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I'm an Ichiruki forever and ever more, and I love your "If you love Bleach, you love Ichigo and Rukia and their bond" so much. But I am scratching my head at the comments about cancelation and the production company trying to rewrite stuff? Everything Kubo had said ever since the ending makes it clear this is how he wanted the story to go.

I completely understand, that for an IR or an IH fan, that part was a little–not incorrectly written–but maybe over-assumed. I was even thinking of recon and re-wording it , but it had received about 30 notes as soon as I had checked it once more so I figured it would be a little cheap to change it by that point. It was a ‘if it’s wrong I’m going to own up to it’ mental approach.

Let’s understand that Bleach has always been the least popular of the Big 3 (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach is the exact order of popularity), but unlike Oda and Kishimoto, Kubo fell off hard. After the defeat of Aizen,  if you want a precise pinpoint look to Chapter 423 Farewell Swords, Bleach tanked (popularity became almost stagnant (with small dips)  fairly soon after the S.S. Arc though). 

Of course fans stuck around for awhile to see where the series would go, but the Full-Bringer arc was a drag and the purpose of it (which was irrefutably important) was introduced way too late for people to care. The characters people cared about and wanted to see most, the Shinigami (the entire reason Tite Kubo decided to draw Bleach), were gone without mention for too long. 

Still, Bleach was more popular than 99% of any other manga ever, but it was the worst off in terms of what it was being compared to.  Bleach has sold over 87 million copies world-wide. Each (paperback) volume is priced at about $7-$10 or so (I believe). Kubo garnered around $609 million-$870 million for SJ and himself (I don’t know in the slightest how the cash is split). This isn’t counting the movies, the anime, the novels, the data books, etc. I’m just giving you the roughest estimate I can think of. 

With all that success I could see why you would be suspicious and when you consider most mangaka have to maintain a second job to make ends meet, it looks like I’m spewing crap.

But, to give you a sense of reality, Kishimoto has sold over 220 million copies total and Oda has sold over 345 million copies so far. Do the math and check the net worth’s. There is a minimal $931 million difference compared to Naruto and a minimal $1.8 billion dollar difference compared to One Piece. And the math is on a basis of a $7 paperback manga sale only (hardcover volumes can be nearly twice as much). $10 is the more likely price and there are novels, movies, data books, etc. we must consider on top of it all.

Kubo is severely lacking against mangakas he is supposed to be in the same league as.

Let me repeat, Bleach tanked. It started going down as low as hell. 

The anime was cancelled for piss-poor viewership. The fillers were constant and part of the reason is that Bleach (the manga) was so slow to progress and that progression was so lack-luster nothing could be done to maintain it.  (To compare, people hated Naruto fillers as well, but the plot in the manga was being handled well enough to maintain strong publicity, people knew what was coming was good).

The manga sales also dropped exponentially and SJ caring about Bleach dropped with them. To understand you should also know that Naruto had a decline in popularity up until it’s finale, but the sales still went up (this just means the graph of profit wasn’t as steep). 

There’s a thing in business and marketing that has to do with the factor of ‘potential.’ From a marketing standpoint, a plateau or a decrease in popularity (despite the possibility of the object under scrutiny doing better than most other objects on the company roster…which Bleach was not managing to do) marks it as having relatively zero value. “We’ve already got the best you have to offer us, so we aren’t as inclined to accommodate and care about you or your product anymore. Instead we’re going to market things that we can still milk for full potential” type of thing.

And (based on Eiichiro Oda who addressed this issue in a SBS of Volume 47): manga rankings (of which we only know at a 7 week margin) are left to the dictation and preference (I’d be forward enough to assume) of the publication’s Editor-in-Chief.

Reader: Oda! My older brother tells me that the comics in Jump magazine run in the order of their popularity. Is that true?! 

Oda: That’s a good question from a Jump reader. I get these questions quite often actually. That’s not exactly how it works. The Jump publication’s Editor-in-Chief chooses the order every week. But of course, the popular ones do have a tendency to run in the front. That Editor-in-Chief promotes certain comics on certain weeks depending on the mood. To be specific, the order is intended to “maximize the enjoyment of the reading public.” But it’s up to you to read in whatever order you want!

