you can see that he's not okay

The transcript of the Ken & Friedkin scene
  • Friedkin, wearing a green hazmat suit, enters a white room with a taxi cab in the center. Ken and Rapunzel are in the cab. Ken sleeping and is connected to an IV.
  • Friedkin: Okay. *electrocutes Ken*
  • Ken: *suddenly wakes up; looks at Friedkin*
  • Friedkin: Hi!
  • Ken: Hey, that dude, the old scientist? He knew. Hey. Hey. Look at me. Look at me. You have got to get me out of here, okay? I've been in here for 70 days. Can you see? 70 days. Everyday, they just keep on asking me the same question about if I have some kind of superpower, but I don't! I DON'T! You gotta let me talk to who's in charge.
  • Friedkin: I'm in charge!
  • Ken: (in disbelief) You?
  • Friedkin: does your power work?
  • Ken: I don't have a power. Okay, I'm a tech guy who does computers.
  • Friedkin: You survived 7 days with Project Marzanna.
  • Ken: Bart?
  • Friedkin: She kills everybody that she comes in contact with except you, therefore, you must have powers.
  • Ken: No, I told you people, Bart wasn't trying to kill me.
  • Friedkin: How does the dog work?
  • Ken: How does the dog work?! Really?! Look, man, ENOUGH! YOU HAVE GOT TO START LISTENING!
  • Friedkin: *electrocutes Ken* This is like...such a bummer. This program used to collect people with weird abilities. We can't find any of the cool people that they used to have! Like, like...the human bomb, or the invisible guy, or the shapeshifter.
  • Ken: Are you saying that there are other Barts?
  • Friedkin: Yeah! Except the catch is that...they suck. The vampire guys are crazy. Icarus, I mean, Dirk Gently, is like...lame and annoying. And then there's this other guy who's literally in a coma!
  • Ken: Look, man: they're connected to the thing. The fabric of reality. You can't keep them locked up. These people need to be out there in the world and--
  • Friedkin: *electrocutes Ken* Sorry. That was...that was an accident.

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But seriously can you imagine how Kaneki would be if he sees Hide again? I can already see it in Ishida's art he'd be like: "Let me touch you, so I know you're real."

You’re all fucking up my emotions so badly, why are you doing this.

Fuck man, that face Kaneki made when he was imagining Hide and telling him how lonely he was without him? THAT WAS FROM A FUCKING HALLUCINATION. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE REAL THING?

I literally can’t deal with this I’m getting shaky just thinking about it. Seriously, the minute their reunion happens, I won’t be able to stop talking about it for the rest of my life. I mean fuck, I keep talking about it now even though it hasn’t happened lmfao

Okay but we all know Kaneki would be all teary eyed and sobbing but I really really really want to see how it affects Hide? We’ve never really seen any raw emotion from Hide at all. All we’ve seen are his usual smiles and that serious face he makes when some shit’s going down. I want to see Hide FEELING THINGS. I want to see him crying and overcome with emotion when he sees Kaneki. I want to fucking see in his eyes how much he missed Kaneki and I wanna see the relief in his eyes. I don’t want the same old “Hey, Kaneki, long time no see. I’m gonna pretend like this isn’t a big deal even though I’ve been rotting in my own tears for years from how much I missed you but I’m gonna act like we last saw eachother yesterday.” I WANT TO SEE SOME RAW EMOTIONS FROM HIDE. IT’LL HURT ME BEYOND ALL REASON BUT IN THE BEST WAY. I NEED IT SO BAD.

BTS joining army
  • <b> Seokjin:</b> ExCUsE mE, I won't wear these clothes, they're too ugly for me
  • <b> Yoongi:</b> *evil smirk* So, I can kill people here and it won't be considered a crime, right?
  • <b> Hoseok:</b> *running around and screaming in panic at every shooting noise*
  • <b> Namjoon:</b> Okay, I got this *accidentally shoots someone* oh mY GOD I'M SORRY *drops a grenade* HOLY SHIT WHAT AM I DOING
  • <b> Jimin:</b> *asking every person he meets* Did you see Jungkookie?
  • <b> Taehyung:</b> *becomes friends with the enemy lines*
  • <b> Jungkook:</b> You know who I am? I'm the Golden Maknae yOU SHOULD TAKE ORDERS FROM ME
Body Positivity;Taeyong

Requests: hey i was wondering if you could do a body positivity for Taeyong?

have you gotten any requests for body positivity w taeyong? if not, may i request it please? i love that series 💞

hey i was wondering if you could do a body positivity for Taeyong?

