proportions?? are we all just gonna ignore that he’s fucking model material???






do i really have to keep going


all i can see is beauty



and goddamMIT HE’S HOT AF



he’s so precious i can’t live


i’m gonna end this here but SERIOUSLY WHERE IS THE UGLINESS 

(all photos don’t belong to me) 

requested by ssprayberrythings
gif cr to the owner

The football team has training again. You wanted to hook up with Archie but you haven’t been proud enough and he’s also your friend and you were too scared to ask him to go out with you.

But you have nothing to do. So, what’s bad about going to watch the training of Riverdale’s Bulldogs? Nothing, I guess, you say to yourself, going to the football team.

The ground is wet. It was raining all day but it stopped finally. You can see some cheerleaders who they’re watching the training but they are just cheerleaders. It’s nothing special to see them here. And then, you see that red haired boy. Archie Andrews.

He’s wearing his football dress with all the things he needs for the football. He looks so good in the football dress but… Is he wearing #9? It used to be Jason’s number…

“There’s my favorite girl!” Archie says with a smile on his face as he’s running to you.
“Where’s that girl? I can’t see her anywhere.” You laugh, looking at him.
“Hey, (Y/N). I’m sorry, honey. I thought we could go somewhere but… The match, you know.” Archie looks kinda nervous but you’re surprised but the thing what he said. By the thing that he wanted to go out with you.
“That’s okay, Archie. I understand our team has to be the best.” You smile a little, looking at the ground.
“Will you wait for me or?”
You look at Archie. Another surprise for you! “I think I’ll wait but you should be training with other boys now.” Archie gives you a smile, coming back to the field.

That was really strange for you and you can’t think about anything else in the rest of the training. You’re sitting in the stands, watching the training. But suddenly, Archie fell down. “Oh my God!” You’re in shock, running down to the field to see what happened to Archie.

You kneel down. “Archie, wake up!” You shake with him. He’s breathing. There are other players around you, together with the trainer.
“Hey, get him a water! And you,” you point at some player, “lift his feet!”

You wait for the water and then, you pour water on a piece of your jacket, trying to moisten his lips. “Come on, Archie.” You whisper to yourself.

Archie opens his eyes, looking at you. “Am I in heaven already?” He asks with a little smile on his face.
“Oh God, Archie. I got so scared!” You caress him on his cheek.
“It really looks like I’m in heaven.”
“Why, you fool?”
“Because this beautiful angel saved me.”

RWBY theories


(warning, major spoilage)

ok so remember how Yang’s mom looked like this:

and we all didn’t know who she was cause she had that mask on and it was all confusing cause the white fang also wears grimm masks.

But then she removed her mask

and she has yang’s eyes

well adam wears a mask too and we can’t see his eyes:

what if he and yang are half siblings? what if when he reveals his eyes, its the same one that yang and her mother have?

both adam and raven wield red swords

also, both yang and adam have a “super sayian” mode where their hair glows

also, if we look at 3x11 Adam could have easily killed Yang during his “super cut” move 

but instead he just cuts off her arm

also, if you closer at it, you’ll see that when he swings his sword, he creates this red air warping

similar to what Raven does when she strikes

also, we know she’s been gone for a very long time and Cinder refereed to her boss as a “she” not to mention that Adam is a high ranking official of the white fang, if not the leader. She could be connected to all of that and its possible that she might be behind all of it. Who knows. But I think Raven, Yang, and Adam are all connected. If Adam is in fact Yang’s brother, than it would also give Blake an even deeper connection to Yang considering that she was his protegee.

Anyways, thanks for reading my ramblings

anonymous asked:

How would gaara react if his s/o kiss him in front of his friends/family (naruto, temari,kankuro,lee, the kages!!..) or if his s/o would be pretty loving (u understand 😜) and how friend/family react??! Also:I really like your headcanons



  • Gaara has never minded that you are a loving person, your spontaneous romance has always lifted his spirits. that being said, he’s still never quite used to it. 
  • Gaara is certainly embarrassed and the color of his cheeks is no less a violent red than that of his hair. he’s a private person so public displays of affection never fail to get him squirming in his seat. you can definitely notice the way he swallows heavily and starts looking the floor with rapt attention, sometimes even going as far to turn away from everyone so they don’t see the blushing glow he has. 
  • Naruto refuses to let it drop and goads him like he’s expecting some soft core porn to be acted out in front of him. the other kages couldn’t really care less, most mildly humored (or annoyed) but Naruto’s childish behavior and somewhat pleasantly surprised that Gaara has a love life of any sort. it’s one thing to hear about it, but an entirely different thing to see it. 
  • Kankuro and Temari just find it hilarious. the first time they got a look at the two of you blushing like mad after brushing hands over a mission file they lost it. Kankuro was sure he almost ruptured his spleen from laughing so hard and Temari makes sure to bring it up to as many people as she can. 
  • bonus: Lee thinks the two of you are positively darling (#relationshipgoals) and could be expected to hide in the bushes singing “ Shalalalala, my oh my, looks like the boy’s too shy…” 
Preview: Eternal {Ardyn/Reader}

Small snippets from Eternal. (*I may have accidentally posted the actual fic before… and nothing can relieve me of my goddamn panic: It’s deleted now, I’m lucky that i do all my writing on Google Drive, lol) 


In your dreams you see the man with the amber eyes. In your dreams, he comes and he goes, always offering sweet words and guilty apologizes.

Come with me…  Come travel with me…  

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I love it when shows pay attention to little details. It gives us the sense that they really care about what they are producing. A lot of details went into this <30-second piece of animation, you can see how the cold weather has made both of their ears red and how Viktor’s warm breath steams in the cold Russian air. Also you can get a sense that some time has passed since the GPF because Yuuri has grown his hair out considerably.  

Stop It

Request: Damon smut where he teases you in public and you try to make him stop so he takes you home and you have sex? – Anon 

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: Damon touching you intimately in public, swearing, smut

Word Count: 2881

This is probably my favorite fic that I wrote of Damon. I mean, I can’t even with myself

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Today was the Founder’s Party and of course, you will be attending with Damon, your date, since the first one until now. You opted to wear a high necked, long sleeved, black bodycon lace dress that ended just a little above your knees, basic black pumps. You only let down your hair and wore minimal makeup, but wore a striking red lipstick.

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jonsa + leap year au

Jon is just about to lock up when he sees her: a red-haired beauty teetering miserably in the downpour on impractical heels, dragging her suitcase (which he’s sure was a very posh and on-trend, before the storm got to it and her) towards his inn. He has half a mind to shutter up anyway, but they need the money (they always need the money), and if a woman like her is desperate enough to bunk down in a place like The Old Crow, well, he’s not going to turn her away. If she can pay.

“Do you have a phone?” is the first question she asks, the door slamming shut behind her against a heavy gust of wind. She’s dripping water on the floor, and shivering. She wiggles the cellphone in her hand. It looks brand new. “The service here is…”

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College AU: Ashton Irwin

Football Game

Originally posted by kisslol


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