Do I need to comment on which rank Bleach was in the pecking order?

Bleach was officially labeled a gag-manga by the Jump….do you think that’s because it was a company favorite? That it’s ranking was high? Shounen Jump labeled it as a straight-up joke, a comedy. It’s a complete spit in the face.

By now, do you kind of see how Bleach was? At least from a cold-calculus business standpoint? Especially considering One Piece and Naruto were the measuring sticks Bleach was being held against?

Anime cancelled, manga popularity and sales drop, Kubo constantly being ill and “feeling as though he was failing, the story wasn’t moving, always thinking of pulling the plug.” 

Any other manga selling by Bleach’s standards would have tanked years prior. The investment required (again I’m speaking from a strictly business standpoint) is not worth the profit or lack there of being collected.

Then when the biggest, baddest battle, the climax, the closing that required the most attention and advertisement came about…..a sudden 5 chapter limit was placed with no real reason as to why.

Really, truly we have no other option than to conclude Jump finally lost it’s patience. 

And it’s a completely reasonable notion to assume Kubo fucked his own creation even more because he himself was screwed out of his 15 year long manga. It’s a common fault in human thought. When something hurts you, especially business wise, you bite back. Obviously, Jump is going to be well-off without Kubo, but Bleach still is and will always be tied to SJ, so if you fuck up an ending and you have no real profit to lose, you simply dirty the name of your publication brand. 

It’s elementary psychology and it’s a well-observed pattern. It doesn’t make anybody a baby, it’s a logical assumption and a premeditated denial from the appeased side of an audience. 

I mean,the very last volume had worse sales than the very first chapter. 

I wish I was lying but every source, all the research, says I’m right. Here are some sources: (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

(some don’t have the best credibility because of the audience, but they all correlate and tell of the same data and they can be (and have been) cross-checked. This is just the only way to limit hundreds of websites to 4-5, but let me know if you want more).

I looked for every source I could find to shed positive light, but because Bleach’s quality fell so horribly, so did the anime, so did the sales, so did the fan’s commitment, so did SJ’s patience, so did the respect. I just don’t have any little bit of good news to give you.

It’s not being exaggerated AT ALL how desperately Bleach has been hanging on to it’s lifeline. The anger is justified, the disappointment has merit, and the realization is being fought out in the only concrete concept we have–the canon ships (of which were cheaply defended by saying, “well shit it’s because Ichigo’s and Rukia’s mini-me’s should meet” (also utter crap when you look at the manga where the importance of the next generation was never, not even once the goal of the narrative, was not seen as important, and was not even mentioned).

And it is absolutely bullshit to think for even one second this crap was Kubo’s intended. Nothing original holds for 15 years. 

  • Rukia was the original main character
  • Bleach was originally Snipe
  • Ichigo has a completely different look
  • Renji was originally implied to be a Kuchiki and had zanpakuto of a different name
  • The hierarchical structure of Soul Society didn’t exist in beginning intentions of the manga
  • Kubo, in his take, works “characters first and then plot will come naturally”
  • The final battle was most likely originally created for Ichigo and Rukia (check the Sand & Rotator poems labeling the two as the Matching Powers,Yhwach bringing the poems back into relevance, and that whole “Kurosaki…Kuchiki”  line).
  • Kubo not completing his list of wishes/promises
  • Kubo literally admitting he felt he was failing as a mangaka, he thought of pulling the plug, it sucked, he wasn’t doing what he wanted, etc.
  • Kubo not even planning to be involved in the final novels
  • A few hundred loose-ends (not even the small nuances that make for top-notch story-telling, it’s as shallow as we don’t know if half of the characters are dead or alive)
  • I could list so damn many, but this legendary, literary mess was not Tite Kubo’s intention. You’d have to be so obtuse, complacent, and imbecilic to believe that.