  • aye i see our leader’s pretty popular with this series!!
  • and i can see why because he’s one of the most caring and affectionate members??
  • okay let’s get starting

  • if there’s one thing that taeyong gives you the most

  • it’s his unconditional love
  • he’s sincere and genuine in showing his care and concern for you
  • no matter what happens, he’ll be there
  • and you can tell he cherishes you A LOT
  • but when he realised that you were still dealing problems with yourself and confidence despite his love,
  • he was worried, and confused
  • he didn’t know how else to help you
  • and he started thinking that whatever he had done for you wasn’t enough
  • but of course, you’d notice as he’d have those moments where he’d just be lost in thought, all quiet
  • but after seeing you get so affected about your body, he was determined to make you feel better
  • because he wanted to let you know how great of a person you are in his eyes, despite your looks
  • he loves you for you, nothing else
  • he’d support you physically and emotionally
  • and you can count on him to always make you feel better
  • never once was he mad at you for being insecure; instead, he’d turn into the most loving and comforting man
  • holding you in his arms and making sure you were alright
  • “my baby’s really really beautiful”
  • “you know, when i first showed a picture of you to the boys, they wouldn’t believe you were my girlfriend. you know why? they said someone as beautiful as you was hard to find”
  • “8 months of dating you and i still get lost everytime i look into your eyes”
  • he only shows a side to you he never shows to anyone else, not even to the boys
  • the clingy, cute and affectionate side
  • he’d always be the one initiating skinship,
  • engulfing you in big and warm hugs every time he sees you,
  • and trailing kisses from your cheeks all the way to your hands
  • he loves it most when you wrap your legs around him
  • whatever you do, he’d be very encouraging and supportive
  • and in public, he loves it when people compliment you
  • “i know right? isn’t she pretty?”
  • “look babe im not the only one who thinks you’re beautiful!!”
  • buys you dresses and clothes you’re too afraid to wear out
  • and assures you that you look fine
  • but of course, he wont force you if you’re really too scared
  • he believes it takes time for you to gain confidence, and he understands it most
  • he’s very patient when it comes to you and he doesnt mind how long it takes to make you feel confident again
  • and if asked, he’d do anything to make things better for you
  • because you > himself
  • this angel loves you a whole lot
  • and he wants happiness for you

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Imagine Peter finding a number in the bathroom

It was third period aka the most boring class ever according to Peter. He hated social studies well more specifically Mrs.Neal. She always yelled at the smallest things and gave tons of homework, plus everything she taught Peter already knew. So he did the one thing he could do to get out of this shit class. He asked to go to the restroom. “Mrs.Neal?” she turned around with glaring eyes. “Yes Parker?” “Can I please use the restroom?” He said as sweetly as he could. “Okay but be quick this practice is very important.” As soon as the words fell from her thin dry lips he dashed for the door. When he closes the door Peter leans against it and takes a deep breath.”Oh thank god I escaped.” As he slowly walks down the hall his eyes see two girls giggling in front of the bathrooms. The taller one says “I can’t believe you actually did it!” “Y/F/N be quite someone will hear you!” The other one that had glasses harshly whispers as the duo walks away. The confused boy walks into the restroom and whispers to himself “Okay then.”He steps into one of the graffiti covered stalls. Some new writing catches his attention. “This was a dare so here’s my number if you are interested.” Peter smiled to himself and put the number into his phone under the name “Cute girl with glasses.” He put his phone away and walked back to class excited for lunch to tell Ned.(part 2 coming tomorrow)

I was stocking the bead aisle today and the manager directs a man towards me because he needs #36 nylon twine. And I’m like… okay, I’ve never used that before but I’ll see what I can do. 

“I need #36 nylon twine.”

“Here are the nylon twines we have in this aisle.”

He’s already mad. “This is the ONLY CITY that has this problem. You don’t have ANYTHING I NEED?”

“Could you explain what #36 nylon twine is and what you use it for?”

“I have companies ALL OVER THE WORLD that use this and Columbus is the ONLY CITY where you can’t find it.”

“What do you use it for?”

“For a knotting project, you have to be able to melt it.”

“I believe you can melt all these, are these not what you’re looking for?”

“I’m looking for #36!”

I’m gonna be frustrated. “Can you explain what a #36 looks like?”

“It looks like this but this is not it!”

“Is it smaller? Thinner, thicker? More tensile?”