I’m not going to tell you what the man wanted, given I don’t know myself, but what I could do is safely bet my right leg it wasn’t this.

the sororitas project: so what's wrong with the official design?

the sisters of battle are sort of a joke in 40k.  their models are difficult and expensive to get ahold of, their rules make them nigh unplayable, their representation in the fluff presents them as cannon fodder or dangerous incompetent lunatics, and their design invites sexualization.  

if the faction is to be salvaged, it’s going to need a comprehensive overhaul.  (and the only acceptable alternative to that overhaul would be the introduction of female space marines.)  i’m not the person to suggest new rules, nor am i up to writing a sororitas novel.  what i can do, is create sisters whose design can be taken seriously.  this is step 1.

this got…this got really long, so i’ll put the rest under a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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can you do a reaction thing for when you are about to bake a cake with jungkook/jimin/namjoon in the kitchen, then when you're carrying the bag of flour to the counter, you trip over something and fall. the flour bag kinda explodes and now you look like an extra frosty jack frost ehehehe

Ehehehe this request is so adorable. I’m not sure if you wanted a gif reaction or an ask so I did both, hope you enjoy reading cause I sure enjoyed answering

Jungkook: The two of you would probably be baking a cake for one of his bangtan hyungs and Jungkook would really be enjoying spending quality time with you, especially when food is involved. He’d expect you to be more of a baker than him so when your clusmy self falls and bursts the only bag of flour you got, this boy will not know what to do with you, staring in disbelief.

*flustered* yeeeeap…

He’d stare for a couple more second, half worried that you injured yourself and the other half thinking, “I knew we should have gotten more than one bag.” When you manage to pull yourself together, he’d be beside you in a heartbeat helping you to stand but that’s before he catches a glimpse of your flour covered face. Because when Jungkook does he’d be laughing like there’s no tomorrow, hands on his stomach and tears in his eyes. 

Indignant, you’d throw a handful of flour at him. It’d take more than that to suck him into the whole food fight thing but when he does, oh the war will be on. He’ll be jumping around to wind up the flour, pretending that it is snow.

And pretty soon you’ll see him rolling around in the flour just so he can slide across your kitchen floor without getting friction burns. 

They two of you will probably spend the whole day playing in the flour, and ending the day with a nice long soak in the tub with you drying the hair of an embarrassed Jungkook. 

“I feel like we’re forgetting something… what were we suppose to do again?”


Jimin: Mega cutie Jimin would be very concerned at first, crouching down immediately when he realizes that you fell onto the bag of flour.

Jagiya, are you okay?”

He’d try to brush the bits of flour stuck on your hair and ends up making it worse, all the while panicking and apologizing. He’d try to make you sit up, pulling you towards his body so that you can lean on him while he checks for any bleeding or major injuries. He would be confused when you refuse to show him your face, bending this way and that to get a good look, worried that you’re hurt. When Jimin sees your flour covered face he’d be shock at first,

which will slowly progress to him trying not to laugh and failing terribly

He’d try his best to stop laughing but ends up like this

and “I’m sorry jagiya but..ehheehehehehe”

In a huff you’ll be flinging whatever flour you can grab from around you at his ugly teasing face. He’d look at you in shock, pausing mid laugh as he chock on the dry flour.

Before long the two of you will be childishly throwing flour at each other, laughing louder and louder each time you do. This boy will probably splash water at you just to see you squirm, only stopping when you start yelling, “alright, alright you win!”

“Aw man really? And just when I was gonna start attacking you with ageyo too!”


Rap Monster: A loud crash would send Namjoon running to the kitchen, the cake recipe in hand and panic all over his face

When he sees you on the floor, Namjoon would not even pause to think about the potential pain you might be in, thinking that the scene before him is too comical to be happening in real life. He’d laugh 

and laugh (why is it so hard to find a normal gif of him)

and laugh some more,

blabbering nonsense as he tries to ask if you’re okay.

Naturally this bombard of his ugly (no wait I actually mean it this time) ugly face would send amusement and resignation to your features and before you could resist you’d be punching his face gathering flour into a big bowl and dumping its content onto his head from behind. 


“I-is this the flour from the floor??!!”

He’d shout as he looks back at you, a mix of playfulness and shock written all over his face. He’d distract you by making a huge fuss out of you throwing flour on his newly colored hair (“look what you did now I have to take a shower and the color will wash off!!”) as he gathers flour from all around ready to make an attack. 

He’ll take you by surprise, hitting you right in the face and celebrating right after with his strange new dance that is, before he gets attacked by you again.