It is at this point that I’ve decided to just let him be mad. Because if he won’t explain to me what’s wrong, then he doesn’t want me to fix it. 

“Hey buddy, how are you?………Don’t worry, he’s still alive. Okay? Don’t worry” Jason Momoa says to a lil fan that asked about Superman

Background: This same lil fan had asked during the Justice League Panel, where Superman was and Jason Momoa stood up and was like I don’t know if you saw the last movie but…. SUPERMAN’S DEAADDDD!!!

You can see @ 19:56 here. So now he’s just trying to reassure him. I think he might have felt bad lol.

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Headcanon for you introducing the marauders to the Beatles music?

  • yessss I can see this
  • okay so let’s be real here, Remus and Peter probably already know who the Beatles are
  • and Remus doesn’t really care for them too much at first while Peter is already obsessed
  • the first song that Remus actually liked by them is All You Need is Love (which he totally got into because you would sing it nonstop and it is kind of catchy)
  • then he was hooked
  • James and Sirius would sooo love Yellow Submarine
  • they’d jam out to it together
  • although James would have a particular fondness for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  • and Sirius would love love love the song Hey, Jude
  • they’d all sit around listening to albums after albums of their music
  • Sirius would always pretend to be Ringo Starr
  • James was more of a Paul McCartney type of guy
  • Remus hardly ever sings, but when Hello, Goodbye comes on, you almost always hear a soft voice singing along with The Beatles
  • Lily would be surprised the first time she heard James singing a Beatles song
  • somehow she didn’t hate the sound of James’ off-key singing
  • the marauders would so be into The Beatles and it would be greattttt

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Can i have a scenario or headcanons of todoroki at a gala (for endeavor or maybe ingenium) and he sees is s/o in a fancy dress? (Or suit if you need to be gender neutral) thank you i love ur writing!

I’m going to do hcs if it’s okay! And it doesn’t have to be gender neutral if you request a specific gender. But I’ll just refer to the s/o as being dressed up for this one

Todoroki at gala with s/o:

  • Isn’t too thrilled having to be dragged to something like this for his father but as long as his s/o is coming along he assumed that it couldn’t be too bad. He’s not really much of a dancer so he’ll prefer to sit by the sidelines and what what ever events that transpire. If others try to talk to him that he doesn’t really know he’ll be polite but rather not prolong any sort of conversation. 
  • When he first sees his s/o all dressed up he gets a little nervous and flushed because it’s just one of those things that shouldn’t be that big of a deal but it is for him. He’s quick to compliment them and can’t seem to keep his eyes off of their form the entire evening. While he and his s/o are sitting or standing around at the gala idly, he’ll steal glances at them like some sort of love struck child.
  • He won’t tolerate people hitting on his s/o while they’re at the gala and he’s very quick to tell them to back off and might not be above getting a little physical if he has to. Probably one of the rare times he gets a little possessive and he’ll keep an arm around them or some sort of gesture that clearly indicates that they’re taken. 
  • If there’s some sort of musical performance ensues that encourages dancing, and his s/o wants to dance, he won’t turn them down. He’s probably known how to dance of some sort for a while and will happily grant his s/o’s wish to have a great time dancing. He’ll get a little cheeky and ends up stealing a few kisses with his s/o while dancing along with trying to show off how cute his s/o is.
#73: You gave me a black eye. - BRAUN STROWMAN

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“How’s it going in there?” You asked as you walked into the master bathroom to see Braun exactly where you had left him half an hour ago, trying to fix the leaky shower head. It didn’t appear that he had made much progress.

“It’s getting there. Can you hand me the groove-joint pliers?” He asked motioning with his head towards the vanity. You turned to see several tools laid out on the granite.

“The what?” You asked as you saw three different looking pliers laying there.

“The pliers with the black handle.” He said.

“Oh okay,” you said reaching down for the tool. You took a step towards him so you could hand him the pliers when his elbow came back and hit you right in the right eye as he was turning around. You fell to the floor from the power of the impact and covered your eye with his hands.

“Shit!” Braun said as he saw you holding your eye.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he stepped out of the shower knelt down to check on you.

“No, it hurts.”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” Braun said in his deep southern voice. “C’mon, let me see it.”

“I’m fine, Braun.” You said as you tried to push him away.

“C’mon just let me look, babe.”

You moved your hands so that Braun could get a better look at your eye. He gently ran his thumb over the skin under your eye, and you saw his eyes turn to sadness.

“You need to get some ice on that, sweetheart.” He said.

“Is it bad?” You asked.

“It’s…a little bruised.” He said, but his face told you it was worse than he was letting on.

You made your way down to the kitchen and filled a Ziploc bag with ice and wrapped a towel around it before pressing it to your eye. You headed into the living room, deciding that you were going to let Braun finish the shower project on his own.

You picked up your phone and opened Snapchat and gasped when you saw the dark bruise starting to appear under your right eye. You reached up and flinched when your fingers barely touched the skin.

“I’m so sorry, baby,” Braun said as he took a seat on the couch next to you.

“It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to do it.” You said.

“I would never hurt you on purpose,” Braun said as he leaned in and pressed his lips to your temple.

“Whatever you want for the next week, you’ve got it. I owe you for that.” He said motioning to the shiner starting to form.

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Peter comforting you when you’re insecure about your weight includes:

-Peter telling you you’re beautiful inside and out daily (sometimes every couple of hours)

-You asking him to be your trainer when you work out if he has the time

-”Of course. I’d love to. Just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there for you.”

-Peter covering anyone’s house with webs that made a rude comment about you

-It tears Peter up to see you when you’re crying about your insecurities

-Peter talking Tony into having a famous fashion designer come to meet you, so that you can have clothes you’re more confident in, made just for you

-Calling/Facetiming Peter late at night when bad thoughts about your weight/appearance keep you from going to bed

-Him staying up with you on the phone long after you’ve calmed down just to make sure you’re okay

-If he can’t get you to calm down over the phone, he sneaks out, goes to your house, and hugs you and comforts you till you stop crying

-Peter telling you about different times he has saved New York as Spider-Man to distract you from bad thoughts during these nights

-He also runs his hand through your hair to help calm you down as you rest your head on him

-If the weather is nice on one of these late nights, Peter will come to your house and take you to the rooftop of your building (using the webs), so you guys can talk up there

-He tries to do this ^^^ as often as possible because swinging on the web always makes you laugh and also makes you a little happier than you were before

-Peter listening to what you need to say without judging you and never interrupting you

-Peter being completely shocked that someone he thinks is the most beautiful person in the world could possibly think they’re not

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Weird question, but I made a villain and I’m kind of making him up as I go. For this situation, do you feel that it’s okay to write some of the story from his perspective so that my readers can see how he thinks and why he feels that way?

It’s always interesting to see inside the villain’s head, but I don’t think that’s a method that works for every story. Sometimes a villain’s motivation and goals are superficial to the story. In other words, the why the villain is doing what they’re doing is less important than what they’re doing and what the hero does to fight it. In those situations, I think it adds unnecessary bulk to the story. A great way to think of it would be like this: would the villain’s motivation matter to the hero? Would it change the hero’s perspective or change how they deal with the villain? If so, that might be  a case where seeing the villain’s side of things from their own perspective would be interesting. If it wouldn’t matter to the hero, I’d skip it.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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Hello~ Can I have a headcanon with Hidan beeing jealous? With a s/o female. Her ex or starts talking with she, asking if she wants hang out with he. [I hope my english is understandable~] I think her ex could speak pretending not to see Hidan and speak with she pretending a genuinely conversation like "LETS GO TO MY HOUSE JUST THE 2OF US BUT ITS JUST MY HOUSE" this type, you got it? Thank you~~

I gotchu. And your english was understandable :) Thanks for requesting! (I hope this is okay!!!) Warning: Slight NSFW at the End.