“Oh so that’s how you want to play it, jagiya.”

“Give me your best shot." 

The two of you will be play wrestling in your cramp kitchen for the rest of the day, breaking and finding more things to throw at each other. And if by the end of the fight you don’t need a new kitchen, you probably need a new house.

I have realized that scrolling through the jungkook gif tag was not a good idea *noona feels OTL*

- Raye (´∀`)♡

Christmas Truce!

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HI!  I’m your Secret Santa for this year!  My apologies for waiting so long; I didn’t realize most people send their Truce gifts first thing in the morning (it’s my first year doing one of these, but I really enjoyed it!)

The story takes place anywhere after Torrent of Terror, because of particular ghost powers Danny needs to have.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas (if you’re in an appropriate time zone for that), and happy New Year!  

Split Personality, by another-anonymous-author

* * * * * * * *

“He’s ready,” Jack whispered.  His voice was scarcely quieter than normal, but for the first time in a while, Maddie couldn’t see the laugh lines around his eyes.  "Be safe, Mads.  I’ll be right out here.  Scream if you need me.“

Maddie nodded resolutely and slid an ectoweapon into one of the hidden compartments in her jumpsuit.  Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself and walked into the cage with the Ghost Boy.

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'Arrow' boss gets real about fan reactions, Felicity and new villain Prometheus
"We’re not idiots, we knew it wouldn’t go over well with a segment of the fandom."
By Laura Prudom

Arrow Season 5 has shifted the status quo for our titular hero, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). After his team disbanded at the end of Season 4, Oliver has been attempting to clean up the mean streets of Star City solo for six months — both as the Green Arrow and as Mayor of Star City — but the dual jobs have been taking their toll.

In last week’s Season 5 premiere, Oliver finally acknowledged that he probably needed some help in his quest to save his city, which will lead to three new members joining Team Arrow alongside Oliver and his former fiancee/current tech guru Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards): Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), Wild Dog/Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez) and Artemis/Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin).

Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim spoke to Mashable about the show’s new recruits, Oliver’s tumultuous relationship with Felicity and what we can expect from mysterious new villain Prometheus in Season 5.

Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt, Rick Gonzales as Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog, Madison McLaughlin as Evelyn Sharp, Stephen Amell as Green Arrow and Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak

A lot of Oliver’s focus at the top of this season is going to be teaching these new recruits — how does he balance that with his responsibilities as mayor now that he seems to be taking that office more seriously?

Poor Oliver, nothing goes easy for him — nothing goes as planned. He certainly goes into episode 502 thinking, “I’m gonna be able to spend more time being mayor because I have this team that’s going to be helping me out,” and as always, Oliver discovers that things are a little bit more complicated than that.

It’s a given that Oliver will have trouble whipping the newbies into shape, but what can you preview about the dynamics between the three of them as a team? What kind of interactions are you enjoying writing towards?

Certainly I think writing for Rick Gonzalez’s character Rene has been a lot of fun, because he’s such a loose cannon. He could give a f*ck about Oliver. He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t take orders well, and we know from four years of experience how Oliver reacts to something like that. Evelyn is such an interesting character because, A: we’ve got the history that comes from her involvement in [episode] 419 but also the fact that there’s a lot about her background that we don’t know. There’s an interesting mystery that is present in her character. And with Curtis, he’s got the longest road to go — he’s not vigilante material. He’s got the Olympian background but he probably still has the most to learn and the furthest to go in terms of being a vigilante, and we’re going to try and honor the reality of that as much as we can in a superhero show.

How much will you be drawing from previous iterations of Artemis in the comics or cartoons in helping to flesh out Evelyn’s character, now that she’s assuming that mantle?

We’re trying to take some inspiration from Artemis’ look for her costume. It’s tricky because we decided we wanted to go with Evelyn as opposed to a brand new character for Artemis, but we’ve established this character as Evelyn, not as Artemis, last year, so we’ve got to be careful in terms of not violating anything we’ve established for the character before.

In the Season 5 premiere, we saw the promise that Laurel (Katie Cassidy) asked Oliver to make; how much is that vow to find a new Black Canary going to be weighing on his mind this season?