HC’s on Hidan’s Girlfriend Getting Hit On by Her Ex + Hidan’s Jealousy

Originally posted by hidansreaper

  • I should really start off by saying that Hidan is a bitch when he’s jealous. I cannot think of anyone else who compares with him on the jealousy scale, he’s just so…extra. And what’s worse is that he gets jealous very easily, so THAT’S always a good time. When he gets jealous he becomes very clingy to his girlfriend, either wrapping an arm around her hips or waist. He then begins to verbally roast the person that is making him jealous. His roasts are spot on, seriously, they’re not even funny, they’re hurtful. Then when that’s done he spews a string of cuss words at them and then kills them. He doesn’t sacrifice them, they’re not worth it to him. And then he’ll take his gf back to the hideout and show them “who’s boss” *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
  • So knowing all of this, Hidan’s girlfriend tries to desperately avoid situations where she knows he’ll get jealous. Which is VERY hard, but not impossible. 
  • Anyway, so here’s what happened: The two of them and the rest of the Akatuki went to a local bar, club-thing because they’re people, they deserve breaks. And Hidan would be with his girlfriend, sitting in a booth, hand around her waist - almost pulling her to his lap. He would be scanning the crowd to see if anyone is giving his wonderful woman the snake eye. Hidan’s gf is looking off into the distance like she’s on The Office because this happens every time the two of them go out together. 
  • To give herself some space she’s going to ask him to go get her a drink, which will cause him to say, “get it your fucking self” but then he realizes that potential “threats” if she does get the drink by herself, so he goes and gets her drink. 
  • And now she’s alone in the booth - the other Akatsuki are doing their own thing. Kakuzu is gambling; Itachi, Kisame, Pein, and Konan are playing pool; Toby is by the jukebox busting a move; Sasori is alone in a different booth; Deidara is with him drinking and debating different art styles; and nobody knows where Zetsu went. So Hidan’s s/o is alone…until she and her ex (which she had no idea was there) spots her. The two make eye contact but she quickly hides her face and prays to Jashin that he actually did not see her and that he is not going to come over. But he does come over and Hidan’s girlfriend is face palming. This is not going to end well. 
  • Her ex is going to try and talk to her:
    • “Hey (name)! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while”
    • “Get out of here, now.” - She’s going to look around and see where Hidan is. 
    • “Oh come on, don’t be that way! I’m really sorry about how things ended between us, it shouldn’t have gotten so ugly.”
    • “Yes yes. I forgive you. NOW GO.” 
    • “But I’ll be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about you and I think we should get back together. Or at least talk about it.” - He’s going to reach for her hand, but she’s going to ultimately smack it off.
    • “No. We’re done, now get out of here.” - She’s getting scared because she can’t see Hidan and it’s all about to go to hell.
    • “She said get lost.” - Oh look, Hidan’s back. He’s going to slam the drink in between his Gf and her ex.
    • The ex plays dumb and refuses to acknowledge Hidan, “We can leave later, so (name) tell me what you have been up to.”
    • Hidan’s girlfriend is going to look up at him and see the pupils dilated, the nose flared, and the murderous aura. She doesn’t reply to her ex.
    • “Well I’ve been up to a lot. You know that garden I always wanted to plant? Well I did it and now I have tomatoes!” 
    • Are you fucking deaf? She’s not interested, now get the fuck away from her.” - Hidan is not having any of it. You can hear his teeth grinding out of anger from miles away.
    • Hidan’s gf mouths the word “run” at her ex, but he doesn’t listen. 
    • “It’s pretty loud in here don’t you think? We should go back to my place to catch up, just the two of us.” And then he winks at her which is the final straw. 
    • Hidan’s girlfriend lets out a deep sigh, says “Well you’re fucked.” and then throws back her entire drink. 
    • That’s it!”
    • Cue the record scratch. All the other Akatsuki members stood back to watch and they all said a silent prayer for the bastard who pissed Hidan off.  
  • Hidan roasts the ex into oblivion. There’s no coming back from it, the ex will have to spend years rebuilding his pride. Hidan knows the ex from what his girlfriend told him and uses everything he knew against him.
  • He then rips the guy out of the seat and takes him outside. Toby turns up the jukebox to drown out the guys screams. Hidan’s girlfriend continues to chill in the booth, rolling her eyes at Hidan’s possessiveness. She knows he means well, but does he really have to kill everyone that comes into contact with her that’s not the other Akatsuki. 
  • When Hidan comes back he’s covered in blood and breathing heavily, nobody winks at his beloved and gets away with it. His gf is definitely not going to complain about the sight of him all riled up, seeing him hot and bothered makes her hot and bothered.
  • At this point in time the Akatsuki went back to buisness as usual, leaving Hidan and his lover to their own devices. I can imagine that Hidan would go over to his girlfriend and just jam his tongue down her throat. Primal instincts will kick in and he’s going to want to “claim” his partner - if that makes sense.
  • After the make-out session in the booth, he’s going to throw her over his shoulder as if they’re nothing but a sack of potatoes and take them back to the hide out. He needs to show her who she belongs to ;)
one-eighty | daniel

member; kang daniel (wanna one) x reader
genre; alternate universe (long distance, best friend, normal), fluff / angst (?)
word count; 1k+
preface. sun and moon;

Originally posted by peachyniel

“It’s melted.”

A soft “ah” from a voice raspy with lack of use comes in response to the remark, and you feel cold plastic press against your cheek.

“Here,” he breathes, and you can faintly make out his looming outline in the dark as it shifts to the side, “you can have mine.”

You look up to see his eyes, two curled chocolate crescents, and watch how his smile widens, teeth sinking into his bottom lip subtly.

“It’s okay.” Brushing the ice cream away before the coolness burned your cheek, you tore the wrapper containing your own, using your fingers to keep the now decomposing treat together.

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Jami runs into Teresa’s cousin Jayla out by the elevator as he’s leaving.

Jamison: Hey, Jayla!  What’s up?

Jayla: Hi Jamison.  I just stopped by to say hi to Reese and see the new place.

Jamison:  I’m leaving for work, but you can just go on in.  Teersa and Adwin are probably still upstairs. 

Jayla: Okay, thanks! 

Upstairs, Teresa finishes her prep work for the mural, then picks Adwin up and heads downstairs. 

“I don’t get why you just can’t ask her.” It was a voice he knew… He knew it because he had heard it very recently.

“I-I just can’t, okay? It’s not that easy. What if… What if she laughs at me?” That was a voice he recognised, it was… His own? Weird. “You try being in my shoes, it’s not an easy thing. Yeah, I’ve got the thing, but I just…” Sighing slightly, he then continued. “Anyway, why don’t you do it, huh? Seeing as though you’re into me doing it, try doing it yourself, huh?”


“Why you don’t stay here, too, papi?” Lily asked as she hugged her father.

“Cause papi has to work, princesa…pero mami’s gonna stay with you,” Nevada answered, stroking his daughter’s hair with his good arm.

“I don’t want you to go,” she pleaded and hugged him. “It’s scary here and mommy doesn’t scare away monsters as good as you do.”

“I know, mi amor, but you’re here cause the monsters won’t be able to find you here,” he replied, kissing the side of her head. “Besides,” he whispered into her ear. “I’ve been teaching mami how to scare away monsters. She’s gotten pretty good.”

Lily quirked an eyebrow at him sassily and looked unconvinced.

“She’s bad at it,” she repeated.

He snorted and kissed her forehead.

“I’ll come see you when I can, okay?”

He stood and went into the spare bedroom where you were unpacking your bag.

“I’m glad you’re staying with them,” he mumbled, coming up behind you and wrapping his arm around your waist. “Think Lily’s scared.”

You nodded and turned to kiss him, “I think we all are,” you whispered gently.

“You guys don’t have anything to be scared about, this is only por si acaso,” he replied.

You nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep everything in control here,” you smiled at him reassuringly. You were good at being his queen. You could put on a calm face for the kids with ease, but you never wanted to hide your real feelings from him.

“I know you will,” he answered, winking at you. “How’s your arm?”

You made a face in answer, “How’s yours?”

He shrugged a little, winking at you.

“I’ll be alright,” he answered. “Were you really turned on when I took the bullet out?” he asked curiously.

You nodded, “Oh yeah,” you said seriously.

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The reason that many people don't think it's strange is because they are only fans of Louis *because* of E & F. Not bc of him or his music. So they can't think it's strange that he has to name check either of them constantly bc they're obsessed with the stunts

Hi :) 

You know what, I personally hate it, but the thing is - if those people would actually be buying his music too - I probably would mind it a lot less? 

Then I’d think, okay, they know I’m going to buy it regardless, and these people only buy it, I guess, if he’s straight. Which is sad and ridiculous, but alas. 

However, those people liking his photos with F or see him and E as “relationship goals” are - as you say, not actually invested in his career. So there is literally no point in doing this. 

Either these so-called fans go and support him too by buying Back to You, or his team has to cut their losses and instead start motivating the people who do want to buy his music and are genuinely interested in him as a musician, not a boyfriend or doting dad. And that also goes for the people who are only interested in him as one part of Larry. I don’t think there are many people who think that at all, but just in case they exist and people start screaming I didn’t mention it when I should - here’s the mention. :) 

Okay, sorry I have to say it.

I’m crying because my son Lars. I’m so excited for the new SU episodes! 

I’m fangirling so hard for him and because he reminds me of Captain James Kirk and Captain Hook (or Killian Jones, if you prefer) and I swear I love those two men more than my life. (Of course, the obvious reference is for Captain Harlock but you know i’m a trash fangirl and I see things were I don’t have to see it). 

Thanks Rebecca. Thanks Lars. 

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