Forefront in his mind is this notion of recruiting this new team, and as the season progresses, eventually it will turn Oliver’s attention towards the specificity of that promise of a new Black Canary, and we’ll have to see what happens.  

It’s been announced that Laurel will be back on the show in some form around midseason — what can you tease about Katie’s return at this early stage?

I will say it’s really been wonderful watching her in dailies again. I’m excited about our plans, but midseason is so far off, I have to be particularly stingy in terms of details.

How is the guilt from the destruction of Havenrock going to affect Felicity moving forward?

Guilt is one thing, but it’s hard to dramatize, so what we’ve chosen to do is to personalize it. The notion of Havenrock becomes a very concrete, personal story for Felicity that is different from her just moping around or feeling bad for herself. We have come up with a way to put a face to that tragedy, and it’s a face that Felicity will have to confront head-on.

She’s also romantically involved with Detective Malone, as we saw at the end of 501; what can you say about their relationship?

My best comment on that is that you’re gonna want to read my forthcoming book, How to Piss Off the Entire Internet. [Laughs.] At the end of the day, I love our fans, we have incredible fans — they are so passionate and I love their passion. Even when they’re angry at us, it’s still passion and still engagement with the show, and that’s great. Where I tend to part ways with some fans is, I write for the kind of viewer I am, I suppose; when I watch TV, I just want to be entertained.

I recognize with social media and everything, that’s not enough for some fans. Some fans — not all of them, but some — don’t want to be entertained, they want to have influence on their entertainment. I think for better or for worse, we don’t write for those fans. I think the fact that we did put Felicity in a relationship… we’re not idiots, we knew it probably wouldn’t go over well with a segment of the fandom, but that can’t be why we don’t do something.  

Why did you feel it was important for you guys to give Felicity and Oliver time apart after last season?

For one thing, we wanted to honor all the stuff that we did last year — we did break them up, so if we did just get them back together immediately, it would A: render Season 4 kind of meaningless, and B: it wouldn’t be true to the characters. If anything, there was a criticism that I actually do agree with, that we broke them up a bit too quickly last year, and some of the plot turns happened a bit too fast in terms of the emotions, and I own that — I don’t disagree with that. But the way to solve that is not by doubling down on the actions that brought about the criticism.

So again, you ask yourself as a writer, how am I dramatizing this? One of the things that happens in a relationship is eventually someone moves on, someone’s gonna date first. And when that happens, then you have a story. We’ve said this countless times over 100 episodes going into five seasons: We go where the story takes us. We do something because we realize we have a story to tell. There may be someone who raises their hand in the writers’ room and goes, “wow, some group of fans are not gonna be happy with this,” but we do it anyway. We’ve had to do it on a personal level where, every time we decide to kill off a character, that’s us doing something far worse than pissing people off on our Twitter feed, that’s us affecting someone’s livelihood.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow and Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak

Image:  Bettina Strauss/The CW

For better or for worse, we are very consistent in our approach, which is, we are trying to tell the best stories we can tell, and we go where the stories take us. Sometimes we take the stories, but we’re following our best artistic intentions, and we don’t do it with regard to who we’re pissing off, and the corollary to that is sometimes people think we’re doing something to cater to certain fans, but we’re not doing that either. All we’re trying to do is tell the story we’re trying to tell, and to do it in the best way possible. And believe me when I tell you that’s hard enough — it’s hard enough to tell these stories and do 23 episodes a year of any quality; we’re not taking on the additional responsibility of trying to piss people off or trying to avoid pissing people off.

We’ve seen villains who’ve wanted to unmask Oliver in the past, and we’ve seen villains who are archers, so what makes Prometheus different from the foes Oliver has faced so far?

It’s a little hard to answer without revealing too much about Prometheus, so I’ll have to be a touch vague, but we couldn’t have done this character in Seasons 1-4. We kind of had to wait ’til Season 5 in order to do this character, so that alone makes the character very different. Yes, he uses a bow and arrow, but as we start to see in future episodes — and he already used three different weapons in 301 alone — he’s busy; he’s not just an archer, he’s got so many other tricks up his sleeve. They’re not magic tricks like Damien Darhk, but the character’s backstory and his raison d’etre and mission statement are all things that could only be done in Season 5.